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  • bollywoodproduct
    26.01.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    Bollywood Celebrities Birthday on January 27

    Bollywood Celebrities Birthday on January 27

    Bollywood Celebrities Birthday on January 27 [table id=1757 /] Ajit Khan [table id=3219 /] Bobby Deol [table id=3220 /] Vikram Bhatt [table id=3221 /] Shreyas Talpade [table id=3222 /]

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    #Bollywood Celebrities Born on 27th January #Celebrity Birthday Calendar #List of Bollywood Celebrities Birthday
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  • pcysdelight
    26.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    220127 [🎁] Chanyeol's gift every 27th of the month ♡

    "SUN GOES DOWN" by real__pcy

    🎧 https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/fJrFL

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  • peachybun-bun
    26.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    It's a missing Loey kinda day for M....

    Hand - Chanyeol
    The hands that steadied me when I was struggling. The eyes that comforted me when I was crying. The dream we dreamed together when we closed our eyes. The dream we dreamed together when we closed our eyes.
    If I had held on to that hand just a bit tighter, if I hadn’t let go, would I be different from what I am now? If I’d met those eyes just a bit longer, if I hadn’t avoided them, would I still be flying now?*
    My dreams came true earlier than I expected and the despair found me earlier, too. The happy moments might have stopped somewhere between the two. I pray every night, and even if I yell out, asking for an answer,
    In the end every day is the same as yesterday. The people who comfort me, and the ones behind them who mock me, nothing has changed at all. I looked to the ground more than the sky, and at the footsteps I worked so hard to make being erased one by one.
    There I fill with loneliness, collapsed, And eight hands reach out to me. When I’m worn out, I hold tightly on to eight hands. When I’m worn out, I hold tightly on to eight hands. When I’m worn out, I hold tightly on to eight hands.
    There’s nothing else to do, we just have to overcome it all. I go over the dreams we had together from the very beginning, and I raise my head.
    The hate and betrayal filled my body, And when I was worried whether I could overcome the anxiety they held me tighter,
    I can feel the warmth of the hands patting my head. There’s still so many hands here to hold on to me. When I’m worn out, I hold tightly on to eight hands.
    Having forgotten how to fly, I lean on those beside me, Because even with broken wings, together we can fly higher. We have to know to forgive and love. With my eyes closed, I heard that person’s unfamiliar voice, And I pray to that voice once again.
    When I want to give up on everything and let it all go, And When I’m tired, I hold tightly on to eight hands. When I’m worn out, I hold tightly on to eight hands.

    M's song recommendation of the day

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  • newspkjobs
    26.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Live Scorecard Karachi Kings vs Multan Sultans - 1st Match 27th January 2022

    Live Scorecard Karachi Kings vs Multan Sultans – 1st Match 27th January 2022

    Today Live Scorecard Karachi Kings vs Multan Sultans – 1st Match 27th January 2022 of PSL 7 at 07:00 P.M head to head, match prediction, toss result, live scorecard and match streaming timings. Pakistan Super League KK vs MS Commentary. Karachi Kings vs Multan Sultans 1st Match VenueJan 27 – 7:00 PM | National Stadium, KarachiSeriesPSL – 2022TossYet To Be AnnouncedUmpiresYet To Be AnnouncedMatch…

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  • preparation-point
    26.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Live Scorecard Karachi Kings vs Multan Sultans - 1st Match 27th January 2022

    Live Scorecard Karachi Kings vs Multan Sultans – 1st Match 27th January 2022

    Today Live Scorecard Karachi Kings vs Multan Sultans – 1st Match 27th January 2022 of PSL 7 at 07:00 P.M head to head, match prediction, toss result, live scorecard and match streaming timings. Pakistan Super League KK vs MS Commentary. (more…)

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    #Live Scorecard Karachi Kings vs Multan Sultans - 1st Match 27th January 2022
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  • brighthousefinance
    26.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Spellfire to Gain New Level of Visibility With Huobi Primelist on Jan. 27th By CoinQuora

