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  • In The Golden Days Seen-On The TV Screen (56)

    Casper the Friendly Ghost, did arrive-
    To the delight, of children, back in 1945.


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    #"Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times" #1945 #Casper the Friendly Ghost #In The Golden Days Seen-On The TV Screen #Mary Elizabeth Rumsey #MEinRhyme #Modern Mother Goose-On the Loose #Poetry#Reading#Rhyme#Three#Writing
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  • Sui partigiani trucidati ad Isolabona

    Sui partigiani trucidati ad Isolabona

    Il cippo commemorativo dei partigiani trucidati dai nazisti il 2 marzo 1945 davanti al cimitero di Isolabona (IM)
    Dopo un rastrellamento effettuato dai tedeschi nelle campagne di Buggio [Frazione di Pigna (IM)], probabilmente per iniziare a prepararsi una via di fuga nel caso dello sfondamento della linea del fronte – che passava sul Grammondo e sulle vette dell’Authion – vennero catturati otto…


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  • 1945, 29 april, the bodies of Benito Mussolini and other facists hung up for display after being executed

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  • ❝ He never got cross. He was far too pompous ❞

    Nancy Mitford, The Pursuit of Love (1945) [Linda Radlett of Tony Kroesig]

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  • Irisida | Chapter 1

    Summary: Iris, Steve and Bucky have been friends for eight years now but now it’s time for the trio to break up into a duo when Bucky enlists for the army but everything changes when Steve and Iris are selected to be part of ‘Project Rebirth.’

    Word count: 1.9k 

    A/N: This is my first fanfic ever and low-key a rewriting of the first movie so honestly hate comments over cringey parts are acceptable. 


    “That’s it. I’m going to tell him today.” Irisida proclaimed with her arm latched onto Bucky’s. 

    Bucky stopped in his steps. 

    “Tell who what?” He questioned the bright young lady, now standing in front of him. 

    Ms. Castille stood her ground but Bucky could never take the tiny creature seriously. How could he when said tiny creature was a foot shorter than him. She was a dwarf, or at least that’s what Steve called her when he wanted her to leave, which he rarely did. Her black hair sat well with her rather fair complexion. It was cut short which was strange for a lady in her position but when had Iris ever followed what society, or more specifically her mother had taught her? She was truly quirky like that. Her brown eyes tied everything together. They would glisten in the sun sometimes and the other times, they would look black. Steve would argue that it depended on her mood and she would respond with the same line she’d used every time since the first he brought it up, “One of us should’ve payed attention in Physics when Mrs. Darla was teaching color reflection and it’s not me.“

    “Steve, Bucky. I’m going to tell him how I feel about him.” She said excitedly. 

    It had been 8 years since Irisida had met Steve Rogers for the first time. And yet, every time she talked about him, saw him or even simply thought about him, her eyes glimmered just the same

                                                              - - - - - 

    Irisida Noor Castille hated being the new girl. When she found out that she had to go live with her dad in Brooklyn, she threw a fit. The middle of the school year and the only school to accept was one on the lower east side. So here was she was, a dainty seventh grader eating her lunch on the edge of the park while everyone else gossiped like the world revolved around them. 

    “I’ll give you half my mac and cheese if you give me one of your sandwiches,” said a black haired boy with a skinny blonde at his side. 

    Wanting to be left alone she turned her head the other way. 

    “So I go home yesterday and my mom is standing in the doorway with the grocery list I ‘forgot’ at home.” The black haired boy says as both of them sit down right beside her.

    The other one introduces them.

    “I’m Steve, and this is Bucky.” 

    “Iris.” She says thinking of ways to escape. 

    “That’s neat.” Steve says fixing the tie he wore around his neck. 

    Bucky started feasting on his macaroni while Steve stuck his nose in the pile of homework he’d brought out with him. 

    “And then I go to the bus stop and while I’m waiting guess who I see? Sydney Parker. I try to make small talk with her but as soon as I start the weather line my father taught me, she asks me if I want to go to the arcade with her.” Bucky starts. 

    “Yeah and said date would’ve been so good and you’re practically married now and I think that’s exactly why she’s now sitting over there under the tree flirting with Mark Scott,” Iris points out. 

    Steve and Bucky were taken aback, well Bucky was more offended than amused, but Steve looked very much interested on what other piece of critique the young lady had to offer.  

    “I appreciate your concern but she’s not flirting with him.” Bucky retorted. 

    “No, I think she is Bucky, look.” Steve points to a now giggling Sydney. 

    “No. She’s not.” Bucky rolls his eye. 

    “I think you should go up to her and ask her if she wants to go out with you again.” Suggested Iris. Her and Steve were laughing now, all but completely in sync. That’s the day she saw his blue eyes for the first time, and she hadn’t forgotten its precise blue since. 

    Bucky got terribly rejected, by the way. He returned with vanilla milkshake all over his clothes. He knew his mother would thrash him but that would happen when he would return home, which he didn’t until much later. A friendship had ensued and it was far before it ended. 

                                                               - - - - - 

    Iris snapped out of her thoughts when she heard a weird grunt in the alleyway beside the theatre they were waiting on the exit gate of. Iris was never one to be involved in violence, she hated it. 

