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  • kazewhara
    03.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    zuzu's 4NEMO headcanons: (not as a band btw)

    kazuha is a pianist, through and through. he's born for the ivory keys and has a knack for composing and lyricism. kazuha is classically trained, but he strayed on his own to cover all sorts of genres, and eventually became one of those faceless pianists who posts themselves playing on youtube, yes. he's also dabbled in singing -- not quite like venti or aether, but he's definitely got a quality to his voice that people swoon over.

    aether leans more towards acoustic guitars and ukeleles? he also plays a bit of piano (and flute, everyone say thank you, lumine!) but he only really knows basic chords -- nothing as intricate as kazuha. aether's like that person on tiktok who puts the camera inside his guitar so you can see the strings moving and the sky above him while he plucks any melodies that come to mind. he also sings -- again, not like venti, but he does sing very well. he doesn't sing in his videos.. it's mostly humming. (aether's cn va is a singer, so think of the humming he did when ayaka's story quest finished; that's what he sounds like!)

    xiao: very well-rounded musically. maybe a little too well-rounded? his instrument of choice is definitely the bass, but if you hand xiao anything with strings, odds are that he'll be able to figure it out and play it with ease. he doesn't sing but he is pitch perfect -- even if you hum something off-tune, he'll make it perfect. he sends any rhythms that he produces off to venti; he's basically his producer, honestly.

    venti: ah, our all-around boy. venti's musical expertise is almost terrifying. like xiao, if you hand him something with strings, he'll be able to play it, but it doesn't stop there. if you hand venti ANY instrument and give him like, two instructions, he now knows how to do it. he gave himself a four-error rule: he only messes up four times before he's got complete hang of whatever it is that he's playing. and don't even get me started on his voice. venti's voice is a little more on the soprano side, but that doesn't mean he can't BODY everything he sings. he was encouraged to make a channel by barbara because she heard him singing in the chapel stairwell and was literally moved to tears. his composing skills are WAY too good, and people flock to him wherever. he also has a busking addiction; it's a little shamless, but people always drop money at his feet, so who cares?

    okay i feel better. i really had to get that out before i forgot it all LOL

    #z says#z hcs#z spam #hmm... #kazuha headcanons#xiao headcanons#aether headcanons#venti headcanons#4nemo #yeah okay im done. #i had to get this out before i forgot
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  • raidengaile
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    ✧ Introduction Part 2

    Series >> Teyvat Streamers

    Featuring: Venti, Kazuha, Xiao and Aether

    Synopsis: Them as Streamers

    Warnings: Curses and probably the same warnings as part 1


    That one streamer who has a good voice but uses it for memes and other unnecessary things.

    Definitely has a cover of caramelldansen, and that one attack on titan ost but it's in gibberish cause he's drunk when he made it.

    He's known as "Venti" and his username is "Barbatos"

    Speaking of his viewers, they're definitely fun to make friends with! But they can be pretty toxic most of the time ;-;

    Every week, he will have a drinking stream!

    It's just him trying out Diluc's recipes when they did a collab and him singing in the worst way possible.

    Mans will rarely play a horror game — he straight up hates it.

    But when he did, prepare to laugh HARD

    He plays games with basically just top tier osts and music.

    You will rarely catch this man simping for someone — or he's good at hiding his emotions.

    A broke streamer (2)

    Has a face cam and a shitty mic.

    He doesn't even know who it belongs to.

    (im not saying that he stole it but maybe?)

    This man is too lazy to end his stream.

    Would do weird challenges

    Hmm deez nuts jokes

    Is really weird but everyone loves him and he's really funny!


    Half Angel Half Evil (True Neutral)

    Im gonna be honest here, even though Kazuha looks like an angel sent my Celestia themselves — if you're friends with him long enough, you'll know how chaotic he is.

    When he first started streaming, he was so shy (even though he has 2-5 viewers at that time)

    But when he got comfortable — i mean, TOO COMFORTABLE... expect to laugh at useless (and cute) things.

    His username is Kazu_ha and his fans call him "Kazu" or just "Kazuha"

    This man likes dark jokes.

    Is the type of person to send things but with emojis in it.

    Kazu_ha tweeted: Im live right now at twitch.tv/Kazu_ha!😊 hope to see you guys there!🥰

    Anyways, this man is so good at playing first person shooting games.

    His fingers just moves on it's own — killing his enemies immediately.

    Oml Kazuha what those fingers do⁉️

    His community is so quiet man.

    It's like they're hidden in a cave or smth✋

    Like imagine being a fan of kazuha, searching through internet to get those 'fan stuff' (idk what it's called) just to find like 500-1000 search results.

    His community is so big but where are they⁉️⁉️

    Literal ghosts (just like his friend)


    Teyvat's international emo bird (get it? Emo boy? Hahah... Only me? God I hate myself)

    The badboy that everyone dreamt of but sadly out of their league cause mans so quiet but snappy and shit

    Imagine donating 100 bits and he's just gonna look at the screen and say a little "thank you."

    His username would be "Alatus" (am i right?) But his name would be Xiao!

    Has over 5 million subs/followers on twitch and youtube but half of them is just simps.

    Definitely plays Call of Duty, Fortnite (no hate), and whatever his viewers suggest to him.

    His community would be half angels and half demons.

    Has a collab vod with Venti on Youtube with 6 million views.

    (i know everyone clipped that part where he was so mesmerized about Venti using the Dihua Flute but shh)

    Part of Aether's protection squad.

    Definitely wore a maid outfit because he set those as his sub goal in his previous stream and he regrets it.

    This man definitely swears.

    You know that feeling when you're so close to beating the game but all of a sudden you did a mistake causing you to start over? He hates that.

    *slams his hand on the desk* "WTF AGAIN?! I HATE THIS GAME!-" hits esc button* "FUCK-"

    Him rage quitting is a pretty rare sight — a 50/50 chance.

    He can't control his temper so...


    Everyone's soft baby gamer boi /j

    This man is everyone's favorite — even his anti's learned to love him.

    His editor — paimon is pretty famous. But that doesn't stop his teasings, calling her a mascot and emergency food!

    His sister is really well known too! Even though they have differences, they will never hesitate to protect each other.

