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  • Me: Heads means ‘yes’, tails means 'no’.

    Me: should I go to sleep now?

    Me: *flips coin* *coin lands on heads*

    Me: Hmmmm, no.


    Me: Should I go to sleep?

    Me: *shakes Magic 8 ball*

    Magic 8 ball: All signs point to “Yes”.

    Me: I don’t like that answer.


    Me: *consults the Tarot cards*

    Me: Should I go to sleep?

    Tarot Cards: Go the fuck to sleep, look at you, you’re exhausted.

    Me: Nah, I think I’ll stay up


    Me: *looks into a crystal ball* should I go to sleep?

    The Crystal Ball: Jfc, go to bed, bitch.

    Me: But I don’t wanna


    Me: *about to pass out from exhaustion, uses a ouija board* Should I go to sleep?

    Spirits controlling the ouija board: P L E A S E G O T O S L E E P

    Me: Are you sure cause I’m not tired at all in fact I’m pretty bored and could stand to stay up just a little bit long-

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  • Take the gun

    And pull the trigger

    I want the bullet

    To pierce my chest

    And shatter my heart

    All over again

    From the power you hold

    In your beautiful hands

    #spilled ink#spilled words#spilled thoughts#love#freeverse#freewritting #excerpts from my life #excerpt from a book I'll never write #excerpt from a story i'll never write #sad#sad poem#sad poetry#sadpoetry #poems poetry latenighthoughts sad writing #3am thoughts #Its almost 3am #i thought of this at 3am #2am thoughts #me at 2am #2am writing#journal#journaling
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  • have you ever noticed how quickly dust accumulates?

    you’re just trying to live your life and then suddenly there’s dust all over it,

    as though its forgotten that you’re not done yet,

    and you have to remind it that you’re still there,

    you’re still there just trying to live your life,

    you’re still there just trying,

    you’re still there.


    (an excerpt from a collection of poetry)

    #but is it art? #sad but not surprised #sad boii hours #2am thoughts#2am writing#writing#creative writing#original writing#poetry #late night thoughts #late night poetry #poetry blog#writing blog #poems on life #writblr #excerpt from a book I'll never write #poets corner#tumblr poets#tumblr writers#dust#hey #writers on tumblr #poets of tumblr #is this enough tags #ugh #my head hurts
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  • Day 8:

    you are almost a distant memory.

    I remember your face,

    but you’re just like another one in a crowd.

    I make up conversations in my head,

    But not all day long.

    Sometimes, I forget you exist.

    I try to remind myself of you,

    But nothing intresting comes up.

    You’re just another dull and boring human to me now.

    I am convinced I don’t like you.

    I probably never did,

    But I convinced myself then somehow.

    So…I guess the final goodbye process has just started.

    But I’m not ready to come back yet.

    I’ll just wait some more…

    How did it feel to be so important?

    Oh right, you didn’t know.

    #2am thoughts#feelings#sad quotes #all the feels #poem#poetry#aesthetic #nothing good happens after 2am #not pro just using tags #my writing#2am writing#writeblr#writers #writers on tumblr #poets on tumblr
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  • June 19th:

    Not feelin like yourself is terrible. But people not noticing makes it ten times harder wanting to go back to yourself.

    Why would i want to be myself if nobody misses me?

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  • I want you to ask around about me, ask if I’m okay…wonder why I suddenly disappeared…but you won’t. You won’t cause I don’t think I ever meant anything to you. I’m calling it a flicker but it wasn’t even that…it was just smoke without fire.

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  • we are made to hold each other. quite lovely when you think about it

    fingers fit in between fingers so easily. intertwine perfectly

    in the crook of a neck, a face

    at the waist, hands

    cheeks cupped softly, fit perfectly into hands

    a hand at the small of the back, securing

    lips slot into lips

    how charming

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  • It was odd to see your face again after so long. I almost didn’t recognise you, like you were a stranger. I guess you kind of are, because I don’t know you anymore. I know the person you were before. And on nights like this I wonder if you have to stop yourself from driving to my door. We spent so long in pain, when all we have to do was be honest and say what we really wanted. I didn’t believe you the other day when you said you don’t like me that way, and to be honest I don’t think you believed it either, I think you were scared of admitting to it because you thought I didn’t reciprocate. But I do and iv spent so many months trying to show you. I wish I had the guts to tell you. I wish I wish you had the guts to make the first move. I don’t think I’ll ever be at a point where I’m over you


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  • And they stare out over their empty neighborhood with unspoken love in their eyes.

    They knew none of it’s residents, but they knew it’s roads. When they could- when they were finally allowed to, they’d take their bike for a ride through the quiet area. No one waved at them and they never waved at anyone as they drifted down one road and up another. They didn’t mind though. They weren’t good with people. So they’d push and pedal along, taking the time to watch the world as they passed by. And they’d do this for as long as they could. Until their legs hurt. Until their breath came out in gasps. Until their skin burned under the unrelenting heat of the sun. Until they forced themselves to pedal home until they’d be allowed out again.

    Still, the neighborhood held beauty from any angle they could see it from. Even from their bleak, uncovered windowsill. They love the area before them. Not because it’s perfect. Not because it’s safe. But because here, in their little corner of the planet, things make sense.

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  • Pillow.

    screaming my pain away.

    the pillow absorbs the frustration.

    as the hours slip away.

    it was two then three.

    i think myself sleepless.

    thoughts are the strongest drug.

    the freedom i once possessed.

    the freedom to move but not live.

    Simpler times with a weaker mind.

    my dreams were happy.

    my screams were joyous.

    and my pillow loved me.

