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    24.09.2021 - 15 minutes ago
    #i feel like... allen was very politically involved #but yknow stuff happened and he kinda gave up because it felt like a hopeless cause #so now he just vibes and parties #this was supposed to be something quick but then i got carried away pls- #my art#hetalia#hws america#aph america #2p!america #alfred f. jones #allen b. jones #veggie burgers#70s au
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  • modernday-jay
    24.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    warnings: homophobia, f slur, swearing, violence and spoilers for shameless us

    shameless au! [based on this scene]

    allen’s coming out isn’t exactly a peaceful affair. 

    in hopes of keeping alfred by his side and not having to live restricted anymore, allen decides to come out publicly at the local bar with his father present. his father doesn’t take it well and the news leads to a bar brawl between allen and his father... plus alfred, who steps in to help defend his boyfriend.

    [allen’s father isn’t 2p!eng or 2p!fra + ask me to tag anything i might’ve missed!!]

    #JDKANSFJAKNA okay i didnt expect to draw anything for this scene but i wanted to draw a more... unhinged allen #and do some expression practice #my art#hetalia#shameless au#hws america#aph america #2p!america #allen b. jones #alfred f. jones #veggie burgers #tw f slur #f slur #cw f slur #tw violence#cw violence#tw homophobia#cw homophobia
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  • alfredosauce50
    24.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    It becomes apparent to me that I love writing Allen as a hero or anti-hero

    Then at the same time, other 1ps as antagonists or villains... I refuse to do it any other way... It’s just how things have always been


    Also, chapter 3 of The Place Beyond the Pines is out!! Read it here:


    #chapter 3 of the place beyond the pines is out #Go and read it 👍👍 #update#alfredosauce50#2p america #2p! America #2p!america #x reader #2p america x reader #2p! america x reader #chapter 10 of island escapade is in the drafts #Allen is also playing more into a heroic character in that chapter #yes #I love treating Allen right #he has so much potential as a flawed character #Hero Allen is gonna be my branding 😭
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  • milopottzart
    23.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Chessverse au? Wack

    Cookie run? Wack

    Combining them together to create this? Wack


    I’m tired as FU-

    #hetalia#crossover#usuk#2ptalia#2p usuk#2p america #canon 2p america #2p nyotalia #2p nyo england #nyo 2p england #allen f jones #rosa kirkland#2p hetalia#fan art#digital art #artists on tumblr
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  • milopottzart
    23.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    It’s almost 12, but happy UsUk day!!!

    #i initially sent these in the usuk discord server #dunno if they’ll like it it sucks lmao #hetalia#usuk#ukus#aph england#aph america#hws england#hws america#nyotalia#nyo usuk#nyo america#nyo england#2ptalia#2p usuk#2p america#2p england #canon 2p america #canon 2p england #2p nyotalia #2p nyo england #2p fem england #nyo 2p england #2p hetalia#fan art#digital art#digital doodles #artists on tumblr
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  • pissboymcassface
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    2p fem America was my gay awakening and I’m only a little embarrassed to admit it. She is just so jjhhhhhsh

    #hetalia world stars #hetalia#2p hetalia#2p america #fem 2p America
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  • ask-sum-2ps
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #art#2p hetalia#2p hws#aph hetalia #2p hetalia askbog #hws 2p nyo Ukraine #hws 2p nyo japan #hws 2p nyo america #Ulyeon#Jin#Alyssa#ask#anon
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  • modernday-jay
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #oh? 😳 vb but its unrequited? 😳 on my blog? 😳 this is new 😳 #i was listening to i always knew by the vaccines and ribs by lorde #SO YOU CAN TELL WHAT KINDA MOOD WE’RE IN TONIGHT BOYS #veggie burgers#my art#hetalia#hws america#aph america #2p!america #alfred f. jones #allen b. jones
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  • alfredosauce50
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Place Beyond the Pines [2p! America x reader] 03

    03 - The misled Wordcount: 3, 218 Rating: R18 for strong language, adult themes, and Strong NSFW. Chapter synopsis: Allen robs his first bank, and it gives him a rush like no other. Now that he's got several grand at his disposal, he visits you out of celebration. You have no idea where he's getting the money, but you're happy all the same. So he does it again, successfully, and to ride out the high, he brings over presents to your house. Alfred isn't going to be happy. A/N: Disclaimer: This is a crossover with the film, “The Place Beyond the Pines”. The reader is referred to as she/her.

    Allen munched on an apple while the other laid out a black jumpsuit on the table. "You can, uh, use this. If you wanna." Robin murmured, unfolding the clothing to reveal a gun in the fabric. "But keep in mind, man, I did four banks with a note. In other words, you don't really need the gun," He chewed on his cigarette and exchanged looks with his companion, who was now halfway through his snack. "I never liked guns, man. They're vulgar, you know."

    Allen swayed subtly from side to side in thought. Robin continued with a shrug. "But you may wanna take it, I don't know. Whatever you wanna do."

    The instruments of destruction were beside the point. "... How do you do it? How's this all gonna work?" The redhead asked, roaming off to pace around the room. He'd never been this restless before, but if he had the adrenaline, he needed it now more than ever. He was about to leave behind his life as a motorcycle stuntman for a life of crime.

    But this? It was about to be the ride of his life.

    "Okay. First thing is, we're gonna go in there nice and early. Just when the doors open, okay?" Robin explained, catching him in a stern stare.

    You're gonna take a look at all the tellers. Go for the oldest woman you can, right? Failing that, the most meek. You get her to put the money out on the table. Why? So, that way, you can see if there's a dye pack. You put it in your pocket, you don't hand over anything to them. You don't show them the gun, and you go. Get on your bike. I'll be a few blocks away. Ride it into the truck.

    Bam, we're home, we're done, we're rich.

    It sounded easy enough. But Allen was the greenhorn in every way he could be. "What happens if you get stopped sitting by the side of the road with an open cube truck?" He walked back, taking another generous bite from his apple. "What are you gonna say?" Robin shot him a puzzled look.

    "What do you mean—"

    "—I'm an officer. 'Excuse me, sir. What are you doing with an open cube truck? What are you doin'? Why are you sitting here like this?'"

    The other shook their head. "'Oh, I'm broken down. I'm waiting for the, you know, the repairs." Robin pursed his lips and shrugged nonchalantly. Then, he paused briefly. "... Thank you for asking, officer."

    Allen pointed at him with his apple.

    "That's a nice touch."

    "Mhm. So what are you gonna do when you get jock itch going ninety-miles an hour down the street? You're gonna keep riding, right?" His partner managed a mischievous smile at that. "Yeah? I mean, we do what we do. But when we do it together?" Robin brought his fists together triumphantly.

    "Pshh. Shazam."

    His beloved bike wasn't a standard shade of white anymore. Instead, he'd spray-painted it black in the garage, covering up all the signs it ever belonged to him. A while back, he drew on the logo of his stunt group, 'Heartthrobs', and even an outline of his own face to boot. They had to go. His friend had another vehicle prepared. As they mentioned, they'd brought in a cube truck as the getaway vehicle.

