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  • monstermonstre
    15.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    tfw you get gendered correctly irl but then something makes the person doubt and they straight up ask and you end up having to misgender yourself cause they know people you're not out to

    #gender whiplash #that long pause I take every time that happens #mentally checking a list of my own making #monstrueux blabla
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  • cola-vampire
    15.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Love trying to sleep but cry and also fucking hungry

    #my personal crap i guess #i would eat but then itll take longer to sleep bc i gotta let that shit digest first :[ #and i had to pause spotify bc that didnt help the crying #why cry? fears of having possibly been abandoned have been seeping through #minecraft can only be a distraction for so long before it doesnt work anymore...
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  • beesza
    14.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    i love love and i love loving you always and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #hfhfjggjggghggggghhh aaaaaa #i'm still in love but it's a new kind of love #not obsessive #it feels so good #it feels so good to remain in love #even from a distance #being in love at a low ebb #love on pause #on hold #but still in love #and longing forever #i don't have butterflies for them anymore #i think they flew away #i feel something so much lighter #and it genuinely feels so much better than the feeling i was after in the past #both myself and my love for them are progressing #i could cry of happiness #personal
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  • the-gay-prometheus
    13.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #ask games! #long post #a brief pause in frankenposting #i wrote most of this at 4 AM so forgive any mistakes i missed while proofreading lol
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  • leafsheepseaslug
    12.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    chicory is good

    #chicoryposting#chicory spoilers #i mean it's nothing plot important but still. #chicory a colorful tale #wandersong #i knew they were in the game somewehere but i didnt know where #so i literally gasped out loud when i saw them #also please don't mind the long pauses thats me starting and stopping recording. also sorry for my bad attempt at music ajslkdfj i tried
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  • xseen2muchx
    11.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Strand/ Barbie: if you come, I mean come with me, the hotel room was more the acceptable last time I was there. I mean...my benefactors are very generous. I mean- if you're not busy.

    Alex: Are you asking me to marry you in the Swiss alps?

    Strand/ Barbie: ....*awkward* no?


    #oh look another one #incorrect black tapes quotes #;) #with his signature long pause
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  • lactosefreevanillayoghurt
    10.06.2021 - 5 days ago
    #sorry this took so long i was in a two day long twelve hour photography exam #my brain is gone #so this will be incoherent #:D #good luck yall #had to pause writing this cause a car drove past blasting rap music and i had to bop to it for approximately three seconds #i turned into a chad #help#anyway #we are the tigers #kate dalton#chess watt#eva sanchez
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  • riotnsurf
    09.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    french is indeed insufferable

    #i won’t be reviving my long paused studies anymore #no nope
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  • foxstens
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    he gave him the leaf 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧

    #my posts#animanga#liveblogging #guess whos reading the manhua again -_____- #i crave that good starember art!!!! #im at the ox cart scene #and so far it's been mostly me pausing to stare at mu qing a lot more than necessary #and crying over certain things #like the four great tales or however theyre called #the fact that we get to know the story behind all of them #the fact that we get to know the /people/ behind all of them #and same goes for the four calamities holy shit #AND WHEN LING WEN'S EXPOSITING ABT HC #AND IT SHOWS HIM!!! #WITH HIS BEAUTIFUL SELF AND LONG ASS HAIR #GOD!!!!! #and then he shows up as san lang as i fall in love every time i look at him #HES JUST!!!!!!!!! #and the leaf.... #its such an innocent thing #its a maple leaf #and he just gives it to xl #and then there's the panel that comes right after #one of my faves really #AND I JUST THINK THAT #THE FACT THAT XL IS OLDER THAN HC #THE FACT THAT XL SAVED HIM FIRST AND STILL DOES SO EVERY DAY #THEYRE VERY IMPORTANT THINGS OK #i just have so much love for this story #liveblogging tgcf
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  • calain
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    god i’m watching marble hornets rn and. the house entries so far are so terrifying. but it’s so good i’m so intrigued

    #it's been too long since i've watched horror lmao i keep having to pause the video #also the totheark entries have impeccable vibes.
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  • romulanfucker
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    ugh god i love him so much sorry everyone this is all i care about now. 

