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  • the-void-screamer
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    very helpful that my mother has started mentioning grandchildren about a year ago like AS IF THAT IS GONNA HAPPEN.

    I've never had an actual relationship. I had one in my teenage years that lasted for two years but we were kids back then and it really can't be counted. I doubt that I'll ever find someone (might also be because I've never seen a healthy relationship played out because my mother was single my entire life).

    Apart from the obvious (not having someone to give me their sperm) I can barely take care of myself. It would be completely irresponsible to have a baby in my mental health state, without a job, without the support of a partner, without any financial security. I struggle so much on my own, handing me a child to take care of 24/7 would be the worst for the kid. Like, this hypothetical child deserves better. This hypothetical child deserves the best, as EVERY CHILD DOES. I couldn't even give them remotely average because I can't even give that to myself. And all the trauma running in this family really doesn't need to be passed on to ANOTHER generation.

    She literally said that once she's retired she could babysit for me like?! Why the fuck would I do that, considering the damage she's done raising me? Why the fuck would I have a baby for her to raise if she already proved that she can't be trusted with a child? Like I'm living proof what happens if you leave a tiny human in her care?

    she said that reasons to have a child aren't always that rational, yeah well, but they SHOULD BE?! I know the reason to have ME wasn't rational and thought through and look where that went? And I don't get why someone would get pregnant just for the sake of it, without any plan??

    Additionally to all that I feel it would be unfair in this state of the world to have a child. Climate change, the economy, etc. The future really doesn't look that bright, in fact, it looks so dark that I'm not even sure if I wanna stick around much longer only to find out how ugly it'll get twenty years from now.

    Also, kids weird me out and the body horror aspect of giving birth is for real y'all

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  • razalivenews
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

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  • smallcowplant
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    a little party prep 👻💜

    t-minus five days until halloween! want to join the spooky festivities? 

    #I'll be leaving submissions open until 10/29-10/30! for anyone who might be wondering #still playing around with lighting/reshade/editing for these pics so don't be surprised if things look v different in other posts lol #I'm picky lmao #a very simblr halloween
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  • ockertstoreonline
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

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  • ficsforeren
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #i still have more but fucking tumblr only allowed me to insert 10 pics in one post but i'm sure you see what i'm getting at #the last song canon
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  • hacked-by-jake
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #As I said: there will be another post on the question of how likely I think a second part. #But until then; this.❤️ #jihobixarmy#duskwood #duskwood episode 9 #duskwood sequel #duskwood episode 10 #duskwood game#everbyte studio#everbyte duskwood#duskwood everbyte#everbyte game #hbj dw answers
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  • raijinhasverybigpecs
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    sorry everyone i was busy playing skyrim but shut the fuck up and look at how sexy kaidan is

    #unironically i have been actually enjoying skyrim a lot #i play with a few mods but not a lot of game changing ones #well aside from... the armour and beefy men #i made a post a while ago on main showing how sam makes all the men incredibly hot #but i've only really started playing for real again like a month ago #i may have had to reinstall this game like 10 times bc i kept breaking it with mods but shhhh #it was worth it #i've learnt my lesson tho #my mod setup is p minimal. it's mostly visual stuff #and i have like 1 magic mod. forgotten magic my one true love <3 #i can't handle these mods with like 300 extra spells #who needs 300 spells?? #i get overhelmed with like 10 #which is why of course i am playing a mage <3 i just use fire n lightning #anyways i have like 30 posts saved up. maybe i will post them tonight #oh and i have been playing smite as of 4 days ago again #cliodhna is SO fun love her ass #anyways im gonna play skyrim again bye <3
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  • modelle19
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    10 post!

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  • stardancerluv
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Taste of Heaven

    Kinktober - 10th Post - Bill Fordham - Oral F!Receiving.

    Note/Warning: This is the Bill Fordham dynamic with reader from New Developments. Age gap. Squint and there is some Food!Kink.

    The leaves, crunched under your boots as walked through the orchard with Bill. Your arms were linked as he carried the basket. You leaned against him, “This is wonderful.” You beamed at him

    His smile warmed you on this cool day as he looked down at you. “I am glad we could get away.”

