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    34. daydream

    HELPLINE —kang taehyun smau ☆゚.*・。゚

    pairing: kang taehyun x reader ⊰⊹ฺ genre: fluff, angst, humor/slice of life ⊰⊹ฺ word count: 2.1k oof ⊰⊹ฺ chapter type: full text ⊰⊹ฺ chapter warning: this is purely indulgent for all the taehyun-y/n enthusiasts (also an apology chapter for being so slow with updates >.<)

    GENERAL FOREWORD: I have no ill intention of romanticizing emotional manipulation. I aim to portray a story that will give awareness to these matters, as they are very much real and victims shouldn't be labeled, judged, or stigmatized. Please know that I made a thorough research prior, along with everything that I learned as a psychology major, as I was conceptualizing the story so as to give a realistic point of view.

    "i can't believe you like mint chocolate", the man sitting across you frowned.

    "i can't believe you don't like mint chocolate!", you retorted, balled fist on the table.

    "it tastes awful."

    "no, you are awful! how dare you hate on any ice cream flavor!", your brows furrowing as you stared down at him. but instead of being intimidated, taehyun’s lips slowly twisted into what seemed like he's stifling a laugh. "what?", you asked now raising an eyebrow.

    "i have never seen anyone got so worked up to fight for ice cream rights", he said before fully letting out a loud laugh.

    if he were a different person, you would've given him a smack in the arms for laughing at something so serious. 

    and yet, he wasn't.

    you watched as his eyes transform into upside down crescents, head thrown back, and both of his hands clutching his stomach. you watched as the background begin to blur, the butterflies in your stomach flutter like it was their first time out of the cocoon. you watched as your anger melt into a puddle, dissolving into nothing but complete admiration for the sight in front of you.

    he is beautiful. in fact, too beautiful that you thought you were in a daydream.

    "it wasn't..." you started but your throat suddenly ran dry. "it wasn't like that!", you feigned.

    for a second, he stopped laughing only to see your cheeks have turned brighter than they originally were. "oh god, you are so cute!", he cooed with his eye smile still visible. 

    it was a playful remark, perhaps he didn't really mean it in a way you like it to be. but it didn't help as the butterflies have now become more frantic.

    to distract yourself, you shifted your gaze into the busy view of the amusement park outside the ice cream shop. at one point you even thought you saw someone who looked like soobin.

    "you wanna go home now, cutie?", taehyun asked when he finally settled down, to which you quickly shook your head in response.

    "i still want to look around", you answered honestly.

    "but it's going to get dark soon. i promised yeonjun to bring you home before six."

    you sighed and pouted before adjusting the strap of your sling bag. it's not everyday that you get to visit the park, all the more be alone with your long time crush, so you really want to spend the most of it.

    "but we can still look around if that's what you like." his suggestion was met with glazed eyes and puppy smile from you as if it was the brightest thing he ever said the whole afternoon. you excitedly stood up and walked towards the door into the noisy park once again.

    how you got into this point? you're not really sure. one moment you were having fun with your friend. and then arya had to go home because she said she was feeling sick. beomgyu soon followed saying a groupmate called him for an urgent meeting. and the rest, coming up with random excuses. it didn't really occur to you until the time yeonjun excused himself saying soobin asked for his assistance or something. 

    maybe this was their plan all along? knowing your friends and the stupid ideas they always come up with. though that theory would be impossible since beomgyu and soobin didn't know about your feelings for the guy nor the sunshine situation; it would just be weird for them to play along.

    "look at that plushie", your got cut off from your thoughts when taehyun pointed out something in front of you.

    you peered to where he was pointing and saw a weird looking koala plushie hanging under the neon sign that says 'shooting range, winner get's this'

    "we should get that one!" he said dragging you towards the booth.

    it took him couple tries and several charming pleading eye smiles before the old lady finally gave him the stuffed animal.

    "see, i told you i'd get it!" smiling proudly as he passed the gray plushie to you.

    “the target was literally at arm’s reach but it took you almost half an hour”,  you teased.

    "stop that, i tried hard hard so I can get this for you", he whined cutely.

    if there was an option where you can pause everything and just scream in exhilaration and giddiness, you would have murdered that button by now.

    "something wrong?" he asked.

    "it looks weird", you commented trying to mask the blush that's starting to creep in your cheeks.

    "yeah, i agree. it looks like you."

    "what do—" before you can complete your sentence, he gave you a little shrug and started running away.

    "yah! kang taehyun!", you shouted running after him as soon as you realized what he meant.

    you circled in that small space, chasing and giggling to each other like little children. the annoyed and endeared stares from passerby didn't bother you as you're both having fun.

    "hey cutie, look how beautiful the sky is’’, taehyun said as he walked you home. 

    you quickly glanced upwards only to see a cloudless afternoon sky, yet you agree with him. the warm orange tint complemented the varying shades of blue and purple, at some point they fused into a color you definitely have never seen before. definitely magical.

    though as beautiful as it was, you can’t help but be reminded of how this day is ending soon. just like a daydream.

    "it's almost blue hour", you whispered.

    "what did you say?"

    "did you know in japan, they have this superstition where you can apparently see the spirits at the hour when it’s neither night nor day?" your eyes still marveling at the sight beyond.

    "like at this hour?", he asked. 

    the light touch of his left palm on the small of your back didn't go by unnoticed. you know it was just him being a total gentleman, to guide you so you won't bump into anything while distracted, but your cheeks began to heat up uncontrollably; rivaling the flush skies.

    "it's interesting, isn't it? like who knows you’re passing by a person not from our reality."

    he hummed in response. "you'll never know who you'll come across", he said with a hint of tenderness in his voice making you glance at his side.

    "i was talking about spirits mr. kang," you teased trying to make the mood a little lighter. "but it seems that you are referring to a different subject. something a lot deeper, hmm?"

    "i was following your line of thought, cutie", he said as he booped your nose, which caught you off-guard.

    "w-well, if you say so", you shyly replied.

    you wanted to say something more but your mind decided to focus on that spot on top of your nose; and if your cheeks could get any more hotter than it already was.

    you thank the gods when taehyun decided to break the growing silence, "if i'm going to answer your question, would you answer mine too?"

    "is this twenty questions or what?", you laughed.

    "yeah, why not? i have a lot of questions to ask.”

    "dude don’t even try to ask me why the sun is yellow.”

    “well the sun isn’t even yellow in the first place, but my questions are about you, tiny. i want to know you more”, he said casually. and for some reason, his calm demeanor right now was the icing on top; you swore he heard you gasp for air.

    “okay, whatever you say,” you replied trying to mirror him. “answer the question then.”

    you heard him chuckle, “i technically answered your question already, but i'm going to say it again. i was just following your line of thought."

    "what? no fair!! you said—"

    "shh keep quiet cutie, it's my turn now." he said, running his hands through his hair. "is there something going on between you and yeonjun?"

    "yeonjun? why would you think that?", you replied almost stumbling in your nerves.

    "you don't answer a question with a question, babe."

    “i-i would never win in technicalities with you, won’t i?” you shot him with a side glare, making him chuckle for the nth time today. “well mr. kang, there is nothing going on between me and yeonjun. i don't know where you got the idea but i guess we're just really close to look like we're dating or something, when we're not." 

    he hummed in response. okay? and what was that supposed to mean?

    "n-now my turn!"

    "why are you stuttering?"

    “i’m not“

    he dipped his head to peer at your face, ”you seem nervous.’’

    “i-i said i’m not!“

    ‘‘yes you are. did i make you nervous?“

    "i should be the one asking you the question now." you said crossing your arms while pouting. 

    he let out a small okay as a sign of surrender.

    "did i do something for you not to like me?", realizing how that question could easily be misunderstood, you quickly added, "i-i mean, you were kinda mean to me before. so uhh... that's what i meant with not liking me"

    "i know cutie. and no, i've always liked you. what made you think that way?"

    "dude i also asked the same thing with the yeonjun question."

    he shook his head in disbelief. "humans and their frail comprehension to human behavior", laughter evident in his voice.

    "spoken like a true alien," you played along. "tell me sir, what do you know about comprehension to human behavior?"

    "i never get why can't just humans tell their feelings and thoughts out loud for the other person to know? then, it would solve almost all of their worries."

    "as if that's easy thing, mr. alien", you paused momentarily thinking whether you should stop yourself or not. you decided the latter. "you see, humans are more complex than what they seem to be. while it's an admirable trait to live bravely, there will always be fear”, you sighed. ”sometimes, living in the reality of not knowing is better than dying from the pain of the truth. if you've been there, you'll know."

    it was after you said those that you realized how intently was he staring at you. you can tell even through your peripheral vision. you were about to ask him what's wrong when you saw his eyes glistened with awe, his mouth slightly hanging open in an ‘o’ shape.

    "yah! stop looking at me like i just discovered gravity or something!"

    "it felt like you did", he whispered. "i didn't know you had this side of you, y/n."

    "w-well probably because you were so busy hating me before", you replied.

    "hey, when did i ever become mean to you?"

    "for starters, you always give me the ‘taehyun look’ everytime we pass by each other at the hallways before!" you pouted.

    "taehyun look?"

    "yeah, that sassy i'm-going-to-kill-you type of look. i was scared you’d suddenly pick me up and throw me or something."

    and just like earlier at the ice cream shop, he suddenly gave you that. head thrown hands at stomach, laugh.

    "yah! what’s even funny with what i said?" 

    "god, you're so cute y/n, what am i going to do with you?" he murmured as he reached out to your cheeks.

    his warm hands against your equally warm cheeks, steadying your eyes to meet his. he was still smiling from the laughing fit. it was then that you finally got what his body mist actually smelled like, lavender. but that information did nothing to help your heart from beating so loud. the was incredibly tall, his fringe lightly dancing along august air, and his calming scent clouding up your senses. up close, he looked even more surreal.