    Moving on, Aether's community is pretty large too! He'd done so many collabs with other huge creators such as Kaeya, Childe, Albedo and many more!

    Speaking of Childe, Aether is so good at PVP too! So expect streams and videos where they 1v1 each other.

    He plays whatever his viewers and fans request to him!

    Oh you want him to play Phasmaphobia? Cool we'll do that tomorrow.

    This man is really really kind too! He doesn't end the stream with like 60k viewers, instead he raids other small streamers!

    Aether raided you with 60k viewers!: Have a great day!

    (that's not exactly what was written in Twitch but i haven't touched that app in ages.)

    Hmmm history lessons with Zhongli but Aether is eating spicy foods for a sub goal.

    You'll rarely find edits of this man — but if you found one, it's so good~

    Sometimes, he teaches his sister how to stream, letting her play Little Nightmares (1 and 2) and getting sad and devastated by the ending (also shocked cause yk, Mono became the tall man - i forgot their name)

    Rarely rage quits, he only does that when the game is getting on his nerves.

    Taglist: @xyliope @under-a-starry-night @ihavecrusheson2dbois @zhongchi14 (send an ask to get tagged!) No beta we die like men again.

    #{contents!} - r.gaile #4nemo #venti x reader #kazuha x reader #xiao x reader #aether x reader #genshin impact headcannons #genshin headcannons #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #genshin impact scenarios #genshin scenarios #genshin impact imagine #genshin imagines #streamer!au
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  • k3ukegen
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    what if... (ft. 4NEMO +scaramouche)

    Xiao: hey, kazuha, what are- Kazuha: help. Venti: OMG STOP SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY- Aether: *facepalm* Scaramouche: EVERYONE STFU IM WHALING FOR Y/N (yes, scaramouche is playing genshin) Xiao: ur whaling? i got y/n when their banner came out, first ten pull, 50/50 Scaramouche, Venti, & Aether: *stare* WHAT- (hc: xiao has amazing luck in genshin, 8/10 times he wins the 50/50)

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  • selfindulgentchaos
    29.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    4nemo is so funny if you count cannon ages (I personally think that traveler is very old but counts themself as a child in their idea of time) , kazuha driving to the old people home every time they have band practice

    #genshin impact#4nemo #a couple of 70 year olds and their 24 year old bestie #genshin venti
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  • sunflowers-dream
    28.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    chapter one first day of school

    today is aether and lumine's first day in genshin gmpact high school, they are very excited to meet new people.

    Mr.zhongli - the homeroom teacher, also the history teacher, takes aether and lumine in class.

    " good morning class! we have two transfer students today. they are lumine and aether. " said zhongli.

    " hello everyone! my name's lumine " she chirped while waving her hand to the class passionaly " the other one is aether, he is my twin brother! "

    " she is kinda cute " xiao thinks, he blushed a little.

    the morning is pretty normal, they just studied some history and class dismissed.

    at lunch time lumine and aether are just walking around the school, then they saw a ginger haired boy that is wearing a blue shirt with a narwhal walking toward them.

    " hello, you two must be the new transfer student, my name's ajax, i am a grade higher than you. mr.zhongli told me to show you guys around the school " the ginger haired boy introduces himself.

    so lumine and aether followed ajax around. then they made a stop at the music studio.

    " what are those " asked aether, picking up some posters scattered on the table.

    " how can you not know the 4nemo boys! they are the most popular boy group / band in the province! two years ago, their lead singer died in a car accident, their band was closed, but this year they decided to reopen the band agian, so now they are recruiting a new singer. "

    " is it too late to sign up for the tryout now? " said aether.

    " nope, the tryout is tommorow. if you are interested you better start practicing today. "

    after showing lumine and aether other parts of the school ajax dropped them off in the cafertria.

    " so this is basicially our school, here is the cafertria, we often eat lunch here, right now is lunch time. i will leave you guys here, i still have some work to do "

    " umm... lumine.. is it alright if i go to the music studio at lunch, i want to do some practice, try out is tommorow. " aether murmured.

    " of course! i am sure i will be alright " lumine said.

    after aether leaved lumine stands in the middle of the cafertaria with her lunch tray, looking around.

    " who am i gonna sit with " she thought.

    then a voice behind her said " hey! come sit with us! "

    lumine turned around, she saw a girl with short dark blue hair holding a big tray of cupcake.

    #genshin genshinimpac genshinfanfiction genshinimpactfanfiction genshinmodernau genshinhighschool amberxeula xiaoxventi 4nemo xiao venti aeth
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  • shuncat
    28.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Idk if this is the most stupid or the most genius thought I ever had

    But 4nemo is such a great name

    Like ik it's because the 4 looks like an A and they're four anemo characters but "Nemo" means "Nobody" or "No one" in Latin so technically it could also be seen as their band name being "fo(u)r no one" which I think would be pretty cool seeing as a big part of the anemo crew has lost someone special to them like a dear friend for example

    And Latin gets utilized in genshin really frequently like in the constellations or in some names (Knights of Favonius, Favonius being the west wind; oculus meaning "eye"; usw.) so it could also be something like that

    #I've had latin in school for five years and I need to use it somehow #there will be a day where i have translated and interpreted every genshin constellation and I dread it #but yeah#4nemo #fun fact: Ventis constellation is called 'song of the gods' #idk i just think thats very cool
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  • ganyusleepyhead
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Venti: Uh, Aether? Xiao is in the pool and I don't think he's waterproof.

    Aether: What?

    Kazuha: I think he meant, Xiao is drowning.

    Aether: WHAT?!


    Xiao: *is drowning*


    Xiao: I can't swim, dumbass— *sinks*

    Y/N: XIAO!

    #genshin impact#4nemo #4nemo x reader #🦋.ganyusleepyhead #genshin impact x reader #genshin #genshin x reader #🦋ganyusleepyhead#x reader#genshin y/n #kazuha x reader #xiao x reader #venti x reader #aether x reader #genshin aether#aether #venti x y/n #venti x traveler #venti x you #venti #xiao x y/n #xiao x traveler #xiao x you #kazuha x you #kazuha x y/n #kazuha x traveler #genshin venti#genshin xiao#genshin kazuha#dilf aether
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  • freeavenuenerd
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    4NEMO x Reader

    Reader is GN

    These are random headcannons.

