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    janaverse :

    cuteciboulette :

    [doujinshi “Hexagram”]

    such adorableness!   <3

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    #art by antares #chang wufei#gundam wing
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    odioart :

    tsunenori saito x odio

        Cowboy Bebop 

    c o l o r f u l 

    Part one of a big collaborative retrospective celebrating Cowboy Bebop.inspired by the musical variations of Jazz. Each sub series will be in it’s own style using dif coloring techniques. These sketches by illustrator and industry legend  tsunenori saito are colored in an art nouveau style. Hope you enjoy and keep an eye out for sub series number two in the coming weeks. 

     O D I O

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    noromax :

    My doodles! Part.3

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    noromax :

    My doodles! Part.2

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    I still exist. I just have this tendency to get really invested in something and then get distracted and focus on something else lol So if I’m not as active anymore that’s why.

    I got burnt out on my writing. I still plan on at least finishing Bedtime Stories. At some point lol

    I got distracted from Gundam Wing by Inu Yasha and now I’m glaring at the internet for not giving me the lemony goodness I need.

    Boy and I have been watching Star Trek TNG and… yeah Hello Riker. Rawr.

    I have come to the conclusion that Riker is kinky A.F. and I’m struggling to find what I need to satisfy my reading pleasure lol. I’ve found one but that’s it. Maybe because Troi is very soft and feminine? So I branched to Picard and…. I’m just desperate.

    Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be back. I occasionally bounce on to update my queue. <3

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    I finally watched The Sound of Music and like I get it now, I get it. 

    It’s a beautiful two hour love story of a strict man finally opening his heart again and then a fifty minute public service announcement to hate the nazis. Brilliant.

    You’re not wrong there…

    Reblogging this version cuz those two gifs show the sexiest duality a man can have.

    #the sound of music #yup that's it #fall in love #punch all of the nazis
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    shymagnolia :

    so I got into grad school today with my shitty 2.8 gpa and the moral of the story is reblog those good luck posts for the love of god

    okay so i just got my dream job??? a week after applying to it?? and now i’m thinking….maybe this is the good luck post

    …..not even six hours later i got an offer of a well paying full time long-term job with free room and board in queens in nyc, allowing me independence and a way to escape an abusive situation and an unhealthy environment

    likes charge reblogs cast, folks, this is the good luck post

    i need all the help i can get for finals

    Hey so

    the last time I reblogged this post right before I got a great job, in a permanent work-from-home position, with benefits, retirement, and a salary literally 3x what I was making before, doing something I really like. 

    So you know. 

    This might be the real one, y’all.

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    janaverse :

    theboringbluecrayon :

    Title: Women’s Day Event 2020, Day 1 - Purple

    Source: Gundam Wing; character Lucrezia Noin

    Media: Colored pencil on 8.5x11 computer paper, completed 12-13-20

    Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or any character associated; I also do not earn any financial compensation for this fanart.

    Request: Please credit this artist for this work when reposting - thanks!

    Artist Notes: This was supposed to be finished in March, 2020 for GW Women’s Day Event, then ‘rona happened…  I chose two prompts, this being the first of two.

    The color and the theme were: Purple and the quote “Never forget how beautiful Earth looks from afar.”

    Unfortunately there also turned out to be a lot of red despite the purple theme…


    Blue 💙

    she is lovely, @theboringbluecrayon!  i really like the feel of this one, and i think that you represented the theme so beautifully!  <3

    I love this picture so much. It gives me such strong Crystal Singer vibes. There is some art from the series that gives off the same vibe as this piece.

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    marloviandevil :

    dayoldhakarl :

    lotrlocked :

    phylix :

    smol-bean-meme-machine :

    biggest-gaudiest-fish :

    butteryswimmingthing :

    biggest-gaudiest-fish :

    fool-errant :

    bellamynochillblake :

    im-reddie :

    bellamynochillblake :

    we’re going to have to call smut ‘lemons’ again, aren’t we? 


    oh you sweet summer child 

    I actually made this a button last convention

    Gaud I remember when it was lemons, I feel old now

    explain pls


    What are lemons??

    I don’t own the copyright to this, others own the show. All I have is this saaaad little computer and a sketch pad. ^-^ Please don’t sue! I don’t need anymore stress!

    Please R&R!!!!!!!

