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    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Сколько бы не знакомилась с новыми людьми,меня тянет обратно .

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    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #rivvd art #rivvd art 100 followers #event#yamato#flustered#eye #yamato one piece
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    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


    So, we already hit 100 followers like, a month or something ago. But, I still want to continue this event I had planned out! [event inspo by @/leviathans-watching]


    (please do take your time reading these!!)

    — First come, first serve! So the first fifteen asks that get sent in are the ones I will write. Those after that will be deleted, but, keep in mind I am fairly flexible. I might still do your ask if the character doesn't have a drabble about them yet and if I can write the ask well.

    — No requests for Luke. For obvious reasons.

    — Please adhere to the basic rules my blog has on what I write and don't. It's rather simple anyways; smut is a definite no-no since this is a fluff event, no overly triggering topics and be respectful to the admin and all the people who visit my blog.

    — You can be off-anon, but I would be thrilled to see who participates in this mini-event I have!! This is so I can personalize the ask a bit too (though, not much since I want others to read the blurbs aswell and I don't want to invalidate anyone reading my content!!)

    Now, the event is...


    — send in an ask with an obey me character and your ideal date!! [ex. Mammon + walks at the beach] something along those lines

    — If the date idea is vague, you can elaborate, but don't over-explain it. I still want to be able to write the drabble without limitations (or, by that, I mean I want to write it without my idea being on the ask. If it's too complex and thorough, I might not have anything else to write).

    — Be creative!! It can be ANY date idea. [for those Leviastans like me out there, you can certainly request a date more aquatic and fitting for his Grand Admiral position ;) the skies the limit, as long as it's not triggering or something]

    With all that being said, thank you so much for 100+ followers!! I appreciate each and every one of you so much and greatly appreciate how you welcomed me into the community (literally everyone has been so kind to me, i might cry)

    I hope we can have more milestones in the future!! I promise to keep improving in writing, and to continue to share to all of you!

    Again, thank you for sticking around! I throughly wish you enjoy this little event I made! :)

    From the blog Admin,

    Nico <3

    #🧁 100. #obey me #obey me shall we date #follower event!!
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  • solar-shatter
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #˗ˏˋ sunny writes ´ˎ˗ #˗ˏˋ anon the loml ´ˎ˗ #chongyun #chongyun x reader #100 follower event!!
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  • prostayasworld
    22.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Почему абсолютно все расклады указывают на возвращение Макса ?.

    Я конечно рада ,но блять долго мне ждать ещё ?😅

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  • cellophaine
    22.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Begin Again

    Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader

    Word Count: 2926

    Warnings: None.

    Author's Note: Well, this is a first! Posting in the morning.

    Writing this was a fever dream because I was super sleepy during some writing and editing parts. But I pushed on anyway because I have fears of being unproductive and wasting time unnecessarily! :D

    I hope you will enjoy this one nevertheless!

    Prompt requested by: Anon <3


    With a tray of steaming coffees in one hand, you ascended the staircase to Nelson & Murdock, towards the sound of Matt and Foggy talking. To be more accurate, Mr. Murdock and Foggy. It had been eight months since you started working with them, six since you admitted to yourself that you might have taken a liking to the quiet, always serious, blind lawyer who looked ridiculously good in suits, and zero days since you called him by his first name. You felt like you were only an acquaintance to him. While it took Foggy almost no time at all to warm up to you, Matt … had his moments. You rarely exchanged a word outside of your mutual work-related zone. When you tried to initiate a conversation, a simple question like "how was your weekend?" would often meet with a grim nod or a mumble of "good" and then, a painful stretch of silence.

    You didn't know who hated you more. Your upstairs neighbour, who would 100% steal your mails if given a chance, or Matt Murdock.

    The conversation died down as you opened the door, walking into the office with the focus of two pairs of eyes on you. Well, one working pair.

    You lifted the tray as if it was a peace offering, clearing your throat to diffuse the attention reserved for you.

    "I brought … coffees."

    Foggy stepped up and took the cup with an "F" on the sleeves from you with a grateful sigh.

    "Thank you. You're my saviour."

    You lifted the one marked with "M", turning to Matt.

    "Mr. Murdock? Would you—"

    Matt gave you a tight-lipped smile; his hand made a decline motion. And just like that, he turned on his heels, walking into his office and closing the door behind him. You could see him through the glass window as he searched for his desk, sitting down on his chair and flipping open one of many stacks of Braille documents. You averted your gaze to Foggy, who gave you a sympathetic smile.

