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  • impfiltration
    27.01.2022 - 20 hours ago
    @thekavseklabs​  liked to know how katie would either honor or overcome him through her prosthetics

    To HONOR Vynathr, Katie would create the EMPRESS’ GAUNTLET

    Reinforced by her own arm bones, weaponized through Vynathr’s teeth, and glorified with pure gold, Katherine wears it as a testament to her union with Vynathr and her status over K’war kind.

    #thekavseklabs #v; after the war #(doodle hour)#(creations) #(dash meme response) #she gets the arm bones back once vynathr is done with the meat
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  • impfiltration
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    @thekavseklabs​ liked to know how katie would either honor or overcome them through her prosthetics

    To both HONOR and OVERCOME 3, Katie would create the TENTACLE HAND

    Tentacle fights. Do I need to say more?

    #thekavseklabs #v; after the war #(doodle hour)#(creations) #(dash meme response) #i'll also make one for vynathr >: )
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  • panickypaladin
    21.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    @thekavseklabs liked for a starter!

    “And if you look over here you can see the coalition conference room. That is where the meeting will take place later today. Seating for someone of your stature is of course available. And over here is the cafeteria!” Hunk hurried his steps as he was eager to show his own main area of the newly established facilities. “But it is so much more than just a cafeteria! It is a dining hall, a proper mess. Can also be divided into private dining rooms, the upper floors are for VIP guests and their entourage. It has connections to both the private rooms and the main halls and the recreation areas!” They headed in through the double doors to the very large halls beyond. “And if you ask nicely I can even show you the kitchen itself! Just... don’t touch anything in there. Allergy risks and all that.”

    #rp#starter#thekavseklabs #((You get to decide who he is talking to!))
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  • purplesockson
    20.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    How could he be so blind? How could he take so long to recognize him?

    Well, in fairness, probably because Argyle had thought he died. One doesn't generally expect to meet their dead lover, especially looking and acting completely different. As Vynathr did.

    But now that he had, Argyle couldn't unsee it. And it hurt. It hurt to watch him go about his life, ruling an Empire, being so angry and cold... And looking at Argyle without any of that old warmth, or even much recognition...

    It was too much for Argyle's broken heart to take. And so he eventually came to a painful decision. He had to leave. As much as it would hurt him to be away from Vynathr... It couldn't hurt more than going on like this, so close and yet so incredibly far away. Standing there and pretending to focus on stupid politics when all he wanted was to collapse at Vynathr's feet and beg for the impossible.

    And so, with a heavy heart, he requested an audience with Vynathr, where he would announce his intentions.

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  • grimalk1n-hub
    18.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    @thekavseklabs X

    One would think it’s a hallucination with the way it speaks in melodies, It shouldn’t be understandable and yet it was clear as day. A melody he can only hear, from a source that he can only see. The monotone god felt pitty for him, able to hear how skippy his soul sounds from past and current traumas. It sounded deep, too deep and scarred... The being tilts their head while taking a squat besides him. “No... You’re right. I don’t know that, but unlike them I learned nor hold no biases towards you like they do.” That jovial smile of theirs came and grew, “What I do know is the songs played by a lonely soul is too beautiful to come from a monster.” “Still...”  They thought, “Even a monster can make a symphony if it cared to. And from what I hear mortals call me,” Obby’s smile turned a little bitter while their eyes deadpanned. ‘Monster. Maddening beast.’  “It’s possible even if it’s demeaning...”

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  • worldly-diversity
    17.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Why are you here?

    For Keith

    Tagged by: @thekavseklabs  Tagging: Whoever wants to!

    To make things right

    You've known for a long time this world is cruel. The fact that life isn't fair might be the first thing you ever learned. You've been hurt deeply, dealt a great injustice that's been engraved time and time again in the scars that litter your existence. Victimhood is a home to you, a familiar place that you always seem to find yourself returning to. Perhaps you've come to believe this is because you're cursed, that it's just your fate to suffer. In your worst moments, you probably think you earned this, because the idea that this is just makes it all hurt a little less. That's not true. Don't ever let yourself think this is your fault or convince yourself it's what you deserved. Remember the very first time you were wounded and recall the child who cried out and screamed it was unfair, who knew that the world should be kind and just and that it is unacceptable that it is not. It hurt so badly then because you were wronged and you understood that. Maybe others have tried to convince you since that what you went through was only natural, that you had to accept this is how things are, that your trauma was just part of growing up. Don't be fooled. There's a reason you've made it this far, that you've persevered in spite of everything. It's because you're the only one who can start to make things right. You deserved better—the child inside you has always known that. That's why you seek to escape into fantasy, to reject the harsh truths you don't feel strong enough to face. It's fine to indulge in these respites, as they are necessary to survive, but don't let them be what you live for. Hang onto your rage, but do not let it make you bitter—instead, dedicate your life to bringing this world a little bit closer to the one you deserved. Give yourself the love and kindness you were denied when you needed it most, and extend that gift to others. Do not ever let yourself grow complacent, becoming the kind of adult you always hated who shrugs their shoulders and says "that's just the way it is." It doesn't have to be. So, be the kind of adult you wished you had, the one who would have gently wrapped you in their arms and protected you from harm. Use your intimate understanding of injustice to live in opposition of it and start to heal yourself along with the world's brokenness. Make recovery what redeems every moment of misery and don't waste another minute of your life regretting that it hasn't been a happier one. Your existence is not worth less because of its struggles or suffering. You deserve to be saved. Don't let yourself be the one who denies you that.