    "did you really kissed yeonjun at the rollercoaster?", he whispered, making you scrunch your forehead.

    in normal circumstances, you would've racked your brain for that non existent memory. but the fact that he's bringing up the topic when you're in this proximity with each other is just too much. 

    "when..." you whispered, making him lean a little closer to hear what you had to say. he could be unaware of the excruciatingly small gap in between, or he's completely aware but he's doing this on purpose. 

    he's now an inch away, breath fanning across your lips, his eyes never leaving yours— and then it hits you. you might have your first kiss taken away a few seconds from now; under the beautiful sunset sky, by the man you liked for a long time.


    "would it be fine if i—"

    the thick air was suddenly cut off by the sound of his phone blaring, 'sofi' registered on the caller screen.

    of course.

    it did hit. and God, did it hit you faster than a train running 320 kilometers per hour.

    HELPLINE —kang taehyun smau ☆゚.*・。゚

    ♡ synopsis: determined to take the pain off the past, y/n wanted nothing more but become the help and comfort that others needed. yet here comes the man with an obnoxiously adorable eye smile, unintentionally ready to sabotage all that she thought was healing— that includes a 24/7 help line and an alternate persona.

    previous || masterlist || next

    taglist: @00-baejin-05​ @kthstigmas​ @she-is-dreaming @sherlockholicsbysoobin​ @meiinumaki​ @nikicoeur​ @renwritings​ @beomkihao​ @virtualoperatorcloudherring @rae-blogging​ @pixyseeun​ @pr0dbeomgyu​ @boraha-e​ @soobsdior​ @iminchaosnow​ @jjikyuu​ @lokideadontheinside​ @flowers4riki​ @hasahi​ @badroseee​ @softkons​ @loonatheworld​ @lumixen​ @jeminiepabo​ @nyfwyeonjun​ @shittynana​ @lycorisdoreablack​ @hobizi​ @youreverydayzebra​ @kpop-khh-writer-trash​ @nshitae @soobinbins @owlien123​ @april1538​ @cerisetalks​ @envy-brr​ @dnghycks-bestie​ @dongmarklie @geniejunn​ @90s-belladonna​ @injunsflwr @ikyk-leeknow​ @nichiverse​ @mi-nombre-es-simp​ @taehyunsfel​ @beombeomlvr​ @evertyun​ @stoof​ @letmeal0ne @etherealcherrie​

    ♡ if you want to be added on taglist/tell me what you feel about this chapter, you may send an ask!

    a/n: this is kinda long but i really hope you like it (;ŏ﹏ŏ) and if you could, please send in your theories on what do you think will happen next!! im curious hihi 

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    Stargazing with them PT.2

    ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ(s): Thoma, Tartaglia, Zhongli, and Razor.

    ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: None, it just isn’t proof read. Gender neutral reader (Pronouns aren’t mentioned)

    ᴛʏᴘᴇ: Head canons 

    ᴅᴇsᴄʀɪᴘᴛɪᴏɴ/ᴘʀᴏᴍᴘᴛ: You go on a stargazing date with them. 

    ᴀ/ɴ: Here is part two! I loved making Razor’s part, because he is such a good boy. There might be a part three, but I am not too sure yet.

    Thoma’s first date with you was stargazing, he loves just being out in nature so he didn’t think twice before he asked you to go with him one night. 

    Since that date, it has practically become a ritual for the two of you, especially after playing the hotpot game. Assuming that both of you can still stand afterwards without puking.

    There are days that you don’t feel like eating before you go, which is fine, because when Thoma meets you at your stargazing spot, he holds a basket full of your favorite foods and drinks the two of you can share. 

    Thoma continues these dates, even when you arrive back in Mondstadt when you manage to get out of Inazuma. He takes you to Starsnatch Cliff that same night so you can watch the stars together.

    The area around the cliff is rather quiet aside from the gentle lapping of the waves down below and the soft breeze flowing through your hair. As you lay against the grass with a fresh picked Celia in hand, Thoma ceases his talking to gaze upon your beauty.

    He decided right then that everything the two of you had gone though in Inazuma was worth it. All the tears, pain and laughter that got you to this point was something he would do again if it meant he could have you.

    So as you get lost in the beauty of the stars above you, Thoma gets lost in your beauty too, reaching a slim hand to pull you against his body. Nothing could compare to the happiness he felt when you were around.

    The two of you continue to go on these simple dates for years and it becomes some of your fondest memories. Your location may have changed, but the love that radiated from the both of you certainly did not even as he gets down on one knee years later, promising himself to you forever.

    “The sight of you under the moonlight cannot compare to any beauty I have seen before.”

    Tartaglia has the mora to take you anywhere in Liyue you wish to go on a date, so he is quite surprised when you ask to go stargazing instead of dinner as some fancy restaurant. 

    The man is quite the competitor even outside of the little sparring matches the two of do on the daily. This means that he will always try and ‘one-up’ you when it comes to what he brings to your date.

    There have been multiple times where he uses his mora to go all out for you, buying roses, dinner, and even dessert. You can remember the first time he went all out like this, in your hands was a bottle of wine and your favorite dessert, but by the time you got to the designated spot, Tartaglia was already there with a whole feast for the both of you.

    Tartaglia is now the biggest fan of your stargazing dates, often even telling his subordinates about how you are the most wonderful partner he has ever had.

    Even if he seems super tough and playful most of the time, Tartaglia is quite the clingy lover when it comes down to it. He wants nothing more than to spend his days wrapped up in your arms or keeping you trapped in his. He never wants to let you go.

    Tartaglia misses being back home in Snezhnaya with his family, but with the way you smile at him under the blanket of stars above you, he never wants to leave Liyue. At least not unless you go back with him.

    As the two of you sit under the endless sea of stars above, Tartaglia pulls you closer and begins to tell you about his homeland. He allows his memories of his childhood to flood out in an endless sea of words. It is during this time that you tell yourself that you are definitely going to visit Snezhnaya with him in the future.

    "Looks like I win again! Ah, don’t make that face, you knew it was going to happen~”

    Zhongli likes taking you out for rather simple dates which is usually somewhere you can drink tea and admire beautiful scenery. Mainly because he doesn’t have much mora usually.

    Stargazing with you is not just a cheap option, but it also gives him time to appreciate just how beautiful you are with the moonlight washing over your delicate features.

    The two of you take this time on your date to talk about the little things, Zhongli shares subjects with you about his past, things that no one else really knows. You do the same, however, the former Archon already knows most of your life since you did grow up in Liyue.

    After you shared your liking for Osmanthus wine, Zhongli never fails to bring some with you for your date. The both of you have stumbled home more than tipsy on quite a few occasions. Tartgalia or Aether have had to escort you two home on numerous occasions now.

    Zhongli never brings just wine with him, he often goes to Wanmin Restaurant and orders a bunch of food to bring with him. It’s always the perfect combination for a date, wine, food, and stargazing.

    Once the two of you are settled down against the grass, Zhongli can’t help himself from showering you in compliments. Always going on about how the moonlight makes your eyes shine like jewels and your skin glow.

    Since this is one of the only moments you have to actually be alone, Zhongli wastes no time in peppering your face in kisses, nuzzling his nose along your cheek. The soft, lingering scent of your perfume has him never wanting to leave your side, you are a gem that he needs to cherish for the rest of eternity. 

    He is a very affectionate man at heart, however, he does not wish to participate in public affection as to not make other people uncomfortable. However, the moment that you are alone with him, Zhongli will take the opportunity to pull you in for quite a long cuddle.

    “My love, you are more beautiful than even the brightest stars in the night sky.”

    Razor’s favorite place to stargaze with you is right where Andrius usually resides, however, the wolf is never to be found while you and Razor are on your date.

    He never fails to bring you things like crystals, flowers, or even Electro crystals. The poor boy has gotten shocked too many times to count.

    Razor likes being close to his wolf family while the two of you enjoy your dates, this makes him not only feel at home, but safe too. The wolves never dare to approach you without Razor being in your company. Something to do with respect.

    Razor doesn’t really understand a whole bunch of human customs, nor is his english the greatest, but he always tries to put a smile on your face.

    There are some date nights where you spend your time helping him understand things that he finds confusing, he is glad he has a Lupical like you!

    While the two of you gaze at the stars, Razor can’t help but pet your hair as he practically sits in your lap. Human customs may be lost on him to an extent, however, he does know the way you relax into his touch makes his heart do flips.

    On colder nights, Razor brings quite a few blankets to make sure that you are nice and toasty. He is used to the bite of the wind, but seeing they way you shiver at the chilly air has him stocking up on blankets for you. He usually gets them from Bennett.

    To make sure that you are well fed in his presence, it isn’t uncommon for Razor to ask Aether to help prepare food for you. It usually is mostly meat because he craves the taste, but he always brings you extra vegetables. 

    “L-Look what Razor brought for Lupical! Crystals!”
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    Cupbearer (Eren/Reader)

    Part III

    Part I

    Part II

    Part IV (in progress)

    Warnings: MINORS DO NOT INTERACT (im watching you, if you see this, begone!), vampire!eren, hunter!reader, fem!reader, smut, some amount of predator/prey dynamics but only kinda?? there is also a significant age difference but only cos eren is immortal and all that jazz. we're all adults here. there will eventually be smut.... and do i really need to say that there's gonna be blood in a vampire fic?

    Description: A story of falling in love in 4 parts.

    Eren is a bad man (well, a bad Creature) who has done bad things. When he meets the great-great-great granddaughter of one of his former friends in his favorite blood bar, however, he thinks it might not matter so much what happened in the past, so long as he can make the future something worth living to see.

    Ao3 link here

    After that night, it became increasingly hard for (Y/N) to leave, and for Eren to let her do so.

