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    26.11.2021 - 6 days ago
    #mine#my gifs#my colouring#nicholasdaymiller#new girl#nick miller#jake johnson #2.20 #newgirledit#newgirlgifs #nick miller gifs #nickmilleredit #this scene never fails to make me cackle like a goddamn witch #*grandpa wheeze* #gifs don't do it justice #also it was v hard to gif bc i was just constantly laughing #please don't add captions. repost. or steal without asking first 🙏🏻🤍
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    Echo, introducing Rex and Omega: Rex this is my kid, Omega. Omega, Rex is my dad-brother so he's like your granddad :)


    Omega: yay more family!


    Rex: you had a kid?

    Echo: well she's a clone so


    Rex: if she's a clone then why is she white

    Echo, covering Omega's ears and affronted on both of their behalves: oh my gods Rex you can't just ask people why they're white

    #behalves? #behalfs? #team dad echo #GRANDPA REX PLEASE DAVE #tbb #the bad batch #im just obsessed the idea of emotionally constipated disaster man echo saying this very casually then Not Explaining #and omega just rolling with it #and rex bluescreening #im your dad???????? #you have a child???????? #im a grandfATHER????? #then instantly doing all the resewrch on how to be a grandparent #I AM OBSESSED #*wHEEZE* rex trying to do the mental math of how long it would take echo to create a child and confusing himself all over again #because he just saw echo a few months ago and this child is at least a year old #(you can pry clones' inability to guesstimate ages from my cold dead fists) #arc trooper echo #tbb echo#omega#tbb omega#captain rex
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    11.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Charlie wanting to end the live but accidentally pausing it for like 10 minutes without realizing it is top comedy

    #charlie gillespie #he really doesn’t have a clue #grandpa energy #i was wheezing #lmao 💀💀💀 #julie and the phantoms #julie and the himbos #jatp
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    10.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    What if Taka casually living his day, comfortably reading some books when suddenly his doorbell rings.

    Upon opening up the door he sees a whole bunch of familiar biker men holding flowers and chocolates with a big banner that said “Happy mother’s day!” With a red faced Mondo in the back, grumbling “I already told them but they won’t listen”

    Me likes it when Taka is seen as the mother of Crazy Diamonds. You can get wholesome from there ^_^

    Bonus point if Taka’s being all casual about it like “Oh they must seen me as a family! Aha what a close bond I’m honored :)” while Mondo completely loses his shit and manifest into a raging bi mode we all know and love.

    #ishimondo#kiyotaka ishimaru#danganronpa#mondo oowada#mother’s day #the boys are proud cause they have a mom that could kick ass #they often tease their leader by calling him ‘dad’ #Daiya wheezed hard until someone pointed out he’s the grandpa #he ain’t THAT old thank you
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    14.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    This is neige isnt it

    My god I hate his outfit already

    #HES LIKE A GRANDPA WEARING A SNOW WHITE DRESS PATTERN SWEATER WHEEZE #Oh I’m just roasting his outfit btw #THE BIRD PINS ON HIS LAPEL WW #AND THE PEN’S STONE HOLDER LOOKS RIDICULOUSLY ELABORATE WHEEEEZE #bsggdgghdhhs #how do I comment #I wonde #r what his personality’s really like.... #at least Chenya was a bundle of chaos from the get go so I instantly adopted him #but neige... idk how to feel just yet hm #*squints #ch 5 spoilers #pomefiore spoilers#live commentary #.... I know I’m making fun of his sweater but I think its the checkered shirt under that’s bothering me more?
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    #I'm wheezing grandpa is a giant cock #Tumblr ads are truly different
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    25.06.2020 - 1 year ago

    hey chris d’lacey. did you know that every time i read ‘eye beams’ i go insane

    #[sits bolt upright in bead in the middle of the night] [wheeze-laughing] EYE BEAMS...... #some giant space dragon just walks up and steals your grandpa's soul with his laser vision wyd? #dark fire spoilers #tldc spoilers#tldc#birb rambles
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    13.01.2020 - 1 year ago
    #mao mao heroes of pure heart #ask mao mao and adorabat #mao mao#mmhoph#adorabat#kittens#plushies #Mao mao is so concerned #this made my day #adorabat is so precious #but she could never! #Mao Mao ain't ready to be a grandpa #funny#comic#illustration#fanart#blubird513 #this made me wheeze
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    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    I’m suffering from feeling like I haven’t done enough this weekend which is ridiculous given this was the weekend I was going to purposefully avoid actual Work for a break and that I’m not required to constantly be going.

