• ultraqueenofwinter
    20.10.2020 - 1 mont ago


    …And at this precise moment I fell in love with Lord John Grey 😍

    Ditto!! This was the exact moment decided that LJG was the best character to ever appear on screen.

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    11.10.2020 - 1 mont ago

    Does anyone know how to change the header picture for the Matthew Goode tag? It seems a little odd for it to be a pic of anyone other than MG

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    08.10.2020 - 1 mont ago

    booksmoviesandnonsense :

    So I finally got around to watching Burning Man…

    ..wow! What a movie!

    What a performance by Matthew Goode!!..he portrays his character beautifully!…So raw and emotional! It’s handles grief and loss in a very real way!!!

    I cried. A lot!

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    08.10.2020 - 1 mont ago

    pleasereadmeok :


    It looks like our Australian friends will get to see Burning Man.

    Burning Man

    Thursday 30 January, 9:30PM on SBS World Movies (streaming after broadcast at SBS On Demand)


    UK, Australia, 2011

    Genre: Drama

    Language: English

    Director: Jonathan Teplitzky

    Starring: Matthew Goode, Rachel Griffiths, Essie Davis, Anthony Hayes

    What’s it about?

    The reckless, sexy, funny, moving and ultimately life-affirming story of Tom (Goode), a British chef in a Sydney restaurant, who seems to have decided there are no longer any rules he needs to obey. Whatever Tom is up to, his actions seem to be tolerated by those around him. As Tom descends into darkness, fragments of a different story begin to emerge. All the women in his world are trying in their own, very different ways to help put him back together.

    Burning Man: Jonathan Teplitzky & Bojana Novakovic

    THIS movie is a must watch for Goode fans - it can be tricky to get hold of but see it if you can.  One of Matthew Goode best and most moving performances. You will need a whole box of tissues coz you will be sobbing.

    [Pic - MG and Bojana Novakovic]

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    02.10.2020 - 2 monts ago
    ADOW season 2 Fanscript

    For anyone looking for a bit of fanfic to get you keen for season 2, I’ve written my own version of what I reckon this next season might look like. 

    Go Check it out :) I hope you enjoy it 


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  • ultraqueenofwinter
    20.09.2020 - 2 monts ago


    New classic ‘Silent Night’ will knock your socks off!

    “It is going to knock your socks off. Silent Night is a film of our times, and it’s probably going to emerge as one of the best films of the year. Watch out for that!

    - Baz Bamigboye, Mail Weekend+ 📷

    Silent Night, directed by Camille Griffin, is currently in post-production.

    Cast inc.

    • Keira Knightley
    • Matthew Goode
    • Annabelle Wallis
    • Roman Griffin Davis
    • Hardy and Gilby Griffin Davis
    • Lucy Punch
    • Lily-Rose Depp
    • Kirby Howell-Baptiste
    • Rufus Jones
    • Sope Dirisu
    • Davida McKenzie
    • Holly Aird*

    * A Discovery of Witches TV series fans will be excited to see Holly Aird as Francoise in season 2 (coming Jan 2021) with Matthew Goode starring as vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont.

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    18.09.2020 - 2 monts ago

    rosalyn51 :

    NEW stills from ‘Silent Night’. Keira Knightley and Matthew Goode [his hand top right] play Nell and Simon, a privileged couple who live in a country pile with their three sons. Roman Griffin Davis plays one of their sons!

    BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Keira Knightley gives us Christmas… with a twist

    Keira Knightley and the ensemble from Silent Night — the most astonishing Christmas movie ever made — are preparing to complete post-production on the film, work that was interrupted by the pandemic.

    An unfinished version was shown privately to distributors at a series of Covid-secure screenings in Soho, London, this week, one of which I snuck into … keeping my distance, of course.

    Knightley and Matthew Goode are Nell and Simon, a privileged couple who live in a country pile with their three sons.

    The boys are played by Roman Griffin Davis (schoolboy star of director Taika Waititi’s Oscar-winning film Jojo Rabbit) and his real-life younger twin brothers Hardy and Gilby.

    The movie is directed by their mother, Camille Griffin, a first-time feature filmmaker who also wrote the screenplay.

    Nell and Simon are preparing to welcome some old college pals, plus their partners and offspring.

    They include Sope Dirisu, Lily-Rose Depp, Annabelle Wallis, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Lucy Punch, Rufus Jones and Davida McKenzie (a golden find).

    The film is partly inspired by conversations that took place in the Griffin Davis household, about climate change and unconscious bias (racism and sexism in particular), among other stingers. For good measure, Griffin takes a few sly swipes at wealthy types from both sides of the political divide.

    Where’s Christmas, you may ask? Well, in the opening scenes, as guests travel to Nell and Simon’s, there’s a ditty called The Christmas Sweater song playing gaily on the radio. It’s sung by Michael Buble, who co-authored it with Matthew Vaughn, Gary Barlow and Jane Goldman.

    There’s a Christmas tree and presents. And folks do sit down to a turkey lunch, though oddly there’s only one potato each, to go with the other trimmings. And what’s up with the murky tap water? No worries, though, because they’re knocking back the Prosecco like there’s no tomorrow. Much more I will not tell you, because the film contains an incredible twist that will become a mega talking point.

    Suffice to say that Silent Night is a brilliant Christmas satire, reflective of the times we’re in. And that Marv Films (run by Vaughn and Claudia Schiffer, along with producers Trudie Styler and Celine Rattray) want it to open in cinemas over the Yuletide holidays.

    During filming of the low-budget offering, Silent Night was a temporary, working title. But Griffin and the producers decided to make it permanent. Post-production will involve the actors doing voice work, further editing and the completion of its score.