    You had been buried up to your neck in mid-terms and he been swamped in correcting a mountain of papers.

    Walking further down the well worn path, finally trees appeared with apples dangling from their branches.

    He rose an eyebrow. “Shall we start?”

    You nodded happily.

    Together, you went over to a particularly gnarly looking tree. “Oh! Bill that one.” You pointed to a delicious looking red one.

    “Yes, that’s a good one.” Easily, he reached it and with a plunk he dropped it into the basket.

    He slid you a smile while grabbing a second close where the other one hung. He rubbed it. “Would you like a bite?” There was a playful glint in his eyes.

    You looked around. “Bill, we can’t!” You hissed.

    “Of course we can.”


    “Yes.” He offered you the apple. When you tried to take it he held then just out of reach. “I’ll hold it for you.”

    “Oh, alright.” You giggled. You laid a gentle over his hands and took a bit. It was a sharp bittersweet and absolutely delicious apple.

    “Oh! Bill!” You exclaimed around the piece of the apple that was amazing. You chewed and swallowed.

    You watched as he took a bite too. You saw the delight wash over him. “Oh that is quite good.”

    “May I have another bite?”

    “Of course.” Happily you took your second bite. Bill did the same but then gasping you watched as he tossed it then away.

    You chewed fast, outrage filling you. “Bill why did you do that? It was so good.”

    A playful smirk crinkled his eyes. “There will be others that will taste even better.”

    Your shoulders slumped. “If you say so.”

    He nudged you. “I do.”

    Soon, you went up one and then another and yet another path grabbing and plucking apples high and low.

    Bill stopped and a light entered his eyes once again. He soon grabbed one and rubbed it like he had the last one.

    “Would you like a bite?” He held it out to you.

    “Of course.” Like a before you, placed a hand over his. As your teeth sunk in, it was juicer and not thinking it was possibly but it made the other one tasteless. “This one is amazing!”

    He smiled broadly at you. “I knew it would be.” Bill then very contently took a bite of it.

    Watching his joy made the knots in your stomach just need to be appeased. “Bill kiss me.”

    He came over and once again tossed the apple behind him but then he pulled you close. His beard was a wonderful tease as your lips met. And his kiss was a mixture of those amazing apples and him. Your heart fluttered.


    Slipping off your boots, you then carried the two baskets to the counter. Leaning against the counter you soon took down all the ingredients you needed. You washed your hands then began by pre-heating the oven.

    You smiled as you heard the jangle of Bill’s keys as he put them in the dish by his door.

    It wasn’t long before the flour flew and you were already kneading the dough. You sighed and shivered a little as Bill came up behind you and hugged you. The autumn’s chill clung to him. “Already baking?”

    Turning, your head you smiled back at him. “I didn’t want to wait.”

    He smiled and gave you a squeeze. “That’s my girl.”

    Stepping back, you missed the feel of his solid frame.

    You watched as he put away the cider and the few apples that you were not going to use for baking. Finally, you spotted the berries, you gestured to them. “Those berries were so good.” He glanced at tou.

    You nodded as you continued to work at the dough. “They do. I can’t believe we had so many out there.” You confessed.

    “Well, they were really good.” He pointed out.

    Bill came over and grabbed a bowl. Going back to his fridge, he heard as he filled the bowl with some whipped cream.

    “Bill, what are you up to?”

    “You’ll see.” He came over and stood behind you once again. He placed the bowl near you.

    Soon, he dipped a berry into the cream. “Would you like it?”

    You nodded.

    Soon, like before he easily fed you the berries. The feel of fingers and the berries made your heart flutter.

    “You looked very beautiful today, honey.” You felt as Bill, brushed aside some of your hair before whispering in your ear.

    You leaned against him. “Thank you.”

    You watched as he had some of the berries. Your heart squeezed, as you felt his hand drift up your throat. “Bill?” All questions disappeared as he kissed you then. It was sweet and tender, but there was something just under it that you couldn’t place but it caused knots to loosen and tighten within you.

    As he kissed you, you whimpered softly as you felt his hand drift down you till he easily slipped his hand under your skirt. His kiss deepened, and you moaned as his fingers slipped into your panties. It was exquisite how he made you feel as he rubbed you gently there, making you wetter.

