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  • lettere-dalla-kirghisia
    16.01.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    Vorrei essere una bomba a neutroni, per una volta potrei esplodere

    Vorrei essere stato un sacrificio in qualche modo sopravvissuto

    Vorrei essere un ornamento sentimentale che tieni stretto a te

    Dell'albero di natale, vorrei essere la stella che finisce sulla cima

    Vorrei essere la testimonianza, vorrei essere l'esempio per 50 milioni di mani alzate e protese verso il cielo

    Vorrei essere un marinaio con una persona che mi aspetti

    Vorrei essere così fortunato, così fortunato come sono

    Vorrei essere un messaggero e che tutte le notizie fossero buone

    Vorrei essere la luna piena che brilla sul cofano della tua Camaro

    Vorrei essere un alieno, che abita dietro al sole

    Vorrei essere il souvenir che usi come porta chiavi di casa

    Vorrei essere il pedale del freno da cui la tua vita è dipesa

    Vorrei essere il verbo di cui ti possa fidare e non deluderti mai

    Vorrei essere la canzone alla radio, quella a cui alzi il volume

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  • aliensoulxftm
    16.01.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    me adding stuff to my amazon wish list even tho I know i don't have money to buy any of it:

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  • cordellxwalker
    16.01.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    A random thought for sinday...

    On the show I don’t ship Cordell with anyone as of now. And I certainly don’t want him and Geri to become a thing, however... a small part of me think they should just get together, have some good mindblowing sex that would never be shown on a show like Walker and be done with it. He’s hot. She’s hot. It doesn’t need to be more. No more weird pining over your dead bf’s husband. Just hot people having sex lol. It’s had to be a long time for Cordell at least.

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  • ifdragonscouldtalk
    16.01.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    I stopped giving my friends gifts because i spent way too much time and money chosing them and they bought me things they knew i didnt like or want

    #my ex bf bought me a game he knew i didnt like for my birthday and got upset when i asked why he didnt get something off my wishlist #i played the game once and hated it #my ex gf bought me a brooch and nothing else for christmas and i bought her $30 worth of teas and frog stuff cuz she loved it #i had so many people simply not give me gifts in return #and i know gift giving is not transactional but at some point it does become burdensome
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  • cursedfortune
    16.01.2022 - 55 minutes ago

    Mortem has certainly spent time playing the lady of the lake. Not in the sense she had Excalibur to give (since that was in the hands of another, anyways). In the sense that the worthy would be privledged to see the witch standing upon a stone in the lake. And if your intentions and will were to her liking, she bestow a kiss of good fortune - and possibly granted you aid. And if they weren’t, she’d stab you through the heart and paint the water red.

    Many bodies rest at the bottom of the lake, suffice to say. But those she deemed worthy did move on to do incredible things. And some even went on incredible quests with the ancient witch accompanying them.

    #mortem: lol i'm gonna be a witch but half of you will totally think i'm a nymph at this rate #actual nymphs: wait a second... :V #headcanons #ngl these are plots i'd enjoy doing. u///u #wishlist
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  • freezegirl
    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    a wishlist for this icy girl:

    someone who will write other sky high muses because there are so few of us - i’ve seen a couple of warren’s and i think a will and a layla and a magenta once and a zach a very long time ago - and idk i crave sky high verse shenanigans pls.

    give me will. give me bonding about being third gen / legacy supers.

    give me zach (he doesn’t necessarily need to follow my canon, i just wanted the #drama).

    give me ethan, he’s super smart and he melts and he’s adorable.

    give me magenta! because i love her.

    and layla, we can’t forget our best girl.

    give me penny, and gwen grayson too!

    make sky high ocs.

    give your muses sky high verses.

    dark sky high threads.

    caitlin snow / killer frost being khione’s mentor.

    the same goes for captain cold / leonard snart. 

    and that also goes for iceman from the x-men.

    kie meeting mcu/webb/raimi mj, ned, peter, flash and betty.

    jatp au.

    scream au.