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  • impfiltration
    17.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    @thekavseklabs​ liked for a doodle!

    vynathr but... bigger

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  • fernadorned
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    (Young) Vynathr is here. Quietly entered at some point and is looking at plants. Lurking in a shadowed corner. 

    Naru took note of the newcomer, but made sure to finish up with his current customer first (miss Lonthak could be very snappish and picky most days, unfortunately-- any deviation of his attention from her and her order wouldn’t be tolerated).

    He held the smile until the door closed behind her, whereupon he let his shoulders slump with a heavy sigh. After a sip of water he meandered out from behind the counter, straightening this and that as he ambled nearer to his new customer.

    “Good afternoon. Is there anything I can help you find today?” he offered.

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  • petalsbloomed
    13.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    #noah rambles. (out of character) #thekavseklabs
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  • goldentemplariumcrow
    12.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    In regards to the post I made about @thekavseklabs , I'm here to say that we've talked it out and that everything is fine. It was one huge misunderstanding on both our parts that triggered heated reactions.

    I take all the blame for the public post, which is now deleted, but it was my only way to reach out for them in some way, so we could talk things out.

    Everything is fine. We're not angry at one another nor we had a fight. We had a misunderstand that escalated too quick and that's all. They're a lovely mun who deserves all the love and best things.

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  • mechnc
    09.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago
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  • purplesockson
    02.01.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Continued from here

    Argyle grinned, slightly giddy with rebellion. “All of it. Or as much as we can, anyway. One sec-”

    He ducked back into his room to grab a coat as protection against the cool breeze, and then he returned to the balcony.

    “Okay, how do we get down?” He looked over the side. “For that matter, how’d you get up?”

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  • mechnc
    01.01.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    @thekavseklabs || Hero x Villain Starters || Accepting!

    ❛ i could keep you safe. they’re all afraid of me.❜ (from young Vynathr?)

    Resh looked down at the towering alien from the branches of the tree he'd scrambled up, silently trying to judge if the guy could climb up after him if he was so inclined. He'd just given a couple of visually similar (and not happy to see him) aliens the slip, only to run into this one. 

    "Could you, now? Not trying to sound ungrateful, but why would you do that? Your friends came at me the second they saw me," he said. "Besides, you don't know me, I don't know you."

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  • monstriiss
    30.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    tfw you give baby drath one of those kong toys and a minute later you find it shredded to pieces :/

    #fill it will pieces of meat and watch her go absolutely rabid #next up on destroyed in seconds- #thekavseklabs
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  • worldly-diversity
    28.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    Closed starter for @thekavseklabs​. This was meant to be an ask but as you can see, Thresh got away from me xD For Spades~

    What an… Interesting place he found himself in. The Rift had held no clues to where it would lead beyond a calling, a whispering pull in the back of his mind that beckoned him ceaselessly from the moment he had first discovered it within the bowels of the isle, deeper even than the archives he had guarded so long ago. The promises it held were difficult to resist but he managed, day by day, absorbing the black mist that held him and forcing it to his will, every conquest a step closer to freedom.

    But so too did the Rift whisper of freedom, of entirely different worlds out there waiting for him to reap and rend and destroy all ope within. Oh how it crept within the recesses of his mind, every refute useless against its incessant pulling. And thresh could not escape the call any more than he could escape the island. but why should he refuse? Even if he had things he wished to accomplish here, same as he could there but in a world known to him—

    A world that can chain you.

    Yes, that was true enough. The mad king's power, his Ruination, had chained him here in the place of his life and isolation, neither alive nor dead yet not one with the mists either. His will had prevailed where no other had by remaining himself through the onslaught of dark power, even though he had been right in the center of the Ruination's origin… A feat no other could call his own. But Viego had made him this, albeit unwittingly. Viego could undo him, of this thresh held no doubt. Vast as Runeterra was, they should never need to meet again, but the risk remained…

    So, what choice remained? It took another month for Thresh to answer the call, having chosen to seclude himself from even his ambitions into the library and archives, he needed more information before agreeing to the call. But now, at last, he was ready. He did not need to conquer the mist, the Rift would separate them, that much was apparent. He would be able to create his own from what he'd absorbed in time should he so wish, but the souls Viego's Ruination had claimed would remain here.

    Silence greeted him as his form passed through the Rift into his first glimpse of a new word, endless possibilities stretched out before him. Oh he was going to enjoy this. But first, he would get his bearings, discover if there were any limitations on his powers that his calculations had not accounted for. That would take time, but he had as much of that as he could possibly need. The only finite was the number of souls at his disposal.