    Now, they just had to do it.

    Allen was dressed in all black. His jumpsuit, helmet, bike—they were all in the infamous shade for discreteness.

    He rode into the parking lot of their target bank before walking in. Before anything, he used a huge rock as a door-stopper. Then, he hid in one of the printing rooms to get rid of what felt like pre-performance jitters. After a few seconds, he sucked in a sharp breath and charged into the bank, helmet, and bandana on. Then, he leaped onto the booth and grabbed the tie of the nearest teller.

    A woman screamed while people gasped. Allen cocked a gun and pointed it at the young man—he immediately threw his hands up—who looked no older than twenty-five. "Alright, anyone who wants to live—" He pulled the tie roughly, causing it to hike up the teller's collar. "—put your hands in the fucking air!" Immediately, everyone did so as told.

    His fierce shouts never stopped there. "Get over here!" He waved the crowd over with his gun. "Get the fuck over here!" People raised their hands and scurried over without putting up a fight. Now that he had everyone rounded up, he returned his attention to the young man he held hostage.

    "What's your name?" Allen asked breathily.

    "Max—" The teller felt a tremble wrack his body while he stared down the barrel of his gun. "—my name is Max,"

    Allen turned back to the crowd. "You hear that? Now, Max is my little fucking dog. Everybody get your fucking money, and he's gonna go fetch. Get it out and put it on the table right now!" All the tellers in their booths scrambled to pick out wads of cash. Their heads were down while panic ran through their eyes. "Get it out!" He kicked over a bowl of wrapped candy.

    While he trained the gun at the patrons and staff, he continued to bark out orders. "Get it out, now!" He shouted. "Pray! Let me hear you fucking pray!" A nice mountain of money had accumulated on the booths at this point, courtesy of the poor young teller. And boy, was he thrilled to see so much green in one place. "You see all that money, kid? Great. Now, go fetch. Fast."

    His bag was full by the time he ran out. Hopping onto his bike to speed off, he rode like the wind down the street. His heart was racing so fast, he had to wonder if it had stopped. A few blocks down, he swerved into a smaller road where his accomplice was waiting. There, he rode up a metal ramp right into the back of the truck. Robin slammed it shut, hiding him inside.

    Then, he ran to the driver's seat to pull out of the road.

    While they drove down the street, police cars shot past in the opposite direction. The wail of their sirens eventually faded into silence, a sure-fire sign that they were gone for good. "They're not turning!" Robin shouted, looking over his shoulder a few times. Allen stumbled off his bike to slam his back against the wall. He couldn't believe it. He just robbed a fucking bank.

    "How much you got?!" The driver exclaimed over the rumble of the truck. Allen tossed over the bag for him to examine. Unzipping that, he sifted through the wads of cash while glancing up at the road. With a brief count, he estimated that they were going home absolutely loaded. "Oh, baby. Oh, beautiful fucking baby boy!" Robin yelled with glee. "You did it!"

    His accomplice was too busy getting his helmet off to share the enthusiasm. Once he popped his headgear off, he leaned forward to vomit. His stomach was churning with the worst nausea he'd ever had, and his head was spinning like a carousel. "Oh my God," Allen winced before spewing again. The gunk landed on the ground in wet splats, and the stench eventually stunk up the whole vehicle.

    "Hey, are you okay, man? You good?" The other asked, twisting around again briefly. Allen continued to gag and wretch loudly. Robin took it as a clear no, but he was too ecstatic to care.

    "You did it, man! You fucking did it!" He screamed excitedly, returning his attention to the road. "Yes! Goddammit, we fucking did it!"

    Seven grand. That was his share for being the right arm of the heist. To say he was over the moon was an understatement! He'd earned so much in one day, he was too giddy to keep it to himself. The dream he enthused you about was starting to look like reality. The money was finally rolling in, so his next step was to have you in the picture.

    After your shift would end, he'd show up in the parking lot in front of his bike. There in the distance, you could see his little face light up with a stupid grin. Of course, his joy would spread to you in the form of a wide smile. You've never seen him so happy. Running over to greet him, you'd ask how he was doing, to where he responded with a perky, Great! I'm doing awesome, doll.

    He was finally making money, and lots of it too. Allen never made it explicit how much, but you were relieved to hear him doing so well. It wasn't in your intentions to fool around with him again, but you couldn't possibly say no to letting him see Jason. He was in a better place, so you didn't see the harm in having him around the baby in the family.

    However, your reasons to hang around him started turning into excuses. You always had a soft spot for Allen, and seeing him around town made you realize just how much you missed him. After all this time, he never stopped doting on you. And given enough of those love-laden gazes of his, you couldn’t stomach it anymore. Being with him broke your heart to pieces. What you had with him could never last.

    So you couldn’t resist him.

    An innocent visit to his trailer turned into something more. He always had a habit of wandering hands, and you let him do as he pleased—he’d awakened so much desire in you, it couldn’t be satiated without kissing, groping, and hot sex. And so, the next hour was fucked away on his creaky queen bed. But you liked the way it sounded.

    And you loved the way he touched you.

    The rolling of his hips, the hot friction of his manhood against your walls, how he bounced you on his cock. The taste of his mouth, the sweet nothings he’d whisper in your ear—it was heaven on Earth.

    He'd move on top of you to spread your legs, letting his dog tags dangle over your face. There, he slid himself pass your folds, curving his dick deep inside you. To see him so concentrated on pleasuring you—it got your heart beating faster than his thrusts. While he filled you up, again and again, your airy moans hitched to the rhythm of his slams. "Hah... Hah... Allen—ah...."

    If he wasn’t holding you down by your wrists and pounding you into the mattress, you were on top, riding him like a bull. He was stirring up your insides, and with every rock of your hips, he could see himself poke out of your lower abdomen in a bump. It was so lewd, it got him shooting out cum like a rocket. But you never got off.

    A floaty smile cracked at his lips as you kept going. 

    Your insides were sopping, but the slickness made everything so much easier. He was always on the larger end, and if you did it right, he felt amazing. While your movements grew in intensity, so would your breathing as he pushed you closer and closer to your climax.

    With nothing on except his Metallica shirt, you’d keep at it until the collar slid down your shoulders. Down to your arms, even. And fuck, was it hot. He was always a great size larger than you, and the erotic sight was a good reminder of that. Thinking about it got him harder than how much he already was, which was a feat in and of itself.

    "Ah, fuck..." Allen hissed, rolling his eyes back when he came in you again. "Oh, yeah..." While he rode out his orgasm, he grabbed onto your thighs to hold you in place. Your legs were shaking from the intensity of it all, but you let him do away with you. It felt too good to push him away.

    His semen came out in strong waves while his chest ached with satisfaction. And you took in every last drop. 

    After managing a few hot releases yourself, you slowed down to take a breather. He was more than happy to take you up on the offer—he was exhausted after cumming more times than he could count. Pulling you onto his lap as he sat cross-legged, he leaned in to put his mouth on yours. You wrapped your arms around his strong neck to return the heated kiss. While your lips met again and again, he'd squeeze your waist and feel you up. He panted like a dog as he fondled and rubbed you away like no tomorrow.

