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  • myersmikey
    19.01.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    Unexpected Soulmates (OG!Michael Myers x Reader)

    Original post date: November 22nd, 2021

    Summary: You meet your destined soulmate one night and it does not go how you always expected it to.

    Warnings: Canon typical violence, this is a fic involving Michael Myers so I think you know what to expect with him lol

    A/N: Soulmate AU's are nothing new but I had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while. Ngl... I may turn this one into a full story. Eventually.

    Word count: 2k

    Everybody has a soulmate. When you turn 18, you receive a mark somewhere on your body. Each mark is a shape unique to you and your soulmate which would also be in the same place on each of your bodies. Not only that, but whenever your soulmate would feel pain, you would feel the same pain in the same spot, and vice versa.

    Well, your soulmate was obviously a clumsy idiot or something. You'd constantly feel pain that would make you think that this person, whoever they were, was constantly being shot or stabbed or something. You've never met your soulmate. Not yet, anyway. At this point, you were almost afraid to. They seemed like they were a walking disaster.

    Bending over to grab a box off the floor, you carried it upstairs to take the stuff in it to its proper room. You just moved into a new house today, your very first home. You chose to live in a small town called Haddonfield. You gently set the box down and your eyes flicked down to your right wrist. Your soulmate mark was there. It was shaped like a... thorn? That's what it looked like, anyway.

    Sighing deeply, you sat down on the ground and began to start unpacking the contents of the boxes around you. At least you had thought to organize the boxes while you packed them before moving. "Thank you, past (Y/N) for making this a bit easier." You say to yourself.


    Several hours had passed at this point and it was now dark outside. You got most of your things unpacked and put away. What little was left could wait until tomorrow. You were completely exhausted now, but still your stomach growled. You only just realized you hadn't eaten since breakfast. 'I should eat something, shower, and go to bed.' You thought to yourself before heading to the kitchen.

    You didn't have many groceries yet but you were planning to make that trip to the store tomorrow. So you settled on a quick PB&J sandwich. Gobbling that down quickly, you went back upstairs and grabbed some clean pajamas and a towel to take that quick shower.


    After around 15 minutes, you stepped out and toweled off. Food in your belly and washing off the day's dirt and grime is just what you needed. You then slid into your cozy pajamas and reached for your toothbrush.


    You stopped and glanced towards the closed bathroom door. 'Did I just hear a floorboard creak?' You pondered before pressing your ear against the door. Hearing nothing after about 20 seconds, you shrugged before going back to brushing your teeth. 'Must just be the house settling. I'm not used to this place yet.'

    After finishing, you opened the door and made your way to your new bedroom. Closing the door behind you and pulling back your blankets, you climb into bed. The exhaustion quickly took over and you drifted off to sleep.


    Your eyes jolted open suddenly and you sat up and quickly looked around you. For a second, you questioned where you were before remembering you were in your new house. You glanced over to your open bedroom door and then over to the clock on your nightstand. You'd only slept about two hours. Why had you jolted awake so suddenly then? You feel wide awake and kinda creeped out. Almost like you're being watched. "Must of been a nightmare..." you mumbled. You decided you may as well use the bathroom while you were awake.

    Rubbing your eyes, you threw the covers back and stood up and started making your way to your bathroom. Yawning, you walk through the doorway into the dark and silent hall before stopping dead in your tracks. You blinked a couple times before slowly turning around to look at your bedroom door. It dawned on you that it was wide open when you woke up and you were positive you shut the door before going to bed. You always shut your door every single night.

    You gulped before trying to dismiss the fear as paranoia from the nightmare you cannot seem to remember. You must of just forgotten to shut the door this time because you were so exhausted from the busy day. So you resumed walking to the bathroom to take care of business.

    Emerging from the bathroom a minute or so later, you tiptoed your way over to the staircase and peaked downstairs and felt a little better when you saw nothing was there. You smiled softly before turning around and making your way back to your warm and inviting bed.

    You made sure to shut the door behind you this time and tried to keep pushing your fears away. You briefly contemplated locking your bedroom door to feel a little bit better before deciding against it. That would be silly, wouldn't it? Spinning around to make your way toward your bed, you quickly collided with something. Pulling back and looking up, you see that you're staring straight at a large man in dark blue coveralls and a white, emotionless mask. He was clutching a large knife in his hand. Your screams were cut short before you could even really get them out when he grabbed you by your throat and squeezed. Your throat immediately burned and tears clouded your vision. You didn't want to die like this.

    Before the tears could even spill down your cheeks, he suddenly released you. Falling to the ground and coughing, your lungs desperately tried to get back all the air that was stolen from them. You looked up at your attacker whose hand was now touching his own throat with his head slightly tilted, staring off to the side. You had no idea what was going on or why he stopped what he started, but you used this opportunity to reach up and grab the doorknob, quickly open it, and crawl out. You forced yourself to your feet and bolted for the stairs.

    Practically throwing yourself down the stairs, you turn your head when you're about halfway down to see the man now at the top of the stairs. Letting out a loud sob, you dove for the front door. Shakily fumbling with the locks, you quickly shoot a glance over your shoulder again to see the man drawing his knife back. You duck out of the way right on time, hearing the knife get stuck in your door. Bolting for the kitchen, you grab one of your brand new kitchen knives.