    Spellfire to Gain New Level of Visibility With Huobi Primelist on Jan. 27th By CoinQuora

    Spellfire to Gain New Level of Visibility With Huobi Primelist on Jan. 27th SPELLFIRE token to launch on GameFi and Daomaker launchpads. Spellfire is listing on Huobi Primelist on January 27, 2022. The listing will introduce the project to a huge new audience of players and investors. Spellfire, the first to introduce touchable NFT cards, announces it will be listed on Huobi Primelist this…

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  • p-o-s-s-e-s-s-e-d-b-y-f-i-r-e
    26.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Mercyful Fate - Egypt  ⛧🜏☥

    #Mercyful Fate #the bell witch #Egypt #Release date: June 27th 1994 #EP #Tracks 3-6 live mobile recording by Westwood One Network October 8 1993 at The Palace Los Angeles CA. #Genre: Heavy Metal #Lyrical themes: Satanism (early) Evil Horror Occultism Death #Denmark
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  • upcomingnewscom
    26.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    The US is only the 27th least corrupt country in the world

    The US is only the 27th least corrupt country in the world

    The answer: nothing good. Consider a new study from Transparency International, an independent nonprofit group that, according to its website, “work[s] to expose the systems and networks that enable corruption to thrive, demanding greater transparency and integrity in all areas of public life.” On Tuesday, the group released its annual Corruption Perception Index, a score-based system that…

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    #Politics #The US is only the 27th least corrupt country in the world - CNNPolitics
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  • foreverknightalways
    26.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Mr. Quon says, This is a very important case to me -- I mean, immigration. Capt. Stonetree says, I understand, Mr, Quon. We were all tense. I'm sure Detective Schanke will agree with that. Schanke asnwers, Oh, yeah. Yeah, right. We were tense. Capt. Stonetree adds, And we have some good news. We found Nancy Leung.

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  • lutalks2trees
    25.01.2022 - 20 hours ago


    I just realised that all three of the main fnaf novels (TSE, TTO and TFC) all came out on June 26th of their respective years

    Like that’s so clever omg

    #it’s technically June 27th for both the first two but I’m assuming that was a publishing error bc it’s SO close to not be intentional #for those confused #June 26th is the missing children incident date given in fnaf 1 #fnaf #five nights at freddy’s #fnaf books #the silver eyes #the twisted ones #the fourth closet #this might’ve been common knowledge but oh well
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  • lordartsy
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    A3! 5 year anniversary countdown: Day 21

    So here's an old text I wrote one time: “I really dont know how i feel about masumi sometimes, huh (...) Like yes he is one of the sons but at the same time, the simp thing gets a little old”

    I wrote that roughly four months ago. I liked him when he was interacting with other characters, but I didn't think much of him on his own. And then I read Act 5 and suddenly my opinion of him shot through the roof and I couldn't get enough of him. That scene at the airport?? I was going NUTS, dude, there were so many emotions beating me up through the whole thing. The fact that you can slowly watch him mature and and grow bonds with the others throughout the whole story is emotional as hell. And then seeing the fruits of his character development during Harugaoka Quartet...!! I think Masumi is great! Sucks for the dude from four months ago who hasn't gone through Act 5 yet, because now he's found a place in my heart!

    #i have a meme lying somewhere in my gallery that was like #'me reading act 5 ready to get fucked up by hisoka's backstory vs Masumi's arc' #a3! #act! addict! actors! #masumi usui #me during act 5 spamming the 'it's about family' meme #and also scream-singing See You Again every time family is mentioned #i also associate that part of act 5 with getting sick because i had a fever while reading it #'stop playing a3 your fever will kill you' NOT KNOWING WHAT HAPPENS TO MASUMI WILL KILL ME FASTER #two days until the 27th how we feelin
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  • tradesacademy
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Spellfire to Huobi Primelist on January 27th