    But, in hopes of helping alleviate some of that feeling here are the things I accomplished:

    - Went to the hike with my local Queer hiking group and did a roughly 3 miles loop

    - Admitted my asthma is getting worse again with my old age but that it doesn’t have to stop me from doing things (I just gotta take my inhaler so I don’t turn into the wheezing grandpa)

    - Took care of the unfortunate bird that came down through my boiler’s vent pipe and cleaned up the area once he was gone

    - Called and got the boiler repair company to come out to get the boiler functioning again (unfortunately the reason it wasn’t working was...more dead birds which made me aware the cap on my vent up top is gone)

    - Dishes

    - Worked on cleaning up the unfinished side of the basement which included breaking down the last of the boxes to get them ready for recycling later this week, clearing off the counter space down there, handling the black widow I found while doing all this, taking out the trash including the pieces of the old false fireplace, bringing in the pots from the front patio so I have them ready and putting together my grow light. The plan is to grow some herbs and maybe a tomato plant over the winter down there. Or at least give it a try.

    - Cooked a chicken for myself for “Thanksgiving”

    - Searched and changed the cat’s food auto order to something that doesn’t have any fish based foods in it as I’ve noticed a few seem to have a sensitivity to them

    I suppose that still doesn’t feel like much. I think that the two things lingering in my mind is 1) going to pick up my prescriptions now that they’re ready which I may try to do this morning since they open at 10 (though I’m tempted to wait until tomorrow and to run and do it while on lunch) and 2) calling around to look for wood pallets so I can get my compost box built. Those are the things that require I leave the house and I know that kind of makes them the big hurdles.

    It’s the guilt of feeling like I’m not doing enough while also just sort of longing for a chance to chill out and relax since I’ve been working so much extra overtime and had so much stress with my family stuff recently.

    I do want to get some tidying up done around the house today and maybe I can feel that that’s enough. I’m not low on my prescriptions, I just need to get them picked up this week since they were filled after my doctor’s appointment.

    IDK, this hasn’t helped like I had hoped it would.

    #Basil's Journal Things #possibly delete later
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    #bumizumi #flame.txt #to write
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    #dclass.txt #john.txt
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    #tokyo revengers smut #takeomi smut #— ☆ tr thirsts #— sumi’s 💌
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    #yandere dabi #yandere dabi x reader #yandere bnha#yandere endeavor #yandere enji todoroki #yandere todoroki family #yandere todoroki clan #bnha imagines#yandere mha#bnha headcanons #yandere rei todoroki #yandere natsuo todoroki #yandere shoto todoroki #yandere shotou todoroki #yandere fuyumi todoroki #yandere lov#yandere shigaraki
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    Part 38

    Note 1: as I said before Liposgain and Liposlim are fictional medicines! My medical stuff are inaccurate. So don't freak out! Regarding medicines always ask doctors.

    Note 2: some side effects


    As a medicine doesn't have a lot side effects and are rare if they occur

    Dizziness, light headache, fast heart rate ,light sweating, fatigue, nausea,upset stomach, bloated abdomen etc


    on the other hand. Is quite a strong medicine. It must be handled with care.

    Side effects are : chest pains, dry mouth, insomnia, increased blood pressure, fast heart beat, numbness, tiredness, fatigue, dizziness,makes people's asthma worse, stomachaches, heavy sweating, chest pain, somnelesce, nausea, tingling sensation, drowsiness, convulsions, gastrointestinal bleeding, rare addiction or tolerance etc.

    If it isn't handled with care....


         ... it can be...



    Warnings : Angst

    Quite long chapter I think! 😅grab snacks and get comfortable!

    A few Days passed by.

    Mugman kept taking the pills. He suffered some headaches, stomachaches or cramps but he didn't think it was a big deal. He told Cuphead and Elder kettle though but they gave him  painkillers and Mugman seemed fine.

    "Cuphead... My head hurts..." he complained. Cuphead gave him painkillers...

    "Mugman these headaches, stomachaches and chest pains are more frequent... Are you sure you are allright?" Cuphead asked concerned. "Yeah it's probably a side effect. No worries!" Mugman said.

    Mugman kept following Djimmi's and Andrea's orders.

    There were moments in the day where he felt completely exhausted and didn't have the courage to do anything.

    They thought it was due to his weak immune system and the fact he was underweight or probably another side effect.

    The feeling in Cuphead's heart /gut grew stronger and stronger, however he thought he was overreacting. «Andrea would never hurt him! Come on man! Pull yourself together!» he thought.

    He trusted Andrea. She would never hurt Mugman!

    However the feeling... The instinct... The foreboding... That something will happen.. Drove him a little nuts. He didn't say anything to Mugman yet.

    Cuphead went to take a shower. Maybe a nice warm bath will help.. Mugman was with his grandpa in his room "How is my little blueberry?"

    "Im okay!". Mugman smiled.

    Elder kettle winked "Shhh" he put his index finger on his lips.

