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    Dreams to Sell: Part 5 Stillness of Remember & Epilogue: What You Had

    Title: Dreams To Sell

    Pairing: Dave York x f!OC (the maid, Maria)

    Word Count: 1475

    Rating: R

    Warnings: Adultery, sexy times, sad ending central.

    This is the last chapter, a small epilogue is at the end. Endings are

    Dave York Masterlist --- Author Masterlist (taglist on the Master)

    Click Keep Reading only if you have read the Rating and Warnings and understand the warnings may not be complete to avoid listing spoilers. As AO3 says ‘creator chooses not to use warnings’. Also there is sexual content here that is only for mature readers, by clicking Keep Reading you are agreeing you are over 18.


    Stillness of Remembering….

    When you were with someone for a while individual moments died down. You would get brushes, little glimmers, because many things became commonplace. Maria would be hard pressed to give details on most of the times Dave snuck into her apartment.

    But some of the interludes were etched in her memory.

    That time on the beach getaway— her back against a cabana she could never afford and the sun warm on her face and her neck and her chest as Dave curled her leg around his hip and bit her earlobe. She liked feeling warmed all the way through her body, the thrill of the open air on different parts of her, the knowledge they were just right there. Just a little to the side. They could’ve been seen but they weren’t–there was a thrill to that.

    Everyone was a thrill-seeker in their own way and she had to accept that this was hers.

    There was the time at Molly’s birthday party.

    Oh Lord was there that time.

    The riskiest….

    She had been so mad at him for it.

    It had been Molly's birthday party. Mermaid themed to include hiring a professional mermaid to come and swim and facepaint with a herd of girls. Maria had been offered overtime for coming in on a scheduled day off and she had taken it, helping Carol pick up appetizers and catering trays, bringing the decorations inside and climbing up on the step ladder to hang them. Dave was equally busy and one of the others had tucked a princess crown on his head which he tolerated until the second they left the room.

    The kids began arriving and one of them knocked into the drinks table and the punch was only spared by Carol grabbing the big pitcher before it toppled which soaked her shirt.

    She changed and laughed off the other parent's apologies but then asked if Maria couldn't put a load of laundry on before the stain set in.

    The party was raging downstairs.

    Maria was folding socks.

    She didn't even hear the door close.

    Two hands grabbed her waist and flipped her onto her back. When she looked at Dave he had his pants unzipped and his cock in hand.

    "The party---" she began to protest but he tapped on her dress and she hiked it up to her waist and spread her legs for him so he could push aside her underwear.

    "Better keep it down then." He gave a wolfish smile as he slid into her and fucked her on the pile of mismatched socks.


    Carol, obviously, got the call. Maria never expected to get the call. But she was not prepared to not receive any call at all.

    She was humming.

    Walking into work with a bag of groceries from the Whole Foods pick up under one arm and when she used her keys to go into the back door of the house she walked in on Carol, face crestfallen, sobbing into her hands while her sister petted her back and they both jumped at the sound of the door.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Honestly…her first thought was something awful had to have happened.

    But to the girls.

    Maria assumed something that happened to the girls.

    At first Carol couldn’t speak.

    Maria dropped the bags and rushed over, “What is it? What happened?”


    Oh dear God.

    Oh dear God.

    “Molly?” Maria wondered, “Alice?”

    Oh there wasn’t a good answer. There wasn’t. Those sweet girls– those sweet good girls. Spoiled, yes, certainly, but what parent wouldn’t if given half a chance?

    Maria’s mind was racing.

    What would need to be done–be handled–be….

    “Dave…” Carol was shaking her head.


    Maria shook her head, “What?”

    Carol just started crying and Maria looked over at her sister who shook her head, covering Carol’s ears, “He….he died. Accident at work.”


    Accident. At work.

    She knew the kind of work he did, the sorts of accidents that happened there, and that...that more than anything else was really smothering her.

    Dave didn’t die in a car crash or from a heart attack some fuck murdered him. It was probably dog eat dog but it didn’t make him any less dead and it didn’t make the premise any less horrific.

    The girls were still at school.

    Carol didn't know if she should let them finish the day.

    “I don’t know what to do….” She sobbed, “I don’t know what to do….”

    She slouched onto Maria.

    Maria wrapped an arm around her, “It’s ok…just cry. Just cry. I can go get them….I can bring them home….”

    Carol sucked in a breath– it was wretched, half gasp, half snot, a smattering of groaning, “Ok….ok….just….just a few minutes….”

    “You take your time.Whenever you’re ready.” Maria was biting her cheek.

    She was biting it so hard she tasted blood.

    She didn’t stop she just kept biting it.

    Carol’s sister reached out and squeezed Maria’s wrist, mouthing Thank you.

    Thank you.

    Maria nodded.

    But she was numb.