    Spellfire to Huobi Primelist on January 27th

    Spellfire is gaining momentum. The legend is back better than ever. Chase the $SPELLFIRE on the most prestigious launchpads – 25th @Daomaker and on the 26th @GameFi. Right after the launchpads, Spellfire is listing on Huobi Primelist on the 27th, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges. Gaining a Prime List on Huobi ensures that Spellfire continues building on its exceptional reputation…

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  • mavda
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Beast Tamers

    Ch.5(4) | Ch.6(1) | Ch.6(2) | Ch.6(3) | Ch.7(1) | Ch.7(2) | Ch.7(3) | Ch.7(4) | Ch.7(5) | Ch.8(1) | Ch.8(2) | Ch.8(3) | Ch.9(1) | Ch.9(2) | Ch.9(3) | Ch.9(4) | Ch.10(1) | Ch.10(2) | Ch.10(3) | Ch.10(4) | Ch.10(5) | Ch.10(6) | Ch.10(7) | Ch.11(1) | Ch.11(2) | Ch.11(3) | Ch.12(1) | Ch.12(2) | Ch.12(3) |

    Ch.12: Aftermath (4)

    Itachi looks unfazed by the people’s reaction around him.

        “Madara Uchiha-,” he starts again, fully intent on repeating his information.

        “Madara Uchiha',” interrupts Shikamaru, “a descendant, correct? Someone with the same name, right?”

        “No, the same one I’m sure you all know about.”

        Shikamaru scoffs, shock written all over his face. Impossible. “That can’t be, we were told this man was young. If it is the same Madara, he should be nearing his eighties.”

        Shikamaru is almost talking to himself, trying to come up with answers to his questions. Yet Itachi catches onto his words. 

        And he’s eager to demonstrate his usefulness. “The actual process only he knows, but I have been able to gather that it had to do with Hashirama Senju and his techniques.”

        Naruto can feel his body’s muscles straightening immediately. This man doesn’t know about his grandfather. Only a handful of people know how far his techniques went. How he helped his wife recover from having a Beast inside of her. There is no way this Uchiha could have been feed information from anyone else than-

        “They were prominent people back when the Beasts were roaming around the world, as I’m sure you know. They were almost the only two people who could stand a chance against a Beast… and also against each other.”

        “So I’ve heard.” Naruto leans forward, his hand to his chin. “So you’re telling me that Hashirama helped Madara?”

        “No. They were enemies, I meant to say that Madara stole his technique and used it to heal his body.”

        Naruto can feel his jaw tighten. Shikamaru is quick to press his hand to his lord’s back. A signal.

        “You expect me to believe there’s a technique like that out there in the open?” Naruto taunts. His hands are clammy and the many nights he spent reading and re-reading those very documents come to mind. The anger that overcame him as he realized that his own ability rendered the technique useless. 

        "No, my lord," Itachi is quick to add,  "I’m sure the technique has been long forgotten." His words fall hurriedly out of his mouth and even Naruto can spare a sliver of compassion for the man in front of him. "I meant to say that Madara got hand of the technique, probably back in the time, and used it on himself. I am sure it sounds far-fetched but I can assure you he is the same man that fought Hashirama Senju.”

        “This technique…” Shikamaru adds.

        “Yes, my lord?”

        “Does he perform it regularly?”

        “I… I wouldn’t know. I do not know how it works, but I do know he has kept his youthful appearance for decades now.”

        Naruto can feel himself growing frustrated at this news. A technique that means so much to him… being used by an enemy to fuck him up. “Why are you here?”

        Itachi can feel the lord’s animosity, and though he isn’t sure what provoked it he knows this is a chance he won’t have again. 

        “I need someone that can stop Madara Uchiha, my lord. I need someone who can protect me and my brother.”

        “And that would be me?”


        The room falls silent. And Naruto wishes he could storm out of the room and trash the first thing he can put his hands on. Knowing life is taunting him like this is enough to make him howl to the sky.

        “You have plenty of other Beast Tamers out there.”

