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    How do you feel while watching this video, remember to feel moment Jiyong jumped into the water 💦🎡🎢 😍🤭🖤
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    Throwback to this amazing date with Daesung and Jiyong in Hawaii;) ♥️ #권지용#지용 #빅뱅 #kwonjiyong #jiyong#jiyongie #gdragon #bigbang#vip #peaceminusone #oneofakind#whentheflowerbloom #untilwhenever#choiseunhyun #tttop #gdtop#dongyoungbae #youngbae #gdyb#leeseunghyun #seungri#kangdaesung #daesung ©️ @xxxibgdrgn

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  • hey guys this is g-dragon, oh, no.. i’m kwon jiyong

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  • + ✨🎉13 Year Anniversary. 13 Years with BIGBANG 👑👑👑👑👑. All I can say is Thank you for being there for me and for being part of my life and inspire me . As a VIP I will always be there to support you, Thank you for all the amazing performances you give us, every each of them with so many energy, love and dedication, thank you, I will be there for you too so don’t worry. Until we see each other again when the flowers bloom. I love you +
    #빅뱅 #choiseunghyun #choiseunghyuntttop  #top  #gdragon #gd #kwonjiyong #peaceminusone #taeyang #sol  #youngbae #dongyoungbae #seungri #leeseungri #vi #daesung #kangdaesung #dlite #bigbangismyeverithing #BigBang #에라모르겠다
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    권지용 , 동영배 , 최승현 , 강대성 , 이승현 , VIP , 우린 빅뱅

    13 years. Wow. That’s how long you guys have been dominating k-pop industry, bringing new music, and most importantly, being each other’s family.

    BIGBANG is the living proof of “work hard until you make it to the top”. BIGBANG started as a boy group that everyone claimed to be “not good-looking”, as a boy group that was represented by a “not significant” agency. But they proved everyone wrong.

    On this day, 13 years ago, BIGBANG debuted as 5, with its iconic hip-hop and BIGBANG underwear dance, La La La. BIGBANG released an album later that year, featuring five solo songs by each member. BIGBANG created the lightstick trend that is relevant until today with its 5-crowned bang bong.

    Hit songs? There are too many that we can’t even list them one by one. Lies, Haru Haru, Sunset Glow, Last Farewell, Hands Up, Gara Gara Go, Always, Koe Wo Kikasete, Tell Me Goodbye, Blue, Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby, Monster, Tonight, Somebody To Love, Cafe, Bae Bae, Loser, Bang Bang Bang, We Like 2 Party, If You, Sober, Let’s Not Fall In Love, FXXK It, Last Dance, Flower Road. And the list goes on.

    Even BIGBANG’s side-b songs are that good. BIGBANG, VIP, A Fool’s Only Tears, Lady, Oh My Friend, Oh Ah Oh, Remember, Wonderful, Feeling, I Don’t Understand, Number 1, Top of The World, Make Love, Love Dust, What Is Right, Girlfriend, and many others.

    This can all happen because BIGBANG is BIGBANG. BIGBANG survives 13 years of ups and downs together as 5. Kwon Jiyong, Dong Youngbae, Choi Seunghyun, Kang Daesung, Lee Seunghyun. They have each other’s back. They don’t give up. They don’t leave. They always come back stronger. They are family. Together with VIPs, we are family.

    Thank you for all the memories we had together, and we are waiting for 5 of you to be stronger so that we can make more memories in the future. The flower road? That’s where we are now, waiting for you, and longing for you. Because BIGBANG is our everything.

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  • Crossroads

    Part 4: A slight change of plans

    A collab with @aspaceformyselffics09


    What happens when you are at a point in your life where you need to change direction, but are uncertain of the road to take? Would you take a random road or would you wait for a sign? And what happens if at a bend of the path, you meet someone that seems at the same point as you, a traveller, needing the same change of direction as you? Would you choose to take that road together? What happens when you meet, at the crossroads?

    Warning: no

    Words count: 3238.

    Note from me only: guys, you have no idea how excited I am about this collab. In the future, you will see equally Jiyong and Namjoon, don’t worry. It’s very nice to mix 2 fandom together, don’t you think? The story is already planned, it will be a long, funny and wonderful journey. I hope you like it.