    "He's not like that at all, not all the time anyway. He'll come around."

    "... Right."

    You nodded bitterly. You had believed him on the first few weeks working with them, but you knew better than to hope for something that might never happen. You had tried so hard to make Matt like you, or at least be friendly with you, not for your selfish reasons, but for your professional working relationship. You often turned your interactions with Matt in your head to seek out the root of why he acted so indifferent to you, but you'd had no luck. Finally, heaving out a deep sigh, you went to your desk and prepared for the day ahead.

    Night fell, bringing the howling winds along. The three of you decided to stay a little bit late tonight, despite the long day. Turning the page in the thick folder on your desk, you yawned, rubbing at your eyes. It was 8:23, according to your watch. Matt and Foggy were in their respective office; the dim lights blinked every once in a while. You yawned again, feeling your eyelids get heavier and heavier by the second. It wouldn't hurt if you just put your head down for a moment, would it?

    Some time had passed between the last flutter of your eyes and the next. You blinked the sleepiness out of your eyes, feeling less tired and … warmer. Lifting your head off the desk, you glanced around the quiet room. The light in Foggy's office was off, saved for Matt's and the kitchen. You couldn't see either of them anywhere.

    As you lifted your arm to check the time, the awkward movement knocked at something in your head. Looking down on your shoulder, you recognized the familiar suit jacket that was draped protectively around you - the very same jacket that belonged to Matt. Your cheeks grew hotter at the realization; your hand ran over the texture as your mind made a clumsy attempt at processing what happened at hand. Lost in the smell of clean soap, of something you couldn't quite put the finger on, undoubtedly something that could only belong to Matt, you didn't see him walking out of the kitchen from of the corner of your eyes.

    "Are you awake?"

    Your head snapped up, and you felt like you were caught red-handed doing something embarrassing. Like smelling his clothes. Which you did. Kind of.

    "No! I mean, yes. Sorry, I was just ... so exhausted."

    You shrugged the jacket off, passing it back to Matt with much difficulty while muttering a small word of appreciation. Matt gave you that tight-lipped smile again, nodding towards the door.

    "Come on. I'll take you home."

    The chilly air of fall greeted you. New York had shrugged off its green coat for warmer colours. You walked side by side with Matt; the occasional taps of his cane were the only sound made between you two. You pulled at your cardigan pitifully, regretting not taking a thicker coat with you this morning. Wrapping your arms around yourself, you fought back the shivers that insisted on breaking out in your body. Then, as if a mightier being had read your mind, the coldness was warded off with a familiar feeling on your shoulders. You watched as Matt's hands closed the coat around you; your gaze ended up on his face. You stared wide-eyed at the way the shadow obscured his features, the way the yellow streetlight hit all the right spots, creating a halo around him, making him look like a sinister angel — an angel of yours.

    Matt had placed his irresistible warmth on you for the second time that night; his hands still lingered around your arms. Shaking your head firmly, you angled away from his ... surprisingly kind action, just like what he did earlier.

    "I can't. You're going to get cold."

    But Matt didn't seem to mind.

    "No, I insist. I'm feeling a little bit ... hot anyway."

    You angled your gaze up to squint at the man before you. Matt sure looked comfortable enough, even with the gushing wind messing up his hair, pushing at his suit. Yet, under the low lights of storefronts and street lamps, his dishevelled look still managed to toy with your heart. You looked away, couldn't afford another second of looking at him, for you knew you would only fall harder for him.

    As you walked, the silence between you stretched on, and your mind couldn't help but wonder. What did you do to make Matt hate you? He had no trouble smiling at other people, being friendly and charming with them. What was it about you that repelled him so much?

    You ceased in your steps, as did Matt. Turning around to face you, Matt tilted his head slightly as if he was seeking you out. His husky voice was indifferent, but his hidden tone was filled with concern. You were sure you made the last part up because Matt was capable of anything but caring about you.

    "Are you alright?"

    "No, I'm not. Did I … do something? To make you hate me?"

    There it was, out in the open. There was no going back now. The burning question that had been in your mind for months on end.

    "I'm sorry?"

    "You heard me. I feel ignored … a lot. By you, of course. You've disregarded almost every of my attempt to be friendly. Your overall attitude towards me is always so … so cold. Is my presence so much of a pain in your ass? Actually, am I just a coat hanger to you?"