    May the Gods (Archons) have mercy on your shy soul.

    I’d say that you met in a fan-signing event. Your shy nature seemed to have captivated them each time the each of them complimented you while they signed literally all of your merch. Venti was the first one to give you his number. He could only imagine the look on your face when you opened your notebook to see a number with Venti’s signature on it, and seeing the words ‘you’re quite cute, you know that? call me. you seem at have attracted the interest of the rest of us as well ;)’

    If they thought that Aether was shy, damn, you just proved them wrong.

    You BET your ass, these four (Yes, Xiao and Aether as well.) will tease the living hell out of you. I mean- I can’t blame them.

    You’re just so fucking adorable, how are they supposed to hold back?

    Xiao and Aether’s teases are the ones that aren’t too major. Kind of like, giving your hand a kiss, giving you headpats, complimenting you to see your cute reactions (But of course, they mean what they say.), etc.

    But with Venti and Kazuha? Proceed with caution, traveler.

    Venti and Kazuha would most probably team up against you.

    The teases of these two is worse than Xiao and Aether’s. They’d kiss your cheeks, two lips on both side of your face then pull away to see that famous dark crimson that’s creeping up your face quite fast with smug smirks or shit-eating-grins.

    If they see you sitting alone literally anywhere or anytime, they will come to you, sit down on either side of you so that you’re sandwiched between them, then start to whisper little compliments and praises in your already red ear. Their hands would occasionally play little taps on your thighs.

    Also, don’t even think about covering your face, or else they will intertwine their fingers with yours to keep your small hands away from your cute little face.

    When they’re on stage, their fans sometimes get confused or curious when their eyes trail to your side in the audience. Will most likely send you winks or smirks as they’re dancing, seeing how your face turns bright red but it’ll look like they’re sending them to the crowd.

    After a performance, expect a big puppy pile or a big cuddle session backstage. (Honestly, this would happen even if you aren’t shy. They just want to reward themselves after a successful performance, you know?)

    They’d also be very protective of you.

    Someone’s bashing/attacking you through social media, saying that you don’t deserve the attention the boys give you? Xiao will be the one to sort this out with the person, while the other boys would be giving you words of comfort in your guys’ GC.

    You guys hear someone talk shit about you in the name of jealousy? Two will drag you somewhere you can’t hear those cruel words, while the other two would walk up to the person then would have a friendly chat. 

    Now.... Someone made you cry, you say? Hah.... The person who hurt you, won’t know whether to feel blessed or doomed since they now have four idols stalking through their social medias and will once again have a chat with them.

    Overall, they all love you, as you love them. (wholesome bois w/ a wholesome [y/n])

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  • kxzu
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    4NEMO is so... >///<

    anyway! art credits are posted here : @veechu_ on twt! sadly, their account is private due to the toxic side of the fandom :(( please reblog or like if you were to use these icons!

    #kaedahara kazuha#adeptus xiao #venti the bard #aether#4nemo#genshin impact #genshin impact icons
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  • reilliane
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #moonlitchat#AYE #4NEMO LOVE YES #YAY #ive seen some mc love from wattpad and ao3 lmao
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  • reilliane
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #moonlitrambles #i too am obsessed with 4nemo #it may as well be a fic lmao #that sounds bad with my plenty of wips duaehfkawbf
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  • reilliane
    17.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    4nemo - Soaring

    [ver i]

    AEEEEE I'm almost finished with this. Version 2 has the background, then afterward, I can work on Star-seeker then the third part to the mini series for 4nemo (*≧▽≦)

    #4nemo#xiao#aether#kazuha#venti#idol au#genshin impact #genshin impact fanart #genshin fanart #coloring the four of them took four days iufhiaugiuargsgr #rocking that eyeshadow boys
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  • bluexiao
    17.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    ok but having a duet with one of the 4nemo or dckz? pls

    #📖 #dont mind me im on THAT phase #i missed exo suddenly and i thought of 4nemo and dckz
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  • reilliane
    15.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    WAHHHH DEARIEEEEES I'm so stoked I reached 200 followers! Ah, this must be a dream. There's always some fraction of light in the dark, hm?

    Such an achievement uplifts me so much, thank you all, you've no idea how I'm smiling so big right now (*≧▽≦)

    Here, here, take this sketch wip from the 4nemo 'debut photo' that is technically a spoiler for the third part- im so slow at colors lmao my apologies,,

    ps. i saw some readers who want to be added in the taglist for 4nemo, don't worry sweeties, I gotchu ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    #moonlitrambles#moonlitsketches #WAHHH 200 FOLLOWERS #HOORAYYYY#YATTAAAA #aw dear friend of mine if you can see this #sniff#sobsob #thank you all so much #xiao#aether#4nemo
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  • reilliane
    14.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Falling ✤ 4NEMO

    F a l l i n g

    A/N: Hoho, second part, here we go! Only Kazuha stuck with MC and Venti, it seems. But oh well! More down the road!

    ➸ Blooming (i)

    ✤ she/her

    Words: 6.7k

    ≿————- ❈ ————-≾

    “I just realized that we’re in some major problems. Um, how hard is it to create a fitting melody now that we have ourselves a lyricist?”

    “Heavens, Venti, you’re the songwriter.”

    “Hey, no rush! How about you focus on getting the set up and ready for filming??”

    “How in the world will we film when the song’s not even recorded yet!?”

    The spectacle is now a usual sight for a certain silverette, who sits at the nearby bench with a bemused grin as he revises the lyrics in his folder. ‘Soaring’ is playing in his ears.

    He glances at the bickering pair and snickers.

    Yup, a normal day.

    Time has flown by quickly after the rendezvous in the music room, and Kazuha has made sure to make use of his time well. Since poetry is a hobby of his —and has been, for a long time— it didn't take him long to write the lyrics fitting the song.

    It is only a week later when he has printed them out for the two to read over, and after a few revisions, they are all done.

    ... Well, halfway done.

    As Kazuha loses himself in the pretty pinks and reds of the flowers planted around the university courtyard, he muses on the concept explained to him by the [c]nette.