    #2am thoughts#2am writing #it is 2am #its 2am#poetry #poets on tumblr #poems on tumblr #poetic#my poem#short poem#original poem#poemsociety#spilled poem #so fucking annoying #people are annoying #frustrated#scream #i need a break #i need a drink #3am thoughts #i thought of this at 3am #me at 3am #i wrote this at 2am #late night#sleeplees night#awake#quarentinelife#ahhhh #what the fuck #writer
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  • If you love someone, you are more than willing to take risks.

    Loving someone doesn’t guarantee your cloud nine spot. Loving someone doesn’t mean you won’t feel pain anymore. Loving someone does not make you the perfect person. Giving your heart to someone means allowing it to become vulnerable to every single painful things. Disappointment, discouragement, rejection, heartbreaks. Loving someone means walking down a challenging road. Taking risk of walking without even knowing what comes ahead of the road. Not even knowing if it is worth enough walking down to.

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  • You would never find out that I was sitting on the edge of the bed crying because I found out you didn’t love me anymore

    #2am writing#2am thoughts #excerpts from my journal #excerpt from a book i'll never write #excerpt from a story i'll never write
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  • why does everything feel different at 2am?? It’s like in the morning they were drunk thoughts.

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  • Love is brave

    So why do I feel so foolish?

    #2am writing #falling in love #thoughts #one sided crush #unrequited feelings#unrequited lust#unrequited romance #just me? okay
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  • Perhaps, one did not want to be LOVED so much, As to be UNDERSTOOD.

    ¬MAIB @ 🕐

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  • Like do people think and keep a theme with their personal blogs?

    I look at a post and if I like it I just reblog. I’ll post three memes in a row then some anti capitalism and then a recipe on the perfect brownies.

    Autocorrect just changed reblog to weblog I’ve done something terrible with my life

    #my thoughts#it's 2am#2am writing #fat jelly fingers #large thumbs #i havent left my room in three weeks
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  • I miss those days..

    When getting a holiday was a thing…

    When eating and napping well was a compulsion…

    When worrying about things was a total destruction…

    When calling someone didn’t feel like an interruption…

    When knowing the states and their capitals was the only expectation…

    When I was not aware of the state of being in procrastination…

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  • A Little Unrequited Goes Quite A Way

    a self reflection.


    I’m not so much fond of romance, but to tell you the truth, I’ve always been interested in romance.

    It was the school fair and I’ve just begun resuming my classes after 10 unforgettable days working as an intern at a hospital. I see him, with his lean frame, fair complexion, unruly hair and dull eyes. My heart doesn’t skip a beat but my mind’s lock with an image of him.

    He doesn’t notice me right away, but I always do. Everytime I see him, his smile becomes wider. What could be the reason why? I wonder.

    He notices me later on, when we have rehearsals for the school play. He taps on my shoulder and holds a hand for a Hi-5. It’s these little things I appreciate. These very little things.

    I am case of unrequited feelings. I confessed to him last December through letters I wrote on different dates. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I love him but what I feel runs very deeply, very genuine. We’re friends, and I’m relieved and glad to say, we’re still friends now but my heart would not let it go even if my mind tells me to let it be.

    Of course, my mind governs my body, but sometimes, the heart makes silent punchesto the unkept wounds.

    He has feelings for someone else— a beautiful classmate of mine, very talented in dancing. She has this bright personality that makes everyone love her. I envy her sometimes, not because she has his affections, but rather everyone seems to love her. I’m very unloveable, very un-unique, very uncute, very boring. I am part of that trope who is shy, quiet and a pushover for most of the time. The only time I’m not afraid of being myself is with him, and with two other friends I have left in the world. With him, together we’d stare at guitars on display for hours, imagining we could play them someday, talk about the most weirdest topics, lay down our problems, complain about school works and chores, talk and recommend music— he was into screamo and punk rock, I was into classic and psychedelic rock, find that casual platonic comfort and affection. But whenever I see him and her walking home together, my heart hammers against my poor ribs for a second before my brain tells me to just feel numb about it.

    Think of what conversations they would have, I bet it’s far more interesting.

    Think of the potential they have, I think they’re very much compatible.

    Think of the happiness this brings him, I might just be a nuance even though he says I’m not.

    Then, think of the hurt it has brought me. I shed tears once, when he told me that he had a crush on her. Everybody does. It’s no surprise that he did too.

    Suddenly, there is this insecurity eating me slowly inside. “Hello, anxiety, welcome back”. “Depression will come a little later though, it’s always a bit late, maybe stuck in traffic somewhere inside your head.”

    Honestly, I’m sick of feeling this way. It is the fourth time I got rejected in my lifetime (by different guys, of course) and repeatedly, I remind myself to stop falling for people who are obviously out of my reach. It’s tiresome. I have not given myself hope that I’ll be requited, it’s best not to. I even laughed when he rejected me (even though, my body felt very cold). However, being turned down because he’s either in love with someone else or he simply doesn’t like you is actually one of the worse feelings.

    So, it’s the school fair. I see him from our classroom window, buying a snack from the school grounds. He strikes out from the crowd of strangers. Smiling, having fun, looking like an idiot that he is. I think it’s only me who sees him the way I do. His dull eyes reflected longing for returned affections from my beautiful classmate… maybe she might give them in later time, after a few more walks home. A part of me was hoping he would stay unrequited too but another part of me wishes for his happiness. I’m his friend, and friends support each other. He deserves it.

    I see him as him, not some fantastical, brooding Prince Charming. I have to give credit to myself that I have not fallen too hard just yet.

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  • “I would take a bullet for you just to prove my love

    Only to find out you are the one holding the gun.”

    - Good in Goodbye by Madison Beer

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