    #worfy <3333333#undescribed #i may go back and add descs after i finish but its already taking me twice as long to get thru this movie as is #cause i keep pausing it to screencap worf #tos#movies
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  • systiques
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Joe Biden

    #its a long story #I was at a dinner party #and there was this kid #he wanted to see all the things that my friend had made #my friend has his stuff in the same room as my friend's older brother has his stuff #and older brother had a wilbur soot video open on the computer #paused #this kid likes to states facts he knows about things #which ig helps him relate to the information #so he goes #oh there's joe biden! #and I just kinda wheeze and roll out the door #it was disappointing afterward when I realized that he was pointing to a bobble-head of obama #but still
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  • liethrasir
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    I’m gonna be putting this blog on a complete activity pause while I kick around some ideas for a few things-- 

    #[The Voice of He Who Flips the Ebon-Hourglass || OOC] #RIGHT BLOG THIS TIME AROUND #BUT ANYWAY #They're some integration ideas for with my other blog #With any luck this won't take too long but my luck tends to dictate otherwise #My OCs will still pop up over on the other blog and other places #And I may break the pause depending on how much they want to do stuff
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  • lettalady
    07.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    The Long Journey Home

    Chapter 4: We might never ‘get over’, only ‘get through’

         There is a peace that comes in the early hours of the morning that rarely occurs any other time of day – when most of the world is sleeping, though few are always up going about their business. It was early when you were left alone in the room you’d been escorted to, when you struggled out of your slacks and tucked into the strange bed to attempt something akin to sleep. Something told you not to fully undress, but to keep the slacks and the shoes you’d traded for your own close at hand. It’s better to be prepared in case you need to be up and ready to move quickly.

          Moving from place to place, from refugee camps to the hole in the wall you’re trying to call home here in Madripoor, you’ve gotten used to laying awake staring at whatever qualified as a roof over your head and calling that ‘rest’. You’ve reasoned it’s the better choice than waking anyone within earshot with your reactions to the nightmares trapped in your head.

         The painkillers Sami the medic gave you have made the room hazy, blending the shadows springing from the corners with the memories of Before pushing for acknowledgement. At one point you’re sure you see your former employer standing in the half-opened doorway, soft light from the hallway beyond framing his features. It’s the first dream from Before that hasn’t instantly woken you to sob quietly or shake in a bed drenched with sweat.

    As always -  [ find the story on   AO3  ||  Wattpad ]

    #the long journey home #imagine helmut zemo #imagine baron helmut zemo #imagine james bucky barnes #imagine james buchanan barnes #yes you will pry buchanan out of my cold dead fingers #zemo reader bucky smut that turned into THERE MUST BE PLOT AND ANGST DARN IT #ok before I shoot myself in the foot here we're gonna pause with four chapters that's a decent buffer .... right... oh lord
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  • heyheyfuck0
    07.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    ok also....rooney mara as lisbeth salander is...yea.....//.

    #.//. #i kno i said if i could look like anyone it would be hayley but also and maybe more it would be rooney mara as lisbeth salander #literally i watched the movie and paused it on this scene and cut up one of my favourite vintage ts to try and replicate this #i got the collar literally perfectly but i went too far trying to do some stuff with the ribs and ruined the shirt #literally so badasss..... #i just saved like 5 pics of her lmao #her whole style through that movie is like fucking insane #the motorcycle...the pants!!!!! even when she does the crazy black paint across her eyes is like wow ok #i need to vintage shop again n get another shirt n not go so ham #literally if i could hav her whole wardrobe id never change #i need more black pants and black tank tops #literally im gonna get a big dragon back tattoo not even inspired by her but also now that i think about it sortve #actually inspired by brad pit in snatch cause i thought his chest tat was a dragon for a long time lmao
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  • delilahhbard
    06.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    update, Alex and Poppy are hilarious and I wanna punch them in the face because it's quite obvious they're in love so idk whaaaaaat they think they're doing. 😂

    #haven't laughed like this in so long #pauses then says
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  • mxleahy
    05.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hi it’s been a little bit! We’re changing things up here for a moment with an Eileen headcanon which is that I think they like to ride horses! It’s not something they get to do often but they like the swaying feeling of being in the saddle and feeling the horse talk through the reins and the way it’s walking. If they‘re able to take a few days off they’ll try to find a place where they can take a guided trail ride - it can be tricky, most places aren’t used to or willing to accommodate someone who’s deaf - but a couple times a year at least they get to sit on a horse and just enjoy life for a few hours.