    Music... he's no stranger to that.

    Idols... no stranger to that, either, but to think that he's been roped into being one.. ah.

    He closes his eyes with a chuckle and a shake of his head.

    They're not idols—don't idols have to go under an agency? As far as he knows, they're mere students struggling to pay debt and finish university.

    This activity is a mere pastime where he allows himself to unwind and indulge his insatiable love for writing.

    And to be honest, he finds the pair's company to be quite lovely. It doesn't take him long to discern that Venti and [Name] have known each other longer—perhaps from childhood?

    It's a nice thought.

    "Kazuha! Kazuha, husband,"

    "[Name] stop calling him that, it's only a matter of time before he gets up and leaves us for real."

    "Let me dream, Venti."

    With the same patient smile he has shown them, the literature major stands from the bench and walks to two with a tilt of his head. The pair bursts into a flurry of questions the second he asks why his presence is needed.

    And.. as per usual..

    Kazuha's sigh is one of resigned amusement.

    Of course, it's about which melody sounds better.

    "I thought you said I'm the songwriter which means I have the final say!"

    "I did, but outside opinion matters, too! Husband wrote the lyrics, so it's only fair that he gets to say his own opinion, don't you think?"

    Well, if it's put that way, then it is true that his own input is required, as well. Venti pouts but turns to the silverette with a shy grin before asking which melody will fit the pre-chorus.

    It is a part where his instrumental has gotten a tad bit softer.

    Kazuha listens with close attention as both Venti and [Name] take turns singing the melody from verse to pre-chorus, with the latter shutting off the speaker afterward. "So? what do you think?"

    The ruby-eyed man hums, averting his stare with a furrow of his brows.


    In the end, neither was chosen and Kazuha's own impromptu melody was thought to be the best.

    ≿————- ❈ ————-≾

    For the next couple of weeks, Kazuha has fallen into a decent routine with his two—he’s proud to say—chaotic friends. Getting to know whilst practicing the song comes without complication, much to his surprise.

    He first thought that it’d be difficult to balance things—especially since they all have different majors and their schedules are mashing together in conflict. But surprise surprise, both Venti and [Name] adapt to change with relative ease.

    If either one of them is unavailable, the other will take over and cover the things that require the most attention.

    That will range from vocal practice -something that the songwriter takes reigns over-, random fittings, set planning, and other whatchamacallits in [Name]’s folder.

    Kazuha is truthfully in awe when he sees the detailed plan in the [c]nette’s personal portfolio, in other words, the thing she has willingly obligated herself into creating. For her friend.

    Today marks one of the days where he can witness the inked plan on the papers, carmine eyes gleaming at the sketches of a costume with a few pinned photographs of certain locations.

    A small label of ‘scene one’ is written neatly on top.

    He wonders how long the female has been planning this.

    “You have quite the collection,” he muses with a flick to the next page, smiling when he sees unfinished pieces of musical scores flattened along with the others, though the faint creases indicate that it was initially crumpled and thrown away. “And thoughtful.”

    “Venti must be so grateful for your hard work.”

    Looking away with a nervous laugh, you recall your late three am arguments with the mentioned man regarding his incomplete drafts.

    “I told you, there’s no need for that anymore, please get it out of my sight! It’s in the trash bin for a reason!”

    “Ven, you have a bad habit of suddenly getting a spark of an idea from your previous incomplete works. You threw those away and you were stumped for a project, what will you do if it happens again?”

    Yeah, he has also mentioned a thousand times that you shouldn’t give so much of your time to helping him fulfill his dream.

    … Not like you listened, of course.

    It’s not like you have much freedom after finishing university, so why not indulge yourself while time still allows it? Bringing this reasoning to your arguments with Venti always seals the deal and he’d acquiesce with a sigh.

    “If I may be allowed to ask, why is it that you’re willing to go through such extent to help your friend?” Kazuha asks.

    You pause, falling silent as a memory of Venti and his sibling appears in your mind—it is foggy, but just the thought of it makes your throat hurt.

    A resigned smile partnered by a sigh leaves as you shrug, telling him that you just wish to help him fulfill a dream.

    “Ah, hold on, I have a picture of him when he was eight and won his first recital.”

    Just as you are about to head to the drawer at your side of the room, you pause, noticing that he has successfully diverted your attention from the usual practice.

    Kazuha is already smiling knowingly when you throw him a blank look.

    “You’re going to have to make up for this with vocal practice later, understand? Your voice is decent and getting better, Venti will want you to polish that further.” you chide, beginning your hunt when you reach the cabinet.


    You snort. Ah, ever the obedient person you are, Kazu.

    It still feels like a dream—having him join you and your friend. Although it is far from what you had in mind—a group of four simp-able men as idols—Kazuha being here is a large asset.

    It isn’t that Venti can’t think up of lyrics, but he complains time and time again that he feels like his delivery for words is lacking.

    Kazuha is there to reinforce an already existing skill, though in the end, it’s him who has written the whole piece—with Venti’s giddy approval, of course.

    You’ve already gotten his measurements, too. For what exactly? Why, you make the clothes, of course! You are not going to let this chance of dressing both men in suits slip away!

    You have the theme of the set all in order!

    All you need is patience! Patience.

    Hearing the silverette mumble about the contents of your portfolio, you continue about with your search, filing through several old notebooks and small boxes.

    “You’re truly prepared for this,” he says in awe, the turning of a page overcoming the silence in the room. Paying no mind to him since you’re rather busy, your reply is a simple hum.

    The sound repeats.

    “… More than prepared, I see..”

    Kazuha sweatdrops as he reads the topmost label of the papers of the current page. Its bold format is practically an eyecatcher. ‘Marriage Contract’.

    Leaning back up from searching the bottom drawer of the cabinet after finding the photo you’ve been hunting for, you are about to inform him of your success—when you find him at… that section of the portfolio.

    Your shriek—embarrassment, fluster, and panic all in one package—has him nearly dropping the folder. He doesn’t, thankfully.

    Oh heavens, you want to die—but wait.

    Wait, wait—this opportunity is immaculate.. !

