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    Nicole Kidman

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    woodz & woong × sour candy dance challenge

    #woodz#cho seungyoun#jeon woong#ab6ix#ultkpopnetwork#kpopccc#gif#g: woong#g: seungyoun #poor quality but this set had to be done in big panels !!!!!!!!!
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    18.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Summary: promises are only words meant to hold high value. but eventually words fade away into nothingness and with them they take all the significance it once held. and no matter how much they meant it, their story would just be forgotten.

    Warnings: mature content and language

    Word count: 1,823

    It was a semi normal day for her, the first one she's had in weeks. She was unaware of the chaos erupting in her absence. If only she'd knew he would be that miserable without her maybe she would've considered staying and keeping him in check!

    "Ella?" It was her sweet and innocent voice that pulled her away from her never ending train of thoughts, her angel. Her sanity and one true weakness, But she was okay with that.

    "I'll be there in a second baby." She shouted back for her voice to reach her, her genetic acoustic disability had no cure whatsoever, still Ella adored the little human being with every cell in her body. Her Madi.

    She was in her room playing with her endless amount of toys, she got her what ever she desired no matter the price. When she reached her room the 7 year old grinned from ear to ear, it was contagious so her sister smiled a wide smile as well and moved further into the bedroom and sat down on the floor beside the child.

    Madi kept on playing with her cherry impala –yes a car! Her favorite among the mountain of various playthings in the corner– like she wasn't even there, Making cute whooshing noises with her tiny mouth.

    Not 5 minutes later Ella heard knocking and cursed whoever it was for their shitty timing, she kissed her little angel's forehead and got up to answer the fucking door that just would not stop knocking! but before that her hands instinctively went for the kitchen knife, she took a peek through the peephole.

    Upon seeing his face rolled her eyes and decided he wouldn't go away any time soon so she might as well let him in, and opened the door to find him smirking and wearing a smug expression on his face.

    Kai was sure she was home –after all he had been stalking her a bit after she went MIA on him all of a sudden– so he knew she couldn't hide from him forever and would be forced to open the door eventually.

    "I didn't know you already ditched the cane?" She didn't bother either of them with a stupid greeting and skipped right to the point.

    "Well I needed to get it up somehow."

    She barely smiled at his corny joke and shook her head. He chuckled as he saw her ghost of a smile, and spoke again "although I do need some help, I mean I was shot a few days ago."

    Ella sighed when she realized he wasn't giving up so soon and opened the wooden door further more, an inviting gesture, one he eagerly took. He slowly stepped inside the house but not before 'accidentally' tripping and crashing his masculine body into her petite one.

    She unconsciously became tense and avoided the close proximity their faces had as much as she could without seeming too strange. Kai only smirked at her not so subtle dodging but only responded with a simple "oops."

    Ella tried so hard not to wince and kept her composure, she closed the door as he coursed his way to Madi's room, that's when she panicked and said the first thing that came to her mind "do you want a drink?" Okay not her best technique to start a conversation.

    He furrowed his brow and simply declined her suspicions offer, she was well aware of his sobriety and the reason for it. So to say he was confused as hell is an understatement.

    "Well… do you want to tell me why you stopped by or am I gonna figure it out myself?" She asked while inching closer to him ever so slightly, like she was approaching a wounded animal, the unpredictability of the situation made her uneasy.

    Kai stood his grounds and just watched her anxious figure, Curious as to what could possibly be the reason for her apprehensiveness.

    "You left." He spoke simply as he watched for her reaction, any reaction really.

    She scoffed at his useless attempts at being heartbroken, they both knew he was far from that. "did you give me a choice?"

    He was beginning to lose his temper and walked towards her with a dangerously calm pace, "you promised…" she once again rolled her eyes at his narcissistic behaviors but said nothing and let him finish, like always.

    "You told me you would be by my side no matter what, you. Gave. Me. Your. Word."

    Now they were only centimeters apart, probably not a good idea because his word to word speech irritated her to no end.

    "Did you fulfill your promises? Did you carry out your words?" Her eyes burning with fury, tone venomous. She was seething with rage and it was prominent in her abrupt change of attitude. He did nothing as she continued "NO! You didn't do shit, all of this act…" she gestured around her "isn't going far. One day you'll be forgotten just like everybody else because what you're doing is a load of bullshit!"

    He lost it, nothing but red clouded his vision. Kai acted on impulse, he was outraged and hurt by his own girlfriend, the only woman who truly saw him. His hands having a mind of its own reached for her throat, not giving her time to register anything he pushed her against the wall beside them, a little too hard.

    His hands tightening their grip on her delicate neck, putting pressure –which would definitely bruise in the next couple of hours– and squeezed hard, ignoring her protests. Her fifth punch to his chest that was pressed to Ella's body trapping her between the wall and the angry man she was desperately trying to get away from brought him back to the land of the living and removed his hands from their death grip on her and took three steps back and starred at her red almost purple face.

    Her chest heaving up and down, eyes holding nothing but pure hatred towards the man who almost strangled her to death. "You fucking asshole." She crooked, her voice raspy from the damage caused to her vocal chords. He just looked at her, taking every single detail about her in thinking it might be the last time he'll ever get the chance to soak her curves, her feature, her wavy locks, in. Ella was his everything.