    Something between them had changed. There were moments— when Eren would press feather-light kisses against her forehead, when he would casually leave a cup of her favorite tea where she would find it— where (Y/N) felt as though her heart might burst. It was all the little things that baffled her, all the ways in which he seemed to understand exactly how she felt; it was as though he knew her more than she knew herself. On the mornings that she would wake in his bed, sleepy and sticky and wholly content, (Y/N) wondered what it would be like to have this life forever.

    Other days— on days like today— she was reminded exactly why that could never be, and it broke her heart.

    Today, they had planned a romantic dinner in the park, an evening under the stars. It was supposed to be something special, a little getaway just for the two of them; they had wanted to leave as soon as (Y/N) was relieved from her patrol, so Eren had moved her things to his place, hoping that they could leave together from there for their evening alone.

    In and of itself, that was fine… but when (Y/N) came in, covered head-to-toe in viscous Creature blood, Eren was furious.

    “And you call me a monster,” he growled, looking her up and down with hate in his eyes. “I can’t believe you.”

    He stood from his seat on the sofa, and (Y/N) began to back away, still wary from the fight she had narrowly escaped from unscathed. Her every instinct told her that she should run, fire a round of silver bullets into his chest, but she steeled herself, doing neither.

    “It’s not my fault— they were attacking a civilian,” she told him as he stalked towards her, his face twisted into a horrific scowl. “I tried to stop them— tried to find out what was going on— but then they came at me with their claws, and I was left with no choice.”

    “There is always a choice,” he snarled, and it was then that anger filled (Y/N) from the soles of her feet to the crown of her head. "They were probably terrified of you— how could you possibly blame them for lashing out?"

    (Y/N) grit her teeth.

    “This, from the man who thought genocide was his only option to the same problem?”

    Eren made a low, warning sound in the back of his throat, but (Y/N) pressed on.

    “You would rather me have died?” she demanded, stepping into his space. “Would it have pleased you more for my body to bleed out on the pavement, ripped to shreds by an aggressive werewolf? Would you even care, or would you just find the next blood bag and move on with your life?”

    “Maybe so,” he shot back, “Then I wouldn’t have to deal with your insufferable mouth.”

    That stung— but if there was one thing (Y/N) knew how to do, it was to strike back twice as hard as she had been struck.

    “Fine then,” she said, turning on her heel. “I won’t bother you any longer. I’ll go out and find someone who actually wants my company, someone who’ll fuck me good and proper over the counter at some hole-in-the-wall bar over on Easy Street, someone younger, with a nicer cock and less fucking baggage— ”

    She didn’t get to finish the sentence, or even walk a single step further— Eren grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to him, his fist painfully tight against her scalp.

    “Wanna say that again, to my face?” he asked, tilting her head back.

    “I’ll go find someone else to fuck me,” she spat, struggling in vain against him. “I’ll spread my legs for the next available schmuck in the closest bar I can find, so you can hear me scream his name and not yours.”

    It was a low blow, to threaten a vampire’s claim on something they had previously assumed had belonged to them, but (Y/N) didn’t care. She had almost died today, and she’d be damned if she was going to take shit from anyone about what she had to do to survive. If Eren wanted a fight, she would damn sure give him one.

    “Like hell you will,” he told her, pulling her head back so that she had to strain to remain standing. “You’re mine. Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood— you are my Companion.”

    "I belong to no one!"

    Those words ripped from her throat and echoed throughout the empty house, and it was then that Eren stopped, looking at her with calculation in his gaze.

    "You're right," he said, releasing her hair. "No mortal can serve two masters, lest they love one and despise the other; an archaic religious concept, but an accurate one nonetheless. You've made it abundantly clear where your loyalty lies. I was a fool for thinking otherwise."

    (Y/N) began to tremble. "Eren, what are you saying?"

    "I release you from our pact," he replied coldly, his eyes so dull and lifeless that it sent a chill down her spine. "No longer are you bound to be my wine-press— I free you from me."


    "Go," he commanded, and (Y/N) felt terribly, horribly empty.

    Once, he would have told her to come freely, go safely, and leave something of the happiness she brought him; now, he gave her a cold dismissal, and it frightened her more than she was willing to admit. Still, she went, feeling hollow and used, and she didn't bother to shut the door behind her as she turned to walk home, weary from the day and sick from fighting.


    Armin had lived for a very long time, but even so, he had yet to meet anyone so foul of temper as Eren when the Hunger was on him.

    "Eren, you have to feed."

    The vampire, as ill in health as in temper, glared weakly at him. "I'm not hungry."

    "But you are Hungry, and don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about. Look, if this is about that girl—"

    "I told you not to speak of her!"

    Ah, so it was about her. By the looks of him, it had been two weeks since Eren had fed; Armin would bet that he hadn't seen her in the same amount of time.

    "If I need to, I'll drag her here to make up with you myself," said Armin testily, "I refuse to watch my best friend starve himself because he refuses to feed on anyone else."

    "You will not touch her."

    Armin rolled his eyes, but didn't say anything further. He just patted Eren's arm in farewell and set about finding the little lady who was the root cause of his current consternation.

    It took longer than Armin had anticipated to find the young woman who had, for all intents and purposes, completely unraveled Eren's composure; her scent, while thick and memorable in Eren's apartment, was hard to track otherwise. Armin spent two hours just wandering the city while trying to catch a breath of it here or there, and when he finally did manage to catch a whiff of her scent and follow it to her, he understood exactly why it had been so hard to track her down.

    The girl was a Hunter, of all things.

    When Armin found her, she was knee-deep in sewage, her knife embedded to the hilt in the skull of what appeared to be some species of winged reptile. Armin, having been a tad desperate and not actually having been expecting to find anything when he lifted the lid to the man-hole on 32nd and Main, was surprised to say the least— and when (Y/N) ripped her knife free and readjusted her stance into a defensive one directed at him, his surprise turned to intrigue.

    “Er, hello there,” he said, scratching the back of his head. “I don’t suppose you’ll take my word for it that I just want to chat, will you?”

    Curiously, the words gave the woman pause. She relaxed her stance ever-so-slightly, and then her eyes lit up with recognition.

    “Armin Arlert?” she queried, craning her neck up to see him. “Is that you?”

    This one grows curiouser and curiouser, he thought, but responded affirmatively.

    “Can you give me a bit, then?” she asked, kicking the corpse of the Creature she’d just killed. “I’m not exactly fit for company. Perhaps we could meet later for a discussion over tea?”

    “I’m afraid it’s urgent,” he said as she knelt to decapitate her prey— likely for proof of victory. “I think you know why I’m here, so you understand that time is of the essence.”

    She didn’t look up at him as she replied.

    “If this is about Eren, then I don’t have time to talk.”

    Her tone was hard, bitter, and matter-of-fact, and it reminded Armin so much of Jean that it hurt… but just like Jean, Armin would bet that she could be won over by appealing to her inherent sense of human decency

    “He’s suffering (Y/N),” he said, awkwardly crouching above the manhole so that she could better see the truth written in his eyes. “He won’t feed.”

    “That’s hardly my problem.”

    And oh, how well Armin knew that state of mind. If there was one thing Eren Jaeger knew how to do, it was push away the people who loved him most. Armin had dealt with that particularly lovely quirk of his for centuries, and it never got easier to deal with no matter how much time passed. If anything, it got more difficult the older they both got.

    “When you’re the solution to a problem, you become a part of it whether you like it or not,” Armin replied, patient and understanding. “He cares for you.”

    (Y/N) looked up at him then, fury in her eyes.

    “He hurt me.”

    Armin shrugged. “He hurts everyone he cares about. It’s just who he is. Nothing comes for free— least of all the love and loyalty of someone as old and as powerful as Eren.”

    “Your heart may be toughened to his meanness,” she told him, the head of the creature she’d slain in her hands, “But mine is not, and I don’t like him well enough to willfully remain for him to use as an emotional punching bag.”

    At that, Armin couldn’t help but let loose a wry grin.

    “No,” he said, “I should think not; but I do think you love him well enough to make sure he doesn’t starve himself to death because he can’t have you.”

    (Y/N) was silent for a long moment, then she crossed her arms.

    “I won’t come crawling to him. He’s going to have to come to me.”

    Armin grimaced. He wasn’t looking forward to that conversation.

    “Is that at all negotiable?”

    (Y/N) shook her head. “Absolutely not.”

    Well, there was nothing for it.

    “And you will let him feed if he comes to you?”

    (Y/N) thought, then nodded. “If he proves himself deserving.”

    Armin couldn't help himself; he laughed. Eren might have met his match in this one.

    "Very well. I'll work my magic, and you work yours."

    She nodded and bade him farewell, but before Armin left, he paused.

    "Hey, (Y/N)?"


    "Thank you."

    With that, he left her, ready to take Eren by the ear and throw him at her if he had to.


    (Y/N)'s heart was racing as she opened the door, knowing good and well who would be behind it.

    After her little talk with Armin— and the near heart attack he had given her in the process— she had called in to Zeke and told him she needed to go home to deal with an emergency. A replacement for her patrols had been sent, and she had come home to wash the grim from her skin, making herself as presentable as possible with the time she had. (Y/N) was worried, so worried, that the filth she had been wading in earlier would have left a lingering stench, or even that it had affected the taste of her; she had scrubbed and scrubbed until her skin was raw, hoping to erase every last remnant of her day from her skin…but as it turned out, she needn't have bothered.

    Two, three, four hours later, and Eren hadn't shown— it was only now, right at the six hour mark, that he had decided to come to her.

    Needless to say, (Y/N) was… less than pleased, but when she opened the door to find Eren pale and drawn, with dark circles beneath his eyes, her heart softened ever-so-slightly. It seemed that Armin was right; he had been suffering.

    "You look like shit," she told him quietly, opening her door widely to let him in.

    "I assure you, I feel worse," Eren grumbled, but stepped in as she closed the door behind him.

