17.10.2020 - 1 year ago

@saint-dionysus is a popular trans man on tumblr who is known for being lesphobic and a misogynist. I’ve attempted to record all of his problematic behavior in a single post, a difficult task as he seems to produce non stop bad takes. I’ve elected to make a specific blog for this, to avoid getting harassed by the group of Aidens he’s mutuals with. As he likes to start harassment campaigns against people who stand against him.

A rough list of problematic behavior includes,

- Appropriates lesbian language, such as

    -Stone/Butch (refers to himself as a stone butch trans man and claims that stone butch historically meant trans masculine and asexual ????  butches)
    -D*ke (Refers to himself as, and I quote, a “Male D*ke”

-Appropriates AAVE, such as, 
   -”Bull D*ke”
   -”Diesel D*ke”

   - ect.

- Supports Bi Lesbians and mpsec lesbians
- Thinks that lesbians can date nonbinary people that aren’t female-aligned
- Thinks that lesbians can date trans men and nonbinary men
- Thinks bi women can reclaim the D slur
- Claims that any LGBT person can use Butch or Femme
- Calls sexuality a social construction and believes every one is bisexual, because gender is a social construction (Major crackhead reach)
- Refuses to acknowledge that trans men have male privilege 
- Thinks that trans men are oppressed for being men or being masculine
- Thinks trans men can reclaim any slur used against them, such as the D slur and the T slur.
- Uses the term Transs*xual
- Thinks that trans men should be included in women and non-binary spaces, including lesbian spaces.
- Claims that trans men helped build the lesbian community
- Headcanons female characters as trans men
- Claims Joan of Arc (and nearly any other GNC woman in history) was a trans man
- Claims that Drag King history is a part of FTM history
- Refers to Strorme’ DeLarverie as trans masculine

- Posts selfies and art inside of the Butch tag and D*ke tag

- Makes “jokes” about forcing butches to transition into men
- Follows multiple trans men who ID as “F*mboys” and refuses to acknowledge that F*mboy is a transmisogynistic slur.
- Uses the Q slur without tagging, Uses the F slur without tagging, Uses the T slur despite not being a trans woman and without tagging, Uses the D slur, despite not being a lesbian and without tagging. 
- Thinks that Autistic is a valid gender
- Claims that cishet polyam people are “Q*eer”.
- Claims that cishet asexuals are “Q*eer”
- Claims that the kink and leather scene are “Q*eer” and that leather at pride should be supported 
- Claims that straight men can have sex with or even romantic relationships with other men
- Claims that the LGBT+ community is a “Separatist rainbow capitalist movement”
- Claims that being a binary gender is a choice
- Claims that being cis (and thus being transgender) is a choice – yet also says he feels innately male
-Claims that no one is born gay or trans
-Blocks trans women who correct him about trans issues

- Blocks cis women who interact with him
- Makes “Jokes” about hating cis women, basically just using the cis label as a way to excuse being a misogynist. 
- Refers to femininity as a prison and is in general femphobic (especially towards binary femme lesbians)
- Is anti voting
- Uses being trans and latinx as a shield whenever anyone tells him the importance of voting trump out of office.
- Is anti Democratic and and anti-democracy 
- Is a pro-shipper, who has underage witcher fic saved in his AO3 bookmarks
- Has a link to his NSFW on his main, his NSFW is covered in lesphobia (Just like his main!), non-con, and numerous other gross “Kinks”
- Is pro human extinction and anti-natalism
- Is pro shoplifting, rioting, and looting. Refers to theft as a victimless crimes and block anyone who mentions that min. wage workers get punished for the actions of shoplifters and that white anarchists who start riots and loot stores make a mad name for actual BLM protesters. 
- Blocks anyone who tries to politely explain to him why his posts are transphobic, lesphobic, and misogynistic (As if he didn’t already know)

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