    "Is my little strawberry taking a shower?" he spoke loud enough for Cuphead to hear.

    "GRANPAAAAA!!!! STOP CALLING ME THAT I'M A BIG BOY!" came Cuphead's voice from the bathroom.

    "You are my little strawberry no matter how old you are!!" Elder kettle insisted

    "Daw! Grandpa!!" Cuphead complained.

    "Fine! You are a big strawberry!!" Elder kettle said amusingly.

    "Drat!" Cuphead said.

    Mugman chuckled however his chuckle was cut short as a headache and a chest pain hit him full force.


    "Mugman what's wrong?" his grandpa asked. "... My head... and my chest...." he said. He grabbed his forehead and chest. His grandpa ran to his side and gave him painkillers.

    "Here!" he said and gave him the pills.

    “Something bad... Will happen to my second-born child mugman... I.. can't prevent it from happening.... Stay strong... ” Rosie's voice echoed...

    He hadn't said anything to Cuphead. He already had enough inside his head.

    Elder kettle paid attention to Mugman. He noticed that he was more tired than usual.. His asthma was frequent... He hadn't gained any weight.. In fact he lost more..

    Mugman swallowed them  with water. He closed his eyes tightly for 2-3 minutes and then straightened up "Im okay! Thank you!" he said.

    "DID I HEAR YOU COUGHING?! ARE YOU  OKAY?!" Cuphead yelled from the bathroom.

    "Yes!!" he shouted. Cuphead said nothing "....." His grandpa looked at him concerned. "Mugman those headaches and chest pains worry me! Are you sure you are allright!!? "

    "heh Don't worry is just propably another side effect no need to worry I trust Andrea she would never hurt me!" Mugman said. (Amelia : ... Poor Mug... Poor poor mug..)

    "Grandpa? Is there more of the bread and cheese you had a while ago?" he asked shyly.

    "You liked it?" he asked amused.

    He nodded "I adored it!! Could you please learn me how to do it as well?" Mugman asked "would you tell me your secrets?" he continued.

    Elder kettle playfully asked "what will I win?". Mugman said looking at him with pleading eyes  "Whatever you want!"

    Elder Kettle smiled and asked "would you give your grandpa a hug and a kiss?"

    Mugman opened his hands "As many as you want!". He hugged him "You're the best grandpa in the world!" Elder kettle said

    "You  and your brother are the best grandsons in the world!" He winked again.

    "I heard you yesterday! So I made fresh beard and cheese and is waiting for you downstairs."

    (Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels)

    (Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels)

    Mugman got up slowly. He could walk. He carefully descended the stairs, sat on the table and ate "Mmmmm.. I love this!! My sweet lovely cheese I have missed you so much!" he said. Elder kettle smiled softly.

    "Heh! Yanno? What I remembered?" Elder Kettle asked. Mugman swallowed the bread and cheese. "What grandpa?" he asked.

    "When you two were little... Hehe.. Remember how I used to lift you up and do airplane?" he asked. "Ah yes! You were holding us we had our hands open and you were walking inside the house. Hehehe.. Too bad I'm to old for this! Heh.. Cuphead enjoyed it so much that when you couldn't lift us you put us on a chair and holding us so we wouldn't fall.. Hehehehe"

    Mugman said. Elder kettle hugged him. "You are still my babies no matter how old you are."

    Mugman smiled. "You are or hero no matter what! Thank you grandpa for everything you have done for me and my brother! I.. I.. apologize for all tge times I hurt your feelings or I was a bad grandson!"

    Elder kettle hugged him a little tighter "You are the best boys!! I just wish I could help you!! And.."

    Mugman questioned "and what?"

    Elder kettle said "and... Make sure you gain some weight you are too thin!!" he said.

    Mugman blinked "Pfffftt!!! Hehehehehe!.. I.. *clears throat* ahem...I sure!.. I'm trying " he said... Elder kettle smiled softly and said "I know keep trying!"

    Later :

    Cuphead had finished shower. He got dressed with his every day clothes and an idea came to his mind az ge saw himself in the mirror.

    He went to his brother's room


    “wait a second mugman!" "Now im done!"

    "there!” Cuphead's voice was heard.

    He took Mugman in front of his mirror "There! Now we are twins!" Cuphead said. Mugman was wearing Cuphead's pants, shirt, jacket, glasses and hat. Mugman chuckled.

    "you look good in red!"  Cuphead said amusingly. "You think 😏" Mugman smirked  "Yeah! Let's go to grandpa!" he said. Mugman nodded and chuckled.

    They went downstairs.

    Mugman hid behind the wall. Cuphead entered the kitchen "Grandpa?" Cuphead asked. "Yes Cuphead?"  he stopped cooking and turned around to see Cuphead smirking.