    Whipping around and holding the knife out in front of you with both hands, you stare the man down. "Stay back..." you say, your voice raspy and trembling. The man in the mask tilted his head to the side in a childlike curiosity. You tried to steady your breathing and control your violent shaking in an attempt to appear more brave. You hoped with every fiber of your being that the man would just turn around and walk out the door now that you had a weapon of your own.

    Any hope for that was quickly shattered though when he started walking toward you. Heavy boots hit the tile until they stopped several feet in front of you. You swung your weapon at him and he quickly dodged backward. You took a large side step for a new angle and swung again only for him to grab ahold of your wrist and twist it around so your own object of defense was now turned toward your face.

    You used every ounce of strength that you had to resist his. He squeezed your wrist harder before glaring down at his own. You could just barely see his eyes in the moonlight now. His face was near impossible to read with the mask covering most of his features. But something was going on behind those eyes of his. You couldn't quite figure out what it was. Confusion? Frustration? Curiosity?

    Using his distraction to your advantage, you kneed him in the groin. He grunted and released your wrist and you fell backward into the kitchen counter. Feeling a pain in your groin area, you became confused. Before you could ponder too much on it, the infuriated man grabbed you and threw you to the ground. Knocking the wind out of you and sending your knife flying across the kitchen, he got down on his knees overtop of you and put his blade to your throat.

    Closing your eyes, you hoped it would be quick and as painless as possible. But he didn't move. You opened your eyes and stared straight into his. He was hesitating. Why was the hell was he hesitating now that he had you? Seeming like he wanted to test something, he lightly knicked your neck and you whimpered at the sting. You felt a little bit of blood pool up and then drip down the side of your neck. Feeling more confused than ever, you watched him touch his own neck briefly before growling quietly and slamming his fist down right next to your head.

    The action made you flinch. Looking at his eyes again, you could see he was definitely frustrated now. This close up, you couldn't help but notice his left eye was lighter in color and had a scar going from above his eyebrow to down below his eye and into the mask where you couldn't see. You couldn't help but wonder if he was completely blind in that eye now. A memory suddenly struck you. You thought back to one night where you felt all of that phantom pain that your soulmate had felt. There was pains in the side of your neck, in your chest, six sharp pains all over, pain through your whole body right after, and... the pain in your left eye and around it. Almost all of his skin was covered, so you couldn't check to see if he had any other scars that matched the pains from that night. Still, this was too much to be a coincidence.

    "No..." you whispered. You started violently shaking your head, eyes growing wider. "This has got to be a misunderstanding." You thought out loud. Sighing, he took his blade and knicked his own hand. You pulled your hand up to where you could see it and gulped when you felt that same pain on your own hand. The realization set in completely for you both.

    Grabbing your wrist, much gentler than before, he pulled your sleeve down to expose your mark. He glanced back to you, eyes now almost softer than they were before. You looked over at his clothed wrist. "Are we...?" You whispered so quietly, you weren't sure he had even heard you for a few seconds. Releasing your wrist, he pulled his own sleeve up to reveal the mark that matched your own.

    All this time, you thought your soulmate was just a massive klutz or something. Turns out he's a murderer. Go figure. Putting your hands on your face, you start laughing. "Wow..." was the only thing you could say at that moment.

    You sighed and felt him get off of you and stand up. You chuckle once again before standing up yourself. "Well... what a way to meet your soulmate, I guess." You say and rub your temples. "My name is (Y/N)... by the way." You say hesitantly before looking at him again. You expected him to tell you his name in return, but instead he just stared at you before walking off. "Okay then..." you mumble. He walked to your table where you had a grocery list and a pen laying. He picked it up and briefly scratched something down on the paper.

    Walking over to you, he handed it to you. Raising an eyebrow, you took the paper and look at it. In messy handwriting, you see the name "Michael Myers" written. You glance up at him, recalling hearing the name from the locals when you were looking at the house before buying it. "You mean the Michael Myers who-" he nodded before you could even finish your sentence. Sighing, you glanced up at the ceiling. "Well... this is gonna be interesting..."

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    #i know the go to olivia rodrigo song for these two is traitor but listen #i hear It's bittersweet to think about the damage that we do 'Cause I was going down but I was doing it with you and i lose it #nick x ziggy #ziggy x nick #ziggy berman#nick goode #fear street 1978 #always thankful for the talented ppl in this fandom ♡
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    Sirius took quite alot of joy out of bumping into freshly graduated Hogwarts students, he was still young enough that the current batch knew him.  He had abit of a reputation, especially among Gryffindors.  He had gone to sit with three of them at Honeydukes, he recognized them from the Quidditch team, one of them was just about to go into Seventh year, not quite ready to graduate.  Smirking at the younger boy, Sirius lowered his voice, “How can you not know about that tunnel?  Yeah leads right into here….”  Trailing off into a cheeky laugh as he shook his head, “Hang on, have you got a pen or a quill? I’ll map it our for you.....”   When the boys pressed him for further information, Sirius shook his head,   “Boys...boys, boys.... you have to learn about these things yourself.”   An easy laugh fell from his lips, it was sometimes nice to chat to people who didn’t really know him that well, it was a refreshing change.   “Anyway, Clear off anyway, I’m meeting someone here.” 