    Also, we had to give our females characters a name instead of the usual “y/n”, it makes it a little more difficult for the reader, maybe, to imagine yourself in her position. But we had no choice, we have 2 baby girls 🤷🏼‍♀️. As they say, pick your fighter 😛 are you more Miso or Lilly? You want to be Ji or Nam’s lover? You can choose people. It’s up to you ♥️

    Guys I have to say…. working with @aspaceformyself @aspaceformyselffics09 is so wonderful, you have no idea. She’s so intelligent and her english skills are just amazing. I’m impressed. She embellish everything I write with her poesie. Sometimes, in google docs, we start to add something, as we stop to look what the other is writing (yes, we can create together, live, it’s magical) we found out the other is following the same idea. We want to add the exact same little detail (with differents words, of course) it’s really impressive ♥️. My lovely indian princess, thanks for the trust, the respect, the peacefull atmosphere in which we create and most of all, thanks for the friendship. We create so good together, right? It’s fun to see how our ideas complete each other’s ideas! I love you ♥️ I can’t wait to read what we’ll create along the way.

    Anyway, here it is, part 4 guys!


    “Ice creaaaaam, ice creaaaaaaam”, Miso sang as she skipped along the already darkening streets illuminated by the tiny sparkles of the neon lights from the buildings that stood like a backdrop to the city scape. It was the beginning of the evening, a breezy one to be exact and the onset of the chill in the air is evident by how it made Miso pull her overcoat a bit closer to herself. She was walking slowly on the sidewalk, unbothered by the passers-by that were in a hurry to get to their destination. Swimming and blending among the vast crowd. It was one of those usual evenings in Seoul, when the rush hour took over and people who just get out of work scurry their way home to their families. But despite the cold and the rush, Miso felt warm inside thinking about the night she’s about to have with her best friend Kwon Jiyong.

    She was just out of work and the day had been very busy. Miso doesn’t remember a moment where she is not running around with her camera flung around her neck and yelling directions to the staff and the model she worked with. The models she worked with, aren’t usually very fussy people but the one she had to deal with today, was out right unprofessional and a royal pain in the ass.

    So, tonight, she was tired and mostly wanted nothing but to sit, relax, laze around and watch countless movies as she stuffs her face with good food. Basically, a usual night with Ji. Those were always fun and not complicated. Their friendship was “split” between very childish moments and some deep conversations. In Ji, Miso has found a big brother, a confident and a personal motivator. They can share their deepest thoughts, things they would be ashamed to tell somebody else. And the minute after they could laugh over bad quality anime on the television, laughing like 2 kids with their mouths wide open. That’s the kind of friendship they shared together. A real, not complicated one, comfortable enough to show their lamest sides to each other without any Judgement, comfortable enough to laugh at it, make fun of it but at the same time have each other’s backs at all times needed.

    Excited about the evening to come, she subconsciously reaches out to the phone sitting in her overcoat pocket and dials him.

    “Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”, She sing songs over the phone.

    Although the phone clicked in an answer mode she was met with complete silence on the other side. Not precisely silence but rather the sound of things shuffling and scurrying but no voice.

    “Ji are you there?” Miso calls out.

    A beat of silence later, a hurried voice answers, “Ah yes my tiny one, what’s up?”

    “What do you mean, what’s up? What are you doing?” She asks pouting, “You sound like you’re in a hurry. I don’t need anything fancy you know, just the casual beer and movie night is enough for me”.

    “I’m not busy, I’m just getting dressed Miso”.

    “Getting dressed? What for?” She asks the confusion in her voice ringing clear, “Pretty sure it’s not for me”.

    “Pff, for you? Obviously not for you.”

    “Ji, what are you up to? I am coming over with your favorite cookies, remember?”

    “Miso, I am a bit late, talk to you later little one”.

    “Ji? Jiyong?” And before she could say anything further, the line clicks shut on the other side.

    “Ugh”, Miso groans, rolls her eyes and continues to walk ahead, stuffing her phone back into her pocket,“I can’t believe he hung up the phone on me”, she sighs, huffing up her cheeks. “What is he doing?”

    Curious, she hurries down the road to her best friend’s apartment. And as she nears it, she could sense the commotion inside which confuses her even further. Cautiously she opens the door with a spare key Ji gave her and carefully steps inside. There, she’s met with a sight she didn’t usually expect on a saturday night. Usually, it’s just her, Ji, a ton of food, a pile of DVDs of all the film they both want to watch and Ji’s exotic TV screen. But today when she looked inside, it was anything but that. Today, there are some n number of people squirming about his place, stylists, make up artists, a few photographers etc. Nothing made sense to Miso. But she still made her way inside squeezing herself between the sea of people. Not really, but that’s just what Miso felt like. And finally, in one of the rooms, she found Ji.