     "I present you my twin brother! Mugman. Tada!" Cuphead stretched both hands one hand pointing upwards. The other pointing downwards.

     Mugman emerged from the wall  "Hi! Grandpa! Am I not cool? "he said the hat 🧢 covered his eyes because it was too big for him.

    Elder kettle had freaked out but  stayed calm. Mugman was fitting in Cuphead's clothes? Cuphead's clothes?! CUPHEAD'S CLOTHES?!

    "Oh dear!! Identical twins!! How will I be able to separate you now?" he asked amusingly.

    Mugman chuckled and playfully complained "Cuphead your pants are too big for me!!"

    "Hehehehehe" Cuphead laughed. "Oh brother? Brother? Where are you?" Cuphead asked grinning.

    "Lost in your clothes!" Mugman said. The brothers chuckled and hugged each other. Elder kettle chuckled as well. At least they were happy...

    Around 4 o clock

    Mugman and cuphead were eating strawberries. Mugman took one strawberry and said "Psst!".

    Cuphead looked at him "Hm?" he asked. Mugman looked at Cuphead seductively and ate the strawberry. Cuphead played along. He took a blueberry.

    He steadied the berries to his nose but they fall "aaw!" he complained. Mugman chuckled "Wait wait!" he took a strawberry and fed him. Cuphead ate the strawberry.

    Cuphead had noticed something else too. However he wasn't sure so he waited. Mugman was supposed to gain at least one kilogram. However he seemed the same.. His asthma was more frequent.... His dizziness and fatigue too.

    Maybe ge should ask his grandpa... Is he seeing things?

    He ate some more cherries and Mugman ate a watermelon.


    Cuphead decided to go outside.

    "Mug? Im going for a walk!" he said. Mugman nodded "Allright!" he said. Cuphead kissed him and hugged him.

    Mugman was reading a comic book on the couch but soon fell asleep (on the couch). The book was laying gently on his chest.

    Elder kettle had just finished baking a cake. He cleaned the kitchen and turned around   "Mugman I baked a cake w-" he said but stopped when he saw him sleeping peacefully. He smiled softly yet sadly.

    He let the book on the table, took a blanket and covered him. He caressed Mugman's cheek and Mugman smiled in his sleep.

    Elder kettle sat down on his Rocky chair and looked at Mugman and outside of the window.

    Back to Cuphead.

    He walked deeper into the forest there was a valley. It had a waterfall and beautiful red tulips along with other flowers. However there was a place where it only had red tulips.

    He laid down among the tulips and relaxed at the sound of the waterfall.

    After a while he got up.

    A butterfly flew in front of him. Memories of him and his brother hunting them came to his mind. He smiled yet he sighed.

    What was wrong? «Maybe it's too early for him to gain some weight but.... Still... brother... What's going on?» he thought.

    He put his hand inside his pocket and found a clover. Heh Mugman gave it to him 10 years ago.

    Flashback begins

    « It was a sunny day. They were hunting butterflies. Cuphead had stopped under a tree to catch his breath. He had his eyes closed. Mugman, as he was walking, found a beautiful clover 🍀. He took it and went to his brother. Mugman sat next to him and said "Cuphead look I found a clover."

    Cuphead opened his eyes and looked at him. It was indeed a big clover. "Wow mugs it's beautiful!" Cuphead said. Mugman smiled widely and said "It's for you! So you can have good luck!" Mugman said and smiled.

    Cuphead took it! Mugman was 5 years old and Cuphead was 7 years old back then. "Thank you brother!" Cuphead said. Mugman smiled and hugged him. "You are the best big brother!" Mugman said. Cuphead smiled "you are the best baby brother!"

    Elder kettle smiled "Boys dinner is ready!"

    Cuphead took Mugman's hand and ran to his grandpa. They boys enjoyed a nice meal! Cuphead kept it like the seashell Mugman gave him long ago.»

    Flashback ends.

    After a while he decided to go back.

    When returned his grandpa was waiting for him. Once he saw him from the window he went outside.

    "Grandpa?" Cuphead asked. Elder kettle said "Cuphead may I speak with you for a minute?". Cuphead nodded.

    Cuphead asked "Is something wrong?"

    Elder Kettle said "Your brother is sleeping he seemed tired. My boy I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen to Mugman. I wish with all my heart to be wrong but im scared... Im so...scared."

    Cuphead was surprised "You.. You feel it too?" he asked. His grandpa looked surprised "Yes.. You... Too..?" he asked.

    Cuphead said "Yes.. I'm... scared too. Im actually scared that the medicine will mess him up... I trust Andrea! She's been always here for us!! But I don't trust the nurse she sent us. In order to deliver the medicine. Let's keep this between us and we will see okay? We will tell Andrea when she comes to check on him"  His grandpa nodded. "Allright my boy!"

