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Does It Read Like a High School Essay? While some high school essays are immensely creative, most of them are tepid and fail to generate enthusiasm among instructors. Make sure your mistakes from high school do not carry over into your university life. The type my essay for me should be clearly focused on explaining your goals, not only in terms of your career but also your life achievements. The best teachers want to feel that they had a measure of success in molding you into a person of good knowledge and high character. Is It Too Boastful, or Painfully Timid?Learn more with us on! Avoiding the extremes is one of the first rules of writing an admission essay. While listing your achievements with a shrill note of triumph accompanying it would put off administrators, a shy allusion to your life goals would make them feel that you are not dedicated enough. You may need to write and rewrite the essay many times over to create a product deemed worthy of an elite engineering university. Does It Contain Too Much Jargon? Aspiring engineering students may go overboard in their enthusiasm and try to fit in too many formulas and mathematical concepts to show off their skills. This will not help you make the cut. While there are other opportunities to display your knowledge, the tests being one, you also need to prove to the teachers that you have the life skills required to battle the challenges that lie ahead. These challenges include arduous study regimens, tests, and later, the rigors of finding creative solutions to real-world engineering problems.

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