    “You feel so good.” He remarked breaking the kiss.

    “Please.” Was all you could manage. He was making you feel so good but you were on the brink. So close. You needed it.

    “Not yet.” He whispered.

    You whimpered as his touch left you.

    That’s when you felt as he slipped away from you. His hands slipped up your legs. “We have to take these off.”


    He tugged and pulled just enough, then your pants were coming down your legs. You easily stepped out of them. “Now open for me honey. After all these apples, then those berries, I need something that is even better.

    You made a soft sound, as your hands twined and squeezed the dough even more. Shifting just so, you opened your legs. You glanced down and he settled there between them. He smiled up at you. “You can still work on your crisps.”

    “I can try.”

    You felt as his beard grazed the soft skin of your thighs as he pressed kisses here and there.

    You threw your head back as he first just kissed you. He made a deep content sound. His tongue, just slide along your wetness barely moving between your soft folds. You were already panting. You felt as his hands held you firmer as then his tongue explored all of you. You called out, your hands shaking as you tried to move further along in making your crisps.

    Swallowing and trembling you tried to fold in the apples into the dough, but there was no way that you could. His tongue, slid into you then. You moved against him as he did.

    Holding you, he mimicked that and moved you and his mouth together. You squirmed and writhed in his hands, if he wasn’t holding you so well, your knees would have buckled.

    “Bill.” You panted.

    “That’s my girl. Yes. Cum for me, you taste so good.” His tongue teased your little bud there. He made a deep sound. “Better then any berry.

    When you looked down at him, his blue eyes were fiery in his passion. It made what you were feeling even more intense.

    “Yes. Yes.” You bounced a little in his hands as you were on the cusp, you knew you were so close.

    His tongue slipped in and out of you then. The sensation was different then when he was deeply in you but this was exciting in its own way.

    “Bill!” You choked, as you tried to grasp onto some air. You moaned, glancing at him. The sight along between your legs pushed you over the edge. “Yes.” You managed and pushed against him, your legs instinctively closing just enough as you felt yourself come undone.

    You shook, as he gave you a few final licks. You were barely able to squeeze the dough any longer.

    “Come down here honey. I want you in my lap.” He gently told you once he slid from you, but still pressed a few well placed kisses on your thighs.

    You ndded, despite them being wobbly you easily straddled him as you sunk into his lap. He held you then. His fingers running through your hair, as you nestled close to him.

    He tucked some of your hair behind your ear. “Next, I may have to do that in the orchard.”

    You trembled. “You wouldn’t.”

    A smirk curled underneath his beard. “I would.” A mischievous chuckled came from him. That gave you knots all over again in your stomach. “I had thought that, eating and feeding you all that apple and berries would have been enough. But I grew harder and harder, honey. I craved you more then any of those fruits.”

    “Bill. You will make me wet all over again, here in your kitchen.”

    “Then perhaps I’ll have to take you right here.” He gently teased.

    @thebeckyjolene @blondekel77 @mrskenobi19 @reiaux @dogmatic255

    #femi!reader #ewan mcgregor #ewan mcgregor imagine #ewan mcgregor fanfiction #taste of heaven #post 10#kinktober
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  • the-void-screamer
    26.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    okay so the official waking up time seems to be 10am. Fine. I give up.

    I had really weird dreams, basically two of them were about actual life dreams coming true but in a twisted way - in the first, my book got published but when I held it in my hands and flicked through it it looked ugly af, like there had been zero effort put into the design and the letters were all over and if I saw something like that in a bookstore I'd never buy it so it was obvious to me that it wouldn't become a success. The second dream was that I was staying at that one French castle I've been watching on YouTube for the entirety of the pandemic, it was one of the main things that kept me going/company, and I really wanna visit one day in the future, but in this dream there were lots of people there that were never on the channel and they were very mean to me (also I got stuck in a small space again / under some huge plate?!). There seemed to be a staged wedding for a photoshoot and I had to hide from the photographer because I was too ugly to be in the pictures and so I hid under this fountain that looked like a huge plate. The people from the staged wedding got super mad at me for being there, and they were many, like two hundred I'd say, so I ran and hid somewhere in the castle. I met two of the people running the place and they were nice but it felt fake, like they were talking to a customer. Then I entered a room with some people who played rock music and one of my favourite songs came on and I danced like I was insane and I felt them looking at me and judging me and laughing about me and when the music stopped I noticed that a certain someone was in the room and it was him who had played the song and he muttered "told you she would go nuts if I played this" to the others

