02.05.2021 - 3 monts ago

i literally just made this tumblr at 3 in the morning to be able to rant about whatever i want without feeling bad/like a burden to everyone around me. actually, even saying that reminded me of something. i’m not one to really give a shit about people making excuses for their shitty behavior by saying “i have a mental illness,” cuz obviously that is stupid and so lame lol, but when other people know of someone with a mental illness who has politically/socially radical ideas they are automatically labelled as being intellectually incapable of having those ideas. rather, those ideas are blamed on their mental illness. this is especially true in the case of the scum manifesto, for example. yes, the author shot andy warhol. yes, the author had schizophrenia. that does not mean, however, that scum manifesto was not any more or less intellectually interesting/important in my opinion. why can’t the work stand on its own? i hate how people pick and choose what seems to matter when it comes to intellectual and artistic output. if you look at scum manifesto as a piece of satire, it’s not even radical, but a rather reasonable outlook on gender relations. by being unable to look at it from that perspective just because the author had schizophrenia, though, something is lost from that output of information. the perspective immediately gets shot down. there becomes one truth in that piece of work - this was written by a crazy lady and makes no real sense. i guess i’m just one of those annoying people that wishes the art and the artist, or the writing and the writer could be completely separate. of course, knowing about the artist or the writer provides more context to the writing and perhaps makes what the author “actually meant” more clear, but if the author or the artists’ creations were so abstract/interpretable that the audience is unable to understand the work without context, the original meaning doesn’t matter much to me. the artwork and the writing are much bigger than the creator themselves in my eyes. but by focusing on the life of the artist and the writer, we are simply allowing the human mind to idolize another human mind, instead of creating a space where we can converse over a creative output. there is something so odd and individualistic about that to me. 

i didn’t think this was where i was gonna end, but this is where i ended up. should sleep. night.


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