    Kissing him came as easy as breathing, which ironically, neither of you were doing much of. Eventually, you had to pull away to make up for the lack of oxygen in your lungs. Even then, you never removed yourself from his body as you laid on him, back-first.

    While you both recovered from the hottest fuck session of the century, you listened to his rambles with a ringing in your ear. While he spoke, he had his arm around your chest and a hand on your breast. The nostalgia was sickening, but only in the best kind of way.

    "Tell me about him." Allen murmured with half-lidded eyes. "What's he like to eat?"

    A floaty smile stretched across your face. "He like, really likes apples," You chuckled at that. He responded with a low laugh, causing your head to bounce on his chest. Same, he thought. Jason must've got that from me. "But I have to kinda chew it up for him."

    Allen knitted his brows together. "You chew up his apples?"

    "Well, yeah. He doesn't have the teeth. It sounds gross, but it's not when I'm doing it." He hummed in thought and stroked your skin with his thumb. There was so much he didn't know, but he was eager to learn.

    "Has he ever had ice cream?"

    You shook your head. "... No. Not yet,"

    "You're kidding me," He mused.

    "He's still a baby!"

    "Bullshit. What kind of house are you running?" A lazy grin was curling at his lips at this point, and you were laughing breathily while rolling over to kiss his arm. "No ice cream? Why can't he have that?"

    "It's not like he can't have it, he just hasn't had it yet."

    Allen took a deep inhale. "Can I give it to him?"

    "You wanna give it to him?"

    "Yeah. I wanna do something with him that's his first time." Your head was turned away while he continued huskily. Before you knew it, heat had glossed over your eyes and your lips were trembling. "I wanna look at his face when he tries ice cream. Every time he has ice cream for the rest of his life, he's gonna see my face." A harrowing kind of sadness tightened up at your chest, and you had to reach up to wipe away the moisture that formed.

    Things changed, but your love for him didn't.

    Allen took you and Jason to one of the ice cream parlors in town. His bike was parked a few feet away. While you sat on a bench with the kid in your arms, he leaned over to feed the boy a spoonful of ice-cold chocolatey goodness. That was, if he'd stop pulling the spoon away last minute to tease the kid. Bouncing him with a frown, it melted away when he reared his head back to cackle loudly.

    "Oh, come on, just let him have it already," You sighed through a smile. But your conviction didn't quite meet your words—Allen was so happy, you'd do anything for this moment to last longer.

    "Nah, he looks funny," He laughed eagerly. Jason's mouth was wide open in an O, so he wanted to relish in the amusing sight for a little longer. "Just lemme burn the image in my mind, doll." Allen murmured, lingering a tender gaze over the boy for few more seconds. It was like staring into a mirror, except two decades into the past. The kid looked just like him. From his tanned complexion to his striking red eyes—he was a spitting image of him.

    Then, he glanced up to meet your eyes. And you. You were the same as how he remembered. Doing all these things reminded him of what he used to have, so he was torn between smiling and crying.

    You almost forgot he wore sunglasses. Aviator sunglasses. Taking it off the collar of his tank, he unfolded it and put it on Jason. He looks almost as cool as his pops, he'd laughed, much to your glee. Allen eventually got carried away and put the boy on his motorcycle. While he kept him stable with one hand, he revved the bike a few times. Oh, he's gonna love this. It's in his DNA!

    Jason began to cry. Allen cringed with a face that screamed, 'oops'.

    "I'm sorry," He picked him up and bounced him a few times.

    After reprimanding him for a hot second, you decided to forgive him after seeing him hang his head like a scolded dog. "Some parent you are. Now, chin up." You lifted his face with a finger. Immediately, he was captivated by the endearing smile that graced your lips. "If you wanna do something with your bike, we could take a picture with it."

    He lit up and nodded furiously. "Hell yeah! Great idea, babe. Just give me a second," You watched him scramble inside the ice cream parlor. When he walked out, one of the staff members was with him.

    The whole family was posed in front of his black bike. Allen had one arm slung over your shoulder while the other held Jason.

    "Yeah, so just capture the mood," The man instructed the camerawoman. She had a disposable camera in her hands, and before she took the shot, she lowered it.

    "You want the bike in it too?"

    He grinned. "Yeah. The bike's part of the family."

    After a few camera shutters, she spoke up again.

    "You want another one?" He nodded. "Are you sure you wanna take another one when she's crying?" Allen rolled his head to you before reaching up to cover your eyes. Another photo was taken. It didn't show in his face, nor his tired smile, but when he felt your warm tears trail down his arm, he knew he couldn't abandon you again.

    He had no business messing with Alfred, but that didn't mean he had to disappear out of your life forever.

    After another successful robbery, he bought a few things to ride his high. Shopping couldn't be without thinking about you anymore, so he was struck with a wild idea—he'd been to your house, and he noticed Jason didn't even have a crib. And now that he was determined to stick around, Allen was always looking for reasons to be with you. This was just killing two birds with one stone.

    Pulling out a huge flat box from the back, he ran up to your porch and knocked on your door. Who would've thought such a kind gesture could end with a fight?

    #hetalia fanfiction#hetalia fanfic #hetalia x reader #x reader#aph america #america x reader #alfred f jones #allen jones#2p america #2p america x reader #2p! america #2p! america x reader #2p!america #2p!america x reader #country x reader #alfredosauce50 #hetalia axis powers #axis powers hetalia #axis powers ヘタリア #hws america #hetalia world series #the place beyond the pines #crossover#film
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    oh i know i’m a beast but you’re the perfect creature 

    #speaking of lime cordiale... here's a perfect vb song #this was supposed to be something else entirely but here we are #god. just take it. take it before i start crying #my art#hetalia#hws america#aph america #2p!america #veggie burgers #alfred f. jones #allen b. jones
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     heres a throwback to his prev design

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    #mandy is one of my favs... thank u for this #she wont have a relationship with any of the kirklands like mandy does with lip tho #besides friendships with all of them #also she probably figures out she's actually wlw and her interest in alfred was comphet #but that'd be later in the story ig #stuff on jules and alice should be next!! #shameless au#my art#hetalia#hws america#aph america #alfred f. jones #2p!america #allen b. jones #nyo!america #2p nyo!america #ash jones #nyo!england #alice kirkland #2p!canada #james williams
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    Epic masterlist

    Active series

    Island Escapade (Newest chapter: 09)

    The Place Beyond the Pines (Newest chapter: 03)

    What makes me human (Newest chapter: 18)



    Ghost of jealousy [Posessive! America x reader] From a past life [Yandere Vampire! Romania x reader] Selenophile [Werewolf! Germany x reader] Friends on the other side [Incubus! 2p! America x reader] Friends on the other side [Incubus! 2p! America x reader] NSFW

    Slice of life:

    The anatomy of the obsessed artist [2p! Italy x reader] You're gonna go far, kid [Punk! England x reader] Mille fuille [Police officer! England x reader] She'll never know [Yandere! Iceland x reader] Method to my madness [Yandere! Switzerland x reader]


    The new chieftain [Yandere Viking! Denmark x reader]


    Of beasts and men [Hybrid 2p! America x reader]


    World War Z [Yandere! America x reader]


    Yandere 2p! America headcanons NSFW 2p! America headcanons 2p! China headcanons Yandere 2p! China headcanons Lithuania boyfriend headcanons S. Italy + Prussia Forbidden romance headcanons [APH x AOT] Headcanons

    Long series:

    Island Escapade

    Because stirring up trouble in his home country was simply not enough. Allen gets arrested in Ibiza and is punished with six months of community service. As one of the researchers of a wildlife institute on a neighbouring island, you’re tasked to supervise him—but handling a raunchy ex-con by yourself is no easy task. That’s when Mathias swoops in to the rescue, and you’re forced to deal with whims on top of it all. You soon suspect he may have ulterior motives hidden in his kindness.