    Clearing your throat and paying no mind to the heat in your cheeks, you turn to the silver-haired image of perfection. “Indeed, so you better prepare yourself in the future, husband.”

    Kazuha blinks—once.. twice… then laughs, his eyes crinkling as he flashes a sweet smile that almost has you faceplanting to the floor. You do not know if he’s aware of his effect, but oh goodness you could die and ascend right now.

    “I’ll have to get to know you more first before anything like that can happen.”

    Huffing the hair out of your eyes, you stare at him, the pink in your face returning once you realize the implication behind his words.

    The buildup of courage is slow, but when he doesn’t bring down his smile, you are finally able to muster the question that will undoubtedly change your life.

    “Hold on..” your eyes begin sparkling, “Are you asking me out on a—”


    … At least, it will change your life… if you got to ask it in the first place.


    Because like any other important scenarios…


    … A certain someone shall cut in.


    “Hold your horses, Kaedehara!” Venti appears at the entrance of the room, one hand at the door frame as he pants. Did he run all the way down the hall… ?

    The lyricist doesn’t even have time to react as your childhood friend dives in to snatch the file in his own hands, flopping onto his bed in the process. All Kazuha can do is blink in surprise whilst Venti jumps to his feet, an accusing finger pointing at the former.

    “I’m the one getting married to [Name], I promised her that when we were children—I am years ahead of you!”


    “Get in line!”

    “Hold up, Venti—” you gape at him incredulously, “It wasn’t you who—and your promise was di—”

    “Don’t be shy now, wife,” he waves his hand, jumping to your side of the room and sitting at your right, eyeing the bewildered silverette. “Now that I’m here, we should start the actual practice, no? I’m rather ea—aah, why do you have that!?”

    His shift of attention surprises both you and the other man in the room, prompting your focus to move to the object in your hands. It’s a picture of three eight-year-old children, all with varying degrees of excited grins with the one in the middle carrying a violin.

    Keeping your stare at the photo a little longer makes your smile wistful.

    “I was about to show Kazuha your first win, he’s interested in how you got to your wish of becoming an idol.”

    Genuinely taken aback at the reason, Venti’s stare falters as he glances at the smiling literature major.

    “That’s…” he turns his eyes back to the photo before swallowing. “That’s a story for another time.”

    Kazuha notes how the ambience of the room has gotten mellow and blue. If not for the lighthearted expressions on the pair’s faces, he would’ve thought that they are both crestfallen.

    Well, it seems like they are, but their sadness is one of acceptance.

    Ah, there is more to this than what meets the eye. He thinks to himself. It is interesting, how there is an apparent history to such a dream—a dream that Venti is somewhat reluctant to approach, but [Name] is keen to help with.

    It isn’t some simple childhood dream, fascinatingly enough.

    The idea of it alone makes Kazuha’s heart flutter. He has always been attuned to people’s sentiments, so with these close observations, he can easily tell that there is something bigger under that seemingly shallow surface.

    It thus gladdens him that he chose to stay that afternoon in the music room and lend them his expertise.

    Closing his eyes, he sighs, pleased.

    “Alright, enough of the misery. Shall we get onto practice?”

    He smiles at the brightening features of the two.

    Sadness and crisis averted?

    Mission successful!

    ≿————- ❈ ————-≾

    Weekends are spent for—of course, practice. A rule has been set out to ascertain that everyone is still keeping up with their own studies, however, so practice can only be initiated when they are done with their syllabuses.

    Due to being the one lagging behind an experienced singer, Kazuha has taken it upon himself to triple his efforts. Of course, while maintaining his studious habits.

    It isn’t by any means easy, but since when is life easy, to begin with?

    He taps his phone that’s linked to the laptop outside the booth, pausing the music in his ears.

    Taking a repose, he reaches for the nearby bottle of water to ease his drying throat. Just then, the door to the studio opens, and in walks Venti. Said student halts, not expecting someone to be in the room.

    “You’re already here! Have you been warming up?”

    Kazuha slings the headset to his neck to free his ears, shaking his silver tresses as he nods, watching the songwriter place his bag down before entering the recording booth.

    The literature major signals the newcomer to wear the spare headset before tapping his phone again, playing a recent recording he thinks is his best try.

    “I’ve finished doing the warm-ups you told me hours ago, I was already practicing the lines you’ve given me. Here, please do give your input.”

    “That quick!” Venti splutters, though he is quick to silence himself when music begins to play in his ears.

    Clasping his hands around the cups of the headset, he listens closely, the warmth in his chest spreading when Kazuha’s lines come into play. The sound nearly drives him to tears—both due to the fact that someone is singing a piece that he wrote and solely because of the silverette’s improvement.

    He’s no pro, but the progress is palpable by sound alone. There are sections when his voice is a little too soft, too… but those can be corrected!

    He’s heard from [Name] that he has been practicing by himself sometimes, too.

    How nice—Barbara will be happy to hear that Kazuha has taken her lessons seriously, even if the former’s teachings are limited because she’s a trainee under an agency.

    Ah, [Name]’s connections shouldn’t be underestimated.

    There are empty parts of the song lacking vocals—understandably so, for that is Venti’s portions—that imply incompletion, and there are parts where he can hear Kazuha’s bass harmonies in the last chorus.

    That’s new. I never taught that. He thinks.

    This realization has Venti whipping his head to the man, who smiles sheepishly.

    The songwriter only points this out when the song has ended and he is all but flinging his headset away in disbelief.

    “Since when did you do harmonies? Did Barbara teach you? It sounds wonderful!”

    It will be perfect when mixed with melodies. A full chorus!

    Kazuha scratches his cheek with a laugh. “She did tell me that a song will sound fuller with it, and since we’re a pair, we can switch from bass and treble.”

    Yes, yes, that’s right. Venti nods to himself. It isn’t impossible to do the harmonies on your own, but that’s complicated. Being a group does sound better.

    “I’m glad to hear that you are both doing splendidly!”

    The studio doors open to reveal a beaming [c]nette that appears… way too excited for her own good. Venti whispers that she is either has a plan or a surprise, having gotten used to the girl already.

    “But did I hear you right? A pair? Nonsense, you’re not a pair anymore, boys!”

