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Palm Oil Boiler Establishments The Added Value Of Steam Shrink back In The Palm Oil Industry
The Palm Oil Boiler Brand (HCTI) is optimistic that its steam turbine product will emerge as a benchmark for all Indonesian business players such as the palm oil Enterprise HCTI items offer excellent quality as well as high steam efficiency.
The demand for electrical power in the palm oil trade is increasing along with the construction of palm oil mills in a religious Areas So far, many turbine products have been awarded from corporations from the European Union, Japan and the United States. However it steam mills from China have earned the trust to be used by the Indonesian palm oil industry.
The reason is simple, because HCTI items are of very good quality and trade players know very well the reliability of HCTI turbines can guarantee work plans and production Smitten by besides that the added value of steam turbines for the palm oil marketplace lies in two things, particularly the palm shell which is used as Gas main to produce power which then becomes Strength Second, the temperature and steam pressure from the boiler can be used for the recycling process of power that can be used continually so it is very economical. is one of the leading turbine manufacturers in the world which has been established since 1958. From its inception except this year, the total number of production has reached more than 12,000 keeping apart spread across five continents. In Indonesia, there is already a subsidiary of the Palm Oil Boiler Steam Turbine Power Co. Ltd., namely the Palm Oil Boiler Brand which will meet all the necessities of clientele throughout Indonesia.
Djuanda, Director of the Oil Palm Boiler Manufacturer explained that the company started producing, supplying repairs and proposing spare elements in Indonesia from early 2013. The factory is positioned in the Jababeka Cikarang Industrial Estate The initial target of steam turbine production is to attain 30 items / year. This amount will continue to build up to 100 units / year with an investment of up to USD 15 million.
In Indonesia, the products of the Oil Palm Boiler Brand are familiar to industries inclusive of the palm oil Marketplace One of the palm oil industries, the Musim Mas Group, has long been a user of the Palm Oil Boiler Company turbines.
HCTI is able to design turbine items dependent on consumer desires for electrical power necessities and if Especially true they will be specially designed according to the confidently and programs of each consumer.
Palm Oil Boiler Company’s turbine merchandise consist of a considerable number of types, such as the C Sequence N Series B Sequence D Sequence and 60 Hz Series Each type has different standards aimed at meeting the necessities of a variety of industries such as palm oil factories, cement factories, Chemicals Prescribed drugs petrochemicals, wood processing, food processing, sugar factories, geothermal, textiles and others. With a power passionate about of 500Kwh to 75Mwh.
Tika Wulandari, Head of the Foreign Trade Segment Income Department of the Oil Palm Boiler Steam Turbine Power Co. Ltd, defined that the steam turbine produced by the manufacturer has a success rate of almost 100% at some point of the mounted process in a traditional Initiatives
In order to maintain the quality of each steam turbine production, it will go through a strict supervision process through the Quality Warranty & Reliability Test (QART). This step is taken to ensure that each individual turbine is able to achieve maximum quality, mentioned Tika Wulandari.
Not only as a producer, the company can serve valued clientele for maintenance and repair of turbines from a number of other items or Manufacturers “This service is our added value, so if other steam turbine products are damaged, our repair service division can repair all Merchandise types, types of shrink back and also provide 3-year overhaul service and provide spare social gathering if Mandatory he said.
In addition, the buyer will be assisted by the service division in the install to run the turbine. Each steam turbine purchase package contains Set up Mounted and provision of practicing for operations by experts who are experienced in the relevant business so that customers can instantly take advantage of the investment for operational needs.
Djuanda defined that the quality of the steam generators produced by the Oil Palm Boiler Company does not need to be doubted, because the life of this product will positive tens of years. This can not be separated from the ladies of the company’s analysis department to produce high quality Merchandise In the palm oil market the steam turbine component occupies an important position which is likened to the ‘liver’ in the human organs. If the turbine stops, it will have a big outcomes on business Gamers As additional Statistics the merchandise produced by the company are of the highest quality with ISO 9001: 2008 and CE certificates.
Ultimately Djuanda as the director of the Kelap Boiler Company a Palm oil hopes that Indonesia and China can work together to improve the economies of the two respective countries. Because the marketplace in Indonesia has the advantage of average fabric and China is ready to assist it with competitive Prices high Era and well-trained human Resources
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