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  • Saturday, February 20, 2021

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  • Ice Pick

    • Oh no…. not this scene :( Allison your family is a cult I’m so sorry
    • The Argents really said how much can we traumatize and destroy Allison
    • Allison’s theme fucks though, it’s a good song
    • Rip dude
    • I’m sorry. Why did this show have to be called teen wolf….
    • Scott you’re so cute
    • I love all of Erica’s rings and piercings. She’s always been badass
    • Weird of like, everyone to be watching Erica in concern all quiet and worried and then two seconds later they’re all laughing at her. Like, sometimes high schoolers aren’t THAT cruel
    • YESSSS THE TRANS STILES LOCKER ROOM SCENE >:))))) thank you trans ally Scott ❤️
    • Melissaaaaaa :’) you’re such a mom I love you
    • Yeah we’re just gonna skip the creepy Derek scene. He’s written so weird this season it’s like he’s a completely different dude :/
    • Lydia’s makeup is so weird in this season she doesn’t look like herself at all
    • Jackson I hate you never yell at Lydia again I’ll kill you
    • Oh yeah we’re also gonna completely skip the young Peter hallucination sideplot bc I hate it and it makes me sick so when I never talk about it or acknowledge it that’s why
    • BOYD!!!!!!!!! HAAAAIIII him eating the whole dorito SNDJSJFK
    • Hi Erica you’re beautiful and evil
    • Derek’s stupid smile
    • :) Dr. Deaton youre such a wonderful and comforting man
    • Sorry Stiles Lydia’s a lesbian
    • Scott is so cute ugh. Why is this episode pure serotonin
    • Aaaaaand then the madness begins
    • “Two’s not enough for Derek, I know he needs at least three” LMAOOOOO DRAG HIS ASS SCOTT!!!!!
    • :( no more neurodivergent misery being our only representation plz. I’m sorry Erica…
    • God. Victoria is so extremely fucked up and she was married INTO the Argent family. How much brainwashing did they put her through where she just slices open her arm like that AND THATS THE FIRST THING SHE THINKS OF DOING TO GET CHECKED OUT BY MELISSA……. LIKE……. FUCK.
    • “I don’t want you to be normal, I want you to be alive.” :(
    • WE GET IT STILES YOU LOVE HIM. This scene is really cute though, Scott deserves everything
    • Also can I just say that this is literally how queer people joke with each other. There’s no straight explanation for this, Stiles is bi
    • Chris really is trying to save Jackson though. He doesn’t want to kill kids :(((
    • I love Erica’s crazy eyes >:)
    • Boyd………. you deserve so much better
    • Hi Isaac ❤️ oh and season 2 Derek :/
    • Scott’s really looking at Isaac like “after all we’ve been through….”
    • Honestly, I love the silent fight and then Iron kicks in at the end. It seriously goes.
    • Derek what the fuck is wrong with you
    • Lmao Erica threw Stiles in a whole dumpster sndnskfkg good for her, but also Stiles no agency motif continues
    • I’m sorry Jackson I still don’t care about your problems
    #before anybody says anything I literally identify with stiles so much so I HAVE to be mean to him SNDKDKFKDKG ITS THE SELF LOATHING #we’re not so different you and I #hrwtw#teen wolf#ice pick#2x3 #teen wolf liveblog #teen wolf rewatch #teen wolf season 2 #cw long post #long post#text heavy
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  • Frosty Morning Photos [Horseman 985 / Arista EDU Ultra 400 / Clayton F76+] by Christopher McTaggart

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  • (queued 2021/02/03)

    I have to say the classic rock they’re using in early seasons is good. “wheel in the sky”

    Oh right at first we think the vampires are normal human victims. And turns out they are victims, just not human, lol

    “back in black” like I said the music slaps in this one

    “listen to her purr” “you two need a room?” “Aww don’t listen to him baby”

    He already calls her baby

    God those awful suits (… not sure what I’m talking about here…)

    Ok ok 5:05 minutes in, they walk into the hospital, find a nurse guy, Dean has a weird stop and gulp moment when he sees him. Just for the record

    “so much effed up crap happens in Florida” say it Dean

    Also for a show with so much gore still weird to me that they don’t swear lol (comment from convo with @adhdeancas It is so weird, pulls me out every time)

    Oh oh hey hey it’s that Sam smiling at the bartender gif moment, 7:40 (is it actually Benny lolol)

    Tumblr gifs have ruined me haha

    Also idk how I feel about this hunter? Like obviously made the villain. Intense “black guy”. Becomes a vampire himself.(later)  But I know this guy was seared into my brain, because when I watched Black Panther I was like “oh hey it’s the vampire hunter guy from supernatural” lol. But I can’t get over how they wrote him (also just watched the second episode with him in it. Still weirded out by how they wrote him)

    Hehe the boys aren’t dumb, catching him in an alley. 

    God this guy, “Met your dad once. Great hunter. Heard he passed. I’m sorry. Big shoes to fill. But I heard you fill them alright. Good trackers, good in a tight spot” like way to put the burden there buddy. (Also he really talks like that. All staccato like)

    Also where’s this Hunter grapevine/network that the boys don’t seem to be a part of???