    She never knew if Carol knew.

    She wasn’t sure.

    But she called Nando who had just recently enlisted and after tearfully telling him the details she realized she had nowhere else she would rather be than in this house right now.

    Besides, Carol and the girls needed her.

    Carol got drunk.


    Maria put the girls both in Alice's bed with stuffies and blankets and they held one another and cries themselves to sleep, but they slept.

    And Maria walked back to the kitchen to see Carol barely able to sit straight.

    Carol blinked over at Maria, rocking in her seat, “Did he…did he ever--”

    Oh God.

    “--Ever say anything…”

    Maria thought she would pass out.

    “--about me?”

    Maria shrugged, she had the platitudes ready, “He wanted the best for you and the girls...he...he wanted to make you proud. That’s all I could really say…”

    Carol nodded, “Yeah, he wasn’t...he worked so much. I know. You probably didn’t...you didn’t know him, he’s not as close as we are, I really...I have no fucking idea how I would do any of this without you, you’re my rock. You know that? You’re my rock.”


    Maria knocked back another shot.

    You could break your back on a rock.

    Apparently Dave had.

    If the head wound hadn’t done it first.

    Closed casket.

    She couldn’t remember, for a moment, when the last time was she and Dave had been well and truly alone. The memory would return, she was certain.

    But for now she just remembered biting down.

    A heated quickie months after assuming it was probably finally over between them because as the girls and Nando got bigger there was just less time to sneak around. It had gone from being nearly a twice a week thing to once a week, once every two. A couple times a month.

    Biting his trigger finger as he curled it along the inside of her cheek to keep her from alerting Carol while she was finishing her shower.

    Not a kiss or a compliment when he came in her just a growl, a bite on the shoulder, a smack on the ass, and he was pulling up his pants and throwing himself back on the bed, pretending to be relaxing, waiting to wash her off before work.

    And she would remember it for years and years. Remember the feel of the sheets, the smell of his musk, the tough calloused touch of those hands that nobody else would ever duplicate.




    Epilogue: What You Lost

    Robert McCall was getting too old for this shit.

    He was just reading his fucking book.

    There was the faintest breeze.

    Otherwise it was quiet.

    “You should look a man in the eye if you’re going to execute him.” Robert’s voice was paternal, deep, unmoved and unafraid.

    “You were reading, I didn’t want to interrupt.”

    From the shadows a man came forward. He was dressed all in black with a beanie covering his hair and gloves on. He had a gun on his hip but for now his hands just crossed over his chest.

    “I suppose you know me, but I don’t know you. Don’t suppose you feel like changing that?” Robert offered.

    “Nando. Nando Cerval.” The man nodded deeply.

    "What can I do you for Nando?"

    "You killed Dave York." Nando cracked his neck, "And I've come to pay that back."

    "Dave killed my friend."

    "Dave was the only father I ever cared to have...and he was a killer."

    McCall nodded, "I take it you are here to make daddy proud."

    Nando shrugged, "That or die trying. At least then when I look the man in the eye again I can do it without blinking."

    "Fair enough." McCall stood, cracked his aging knuckles, and prepared to make a stand.


    A/N: This is the end, and ah, hello canon compliance my old friend.

    Not Beta Read.
















































    __________________ PedroBoys

















































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    the maddening age range for inquisitors forever frustrates me

    #x. out of moonshine #i'm begging for an actual age #cause it will determine if I change her fc e.e
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    Alexia x Cupra P2: Be the impulse 😎🤙

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    #nate jacobs x reader smut #nate jacobs smut #euphoria
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    10 pm and working on karma sutra chapter 4

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    Jack Manifold, Tinakitten, Hannahxxrose, and BoomerNA are added to my request list!

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    all for you — disturbance in the night

    note : n/a

    You had never noticed the small uneven wood board on your bedroom floor until you had to sleep on it. After shifting on the panel for the nth time that night, you had given up on sleeping at all. Luckily, however, you did manage to shut your eyes and drift in and out of consciousness for a short period of time before someone came bursting into the room, startling your resting figure in the stoic darkness.

    The light from the hallway made you squint as Sunoo came stumbling in, his voice urgent as he said your name repeatedly, shaking your shoulders as if you weren’t already awake. “Come on, come on, you need to wake up!”

    “I’m up, I’m up!” you told him, trying to push his hands off of you, but failing when he grips your tightly. “What’s the matter?! What’s wrong?!”

    “It’s Jungwon,”—there’s a slight pause as Sunoo’s voice wavers—“Something’s wrong with him…I think he’s having a seizure.”

    The last sentence made you throw the blanket off your legs, standing within a matter of seconds as you headed towards the room Sunoo had come from. You looked over at the boy trying to keep up with you. “Go get Ms. Cartier! Why’d you just get me?!”