    He replied almost immediately, curtly, baffled and confused at your sudden outburst.

    "... What? No, I don't hate you."

    "You've put your jackets on me twice today, and yes, you do act like you hate me. And the worst part is I don't even know why."

    "I don't hate you. And ..."

    He swallowed, weighing his words.

    "Have I ... truly made you feel unwelcomed?"

    You scoffed in disbelief.

    "Isn't that obvious? Truth be told, I don't even need us to be friends. I just wish you would be a little more open to me. We work together, for fuck's sake. In a firm of three people."

    You sighed heavily, shaking your head. You wanted to let go, crumbling to a heap on the floor, anywhere but in front of Matt.

    "I don't know why I brought this up. It's not going to change anything anyway."

    You shrugged his pea coat off, shoving the bundle into Matt's chest. You didn't look back as you stomped into the night, leaving him with his head hung low, his face contorted in regrets.

    You dreaded the next day at work. But, Foggy needed you. And Matt, too, even if he would never admit it. So you showed up and followed what you thought was the best solution - ignoring Matt entirely. The office was painfully unpleasant, as Foggy tried to communicate with two other people who didn't even talk to each other. Lucky for you, you didn't have to ignore him for long since Matt had to leave early with the continuous coughing and sneezing into the crook of his elbows.

    The following day came with the most unexpected turn of events. It involved you standing in front of what you hoped was Matt's apartment, with a takeout bowl of hot soup and medicine in your hands. Foggy had called earlier, asking and begging you to check up on his "sick and bed-ridden" associate.

    You knocked, and waited. Nothing aside from the silence from the other side greeted you. You tried the door, and to your surprise, it was unlocked. After closing the door behind, you walked down the hallway, announcing your arrival.

    "Mr. Murdock? Just a suggestion, but maybe you shouldn't leave your door like —"

    Everything you were about to say climbed back the way it came out, as the sight in front of you stunned you into silence. Matt laid in a heap on the floor, half-naked, with something that looked like a costume draped awkwardly over the armchair. At the foot of said armchair was a red helmet. You picked it up and turned it in your hands. The mask was designed to cover the top half of the face, with two little ears protruding at the temples. Were they ears or horns? You put it down on top of the suit, putting it back on your shelf of priorities since right now, glaring at the top, was Matt's well-being.

    Dragging Matt onto the couch, you never wished you had paid attention or put more effort into PE when you were younger more. After placing a pillow under his head and covering his half-naked body with a blanket you found in his bedroom, you checked his temperature with your hand. Matt was burning up, alarmingly so. His skin was damp with sweat, yet, his body shivered at a steady rhythm. You looked around for a small towel, wetting it with cold water and making dabbing motions over his sweat-soaked skin. The cloth, or your hand, slid over the healed and unhealed scars, the varying colours of bruises and injuries. At this point, your mind was working overtime, trying to connect the dots. It made no sense, but it was the only explanation. You sigh, moving your hand up to clean his face. You wiped at the bridge of his nose, the stubborn curve of his lips, the knots in his eyebrows. You cradled his face in your palm, caressing his skin through the fabric, and oh, how you wished you could touch him just like this, with nothing in your way.

    You called Foggy.

    "I'm worried about him. It looks like he's in horrible shape. Straight up knocked out."

    "Poor guy. Can you stay with him? And make sure he gets better? Please? I know things between you are tense …."

    Pinching the bridge of your nose, you huffed a weary sigh.

    "That doesn't matter right now. Don't worry about it. I'll take care of him."


    Matt's lashes fluttered open, brushing over the dark circles under his eyes. The familiar trails of fire engulfed his vision; his world was immersed with shades of red and orange. He closed his eyes again, feeling the headache pounding against the sides of his skull. He did what he did best, tuning out the white noise, focusing on listening to the sound of his body. He assessed the damage from the patrol the night before, with the addition of the cold he seemed to be unfortunate enough to catch. Matt didn't know how sick he really was until his disturbed radar sense picked up your heartbeat from not too far away, which startled him, even though he didn't show.

    He listened to his surroundings again. There was no doubt that you were here, in his apartment. At this moment, you weren't a figment of his imagination that he conjured up when he couldn't get you out of his head, which had been a daily occurrence for the past months. How much had you seen? This was ... this was not how he wanted to have the conversation with you - the one that he had dreaded for so long.