    They entered inside. Cuphead noticed Mugman sleeping peacefully wrapped in a blue blanket on the couch. He gently walked close to him. He gently woke Mugman.

    "Mugman?" he whispered and gently shook his shoulder. Mugman stirred but kept sleeping. Cuphead smiled "Mugman?" he shook again a little harder.

    Mugman opened his eyes. He blinked and stretched. His eyes fell on his big brother! He smiled and slowly got up.

    Mugman seemed quite exhausted. Cuphead touched his forehead. No fever..

    "Mug let's take a quick bath and then you can sleep! " Cuphead said concerned.

    Mugman nodded.

    "Stay here I'll get things ready!" he said.

    Cuphead went upstairs and opened the faucets. When everything was ready he took went downstairs. Mugman was trying to stay awake.

    Cuphead went in front of him. Mugman smiled sleepily. Cuphead smiled back. He lifted him up and walked towards the bathroom...

    He gently let him in the bathtub and washed his brother. Mugman constantly fell asleep  and Cuphead had to keep him awake.

    Mugman closed his eyes and leaned slowly on the front. Cuphead gently shook him "be patient.. Mugman..."

    Mugman opened his eyes "So...rry..." he apologized. Cuphead said "Heh it's okay!"

    When done he dried him, dressed him, gently lifted him up bridal style and took him to his room. He laid him down on the bed.

    Mugman smiled and gently caressed Cuphead's hand "Thank you!" he whispered. He lifted his hand slowly and gently caressed Cuphead's cheek. Cuphead smiled. "Rest I'll come later!"

    Mugman nodded, smiled and fell asleep again. Cuphead turned of the lights and walked downstairs.


    note  the airplane scene is dedicated to my maternal grandpa. When I was little he would lift me and hold me in his hands and walk inside the house. I had my hands opened pretending they were wings. Of course I loved it so much that in order for him to leave they had to distract me.. 🤣🤣

    End of part 38

    💙✨💙 Thank you for reading! 💖💞💋💘💗💝🥰🤩



    Doudy (mod): Hehe Elder Kettle!

    Clothes swap lol!

    "Mugman was fitting in Cuphead's clothes? Cuphead's clothes?! CUPHEAD'S CLOTHES?!"

    Not sure if this is funny to him rn 😅

    *gasp* The clover. Dude, you're giving me my fav episode of Futurama vibes XD

    Just call Andréa guys omg.

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    17.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Beetober 2021 Day 17 - Forlorn

    This follows some time after Day 12 of Beetober 2021

    Jiang Cheng knows that today could go horribly wrong, but it’s his birthday and he at least wants to try. Nie Mingjue wasn’t too happy that he invited Wei Wuxian back into their home after kicking him out so spectacularly last time, but he didn’t fight Jiang Cheng on it, for which he’s grateful.

    He knows that Nie Mingjue will keep a close eye on Wei Wuxian the entire day, but he trusts Nie Mingjue enough to not expect a fight or anything.

    Wei Wuxian is there because Jiang Cheng invited him, so Nie Mingjue will accept it.

    “I love you,” Nie Mingjue says, when it knocks at their door and Jiang Cheng gives him a quick kiss.

    “Love you, too,” he whispers and then goes to let his siblings into their apartment.

    Wei Wuxian hasn’t been there since Jiang Cheng took his key from him—they haven’t really talked all that much, to be honest—but he doesn’t act like anything is wrong at all when he comes in and Jiang Cheng can’t decide if he’s happy about that or if he’s upset.

    “Happy birthday, A-Cheng,” Jiang Yanli says and pulls Jiang Cheng into a hug, which he readily reciprocates.

    He didn’t tell Jiang Yanli about his fight with Wei Wuxian or their mother and he’s not sure if Wei Wuxian mentioned it to her either, but he’s not about to ask.

    Today is for celebrating his birthday and not for fighting.

    “Thank you,” he gives back and then he’s being pulled into a headlock by Wei Wuxian.

    “Let me go, asshole,” Jiang Cheng wheezes but Wei Wuxian only tightens his grip.

    “Happy birthday, old man!”

    “You’re one to talk,” Jiang Cheng grumbles and pushes away from Wei Wuxian, rubbing his neck and throat. “You’re older than me.”

    “Ah, doesn’t count. I’m young at heart. You on the other hand are rapidly approaching your true grandpa age,” Wei Wuxian shoots back and Jiang Cheng only rolls his eyes.

    He invites his siblings in, and for all that Jiang Cheng feared today, it’s going decently well. Wei Wuxian and he banter like they used to do, Jiang Yanli mediates between them when it gets too much, and Nie Mingjue is a steady and comforting presence, who does his best to play nice with both of Jiang Cheng’s siblings.

    All in all it’s going so much better than Jiang Cheng expected it to.