    ‘Silent Night’ marks the third time Keira and Matthew work together - ‘The Imitation Game’, and ‘Official Secrets’.

    Gosh I am so excited for this movie!

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    14.09.2020 - 2 monts ago

    thegreendress :

    I’m so, so happy we got this moment. It was perfect 😍😍😍

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    09.09.2020 - 2 monts ago


    Troubled Blood First 7 Chapters Thoughts

    • A YEAR has passed since Lethal White.
    • The book is divided in to 7 parts and there are 73 chapters total.
    • How comfortable Robin & Strike are with each other 🥰
    • The denial and pining continues.
    • My bets were on Wardle to be Robin’s unwanted suitor (can’t even remember if he’s single or not lol).
    • Ilsa you are my fave but tone it down a lil bit babe lol
    • The case is super intriguing.

    This book has me caught up in my emotions already 💀


    OMG I had no idea a sample was up!!! Thank heavens I NEEDED this

    Edit: It’s not available where I’m from, this isn’t fair!!

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    08.09.2020 - 2 monts ago
    The Dashing Matthew Goode

    rosalyn51 :

    So, this is a heist movie, but not as weknow it. [Jim] Broadbent shines as the avuncular thief and [Helen] Mirren allows him to do so. Bunton’s a natural scene stealer, all sparkle with a gift for rhetoric, while his wife is out of the limelight doing all the hard work. Both the characters and the actors playing them are the perfect double act.

    Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this story is the fact that very few of us knew it. The portrait, which in reality was returned years later, made it into Dr No in 1962, so powerful was its image in the public memory. Even Bunton’s defence attorney, Jeremy Hutchinson – here played by the dashing Matthew Goode – was Peggy Ashcroft’s husband.

    - heyuguys ‘The Duke Review – Venice 2020’ Sept 6, 2020

    *‘The Duke’ dir. Roger Michell will be released in spring 2021.


    Gif: mine

    So unbelivably excited for this movie!!

    Dashing Matthew Goode ✅

    Epic Courtroom Scene ✅

    Brilliant Actors ✅

    Dramady ✅

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  • ultraqueenofwinter
    06.09.2020 - 2 monts ago


    Ahead of the world premiere, ‘The Duke’ producer Nicky Bentham told the international press conference at Venice Film Festival today

    The writers used some of the real words & defence for that [courtroom] scene. It was partly due to the brilliance of Jeremy Hutchinson played by Matthew Goode, also brilliantly, who mounted this very very clever defence…

    Well done Goodey! 🍾🥂🎉

    The movie is scheduled for release March/Spring 2021. Early screenings at the Festival has created a lot of buzz and positive reviews!

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    03.09.2020 - 3 monts ago

    tvandfilm :

    LUCIFER | 5x08 - Spoiler Alert

    The absolute coolest bit of CGI I’ve seen in a while

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    15.08.2020 - 3 monts ago

    thetottenham :

    Strike: Lethal White Trailer!

    The first proper trailer for series 4 of Strike.

    Credit: BBC
    Date Posted: 15/08/2020

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    29.07.2020 - 4 monts ago

    arthurjdrake :

    I found that I had to hear your voice first. The truth is… I won’t sleep until I know where we’re headed. 

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  • ultraqueenofwinter
    20.07.2020 - 4 monts ago


    Really cannot get over how incredible an actress Caitriona Balfe is. She truly stuns me with every single scene and embodies Claire in totality

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    19.07.2020 - 4 monts ago


    So… what the hell happened to Hamish and Castle Leoch?

    Before Culloden, Jamie was all but named Colum’s heir by being granted guardianship of Hamish. But Jamie went into hiding for six years and to jail after that.

    Is Hamish okay? Does anyone from Castle Leoch even KNOW Jamie was technically in charge of them that whole time? Why does no one bring this up in the later seasons?

    Have literally never thought about this but… yeah it’s kinda just forgotten about. Weird

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  • ultraqueenofwinter
    17.07.2020 - 4 monts ago

    avantegarda :

    oh god i’m making outlander memes now aren’t i. fuck.

    These are gold

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  • ultraqueenofwinter
    02.07.2020 - 5 monts ago

    justcatposts :

    Cat snaps

    That last one is killing me!!!

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    05.06.2020 - 5 monts ago
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  • ultraqueenofwinter
    19.05.2020 - 6 monts ago

    charmingqueenie :

    SANSA APPRECIATION WEEK 2020: Sassiest Lines

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    19.05.2020 - 6 monts ago


    me as a lawyer

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  • ultraqueenofwinter
    17.05.2020 - 6 monts ago



    Just realized that while Claire and Jamie are getting busy in the window, John Grey is sleeping in the guest room next door.


    That made me so uncomfortable.

    I’m just still here wondering how she didn’t fall out the window.

    #outlander #jamie and claire #lord john grey
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  • ultraqueenofwinter
    16.05.2020 - 6 monts ago

    (Some outlander book spoilers) Knowing how bad Jamie and John's relationship goes later a part of me is almost relieved he's not going to be involved, but another part is so disappointed. He's so important to later books, but we don't know if he'll ever make up with Jamie, I had hope the tv series would make a different choice or at least have them make up, but now he's gone. And the actor clearly didn't seem to want to leave. Why make this choice?


    Tbh I’m still making my way through the books so I don’t know the specifics, but I do know that LJG has some major storyline’s (he’s even a POV character isn’t he?) that it looks like the show’s gonna be skipping completely. It is a strange choice given how popular the character is, and David Berry is so good in the role it seems a shame not to ultilise him.

    #lord john grey #outlander
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