    "I told you if you touch me like that you'll never see my face again…" she paused to get close to his face. he could feel her hot breath fanning across his cheeks and he wanted to taste her lips so bad it was agonizing.

    "Or hers." She spoke only two words but it was a cold bucket of ice water on him, and Ella knew that very well, ergo why she used it against him.

    He worshipped only two people, angels he adored. Elisa his beauty and Madison, his little baby. The only person who still loves him the same as the first day she'd met him, an innocent child who feels safe in the arms of a cult leader. Oh sweet irony!

    Her small fists making contact with his chest as hard as her feminine body strength allowed her to, a trail of curses were whispered by her as she threw punches at him. He was frozen, unable to get his body to move until she began to move towards the door.

    He was petrified of the outcome this reality would take place in his life, so he saw no other option but one. "No no no no no… please no I'm sorry, please Ella please I'm sorry I'm so sorry!" He begged and begged but to no avail, she marched to the door, moved her hand to twist the knob but a strong one stopped her before anything could happen.

    Her reaction was not what he expected at all, she didn't slap him nor pushed him away. She shouted, loud enough that the little child in the room jumped from her position on the floor –she stood up and pressed her little ears to the door in order to inspect the issue– "FUCK OFF!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, her hands turning into tight fists once again and smashing themselves onto his chest with such force he stumbled back.

    She repeatedly punched him and was oblivious to his glossy eyes. He relentlessly tried to get her to stop! To calm down but as if she was on autopilot, there was no stopping her.

    When he failed at his attempts got on his knees, arms latching to her lower half, hands holding the back of her thighs tightly. Like a child fearing the separation from his mother he did not once let her go, not even when she struggled to pry off his importunate body clinging onto her like a newborn.

    He begged pathetically as he cried harder than he ever did, "please… I need you, I'm so sorry… I can't live without you… please don't go, please… please, please… please don't go!" He chanted over and over and over again, still keeping a firm hold on her, grasping her legs.

    She had long stopped fighting against him and just waited for him to finish weeping, neither of the two adults noticed the child standing close to the frame of her bedroom's door intently watching her sister gathering the sobbing man in her arms.

    Ella got on her knees as well –as hard as it was for her because of his strong hold– and let her her slender fingers gently cup his stubbled chin, forcing his chocolate brown eyes to stare at her stormy blue ones.

    She succeeded, well nearly. With the amount of tears he'd let loose they were completely covered by water, so glassy she wasn't able to decipher his pupils.

    Nonetheless she continued her delicate strokes and tried to shush him. Kai was hopelessly whimpering and kept his hands on her arm and shoulder as if he would feel at peace by just touching her. Maybe he did.

    "Hey hey hey hey look at me, Kai look at me…" she was determined to snap him out of his never ending pool of tears, he wouldn't budge though. "Baby come on look at my face…" she spoke as she tilted his head upwards a bit so he would see her and began to whip away his tear strained cheeks.

    "I promised you didn't I?" She questioned but didn't get any reply from him, he just observed her like she was the most extraordinary art piece he'd ever seen. "You and I…" she trailed off waiting for him to finish their everlasting bond.

    He smiled genuinely for the first time he'd stepped foot in her house and responded back, "till the afterlife."

    Unbeknownst to them Ella and Kai each would soon fall to their own demise. Their promise was truly everlasting.


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    Now this is what you want And what you need It's all that you expect from me Addiction to the mystery But then what will you have? (x)

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    Nice wallpaper on which I added a "wonderful" effect ✨🌈🌟

    Joli fond d'écran sur lequel j' ai rajouté un effet "merveilleux" ✨🌈🌟

    By A𝐧𝐢M𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐬 :)

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    x x

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    ixcanul (2015) 

    #ixcanul #maria mercedes coroy #my gifs
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    #Assassins Creed Unity #Arno Dorian#My Gifs #PLEASE DONT USE MY GIFS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION
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    James Acaster: Repertoire (2018)

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    yeosang & wooyoung ♡ eternal sunshine stages

    #ateez#ateezedit#yeosang#kang yeosang#wooyoung#jung wooyoung#woosang#ultkpopnetwork#kpopco#kpopccc#malegroupsnet#mgroupsedit#idolnexusedit#~ #anyway they own my entire heart and soul <3 #just in case u werent sure how soft they make me #im probably gonna pin this tbh #3rd gif was hell bc that stage's file is soooo bad #but otherwise this was p fun to make #likely bc i was smiling the entire time bc they <3 #anyway im going to bed #will gif wy fancam tmr probably
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    — for: @jaanwangji​

    x x x x

    #mdzsnet#mxtxnet#theuntameddaily#theuntamededit#chineseartistsinc#fytheuntamed#cql#lan wangji#hanguang jun#swanji #inspired by @lanwagjihouse's lwj swan gifs #mdzsedit#cqledit#the untamed #lan wangji edit #usertan#userindomie #um hiii rie i really hope you like itt!!!!! #listen im about to fight tumblr with ym bare hands it killed the gif quality #i keep doing this too aka not knowing how to fix what tumblr messes up :( #but anyway everyone look at pretty boy lwj :)
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    You're doing everything right, man. You are on top of the world. Succession HBO - S3E01 - Secession

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