    He was watching his reflection in front of a standing mirror. A little turn to the left, he seems satisfied. A little turn to the right, yes, he likes what he sees. He then gestures a thumbs up to his stylist, grabs her by the shoulders and playfully messes up her ponytail.

    “Noona, you’re the best. Once again, thank you for making me look good tonight”.

    “You’re welcome Jiyong ssi”. She said brightly while squirming and trying to escape Jiyong’s playful embrace. This was the moment he notices Miso leaning against the door frame.

    “Hey Minnie! Why are you here girl?” Jiyong delightfully sprints over to his best friend, “Awww, You wanted to see me? You missed me love?”

    “You forgot didn’t you?” She points at him accusingly.

    Ji looks at her confused. He isn’t really sure what she came to see him for, and his mind begins to race with questions. Did he forget something? Did they plan anything?

    “It’s our night together Ji! You promised…” She whines faking an exaggerated disappointment. “Umm, but Minnie, you know this event tonight, right? I’ve told you many times”.

    “Well, no you didn’t”, she deadpans.

    “I did”, he says and before she could whine any further he continues, “Remember yesterday we were talking and I was telling you how I have to attend an event. You were even excited that BTS was gonna show up?”

    Miso stares at him for a while before the realization dawns upon her. Ji did inform her.

    “You forgot didn’t you?” It was now Ji’s turn to stare at her accusingly, trying his best to hide the smirk threatening to form on his face.

    Miso just grins at him sheepishly. She can’t believe that she was so lost in her dreamland she forgot his event.

    Still too proud to give up, she says,“You know what? It’s okay Ji, it’s the first time you are abandoning me, so it’s gonna be strike one”.

    “Your unbelievable!” Ji scoffs as he scoops Miso into his arms in a big embrace. Laughing to herself Miso snuggles into him. He then kisses the top of her head as the rest of the staff had already almost disappeared from the room, leaving their presence a strange phantomatic souvenir, as if they were never here at all.

    “If you are talking about this event, yes you did tell me, I remember now. You just never mentioned it was tonight”.


    She took a step back, looked at her friend’s outfit and showed her appreciation by applauding.

    “You look almost good, I am impressed. Your stylist and makeup artist can turn your ugly ass into somebody pretty, I am amazed by their talent” she says, laughing.

    “Yeah! Yeah!” Jiyong is now used to Miso’s sarcastic sense of humour.

    “Anyway! I declare your house my little nest for the rest of the evening. I can’t think of a better place to be right now, your freezer must be loaded with my favorite ice cream, I will watch you on your big screen while relishing it”.

    “Hahahaha, sure my little one. Make yourself at home for tonight. I put your clothes in the usual place. Grab them if you need something comfortable okay?”

    Ji then glances at his watch and continues, “Sorry but I have to go now Minnie, have fun while I’m gone, see you when I come back okay? Don’t expect me home soon though, I have an after event party”.´

    “That’s what I thought, have fun, I am not going anywhere anytime soon”.

    He answered in some inaudible words, before being dragged out by his manager.

    Sighing in disappointment, Miso realised all her plans for the night were gone. That she was left alone in her best friend’s big apartment with only Aye as a friend. But! She won’t let this put all her plans aside for the night. She’s still determined to do whatever she thought to. Even if her best friend abandoned her. Even if she has to do it by herself. So, pulling up her sleeves, Miso first finds her way to the guest room where Ji usually stakes up all the clothes and things she leaves behind. On the top of her BTS pajama neatly folded in the drawer of the dresser she uses, she found a Big Bang pajama with a handwritten note from Ji “you should also encourage your best friend you know, wear this if you love me. Just saying” with a lot of smiley and hearts encircling the little message. Laughing, she takes a quick shower in the attending bathroom and changes into her comfortable Koya nightdress. She scoops all the cushions from the bed, let them in the middle of the living room. Then made her way to Ji’s room and stole all his pillows too, with a big smirk plastered onto her face.

    “You hate it when I put your precious pillows on the floor, right Mister Ji? Ha ha! Then you should have stayed here tonight to protect them against the mighty me”.

    She arranges the cushions so as to form a cozy nest, right in front of the mega big screen of the living room. Realizing she forgot the blankets, she runs up to Ji’s bedroom again. She seizes the luxurious mattress cover in black silk and without hesitation puts it on the floor in the living room where she built her empire. Ji would be fuming if he knew what treatment she reserves to his precious bedding.