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  • milkcurdles
    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    2021 Arieto Agenda

    #hi I’m alive #coming back with this post teehee #drew this in 10 minutes #arieto#tokyo ghoul#tg#ishida sui #tokyo ghoul fanart #arima kishou#eto yoshimura#procreate
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  • shinjukudivi
    26.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    My sincserest apologies for the obscene amount of typos that I make. It seems I can't r e a d

    #I look at a normal post I made about jyushi or smth and I post it like y e s this is spelled properly! #then 10 min later I look back at it and it's like #andhf jyushy ithe sckurnky lie #what the heck is wrong with my typing rofl
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  • astrxealis
    26.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #✩.inbox #— irene! ♡ #AHKDHAKD i have to admit that as much as i want to send my love out to the authors and works i came across and like a lot #i'm still way too shy and spend like 10 minutes contemplating whether to click post or not 😭 #but i think it's really all worth it in the end !! writers like you on tumblr and other websites make my day with yalls writings 👉👈 #so it's only right i try to repay the joy (or tears from angsts KFJSKN) thru what i can do !! which is my support and love hehe 😌💗 #n e ways ily and thank YOU and every other writer as well for giving us such lovely food 🙇‍♀️💘
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  • venusianmystique
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I have to resist the urge to post all my thirst traps and nudes because I know I’m sexy as hell but also people especially men are weird and I don’t want ppl saving my shit. And also I hate the idea of going viral because the thought of so many people knowing of my existence stresses me out so much

    #that’s why I only post my thirst traps on private stories with only like 10 ppl on it
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  • gobbluthbutagirl
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    i know i keep saying this but i am for real gonna rewatch arrested development starting tomorrow. i have my tv set up now & everything. i’m really gonna do it this time

    #this is gonna be rewatch number 10/watch number 11 btw #and there’s a few episodes i’ve actually seen like 15+ times #you know what’s funny is i post about arrested development like every day. and i haven’t actually rewatched it in full since a year ago #i just think about it unprompted THAT frequently
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  • chisatowo
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Been listening to the part of the afterglow lost one's weeping cover where Himari just goes ham on repeat for like 30 minutes now anyways how are y'all doing

    #rat rambles#band posting #its like less than 10 seconds but thanks adhd I guess this is the only thing I can listen to now #anyways thanks to the people whove made videos covering the bass in the song now I can even more effectively blast that part to my eardrums
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  • bestallinonechannel
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    10 posts!

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  • vulpinesunshine
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago


    #before her surgery this was IMPOSSIBLE #ava#recovery #10 weeks post op
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  • zzzhantty
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    revisiting Frequency. an art zine i began around ‘15 or ‘16 based on my livejournal posts and old photography. this is one of my abandoned projects that i will be reviving in 2022.

    the idea was to create a zine sharing my most personal posts from my old livejournal page my teen self created in 2009, mix it with some of my photography and artwork, print plenty of copies and distribute these copies all throughout Boston.

    i still think this is a great idea and have been wanting to revisit it and continue where i left off. i think zines are wonderful, you may expect some from me this upcoming year 👻

    #art zine#zine#mini zine#livejournal #who remembers? #i fucking misssss livejournal!!! i would overshare over there like i was getting paid for it #it’s completely closed now and all posts are private #livejournal was my original tumblr #i stick to the things i love like fucking glue #was on that site for 9 years- been on here for 10 👻 #till death or boredom do us part baby
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  • smasmashin
    26.10.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #asksmash #sorry for the spam #now that I have met this week's quota in posts I will be retreating back into the darkness goodbyeeeeee #adieeueueueueueuuu #im just joking I think BB won so pls look forward to an update sometime in the next 5-10 business days
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