        “You are the strongest.” Itachi keeps his eyes glued to the floor in front of him. “I have watched the others and you seem to be the only one able to bring the other Beast Tamers together and confront Madara.”

        Naruto can feel a headache incoming. “Why not kill Madara yourself?”

        “My brother… Madara has brainwashed every Uchiha left alive, my lord, the moment I were to betray him he would have-”

        “Killed your brother, I get it. Why not run out into the sunset with your brother then? You seem capable enough to be able to hide yourselves out into the wild.”

        Itachi looks embarrassed. His eyes waver as he raises his head to meet Naruto’s. “My brother fully believes in Madara, my lord. The moment he wakes up he will try to go back.”

        “Uh,” Naruto raises an eyebrow. “And you’re willing to keep him, what, chained up till we kill Madara? If he’s on the enemy’s side then it’s quicker for me to just off hi-”

        “My lord.” Itachi’s voice quivers. His face contorts like never before. “I will serve you at your beck and call, if you so wish I will lay my life down whenever you deem necessary, just… please, my brother…”

        Naruto can’t help the rejection that fills his body. A man he considers an enemy still not only asking for a favor but pleading for the life of another. 

        It makes Naruto feel disgusted to face this decision. 

        But he knows he needs whatever advantage he can get his hands on to face whatever is coming in the future. 

        “I don’t trust you.”

        “Yes, my lord.”

        “You will be escorted at all times and your brother will be kept away and under our supervision until this whole fiasco is over. I will call upon you at some time to throw you into battle.”

        Itachi’s head remains glued in position. As if the movement of any of his muscles could change the outcome of Lord Naruto’s decision. 

        “One mistake, one suspicious act and you and your brother will be taken care of. Do I make myself clear?”

        “Yes, my lord.”

        “Sai and Ino will escort you for now. I expect you to follow the orders of your escorts at all times.” Naruto cracks his neck once. A swift movement, his hand on his chin, the crack a swift relief. “I have nothing else to say to you. If you want to talk to me, tell so to your escorts and they will know what to do, that’s all.”

        Yet Itachi does not move.

        “You’re dismissed,” Naruto tries again. His voice growing stronger.

        “My lord.” Itachi reaches into his clothes. 

        And Ino moves in between the man and her lord, her kunai at the ready. Sai has his short sword ready to slice Itachi’s neck.

        The man has a necklace in his hand. A green stone shines as it dangles from a black cord. “I managed to steal this before leaving the clan- what’s left of the clan.” Naruto hates the way Itachi’s eyes look unguarded and, dare he say, hopeful. “I was told it was Hashirama Senju’s, and that it can help control the Beasts…” 

        Nobody moves and Itachi keeps his hand in the air, his mouth a line. “I’m sure it could be helpful to you, my lord.”

        Sai looks ready to draw blood and Ino dares not move from her place. 

    Shikamaru stands after a second. His steps echo through the room and Itachi whispers a ‘thank you’ as he takes the necklace from his hand. Shikamaru puts the necklace in his pocket. Naruto barely looks at him when he returns to his place, does not make any movement to betray interest.

    “You are dismissed.” Naruto repeats, his tone monotone. 

    Sai grabs Itachi by his arm, makes him stand up. His face remains impassive but his body language screams impatience. 

    Ino follows close behind. Itachi does as he’s told and follows Sai with blind obedience. Ino is the only one to look back.

    Naruto nods to her. 

    Everything’s fine.

    Everything’s fine for now.


    “Don’t touch it.”

    Naruto scoffs. “Won’t.”

    Shikamaru has left the necklace in a table between them. Naruto is slumped over the table, his hand supporting his head. He looks bored out of his mind. 

    “I still can’t wrap my head around all of this.”

    “Tell me about it.” Naruto drills holes into the green rocks adorning the necklace. As if he could just understand everything that’s going on if he only tried harder.

    “Lady Mito is arriving in a couple of days, then we can at least make sure this necklace is the real deal.”