    Island Escapade [Ex-con 2p! America x reader x Denmark] 01 Island Escapade [Ex-con 2p! America x reader x Denmark] 02 Island Escapade [Ex-con 2p! America x reader x Denmark] 03 Island Escapade [Ex-con 2p! America x reader x Denmark] 04 Island Escapade [Ex-con 2p! America x reader x Denmark] 05 Island Escapade [Ex-con 2p! America x reader x Denmark] 06 Island Escapade [Ex-con 2p! America x reader x Denmark] 07 Island Escapade [Ex-con 2p! America x reader x Denmark] 08 Island Escapade [Ex-con 2p! America x reader x Denmark] 09

    The Place Beyond the Pines

    You haven't seen Allen in over a year. As a traveling motorcycle stuntman, he hops around from place to place chasing paper. After a lucky encounter at the city fair, he's eager to hang around you, only to find out that you're taken. Just when he's about to leave for another tour, he discovers the secret you've been keeping from him ever since he first left. And it's more than enough to convince him to stay. The whole ordeal is heading straight for disaster as he crosses boundaries not meant to be crossed. It's only a matter of time before blood is spilled.

    The Place Beyond the Pines [2p! America x reader] 01 The Place Beyond the Pines [2p! America x reader] 02 The Place Beyond the Pines [2p! America x reader] 03

    What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader]

    VOL. I

    “... It’s just business, it’s politics, it’s the way of the world, it’s a tough life and that it’s nothing personal. Well, fuck them. Make it personal.” ― Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon A stoic cyborg named Alfred kidnaps and steals you away from your ivory tower, demanding your full compliance to his every wish―all to help him steal a biochip rumored to make the user immortal. As the heir of a cybernetic corporate giant, in fact, the greatest in Twilight city, you couldn't say it was unexpected. Luckily, your trusty bodyguard Allen is on the case, tasked to kill him and rescue you from his clutches. And that was the plan until he stumbles across the company's darkest secret, hiding away in the basement.

    What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 01 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 02 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 03 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 04 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 05 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 06 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 07 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 08 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 09  What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 10 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 11 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 12

    VOL. 2 (In progress)

    “What we believe shapes who we are. Belief can bring us salvation or destruction. But when you believe a lie for too long, the truth doesn't set you free. It tears you apart.” ― Takeshi Kovacs, Altered Carbon (TV Series)

    Once driven by conviction, Alfred now wanders the world without a purpose. The only thing he understands is what he is with you, and even that can fade. While he's fighting to keep the relationship afloat, you and Allen reach a crossroads together. He wants to run away with you no matter what. But there's no time for these aspirations and ugly feelings in the wake of a sinister conspiracy. The war rages on, and Alfred must face his demons in their rawest form—a human clone of himself who's just as aggrieved as he is.

    What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 13 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 14 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 15 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 16 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 17 What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 18

    Who's the bad guy? (Completed)

    You've been living in New York city for the whole of your life, otherwise known as the city which never sleeps. One of the most iconic cities in the United States and popular tourist destinations in that very country, it was a shame that you've never seen the amazed faces of foreigners on the streets. Not one. But why, you ask? Instead of skyscrapers and tourist hotspots, you dwelled in the East. Considered as the slums of America, you still considered it heaven because your best friend Allen was with you. You never thought you'd have a taste of world-class luxuries ever in your life, but that all changes when his rich cousin Alfred comes for a visit. Dive into the world of both sides of the poverty line in New York, where the Americas battle it out for your heart. Immerse yourself in the story about a relative's visit that was way worse than anyone ever pictured to be.

    Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 1 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 2 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 3 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 4 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 5 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 6 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 7 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 8 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 9 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 10 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 11 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 12 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 13 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 14 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 15 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 16 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 17 Who's the bad guy? (2p + 1p America x reader) 18


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    What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 18

    Wordcount: 4, 880 Rating: T for strong language and mature themes Chapter synopsis: Alfred and you hit a stump in your relationship. While you make up with him in the lab, he hints at his feelings for you. Allen is crushed, but he's not giving up—Alfred's clone is alive, and Zao brings him back like a souvenir. As things get messy, Allen is determined for you to see that Alfred isn't good for you. While everyone is fighting their demons, there's also a coming battle in space thanks to Zao's intel. The reader is referred to as she/her.

    18 - The monster inside my head

    "You're doing it again." You heard him say. Everybody except Alfred was in the garage, tinkering away at a car. The only fan in the house was here, and three was starting to become a bit of a squeeze. Any more, and the sweltering heat would have been unbearable.

    "Doing what?" You lifted your head inquisitively, but the expression morphed into discomfort when he scrubbed your cheek.

    "You're not telling me things." Oil and grease were smudged all over your face, and Allen was on the job, wiping it all off. Repair work in this kind of weather was gruelling, but you refused to go inside.

    He returned your wary gaze with a wide toothy grin. "If you're gonna be one of the greasers, you gotta act like it. Any problem of yours is my problem." His pearly whites served a stark contrast to the blotches of black over his features. It was cute, even, but you wished he could be just as quiet. Like Alfred, he was never one to beat around the bush.

    Casting a tired glance at him, you sighed. "I spend my morning trying to jumpstart this piece of junk, and that's all you gotta say?" You leaned down to hand Arthur a wrench. He promptly rolled back under the vehicle. Said piece of junk was a bright teal retro car. You understood the appeal of the hundred-year-old antique, but Allen couldn't shut up about it until it was towed back into Arthur's garage.

    "Sometimes, I maybe wanna keep things to myself. I deserve some mystery." You shrugged, but your tone of voice wasn't very convincing.

    So he chuckled, giving his blackened fingers a wipe. "I guess it's the least someone could do for you when your face is plastered across every billboard in the city." You flattened your lips. And you almost forgot about that, staying here in one of the quainter residential districts. Allen pointed to himself and clicked his tongue. "But not this guy. I'm your confidant and right-hand man."

    He took a sip of his coke and stared at you through his eyebrows. "And that includes telling you cold hard truths. So spill the beans."