    “Steve told us the movie would end at 5, I don’t understand what he’s doing inside.” Bucky said kneeling down to sit on the sidewalk. He was tired, she could tell from his drooped shoulders and the bags under his eyes. He’d been up day and night trying to get all his business finished before he had to go to war. She would miss him, and probably stress about him being dead the whole time but at least he’d be fulfilling the dream him and Steve saw together, their dream to serve their country. The grunts in the dark alleyway kept increasing and their patience, decreasing. 

    “Let’s just go on our own,” Bucky suggested. They had tickets to the Stark Convention. Bucky and Steve had dates, actually Bucky had a date who he lied about bringing a hunky friend with to and Iris would be as usual, third-wheeling. Steve made jokes of how her father would be disappointed when he found out the supposed boyfriend she went out dancing with every other night was yet another illusion Ms. Castille had come up with to keep him free of worry, but only Bucky and Iris knew why she wanted to go alone. Bucky snapped her out of her thoughts and extended his arm when they both heard it. 

    “I can do this all day.” Addressed the voice to a rather hunky man who’s beer breath anyone could smell from at least a block away. 

    Iris and Bucky knew exactly who it was and in a split second they were running down the alleyway, very much convinced they would have to drag Steve’s dead body home. 

    “Why does he do this to himself?” 

    Iris was irritated and Bucky could tell from her voice. Iris was never one to be involved in violence, she hated it, you already knew that, but this facade was all up until it came to Steve. From his voice you would think Steve was a man of huge shape and size, the type that went to the trainer gym two times a day, but Mr. Rogers wasn’t nearly that. Asthma-ridden the poor soul had nothing but confidence and intent to him. The stench grew stronger and the duo knew it would be a wild alcoholic. 

    “Stay here,” warned Bucky. 

    “Yeah okay big guy. Move!” Iris said pulling him by his collar. 

    “Iris! No!” 

    But Iris didn’t stop. At least till she reached Steve.

    Standing exactly 4 feet away from the hulk like creature, Iris felt like she was going to pass out from the smell but she was determined to be Steve’s night in shining army. 

    “Iry? What’re you doing here?” 

    Steve was holding up a trashcan lid. He had the height but a 98 pound body like that could blow away with the wind. 

    “Okay Captain don’t kill him just yet.” Said Iris, the sarcasm dripping from her tongue. 

    “And what do we have here? Young lady in a gown out to save her husband? How sweet.” The man spoke.

    “I didn’t realize ogres speak English.” 

    Terror seeped onto Steve’s face. He loved being a hero and calling out people for their actions but all the heroism went down the drain when Iris started challenging someone. He wanted to run away but Iris didn’t and so she didn’t. She stepped even closer to the man, making her small frame all the more evident. 

    “Try me bitch!” The man spat. 

    And as the filthy words left his mouth, Iris’ hands left her side. The gold tooth that glistened in the huge man’s mouth was now on the ground, staring back at her. Steve face palmed himself. The young lady had invited in a threat neither of them could take and Bucky was nowhere in sight. Convinced this would be the end of everything, he started praying. The man progressed towards her and she, towards the wall. She’d really done it this time. This was truly the end. 

    “This is all your fault!” Steve screamed from the corner he was squeezed in. 

    The man with now a broken piece of beer bottle in his hand chuckled. 

    “Steve you know damn well you can’t even take on a rat without dying and yet you get involved with people triple your size.” Iris retorted, still with her eyes closed.

    “Well you-” 

    “Will both of you zip it!” Shouted a new voice. 

    Even with her eyes closed, Iris knew it was Bucky. 

    “I am so tired of you guys constantly doing this. Like who do you think you are man? You’re not some superhero who can take on whoever you like. You can’t even take on a rat without dying.” Screamed Bucky at a now ashamed Steve.

    “Hey that’s what I said!” Iris jumped in excitement. 

    “And you, who are you? The queen of bloody England? Why do you need to constantly jump in to save Steve? I am leaving to fight a world war tomorrow and I’m more scared of the painful death you two will die if I’m not here. Fucking children both of you!” 

    The duo had never been more embarrassed in their lives. They both looked down at the ground, one fiddling with the handkerchief sowed onto her skirt and other with the loop of his belt. 

    “Hey man I’m sorry, I didn’t realize they were a little slow.” Apologized the man. 

    He moved away from the two. He let the shard of glass slip to the floor and waited for Bucky to finish his lecture. 

    “Thank you Sir. I really appreciate it.” Bucky extended his hand in friendship to the man. 

    Iris and Steve suspiciously looked at each other. Bucky was never one to make friendships so easily, that too with bullies. But here he was, doing it for his friends. 

    But then there was deception. One second Bucky was shaking the man’s hand and the next he was pulling his face down to his knee and throwing club soda at his face. 

    “RUN!” Bucky screamed quickly grabbing onto Iris’ hand. 

    Steve, still in shock, was lucky that Iris wasn’t stupid. She grabbed onto his hand right before she was pulled by Bucky. The three ran like their lives depended on it, not like they actually didn’t. The second they reached the curb, they pushed their way onto the bus. They had to make space because their asthmatic friend looked like he was going to pass out from all the activity that had happened in the past fifteen minute.