    Still, he can’t help but to check his phone again and again, his gaze getting more forlorn the longer there is no message on it and eventually Wei Wuxian notices.

    “Who are you waiting for?” he asks, trying to snatch Jiang Cheng’s phone out of his hands, but Nie Mingjue is faster and intercepts Wei Wuxian.

    “Hey,” he grumbles, but he takes his hands back and Jiang Cheng sighs.

    “I just—our parents,” he says and winces.

    It’s not like this is the first time they forgot his birthday, but he is turning thirty this year and despite what happened with his mother, he thought they would at least write or call. But there’s nothing so far and it’s already dinner time.

    “Oh, A-Cheng,” Jiang Yanli says and puts a hand to his arm, while Wei Wuxian only shrugs.

    “So what? They are busy most of the time. I’m sure they will call you later or tomorrow or something.”

    Jiang Cheng snorts at that, because like hell they are going to remember that it’s his birthday and Wei Wuxian frowns.

    “What is that supposed to mean?” he demands to know, a challenging undertone to his voice and Jiang Cheng braces himself for the fight that’s no doubt coming now.

    He knew he should have just celebrated his birthday with Nie Mingjue.

    “Wanyin,” Nie Mingjue says, not warning him to stop talking but to remind him that he can still stop with this, but Jiang Cheng is fed up.

    He will not stop.

    “It means that they don’t even care to remember about me most of the time. They are not going to call or write to me at all, it seems, and it’s not the first time they forgot my birthday.”

    “That’s bullshit,” Wei Wuxian says and Jiang Cheng wonders—not for the first time—just how bad his memory really is.

    There is no way in hell that he forgot all the times their parents forgot about Jiang Cheng in their lives.

    “It’s not,” Jiang Cheng shoots back and he feels bad when he sees Jiang Yanli wring her hands in her lap, but he’s not going to back down again.

    He always does, because he doesn’t want to upset her and he doesn’t want to hear her come to Wei Wuxian’s defence again and again, but not today.

    Today he’s going to speak his mind.

    He reaches out for Nie Mingjue’s hand, seeking that support from him and Nie Mingjue readily gives it to him. Jiang Cheng manages a small smile for him, before he turns back to Wei Wuxian.

    “What is that even supposed to mean? You’ve always been their favourite!”

    At that Jiang Cheng openly laughs into his face, because nothing has ever been further from the truth.

    “They barely remember my existence, how the fuck does that equate to being their favourite?”

    “A-Cheng, that’s not true. They do remember you. You got the car for your birthday, remember?” Jiang Yanli chimes in and Jiang Cheng is filled with so much bitterness it feels like he’s going to burst.

    “Yeah, you got the car and I didn’t!” Wei Wuxian also agrees and Jiang Cheng shakes his head.

    “I got a car because you couldn’t get your driver’s license. When father gave me the keys, he reiterated that it’s a present for both of us and that it’s my duty to make sure that you get to wherever you want. ‘Don’t be selfish with the car, Wanyin, if A-Xian wants to go somewhere you’ll drive him without complaint, understood?’,” Jiang Cheng repeats what his father said to him that day.

    “That doesn’t sound right,” Jiang Yanli mutters but Jiang Cheng is not done yet.

    “Hell, they paid for all three of your failed attempts at getting the license. When I failed the first time, I had to pay the second time out of my own pocket.”

    “No way,” Wei Wuxian says with a frown. “They wouldn’t do that.”

    “Please, Wei Wuxian, you have always been father’s favourite, so of course he would give you whatever you want. Mother only cares about me when I’m better than you, which never happens, and when I’m not better than you she’s just as bad as father.”

    It looks like Wei Wuxian wants to argue about that as well, but Jiang Cheng is on a roll right now.

    “Remember how you changed your major two times and then took two semesters off for traveling? Father paid for everything, right?”


    Jiang Cheng nods, because he didn’t expect anything else. There is no way in hell Wei Wuxian could have been that carefree all the time if someone didn’t pay for his bills.

    “I failed one exam—exam, not even a class or a semester—and mother stopped paying the tuition fees. I had to go to Lan Qiren to strike a deal with him, so I wouldn’t be kicked out. I am still paying him back, even though he gave me a very generous discount.”

    “I don’t think—” Jiang Yanli starts, but Jiang Cheng silences her with a look.

    “Our internship at father’s company?” he goes on and squeezes Nie Mingjue’s hand for support. “Wei Wuxian got to develop things; he did real work during that internship and as far as I know he even got paid for it. You want to know what I did during that time? I sorted files and had to get coffee for the other employees. And I didn’t see a single cent for that.”

    “Father said you were being introduced to administrative work,” Jiang Yanli says with a frown and Jiang Cheng laughs.