    Your brows came together. Cold hard truths, he said.

    "Did I ever tell you that you remind me of Alfred, sometimes?" You asked, sauntering to one of the counters to fiddle with some tools. If there was another clone around here, Allen fit the bill. His looks, his speech patterns, and some mottos were strikingly similar. And yet, you could die with the idea that they were polar opposites because they were. For the longest time, they fought on different sides. Only recently did they finally converge into one team.

    But on a more personal note, they butt heads at every chance they got.

    That, you had yet to see at its prime.

    The said man rose his brows and removed the can from his lips. Allen never imagined he would be compared to his ex-nemesis like this, but he couldn't say he didn't get what you meant. "Is it the coke?" He motioned thoughtfully. "But I drink diet coke. It's not the same. Here. Try some."

    He handed it over to you. "Come on, I know what diet coke tastes like." You took a sip. "Bad. It tastes more like froth than liquid."

    "But no sugar."

    "Okay, yeah, see? That's the difference between you and him. He doesn't care what he puts in his body." He licked his bottom lip as he listened to you speak. Alfred was on your mind more than you tried to let on. It was painful to watch, even. "But that's beside the point. What I'm trying to say is—" You paused, finally catching on to what he'd been trying to point out. A few nervous laughs fell from your mouth.

    He chuckled. "You were saying?"

    "Dammit, Al." You huffed frustratedly, plummeting down on a stool. "He was such an asshole! I wanna talk to him, but I can't. If I do, he'll keep thinking it's okay to push me around. Subconsciously, anyway. You know what I mean?"

    Allen nodded shrewdly. "As I was saying. You've humored him for a while, now. It's about time you start putting him in his place."

    Two days have passed since your fight with Alfred. He never acted so out of line before, but in his defense, it wasn’t as if he’d been cloned before.

    You told him, (F/N)? Is he in on this too?

    Or is this why you both were gone for so long? Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you fucking tell me?

    It left you out of sorts. You didn't want to talk to him, and yet, you couldn't bear being apart from him. Night time, especially. When there was nothing to do but lay around, you couldn't give up sleeping in his neck. Letting him pull you in and breathe in your hair. It was something you both always did, after all. Not that it made you any less upset. On the contrary, it made it hurt more.

    "It's not about putting him in his place. I'm just trying to work things out with him. It's gonna be fine." You sighed. He reared his head back, unconvinced. "Look, I just need a little time by myself. It's been a while since I could get some."

    "And yet, here you are." He hummed, gesturing to the rest of the workshop. Quiet was not how one would describe it. Busy and loud, maybe. Allen pulled you in by the waist with little resistance on your part. "When you surround yourself with friends, you need them to fill a void left by someone else," You frowned at that, much to his amusement. "Not to be blunt or anything. It’s always been your way of reaching out."

    He pulled out his gun. "So, do you want comfort, or do you want..." Allen cocked it loudly. "... Solutions?"

    "Solutions." Your frown morphed into a weird look. "But I already shot him once, so let's not do that again. I already have enough satisfaction from that." You murmured sarcastically.

    "Don't tell him I said that."

    He threw his arms up. "What happens in the garage, stays in the garage." He put his gun away at that, though he looked disappointed while doing it. "I suggest talking to him, I guess. Working things out diplomatically like a mature adult. All that... Bullshit."

    Just tell him how you feel, he later said. Tell him he’s a dick, but you’re willing to let things go. No, seriously, doll. We need everybody to get their head in the game. So save the young love til' after the storm. Allen was right on the mark about that, so you tried heeding his advice.

    Your father was on the move. Making that clone was his first counterattack, and it made sense to be evasive after. How he found out Alfred was alive was beyond you, but you couldn't be fazed. Getting Matsumoto's whereabouts was the first priority. You had to bite him before he could bite back.

    But before that, Alfred needed a wake-up call.

    And of course, a nice polish.

    Making your way to the lab, you appeared in the doorway to find him shirtless. A dull ache spread in your chest. Why did seeing him like this affect you so much? It wasn’t a first.

    Alfred turned his head to you. "Hey." His eyes were widened as if your arrival was unexpected. In reality, he was just unprepared to meet you. This was going to be the first time you ever operated on him in a formal environment. It really should've happened earlier, but the chance never came. And now that it did, he was a little nervous to get up close and personal. You weren't exactly on the best terms with him, after all.

    "You know the drill. Lay flat on the bed for me." You instructed, appearing by the counters to slide on a pair of latex gloves. He did so as told while you pulled a chair over. You were avoiding his gaze already, but he couldn't blame you. "This isn’t gonna hurt, so... You can sleep if you’d like."

    He was about to interject that he couldn’t. Instead, he shut his trap and rolled his head your way. While you operated on him, fixed his bugs, and checked the status of his upgrades, Alfred kept his half-lidded gaze fixated on you. It was insanely attractive to see you so concentrated—your hands never once faltered as they held razor-sharp equipment. If he wasn’t watching you work, whether it be making delicate incisions in his skin or tinkering at his insides, he was staring at your focused face for thirty minutes straight.

    When you looked at him, he'd snap out of his daze.

    But you never said anything, and it drove him out of his mind! What did that mean? What was going through your head? He didn't know. So after a few hours of quiet agony, he didn’t hesitate to speak up. "Thanks for patching me up. I feel better already." Alfred began with a tight smile. Your back was turned while you sterilized your tools.

    This is how it's gonna be, huh? He thought. Throwing his shirt back on to ruffle up his sandy blonde hair, he spun to you and licked his bottom lip. "I was feeling kinda buggy lately, and uh... My reflexes were off... So... I'm more than prepared to take on anything now, you know?" He continued. "How're my upgrades? Did you add anything new?"

    His rambles entered your ear and exited out the other. You were much too preoccupied with scraping together the courage to have the conversation with him. Sucking in a deep inhale, you turned to face him and said this. "I need to talk to you, Alfred."

    He fell silent, then straightened up. It only felt like yesterday he was complaining about being called that, but he wasn't fussing over it now. Inside, he was doing jumping jacks and air fist bumps because you were talking to him. "Yeah? What’s up?" He asked eagerly, leaning on a trolley to not look over-excited. But the contraption started to roll under his weight, causing him to lose his balance.

    Alfred stumbled to the side, much to your amusement. "Stupid trolley." He mumbled, moving it back in place.

    You folded your arms sternly. "I think you know what I'm about to tell you, but I'm still gonna say it." He placed his hands on his hips and returned your steely gaze with a dismal one. "I don't wanna keep fighting with you. It's the last thing we need right now."

    Alfred hung his head and looked to the side while his frown deepened. You've never seen him this depressed, and to think he was trying to cover it up—your resolve was on the verge of breaking. But you hung onto it until you could get your point across. "You're probably used to me going through with whatever you want. I used to be, but things have changed. I'm not..." He glanced up at you expectantly. "... Putting up with your shit, okay?"

    If he was honest, it was impressive how quickly you could address the root of a problem. You weren't to be pushed around, especially now. He wasn't the one calling the shots anymore. You were. He sighed with deep creases between his brows. "... Right. Yeah." He was never good at apologizing, but he'd be damned if he didn't do it a few more times. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being an asshole."