    lemonade mouth au.

    glee au.

    one of us is lying au.

    tvd/to/legacies au in which khione comes from a long line of witches that use ice magic. (& legacies au kie being part of the super squad!)

    teen wolf au.

    descendants au in which khione is periwinkle’s daughter. (alternatively: kie being one of the isle borns because super powers!)

    stargirl au. especially because jordan mahkent and his family.

    post movie / post canon sky high au.

    threads focusing on sky u (aka kie and your muse going to superhero uni which i will probably make my new main verse)

    threads discussing the fact that (in my canon) zach braun-springer is khione’s half brother.

    threads in which someone is (or isn’t) scared of khione’s powers.

    more elementals.

    other ideas tba.

    #rp wishlist. #queue.
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  • towardsredemption
    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    elwo.od but it’s s.tar wa.rs (or firef.ly really) and he plays at a cantina bar in a big, dirty city. and he accidentally gets involved in something and is labeled as a rebel and now he’s gotta blast!!! 

    #leave me a lone i love sw #FLY ME TO THE MOON * STAR WARS/FIREFLY VERSE #probably #WISH SANDWICH * WISHLIST #goodbye
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  • choicelesshope
    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    rewatching prisoner of azkaban and all i want is for harry and sirius to actually live together.

    #sirius adopting baby harry au?? #poa but sirius is absolved and harry moves in with him?? #i nEED #( wishlist. )
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  • andys-muses
    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Where’s all the Tony Starks fr

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  • allthewayabt
    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    tagged by @soyouwinagain which is much appreciated :) for 9 books I want to finish or plan to read in 2022. i know these are only 6 but, i have yet to find a genre of books that really hits for me. one day i might.

    i’m currently reading the a small victorious war. the bottom three are upcoming releases and i’m especially excited for the final faithless run. i love anything sina grace does. i keep meaning to actually finish that run of gibson books after pattern recognition. aside from these i have wish listed the stargate sg1 novelizations and i have full intentions to listen to james spader read dean koontz :dorime: books are cool and maybe 2022 will be my year to find a genre. hopefully i will get my german reading level up so by the end of the year i can read some classic german literature. 

    tumblr user soyouwinagain tagged everyone i would tag but please do these or send recommendations my way if you get a grasp from this.

    #reading is actually so cool #it's up for debate if you want to count graphic novels but i literally work in a comic store so what am i meant to do #i'm trying to be more offline and read more but this is currently to me like really meet able goals #ahh thank you for tagging me i am :) i've spent a few days wishlisting books as well so this was nice
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  • milliondollaprincess
    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    dior lip glow pomade ♡︎
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  • carnagebled
    16.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
    no thoughts head empty only peter having to drag carry jo out of the room if she was there during the demonstration because she would never leave her parents
    #;; that or r.osie would’ve shielded herself around j.o to protect her from the glass #ι'll gιve yoυ мy ғιrѕт вorn ғor тнιѕ ( plot wishlist ) #j. octavius / headcanons #;; mobile #мy wordѕ ѕoυnd вeттer coмιng ғroм мy нand тнan мy мoυтн ► out of blood ◄
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  • sweetbeautifulqueen
    16.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Even More Characters I Want on Uberduck.ai

    The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack:


    Captain K’nuckles

    Sally Syrup

    Shimmer and Shine:






    Lilo and Stitch:


    Littlest Pet Shop:

    Pepper Clark

    Bear in the Big Blue House:



    Pip and Pop

    Sleeping Beauty:


    Bear in the Big Blue House:




    #uberduck.ai #wishlist#christmas wishlist #christmas wishlist 2022 #wishlist 2022
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  • enastrcs
    16.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Tag drop - Winnie Graystone

    ( *ic. || WINNIE )

    ( *study. || WINNIE )

    ( *desires. || WINNIE )

    ( *visage. || WINNIE )

    ( *wishlist. || WINNIE )

    ( *starter call. || WINNIE )