    His voice came out in a husky whisper in a pitiful attempt to feign innocence.

    "Is ... somebody there? Who's-"

    "It's just me. But I think you know that already."

    You cut him off, sparing him a few precious seconds of embarrassment. Matt heard the rustles of fabric, the falls of your footsteps, the pulls of your muscles as you got closer to him. You helped him sit up; your hand gently nudged his face upright. The tips of your fingers were dry as you brushed them over the curve of his cheek. He craved the fleeting feeling as your hand touched his when you handed him the pills. Then, holding a glass of water in front of him, you used the firm tone usually reserved for meetings, leaving no room for debate.

    "Take these. They will help with your fever."

    Matt could feel your focus on him as if you wanted to make sure he wouldn't cheat out of it. Holding the empty glass in one hand, Matt waited for the moment you to speak up first.

    "So, are you really blind? I saw your ... assemble, and I'm pretty sure it's the Daredevil suit. Please don't tell me you're not the same person and that you guys are best friends, and he just happened to drop the gear off at your place for dry cleaning."

    He sighed, considering going with your sarcastic comment. But enough was enough. He was exhausted from keeping secrets from you.

    "I am blind. I just have some ... abilities to help with the Daredevil stuff."

    He walked you through the days when he lost his sight and gained something else in its place, how his vigilante days had started.

    After his story came to an end, you dug your palms into your eyes, releasing a heavy sigh, processing what he had just told you.

    "To be honest, that sounds crazy. And, kind of reasonable at the same time."

    You quickly added.

    "I mean, we have aliens and Gods and whatnot falling out of the sky not too long ago."

    Matt chuckled lightly. You bit your lips, staying quiet.

    "I can understand why you keep it a secret... Does Foggy know?"

    Matt nodded. You mimicked his action unconsciously, murmuring.

    "That makes sense. I'm glad you can talk to somebody else about this. You don't have to do this alone."

    "Now you know, too."

    "If you're worrying that I might tell somebody else, I won't. The fact that I know about your 'situation' doesn't really matter anyway. I'm a nobody to you, and ..."

    You felt the embarrassment creeping up on your face as you choked up at the truth of your words.

    "... and that's all I'll ever be."

    Matt sat up fully, searching for your hands, enfolding them between his larger hands.

    "No, no. You're the furthest thing from a nobody to me."

    Matt gestured to the suit on the armchair.

    "This is what I do. And there would always be dangers coming with the job."

    "Your safety will always come first. I want to protect you. That's the reason why I can't afford to be close to you, no matter how much I crave to be with you. I like you, and I adore you too much to bring harm your way."

    Your eyes widened at what sounded like a confession. Matt realized that, too.

    "Wait ... did you say you like me?"

    The red flush crept up his neck, coating his cheeks.

    "... Yes. I have been for a very long time. More than you could have known."

    You couldn't quite believe what you heard just now. So you let yourself do what you had always wanted to do - you threw yourself into Matt's embrace. As if he could see you coming, he welcomed you, holding you tight with his arms around your torso. You buried your face into the crook of his neck, nuzzling at the feverish skin there.

    "I ... I like you too. Despite how terrible you have treated me."

    The teasing tone on your last remark earned a throaty chuckle from Matt. You could feel the vibration of it as he pressed a lingering kiss on your head.

    Who would have known the Devil of Hell's Kitchen was such a big softie?

    #matt murdock #matt murdock x reader #matt murdock fanfic #matt murdock x you #matt murdock imagine #matt murdock au #matt murdock fic #matt murdock fluff #daredevil #daredevil x reader #daredevil au#daredevil imagine#daredevil fanfiction#marvel imagine #cellophaine 100 followers event #fluff #no use of y/n
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    Ohh. My… Thra…


    Thank you all so much!!!

    #rambles#100 followers #thank you all
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    the ^_^ guy in my math class is the second top viewer on my ig story help does this mean i stalk him a lot or he stalks me

    #his ig profile is rlly boring he has no photos of himself or tagged and he has no pfp and <100 followers #AKA THE IDEAL SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE #or is it because we’ve dmed #guys I am balancing my want for him to like me and my belief that he’s gay It’s rlly hard
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    thank you for over 100 followers!

    while i was away and not posting for a while, i looked at my follow count and-- wow! im not the best writer, and most of my works aren't even that well-written as end up revising them after posting, but you guys still followed me. thank you very much!

    expect more multi (mainly idle and atz) stuff to come!

    also im thinking of doing a new headcanon for idle and a headcanon for jongho. if i get 5 more likes on any current work i have, i'll release the twice headcanon im working on, as well as putting it in my masterlist.