    The two in the booth send each other confused glances. They even counted themselves to make sure that… well, there’s two of them. Isn’t that a pair? Aren’t they a pair?

    [Name] giggles, yanking a certain blond in the room.

    “He’s a latecomer, but you’ll welcome him, right?”

    Aether refuses to look anyone in the eye as he fixates his gaze on you instead, the pink on his cheeks deepening in red. “Do you have to announce it like that?” he hisses, but you only laugh, to his chagrin.

    Ah, he can feel the stares burning at his side.

    “Oh please, it’s not like they can do anything to you, handsome.” You wink, further worsening the heat in his cheeks. His attempts to respond with a clear head are thrown out the window.

    Venti is the first to acknowledge the new arrival, flabbergasted as he takes in the blond’s entire appearance. He only seems to blink out of his daze when you snap your fingers by the front of his vision.

    “[Name]..” your childhood friend whispers after he pats Aether’s shoulder as if he’s making sure that he isn’t seeing things. “Does this mean… ?”

    You nod, your smile warm. “Another addition to your lovely group? Yes, Ven.”

    “Ah.. I can’t believe it..”

    Patting Aether’s back, you nudge him to enter the place, assuring that he’ll settle in just fine with the group. You recall how you are able to convince him to join on your way to the studio with a contented sigh.

    If Lumine hasn’t texted you about her sibling’s hung-up attitude about it—apparently, though Aether has second thoughts, he likes the idea of idols—you wouldn’t have hunted the blond down. It is primarily the reason why you’ve been absent for almost the entire day so you’re glad that you’re finally able to track him down.

    He was tucked away in the library humming bits of the melody you have played weeks ago, what wonder! Needless to say, you screeched ‘I knew it!’ as soon as you heard him humming the tune.

    .. Yes, you might’ve been banned from the library afterward but all in a day’s work, no?

    “This guy right here is a strong addition to this already wonderful team,”

    You beam, lifting your chin with a laugh akin to a certain heiress who has a butler by her side twenty-four-seven.

    “According to Lumine, he’s an ex-trainee from a known agency in their country but had to drop out since they were moving here.”

    The information dazzles the two men who gape at a still flustered Aether. unexpecting of such news. And the latter had the gall to say singing was just a hobby! Who knew he was previously an idol in training!?

    “I won’t be as surprised,” you laugh, tilting the transfer student’s chin to make him face your grin. “With these visuals, too? Ah, just seeing you makes me think that I saved a nation in my past life.”

    A series of splutters stumble from Aether’s lips at this statement, the heat from his cheeks practically oozing as he shies away from your touch.

    Pfft, you snort. Cute.

    Kazuha stares at you, unblinking at the flowery words that fly by as if it’s your second nature. It is almost like you weren’t calling him husband weeks ago—

    On the other hand, Venti, used to your shower of compliments and flirty advances, tugs the newcomer along with a grin of his own. Obviously eager to get started.

    “An ex-trainee, hm? You’ll adapt easily, then, no?”

    Kazuha ambles closer after getting out of his stupor, the printed lyrics already in his hand.

    “What do you say we get started?”

    And as Aether gets flanked, the shyness inside dissipates away, a sense of reassurance and comfort taking its place. Once [Name] gives him another pat at the back and he starts to digest the amicable aura of the group, he finally smiles.

    He’ll have to thank Lumine for texting the [c]nette later.

    ≿————- ❈ ————-≾

    The week after, the transfer student has molded in the group with no visible difficulty. He says that it comes with the habit of moving from one place to another, so settling in comes to him like a breeze.

    Understandably, with his knowledge as a previous idol in training, he’s quick to learn the ropes of the melodies he’s just taught as of recently, too.

    Harmonizing with Venti and Kazuha isn’t premeditated and he flows along, natural in every way possible. With his wonderful addition to the group, the lyricist’s singing lessons go off the charts.

    With the pace they are going at, it won’t be too long until they’ll start recording the song!

    “Won’t it sound nicer if the technique here is more of a staccato? So that it matches the beat of the chorus?” you hear the blond conversing with Venti one break in the afternoon, going over the song and making a few changes.

    “Well, it is pop, so why not?” the songwriter writes the mentioned technique beside a particular verse as a label, “We need more of that briskness at this part, too—right where the drums are highlighted the most.”

    Their acknowledgement of your arrival comes with a simple wave before they are back in business. Seeing Aether work as if he’s been there as long as Kazuha nearly prompts you to laugh.

    Nice to see them in their element. You muse, letting a bag down and taking the newly sewn clothes out along with some of its hangers.

    “I think someone with a natural grating voice will fit this. Low, too…”

    Venti’s hum is clipped.

    “Kazuha, maybe?”

    All three of you simultaneously pause at the proposition, envisioning the mentioned student with a lowered pitch and an added growl. It’s not too long until everyone is bursting into laughter.

    Nearly collapsing on the chair, you smack your head, still wheezing.

    Though Kazuha indeed has a voice a tad lower than the two, he’s more soft-spoken than… angry.

    “I’m sorry, but no—that’s like trying to make a kitten roar like a lion.”

    The imagery is cute.

    Hm.. you won’t mind hearing Kazuha trying to do that, though. That will sound hot—

    “I’ve retrieved the speaker, here you are.”

    Oh gosh, that smooth voice—

    Venti has his hands on his hips when he walks up to you and the silverette—who appeared out of nowhere—, taking the speaker and placing it on the table.

    “Okay, okay, you flowery guy, stop that.” He slings your arm around his shoulder, keeping you upright. “Stop melting my poor bestie. I can’t have her leaving me, ya know!”

    Kazuha flutters his eyes in your direction as he hears this, chuckling sheepishly when he hears you muttering ‘he’s so illegal I’m in pain’.

    “My bad.”

    The sight is amusing—and Aether thinks it’s a common scene playing out between the three. A mix of theatrics is thrown here and there, but it doesn’t seem exaggerated at all. Still enraptured, he takes a moment to admire his newly found friends.

    At least, until he spots some clothes following a certain color scheme.

    “Those are… costumes?”

    That seems to bring you back to life.

    Yelling out in remembrance that yes, you have finished sewing, you take one of the clothes and raise it, displaying its style for everyone to see. “Behold my work of art!”