    Eyes growing even larger, Sunoo nodded before turning in the opposite direction and running off, leaving you to go back to his room alone.

    The door was already ajar when you got there, and as you pushed it open all the way, scanning the dimly lit room, you spotted Jungwon on the floor, his body convulsing.

    “Shit, shit, shit, shit” you cursed aloud, flipping the light switch on before rushing over and crouching beside him, pulling his body to sit up against your torso. You didn’t know much about seizures, but for once you were glad that your health class was coming in handy.

    Jungwon continued to spasm as you brought your hand behind his neck, trying to keep his head straight up so he didn’t choke on his own saliva. Knowing there was nothing you could do but be there as he rode out the seizure, you pushed his bangs out of his face, rocking back and forth and holding him against you.

    “What’s wrong with him?”

    Selene’s voice startled you, head whipping in the direction of the bedroom door. She was looking between the boy on your lap and you, standing there as if she was still half asleep. She didn’t look any type of worried, as if Jungwon was asleep instead of thrashing in your arms.

    Quick footsteps sounded outside the room before you could answer Selene’s question, and you felt relieved when Ms. Cartier harshly pulled the girl out of the way and entered the bedroom, hastily taking Jungwon from your grasp. As she shifted his body to a position of more comfort, she turned to you and Sunoo, who was leaning over your shoulder. “What happened?”

    Mouth falling agape, you shook your head, turning to the boy on your right for an answer. “I, uh, I don’t know. Sunoo was the one to come get me.”

    Ms. Cartier looked at Sunoo in turn, her eyebrows raised with expectation. “Well?”

    The poor boy looked just as clueless as you did. Sunoo shook his head, mouth opening and closing like a fish in shock as he tried to come up with a proper answer to give. “He just- I don’t know, ma’am, I just remember him saying my name and reaching over. Then he fell from the bed and started shaking, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. I don’t- I didn’t know what to do so I went and got her.” He gestured towards you.

    “You should have come and gotten me first,” the older woman said with pursed lips. “But, thank you, Sunoo, for thinking quickly.”

    As he nodded, you noticed Jungwon slowly still, his body going limp in Ms. Cartier’s arms.

    “Sunoo, help me get him into his bed please,” Ms. Cartier instructed before turning towards you and Selene. “You both get back to bed. It’s a miracle the others haven’t come wandering in, especially with all the voices and lights.”

    As your heads bobbed up and down in acknowledgment, Sunoo crouched next to Ms. Cartier while you followed Selene out, your mind still preoccupied with worry for Jungwon.

    “What’s wrong with him?” Selene asked again, breaking the silence as you opened your bedroom door and stepped inside.

    You shrugged, too tired to properly deal with the dark-haired girl’s questions and antics. “I don’t know. We can figure it out in the morning.”

    Selene looked like she was going to press on, but closed her mouth when you lowered yourself and slipped underneath the blanket that was on the floor, already trying to go back to much-needed sleep.

    “If you don’t get up, I will douse you in water,” Riki warned, peeling the pillow from your face and tossing it to the side. He stared down at you, lips pursed. “Let’s go.”

    Groaning, you tried to roll back over on the cold floor, searching for any type of warmth. Riki had ripped the blanket off of you previous to stealing your pillow, so you found yourself curling into your own body, using the arm under you as a make-shift cushion for your head. “Give me like five minutes, okay?”

    Riki gripped your shoulder, twisting you onto your back with an annoyed look, ignoring your whines. “No, we don’t have time for that. Ms. Cartier needs you downstairs.”

    You blinked up at him, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. With a deep sigh, you sat up, back stiff from the hours on the wooden ground. “What time is it?”

    “Around seven-ish,” Riki answered. He stood from his spot, walking over to the door. “Now hurry up, everyone’s up but you.”

    Even Jungwon? you wanted to ask, the words daring you to speak them into existence. But you found yourself holding them back, deciding that the questions and concerns would come later. “Okay. I’ll meet you downstairs then.”

    With a curt nod, Riki left, leaving you to notice Selene’s absence as well. Exhaling, you got to your feet, stretching as you walked to the wardrobe. A yawn left your lips as you dug through your clothes, finding a pair of black slacks to match the white blouse and blazer of your school uniform.

    Changing quickly, you finger-combed your hair as you rushed down the stairs, finding half of your family at the dining table and the other in the living room, minus Jungwon and Sunghoon.

    “About time,” you heard Jake comment from his spot on the beige sofa, looking up from a book in his lap. “We thought you’d never join us for breakfast.”

    Rolling your eyes, you said, “Well, I’m here, aren’t I?” The thought of dealing with Jake right now was very unappealing, and you ignored him when he grumbled something under his breath as you sat at the table, sliding into a seat between Sunoo and Riki. “Where’s Jungwon?”