    No flames. >///<

    lol this story contains slash! Don’t like don’t read. Rated M. AragornxLegolas. lemon. Lololol ^-^ NO FLAMES OR I WILL KILL YOU WITH MY STABBITY SPORK OF Death! -__-

    #this post made me age ten thousand years.

    A/N: Things are probably going to be very OOC but who cares, It’s my fic, I do what I want! MUAHAHAHA!

    Things story is lime but it might get a little lemony in later chapters ^.^ R&R no flaming!!! I don’t own the characters

    The ghost of citrus past…🤣


    did you think AO3 was the first of its kind

    my children, there was another before it, older and untagged

    I still call them lemons. I love me a good lemon.

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    incorrectgundamwingquotes :

    Duo: Don’t you want to see the baby?

    Wufei: Why? I know what Yuy and Relena Peacecraft look like. I can mash that up in my head right now.

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    chippolyta :

    So how do we feel about mermaid au’s? 💁‍♀️

    We’ve got a part 2 y’all!

    The note isn’t an invitation to hang out and become best bros 4 life, but that’s okay, cuz mer-kiri can’t read.

    Imagine having the will power to say “no” to panel 2 kiri 😩

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    argonauticae :

    argonauticae :

    im putting together a couple of scottish folk mixes bc that’s what i do and im honestly curious if anyone in my country has ever been unequivocally happy about anything ever

    scottish trad music genres:

    • Everyone I Love Is Dead
    • The English Have Stolen All My Sheep
    • You Want To Be My Boyfriend? First You Must Answer These Riddles Three
    • The Protestants Have Stolen All My Sheep
    • I Love You A Lot But You’ve Left Me And It’s Raining [fiddle solo]
    • The Sea Is Treacherous, Just Like The English
    • One Time Bonnie Prince Charlie Punched Me In The Face And It Was Awesome
    • The Fairies Have Stolen All My Sheep

    We have of course the traditional Irish music genres to go with them:

    * Everyone I Love Is An Allegorical Representation of Ireland

    * The English Stole My Farm And Put Sheep On It

    * You Were My Boyfriend But Now You Won’t Even Come To The Window To Look Upon Me And Our Dead Infant Child (In The Rain)

    * Whack Fol Too La Roo Umptytiddly Good They’ve Stopped Listening Now Let’s Talk About Revolution

    * Something In Irish, I Think It’s About Fairies, Or Maybe A Cow

    oooo can I add to this? don’t forget Appalachian folk balladry, the American cousin of Scottish and Irish traditional music and just as uplifting as its Anglo-Saxon highland forbears!!!

    genres include:

    • I Left Everyone I Love Back Home In The Holler To Be With This Guy Who Doesn’t Wear Shoes Or Have Teeth But He Plays A Mean Jug
    • The English Told Us Not To Move West Yet, We Ignored Them, My Entire Family Was Killed
    • You Were My Boyfriend But You Tied A Sack Of Rocks To My Petticoats And Threw Me In The Creek (And My Baby Too)
    • Mama Loves All 14 Of Us A Lot But She’s Weary Of Our Shit And Now She’s Dyin’ (Gather Round)
    • The McCleans Stole A Firewood Log From Our Pile So We Won’t Rest Until The Last Of Their Male Kin Is Laid In The Cold Ground
    • We Knew The River Would Rise But We Still Didn’t Fix The Levee 
    • The River Rose, The Levee Broke, Everyone Died, It Was Just As We Reckoned (dulcimer twang-a-lang) 
    • When The Rebels Come A-Marchin’ I’m A Southern Man And I Feed Their Horses My Best, When The Yankees Come A-Marchin’ I’m A Northern Man And I Feed Their Horses What The Rebels Left
    • The Tennessee Valley Authority Killed All My Sheep Somehow

    Don’t forget that old standby “The Mine Collapsed and Everyone Died”!