    The first one to react at it is—of course, Venti.

    He is yelling out only seconds after you did.

    “Is that a suit!?” he blinks wildly, “For-for a pop song?”

    Gasping, you hold the clothes close, patting its soft fabric as if it were a puppy and mumbling things as if you are apologizing to it.

    Afterward, you hiss at him. “The slander! I have obviously taken creative liberty with them so it’ll fit the song so no, although full suits would suit you- hehe, you get it? Sui-“


    You throw your free hand up.

    “Calm down, second husband!” you beckon Aether to come to you, seeing that this particular clothing is tailored for him.

    “Wha—how am I second!?” oh no, Venti has gotten feral.

    You hang it at the blond’s side when he gets near, presenting its entire appearance with the future wearer. The smile on your face is impossibly wide the feral songwriter thinks you might as well swoon.

    Miraculously, however, your self-restraint is showing.

    “I only kept some aspects of the full suite, like the blazer, some tops, and ties but it all varies for everyone!” your figure is a blur as you dash from place to place.

    Setting up the speaker with the laptop, getting the other clothes, and clearing the chairs away to create more space.

    “Aether, haven’t you come up with a few moves already? Won’t it be good to rehearse with them on so you all get a feel of it?”

    That has the other two looking at him and all of a sudden, he is back to being the tomato he was when you hauled him to the recording studio a week ago.

    His manner of admitting that—yes, he has come up with some moves—is shy, but the two are already accustomed to his bouts of bashfulness. So, instead of voicing their eagerness to see the dance routine, they choose to push him to you.

    Pink appears to be a common color on his face nowadays as you hand him the set of clothes. He takes it with a feeble sigh, excusing himself to the nearest restroom and leaving you with a pair of giddy men.

    Huh. You snort, taking the other two articles of clothing and slinging them on their shoulders.

    “What, you think it’s only Aether? Get dressed, men!”

    Venti hurries away with a whine, though you knew him long enough to pinpoint that he is just as excited as you are. Only Kazuha excuses himself after thanking you for your hard work.

    Guess who’s the husband material by that alone.

    If only things are that easy.


    Well, that was quick.

    You aren’t surprised when it’s your childhood friend who traipses in with a gleam in his eyes. His braided locks fit the navy blazer perfectly well, the shades of blue complementing the gold and teal accents of his attire.

    The sight has you smiling.

    You are one step closer to your dream. The statement goes unvoiced, but such words needn’t be said aloud for him to understand what you’re trying to deliver through sight alone.

    He walks over upon your gesture, the grin on his face reminiscent of childhood days.

    You pause at this, arching an eyebrow. You haven’t seen him grin like that in forever.

    It’s nice.

    “Are you happy, Venti?” you take something from your bag before inching closer to him once more.

    The question has his smile dropping for a bit, a knowing glaze setting over his eyes. He watches as you fumble to pin a flora on his frilly white top, eventually responding.

    “More than ever.” His whisper is sweet, “We’re not halfway done.. but I’m happy.”

    His voice nearly wavers once he sees the pinned Cecilia on his shirt, though he is able to keep the tremors at bay by grasping your hand.

    The entwined stare between the two of you is one of bitter acceptance.

    “He’ll be happy too.” He smiles.

    Your hand squeezes his own in return, nodding.

    “Yeah, he will be.”

    For a moment, the both of you just stand there in each other’s close presence. It’s only when the door opens do you step away to create some distance, whipping the usual smile as if nothing has happened.

    You snap your fingers, humming, “Perfect—your simp-worthiness has just increased by a hundred. Come, Aether, go and dance!”

    He nods. “Right.”

    “You just want to see a hot guy in a suit dance and pop some moves.”

    Your attempts of keeping your fantasies under the radar are yeeted out in the open just as you press the play button the speaker and Aether gets into position, though he nearly trips when he hears Venti babble about said fantasies.

    The blond’s face is practically burning as you throw yourself to Venti, screeching for him to shut up. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

    Your banter is reduced to background noise as the song starts playing, with a flustered Aether still stunned in place and a chuckling Kazuha too bemused to bother interfering.

    The embarrassment has died down roughly half an hour later when you screamed a countdown of ‘three-two-one’ that has the transfer student scrambling to position on instinct.

    You learned that this is the perfect way to have him ready for the dance routine—and additionally, a way to get Venti and Kazuha to shush and watch.

    You find yourself doing this a lot of times in the next few practices over the weekends, watching as Aether guides them to particular moves. Unfortunately, you have little wisdom over dance—other than tango—so you can only preside over and keep watch.

    They’ve all been getting better but a nagging voice in the back of your head screams a missing part, a lack of something in the bigger picture. A lack of someone.

    You’ve always been a respectful person, so you barely intrude in stranger’s lives unless there is a certain need to. But you may just shift your values if it gets having him to give this one a shot.

    The universe butts in, however, with a literal ‘I don’t think you need to go that far’. Because one late afternoon, as the three are resting after a small dance practice and are now singing a run of the song, you see a lingering shadow by the door.

    It leaves before you can open the door, so you’re stumped waiting for another opportunity.

    And it does come! Surprisingly enough, right at the next practice.

    But no, you didn’t choose to wait inside the room. You notice that the shadow somehow always appears during the dance practices.

    So, after telling the boys that you’ll just be out to buy some refreshments—you did—you tell them to start practicing. On your way back with a bunch of food and drinks in bags, the muffled sound of footsteps prompts you to stop in your tracks.

    It’s hard to detect it due to Venti’s music blasting, but your ears don’t fail you.

    Mustering enough courage, you jump to the hall, out of the corner, to finally see the one who is often paying a visit to the music room.

    The rustles of the bag overtake the silent hallway as you point at him.

    His golden eyes are narrowed at the sight of you.

    For some reason, he gets the first say before you could.

    “Your friend is complaining about the emptiness of the song’s bridge,” he steps close, “And the routine looks like a failed attempt of a freestyler who calls himself a dancer.”

    Okay, you can take criticism but how dare he insult sunshine boy—

    “Listen here, I don’t care if you are professor’s son, but I’m going to punch you—” he glares and you scoff, “A shame my hands are occupied. Also!”