    “He’s still asleep,” Sunoo answered, picking at the eggs on his plate with a fork. “Ms. Cartier said he’s staying home today. Sunghoon is too.”

    “Sunghoon? Why is he staying? Did something also happen with him last night?” you asked in concern, shifting in your seat to get a better look at Sunoo. Riki observed the conversation from beside you.

    Hesitant to respond, Sunoo nodded, avoiding eye contact with you and Riki. “He woke up vomiting, according to Jay and Jake.”

    “What?” you remarked, face beginning to pale. This day was taking a toll for the worst, and it made you feel sick. “What do you mean he woke up vomiting?”

    You heard Riki sigh from over your shoulder as Sunoo said, “It’s as bad as it sounds; I couldn’t sleep after Jungwon, and I heard Sunghoon rush to the bathroom, followed by Jay. It all happened about an hour after you went back to bed.”

    “Oh,” you said, face completely slack as you turned to Riki. “Did you already know about this?”

    He shrugged, his expression bleak. “Yes and no. I didn’t find out about Jungwon until this morning, but I was the one who went to go get Ms. Cartier to tell her about Sunghoon.”

    “Mm,” you acknowledged, mouth pressed into a thin line. “Where is Ms. Cartier anyway?” The lack of her presence made you uneasy. “Is she with one of the boys?”

    Riki nodded, resting an elbow on the dining table. “Yeah, she wanted you down here, however, so I think she wanted to talk to you about something. I’m not sure what, though.”

    “Oh, well, I’m sure it’ll be fine,” you said hopefully, attempting to settle the arising nerves. The events that had occurred within the past 24 hours had all been damaging to your life in one way or another, and you were sure they weren’t going to be resolved anytime soon.

    tag list (open) : @jdyunvrs @jjikyuu @icywhatim @abby-os @gogo-is-cooler-than-you @notmapple @viscoolreal @w3bqrl @luv-yume @luvrseung @hiqhkey @yogurteume

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    request: could you do a little blurb with 5. “After all that you’re still shy?” + Angie?

    warnings: mentions of smut

    angelina jolie x reader

    200 followers celebration

    you couldn’t help but feel hot, you and angelina had never done anything like that, the way she went down on you. the way she made you cum over and over again.

    you’d never experienced something like that, but you also never been with someone so experienced. you were a hundred percent in love with her.

    but you also could help but feel nervous around her. “hey love.” she climbed back into the bed after her shower, hair semi wet. you’d showed before her and now you were laying in bed. she kissed you on the cheek.

    you felt butterflies you could help out duck your head some. smiling, “after all that you’re still shy?” she tilted her head to the side.

    “i haven’t experienced something like that before and it made me feel, amazing?” she leaned down and pressed her lips against yours.

    “just wait till you find out that’s not all i have to offer.”

    #angelina jolie #thena x reader #thena x you #angelina jolie x reader #angelina jolie x you #eternals#marvel#thena#thena eternals#thena gif
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    okay??? but??? dainsleif???

    sobbing bro ive been converted-

    Imagine walking with Dain on a moonlit night. It's just around the border of Stormterror's Lair, the sky clear and starry.

    There's a comfortable silence between the two of you, the gentle breeze wisping over you as you walk.

    Then he begins to sing.

    His voice is low and sweet, smooth and dark like oil.

    It's in a language that sounds like all of Teyvat; something that lifts your heart and makes your soul leap.

    It's beautiful; lilting like roses and warm like a small flame.

    You never want it to end.

    His words switch to your language, and you smile as he takes your hand and pulls you along faster.

    It's a song of the moon, of the stars in the sky and of the love that stretches between his heart and yours.

    "Dance with me," he asks within the spaces of a verse, and you laugh as you comply. He spins the two of you about, smiling at the joy in your eyes.

    the moon, and the stars.

    dainsleif, and you.

    his song flowering and unending, like the love that flourishes between the both of you.

    taglist (send an ask to be added/removed!): @tiredsleep @surukaze @storytravelled @serenenation

    #.fluff. #sorry if this is ooc;-; #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #dain x reader #dain fluff #dainsleif x reader #dainsleif fluff #dainsleif x reader fluff #genshin fluff #genshin x reader fluff
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    Concept: the fist stydia kiss but Kit as Dylan and Ty as Holland

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    moodboard: widobrave (veth x caleb)

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    I think Erik would have wanted you to be yourself. You know, follow your heart.

    ❤❤ Simon ❤❤ who he loves, who consumes his heart.

    #young royals #wilhelm and simon #wilmon#wilhelm #wilhem x simon #happy friday 💕 #of course he reminisces about the time they spent at Simon's house - just being happy basking in their affections for each other no worries
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    Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford filming Return of the Jedi
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    Oh no . Don't be sad 🥺

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