    I think someone needs to put in a word for the English folk tradition though:

    • I Met a Girl and We Went Hunting (It Was a Metaphor for Sex)
    • I Met a Girl and We Caught Some Birds (It Was a Metaphor for Sex)
    • I Met a Girl and We Found Her Lost Pet (It Was a Metaphor for Sex)
    • I Met a Girl By Staying At Her Parents’ House and She Made My Bed (It Was an Especially Thinly-Veiled Metaphor for Sex)
    • I Am a Girl and I Regret Engaging In Metaphors for Sex Because Now I’m Pregnant
    • I Met a Girl and Bribed Her Into Sex But She Stole My Horse and Ran Away With It
    • I Met a Girl At an Inn and We Had Non-Metaphorical Sex But She Stole My Stuff The Next Morning and Now I Have Syphilis
    • Your Fiance Died Either at Trafalgar or Waterloo, Let’s Get Married, I’m Glad You Said No Because I’m Really Him In Disguise
    • Lord Nelson Sure Was Awesome
    • The Press-Gang Dragged Off All the Important Men in My Life (And Now They Are Dead)
    • Farm Laborers Are The Salt of the Earth And Are Never Grindingly Poor
    • Begging Is a Completely Viable Career Option With Flexible Hours and Unlimited Access to Alcohol

    behold mongolian folk music genres

    • I Went Out Riding and Noticed Mongolia
    • We Fought a Bunch of Guys (On Horseback)
    • Witness My Many Ungulates
    • (While On a Horse) I Met a Hot Girl Who Reminded Me of a Plant
    • On Three, Say What That Terrain Feature Looks Like to You (One, Two, Three, A Horse)
    • Witness My Many Ancestors’ Many Ungulates
    • I Also Enjoy Heavy Metal, Especially If It’s Made of Horseshoes
    • Oooorrrrweeeeuuurrrreeeeuuuuwwwwwrrrrrrrr (Is Tuvan for “Horse”)
    • You Might Not Know This About Me, But I Own a Horse


    now with more okinawan!

    • We Must Plant the Crops, Let’s Get Drunk! 
    • We Must Harvest the Crops, Let’s Get Drunk!
    • There’s No Crops Right Now, Let’s Get Drunk!
    • Sex On the Beach Is Awesome, War Is Bad
    • There Are Ghosts in the Trees
    • The Japanese Exploit Us (And the Americans Do Too)
    • I Love the Sea, This Island Is Beautiful, War Is Still Bad
    • Hey, There’s an Old Man, Let’s Get Drunk!
    • Respect Your Parents Or You Will Be Lost at Sea Forever

    As the daughter of a folksinger and spouse of a folklorist, I love this SO MUCH.  Here’s some from the sub-sub-genre of French folk songs of the Midwest…

    • I Am A Brawny-Armed Lumberjack Who Loves a Town Girl, Oh No!
    • Oh Fuck, I Slept With a Fur Trapper, What Shall I Tell Maman?
    • Hauling Logs, Rolling Logs, Driving Logs, All Day, What Ho!
    • Like Hell You’re Marrying That Good for Nothing Bambocheur!
    • Fetch My Gold Ring That Fell Into the Sea!  Now!
    • I Met A Sailor While A-Strolling, And Now We Are In Love!
    • I Want to Kiss the Sailor I Met A-Strolling, But I’m Afraid My Father Will Find Out!
    • Oh Fuck, I Kissed the Sailor I Met A-Strolling And Now We Are Doomed!

    Some Italian Folk Music Genres

    A Spider Has Bitten Me And If I Do Not Dance I Will Die, Alas

    I Am A Very Fancy Man With A Very Fancy Hat

    The Cable Car Is A Thinly-Veiled Metaphor For Your Feminine Torture, O Woman

    Rome Is The Very Best Place And Every Other Place Is Just Awful

    I Love You, But You Are Married

    I Love You, But You Are Fickle (Why Did You Dance With The Baker’s Son, Thou Vixen?)

    I Love You, But You Left Me All Alone On This Romantic Wind-Swept Hillside, Which Is Actually Very Pretty, But Not As Pretty As You, Foul Temptress

    Rome Is Still The Best Place And Every Other Place Can Go Right To Hell

    Seriously Once You Have Been To Rome You Will Just Be Sick At The Thought Of Being Anywhere Else, You Will Pine Away And Die

    I Love You, But You Are Dead (Or Maybe You Just Went To Live In A Slightly Prettier Place)

    Rome, Rome, O Rome, Ah Rome, Rome Rome Rome, Have I Mentioned That I Love Rome?

