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  • imagineyourepregnant
    15.03.2020 - 2 weeks ago
    There Is Something Primal In Me

    (F20) I’ve always heard of women talk about how they just have the urge to have a kid- they hit a certain age and it’s like you just need to be pregnant. Well I always felt that, but lately it’s an urge that’s getting harder to suppress. I find myself holding my stomach and rubbing it as if a baby is in me, I have found men who are clean to fuck me bare and make sure he is in me when he cums.
    There is just something I need, I want to fill out and become plump with a child, I want my tits to swell and leak milk. I just want to be with child, I will take cream pie after cream pie if I means I can be pregnant.
    There is just the primal mother switch that flipped off in my mind, and honestly it’s the best thing ever- I’ve never been so horny, I’ve never felt so good when I touch my self, hell my tits feels like they have swelled.
    It’s such a dream to be pregnant, a dream to swell with life and be fucked full of cum.
    I’m so happy this primal switch has flipped on inside of me.

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  • imagineyourepregnant
    14.03.2020 - 2 weeks ago

    The smell of the sewer underneath him made his eyes water. His arms and legs ached from the way they were strapped down on the stone table, and his body trembled with the cold. A cool breeze whips up from under him and his cock twitches with the cold.

    “Hey! Somebody get me out of here!” His voice echoes around the empty room. He yanks at the rope tying him to the table but it doesn’t budge. He lays there contemplating everything and trying to figure out how to get out, but before he can figure anything out, the floor underneath him starts to rumble.

    “What…what’s happening? Hello! Help!!” Something bubbled under the floor and the noises of sloshing liquid echo around the room. Something bumps against the table he’s strapped to and his heart rate speeds up, blood pumping fast.

    He lifts his head to see what’s down there and he’s terrified to find a mass of bright blue goo climbing up the end over his feet. It oozes over his feet, up over his legs, and bubbles up over his thighs. He’s increasingly aware of how naked he is and he tries to pull away, to keep his nakedness away from the slime oozing towards him but he can’t budge.

    There’s so much slime still climbing over him, it bubbles over his lower body, wrapping him in wet ooze. He feels it prod at his ass and he jerks. “Hey no, get off of me!” He jerks his hips but it just makes the slime angry. The slime shoves into his hole, penetrating him and then continuing to slide all the way up and into his stomach.

    “Fuuuuck, what the fuck are you doing?” His stomach gurgles as he can feel the slime filling him up, and when he looks down he can see it swelling. He’s disgusted by the pleasure he feels from the slime oozing up his ass, running over his prostate. His cock twitches in interest and he hates it, thinking about things that turn him off, but they don’t work. His cock grows thicker the more and more the slime crawls over him.

    He’s so full, the slime bubbling and gurgling in his stomach. It presses against his bladder and his ribs, making it hard to breathe. He’s scared it might start oozing out of his mouth soon, but he can tell it’s almost all the way in him. His thighs tremble from the pain/pleasure burning through him and he chokes on the slime pushing up his throat.

    “H-help. Please.” The slime slips the rest of the way up his ass and his stomach bulges out so far and presses on his lungs. He can hardly breathe and the heat he’d been suffering through is now burning in his cock and he just wants to come but he can’t reach his cock to stroke it.

    A gate slams somewhere behind him and he’s so out of it he doesn’t notice the 10 hooded people that walk in and surround him.

    They chant in an unknown language and the heat in his gut burns brighter. He cries out, feeling his cock throb and feeling disgusted by the intense need screaming through him. His body arches off the table and with a sloshing movement inside his belly, he comes hard, spraying come all over his swollen stomach and thighs.

    The chanting stops abruptly. “It is done.”

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  • imagineyourepregnant
    13.03.2020 - 2 weeks ago
    Imagine you're a young princess. (Part 1)

    Hello all, long time lurker first time posting. You can refer to me as “Expecting Rose”. This is a 5 part series with a chance for a follow up story if you guys enjoy it.

    If you like it leave a comment, I typically lurk around there to see what people think. I hope you enjoy.

    I was inspired by the following prompts.

    1.Imagine you’re a young princess. Rebel groups are threatening and targeting your country’s monarchy. You being the only one left to produce a heir and to continue your family’s royal line, you are a prime target. One of your country’s prime warriors has to protect you and hide you in your country’s vast and savage mountains, forests and swamps. You fall in love with him. Soon you’re no longer virginal and with his child. By the time the rebels are defeated you have given birth to a new heir.

    (137) 8.  I’d love something fluffy, maybe a royal fluff story prince comforts princess. He’s supportive and romantic. Thx in advance if someone writes it <3

    Part 1: The Journey’s End

    “Ah!” The young woman gasped as her misstep caused rocks slide down the steep mountain face. A gloved hand on her waist kept her from the fear of falling. “Be Careful my darling.” the sweet voice warned her. “Sorry, my balance is all off.” She confessed taking heavy breaths in the thin atmosphere. “I know, you will be safe soon.” his silky tone comforted her, but she wasn’t sure if she believed him.