    You clear your throat.

    “Bold of you to say that when you’ve been sticking around watching like a stalker.”

    “Bold of you to say that to someone you actually stalked. That counts for the other two you kept your eye on, as well.”


    “Hello? There is an obvious difference between stalking and admiring, can you blame me for admiring someone as handsome as you three!?”

    That shuts him up.

    A ridiculously furious shade of red floods his cheeks as splutters begin leaving him in clipped exclamations. You would’ve been flustered too, but you are too far gone in your passionate delivery that you started pushing him towards the door, much to his angry protests.

    “You’re lucky I’m not as critical as you are so I won’t judge you for being shy. I mean, you want to join them, right?”

    “What nonsense are you—! Wait, the door-!”

    “Don’t tell me you don’t know how to open it, heavens, I have to do every—EEEEEE!”



    The music in the room is quick to go to a pause as you and the dance major topples to the floor, crashing along with what you’ve bought. It is beyond unceremonious—

    OH NO THE PUDDINGS YOU BOUGHT—oh, they’re alright.

    “[Name]!” you hear Venti yell, “You klutz, you—..”

    A cold breeze enters from the open door, dropping the temperature. Venti, for some reason, goes quiet as he helps you up, pushing the other raven-haired man away from you. The other two take the bags from the floor, cognizant of the sudden chill.

    Your friend’s grip is firm on your arms as he addresses, “Is there a reason why you’re here?”

    “No.” Xiao’s stare is pointedly set on you, “I was passing by—”


    Both Aether and Kazuha nearly drop the bags when you cut off with an exclamation.

    The dance major looks as if he has plans to kill you that instant, but this is the opportunity you’ve been itching to jump and seize. Besides, he’s already seen a lot and has been staying for—for how long?

    “He was lounging around watching your practices for the past few days and even gave some blunt criticism just a while ago!”

    Why else would he linger if he’s not interested?

    …. To criticize? Actually, that seems very much like him, but you digress.

    The expression on Venti’s face is indescribable after hearing you spill a revelation and for a second, you reckon that he isn’t even the Venti you know. Such a foreign—almost hostile—look on his countenance doesn’t suit him.

    “Really, now?” he crosses his arms, “I’d like to hear it.”

    The temperature drops further and your frantic stare collides with Aether and Kazuha, who are all but screaming in their eyes, ‘is it just me, or are they mad?’

    You don’t know—heavens, you don’t know why Venti is so cross with Xiao and vice versa.

    The dance major clicks his tongue and you freeze, aware of the glint in his optics. He’s not one to shy away from being blunt to the point of rudeness. Oh dear.

    “Your song lacks power and that’s because your voices are all too cherubic, unfitting for the snips of the drums in the bridge. Have someone rap, don’t you think it’s a nice addition? He could do it.” Xiao tilts his head towards Aether before continuing.

    “And your dance is shoddy. What kind of loose motion is that? You aren’t going to be singing and dancing at the same time on a stage since this is just-“ he glances at you, “A one time thing, right?”

    Ah, so he did read the small paper you managed to sneak into his bag! Hoho.

    “So devote more time in creating moves that will create an impact in the video.”

    With his critique finished, he gravitates to silence, choosing not to look at anyone but Venti in the eye—as if he is urging the latter to talk back. And talk back he did.

    “Aren’t you being too harsh? For someone not even in the group.”

    The smile on your friend’s face is passive-aggressive, one that twitches when the dance major rolls his eyes with a scoff. The tension is too stifling to be in so you slither to the peaceful pair, taking a bottle of water before drinking.

    Heavens know you need to rehydrate—first because it’s genuinely hot and second because of the hot men-

    “I didn’t know honesty was such a bad thing.”

    Venti is outright glaring at this point.

    “There is a difference between blunt rudeness and honesty. I’m sure you remember the consequence of blurring the lines of those two, cousin.”

    You choke on your water, immediately hitting your chest with your hand in hopes that it can alleviate the pain. Cousin… !? I didn’t know t h a t part.

    Aether and Kazuha are stammering in surprise.

    Is that why Venti is apprehensive of having Xiao in the group? Because he’s his cousin? That seems like a shallow reason, there has to be more underneath the surface.

    Also—how come you did not know until now!?

    Talking to the songwriter now is out of the question, not when he is engaged in this seething glare competition with his apparent cousin. Xiao looks one step close to committing murder—but then again, that’s how he always looks.

    Cutting through this atmosphere is done by Aether, who clears his throat.

    “It’s true, what he said,” he nods towards the dance major, acknowledging his critique with an explanation of his own. “I may still be warped in the mindset of becoming an idol that I forgot this was just a one shot. If I’m being honest, dance isn’t my strong point..”

    It’s relieving how he isn’t as offended as you thought—but then again, he was a previous trainee. He must’ve already been introduced to harsh evaluations and has since then grown some thick skin against it.

    Xiao’s stern stare is quick to subside as the blond passes his share of admission, and he nods, as well. “Learn how to work around your weakness and dislike, turn it to strengths.”

    He doesn’t bother saying anything else afterward, opting to turn his heels with a side-eye thrown to his relative before heading to the door. Everyone else is frozen in place as his steps connect with the floor, stopping only when you throw yourself to the door, arms crossed.

    His golden eyes twitch.

    “… What do you think you’re doing?”

    You catch Venti’s dismayed astonishment, openly gaping at your move.

    Tilting your chin up, you press your back to the door, preventing the dance major from even attempting to leave. “You did say learn how to work around your dislike.”

    Realization dips in his features at this, and he takes a glance behind him—already spotting Venti looking back with obvious displeasure. It seems like his sentiments on this situation are similar to his cousin; hell no are they staying in the same room.

    Kazuha coughs. “[Name], I don’t think that’s safe—”

    “If it means getting to leave, I may resort to force.” Xiao cuts him off, the glare returning in his eyes as he digs knives into your soul.

    Oho? You chuck out a laugh and Venti groans aloud, already knowing the aftermath as you challenge the golden-eyed man.

    “Try me, pretty boy.”

    You’re proud to say that he failed trying to get out of that room.

    ≿————- ❈ ————-≾

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