    For a long, awkward moment, they just looked at each other, silent and unsure. It was unsettling how unlike himself Eren seemed; he was almost soft when he looked at her, and (Y/N) didn't know how to feel about it. Eventually, though, like two opposite ends of a magnet, they were drawn together, and Eren brushed a piece of hair back from her face.

    "Hi," he said, his voice low and rough. (Y/N) caught his hand in hers before it could fall from her hair, and she pressed it against her chest, keeping it trapped there, touching the skin above her beating heart.


    They watched each other a moment more before the dam broke between them, and they both spoke at once.

    "I'm sorry."

    A shared grin, a shy laugh— and then (Y/N) said what they both were thinking.

    "You need to feed first, and talk later," she told him, her hand still clasped in his. "You're not off the hook, but I doubt we can have any real conversation with you like this."

    Eren nodded gratefully, tugging at her wrist— his usual biting spot— but (Y/N) shook her head, indicating her neck. The thickest, richest blood, she knew, would come from there; and if there was ever a time to be generous with the placement of Eren's bite, she figured that it would be now.

    The worst of it was over quickly. There was a brief sting at the intrusion of razor-sharp fangs, and then the vaguely uncomfortable feeling of having something poking down into places that decidedly should not be poked at all, but then (Y/N) quickly eased into the rhythm of the act, focusing wholly on the way Eren's lips felt against her skin. In a few moments, she would become pleasantly light-headed, and then Eren would pull away and look at her like she'd hung the stars. Oh, how she'd missed that look! (Y/N) found herself longing for it even before she quite realized it.

    And then, without warning, a vision came, and (Y/N) was swept into another world entirely.

    The evening sky rolled endlessly out towards the horizon; it seemed to go on forever, sparkling with more stars than (Y/N) had ever seen before. The full moon was so bright that it cast the whole world in what seemed like silver sunlight, and (Y/N) wondered how anyone could sleep on a night such as this. It was far too beautiful an experience to miss.

    Alongside her— alongside Eren, through whose eyes she saw the world— strode Armin and two older-looking cadets who she recognized from previous memories as Reiner and Berthold. Eren was feeling anxious over something, and Reiner and Berthold were… well, they were kind. Reiner especially seemed to be like an older brother, and Eren admired him.

    "You'll do just fine tomorrow," said Reiner, placing a large, warm hand on Eren's shoulder. "I'm certain of it."

    The memory ended, and (Y/N) came back to herself as Eren's tongue laved over the wounds his fangs had left in her neck, sealing them.

    "See anything?" he asked, his breath warm against her skin, and (Y/N) nodded.

    "You loved them, too," she said softly, remembering the fondness Eren had felt as though it had been her own. "You loved the Hunters that tried to take everything from you, and— and I think they loved you, too."

    Eren pulled away from her, and it was then that she saw the tears shining in his eyes.

    "Yes," he replied, his voice broken. "We were children. How could we not love each other as God intended? Hate was never in our nature; it was an inheritance that we couldn't escape."

    He paused for a moment, then spoke again.

    "I'm sorry I hurt you," he told her, cupping her cheek in his hand. "I lost my temper. I forget— I forget that you're not them."

    And (Y/N) understood. She understood that no matter how many centuries passed, there would be wounds that just wouldn't heal for Eren. He would lash out at things that wouldn't make sense to anyone who hadn't experienced the horrors of war as he had. Suddenly, she felt petty for having lashed out as she had, and guilt threatened to rise up and choke her.

    "You're forgiven," she replied, leaning into his touch. "It takes two to tango— I shouldn't have baited you like I did. I knew how badly that would hurt you, and that's exactly why I said it."

    At that, Eren cracked a grin.

    "I expect nothing less from a Kirschtein. Your grandfather would have punched me square in the jaw— and as big as that bastard got when we were older, he probably would have put me on my ass."

    (Y/N) couldn't help but laugh, and Eren joined her, their combined joy swelling until there was nothing else in the world but their happiness.

    How they started kissing, neither one of them would be able to say afterwards, but in the grand scheme of things, it hardly mattered. Their love was too large to contain, too much to hold back— and it was love, (Y/N) realized, though she hadn't quite put words to it yet. She loved Eren Jaeger, a Creature, a monster, as much as her grandfather before her had and more. She loved him with a desperation that felt like being knocked over by an ocean wave and plunged into depths where her feet no longer touched the sand. She loved him more than she had ever loved anyone before.

    And, as he placed her gently on her bed that was barely big enough for two, divesting himself of his shirt above her, (Y/N) thought that maybe she didn't mind it so much as long as he loved her in return.

    "I missed you," said Eren, dropping kisses by her ear as he unhooked her bra. "I missed this."

    "Me too," she gasped as his mouth wandered to her nipple, her hands fisting in his hair. "Oh, God, I missed you too."

    The time for words was soon gone, however; Eren's sinful, sinful mouth traveled lower and lower until he was kissing at the insides of her thighs, parting them to access what lay between, and (Y/N) threw her head back as he spread her open with his hands and sucked brazenly at her clit.

    How long he spent there, worshipping her sex, (Y/N) had no idea; all she knew was that she came once from his mouth on her and a second time from his fingers inside her, and when he finally, mercifully withdrew, she was broken down to the simplest parts of herself; there was nothing left but an affection so deep that it threatened to overtake her if she didn't let it out, and she did the only thing she knew to do to release the overwhelming pressure that was building in her chest as Eren pushed his big, veiny cock into her.

    She told him what she should have said a long time ago.

    "Oh, Eren," she gasped as his cockhead shoved deep inside her. "I love you."

    As soon as the words came out of her mouth, Eren went unnaturally still. He looked at her with pupils blown wide inside emerald eyes, and his fangs slightly distended; in any other situation, (Y/N) might have laughed at how surprised he seemed, but it seemed as though she were frozen in time, unable to do anything but stare earnestly up at them, hoping he understood how much she cared for him.

    "You… what?"

    "I love you," she repeated, her body moving without her permission to roll her hips up into him, moving his cock even further inside her. "Please, Eren, I need—"

    He cut her off with a forceful, bruising kiss, and his hips started making slow, deep thrusts inside her, her legs hiked up over his shoulders.

    "Again," he said against her lips."Say it again."

    "I love you."

    Another thrust or two, a hand circling her wounded throat.


    "I love you, Eren."


    This time, it was only a whisper.

    "I love you," she said, and Eren began fucking her in earnest.

    "You are so fucking beautiful," he told her as he thrust hard and deep inside her. "You're every man's dream, a nirvana the damned such as myself were never meant to reach. (Y/N), you are everything, and I—"

    He seemed to choke on the words, and (Y/N) kissed him as he tried to regain his composure.

    "I don't deserve you," he said, shaking with the force of their passion. "I don't deserve your love."

    It's not about deserving, she wanted to say, It never was, but then she was coming again, her climax contracting her walls around her lover, and it was all she could do to remain conscious as Eren fucked her relentlessly through it all, chasing his own high.

    It was only later, after a shower and something to eat that they finally spoke again. They were back in bed, and Eren's arm was wrapped around her, as though he were afraid to let her go for even a moment; truthfully, (Y/N) thought he was asleep, but then his breath tickled her ear as he said,

    "I love you, angel."

    And that, (Y/N) thought, had been worth it all, in the end.

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    Making fic covers on Canva has no right being so fun

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    angels like you - JJK | M

    ↣ show up and dance, that’s what you expected to happen on another insipid Saturday evening that was stolen by your college, what you didn’t expect was a dance partner who was chosen for you without your knowledge.

    read another social experiment here ⚘

    pairing: jungkook x reader

    genre: smut, fluff, s2l

    word count: 4.8K

    warnings/tags: college au, social experiment, dancer!jungkook, dancer!reader, strong language, buff JK aha, explicit smut- dirty talk, biting/scratching, hickeys, car sex, grinding, clit pinching, fingering, edging, pussy slapping, hair pulling, slight overstimulation, riding, protected sex

    a/n: just because I keep thinking about social experiments that’ll never happen irl & Jungkook’s abs | The song they dance to is Sin City by Chrishan

    Shoving the double doors open, you halt in your step when the sight of a huge partition at the center of the hall greets you.

    You haven’t been here for years, but you know well enough that the partition was Mrs. Ahn’s idea.

    Sighing, you adjust your gym bag strap on your shoulder and make your way toward Hoseok, whose excitement causes you to groan internally. You set your bag on the bench against the wall and cross your legs as you sit next to him on the cool flooring, loud chatter drowning out any other sound.


    “Hi,” he beams, nudging your shoulder, “are you excited for today?”

    Scrubbing your palms down your face, you rest your elbows on your thighs and give him an unenthusiastic nod.

    He clicks his tongue, arms on your shoulders, “come on. It’s gonna be fun.”

    “Well,” you shrug off his hold, “it’ll be fun for you because you actually liked your routine. I hate mine.”

    “You’ve being saying that for the past two weeks, but you literally kill the dance.”

    You roll your eyes, “yeah, but that doesn’t mean I like it.”

    He taps his chin, “what don’t you like about it?”

    “I don’t know,” you fiddle with your shoelaces, “it just feels incomplete. Not the routine…But like, the dance.”

    You wave your arms in the air when he shoots you a confused look.

    “I don’t know how to explain it!”

    This dumb experiment is what caused your recent moods to be so shitty and out of control. Everybody else in your class received their own, fun, show-stopping choreography while you were stuck to practice a mediocre routine that felt…unfinished. The isolations and pauses annoyed you. While Hoseok said that everyone’s routine is different, that didn’t stop you from asking Mrs. Ahn for a new one. She had declined, obviously.

    “I wonder if they have the tracks ready,” Hoseok whispers, you follow his line of sight to the DJ on the other end of the stage.

    Adding to your irritation, the song that was chosen for you. If you hear it one more time, you might puke all over the stage.

