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The “I hate owing people” scene

I have to give props to the writers for this one, I was truly a clown, even though I don’t ship them. 

Alternate tittle: Episode 15 broke my heart, a clown story. 

I honestly never really understood Joonhwi’s character’s motivations. I do like how he begins the series being the dark and mysterious loner with too many problems to mingle with his classmates or even care about college, but then suddenly he’s transformed into this neighborhood oppa who flirts with and helps everyone, especially one girl in particular, his soulmate and partner in crime, slowly but surely we see his softer side that contrasts a lot with his darker one. And even though he quickly bounces back and forth between these two roles when it’s needed, up until now those two images kept clashing in my brain, and I always wondered if there wasn’t any ulterior motives behind his actions,

With time, my worries stopped and I started really appreciating his dynamics with everyone, especially with Sol A. Along with the fandom I theorized their possible endgame, would it be platonic or romantic, either way I was happy. My trust issues started resurfacing in the courtroom scene, where he admits to want to look out for Sol B, at this point Solhwi was very solidified in my brain as each other’s priorities, and that shook me a little, but I figured it wasn’t that big of a deal, since, again, they still have this unspoken agreement that was so well built throughout the whole drama.

But then, episode 15 rolled around, and Joonhwi finally was asked why he cares so much about her, and his response couldn’t be more heartbreaking. Now, to bring back his two personas, we have Seo Byung Ju’s nephew, the aloof genius who doesn’t mingle and always seems to be plotting something behind everyone’s back: he’s cold, he has trust issues, he’s hurt, and than we have Joonhwi, the smartass flirt who is always there to help everyone no questions asked, especially Sol A.

When he was asked why he cares so much about her, I expected Joonhwi to appear, smile, say something confusing yet reassuring, not to the shippers, but to everyone who knows solwhi are soulmates despite being endgame or not, instead, Seo Byung Ju’s nephew answered, in a slight bitter, and almost bothered way, that he just hates owing people.

That was too much, to think that because of Sol A’s pure heart and intentions he felt obliged to help her, like kindness it’s some sort of currency, suddenly all those cute and genuine moments felt forced and my favorite close buds felt like million lightning years apart, I’m sure Sol A would feel crushed to hear that, all she wanted was to be accepted in his world (in their world), and the way she found to do so was the purest of all, born from her kind heart and immense sense of justice, to think that it somehow bothers him… 

And I love love love him, he’s the best boy, but those words brought me physical pain. There’s always a chance that this is just his hurt self spewing these things to fool himself and sol B, but if it isn’t, this is one of the most heartbreaking ways to destroy what they’ve built together, even if it wasn’t going the romantic route.

Again, I’m not sure if that scene served a different purpose, maybe to destroy all the hopes of people who expect Solhwi to be endgame romantically and maybe prepare a JoonSolB, or if this is a setup for him to realise her importance in his life, which I thought was already established, but I guess it wasn’t. I’ll leave here a link to a twitter thread that I really liked that had a more positive perspective than mine.

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