    He reached out to your wrist with slight hesitation, and he was relieved you never pulled away. "You're doing this all for me, I know. And you don't gotta do it for me. But you are, so who am I to give you shit, right?" Alfred laughed sheepishly. "You’re not tied down by anything, so that’s something I’m jealous about." He laughed again, albeit mirthlessly. His hand gripped yours while the other combed through his hair stressfully.

    He couldn’t recall the last time he was this transparent about his feelings, save for crying in your face. But grief was so damn easy compared to everything else. Envy, entitlement, yearning, to name a few. To express those emotions meant putting his pride was on the line. "But who am I kidding? I’m jealous... ‘Bout damn near everything." Alfred whispered through a pained smile.

    You softened your gaze at that.

    "I didn't come here to get any confessions out of you, Alfred." Reaching out to hold his cheek, he leaned into your touch and screwed his eyes shut. "I just wanted to stop doing... Whatever it was we were doing. I can't stay mad at you," Warmth flurried in your chest when he pulled you into a tight hug. You returned the embrace even harder, letting everything bottled up over the past few days bubble over. "So save it for later."

    He squeezed you desperately. "What if I don't wanna save it for later?" After a few moments, he pulled away and caught you in a hard stare. His previous gloom disappeared in exchange for conviction, one that was so potent, it got your heart racing. He coiled his arms around your waist and pulled you in. The pounding grew stronger. "You don't have to make me say these things because I wanna say them. I want you to know how I feel."

    Heat rushed up to your face as you turned away. But what difference did that make when you were tangled with his limbs?

    "I'm not doing this with you, Al. We really shouldn't."

    "But that's what you always say! Then, you end up doing it."

    Allen was passing by in the hall, beer in hand. When he overheard the contents of the exchange, alarm bells rang in his head. What the hell was going on in the lab? He scooted towards the metal wall outside and leaned his back against it. This better not be what he thought it was! He was practically biting off his fingernails at this point. Once again, he found himself wondering if he was overthinking.

    And so, he listened in.

    "We are literally trying to hunt down the most powerful man in the world. Let’s not... Complicate things. And I only ever give in because you keep bothering me. That's it."

    "Fine. But why would being with me make things complicated? Wouldn’t it be less complicated? It's not like I'm a pain to deal with or anything."

    Allen tensed up all over. So this was what it was about? It sounded like you were open to the idea of dating him, regardless of how standoffish you were. He knew you like the back of his hand, after all. Needless to say, he was feeling the beginnings of resentment all over again. How could Alfred lack so much self-awareness? He was the biggest pain in the fucking ass ever! And you, date him?

    "The only thing stopping me from hitting you is the fact that you probably won't feel it."

    "What, hey--"

    "You're more of a handful than you think you are, Alfred. We're going at it right now, and we're not even dating."

    "Only because we're about to--ow!"

    "Liar. That didn't hurt."

    "But it hurt my feelings."

    "That's not very new, is it?" A pause followed. "Listen. I can’t do relationships right now. It’s... Way more complicated on my end, trust me." Allen hung his head. As vague as those words were, he understood you were really talking about him. You weren’t insensitive, and he knew you cared about him a tonne.

    As he mulled over the thought, he took a slow, dejected sip from his can. "I like you, Alfred. I..."

    Allen didn't know how to feel anymore.

    Crushed or motivated?

    "Are you sure it’s just liking?" Alfred asked, the question making your chest ache all over again. Why couldn’t he just let things go? His electric blue eyes flickered curiously over your reddened expression. Little did he know, the blush was from anything but embarrassment. Your lips were ajar, speechless.

    Your eyes then glossed over with heat. Instantly, he understood what you meant the whole time. "Sorry, I overstepped." He leaned in and pressed a kiss to your cheek. You let him. "You don’t have to be on the same page as me. But you know how I feel now." A bittersweet smile stretched at his lips, and seeing it made blinking back the tears even harder.

    You forced yourself to swallow everything down.

    You couldn’t bring yourself to say it, but you were on the same page as him. And maybe, he knew.

    This was just your last resort to keeping yourself level-headed. Keeping everything unchanging. More manageable, even. But it was merely a ruse that was soon to break. And Allen would be the one to do it.

    Do you love her to death?

    A week had passed since he was discharged from the hospital. He may have moved locations, but he continued to recuperate all the same. Getting up early, training, then eating balanced meals of protein jellies. Here in Zao's shack, he finally got to see your workplace: acres and acres of farms. To tour the whole place, he had to run laps.

    He’d forgotten how it felt to be so weak.

    So tired. So overwhelmed by all kinds of physical sensations. The cold, the heat, the hunger, the burn of the shower water, the pain of an uppercut to his jaw. And the hormones. He'd forgotten all about those things. He was always emotionally intense, but this was simply next-level. It even got to the point that he would break down sporadically in tears, unsure of the trigger. But he knew what kept him crying. While his skin burned and eyes stung, he’d feel around his bandaged torso, wishing you were there with him.

    In a world where he had nothing, the thought of you was what kept him going.

    Speak of her over my grave and watch how she brings me back to life.

    Alfred was with you while you slept in the bedroom. Allen and Arthur were in the kitchen. Neither of them spoke a word. They didn't need to when the atmosphere was already established. The Brit had dark circles and a distinct droop to his eyes. His companion was halfway through his second beer while he stirred a pot of oatmeal. Once that was done, he poured it into two bowls and set one in front of the blonde. "Wakey, wakey. Eggs and porridge." He murmured, taking a seat beside him on the kitchen island.

    Arthur dumped a few spoonfuls of sugar into his share. "There’s no eggs."

    The other covered their eyes with a hand.

    "It’s just an expression."

    "Right." He scraped what was left inside the container into his coffee. Giving that a brief stir, he took a slow sip from his mug and stared at his friend over the rim. They were nearly done with their second beer, and it was only eight in the morning. To say he looked like shit was an understatement. Allen's complexion was paler than usual, and his eye bags could give his own a run for their money. "What’s got the laid-back slack day drinking on a Monday?"

    Allen’s dazed expression never faltered. "Stress." Emptying the rest of the can down his throat, he tossed it into the bin. Only then did he start on his breakfast. "Can’t catch a break around here these days. Everything in my life is falling apart." He took a nonchalant slurp of his food. "She's... Totally into him, man. Does she have bad taste, or what?"

    "And she'd have good taste if she liked you?" Arthur stifled a few chuckles when the other shot him a glare. "You don't know these things for sure, mate. He could end up as an unrequited love of hers one day. Because from what I've heard—" The very subject of their conversation appeared in the hallway. Allen glanced at him with his face scrunched up in a subtle glower.

    "Morning, dipshit."

    Alfred rose his brows. "What's your problem?"

    "—things are only getting messier and messier. I mean, clones? He can make human clones now?"