    She looked off into the distance and could see the bright light of weapons and fire active not far off from the mountains base. Safe was not something she had felt for many years. Protected, yes. Safe, not so much.

    She took another few breaths and took a few more steps in the cold mountain snow. A few more feet and the wind blew hard. the party stopped to brace against the cold and the guard in front of her and her prince behind insured that she was covered from most of the harsh snow. She gave a shiver and a voice came from a scout at the head of the party “There is a cave just beyond the ridge.” The good news gave the party the strength they needed to press forward.

    The princess had to be helped up onto the ledge where the opening of the cave sat, nestled in the steep snow peek. To finally be out of the elements and their long journey ended it was almost an instant relief.

    Guards quickly set to work building a fire, as her lover came up from behind her and helped her inside. They shed their heavy coats which were soaked from the elements.

    She found a comfortable place on a part of the cave that jetted out like a seat. She released the tie that kept her flowing gown up during their journey and feeling the first monetary relief she leaned back and ran her hand over her bulging stomach.

    She hated the thought of bringing this child, this child who would be the heir to the throne that was rapidly falling away from them. But from what news has told her the rebellion was being crushed and the war was nearly over. But that was the same news she had gotten before the child was even conceived. Before the palace was abandoned. And before she was forced into hiding.

    “Worry not my love, they cannot succeed as long as we are alive.” A kiss and a soothing voice came from her prince. The man who has shield and protected her from the very beginning. The boy who gave her hope in her darkest hour and the man who would give his life protecting her. He was always tender and kind to her. But never hid the truth to spare her feelings instead included her. He treated her current state as a beautiful miracle in this time of despair, rather then the burden she knew it to be.

    She nodded knowing his words were true. She took a few deep breaths, the thin air made it harder to breath and her body ached from the perilous journey. In all honesty she was surprised the child was kind enough to wait this long.

    Her prince knelt down to remove her snow covered shoes. “How are you feeling?” He inquired covering her chilled feet with dry socks that had been tucked away in a pack. “Tiered. But relieved we made it.” He pulled a heavy cloak from the pack, fashioned for a man much larger than the small princess. He wrapped it around her as it fell far past her feet “Then rest my dear,” he insisted lifting her up on to the ledge.

    “Isn’t there something I could do?” She protested, holding his hand before he could turn away.

    He gently put a hand on her shoulder, “any day now, you are going to be working much harder than all of us. Until then. Rest while you can.” He gave a sweet kiss to her hand then her stomach, before stroking it.

    The prince turned and approached his soldiers, and gave a survey of their small crew. Setting off from the palace there had been more than a hundred guards. For one reason or another their crew had shrunk.

    Either by death or aid to another part of the war. Now their ranks were down to five. All royal guards, and close friends who had personally been by their side since they were children. Two were in the cave helping the prince make the space more livable. Two stood guard outside the mouth of the cave. And one scout move steadfast around the mountain, keeping an eye on the battle and for anyone ascending the mountain.


    She didn’t quite remember when she had dozed off, but when she awoke the cave looked much more like a home. The smell of meat being cooked filled the space. Their wet and frozen clothes were drying and being thawed on the far wall. Her clothes were easy to identify as they were dwarfed by those around it.

    Two fires gave ample warmth to the large space which explained why she slept better than she had in months. The tent they had been using now hung as a tarp shielding the opening from the snow, and keeping their location under cover. She even found a few pillows she was sure she didn’t have before succumbing to sleep.

    “Ah good morning princess isabella.” Perked up the man who was cooking the food. An older gentleman,  named felix, he was a friend of her fathers, and enemies would do well not to let age fool them.

    The princess looked about. “Looks more like evening. But good all the same.” There was a creaking ache in her back she tried to relieve her aching body as she sat up.

    She looked around and stretched trying to ease it. She realized they were down one guard and her prince. “Where is-?” She inquired but was cut off by the older man.

    “Lance and Prince Alexander are surviving the deeper part of the cave to insure we aren’t ambushed.“

    She gave a soft hum as she stood and rubbed her back before wrapping her hands around her body to her stomach round with child. The old man watched her closely from the corner of his eyes. Careful not to stare at the young woman was most conscious of her altered state.

    She felt a sharp pain in her lower stomach and she paused with a small "Ohh.” It mostly caught her off guard. These pains had come and gone for the better part of a month now, so she wasn’t alarmed. “Princess?” The old man said with concern looking like he was going to jump from his spot at the first sign of concern.

    “I am fine.” She waved him off leaning on a wall near him. He smirked with a worried grin. “My wife looked the same way, and said the same thing before our first demanded his way into the world.”