    It’s sexy, any other day, you would’ve loved it, but it just added to the feeling that the dance might be lacking.

    You have no idea whether this counts toward your portfolio, so you couldn’t make any alterations, or add your own spice to the dance.

    “What’s with the partition?”

    Hoseok whips his head around to stare at the white, immovable barrier, some students lean against it as they chat.

    “I think there’s other students on the other side.”

    You narrow your eyes at him, mouth in a frown, “why would they separate us?”

    He shrugs, still eyeing the large wall that starts at the edge of the stage and ends at the back of the hall.

    “Must be part of the experiment.”

    This whole experiment that Mrs. Ahn has been raging on about for a month and a half, without providing proper details, sets an uncomfortable stir in your gut.

    Given a song and a routine, you were to prepare for an audience.

    The problem is that you have no idea who might be sitting in that audience, who you have the potential to disappoint. A shiver courses along the length of your spine, clenching your fists before going through the insipid routine in your head.

    After another ten minutes of speculation between you and Hoseok, Mrs. Ahn emerges from behind the curtain on the stage as it draws open, wearing a hideous poncho.

    “Good evening students!”

    She receives a phlegmatic response which causes her eyebrows to furrow, although her smile doesn’t falter.

    “Ah. I know this must seem like a waste of a Saturday night but I promise, it’ll be worth it.”

    Your scoff earns a giggle from Hoseok.

    When you acknowledge that she’s speaking to both sides of the partition, you surmise that Hoseok was correct.

    “Alright, I know me and Mr. Choi,” she smiles at the unfamiliar man who stands behind the DJ, wearing a navy-blue tracksuit, “haven’t given you much to work with, but today’s the day. Why have you been working so hard these past few weeks?”

    The students around you straighten their posture, some wearing grins that display their alacrity while others sport the same expression you’ve had for the past hour.

    She clears her throat, squinting at the paper supposed Mr. Choi hands her.

    “Okay,” she begins, “the aim of this social experiment is to prove the different bonds that can be formed through dance.”

    You poke Hoseok’s shoulder, “hasn’t this been done before?”

    He hushes you with a dismissive wag of his finger, fixated on Mrs. Ahn as she continues to read.

    “But, we’ve given each of you different routines. What you don’t know is that we’ve selected a partner from another college-“ she points to your side of the partition “-college A-“ then the other side “-college B.”

    Her loud chuckle causes your heart rate to pick up, interest in the experiment building the more she speaks.

    “Who has also been practicing your routine!”

    You smack Hoseok’s arm, stomach twisting with nerves. He retaliates with a smack of his own, heart-shaped smile even brighter.

    “Now, you must be wondering why this big hunk of plastic is splitting the hall into two. Well, we need to keep you separated until you perform your dance, where you meet and perform together for the first time! You know, so the results of the experiment aren’t affected.”

    Hoseok pats your shoulder, “maybe what your dance needed was a partner.”

    You blink, not given enough time to process his statement before Mrs. Ahn instructs everyone to warm-up before she starts calling people out to perform.

    “Oh, and one more thing,” she grins, “after your performance, you’re free to stay and watch the others or head home. You must report back to me or Mr. Choi. Thank you and I hope you all have fun!”

    Spinning around, you see Hoseok wiggling his eyebrows.

    “Told you it might be fun.”

    You shove his shoulder, rolling your neck and arms, “this was before you knew any of the secret partner shit.”

    His head cocks to the side, “yeah, I just know things.”

    It isn’t long before you’re all seated as Mrs. Ahn calls out a name from your college, then the other. You’ve seen Taehyung practice and you know what to expect from his dance, but the look of wonder on his face when he sees his partner, Park Jimin, for the first time, has more nerves fizzing. What would it be like when you see your partner? What would they be like? How would you dance together? Would you even dance together like how Taehyung and his partner seem to mesh into the movements?

    By the end of their dance, you can tell that they’d be good friends, if the way Taehyung ruffles Jimin’s hair is any indication. They choose to watch the other students perform and disappear behind the partition, laughter surrounding them.

    “Jung Hoseok.”

    You pat Hoseok’s bum as he passes you, everyone cheering him on as he makes his way up the stairs and onto the stage, spring in his step as always.

    “Lee Eunji.”

    All the students fill the air with suggestive ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as they bow and the jaunty theme of their song begins.

    Hoseok, being Hoseok, invites her closer to him as they dance, smiles splitting their faces with each of their snappy, practiced movements.

    You’re smiling just as wide, thrilled to see him enjoying himself with a complete stranger, how their movements connect, bouncing in the air, sliding into each other.

    “Go Hoseok!”

    Cheeks beginning to ache, you slip back on the floor when the song comes to a close, palms burning with your applause.

    “Would you like to stay and watch or are you heading out?”

    Hoseok glances at Eunji, hands on his hips as he catches his breath.

    She shakes her head, “we’re heading out.”

    Everyone goes delirious, whoops shaking the hall as they disappear behind the curtain.

    You’re impatient to hear about Hoseok’s new friend, it’s been a while since his last relationship. Mostly because it fucked him up, and to see him enjoy himself with someone new makes your heart soar.

    Broken out of your thoughts, you throat goes dry when you hear your name being called, unfolding your legs as you pad along the wooden floor, corners of your mouth lifting when you see Mrs. Ahn waiting at the top of the stairs.

    From the stage, you can see over twenty curious eyes blinking at you, half of them you don’t recognize.

    “Jeon Jungkook.”

    Clenching your fists, the same whoops cause your throat to constrict when you see your partner.

    Black shorts and t-shirt, dark blue shirt draped over his broad shoulders, silver earrings, black hair, handsome.

    Hot. That’s how you feel as he stands next to you on the stage. Chancing a glance, you catch sight of a dimple in his cheek as he sucks his lower lip into his mouth, bowing when he sees you looking at him.

    For a millisecond, you’re rooted to the floor, palms sweaty, mind going blank as his gaze rakes down your figure, pausing on your thighs.

    You have a reputation to uphold and as soon as the music starts, you’re swaying, unable to tear your gaze away from him as he mirrors your movements. He’s watching you too, from five feet away.

    Sin Sin City wasn’t made for you Angels like you

    Your fingers crawl across your chest, one leg in front of the other as you snap forward, eyes on his movements, just as fluid. He body rolls toward you, and for a split second you forget the next move but cover it up with a bounce of your leg. He seems to catch it, a smirk stretching over his lips as he moves even closer.

    Oh you know it, oh you know it Oh you know it Right now

    “I don’t bite.” He says, loud enough for you to hear, voice clear and smooth, like his movements, sending a shiver down your spine. Breath beginning to quicken, you spin around to be met with his firm chest. So, your dance was designed for a partner. Everybody’s dance was, but you only notice it when his hand slides under your arm, chest pressed against yours, hooded eyes watching you.

    Take that off I just wanna see you Your legs so soft I had to be near you

    You twirl around, hair flopping over your face as you bend over, ass out, feeling his legs press into the backs of your thighs. Did…Mrs. Ahn choreograph this dance? Snapping up, left arm in the air, his lips graze your ear as you sink back down, body held up by his, heat radiating off his chest.

    Thoughts in mind, going so crazy I just wanna hear you

    Too immersed in his scorching stare, you feel him lift you up by the shoulders, spinning you around and guiding your hips to the beat, sweaty strands of hair sticking to his forehead. His pink lips, doe eyes, silky skin are things you would never see in your wildest dreams. Who would’ve thought that you’d end up meeting a sexy man during this stupid experiment? Not you.

    He slings an arm around your waist as you slide down, chin tipping up as you stare at him, light casting an ethereal glow to his face. When you come back up, his lips are a breath away from yours, parted, hot air blowing into your mouth. You gulp, suddenly remembering that you have an audience to please and bounding a few feet away from him, getting back in the groove, but his touch on your waist returns, reminding you that this dance is meant for two.

    One touch on your body, what I’ve prepared for you Nothing will spare you

    “Running away from me.” He rasps into your ear, eyes on the way your leg slips between his his, palms on his chest. “No,” you breathe, smoothing your hair over your shoulder as you back into him, lips curling into a smirk. He accepts your hips, grinding into you, strong thighs dragging along yours.

    Pussy so wet, I feel the drip coming down Must be in Houston

    His fingers patter along your back, bringing you flush to his chest as his hand slips under yours another time, legs sliding back as yours slide forward, grinning at each other. You’re lost in his warmth, adrenalin rushing through your veins when he sinks to his knees and crawls forward, jolting back up to stand a few feet behind you.

    You close your eyes, you feel the rise, I go inside I’m shooting

    Eyes on the crowd now, you repeat the movements from earlier, feeling his stare on your ass when you skip forward and jerk around, hands sliding over your hair and down your sides. You want to entertain him more than anyone else.

    Sin City wasn’t made for you Angels like you

    In one swift movement, you’re yanked into his chest again, stumbling a bit as the song ends. Your eyes follow his tongue as it skims across his lower lip, hands resting on his sides, trying to catch your breath, the cheers from the other students are background noise to your thundering heart.

    Mrs. Ahn’s signature chuckle causes you to spring away from him, lip caught between your teeth.

    “I think we all know your answer,” she winks.

    Jungkook glances at you before his hand slips into yours, grabbing his backpack from the corner of the stage, then drags you down the stairs. You scoop up your gym bag, cheeks heating as you pass the other students who yell all kinds of obscene encouragement.

    When you bound out of the hall, he’s pressing you into the notice board, head dipping as he speaks.

    “I’m Jungkook,” he pants, blinking furiously.

    “I know,” you smile, appreciating the glint in his eyes as he stares into yours, seeing a cute mole under bottom lip.

    He lets go of your shoulders and scratches behind his ear, glancing at the car park that’s visible through the glass doors at the end of the hallway.

