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  • Anyone else excited to see what kind of MVs SH will have or like if he ever releases his album what the design or photo cards would look like ??

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  • I wonder what SHs I love you song is about, ngl if it’s about his mom I’m going to cry since he’s super close with his mom and even has a song called ‘oh mom’.

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    Wait wait wait, wait….. the second time? Just them in a dark moonlit room in a hotel??? 👀

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  • It’s been 1 year since the mess started and I have to confess, being completely honest, how my feelings towards Seungri has changed… 

    Now I love him much more than before 💛

    I’m so much more prouder of how strong he is 💪

    He’s my everything more than never 🙏

    Cr on gif

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  • #I wonder if he feels the same way about the recent thing with his building #bigbang#daesung#ask#anon
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    #this is such a good picture #bigbang #t.o.p bigbang #choi seunghyun
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    He’s been saying this for months now, I wonder what he means by this lol..

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  • seunghyun: *wears a black hoodie w a white T*


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  • [012820] T.O.P replies to a fan on Instagram (2)

    fan: Oh you’re making music now

    T.O.P: Not for U, just for my ears open.

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  • His First Crush Pt 1 || Jiyong (F)


    Originally posted by gdyb

    He leaned against the wall and watched as his mother chatted away with his new teacher. He closed his eyes for a moment, he couldn’t wait to go back home. Even though the day had just begun.

    He looked at all the other students, would he be able to make friends? He never really had any, he was always with his mom.

    “Hi!” You looked over to the girl that just approached him

    “My name is Y/N” he wasnt sure how to approach her, he wasn’t the most social and his mom always said that it was a phase

    “H-hello” he pushed the hair that fell into his face to the side

    “What’s your name?” She smiled


    “I like your name” he blushed at her words

    He really didn’t know how to respond. He looked down at the ground for a moment before looking back up at her, she was pretty. He quickly turned his head away as that thought popped up into his head.

    “Are you ok?” She leaned closer to him and took his hand

    “I-I’m fine” He turned his face towards the wall.

    She leaned against him and pressed her finger to his cheek and made a noise with her mouth which sounded like boop.

    “Your face is really red, Are you sick? Should I go get the teacher? or your mommy?” He shook his head. He sped away from her and went to his mother, he gripped her leg and dug his face into her thigh.

    “Why is your face so red?” His mother question

    “See you later Jiyong!” He squeezed his eyes shut, he didn’t want to see his mother and teacher chuckling at his embarrassment.

    “I see he made a friend” the teacher commented

    “I guess he’ll he fine” his mother responded and gently rubbed Jiyong’s back. The teacher left to go greet other parents so it was time for his mother to leave.

    “I want to go home” his mother knelt down in front of him and chuckled

    “I have to go now. You don’t gave to be afraid of girls” he folded his arms and frowned

    “I’m not afraid…..she’s just pretty” his mother took him into her arms and placed a kiss on his forehead

    “Then tell her that”

    Jiyong sat by himself in the back of the class. He didn’t like social settings much, even if it was school.

    “Why are you by yourself? Do you need a friend?” He looked up at Y/N

    “I’m gonna sit here” she placed her bags down on the desk

    Jiyong stared at her for the entire class as his mother’s words ran through his head but he couldn’t tell her that, could he?

    The school bell made him jump, he heard her goggle at his reaction. He looked down at the desk in embarrassment.

    “My mom says to always keep your head up, you should do that. So we can slay dragons together!” She pulled out a dragon themed book from her bag, he couldn’t help but laugh

    “We can sit at lunch together, come on” he stared at their joint hands, his face was suddenly red again.

    She refused to leave his side and Jiyong would be a liar if he said he didn’t enjoy her company. The bell rang signaling it was time to head back to class. She got up to leave with everyone else but he grabbed her arm and kept silent until they were alone.

    “Are you ok?” She took his hand in hers

    “I-I like you” he kept his head down to hide his flushed cheeks

    “I like you too” she beamed

    He could believe his ear. He could hear his heart pounding

    “Come on we’ll be late” she tugged him to class

    He would never forget that day. His first crush


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    julla was found shaking in a ditch

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  • THIS SONG BE WILDIN 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • #I hope to god we're wrong #daesung#bigbang#ask#anon #'grievance avatar' that's good
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  • Posters for free!


    They need a new home and are in a pretty good condition!

    I live in Germany but I could send them to different countries if you pay for the shipping.

    Just message me or comment on this post if you’re interested or have any questions :)

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