    “Isn’t it the perfect spot to be watching Namjoon’s precious face? If not, I wonder what is” Miso thinks to herself, a dreamy look on her face. “Have I ever seen his beautiful dimples on the big screen before? I don’t think so…. Oh! My! God!”.

    Excited she scrunches her face and squeals like a little girl as she jumps around in her exquisite fort. She then skips her way to the dining area, opens the fridge and chooses a meal among the cooked dishes that Ji’s personal cook had made for him.

    “Let’s see what we got here tonight… black noodles?” She scans the fridge as she hums a tune to herself, “ No… tofu soup… mmm maybe…”

    She finally picks some haemul pageon (athin crêpe of seafood and chives), sniffing and salivating at the delicious smell coming from the oven as she heats it. She then places a glass of water, some radish kimchi she cooked for Ji last week because he loves her kimchi the most and her meal on a transport tray and finally comes back to her magic fort, ready to watch her favorite people on the big screen.

    “I can’t believe I’m about to see Namjoon on this screen! This is so exciting!” She sings dramatically twirling about, like she’s a princess from a disney movie, “I hope I will survive his handsomeness, aaaaw, he’s so cute, I can’t wait to see him!”

    She then places her plate on the table and looks around the room for the tv remote. Keeping her search operation as quick as possible as her precious seafood is on the low coffee table being all vulnerable for Aye the food predator!

    Oh! Now that she thinks about it, her eyes open wide, she realizes that she hadn’t seen him since she got here today. Hopefully, he’s just hiding somewhere, Ji would be really sad if his beloved son, as he calls him, would have escaped somewhere earlier, through the come and go of the staff. She needs to look for the little guy.

    “But nooooo! I don’t want to miss the first minutes of the show” she says out loud, mentally conflicted. Her eyes drift to the clock on the terminal, “I have about 3 minutes, let’s go find the feline before then”.

    “Aye! Aye! Where are you wild cat? Your master abandoned you too, right?” She called out as she went around the house, “Well, he abandoned me too. Look, I have a sad face on. Get out of your hiding spot little one, I am here… Aye! I’ll even share ice cream with you if you dare show me your little nose, I swear I will!”

    “Wow! I am trying to talk to a cat now, he will never get out if Ji is not here” she thinks to herself. Her eyes trailing back to the clock every now and then. Even though she’s running out of time, she wants to make sure that he’s still in the apartment somewhere, she knows how Jiyong loves his cat. He calls her 10 times a day whenever she stays at his place to take care of him when he was out of Seoul. He never calls her that often when she’s not cat sitting.

    “Aye! Come here you gutter cat! Come here!”

    As she looks everywhere around the apartment, she realises that the door of the cellar is not completely closed like it should be, to keep the wine at a good temperature.

    “Why is this open?” She thinks to herself. At first her mind races with the thoughts of an intruder and she panics for a second before she remembers the cat. “It could be the cat”, She tells herself, “Not an intruder”. But even as she tells herself that, back in her mind she knows a cat can’t open a door handle. And she mentally prepares herself to either run, or call an emergency number in case it turns out that there’s an intruder after all. Nonetheless, she cautiously enters the cellar and spots the cat right away, sleeping on the top shelf.

    “There you are! It’s cold here, come on down”.

    Of course, the unbothered cat didn’t even flinch at her attempt to make him get down. But she can’t leave him there, the cellar will change temperature, oh! Drama! and it’s too cold for a cat too. She then places a bench near the shelf and uses it to reach higher towards the sleeping cat which finally allows her to grab him and take him into her arms despite his attempts to get out of her grip. It was then as she was getting down the step, that a bottle of wine catches her interest. There was something in the way it was packaged or the lettering or the graphics or the description that caught her eye. And as she reached out to it, she thought, “Why not! After all, we often open a bottle of red together, plus it’s the weekend and I deserve it after all the hard work today. I’m sure he won’t be mad if I drink it without him”, she grabs the bottle with a shrug of her shoulders, “Good! now let’s go back to my man, my handsome Kim Namjoon”.

    Precautiously, she closes the door as she leaves the cellar with her treasures securely tucked under her arms. Making her way to the living room, she sets the cat down on the floor and the bottle of wine on the table in front of her. Aye immediately makes a dash for it and snuggles up to himself in the fort. Sighing, she sits herself down, switches on the TV, flips the channel to the one broadcasting the event and finally takes a bite of her food.