    “I mean, I guess you could call it that. But in reality I cleared the archive and filed all the paperwork the other employees dumped with me. I sure as hell didn’t have any executive power and I didn’t accompany father to any meetings at all. Unlike someone else,” he says with a pointed look at Wei Wuxian.

    “Maybe you just didn’t have any good ideas,” he grumbles and Jiang Cheng slams his hand on the table.

    “It’s not about having good ideas!” he yells. “I wasn’t given a chance. You have no goddamn clue if I have any good ideas, because I was kept in the archives far away from where I could have actually come up with anything or where I could have learned something about the company.”

    “A-Cheng, calm yourself,” Jiang Yanli says and Jiang Cheng has had enough.

    “No. I will not calm myself. I am so sick of calming myself,” he bites out. “Even now I can’t do anything right. You fuck off with Lan Wangji and fuck on every available surface, no matter who is able to see, but my relationship with Mingjue gets called frivolous because we live together? I am so goddamn tired of the hypocrisy in this family.”

    “Well, you never properly introduced Nie Mingjue to them,” Jiang Yanli reminds him and Jiang Cheng sees red.

    “Because I wasn’t given a chance to! Father told him to run while he still could when he asked for my hand in marriage and mother refused to meet him at all! You barely even believed me when I told you I was moving in with him!”

    “Because it happened so sudden!” Jiang Yanli tries to defend herself but now even Nie Mingjue snorts.

    “No offense, but it didn’t. By the time we moved in together we’d been together for almost a year, not that either of you noticed,” he tells them.

    “I brought him to siblings dinner, for heaven’s sake,” Jiang Cheng adds and Jiang Yanli winces.

    “I thought he was a friend.”

    “Did I bring Huaisang to siblings dinner? No! No one ever brought friends to siblings dinner, it’s only ever partners or no one! Gods, just admit that it’s unfathomable to you that anyone would date me, and we can move on.”

    “Well, who can blame us? With a temper like yours it’s no wonder no one wants to date you,” Wei Wuxian mutters. “I still have a bet with Wen Ning going on when you will tell us that this is all just an elaborate hoax and Mingjue leaves you.”

    At that, all the fight leaves Jiang Cheng.

    “You don’t think anyone could love me,” he whispers and he suddenly feels close to tears. “Do you even love me?”

    It takes both Jiang Yanli and Wei Wuxian a beat too long to answer and Jiang Cheng guesses he has his answer right there.

    “I see,” he mutters as he gets up and simply leaves the kitchen to go hide in the bedroom.

    He hears how Nie Mingjue throws them out, not allowing any more arguments or letting either of them come after him and when the front door shuts, it feels like someone sucker-punched him.

    Jiang Cheng starts to hyperventilate the moment Nie Mingjue steps into the bedroom and he’s there a second later, pulling him into a hug.

    “I love you,” Nie Mingjue tells him and it makes Jiang Cheng burst into tears.

    He cries and cries, and wonders when everything got so incredibly fucked up but there are too many instances to really pinpoint it down.

    “I’ve got you, it’s alright,” Nie Mingjue mutters, between pressing kiss after kiss to Jiang Cheng’s head but it still takes him a long while to calm down.

    “I don’t ever want to see them again,” he hoarsely tells him once there are no more tears left to cry and he feels Nie Mingjue nod.

    “Alright,” he agrees and Jiang Cheng knows that he will make it happen.

    “Thank you for not fighting with them today,” Jiang Cheng says as he moves out of Nie Mingjue’s arms and Nie Mingjue huffs out a laugh, even though he still seems pained to see Jiang Cheng like this.

    “Well, you were already doing a decent job with it, I thought one of us should keep a level head,” he says, his voice teasing and it brings a small smile to Jiang Cheng’s face.

    “Thank you for not holding me back, then,” he amends and Nie Mingjue cups his face in his hand.

    “It needed to be said, especially after what happened with Wei Wuxian last time,” Nie Mingjue softly says and then pulls Jiang Cheng in for a kiss. “I’m just sorry it had to happen on your birthday.”

    “Huaisang is planning a party, right? We can pretend that it’s my birthday on that day,” Jiang Cheng tells him and enjoys the frown on Nie Mingjue’s face.

    “You’re not supposed to know about the party,” he grumbles and Jiang Cheng laughs wetly.

    “Well, tell Huaisang to keep a better poker face then,” he gives back and he has to admit he already feels a little bit better.

    It still hurts to know that his siblings don’t understand or believe him at all, but Jiang Cheng feels lighter for finally having said all these things.

    “Feeling better?” Nie Mingjue asks, as always way too in tune with Jiang Cheng’s thoughts and feelings and Jiang Cheng nods as he threads their fingers together.

