23.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

Hello world!

Looking for someone to recommend kins? Your at the right place!

Fandoms I do:

-Danganronpa (All games)

-Demon Slayer (Anime and movie)

-Percy Jackson (Including the Hero’s of Olympus)


-Sally Face

-Night in the Woods

-Genshin Impact



-Little Nightmares (including comic characters)

-Hunter X Hunter (Anime and movies)

-Inuyasha (Anime and movies)

-Legend of Zelda (All Games)

- ID: Invaded (Anime)

-A Series of Unfortunate Events (Books and Netflix show)

Send in a request with the specific fandoms that you know. Feel free to be as personal or as non-personal as you’d like in your request. The more specific the better I can do to assign you one. If you want feel free to stay anonymous.

Have a great day!

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