    It wasn't long before some fool or other in odd and unfamiliar clothing witnessed his large yet skeletal form crossing the plains through which he had arrived. There was life not too far from here, perhaps the Rift had been detected by the local populace. No matter, what better way to test himself than with a soul so readily offering itself up for sacrifice. Of course, that wasn't the soul's intention, but Thresh cared little for such trivialities

    "How very interesting." Catching this mortal was not as simple as he was used to, or perhaps this was no civilian. Indeed the man had powers of his own to resist Thresh with, but soon his scythe tore through the man's form and pulled his soul into his trusted lantern. It would serve him, and bear its knowledge to him, and so would others, in due time.

    Finally, he chose to explore, using the darkness of the night as his cover. He didn't need an entire town chasing him after all. That was when he discovered that no longer being bound to the Shadow Isles meant he had regained access to his human appearance. Thresh by now far preferred his much more impressive skeletal form, but this would work best for stealth.

    That was how he found the underground hideout. The skill necessary to create such an interesting complex was admirable, but Thresh had tricks of his own up his sleeve, ones that allowed him to navigate the ever changing labyrinth with little to no effort despite being without a guide. He had researched this place before entering, naturally. He knew now of the heroes and their struggle with this place, one that seemed as eager as he was to claim the lives of others. It was only a pity Thresh could not experience the despair of those brutes himself as they pitted themselves against one another for a 'villain's' entertainment.

    Finally he found himself within a large room, a throne at the end that briefly reminded him of Viego, before he banished the thought. Dark brown eyes glowed a deep, eerie green for a moment as he approached the figure atop it. Again, unlike anything he had ever seen, though both this place and Runeterra had its fair share of humans. How very interesting.

    "I find myself impressed with your organisation." He offered, a light smirk playing upon his lips, human form employed both to pass incognito on the streets but now also to keep others from being intimidated and attacking him in a burst of fatal foolishness. "It is so rare to find others with similar tastes to mine, your methods are highly interesting."

    He would wait and see how the other responded to his friendly advances, whether he would be spurned despite his open approach, or whether he would be accepted despite having come here uninvited. the place ad been designed to keep out those unwelcome after all, and thresh had made those bits of security look like parlour tricks. What comes next~?

    #thekavseklabs #universe • league of legends #interactions • thresh #threads #two and a half pages in my textedit file. I havent written a post this long in months xD #uhh… have fun? xD
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  • mechnc
    28.12.2021 - 1 mont ago


    3 smiled brightly, clasping their hands as their tentacles curled behind them.
    “Simple, really! I work for the kei empire, aiding Emperor Vynathr in any need that falls under my role as the royal doctor. I design and create weapons, ships, and other such technology, and further our research into things such as progressive energy, nanotechnology, and biology. I dabble in most fields, and often take on side jobs when they catch my interest. And in addition, I have many personal projects and interests I work on with use of imperial materials, as I have been given free reign by my emperor. In addition, I advise in scientific matters, and am able to give orders to other doctors under the empire in most fields. In short: A bit of everything!”

    Well, Resh had asked. The longer the slender being in front of him listed their many specialties, the higher his brows rose. Damn. And he thought things could get busy in the repair bay. It seemed this doctor had both their hands (and that array of tentacles) completely full. (But then he suspected the workload was similar for the witch, Haggar-- overseeing several projects at once for the Galra's own emperor.) He gave a low whistle.

    "Isn't that a hell of a workload," he said, settling his hands on his hips. "Let me narrow it down: out of all that, what's your… let's say your favorite thing to do? Or does that depend on the day?"

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  • impfiltration
    26.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    @thekavseklabs​ || For Xavier!

    Katie knew every species always had their own twist on the market. If you wanted to trade with the Unilu, then you needed enough bartering sense to not accidentally sell yourself or your firstborn child. If you wanted to trade with other humans, then you needed cash or clout.

    The Kei, as Katie was learning, had a "be obnoxious enough to make it impossible to feel bad for robbing you” approach to the market. She had to be missing a cultural aspect, because she wasn’t sure how all this yelling and insulting attracted any customers . She’s been able to glide through the brunt of it, as she looked for her prize (Which was whatever this planet’s version of a shawarma stand was), but she’s seemed to attract the attention of one particularly insistent salesman.

    All she really heard was, “Something, something, something--Hey, you, with the shitty earrings--something, something, something--You’ll have to pay extra for my shitty merchandise--something, something, something.”

    She’s gotten upset for less, but she was feeling more hungry than vindictive. The issue is when this salesman started tailing her to keep shouting his trash. It couldn’t have been for more than a few paces, but it was enough to make Katie go for confrontation.

    She turned to look at him, wordlessly, before raising the sharp, angular forearm of her Galran prosthetic. Katie made a fist, but that wasn’t the threat—the threat was the plasma blade that jutted out from the slot running all the way from her wrist to her elbow. It came out with a shing and whirr as the mechanics of her bionic arm shifted.

    Her message was clear: shut up or else.

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  • purplesockson
    22.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #thekavseklabs #((royalty? human? other? idk man it's just vibes lol))
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