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  • Shadowdad is so dramatic!!!

    I love him so much!!

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  • Bright and Hannah talking about premarital sex is cracking me up. He asked her how serious was she? I am enjoying this scene way more than I should have. Probably because I’ve witnessed these conversations too many times lol.

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  • 04x05 - Monster Movie

    MotW: shapeshifter as a bunch of movie monsters

    Any Cas? Nope

    • Ohhh, black and white
    • Okay, so the atmosphere is exactly the same as normal, except they threw a black and white filter on it and added some german music. Not exactly surprised this was directed by Singer..
    • Of course Dean can get away with “Hey, bar wench, where’s that beer?”
    • “I’ve been re-hymenated” Dean has absolutely no idea how human bodies work, does he?
    • Okay, the mummy is sorta cool
    • Guys, don’t do the flapping wings effect when it’s not Cas. We just established that as his calling card, anyone else will be a disappointment. Yes, even freaking dracula has nothing on Cas
    • Ew, he tore off his ear
    • I get, I get the theme, but the black and white thing.. it just doesn’t add anything with everything else being the same
    • Dean’s sweet with this girl. They actually have chemistry
    • Okay, I like the piano
    • These guys never learn. There’s a shapeshifter in town! Trust nobody, especially people who happen to walk into the bar you’re making out in and then offer you a drink
    • Okay, this is a really dumb bad guy. It doesn’t even make narrative sense. If Jamie’s his goal, why kill those random other people?
    • The pizza guy is not amused and I love him for it
    • I don’t get how Sam knows it’s Lucy, but also how does he know where she lives?
    • Ah, the shapeshifter had an abusive dad and he’s lonely. Yeah, that sucks, fine, but it’s still just.. stupid
    • Why is it still black and white when the movie is supposed to be over?
    • Maybe this is great if you’ve seen a lot of old monster movies, but honestly I doubt it. Really didn’t work for me
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  • [ID: Three screencaps from Taskmaster. Greg Davies says, “That was a good one, I think.” Alex Horne replies, “Yes, and for the record, you would have been my cutest thing.” Greg says, “Why don’t you shut your dirty mouth?” Alex replies, “Yes, I will. I’m sorry.” End ID.]

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  • [ID: Two screencaps from Taskmaster. Mel Giedroyc, confronted with a pile of hundreds of peas on a table, says, “I’m gonna funnel them.” She starts swiping handfuls of peas off the edge of the table, directly into her mouth. End ID.]

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  • [ID: Two screencaps from Taskmaster. Mel Giedroyc says, “That music is terrible.” Lolly Adefope, removing a pair of headphones, agrees, “God, it’s horrible.” Alex Horne says, “It’s by The Horne Section.” End ID.]

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  • I’m content now that their feelings have been acknowledged. But it’s also sad that nothing can be done about it. Reminds me of a situation I was in at the beginning of the year but my trust issues, *fear of emotions*, and our distance got in the way.

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  • I truly believe Anise has to be double spy. It’s either that or the Tok’ra may only be a couple levels superior morally than the Goa’uld. I’m going to be very confused if the series doesn’t end with the parasitic race dying out because there would always be a chance one could decided to take their host hostage and start a rebellion.

    It’s a joy to have Martouf back because Anise’s duplicitous nature is getting on my last nerve.

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  • Monster Movie

    (Next Episode | Masterlist | Previous Episode)

    A fun filler episode? In my Supernatural? It’s more likely than you think!

    I don’t wanna think too hard about this episode so I’m just gonna list some fun things:

    We still got to see the new Raiders movie.

    Saw it.

    Without me?

    You were in Hell.

    Sam wasn’t gonna wait for you to watch the good movies Dean

    Also, Sam just subtly judging everyone

    Marissa Wright, 26. Terrible. Just terrible. It’s the last thing this town needs at peak tourist season.

    Definitely the last thing Marissa Wright needed.


    Come on, brother. Beer and bar wenches.

    Pretty sure women today don’t react well to the whole “wench” thing, Dean.

    Sam being the nerd that he is and knowing all about Dracula – Dean may be the film nerd but Sam knows the classics <3 

    We do have an interesting little monologue from Dean about how he feels about hunting

    That must suck. I mean, you’re giving up your life for this terrible… I don’t know, responsibility.

    Last few years, I started thinking that way, and, uh, it started sort of weighing on me. Of course, that was before… A little while ago, I had this – let’s call it a near-death experience. Very near. And, uh, when I came to… things were different. My life’s been different. I realize that I help people. Not just help them, though. I save them. I guess it’s – it’s awesome. It’s kind of like a gift… like a mission. Kind of like a… a mission from God.

    @piades said he was being a “Byronic hero” (which I then googled lol) and it means

    A Byronic hero is a type of fictional character who is a moody, brooding rebel, often one haunted by a dark secret from his past

    Which … yeah that pretty much sums up Dean I think. In this scene specifically he’s being the dramatic kind who pours all his secrets out to the random girl he just met, he’s got to for the genre, y’know? the old black and white monster movies … and obviously he’s trying to impress her, make himself sound cooler, so he’s not going to gripe and complain about his life, but it’s interesting to me that he would … claim it so openly, his mission from the angels.

    But, saying anything more would require me to think more than I want to and I won’t!

    #Supernatural Rewatch#Supernatural#Rewatch#04x05#4x05#4x5 #not gonna get into the troubling transphobic vibes implied by the shifter pretending to be a woman to get close to his crush #no no no #we're just gonna have fun and not think too hard
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  • Thanks Beiste for trying to rescue Emma!!!

    Gosh Will is totally guilt tripping her and I hate him for it

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  • I love your family I always have, I just wish sometimes you would give a damn about mine.“

    Go on Laurel, Oliver really needed to hear that.

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  • I’m so confused about why Felicity is asking Curtis for IT help…

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  • #The Magicians #escape from the happy place #eliot waugh#04x05
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  • #The Magicians #escape from the happy place #eliot waugh #excuse me while I cry in a fucking corner #04x05
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  • #The Magicians #escape from the happy place #eliot waugh #God they deserved so much better #04x05
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  • You know who that cheesy vampire hiss that Dean did reminds me of?

    #Supernatural#15x09#04x05 #Tell me I'm wrong
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  • best of dean in 04x05, monster movie

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  • 15x05 vs 04x05

    In addition to everything else, I just find it so sweet how in 04x05 Jamie is Dean’s love interest and in 15x05 he is a sort of parental figure to Ashley instead, even though chuck intended for it to be like back in 04x05

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