    Allen's expression darkened at the word. "Yeah. I don't have half as many problems as this guy does... So I'm a better match for her." Alfred stuck up a middle finger at him. He responded with a gesture of its equivalent—he made a furious handjob motion near his crotch, then pretended to spew imaginary gunk all over him.

    "Whatever. I just want water." Rummaging through one of the cabinets for a glass, Alfred filled it from the tap and gulped it down. Once it was empty, he filled it again to take his leave. Water kept some of his functions going, but for you, it kickstarted your metabolism. Before he could disappear into the guest room, however, the front door beeped loudly, indicating someone had unlocked it.

    Arthur sucked in a sharp gasp and shot off his stool. "He's back!"

    How long had it been, two weeks? It was strangely early for him to be back so soon, but he wasn't complaining.

    The others couldn't share his enthusiasm. Allen continued slurping his porridge. Alfred merely slowed down in the hallway before making a U-turn. Sticking his hands into the pockets of his sweats, he sauntered back to the kitchen. Little did he know, what he stuck around for was anything but. Zao appeared when the door swung open, but he was with somebody.

    Their eyes met. Was that... Himself? Alfred's flickered once as he processed what he was seeing. What the hell was he looking at? His doppelgänger walked inside slowly, nervously. "Wait a minute." He whispered under his breath. Panic was slowly amassing as it finally clicked. "Wait a fucking minute. What the fuck is that!? He screamed, marching back to the living room to point at his clone accusingly.

    He'd never been so horrified.

    Arthur froze up and took a few steps back. Allen finally turned around, visibly frustrated at the increasing volume of the room. What he saw made him drop his spoon to the ground in a clatter.

    Zao held his hands out in front of himself defensively. "I know this looks bad, but let me explain. Let me explain." Alfred's nostrils flared as he glared fiercely at the brunette. Did you resurrect him or something? Why the hell would you do that? The thoughts were written all over his face, so Zao laughed nervously. "He isn't here to cause any trouble. He's here to uh... Join forces. So let's do some introductions. Alfred, this is Alfred."

    Alfred shook his head furiously. "No, no, no, no, no. Fuck this. Fuck you."

    "Nice to meet you too?" His clone began awkwardly.

    Allen pulled out his gun at lightspeed and fired four shots. There was no hesitation, let alone remorse. He just kept shooting. "Go to hell!"

    "Shit—" If it weren't for him making a dive behind the coffee table, his head would've been blown clean off. Rolling onto his back with a few coughs, he covered his face with his arms. "I told you."

    Eventually, the explosions of relentless gunfire woke you up with a nasty start. Once you surveyed the situation behind the door, you scrambled outside with a pounding heart. They'd reached a temporary stalemate upon exhausting all their rounds, so there was nothing stopping you from doing this—launching yourself right into the arms of the clone. When he hugged you back, he felt too real to be a clone anymore. His body was trembling, and his shaky breaths were as warm as he was.

    Just like that, the fighting stopped.

    Everybody was seated around the dining table. Allen and Alfred never stopped glaring at the other Alfred, who just became the target of your affections. His cheek had been grazed deeply by a bullet, so you were disinfecting it. You've never seen him bleed, so the sight was startling. "Ah—" He turned away and squirmed in his seat when you pressed too hard. "—(F/N), it's fine. It's just a cut."

    "I'm nearly done, quit moving." You murmured, dabbing away the remaining residue before leaning back. "There. Was that so hard?"

    He hung his head and shook it. "It's been a while."


    Zao cracked his knuckles. "Right, so. Now that everybody's on board—" Alfred and Allen huffed simultaneously. This wasn't what they wanted, but what could they do? They were definitely stealing you away for a good long chat after this. In private. "—let's get down to business. Wanna know Matsumoto's whereabouts? I'll tell you."

    That sentence alone piqued everyone's undivided attention.

    He's in his own satellite of sin. He'd said, pointing to the ceiling. Up there in orbit, floating around without a care in the world. I'd know because I saw him myself. He was celebrating.

    Let's put an end to his party, shall we?

    "I am not going to space, Zao." Arthur fumed. The pair was in his room, courtesy of the passive aggressive stares the Brit shot him during the conversation. "I've had enough excitement in my life. Alfred—he's dangerous! Can't you see that? Keeping him alive I can do, and keeping in my house I can do, but I'm not following him off the planet."

    The other draped his arms over his shoulders. Then he grinned lazily. "But it'll be more dangerous if you don't. If we leave you here, you'll be a sitting duck. And it's open season." Zao merely laughed when his boyfriend hit his shoulder. But when he saw those emerald greens gloss over with heat, he pulled him back in. Pinning his head down with his chin, he coiled his arms around his form.

    "I'm so angry with you, you know that?" Arthur murmured, hiding his face in his chest. "You keep disappearing, and the second you come back, you pull something like this."

    "I know, and I'm sorry." He dug a hand through his choppy blonde hair. Then, he closed his eyes. "So come with me. For one last ride."

    Getting to space was a piece of cake. And so was rocket science. It was easier to understand than passenger planes, anyhow.

    Getting something to blast off the ground was just a controlled explosion. You just needed someplace to do it. And money. Lots of it. Luckily, you weren't the only one in the group who was loaded. Later in the evening, everyone hitched a ride in a spinner to Zao's estate. This was where Allen wanted to take you all along, he just never imagined Alfred and his clone would come along too.

    "I'm... Unbelievably pissed right now." He grinned mirthlessly, sauntering into the living room with his arms folded behind his head. "You know, this place would've been a whole lot more romantic if it was just us, doll." This mansion was even more impressive than yours. Its white ceilings were twice as high, and there were more fountains than you could count. As many pieces of furniture there were, there was never enough to fill up the emptiness inside.

    There was just so much space. And not to mention the launchpads and aircrafts that could get you there.

    You pulled him along with a softened gaze.

    "Save the romance for after the storm. Wasn't that what you said?"

    Allen huffed out a sharp sigh. Then, he pinched your cheek affectionately. "Yeah, but I wasn't talking about myself. I don't play by the rules, babe. I make 'em." You slowed to a stop in front of the windows overlooking the terrace outside. The panels of glass stretched from the ground to the ceiling, so like he mentioned, this place really had the potential for a romantic getaway.

    "I haven't given up yet."

    He watched your expression with a serious one.

    "If things get messy, which they will, I'm still gonna be here. Because maybe, one day, you might not be able to be with him."

    In all honesty, you could say the same for him. Neither of them were ever meant to live this long. Not Allen, not Alfred, and not his clone. Going up there, to space, where nothing but millimeters of steel separated you from the most painful death, was the endgame. What happened up there was between luck, skill, and God if there was any.

    But here?

    It was a brutal fight with demons. You had yet to confront the thought that you were about to murder your only blood kin. Allen, however, needed to come to terms with the potential of being abandoned for the likes of Alfred. The biggest troublemaker on the planet, and soon, the galaxy. He was the sole reason why this was even happening, to him, to you, to everyone. So like hell he was pulling out. He needed you to realize he wasn't good for you.

    But Alfred? He wasn't thinking about any of these things.