    “Do you wanna go—”

    “Yeah,” you shuffle down the hallway, hoping things aren’t turning awkward after your electrifying dance.

    Wringing your hands, you point to your car that’s parked in the unlit corner of the lot, wondering how he got here.

    He follows you wordlessly, chucking his bag in the backseat when you unlock your car.

    You grip the steering wheel, staring into the darkness through the windshield, the lights from inside the hall do little to brighten up the area.

    In your eighteen years of dancing, you’ve never felt that way, ever, when you danced with anyone. Maybe it was the song, maybe it was the routine itself, maybe it was just him. You don’t know. All you know is that he smells amazing as he presses his forehead to yours, cupping your cheeks, heart skipping a few beats.

    “Is this okay?”

    Skin erupting in a wave of goosebumps, sweat trickling down your neck, pussy clenching when your eyes meet, you nod, moaning with the first brush of his lips against yours, arms sliding up his toned shoulders to rest on the curves of his neck, breathing in his delicious scent. He tilts his head, deepening the kiss as his thumb rubs the skin below your ear, tongue slipping into your mouth.

    “Fuck,” he groans, pulling away with a shaky sigh, “what the fuck was that.”

    “I…” you begin, searching for the correct words as this man, who was a stranger only an hour ago, kisses down your neck, and you can’t bring yourself to stop him because it feels so good.

    His eyebrows knit together, wet strands of hair pressing into your forehead, lips connecting once more, as if words are nothing compared to the sparking caresses, the drop your stomach does when he places his hands on your hips, lifting you up onto his lap.

    “We just met and I feel…I feel—”

    You rock your hips, his erection pressing into your core, moans mixing in the air when you do it again and again, soaking through the material of your leggings.

    “Want you,” he chases your lips, hips jerking up, causing a fresh wave of arousal to soak your panties when you hear the whine in his voice.

    Burying your face in his heated skin, you suckle on the junction between his neck and shoulder, windows fogging up with your heavy breaths, similar to the way lust jumbles any other thought, the knot building in your abdomen with each drag of his cock against your clit, nipping the skin as he grinds into you, hot breath hitting your ear.

    “Fuck, if you keep doing that,” he grits, fingers twisting into your hair, a string of curses slipping from his lips as your hips work faster, “’m gonna cum.”

    “Want you to cum,” you mewl, pussy clenching when your eyes lock, lips kiss-bitten and slick, the sparkle in his eyes illuminating the dim space.

    His palms slide up your thighs, fingers digging into the flesh to pause your movements. His eyebrow jumps in question, corner of his mouth quirking up when you hiss as he snaps the band of your leggings.

    “Yes,” you sigh, desperate for friction, whimpering when his hand dips into your panties, choosing to slide across your folds, gathering your slick on his fingers.

    Your head lolls forward, colliding with his shoulder when his thumb nudges your clit, with his index and middle finger sinking into your heat, gasping out his name as he massages your walls, calloused pads of his fingers dragging along the ridges, his other hand rocking your hips into his palm, thumb rubbing tight circles on your throbbing bud.

    He hooks his fingers on the fifth stroke and your pussy squeezes around his fingers, teeth piercing into your bottom lip, so close to the edge.

    He places his index finger under your chin, tipping your head up, pupils blown, cheeks flushed.

    “Gonna cum?”

    You nod meekly, rutting into his hand, knowing your slick must be dripping down his fingers and the stickiness of his hand that rubs against your thigh proves it, blurting out how amazing his fingers feel, how hot you think he is, how good he smells.

    His hand is back on your thigh, holding you in place as he fucks his fingers into you ruthlessly, moaning with you when you bite down on his shoulder to keep from screaming out his name.

    “Shit, so tight. Take my fingers so well,” he husks, and much to your dismay, removes his fingers from inside you, placing them flat on your clit, “can imagine how good you’ll feel bouncing on my cock.”

    Eyes wide in shock, lips trembling, you bang a fist on his chest from having your orgasm ripped away, pussy clenching around nothing.

    He taps your swollen folds twice, pinching your clit with his thumb and forefinger before landing two harsh smacks to your cunt, causing you to tremble, eyes glazing over.

    The heavy outline of his cock catches your eye, fingers snaking down his side to squeeze it in your palm, relishing in the way his Adam’s apple bobs as his head hits the seat, mumbling out your name.

    “Take it out.”

    You don’t process his words until his eyes snap open, staring at you through his lashes.

    Tugging on the band of his shorts, you pull it over his meaty thighs, salivating at the glistening tip of his thick cock, precum smeared along the head.

    He cups your jaw, thumb pressing into your cheek as he reaches behind him with his other his hand, unzipping the front compartment of his backpack, producing a condom.

    You’re stock still under his fiery gaze, firm grip on your jaw keeping your eyes on him as he rips open the condom packet with his teeth, spitting out the piece of foil that got into his mouth. That shouldn’t be hot, but here you are, pussy ready to be split open by his girthy cock that twitches when you lick your lips.

    His eyes dart to your leggings and you scramble to pull it off your legs, struggling for a bit before he helps you, useless fabric being thrown in the back seat.

    Eyes still on yours, he pushes your panties to the side, covering his fingers in your slick before popping the digits into his mouth, a whimper bubbles from your lips at the sight. He points to his cock with his big doe eyes, licking his fingers clean.

    With shaky fingers, you grip the base of his cock and lift your hips over his length, slit positioned over the blunt tip, eyes watering as you sink down, loud moans echoing in the stuffy space.

    Fully sheathed in your heat, he wraps his arms around your torso, bringing you into his chest as he pistons his hips, cock lodged deep inside you with each pleasurable drag.

    “Fuck, you feel so fucking good,” he pecks the side of your head, speaking through gritted teeth as you lose yourself on his cock, bouncing weakly, ass rippling when your skin slaps against his.

    Walls closing around his length, you jolt when he brushes that sensitive spot inside you, hands slipping into his hair as you chase your high for the second time tonight, clit rubbing against his pelvis, drenching his lap with your arousal.

    “Fuck, bounce on my cock baby. Come on.”

    Fulfilling his breathless request, you place your hands on his shoulders and lift your hips faster, spasming on each thrust, thighs burning, more sweat pooling under your shirt, nails forming crescent moons on his skin, groaning out his name when your abdomen knots impossibly tight.

    When he tugs on your hair, massaging your scalp straight after to soothe the burn, teeth clamping down on your earlobe, you cum, seeing stars behind your lids, hips still working as you ride out your high, mouth hanging open in a silent moan, immersed in the burn, mind going hazy.

    Cheek resting on his shoulder, you cry out as he continues to slide into your throbbing hole, laying limp in his hold as he spills into the condom, blurting out his own praises.

    A satisfied sigh leaves your swollen lips, nuzzling into the soft material of his shirt. You never would’ve thought that tonight with end this way, with an attractive, beefy guy kissing the top of your head, sniffing through your hair.

    Bodies stuck together, hissing when his cock slips out of you, he runs his palms down your back, index fingers resting in the dip. You could fall asleep in his warm embrace but the next thing he says has your eyes snapping open.

    “Should we…report back now?”

    a/n: please don’t feel shy to send in feedback, hearing your thoughts serve as motivation :)

    talk to my characters


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    Y/n, frustrated with a manager at their undercover day job: Just, ugh, I dunno. I don’t wanna go to HR to avoid bringing attention to myself. But... He micromanages everything I do, and straight up harasses me. it’s creepy and flat out annoying. Jimmy, listening from the bar: Kill him! Y/n: Wha-? No! Jacket, with his tape player: ‘I’ll kill him- *tape rewinds* -for you!’ Y/n: No!!!!!!!

    #payday 2#payday#hotline miami#hardcore henry #hotline miami jacket #payday 2 jacket #payday 2 jimmy #payday 2 x reader #payday x reader #jacket x reader #jimmy x reader #x reader#x y/n#y/n #these 2 are some of my favorite characters dont @ me
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    “can’t believe this is happening,” sunghoon mutters under his breath.

    on one hand is the love letter you’ve written for riki, and on his other hand is sunmi’s hand.

    “it’s fine hoonie.” sunmi says, reassuring the boy, “why are you more stressed than y/n herself? you’re not even the one confessing.”

    “well yeah but,” sunghoon lets out a loud sigh, “y/n’s like my best friend, what if it goes wrong and riki rejects her and breaks her heart?”

    sunmi’s eyes softened at sunghoon’s words. he truly did care for you.

    “don’t worry about it hoon, it’s gonna be fine. you just gotta trust the universe, okay?”

    calming himself down, sunghoon nodded, holding up the letter and dropping it into locker 492.

    little did the both of them know—a certain brown haired boy was looking from afar, confused as to why someone was placing something in his locker.

    “class president! i’ve got some paperwork for you,” a random student says, holding a stack of papers.

    “yeah yeah,” the brown haired boy waves the student off, “i’ve got something to take care of. leave them on my desk.”

    he was going to find out why someone was placing what looked like a letter, inside his locker.

    synopsis ღ. you have been crushing on nishimura riki since your freshman year of high school. now in junior year, you finally gain the courage to confess to him with a love letter. trusting your friends sunghoon and sunmi to do it was the biggest mistake of your life. not only did they place the letter in the wrong locker—they gave it to the class president , yang jungwon!

    masterlist | previous | next

    taglist ( is open ! ) @g0niki @enhacolor @c9tnoos @youreverydayzebra @simpforsung @20-cube @acciomylove @from-xero @ncityy04 @w3bqrl @primorange @jjun4thitboy @myluckycat @i4woni @linsixie @jungw8ns @1800xibal @neptuniees @beomi-e @honeybutterchup @aurumness @thekinkpopstandsforkrackheads @sunsetouches @seungstarss @heuningkai-hour @bbanggami @meiiiwa @berriniki @kyleeanne @letmeal0ne @whoe-dis @loveprisms @wccycc @hyuckslytherin @terrytaehyunnies @lumixen @gyuza @stale-hamsandwich @xithecherie @rikibae @mika-t3t @strawberryyukhei @fionathebanana @shoftiiel @nyujjan @bloom-bloom-pow

    #sunghoon / sunmi U HAD ONE JOB!! #but look hoon cares abt y/n ☹️☹️ #enhypen imagines #enhypen x reader #enhypen x female reader #enhypen fluff#enhypen smaus #enhypen social media au #enhypen scenarios#jungwon imagines #jungwon x reader #niki imagines #niki x reader #ni ki imagines #ni ki x reader #sunghoon imagines #sunghoon x reader #enhypen angst#enhypen series
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    don't smile at me !