    “Three tickets to the stark convention please,” said Bucky to the bus conductor.

    “Were you guys serious about me not being able to fight a rat?” Steve questioned once he was done hyperventilating.

    Iris and Bucky looked at each other, as children do when they’re caught. 

    “Maybe.” Bucky said first.

    “Maybe not.” Iris said on cue. 

    And then they laughed, as any estranged trio would when running away from a villain. Little did they know that the mini Hulk they just encountered would soon be the least of their problems.  

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  • Unknown men, 1945, Sweden. It was January and the temperature was -40 °C.

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  • LECTURE 3: THE WORLD THAT GAVE US THE BEATLES (part 2): This footage shows Berlin, Germany, in July of 1945, around the time President Harry S. Truman traveled to the city to tour the scenes of devastation from the war.   Truman was apparently left speechless when he toured Berlin by the sight
    of city block after city block of rubble and ruins. “I was thankful,” Truman later noted, “that the United States had been spared  the unbelievable devastation of this war.”  Ironically, the day he arrived in Berlin, the Americans detonated the first atomic bomb, code named TRINITY, in the windswept deserts of New Mexico – July 16, 1945.

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  • image

    The Picture of Dorian Gray. I already knew the story by Oscar Wilde so was quite curious about this film. It did not disappoint. Good cast and love how it was shot. It received the Oscar for Best Cinematography-B&W for Harry Stradling Sr.

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  • La Resistenza nel Monferrato

    La Resistenza nel Monferrato

    Frassinello Monferrato – Fonte: Wikipedia
    Il concetto-valore della libertà può essere diversamente decli­nato. I millenni di storia ci hanno dato un ritorno intermittente: periodi d’affermazione di nuove libertà individuali e collettive, periodi di negazione o di contrazione; momenti di progresso e momenti di criticità.
    Nella nostra Europa abbiamo assistito ad un’altalena della libertà, talvolta…


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  • Artwork by John R Skeaping (1901-1980) Mare and Foal 1945

    #John R Skeaping #artwork#horse#1945
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  • Three who pardon (2007)

    Three who pardon (2007)

    1. The Higher Power.
    2. Individuals who are forgiving.
    3. Our presidents.
    Since 1945, by our presidents, 7210 pardens have been bestowed-
    Giving the impression that much forgiving had been sowed.

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  • Omer Stunić i Tefko Saračević, u Zagrebu, 1944. godine. Dvojica prijatelja bili su članovi TOHM (Tajna organizacija hrvatske mladeži) koja je odgovorna za izvođenje nekoliko atentata na časnike Jugoslavenske armije u ljeto 1945. Obojica su osuđeni na višegodišnji prisilni rad i “preodgojna popravilišta” nakon što je kod Stunića pronađen samokres, a kod Saračevića, nedaleko od njegove kuće, MP40 sa spremnikom metaka.

    Omer Stunić and Tefko Saračević, in Zagreb, 1944. Two of the friends were members of the TOHM (Secret organization of Croatian Youth) which was the organization responsible for assassinations of several officers of the Yugoslav Army in the summer of 1945. Both of them were sentenced to year-lenghty prison sentences and “reeducation camps” after the secret police found a handgun Stunić carried, and the MP40 with a full magazine Saračević hid not far from his house.

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  • Dr Ann Louise Gilligan (deceased)

    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Lesbian
    • DOB: 27 July 1945  
    • RIP: 15 June 2017
    • Ethnicity: White - Irish
    • Occupation: Former nun, teacher, theologian, activist
    • Note: Married Katherine Zappone
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  • LECTURE 2 – THE WORLD THAT GAVE US THE BEATLES: Here is a splendid series of Movietone newsreel clips showing the excitement surrounding VE (Victory in Europe) Day, May 8, 1945. One of the scenes includes Winston Churchill’s powerful speech on the surrender of Germany. Great Britain played a key role and paid an enormous price – economically and in human lives – for its part in helping to bring about victory over the forces of fascist aggression. With the war over, Britons turned their collective attention to rebuilding and restoring their battered country. 

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  • Die Wahrheit Nr. 95

    Die Wahrheit Nr. 95

    Hier bitte Die Wahrheit Nr. 95 herunterladen

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    #1923#1930#1945 #5. Anton #95#Ackermann#AiP#AiP-D#Angriff#Antiimperialistische Plattform #Antiimperialistische Plattform Deutschland #Antiimperialistische Plattform Deutschlands #Übergriff#Übergriffe #Bei Freunden gefunden #Berlin#Broschüre#DDR#Demo #Demokratische Volksrepublik Korea #DVR Korea#DVRK#Führer#FDJ#Genosse#Genossen#Gewalt#Imperialismus#Jugend#Kampf
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  • Ronnie Tober

    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Gay
    • DOB: 21 April 1945
    • Ethnicity: White - Dutch
    • Occupation: Singer, actor
    • Note: Represented Netherlands in 1968 for Eurovision
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  • Vienna under Soviet administration, 1945-1955

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