    Right now, he was holding himself back with every shred of his willpower from decapitating his clone with his mantis blades.

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    BLT angel demon Au my beloved

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    Hetalia Platonic Ships Week Day 7: Free day Mochitalia and Nekotalia

    In typical Hetalia fashion, The Japans once again get everyone to test out their new invention which inadvertently transports the mochi and nekos here. The most notable are the mochis and cats of the 2ps who managed to find a way out of their previous world, starving and dirty. After getting them all back up to full health, getting a quick lesson in Mochi care from Estonia, and giving them baths though in Lucicat's case forcing him to get one, they bond with their human counterparts. They also meet and greet their 1p mochi and neko counterparts. Strap in y'all, it's about to get cute!

    Luciano: Lucicat is that one cat who thinks he's the king of everything. This doesn't sit well with his Luciano. Gets his knife stolen by an equally as devious Lucicat and tries getting it back while calling him a hairball. Lucicat immediately ain't having it and starts trying to claw everything in the vicinity starting with Luciano who's running around with a ticked-off demon cat on his face then trips over LuciMochi who also gets angry and starts chasing him, somehow doling his little swiss army knife despite not having hands. The world may not be ready for three Lucianos. Feliciano, Italycat, and Feli Mochi immediately try hug therapy on all three which seems to start working. It seems that after a little while, Luciano and Romano have started opening up more and liking the therapy a little.

    Flavio: Immediately starts designing cat clothes while Flaviocat is being the best kitty model he can be. Mochi Flavio is also loving this and posing with him on Flaviocat's head. When not modeling, Flaviocat and Mochi Flavio love messing with Romacat and Lovi Mochi. Lovino will never admit it but they all look really cute.

    Lutz: Doesn't care and starts a cuddle pile while he's napping on the couch. Lutzcat is lounging on his stomach while Mochi Lutz is on his face wearing his military hat. Strangely, Mochi Lutz is more of a soft cube shape than a stiff one like Ludwig Mochi. This confuses Ludwig to no end. Germanycat also immediately tries getting Lutzcat to train.

    Klaus: Is a little nervous around Klauscat thinking he might get rejected but Klauscat immediately finds comfort in him and rubs himself up against him staking his claim on his person. Klauscat does the same to Klaus Mochi who's also shy and hiding under his Teutonic Knighthood. Prussiacat and gilbert Mochi doesn't let this stand and immediately try playing with him, though they tend to scare him.

    Kuro: Thinks Kurocat is really cute though doesn't really show it. He's already bought a Nyan Cat costume for him. Japancat immediately gets him hooked on tuna as well. Kuro Mochi acts like a ninja and disappears often. No one can catch him. Unlike Mochi Kiku who seems to be a sakura mochi, Mochi Kuro is a wasabi mochi. Kiku loves getting pictures and is very curious about them and their origins.

    Allen: Allencat is defiantly the jerky cat who likes causing trouble and punching things off of stuff. Allen learns this the hard way. after his shades go missing and it turns out Allencat stole them. They have a sort of love-hate relationship. Americat is instantly excited about a new playmate and gets really hyper. Alfred loves trying to give Allencat scratches though will end up with a scratched face. The only one's Allencat lets pet him or hold him are the states and acts like a guard cat with them, especially Hawaii and Alaska since they're the youngest. Allen Mochi is unlike America Mochi in how it's not able to grow limbs and isn't creepy. He carries around a mini bat but no one knows where he gets it just like Allen's. The first time Allen witnesses the little demon that is America mochi he gets really freaked out and even passed out the first time he saw it. Now he's extremely careful around him and is kind of scared of the 'little demon who's clearly plotting something.'

    James: Basically has a starting contest with his Mochi self until they both just nodded in solidarity. Mochi James is a bit bigger than Mochi Canada and kind of acts like his bodyguard. At first one wouldn't think James would let a cuddly cat sleep on his lap but that's exactly what he let Jamescat do. Jamescat also likes sleeping in Mathew's lap or with the bears or provinces. They tend to rotate. Funnily, Jamescat is also easily scared by cucumbers which Allen likes to take advantage of but not without getting a face full of scratches. James Mochi has also taken it upon himself to try getting Canada Mochi and Mathew to be more assertive.

    Oliver: The first time he sees Olivercat, he's lounging on the counter in his bakery. He does this often and helps attract customers with his cuteness. He also almost accidentally bakes Oliver Mochi until Arthur manages to stop him with Oliver profusely apologizing afterward. Oliver Mochi accepts his apology and quickly becomes a big help in the kitchen often sitting on Oliver's head in Rataoullie style. Olvercat and Oliver Mochi both try getting Britaincat and Arthur Mochi to be more happy-go-lucky. This works about as well as it does for their human counterparts. Meanwhile, Arthur is trying to figure out how they found their way here in hopes they may travel there to find any more survivors.

    Luiz: He takes one look at his mochi and immediately assumes it's just another drunken haze. That is until he sees Mochi Luiz light a cigarette without opposable thumbs somehow. Luizcat is a really scruffy cat and Francis immediately tries to take him to the groomers while Francecat tries to groom him himself. Luizcat has successfully aided all attempts so far. Mochi Francis subtly unnerves Luiz with his super-realistic face.

    Xiao: Unlike Mochi Yao, Xiao Mochi isn't censored thanks to Xiao's natural ability to bypass them. Mochi Xiao is really interested in Mochi China because of his censorship. Xiao mochi will also try to grab the pixels. Xiao Mochi has become Xiao's new mascot for his blog and the mochi even has the same dragon tattoo design as Xiao. Xiaocat also loves causing trouble, especially for Chinacat. He's definitely that one cat who'd get himself stuck in the blinds. Yao has to help him out a lot. They even have a scoreboard as la "The Office, "to keep track of how many days Xiaocat has stayed out of trouble. This always gets flipped and is never at zero for long.

    Viktor: Doesn't know what to make of them but doesn't exactly trust their cute looks as evidenced by Mochi America. Mochi Viktor also does this as he doesn't quite know what to makes of them. Russia Mochi immediately tries to make friends and sometimes one can see them both curled up with their red and pink pile of scarves. Ivan also helps try to ease the tension by putting him in a sunflower patch. Mochi Viktor seems to really like this and this is one of the few times he's seen sleeping. Also, Mochi Viktor seems to have a sort of Cold War rivalry going on with Allen Mochi. Viktorcat seems to be more strict like his counterpart and could care less for toys. He'll humor Russiacat from time to time, but will inform him of when he's coming off a little strong when trying to make friends.

    Everyone settles back into a good routine and the cats and mochi are welcomed by their counterparts. Though, in Luciano's case, it's more like he's forced to tolerate them. With these new additions who knows what kind of trouble the mochi and nekos will get up to!

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    So I’m playing the Obey Me event...

    And Mammon keeps saying ‘I’m the hero’ and I can’t stop thinking of Alfred...

    #obey me #obey me mammon #hetalia#hws#hws america #part of that may be because he gives me 2p america vibes #and I can't even explain why #thoughts
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