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    #˗ˏˋ sunny writes ´ˎ˗ #tartaglia#childe #childe x reader #100 follower event!!
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    Omg! Guys??? I haven’t even been around that long! And I barely freaking post!! Holy shit!

    #chit chat#omg#100 followers #that’s a lot of people #glad you like my bullshit
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    #˗ˏˋ sunny writes ´ˎ˗ #˗ˏˋ anon the loml ´ˎ˗ #xiao #xiao x reader #100 follower event!!
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    Match-Up Event!!

    october 21, 2021 - 

    status: open :) 

    ➳ guys?? thank you so much for 100 followers???? it really means a lot to me, i’ve always loved writing but i never felt like i had an avenue to write out all the scenarios that go through my head. and now, with all the reblogs, kind words for the comments, and some of the personal messages i’ve gotten makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside <3 

    ➳ im still learning all about tumblr and what i should do for you guys, but for now i’ve decided just to do a basic match-up! read below to know more about the event and some rules...


    ➳ i’m only taking requests for tokyo revengers and haikyuu for now just because those are the only animes i’ve writen for so far 

    ➳ please only one request per person. for now, i’m capping this event off to only 10 slots just because of all the work i have; HOWEVER, if i end up having more time, i’d be inclined to do more hehe

    ➳ i’ll be keeping everything sfw, and don’t tell me what character you want! it takes the fun out of choosing of course, and i may end up not posting my little drabble for you. 


    ➳ you ask: 

    please put in all the personality based information about yourself that you’re comfortable with! for example, let me know what your mbti is, your enneagram, your sun sign, your likes/dislikes, your favorite romance trope, your hottest take, your favorite food, your favorite pass time activity, your love language, your favorite color, and whatever else you want me to base my opinion off of! 

    if you also feel comfortable, feel free to put in descriptions about your appearance too! such as eye color, hair color, etc. 

    please put in your pronouns too! 

    also let me know if you prefer me to pair you with a character from tr specifically or hq specifically 

    ➳ you receive:

    a hq or tr boy i pair you with 

    your favorite activity together

    how he loves you 

    + anything else i find applicable :) 

    i hope you guys have as much fun as i will! again, thank you all, i love you lots 

    slots: 5/10 taken

    #100 followers#anime event#tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers toman #tokyo revengers valhalla #haikyuu #haikyuu!! #karasuno#aoba jonsai#nekoma#fukurodani#anime imagines#anime drabbles #tokyo revengers drabbles #haikyuu drabbles#for you #thank you guys so much i love you all #animeheadspace's match-up event
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    #Kellykidd’s 100 followers
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    A couple of months ago I posted this audio where my patrons picked words for me to draw on their skin.

    I'm curious, if I held a pen up and said, okay let me draw on you, what would you want? 🤭

    #this was a 100 follower audio and now I have 700!!! #soft dom #soft dom hailie #soft bd!sm #soft!dom #soft bd/sm#dom/sub #bd!sm #bd/sm lifestyle #dom x sub
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    #kakashi hatake#kakashi sensei#naruto universe #kakashi hatake x reader #kakashi #kakashi hatake x you #kakashi fanfiction #kakashi x reader #kakashi x oc #kakashi hatake fanfiction #Kakashi hatake x fem reader #Kakashi/reader#kakashi xy/n #kakashi x y/n #100 follower event
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  • resurrection-au
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    (Quick aside: Apologies for the delay on this one.)

    Hey, everyone! So, the blog’s reached 100 Followers by the time of this being posted (it’s actually surpassed that by a bit now, but, yeah).

    Here’s some celebration art done by @bananabandanaz!

    Thank you all so much for sticking around, and I hope that what I’ve got in store’ll be good.

    The revamped Part 3′s already in the works, so that’ll be coming.

    There’s also a new track coming soon, so be on the lookout for that.

    Alright, this is where the post ends.

    See you all later. Have a wonderful day.

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    pssst this is my oc

    #*  ♪ 𓂃⠀ ⋆˚ ⠀⠀ ﹙ 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐭 ⠀・ ⠀ooc. ﹚ #it's 100% darker than this blog so u dont have to follow if it  makes u umcomfy!
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