    She gave a small scoff and sat beside him as he gave her small pieces from the grill. She sighed trying to relax as another pain struck her. She took in a sharp breath tipping him off to her discomfort. “That’s two, I am keeping track.” He let her know in almost a threatening tone.

    “It’s to early… i think.” She said trying to think of what time of year it was. “Babes come early. And I think you’re closer than you believe.”

    She had eaten her fill and made sure there was enough left for the men. Though felix did try to get her to eat more saying things like “you don’t eat enough.” and “You need your strength.” she hardly thought that was true. she didn’t need to eat nearly as much as the men did, and she didn’t do as much.

    She felt like a lot of the time they were doing the work and she was just sitting around, or they were fighting and she was running. They insisted that carrying the heir to the throne was the most important thing, but other then the massive toll it was taking on her body, she felt pretty useless.

    Shortly after, the men returned, just as another pain came and went, she was able to breath through it pretty well almost anticipating it. but felix caught on. “You can’t fool me princess! Four breed strong and I know that look. that’s number three.”

    “Three what?” Prince alexander inquired amused at the conversation. Isabella was about to pipe up but felix filled him in.

    “three contractions in the last hour since she woke.” The princes face changed from amusement to concern,

    “Contractions?” he knelt down next to her gently putting his weapons down. She put her hand on his arm, “I’m fine.” she tried to reassure him, then looked at felix and scolded “I’m fine.“ She insisted already perturbed by the fuss.

    "Is there any mending to do?” She inquired casually.

    Alexander protectectivly stroked her stomach. “Perhaps you should rest just in case.” she sighed, and began trying to calm his nerves. “I have had nothing but rest…” She argued

    Felix saw the opportunity to end the quarrel before it began, and gave instructions in the meantime. “Lance, eat your fill and send cass inside. Prince Alexander could you get her mending kit, and her pack it has a few things she could tend to.”


    The rotation was made and lance sent Cassius, who was skilled in medicine but also a fierce fighter, which was fortunate seeing how he has survived this long. He was followed shortly by Benjamin, another of isabella’s fathers generation, he was younger then felix and was a bit of a jack of all trades.

    The men sat and warmed up by the fire as the prince sat protectively with isabella. Isabella happily kept her hands busy mending a few toggles that had fallen off, and mending some holes.

    The pains came again and she tried to ignore them and pretend like nothing happened. but the most recent one caused such a jolt that she let out a gasp. They were getting harder to ignore.

    Cassius looked curiously at her, but didn’t move from the fire. “Felix told me of the pains. Do they persist princess?” she knew she shouldn’t lie, but she didn’t want to worry them either. this was their first true rest in weeks, she didn’t want to spoil that by getting everyone in a tizzy.

    “Yes.” She admitted, “But I am sure they will fade just as they always have.” cassius nodded “It’s possible. but it’s also possible that the child is ready, I want you to inform me of each pain. Do you understand?”

    Although in title Princess Isabella out ranked the doctor, in experience she knew she should heed his command. Without looking up from her mending she responded “Understood” Although studied in the ranks of warriors she had never been formally trained. Though the last few months among their ranks though she did little in the way of fighting, however their way of life had rubbed off on her.  

    An hour passed and isabella informed cassius of each pain. Her mending had long finished and now she was just adding embroidered decorations over the ruff covered holes.

    With each pain her prince became more worried and protective. She couldn’t stand sitting around any more, she began to rise and the men shifted as if to help her.

    “I’m restless,” She protested standing on her own, refusing help. “I just need to walk around. Please calm yourselves your making me anxious.”

    Cassius rose and went over to the princess, handing out orders on the way. “I think we all are princess. Ben, send Artemis in for a rest. Alexander why don’t you check in with felix and make sure everything is going as it should.” Although the prince wanted to protest, it was clear after a moment of realization that the doctor wanted the men out of the room.

    As soon as they took their leave the strongest pain she had experience yet caused Isabella to double over using the doctor as support.

    “It’s alright just breath.” He reassured her calmly. Standing had caused things to shift in her body she suddenly felt a great weight sitting low in her stomach. She took a few steps towards the ledge where she once slept, she thought she felt a small trickle in between her legs.

    “To be honest it comes at a good time.” He said gently leading her “at least we are safe and not in the open.” She felt she could be honest with the doctor and wanted to let him know of her embarrassing accident, when prince alexander and Artemis, rushed into the cave.

    Cassius glared at them and their sudden appearance obviously wanting more time with the princess alone. But Artemis who had been scouting quickly spoke in their defence. “Rebels are climbing the mountain.” he quickly informed. terror struck the princess, as an audible splash from a rushing of water came from her gown. She looked up at cassius horrified.

    “Well that’s unfortunate,” He said looking down at the girl and then back up at the men. “Because the child is also coming.”

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