    "when you become the photographer for famous model suna rintaro you were excited. your dreams are soon crushed when you realize he's an asshole. you still have a crush on him, so you make it your mission to get him to like you."

    series m.list ꨄ previous & next


    — you, kenma, and mari went to high school together.

    — you met iwaizumi about a year ago and he’s the one who got you the job. iwaizumi was already a photographer for karoshi ent. which is why he was able to get you the job.

    — kenma is a famous streamer on twitch. he also has a youtube account where he posts clips from his streams.

    — mari is an aspiring dancer.

    taglist: (open)

    @tsumomii @boosyboo9206 @whorefornoodles @ebiharachan @slvt4fictionalmfs @beidouluvr @gojoscumslut @rinsangel @rintarovibes @itssaturdaytoday @bls-luv-me @fsrintaro @dtftheavengers

    #series: dsam #haikyuu!! #suna x reader #suna rintaro x reader #haikyuu smau#smau#suna rintarō#suna smau #suna rintaro fic #haikyuu suna #suna rintaro smau #suna rintaro angst #suna rin#suna rintaro #suna rintaro x y/n #suna series #suna x y/n #suna x you #haikyuu smau series
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    Need You (Part 8) (18+)

    Lee Bodecker x f/Reader

    WARNINGS: This is smut. If you are under the age of 18, please do NOT read this. Swearing. unprotected sex (always remember to use protection). Ddlg, step-father/step-daughter. Reader is legal age.

    Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.

    Gifs & photos do not belong to me.

    Main Masterlist ♡ The Devil All the Time Masterlist ♡ Lee Bodecker Masterlist ♡ Need You Masterlist

    Summary: - F/Reader is the step-daughter of Lee, who has taken care of her ever since her mother walked out on them. The two of them have always been able to keep the sexual tension at bay until one night.

    Y/N's POV:

    "Lee...I think we need to talk." I said to him.

    He was just taking a sip of his Pepsi when I said that to him. I knew he was confused on why I wanted to talk to him but I knew if I didn't say what I needed to say now, I probably will never say it to him.

    "What is it darlin'? Are you...?"

    I shook my head no as he trailed off. I mean I could be pregnant with how much unprotected sex we have been having, but no that isn't the reason why.

    "Then what is it Y/N?"

    I took a deep breath and just said what I needed to say.

    "I don't want us to be a secret anymore."

    "Is this because of him?"

    "No, he got what was coming to him, I just don't want us to hide anymore. It's not like we would be the first step-father/step-daughter relationship in this town."

    "You got that right. Look I agree with you sweetheart. We have spent too much time caring about what people in this town will think. It is time to show them that you are mine and I am yours."

    Our food came at that point and I couldn't keep the smile off my face as I took a bite of my Clubhouse sandwich.

    "Want to get this to go and we head back? We have been gone a lot longer than we should be Lee." I told him as I looked at my watch.

    "Yeah you're right." We got our food and went back to the police station.

    Which was still abuzz about Adam's "suicide". The local newspaper came in to talk to Lee about what he knows and I knew they were going to be in his office for hours.

    When it was time to go home I knocked on Lee's door. "What?" He called out in a frustrated tone.

    "Sheriff? Do you need me to stay?" I asked him as I opened the door.

    The reporter, Marvin Snyder and Lee both looked at me. Lee's face somewhat relaxed when he saw me.

    "No, no darlin'. I'll see you later at home love. Here, take the keys. I'll call you to come and get me." He said as he handed me the keys to his cruiser.

    "Thank you. Also do you want me to take it out?" I asked him with a raised eyebrow hoping he knows I am talking about the anal plug.

    "Yes, please take it out." I nodded my head at him and turned and looked at the other man.

    "Good evening Mr. Snyder." I said to the man as I walked out of the room.

    I drove home and changed into something comfier. I made dinner that I could just heat up on the stove for when it was time pick him up.

    I didn't eat as I wanted to eat dinner with him but just as I almost gave in to eating on my own, the phone rang.

    "Bodecker residents."

    "I'm done Y/N." Said the tired voice.

    "I'll be right there Daddy." I went and got changed as I would not be caught dead outside in my indoor clothes.

    A pretty dress that I just realised is a lot shorter now. I must of shrunk it in the wash. Ohh well, I am just going to get him from work.

    Lee just walked out of the police station when I pulled up. I got out of the car and walked to the other side but before I even opened the passenger side door, Lee did something that shocked me.

    He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. I kissed him back, almost groaning against his mouth. His one hand reached down and gripped my ass through the dress.

    We pulled apart and I was trying to catch my breath. There was a few other officers that were in the parking lot that just looked at the two of us stunned.

    "Let's go home baby." Lee said as he opened the door for me. I slid in and he closed the door for me and walked around the car and go in the drivers seat.

    "Not that I am unhappy, but what was that for?" I asked him as he started to drive and in the opposite direction from our house.

    "Marvin Snyder said something inappropriate about you after you left. First I yelled at him and then he pointed out how I called you love. So we will be in the newspaper tomorrow."

    "Okay but what happened?"

    "I said so what? Then he asked if we were in a relationship or was that just me being nice to you. I remembered our conversation at lunch so I told him the truth. Even though I wanted to shoot him for saying you have a great ass and tits."

    "I would of helped bury the body." I told him as I placed a hand on his thigh.

    "I know you would sweetheart." He said as he grabbed my hand on his leg and brought it to his lips to kiss my knuckles.

    "Where are we go?" I asked him.

    He kept quiet as we pulled in front of an abandoned house and turned off the car. Lee unbuckled his seatbelt, undid his pants and pulled his pants and boxers just down far enough for his hard cock to be free.

    "I've wanted to fuck you in this car forever. Come sit on Daddy's lap." I did as he asked. He helped me to steady myself as I slowly lowered my pussy onto his cock.

    I was already wet so I was able to take him easily.

    "So tight every fucking time babygirl." He moaned.

    "It's because you're so big Daddy." I gasped as I started to slowly ride him. He had his hands on my hips and as he was helping me to get into a good rhythm for us.

    I started to ride him faster and I placed my hands on the ceiling of the cruiser so I didn't hit my head off of it.

    "Daddy." I whined as he started to play with my chest. He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked on it.

    "Tell me what you want love." He said and then took my other nipple into his mouth.

    "Fuck me Daddy. I don't want to be able to walk tomorrow."

    "You want Daddy to be rough with you?" He asked as he slapped my ass. I clenched my pussy around his cock at that.

    "Please Daddy."

    I felt Lee shift as he slid down alittle in his seat. He planted his feet flat on the floor od the car and pulled me against his chest.

    He started to fuck up into me as he held me close. "Harder Daddy harder."

    I almost blacked out as he fucked me harder than he ever has. "Is this what you wanted baby?" He asked me as I looked up at him.

    I couldn't even think straight, so I just nodded my head. "Love it when your like this. Cock drunk on Daddy's cock. You close darlin'? Daddy can feel you."

    "So close, shit Daddy."

    "Cum all over my cock baby. Daddy needs you to cum..so close darlin'."

    My body went rigid as I came. I screamed Daddy into his chest as he fucked me though it.

    I screamed again as I came again. "So perfect baby. Came twice for Daddy. You deserve a treat." I had no idea what he ment until he lifted me off of him and placed me back in the passenger seat.

    Tag List: if you would like to be added, please let me know. @kitty4860 @red-rose-21 @adaydreamaway08 @charmed-asylum @thegirlnextdoorssister

    He was jerking himself off with one hand as he gripped my hair with the other. I knew what he wanted even before he moved my head to his lap.

    I took him completely in mouth as he started to fuck my mouth. With how hard he was going, I knew he wouldn't be long.

    His head flung back against the headrest of his seat as he came in my mouth. I moaned at the taste of the both of us in my mouth.

    "Love you so much baby girl. Fuck!" He groaned as he finally stopped cumming." He was running his fingers through my hair as I cleaned his cock off.

    I sat up and tried to fix my hair and makeup as he put himself away.

    "Let's go home baby. I'm starvin'." He said as he started the car.

    "Just have to heat it up Daddy and then we can eat."

    We ate our heated up dinner, showered together and went to bed.

    Having no idea what the hell we would wake up too tomorrow morning.