    Naruto hums an agreement that sounds more like a way to shut Shikamaru up. 

    “If the necklace is the real deal, great, we still have to check if it’s not rigged to activate with a Beast Tamer.”

    “We could try it if we bring dad and my godfather in here.”


    “Just throwing it out there.”

    “We could ask Lord Gaara.”

    “Absolutely-fucking-not, keep him out of this.”

    “I’m sure he’ll accept, then we can keep damage to a minimum.”

    “I said no, Shikamaru, the fuck.”

    “If it turns out that it is the real deal and it is not rigged, then we might have in our hands a great asset to this whole fight,” Shikamaru has his hand on his chin, his head slightly inclined to the front. He’s deep in thought and Naruto hates that now Shikamaru will barely register his presence. “If this whole thing is just Madara wanting revenge on Beast Tamers, we could make a case to the other clans and bring them together. They might be under the wrong impression here, if the Beast Tamers disappear they won’t have the chance they think they might have. Madara must have given them false hope, false hope and a common enemy. He’s good. A common enemy for both sides, I doubt he cares about the Uchiha or he would have done things differently, Itachi might be a good asset in the fight, but he clearly doesn’t have enough footing to sway his clan to our side. If he wants revenge things will only be solved by squashing him and his whole retinue, now, if he only wants power…”

    “Then why do all this when he could have just come and ask for power?”

    Shikamaru falls silent a second. Then he raises his head, “Because he was raised in another time, my lord. A time in which you took power with power. I doubt he has too much knowledge in current politics.”

    “So we go and offer him a spot in our council and things will get dandy?”

    “I doubt it, but it is an option.”

    “What do you think he wants?”

    “My lord, how would you describe a man that has kept himself alive and youthful for almost half a century, a man that in his prime had only but one man who could face him in battle, a man that has raised a clan from the dead in order to fight the established power structure?”

    “Fucking stubborn, I’d say.”

    Shikamaru snickers. That too, he’s sure. “I would call him prideful.”

    “All of this for pride?”

    “All of this to demonstrate that he is still the man he knows himself to be, I think.”

    Naruto shakes his head, his mind rejecting the notion of fighting just for one’s perception of themselves. “Whatever, I want him dead.”

    “And that you’ll have, my lord. Someway or another, we’ll get it done. Madara won’t destroy the Uzumaki clan.”

    Naruto leans back, breaths out with a strength that makes him scoff in amusement. "Can't have a second of calm in this place, huh."

    "I doubt we'll be able to do much for now. We just have to concentrate in building up our strength again, keep our eyes peeled-"

    "Call for all the clans and let's have a meeting."

    "And do what, exactly?"

    "Tell the truth. We either take care of Madara together-"

    "Most of those clans just tried to kill you, my lord."

    Naruto stares at Shikamaru. A sharp glance, "I wasn't done with what I was saying." The air gets charged and although Shikamaru is slightly taken aback by Naruto's next words. He is not surprised. 

    "They either work with us to take down Madara or I'll take care of their little puny clans myself." 

    Shikamaru stares at his joined hands. Each finger touching their counterparts, something that helps him concentrate better. And although he racks his brain to find another solution. A better solution. 

    He has to agree with his lord. 

    “It shall be done,” he whispers. 

    Naruto leaves after a while. The necklace untouched in front of Shikamaru. And his mind swirling with ideas that seem to mock his predicament. It seems that strength has overpowered any other solution. 

    The clans will either join the Uzumaki’s or they will be destroyed as the traitors they are.