    Venetian Special Genres:

    Women Are Like The Ocean: Salty And Full Of Drowned Sailors

    Women Are Like The Ocean: I Cannot Figure Them Out At All

    I Saw You One Time At A Party And I Have Designs Upon Your Feminine Virtue

    I Love You, But You Are Married To The Ocean (For Some Reason)

    I thought I would add some Dutch ones, because I saw no one had added any:
    - That Girl Is A Prostitute (But At Least She Goes To Church)

    - That Incompetent Sailor Is Actually A Girl, But She Will Have Sex With You If You Don’t Kick Her Off The Boat

    - Someone Of Any Occupation Is Doing Something, But Unfortunately They Are Now Dead

    - Fuck You Spain (Haha, We Sunk Your Boat And Stole Your Silver)

    - Fuck You England

    - We Might Be Small, But We Will Fight You

    - Life Isn’t So Bad, If You Just Go Outside

    - Fuck You Winter

    - Look At That Guy (Wild Racism)

    - We Like Going To Other Countries (More Wild Racism)

    - Drinking Is Fun

    - Drinking Makes Me Long For Sea

    - God Is My Dad

    - My Province Is Great And Full Of Nature

    Some nice Russian folk songs:

    • There Was A War And Everyone is Dead, There’s Also a Symbolic Bird
    • There is Going to Be a War And Everyone Will Die, There’s Also a Sybmolic Bird
    • The Dyeing Is Happening Right Now, There’s Also a Symbolic Bird
    • I Had a Dream About Us Dying (No Birds Involved)
    • Alas You Are Dead 
    • I’m a Bird, I Drink Vodka
    • Fuck It’s Cold
    • Frost Do Not Freeze Me Do Not Freeze My Horse Do Not Freeze My Wife Please I Have Children

    And my personal favourite:

    • Ayy Lmao This Guys Head Just Got Shot Off, We Are Going to Die Hahaha

    I just couldn’t miss an opportunity to provide you a comprehensive summary of Ukrainian folk music genres.

    ~ I Married To A Man And Moved Far From My Home But I Want Fucking Back On My Fucking Land To My Parents And A Guy Whom I Actually Planned To Marry Before My Society’s Patriarchal Structure Destroyed My Life

    ~ A Guy Whom I Loved Loved Me And Also A Some Other Bitch So I Poisoned Him So That Nobody Gets Him

    ~ This Is My Land And I Love It Very Much, Period

    ~ I Made A Traditional Kupala Wreath And Released It On Water To Find My Love, No Sexual Hits Involved

    ~ I Have A Veeery Deeeeep Well In My Garden, And Also A Veeery Curly-Wurly Cabbage, And Also A Veeery Sweeeet Carrot Growing There, Come On Guys Check It Out, Oh, And There Are Totally No Sexual Hints

    ~ Graphic Descriptions Of Lesbian Sex

    ~ Everybody Is Dead After A Battle But There Is One Particular Cossack Whom I Am Especially Obligated To Mourn About Because He Is A Representative Of Our Entire Nation’s Young People

    ~ The Couple Cannot Be Together Because Of Various Reasons And Everybody Cries

    ~  The Couple Cannot Be Together Because Of Various Reasons And Everybody Cries And It’s Compared To Some Sad Shit Happening In Nature

    ~ Let’s Kill All People Who Threaten Ukraine Hahaha Yay!

    ~Let’s Kill All People Who Threaten Ukraine And Involve Some Couple Who Cannot Be Together Because Of Various Reasons And Everybody Cries

    Adding these well-known Cajun hits

    ~ I have a boat and have procured many crawfish do you love me?

    ~ I sure do love crawfish, boats, the bayou, and also dancing

    ~ My girlfriend can cook, and is therefore superior your girlfriend, who cannot

    ~ my girlfriend cannot cook and is therefore inferior to all other girlfriends

    ~ I saw you over a pile of crawfish and knew I was in love (on the bayou)

    ~ a list of regional dishes set to the tune of kitchen utensils

    I feel like we’re missing the huge goldmine of blues standards:

    • I Need a Woman
    • Women are Evil
    • My Woman is Screwing the Milkman
    • My Woman is Screwing the Bus Driver
    • My Woman is Screwing my Best Friend
    • My Woman is Screwing Everybody in Town (Except Me) 
    • My Woman is Screwing the Milkman/Bus Driver/my Best Friend/Everybody (Except Me) while I Work All Day at the Slaughterhouse
    • I Lost My Job at the Slaughterhouse 
    • I Lost My Woman Because I Lost My Job at the Slaughterhouse
    • I Lost My Temper and Murdered My Woman at the Slaughterhouse (and Then I Lost My Job)
    • My Woman Tried to Poison Me
    • My Mama Thinks I’m Handsome (But No One Else Agrees)
    • The Weather is a Metaphor and It’s Always Raining
    • I Have a Lot of Feelings and Drinking Them Seems Like the Best Solution
    • I Met the Devil in an Unlikely Place and Made an Ill-Advised Bargain
    • I Got Arrested but it was a Big Misunderstanding 
    • (officer I swear I had no idea she was fifteen)
    • *Fruit-related metaphors for masturbation*
    • *dogs howling* *train sounds* *harmonica solo*
    • Oh God I’m so lonely someone please touch me

    I’m from Wisconsin.