    (works into my crazy idea)(don’t ask)

    “guess there’s a lot your dad never told you uh” FUCK. Like a whole NETWORK of help they don’t know about??? God fuck, the more I learn about John through my new goggles.

    (in my teen goggles when I watched the first time, it was just a story right, so I couldn’t observe the abuse for what it was)(also shit, now I’m like fuck… Getting into personal stuff that my sister noticed about our parents, shit I just unlock a part of my backstory, sorry lolol it just hit me I’ll shut up) (You know when we talk about Dean coded girl. Fml)

    Why are hunters so dead set on being alone

    Fucckkk that big ass chainsaw thing is seared in my mind. (Seriously I still remember it so vividly. Probably because they put it in the recaps) I remembered it as a woodchipper though.

    Disclaimer, I have some wine tonight

    Reinforcement of violence. “not human”

    Oh shit. Sam not celebrating, goes back to the hotel. Before he leaves Dean says “remind me to beat that buzz kill out of you later, alright” and I’m just O.O crying. Fuck John

    FUCKKK Dean telling of one of his hunts at 16 with his dad. About embracing the life

    This is killing me. The other guy’s all happy, Dean is being introspective. Gah

    Ok ok wait. You’re telling me. This guy specialized in killing vampires. And John met him before. But John thought vampires were extinct…. Continuity man (seriously though what even)(or like John thought this guy and other hunters had actually exterminated them? Feels really sloppy to me. Like John is supposed to be the amazing hunter. Way to go big guy)

    Talking about his Dad, and actual feelings. “Can’t talk about this with Sammy” nervous laugh “ gotta keep my game face on” oh Dean “truth is I’m not handling it very well” JENSEN

    God this guy is such a bad influence though “like a dark hole inside of you? That keeps getting bigger and bigger? Good. You can use it. There’s plenty of things that need killing. Keeps you hungry. It’s not a crime to need your job” GOD. Like how much has this one convo affected him

    Wow, and Ellen goes ham on the guy, bad rep

    He says “it’s all black and white. There’s no maybe. You see a bad thing, you kill it” fuck (also the fact that they make a Black man say that? I know this is 2006 but come on)

    And I know this is the episode with the “vegetarian” vampires

    Wtf who are those guys (no context)

    Wait… Is that benny… Omfg

    But she called him Ely… (seriously someone please explain)( @adhdeancas I’m begging you)

    Fuck like if he hadn’t talked to Gordon would Dean have been ready to listen to Sam?

    Fucckkk. Big big big “humanity in monsters question” vibe

    Wow. He actually punched him. (Dean punched Sam?) (Just… the use of violence in this episode is very pointed…)

    Fucckkk Dean taking the side of the monsters wow

    God that guy is psychotic (Gordon)

    “what if we killed things that didn’t deserve killing” oh DEAN

    @adhdeancas I knoww

    God that whole conversation at the end is everything

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  • #I got a bit carried away with this ask oops #prodigal son #I still have my doubts on his reaction though because it could go either way #if anyone else have any hot takes on this. Please DO TELL i wanna hear them #malcolm bright#gil arroyo#2x3#alma mater#apa
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  • image

    My time-stamped thoughts for this episode. As always I reference Malcolm’s mental health. A lot. So if that’s going to be a trigger for you, don’t keep reading. 


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  • I haven’t seen anyone address the big plot hole of the shaky hands yet.

    This episode they said that he didn’t get his shaky hand until Remington.. but in 1x10 in the flashback where sharon was interrogating him as a kid… he had his shaky hand. That’s how the dude recognised him years later.

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  • Malcolm: enjoy bible study

    Me, having vines leached on my brain: Welcolme to bible study! We’re all children of jesus!!

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  • Ok straight up did not like Jessica being the one that made Malcolm go back to his old school, and on top of that was taking the school’s side rather than believe her own kid.

    #that felt too close to home and I hated it #like... having trauma with a school and yet the mom preaching about said school like its great... yeah I can relate Malcolm.. #prodigal son#malcolm bright#jessica whitly#2x3#apa
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  • #I could go on about how he might end up murdering someone at some point.. yet not being like martin. but that’s for another post #I got carried away with this ask but I hope the point still goes through #prodigal son#malcolm bright #prodigal son season two #2x3#martin whitly #prodigal son fox #apa #prodigal son theories
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  • image

    @appalachianapologies and I were Spot on with our bingo cards for this episode. We got 4 bingos!!! This is incredibly fun.

    #seriously doing the bingo cards with Vi is like the highlight of my day #we got pson braincells on Tuesdays #prodigal son #prodigal son fox #malcom bright#gil arroyo#martin whitly#jessica whitly#2x3#alma mater#apa
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  • “are you sure you wont join us?” youve been so fucking mean to him the whole time hes been with you of course not

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  • “i think we have them trapped where” “trapped them where?” “in the cargo control area” …………… “where?????” TOP 5 FUNNIEST MOMENTS FROM THE WHOLE SERIES. the fucking faces im…..

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  • the imperial officers in the ship are so fucking funny like their facial acting hits different

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  • image

    Gave this one to my sister today 💛

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