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  • Not Louis’ livestream being available for rewatching 28 (twenty!!! eight!!!!!!!) hours after it initially streams!!!!!!!!

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  • It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want too. And boy have I cried today, so much tummy pain, can’t fit into my jeans because I’m so swollen, seen my mum in the garden and she bought me steak and pjs, rach got me LPOTL tee and a new watch! My puppy got me a card & a owner name tag which is adorable

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    Mardi 28 juillet 2020.

    Bien dormi, reposé. Juste un drap sur le corps. Surprenant comme ça garde la chaleur. La chaleur est là, était là hier. Et je la recevais sans problème. Je n'avais pas chaud. Content du résultat du dessin de nuit d'hier. C'est spontané et fonctionnel. Ça marche bien. Diner dehors, pas d'alcool, pas trop de bruit des voisins à part la moto qui ne partira pas trop tard. “Et tes parents ?” “On peut changer de sujet ?” “Je lui en veux, à ma mère, de me faire faire ça.” Frais sur la terrasse.

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    #louis tomlinson #doing it the tommo way #28#1d
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  • it’s been exactly four weeks (28 days) without the morningstar

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  • I may currently not have any friends, I don’t have a home, I don’t have a job and I don’t know where I’m going to be in the next 3 months but I know I can survive. I have the drive to put myself in a position where I WILL be okay. Thankfully I’m finally coming to terms with my autism and finding ways to make life easier. 

    I’m autistic but I WILL become independent and self sustaining with or without people’s help. Those that stand by me.. will have the most unconditional love possible but I will not hand that out just to anyone, It’s earned. I’m really getting tired of people thinking I’m “Not, Autistic” and that I’m this Evil Deceitful person. 

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  • https://youtu.be/40KcrrfbJ6o

    “Why Bible Accurate Angels are so Creepy” - Hochelaga

    ANGEL” is derived from the Greek word “Angelos, which comes from the Hebrew word “Mal’akh”, meaning MESSENGER.


    • Ophanim

    • Seraphim

    • Malakh

    • Cherubim

    CHERUBIM • “Living Creatures

    • Animal-Human hybrids.

    • 1st appear in the book of Genesis after Adam & Ever are kicked out of the Garden of Eden

    • their job: to guard the garden of eden from mankind

    • 4 living creatures. 4 faces. 4 wings.

    • faces: man, lion, ox & eagle.

    SERAPHIM • “The Burning Ones

    • 6 wings: 2 to cover face, 2 to cover feet, 2 to fly

    • Sing “Holy Holy Holy” all day

    • Seraph means “to burn” (hence, the burning ones).

    • Cobra: “the flaming one”

    OPHANIM • “The Wheels

    • alongside the cherubims

    • “wheel within a wheel”

    • when the living creatures moved, the wheels moved with them

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  • 데이트상대 가능 자세한건 라인주세요

    라인 아이디 aaasszzx

    여성분들 아무나 연락주세요~~

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    [A Seviper lies motionless on the ground. She is not dead, but you can hear her sobbing.]

    [You can try to ask and comfort her…..]

    [But she is not the main character of this blog, so moving on]

    Page 29: This blog is called “Sometimes-Twileon”, not “Traumatised-Seviper”, geez.

    Chapter Violet: The Restless Vicious

    #Sometimes-Twileon#Mora#MoraSeviper#Plot#Ask#Pokemon#28#Chapter Violet#PokeAsk #This blog is called “Sometimes-Twileon” not “Traumatised-Seviper” geez.
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  • Some people say that Cecelia looks a lot like DIANNA AGRON. Her faceclaim is negotiable and she is currently AVAILABLE.

    Cecelia Bateman was never the best lawyer in New York, but she is certainly a known success. Whilst her twin sister, Nikita, prioritised her happiness; a carefree life full of travel, friendships and new experiences, Cece always made it her mission to excel and succeed, whether it be from competitive sibling rivalry, or the pressure her parents put on her once they noticed how much drive her sister lacked. She’d always pushed herself to achieve more than what felt to be in reach, sacrificing her social life for better grades, her love life for an excelled career, and the possibility of a family life for an extra workload. She never believed in hobbies because they reduced her efficiency and the only friends she had were the ones she maintained through her work; brief catch-ups in the office or over lunch breaks when she wasn’t out on the field or buried in paperwork.

    The truth is, she really did enjoy her job enough to sacrifice all of those things to be great at what she did, but it’s when she wasn’t working that was the issue. For a long time, Cece didn’t know how to enjoy her own time, so she simply did not. Instead, she found a new case; found ways to improve; brushed up on old paperwork that probably was just fine the way it was to begin with. That’s why, after a small intervention from a few of her better-liked colleagues, she was convinced to try something new; step out of her comfort zone a little and find something that she could love without it being the main source of her stress like her job had been – whether she realised it or not.

    Art was never something Cecelia allowed herself to indulge in, but she found herself dabbling in whatever fitted the bill of ‘mindless side-hobby’ from ceramics to life drawings. It was in her second life drawing class, in fact, that she found the right fit; losing her temper at her awful proportion work and instead layering thick globs of paint over her canvas in silent defeat. It was abstract; entirely mindless and designed only by the emotion she’d felt just then, but it set her free. Since that day, she’s not stopped – any chance she gets, she’s designing abstract shapes and concepts, using paints or biros or whatever she has at hand.

    These days she feels almost completely fulfilled. She has a great job, a new hobby, friends from the growing number of classes she takes, and a new laidback attitude that she never had before. She’s even moved from the town in Brooklyn where she was born and raised, to Manhattan to live among fellow artists in East Village. Maybe her sister had the right idea the whole time. There’s only one problem - with all of these new anomalies, Cecelia has reached a problematic discovery: her heart is in the arts, and everything she once knew is now everything she hates. She detests being a lawyer.


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  • Every time I see someone talking to him I get so jealous. He’s not even mine. Why does he have to be so pretty?

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    サイズ/SM号 23×16cm

    素材/キャンバス アクリル 油彩 蝋


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