    “Yes. And I do believe there’s still some cake left. That and a movie, maybe?” he hopefully asks, because cuddling his fiancé on the couch sounds like a good end to this day.

    “Of course,” Nie Mingjue agrees and kisses Jiang Cheng’s forehead. “Whatever the birthday boy wants.”

    “I want you to never let me go,” Jiang Cheng tells him and Nie Mingjue shakes his head.

    “Sorry, that’s already a given. You’re settled with me for life. You said yes to my proposal after all. You’ll have to wish for something else.”

    “But there’s nothing else I want,” Jiang Cheng says with a smile. “Except cake. Come on now.”

    He drags Nie Mingjue out of the bedroom and back to where the cake is.

    Jiang Cheng is sure that he’ll crash again very soon, and there will be more drama in the future, but for now he gets to enjoy the rest of the day. And no matter what happens in the future, as long as Nie Mingjue is there by his side, Jiang Cheng is pretty sure he can do anything.

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    I can just imagine them having this conversation

    Will: grandpa, how did yall dirty talk in your times?

    Isaac: what do you mean?

    Will: like..when you wanted to say dirty things while having sex, did you say the same thing as us? Or was it different?

    Isaac: well we-

    LJ doing a british accent: "oh dear god! My fiddle is about to jizzle!"

    Will: *trying to hold back laughter*

    Isaac getting pissed off: i didn't talk like that, you idiot!!

    Will: what if your girlfriend wanted to moan your name? Didn't some people have long ass names?

    LJ trying to piss him off more: "oh yes! Don't pause James dick oliver henry humphrey bogart IV jr!"

    Will: *WHEEZE*

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    Ya know that thing that they say about childhood trauma? How it tends to make you forget what actually happened in your childhood, or whatever? Because you're blocking it out. Or something like that. Whatever, Taako's not a mental health professional, he sure as hell doesn't know. But Taako does very much know that his childhood must have been super fucked up because he can barely remember having one, at all.

    It's not like he has no memories of it. Like, he remembers his aunt. His aunt was good, she had a solid presence in his mind most of the time. There were a few cousins in between and, of course, Grandpa Tostada. He remembers being on the road and struggling to find food for him and- ...himself.

    He remembers that one time he got really really sick and he doesn't know how he survived, just that he wound up in a hospital one day. Someone had their arms around his neck, and he didn't know who they were, but he felt like he could trust them as they said, "I didn't know what else to do, Taako, you were dying-"

    He remembers not having to pay that bill. It wouldn't have been all that much, to begin with, but the staff let them Taako off the hook, probably because of how obvious it was that he really couldn't afford it.

    The memories don't clear up until about six years ago. In fact, the earliest thing he could recall with clarity was-

    ...Clarity wasn't the word to describe it. Taako doesn't really know if it was real, or not. He had been kneeling on a polished floor, staring blankly over the rails of this high-up space, watching someone fall. He had his wand in his hand, and it was smoldering. There was a certainty that Taako has killed that man and he doesn't know why it didn't feel bad. There was something like relief in watching him fall. Knowing he doomed that person.

    Taako was- he was kinda fucked up, but he wouldn't just kill someone without a purpose. He's convinced himself that that's where the relief comes from- that man was going to hurt him. He was doing himself a favor.

    The next memory was him waking up in his stagecoach and, well, here he was.

    "Taako," someone put a hand on his shoulder. Taako jumps and pushes his elbow back into their chest before drawing his wand, readying his spell-

    Taako was not a murderer. Sazed startles, wheezing as he backs away with his hands up.

    "Geez, Taako, calm down," he says, slowly lowering his hands to rub one of his ribs.

    "My bad, my man," Taako says easily, shaking off the anxiety. He slips his wand back into its holster. "What's up?"

    "Show starts in three minutes," Sazed says, checking his watch. Now that Taako was focused in again, he could hear the mild chatter from outside the wagon. "Everyone who bought a ticket is here-"

    "All forty?" Taako asks. "Hell fuckin' yeah."

    "Hell fuckin' yeah, indeed," Sazed says, with notably less enthusiasm. "Look, Taako, whatever happens out there just know that, uh. You've had a real good run so far. I'm sure this show will be just- just as fantastic as the rest, yeah?"

    "Uh, yeah," Taako says. "Of course it'll be. I'm Taako? Ya know, f-"

    "From TV, yeah," Sazed says tightly. "Just- go get 'em. I'll bring you stuff when you need me to."

    "I know how my show works, compadre," Taako says.

    The red curtains of the stagecoach opened wide and Taako thinks, just for a second, about the man falling away from him. He shuts it out with his best showman grin and shouts to the crowd,

    "Is Glamour Springs ready to taste the most ah-mazing food they've ever had?!"

    Taako's not a murderer. And he doesn't have time to think about memories that might not even be real as the crowd shouts back.

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