    • The Packers are Great
    • Beer is Great
    • Deer Hunting is Great
    • We Drink Beer Instead of Shooting Deer
    • The Deer That Got Away
    • Canada Seems Nice
    • The Drinking Beer, Eating Venison, and Talking About Dem Packers Polka

    Classic: https://youtu.be/DZOC1QXTQLk

    As promised, some of the Czech folk songs themes:

    • Alas, beautiful girls, they’re going to recruit, weep your lovers.
    • Blue-eyed girl, don’t sit by the stream, it will take away your beauty.
    • Hey, hay, hey, you’ve been unfaithful, I’m going to die.
    • Oh dear, oh dear, I’ve been recruited and now my girlfriend is far away. But I got a nice horse and a sword, yay! Anyways, I’m going to die.
    • Oh the beauty of the green woods, you’ve been unfaithful, you’re going to die.
    • Oh the beauty of this or that little town, I love you, my black-eyed girl.
    • Had you listened to your mother, you wouldn’t have been recruited, my poor son.
    • I gave my scarf to a boy and he doesn’t love me anymore. I have no more scarfs to give.
    • My boyfriend is angry because I lost the scarf he gave me.
    • Random Song About Farmwork
    • Give me a kiss, beautiful girl! I will not, but come to our house this evening and I will kiss you.
    • I am poor, I don’t have shoes.
    • Please don’t come to our house, I am ashamed of your poverty. Come on Sunday in better clothes, my mother will be happy to invite you in.
    • Random Song About Handicraft

    Aaand many more…

    …and sometimes also a random Symbolic Bird that symbolizes Beautiful Girls or Innocence. Or both at once.

    Also those (mostly eastern) Slovakian folk songs I know?

    • I’m Not Gonna Work I’m Gonna Drink aw yeah
    • You Don’t Work You Just Drink goddammit
    • I Don’t Want To Work I want to Party and Flirt
    • (mentions of a random place) let’s talk about my lover in the other half of the verse
    • (mentions of random food) let’s talk about my lover at the other half of the verse
    • (mentions of random thing I/you have) let’s talk about my lover in the other half of the verse
    • Oh I’m Such a Good Worker
    • Oh S/he Such a Crap Worker (look what s/he did)
    • Don’t Flirt And Do Your Work
    • A Song About Flirting (and Implied Sex) and Nothing Else
    • A Song About Flirting with epilogue complaints about my new spouse
    • I Was Flirting (Implied Sex) and Got In Trouble
    • Let’s Complain About My Lover
    • Let’s Complain About Me Not Having a Lover
    • My Lover Got Conscripted (And Died)
    • I Love You Mom, An Inexplicably Sad Song
    • I Love You My Child, An Inexplicably  Sad Song
    • The Czech ones are spot on. Here have some Armenian:
    • Armenia is great, fuck Turkey
    • Dear God please don’t smite us
    • *Duduk solo*
    • My mom died, a random mention of vinegar, I am sad.
    • The list of depressing things in my life
    • Armenia is really great, here have some fruit. The fruit is a metaphore for Armenia
    • A detailed study on behaviour of Perdix perdix, aka Grey partridge. It may or may not be a metaphore for a random village beauty.
    • Uncle is here, I love him and I’m happy but I’ll sing it extra sadly because fuck you
    • The list of depressing things in my life volume II
    • *Another duduk solo*
    • Turks killed us, fuck them
    • My brother killed my lover, so my lover’s family is calling for vendetta, fuck my life, I’m going to jump from a cliff.
    • The list of depressing things in my life volume III
    • The best of Depressing things in my life I, II, III, IV
    • *Zurna solo because fuck everyone’s ears*

    French Folk Songs:

    • Everyone Has Their Own Way To Plant Cabbage
    • Wake Up You Lazy Monk
    • Wake Up You Lazy Miller
    • Wake Up You Lazy Girl So I Can Marry You
    • Cultural Appropriation of Italian Characters
    • Our Kings Are Silly Dweebs
    • The King’s Daughters are Hot and the King’s Sons are Jerks
    • The -insert profession-’s Daughter Is Hot
    • The Girls Of This Town Are Hot
    • I Saw This Pretty Boy Pass By
    • My Father Is A Dick
    • She’s A Shapardess and She Better Get Her Sheep Inside Cause It’s Raining Oh My
    • We Sure Love Drums
    • We Sure Love Alcohol
    • I Got All This Good Tobacco But You Won’t Get Any Because of Reasons
    • I Won’t Go To This Place Anymore Beause The People There Are Dicks
    • You Won’t Believe What I Saw There
    • Stuff Happening Behind People’s Houses
    • I Cut my Girlfriend’s Finger and Her Heart Too Cause My Mom Didn’t Approve
    • My Girlfriend Is A Disney Princess and Her Actual Husband Has Been Taken By the Dutch
    • This Bird Wants To Marry So It’s Probably A Metaphor
    • This Bird Told Me Being A Lesbian Was Better
    • They’re Is A Lot Of Talk About Jacking Off But It’s maybe Just An Old Timey Expression That Means Something Else Entirely I’m not Sure

    Australian Folk Songs (AKA the stuff they made us sing at school)

    • I Stole a Handkerchief And They’re Sending Me Halfway Round The World, Life Is Terrible
    • They Sent Me Halfway Round The World, Life Is Terrible
    • I Want To Go Back To England, Life Is Terrible
    • Something About Shearing
    • It Never Fucking Rains And We’re Ruined
    • Everything Is Flooded And We’re Ruined
    • The Country Wants To Kill Us But We Love It 
    • I’m An Idiot And Ended Up In A Ridiculous Situation
    • Let’s Laugh At The Idiot Who Ended Up In The Ridiculous Situation
    • This Bloke Did Something Incredibly Dangerous But It Was Fucking Amazing
    • This Bloke Is Being A Smartass And We Love Him
    • I Went To The Goldfields But Lost It All, Life Is Terrible
    • He Stole A Sheep But Killed Himself To Evade The Authorities So It’s All Good
    • Something About Droving
    • Our Wildlife Is Insane But We Love It
    • He’s A Bushranger But Was Polite And Stuck It To The Authorities So It’s All Good
    • This Sheila Got Her Revenge And We Love Her
    • Something About Ships
    • I’ve Been Places, Let Me Tell You About Them All
    • I Signed Up To Go To War And It Was Nothing Like The Posters Said 
    • We Have A Military History Now (At Least They Died Bravely)
    • Something About Mining
    •  Life Was Terrible, And We Miss It 

    Here are some Canadian standards:

    • I built this boat to catch fish for my girlfriend, now here’s a list of Newfoundland towns
    • I signed on to a privateer ship to steal from the Americans but it all went Horribly Wrong and now Everything is Terrible
    • My country is a frozen wasteland filled with the bodies of idiot Europeans from the age of exploration
    • [Insert vaguely Celtic sounding folky non-words] turn the boat into the waves, turn the boat into the waves, so we can go home [Insert vaguely Celtic-sounding non-words]
    • Lake Superior Never Gives Up Her Dead
    • Let’s torture a songbird

    Canadian hits from the prairies:

    • Vaguely Indigenous-Themed Song About Nature Writen And Performed By White People
    • Song About Your Small Prairie Town That Mostly Involves Repeating The Name Of The Town Over And Over Again
    • Farmers, Man. Farmers
    • Who Cares If The Lyrics Don’t Make Sense, Let’s Get Drunk!
    • No One Knows How Many Bodies Are Buried Under This Beautifyl Golden Sea Of Wheat
    • There’s Not Much To Do In A Small Town Except Drink, Fight, And Fuck! Let’s Get Married And Do All Three!
    #folk song realities #folk songs #folk song genres #in many countries #that are all hilarious
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    freyagreyson :

    bolontiku :

    qillermeme :

    randomslasher :

    renamok :

    This woman confronts racism in the funniest way possible.

    Not all heroes wear capes.

    the kind of pettiness i can get behind. 

    The amount of PLEASURE i got from reading this.

    This is so beautiful, I’m in awe of her majesty 😍

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