    #( *ic. || WINNIE ) #( *study. || WINNIE ) #( *desires. || WINNIE ) #( *visage. || WINNIE ) #( *wishlist. || WINNIE ) #( *starter call. || WINNIE )
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  • dvarapala
    16.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    í’m gonna take a page out of @cursedbcrn’s book and just drop a wishlist for this alien gal:

    f e l l o w   a l i e n s !!!!! fellow alien hybrids !!! or even tribrids, idc!!! gimme, pls!!! i absolutely adore the ones ud already met but i always want more!!!

    ud & supernatural creatures would just be very funny to me. pls gimme any and all hybrids or tribrids!!!

    ud & hunters. she does not like them, does not trust them, they scare her.

    more pirates!! ud loves pirates. pls let ud meet more pirates!!

    udyati going to eleanor west’s school for wayward children and meeting the teenagers there who get what she’s been through, even though it’s not really the same, even though they’re not really the same.

    other book plots. give me ud in book universes.

    ud in dnd/cr universes.

    stardust au.

    sky high au.

    tvd!ud trailing after bonnie, caroline (even though vampires kinda scare her rip) and elena (but mostly bonnie ngl) like a little duckling. (alternatively: book tvd threads because ud would def have a lil crush on book elena).

    to!ud meeting gia. to!ud meeting the mikaelsons. idk. it’d be fun. 

    legacies!ud roaming around salvatore. alternatively: legacies!ud going to mystic falls high. either one of those versions resulting in legacies!ud mingling with the super squad is fine by me.

    teen wolf!ud who goes to beacon hills high and then somehow manages to graduate, probably helps out the mccall pack, probably thinks doctor deaton is cool, would want to be besties with boyd and kira for sure, would make the garuda shifter cry from season four or five or whatever and doubt his existence.

    marvel/dc/tua/the boys: ud meeting all the superheroes. (especially naomi mcduffie!)

    ud telling your muse her whole story. not just happy bits. also the sad and scary bits.

    your muse(s) and ud chilling and watching a movie or playing mario kart or whatever. things don’t always have to be fighty. they can also be chill-y.

    ud telling your muse(s) about the people she’s met because Oh My Gosh, She Met So Many People!

    your muse(s) being dragged into shenanigans because ud’s trying to find This One Door TM that is notoriously difficult to find.

    more to come when i know more.

    #rp wishlist. #//sdfhui this is very haphazard but it's okay #queue.
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  • multimuse-rp
    16.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    ok but i really want some f/f ships 👀

    #hmu if interested #wishlist #allison speaks // ooc
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  • andys-muses
    16.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Y’know what I need?

    For this dumbass bisexual, Alice Parker, Spider-Woman, the ultimate gay, to get a girlfriend (Preferably Gwen Stacy)

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  • dragonwished
    16.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    [ Send me a 🌠 to learn one of my wishlist plots ] @the-demonpr0digy​ asked: 🌠 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    I think threads involving Jasmine’s Saiyan mother would be interesting! Unlike Juhua, Trata is still alive - in fact she’s the other person Towa mind controls alongside Bardock. However, being both a full-blooded Saiyan and being raised in their culture means that there’s a stark contrast between the two, though things are not particularly volatile between them. She doesn’t stick around Conton City for very long, but there are some cases where she could end up running into Jasmine and someone else!

    #ooc ⁝⁝⁝ wishlist ‼ #i ⁝⁝⁝ thedemonpr0digy ‼ #;;Thank you frien!! #;;Note to self: get a meta written for Trata #;;And Juhua too #ooc ⁝⁝⁝ queue ‼
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  • asianpartygirl
    16.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Done !

    #my wife#hot wife #the good wife #wifeshare#wifeswap#wife exhibition #share your wife #wife challenge#asian wife#wife #share my wife #she knows what she wants #wishlist#sharedwife #my sexy wife
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  • labcoatblondie
    16.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    villain!gwen verse where she’s from another reality and cannot be stopped or saved, ultimately ending in her death. 
    #** OOC! #** WISHLIST!
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