    #supernatural#eileen leahy #’its been a little bit’ I say after not posting for like one day as if this blog didn’t regularly take week-long pauses
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  • cherriki
    04.06.2021 - 1 week ago


    #i really put that on pause for so long bc i was just.. thinking abt my trauma
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  • milfsmp
    04.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    its so weird to me how the dsmp fandom likes semi lore but at the same time will sometimes just ignore the existence of times where ccs are semi in character and interacting w/ each other just because the line gets a little blurry and i just. its improv dkncjks of course theyre going to have whole streams where they talk to each other and are amicable and friends even if they dont say it. like i had no idea people thought philza and tubbo werent canonically friends until the ghast cannon stream? i always saw the bunches of times where they interacted as being semi canon, phils positive view on tubbo didnt come from nowhere or just from the snowchester visit, hes very aware of tubbo and ranboos marriage and of michael and has been joking around with tubbo and like.

    yeah it wasnt stated to be hard lore i guess and of course there was a lot of moments where they referenced out of universe stuff but thats also how the beeduo marriage developed lol. a lot of people may think tubbos character seems like hes not doing anything but like. when you start to take into consideration that tubbo has always been semi-in character and likes unstructured improv the most then you see how his relationships grow and how he's not a super guarded person, he's just like, genuinely forgiving and trusting towards people. he's a nice person! of course he's going to make friends with philza, they're both very open to the idea of change, especially positive change

    its probably just like my experience with improv rp because ive always been apart of rps that intertwine the real world with the fictional world, but once you see the streams that arent planned and arent obviously lore as the characters just going day by day it gets easier to not think too harshly of characters and to start thinking of them as people. some streamers have a firmly set in structure for how they play their characters, and some of them just. dont. and thats okay.

    ive been apart of an rp where my character (who funnily enough was my sona/self insert for the universe so maybe thats why i went through the pipeline to being a dsmp enjoyer) got hurt by my now morail's character (who was a character he used for a completely different universe and the backstory was that she wasnt meant to be in this one), my character had genuine trauma and nightmares over it and was also one of the most active characters, i usually played her day to day life when my other characters were apart of paused events or when i was just bored, and they drove the story for the majority of part 1, and their injury was the catalyst for us as actors getting a good ending. there was no plan about any of this, just the pure luck of me being invested and able to be online all day, and the pure chance of my morail messaging me "hey is it ok if your character gets injured" with the only plan being how, and no one else knowing what would happen or when. by the time the rp stopped, our characters were still comfortable living in the same building, looked out for each other, gave each other gifts, and my character stated that she cares about the other even if they didnt forgive her quite yet because ze still felt the effects of what happened. all because us as actors became close and didnt want to rp a situation where our characters had heavy grudges (hell, he admitted that pup started wanting his characters to be helpful and positive because he and i became close and i was the most active force in making sure the characters were happy and that the story didnt go too far into unsatisfying tragedy)

    this is just a long way of saying like. yeah. no wonder phil and tubbos characters are friends in canon even after everything, the ccs play their characters to be nice people that dont hold grudges for a long time even if theyre often wary and not the most trusting of others, both are open to the idea that those on opposing sides can change for the better (even if tubbo is even open enough to still consider people on opposing sides as people that he often still cares about and doesnt actively judge until they go too far, like punz). their characters are really connected to how the streamers themselves are, and both of them seem to prefer laid back rp that was done on the go rather than strictly planned, liking loose scripts with small planned events that they bounce off of rather that firm "this is what will happen" kind of situations. so yeah no, im surprised the fandom didnt consider them canonically friends before jkdncjksnk

    #long post#dsmp#philza#tubbo #do they have a duo name? itd be fun if they did #their dynamic is really special to me okay #philza and his little shit of a schrodingers son #idk idk its really special to me how tubbo is the only one that philza hasnt actively shot down the idea of having raised #even if he doesnt actively consider tubbo a son either #mask mews#injury ment #the rp i talked about didnt have a satisfying end btw outside of like. some people knowing each other and me and the story writer #being really close most of the actors were complete strangers at the start. it was originally going to end with no one being happy #and for a long time i was the only one who actively gunned for a happy ending jdkcnjdk #but eventually drama happened and people started drifting apart and we started planning things too heavily and made a story #that was way too confusing that most actors werent able to make sense of and a lot of miscommunication happened blah blah blah #and the rp was just. put on perma pause and everyone moved on #some people started a reboot but the main person who started it is scared of me so i just moved onto different things #like dsmp! as much trauma as that rp gave me im glad it led to me coming here :] #i dont think dsmp will end up like that btw ultimately our downfall was being a lot of kids that tried to speedrun friendship lmao #i think dsmp has some flaws but only really ones that are present in almost every roleplay #rather than ones thatll destroy the story #anyways feel free to ask about the rp i was apart of i genuinely did love it while it was happening #do i love it now? eh. but it taught me a lot of things and i got to make a lot of people happy so thats what matters in the end
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  • gotalktoyourfriends
    03.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #obviously the rerecordings are massive undertaking and they take time but yeah pausing her career for 2 years seems way too long #ask#anon
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