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    Raphy Pina Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Facts

    Raphy Pina Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Facts

    Learn about Raphy Pina’s Biography, Age, Birthday, Height, Early Life, Education, Career, Dating, Partner, Wiki & Facts Raphy Pina Wiki/Bio Rafael Pina is an artist manager and the owner of Pina Records. He recently made headlines due to his engagement with Natti Natasha. He has had several run-ins with the Law and is currently charged with illegally possessing several firearms. With his…

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    💕CUTE✨ Michael Headcanons

    Cute Michael Headcanons:

    Michael is LOVES anything ✨SHINY✨

    Is like a cat and will SNATCH anything that is shiny earrings, rings, even BROKEN GLASS (This also includes SHARP THINGS)

    LOWKEY his pupils dilate when he sees something he can use on his “Hunts”

    Don’t be surprised if your jewelry goes missing not to worry…Michael just put it in his little collection.


    A toddler in a man’s body! Michael will be curious (Especially your highlighter or eyeshadow they are ✨SHINY✨)

    Will play with ALL of your makeup with NO REGRETS.

    Should probably keep it locked up tbh…

    Gives very awkward thumbs up and high-fives

    Our Stabby Boi is also VERY fond of board games especially 🍬CANDYLAND✨

    Mc Donald’s sprite is too ✨CRISPY✨ for our beloved Michael

    On that note: Michael drinks his coffee BLACK—the ONE thing he doesn’t add sugar to

    There are only a few foods Michael will eat other than ✨CANDY🍬 that being Pizza rolls, Spaghetti and PB&J

    Michael LOVES Caprisun! No doubt.

    Only uses his phone to play CANDY CRUSH (Has DESTROYED 3 PHONES because he lost!)

    Is very good at gaming…but you have to help him turn the console on.

    Michael is very silly and I LIVE for it!

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    I just know wherever she is, sarah fier is vibing with odette lamar and dani clayton.

    #Nancy Drew #nancy drew cw #ndcw #cw nancy drew #fear street#odette lamar #fear street 1978 #fear street 1666 #fear street 1994 #fear street trilogy #sarah fier #sarah x hannah #odette x bess #Bess Marvin#dani clayton #dani x jamie #the haunting series #the haunting of bly house #bly manor #haunting of bly manor #victoria pedretti#kiana madeira #olivia scott welch #maddison jaizani
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    lighting reference featuring a classic bastard.

    #was for school but made it look better for here! #michael audrey myers #Halloween#halloween 1978#slasher#slasher films#horror
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    You know what 2022 needs? Fear Street part 4.

    #fear street #fear street 1994 #fear street 1666 #fear street 1978 #deena johnson#samantha fraser#sam fraser #sam x deena #deena x sam #sameena
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    1978 Lauren Bacall for Suntory Royal Whisky

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    Modo 78

    10 numeri Modo 1978 dal numero 6 al numero 15 rilegati

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    Fondata nel 1977 da Valerio Castelli, Giovanni Cutolo e Alessandro Mendini, esponente di punta del radical design italiano, che l'ha diretta fino al 1979

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    The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

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    Gvido Augusts (Latvian-American, b. 1932)

    Senatne II (Laima)

    Published in Jaunā Gaita no. 118, 1978

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    February 1978 - Tina Aumont pictured in Paris by Jean-Jacques Lapeyronnie.

    Original photos from Getty Images. These photos come from listal.

    #Tina Aumont#actress#model#1978 photoshots #Jean Jacques Lapeyronnie #1978 Jean Jacques Lapeyronnie
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    David Ireland "Small Talk" ‎– Cuckoo Records LP - Netherlands, 1978 - the Soundcloud note says “Breezy yacht rock perfection! Private Press” but this is punchier than yacht rock

    15 Track Limited Edition LP (1000 copies pressed) The album was never commercially released at the time. David recently digitised the master tapes at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios and a handful of tracks have ben re-worked for David's upcoming album 'Cosmic Glue' due for a spring 2014 release. A few mint, signed copies of 'Hot As Ice' are available from David.

    I can’t find any evidence that Cosmic Glue was ever released - see his blog under the name Casimir Greenfield.

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  • tina-aumont
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    February 1978 - Tina Aumont pictured in Paris by Jean-Jacques Lapeyronnie.

    Original photos from Getty Images. These photos come from listal.

    #Tina Aumont#1978 photoshots#model#actress #Jean Jacques Lapeyronnie #1978 Jean Jacques Lapeyronnie
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    Terry Reid | Rogue Waves | 1978 | LP

    Terry Reid | Rogue Waves | 1978 | LP

    Edición española del 79. Ya hacía tiempo que andaba detrás de este disco y al fin cayó. Esperaba algo más rockero, pero tras una primera mala impresión tengo que decir que el disco se escucha bien, suave, muy de la época.

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