    “Mmmmmm”, she hums, closing her eyes, quite pleased by its taste. Ji’s personal cook really is the best! She then unscrews, pop’s the wine open and pours some into a glass. Carefully lifts it up, twirls it and takes a long sip, “Delicious!” She exclaims and sets the glass down and turns her attention to the screen. A few minutes passed by since the broadcast started. Although Miso was sad she missed the introduction, she was still happy because the camera is now focusing on BTS. Which means, she can watch them, in close up, on that wide big screen.

    “Ah! There he is! My Namjoonie! My beautiful man ” She exclaims to no one in particular but more to herself, the cat and the empty room around her, then clutching her hand to her chest, she gushes, “Look at those dimples Aye! They’re to die for! Don’t you think so too Kitty?”

    She was not sure if she saw correctly on the screen because she was focussing on Namjoon all the time but it seems that it was Jiyong sitting on Namjoon’s left side now. Has she seen correctly? She’s not quite sure. She wants to know so she grabs her cell phone and write a message to Ji.

    “Kwon Jiyong, if you are sitting next to MY man, please touch his face for me and don’t wash your hands. Try to touch the skin, omg… I will awkwardly lick your fingers as soon as you are home. Please? Let me do it? Pretty please?”

    Dramatically wiping some fake tears, Miso reaches out to the glass in front of her and takes one more long sip and thus her night goes. Amazing food, the event broadcast, fangirling whenever Namjoon’s on the screen, talking to Aye, sometimes texting Jiyong as she sees him on the screen and of course, the delicious wine.


    Meanwhile, in Seoul, in a place farther than Ji’s apartment, at the venue of the event, Kim Namjoon finds himself sprinting towards the exit. As he looks around the area to see if he can spot his bandmates anywhere around but it appears that they had already made it outside. They were in the middle of the event when their manager suddenly called and informed them that they have to immediately rush to the airport to catch their flight. You see, they anyway had to go to the airport soon after the event as they’ll be out recording and shooting over seas for the next few months. But it so happened that all the flights got preponed due to the weather which means BTS has to check in early and catch the flight earlier than they have anticipated and that brings us back to why Namjoon was in a hurry.

    And soon, he was out of the venue, in the limo, on his way to the airport. Though his face reflects the gaiety of his fellow bandmates, he was nonetheless, a little concerned about the sudden change of plans due to the meteoric condition. And regardless of everything, he wants everyone travelling tonight to be safe and sound. Suddenly, as if snapping him right out of his thoughts, his phone buzzes in his pocket. Who could be texting him at this time? And as if on cue, the phone continues to buzz as a string of messages flood his phone. The blue light illuminates his face as he clicks it open and looks at it, confused.

    What the hell was that?

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    190707 TOP’s IG

    Until I see you again.. love, T.O.P.

    #Big Bang#Choi Seunghyun#TOP#빅뱅#탑 #this man is just ahsjdjusnshdj
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  • Forever linked

    Part 22: why so mean.

    Omg I died a little imagining Ji pampering his daughter… he’s so wonderful. I love my king ❤️

    #kwon leader #kwon jiyong serie #지드레곤#빅뱅#빅뱅 지드레곤 #kwon jiyong x you #kwon jiyong fake texts #kwon jiyong imagine #g dragon imagines #g dragon serie #g dragon x you #g dragon fluff #g dragon angst #bigbang#kpop serie #kpop fake texts
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  • 빅뱅 👑👑💫💫💥💥🌺🍀💮🏵
    #Repost @vip_divinacommedia
    Miss them 😭😭 please stay safe everyday🙏 💛💛💛💛💛
    #빅뱅_vip_꽃길만_걸어 #빅뱅 #빅뱅 #bigbang #bigbangisvip #bigbangis5forever
    #bigbangis5 #bigbang👑 #BIGBANG #GD #Gdragon #sol #taeyang #kwonjiyong #top #daesung #seungri #choiseunghyun #vip #jiyong #빅뱅 #권지용 #최승현 #태양 #vi #영배 #대성 #강대성 #ビッグバン #BigBangKing #ygfamily #ygfamily #kpop ©️owner
    @xxxibgdrgn @__youngbae__ @choi_seung_hyun_tttop @seungriseyo #DAESUNG

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    @xxxibgdrgn .
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