    #naruto#naruhina#Naruto Uzumaki#Hinata Hyuga#uzumaki naruto#hyuga hinata#fanfiction#fanfic#beast tamers #ch.12 #part 4 #Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a great time in the holidays! #As for me I had a new job offer that I accepted so I've been adjusting my times on top of everything else. #Also went to see BELLE! Great movie! Not my favorite from Hosoda but enjoyable nonetheless (the soundtrack is a banger) #Also also I was writing a Naruhina one-shot that was meant for Tumblr's Naruto-smut-monday and that was to be submitted on January 27th #(you can all guess how that went down) #so now I have an 18-pages long story (that's kind of half-way) being cooked back in the oven #Hopefully I can have it done by the end of February so I can be free to write other stuff and show you all more Naruhina goodies. #Take care!! See you next week!
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  • todayrajkotnews
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Forget Corona Exam from 27th of BA, BCom and BEd Sem-3

    Forget Corona Exam from 27th of BA, BCom and BEd Sem-3

    Uni to prevent paper leak. 9,000 students from five districts will appear for exams, papers will be opened at 67 examination centers under CCTV

    Rajkot: After the B.Com examination paper was leaked from Babrani College a month ago, now the students of Saurashtra University have decided to take the examinations with some changes in the examination system. Forgetting Corona next date. BA, BCom External and BEd Sem-4 examinations are starting from 24th. The program in this regard has been announced. Rajkot, Morbi, Amreli, Jamnagar and Surendranagar were found in five districts. 27th Dt. BA until February 2nd. B.Com and B.Ed Semester - 3 exams will be taken. More than 9,000 students will take the exam. Accepting Corona now Uni. Moving on to take offline exams. Examinations will be held at 67 centers in five districts. Preparations have been made to take these exams as per Corona's guideline.

    A month ago, there was an uproar over the incident of bursting of B.Com examination paper in Babrani College. In this incident Uni. Satadhisho took strict action. Meanwhile, the next date. The system has been changed to prevent the paper from exploding when the examination is starting from 27th. According to sources in the examination department, the paper will be delivered to the Strong Room at night in remote districts and will be sent to the college where the examination centers are located around 9 am. Papers will be delivered to all the colleges at the same time. The paper will be opened 30 to 45 minutes before the examination with the team including the supervisor, exam conductor under the supervision of CCTV.

    from Blogger https://ift.tt/33G9rje

    #Forget Corona Exam from 27th of BA #BCom and BEd Sem-3
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  • foreverknightalways
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Mr. Quon walks into the 27th precinct and asks for, Captain? Capt. Stonetree gets up and shakes hands with Mr. Quon and he greets the group, Gentlemen? I would like to apologize for my anger earlier.

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  • paramoregf
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago


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  • ejzah
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    No, CBS, you aren’t my bestie. And I believe the term is “tide over” not “tie over”.

    #I’m being a little petty over here #February 27th guys #it better be some good bts
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  • frecklydork
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    I have so many January anniversaries and I’m only off work for one of them >:(

    #THE WORST IS THAT STARLIGHT'S IS ON THE 29TH AND I HAVE TO WORK ALLLLL DAY #HOW DARE THEY DO THIS TO ME 😭😭 #and my anniversary w/ bruno I decided is gonna be the first of january!! new years day!! #he rly came into my life at the perfect time #and my anniversary w/ Spike is on the 27th!! well actually idk EXACTLY when #but I decided I like the number 27 and january seems fitting #even tho I think I added him to my list more around like... december 14th...ish #but w/e it doesnt have to be super accurate ig #that's the only one where i'm off work.. ugh #i think i have more january anniversaries #i know all of my TFP autobots are in january and half of the cons too #but I focus mainly on STSC since he's THE main tfp f/o #i should probably write down my anniversaries for my main F/Os so i dont forget #woof #im gonna fill my queue for spike and stsc's tho!
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  • foreverknightalways
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Schanke tells Nick, Yeah, it's funny how you've taken my theory and decide to call it your own. Nick answers, Hey, law of averages, Schanke. I mean, every once in a while, even you've got to be right. Schanke laughs and says, Funny.

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  • doctorfodder1969
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Happy #27th Birthday to the #7th album by @humanleaguehq #Octopus Born #23rd January 1995 https://www.instagram.com/p/CZFjNnKLd1L/?utm_medium=tumblr

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