    #the devil all the time (2020) #the devil all the time smut #the devil all the time x reader #the devil all the time #lee bodecker #lee bodecker fic #lee bodecker x ofc #lee bodecker x you #sheriff lee bodecker #lee bodecker x female reader #lee bodecker x reader #lee bodecker x y/n #lee bodecker x reader smut #lee bodecker smut #seb stan#Sebastian Stan
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    realising they still love you after they lose you

    ; ft. suna , atsumu, bokuto, yamaguchi, oikawa

    (a/n : to the anons who requested this, sorry it took so long! I honestly am not proud of this, but I hope you like it :>)


    he realises he still loves you when he comes across your posts on social media. you look happy, self-assured, and free. he’d now remembers how beautiful you are when you’re laughing, but he never bothered to see. suddenly, he misses his presence in the pictures you post. he wants to be the cause of your smile once again, but you’ve moved on. suna longs for you to sleep next to him, even if it is with your back turned, but you’re in someone else’s bed.


    he realises he still loves you when you stop showing up to his games. as selfish as it sounds, he only feels the need for you when you’re truly gone. he only knows how empty the arena seems, after you stop entering it altogether. he realises he’s lost his number one supporter. his eyes may not have searched for you in the crowd before since he knew you’d be there, but he desperately tries to find you now that you’re not coming.


    he realises he still loves you when you stop doing things for him. he used to think of you as an unnecessary anchor, and a bore but now he realises without you he’s unstable. the little things like lunch, and packing a coat aren’t done anymore, and suddenly his life feels like a wreck. he realises he’s under appreciated you, and you were why he could run so freely.


    he realises he still loves you when he sees you happy with another person. you’re shining, as you once used to with him, and that’s when he finally understands you weren’t a vessel for him to cleanse his insecurities. he wants to be the one to make you happy, instead you’re hand in hand with your new boyfriend as he sits alone in a cafe thinking of you. he realises he was sapping the light out of you, and wants a second chance.


    he realises he still loves you when you walk out of his life. maybe the only reason he didn’t see you in his dream life, was because you were already in it. without you he realises how pointless everything else seems, and once again he’s thinking about what it would be like to wed you and have a family. but you’ve moved on, and you’ve walked away, because he never saw you. his dream life will always be incomplete without you. he wishes to obtain you once more, and he can’t.

    reblogs appreciated.

    #hq x self insert #hq x you #hq x reader #hq #haikyuu!! #hq scenarios#hq drabbles #hq x gender neutral reader #hq x male reader #hq imagines #hq x y/n #hq angst#haikyuu angst#suna#suna angst#atsumu#atsumu angst#oikawa#oikawa angst#bokuto#Bokuto angst#yamaguchi#yamaguchi angst #haikyuu x male reader
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    Alec as a father Headcanon

    When Alec found out you were pregnant you were not allowed to be alone.

    This man was waiting on you hand and foot, which was cute but unnecessary. He made sure Carlisle was there the entirety of the pregnancy.

    Alternatively if you already had a kid he would have dove head first.

    Either way there is a lot of research involved

    Alec wants to be the best dad there is, he remembers how his mom was with him and he knows how important a parental figure is

    He is so protective of the baby. They absolutely become the center of his word besides you.

    He shows both you and the baby things he used to do as a little kid. But he looks to you for any new games and make pretend.

    A surprise to everyone but you, you are the one who has to make corrections to the baby. Alec doesn’t want them to see him as a bad guy, theres enough people who see him that way.

    The only exception is if they aren’t listening to you in which case he just has to cross his arms and glare at them to whip them into shape

    Alec gets Jane to look after the baby when he wants to spend time alone with you which is fine with Jane because while she hates kids, this is your and Alecs baby plus if they get to be too much Felix and Demetri love to play with them.

    You know this baby is gifted and you are so excited, Alec is a nervous wreck when he finds this out but when you remind him that neither of you will let anyone hurt them like they did with Alec and Jane he relaxes a bit.

    Aro is sooo excited to have a mini Alec running around, all the kings are soft for your baby, the only one who won’t admit it is Caius

    If the baby ever falls down or gets hurt Alecs gift is perfect, he makes sure they don’t fee any pain and soothes them while you bandage them up and the pain comes back momentarily.

    He’s also just a fixer in general, if the baby’s favorite toy is broken Alec is more than like to fix it instead of replace it because of sentimental reasons

    I imagine he gets the baby into making instead of destroying things and I know he would get them into legos or something like that where they can spend hours putting something together

    Honestly if it was up to him, you guys would have a lot more kids but he’s glad you don’t have to go through any pain again.

    He will stay up late to read as many bedtime stories as they want

    He will likewise listen to their ramblings about nothing for hours, it reminds him of you when you get nervous and he loves it.

    He loves seeing the perfect mix of both you and himself in the baby. He secretly wishes they grow up looking more like you though.

    Once the kids are asleep expect him to attack you with kisses.

    “Alright sweetness now it’s my turn for your attention.”

    Mother’s Day???? Expect to be spoiled rotten he loves to get the baby in on it and they will try and do everything they can in one day just to make sure you’re happy

    Alec definitely shows them how to spoil their significant other because while Mother’s Day may be a whole event in itself he likes to show them random acts of kindness towards you

    Taglist: @adaydreamaway08 @artaxerxesthegreat @avyannadawn @lacychick @minghao3o

    #twilight#breaking dawn#eclipse#new moon#twilight renaissance#twilight saga#twilightedit#alec volturi#twilight shitpost #alec x you #Alec x y/n #alec volturi x reader #Alec volturi x you #Alec volturi x y/n #alec x reader #jane volturi
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    #ksbsksbs i switched to phone so i could send this meme kfndksh ily bubba!!! #— choi y n sweetheart 🍂✨ #[🐇] cesia ask box
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    Things he loves

    He's a cuddler. You've seen this before in the first

    oneshot, he LOVES cuddles

    -Also loves when your about to go to sleep and you

    start dragging your fingers over his fuzzy undercut.

    And yes, it is fuzzy.

    -He snuggles any way he can, but he prefers to be the

    little spoon! Surprise

    -He loves the way you make tea, he doesn't know

    what you do with it, but it's delicious so-

    -Sometimes, you'll run him a warm bath if he's had a

    hard day

    -He's extremely talkative, so you'll listen to his strange

    antics often. But you don't mind, it's cute

    -And he makes an AWESOME pillow fort

    -During the winter, he'll take you out sledding. He

    knows it makes you happy so even though he isn't the

    biggest fan of the cold, he loves seeing you smile!

    -He loves seeing you glance over at him, before

    blushing and turning away

    -He loved holding you in his arms (or you holding him

    in yours) and watching you slowly drift off to sleep

    -He loves the small kisses you leave on his nose (it's

    your favorite place to kiss him)

    -He loves the way you look

    -He loves the way you act

    -Well, let's be honest...He loves you.

    #aot x reader #aot x y/n #capitan levi#levi#levi ackerman #levi x reader #levi x y/n #snk#aot #snk x reader #levi+ackerman+x+fem!reader #levi attack on titan #attack on titan #attack on titan levi #fluff#levi fluff#levi aot #capitan levi ackerman #capitan levi x reader
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  • littlest-dark-age
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    #damiano david x reader #damiano david imagine #damiano david smut #damiano david x y/n #damiano david #måneskin x reader #måneskin smut#måneskin blurb#måneskin imagine#måneskin #maneskin x reader #maneskin smut#maneskin imagine#maneskin #maneskin x y/n
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    #ive never actually had a list of top 5 eps im saying these like off the top of my head so i might be wrong #every ep in s2 is my fav i have a blast watching it all #also the randall tier eps are so good... they deserve a place here but im indecisive #same for georgia episodes aughhhh SO GOOD #oh m y god theyre all so good im going crazy i cant pick im just gonna give up and leave these here even though i could probably change it #tysm for the ask!!! <333 #asks#comalies
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    "mess with the clock and get the glock, b*tch"

    "this is not a threat hunny... it's a warning”

    #don't mess with miss minutes guys #miss minutes#loki#mcu loki #loki x you #loki of asgard #loki imagine#loki show#loki tv#loki smut #loki x y/n #tony stark x original female character #tony stark x stark!reader #tony stark x reader #tony stark smut #bucky barnes#marvel #bucky barnes smut #bucky barnes x reader #sebastian stan#steve rogers#captain america#marvel smut#mcu #peter parker smut #peter parker x stark!reader #peter parker x reader #peter parker #spiderman no way home
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    Luxor Tours desde Hurghada

    Luxor Tours desde Hurghada

    All Tours Egypt te ofrece Luxor Tours desde Hurghada para disfrutar de visitar varios lugares turísticos muy fabulosos en Luxor. Luxor se denominó en los tiempos pasados como la ciudad de Tebas y contiene a varios templos y monumentos muy maravillosos. En Luxor Tours desde Hurghada puedes visitar el templo maravilloso de Karnak, el templo fabuloso de Luxor, el templo de la reina Hatshepsut, el Valle de los Reyes y los Colosos de Memnón. Disfrutas de vivir buenos momentos en Luxor Tours desde Hurghada con All Tours Egypt. Seguramente vas a disfrutar mucho en este tour con All Tours Egypt y vas a pasar fabulosos momentos que no vas a olvidar nunca en tu vida. En tu Excursión a Luxor desde Hurghada vas a visitar el Valle de los Reyes que tiene más de 60 tumbas. Además vas a ir al templo de la reina Hatshepsut que es la única mujer que había dominado Egipto disfrazada en un hombre. No piensas más y reservas Luxor Tours desde Hurghada con All Tours Egypt.

    El representante de All Tours Egypt va a llevarle desde su hotel. Traslado privado en coche de aire acondicionado a Luxor. La carretera dura 3 horas.Disfruta de su tour y visite el banco oeste en Luxor, donde estàn el valle de los reyes y el templo de Hatshpsut y los colosos de Mamnon estatuas. Luego cruce el rìo Nilo y almuerce en un restaurante tìpico en Luxor.continuamos nuestro tour visitando el complejo templo de Karnak y los templos de Luxor.Al final de su tour vuelve a su hotel en Hurgada.


    Servicio de profesional guía turístico.

    Entradas para los lugares mencionados

    Almuerzo en un restaurante tìpico

    Recojo y vuelta desde su hotel

    Todos los traslados en minibús de aire acondicionado

    Todos los impuestos y servicios

    Todos Los precios son por persona y en dólares estadounidenses


    Gastos personales

    Actividades opcionales


    Para obtener más información, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros, envíenos su correo electrónico a info@alltoursegypt.com o visite nuestro sitio web www.alltoursegypt.com


    Eman Osama 


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