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    Let me warm you by the fireplace

    AN: This fic was written for @boxofbonesfic Bonetastic Bombastic 5k Celebration.

    It was beta’d by the lovely @christywantspizza

    The wheels provided the prompts Fireplace and Thor and I chose the dialogue prompt “my hands are cold” “then you should let me hold them”

    The word count limit was 2.5k and this comes in at 2496, phew!

    Pairing: BBF Thor x Reader

    CW: Friends to Lovers, fluff, feels, soft fluffy smut, unprotected PinV sex (be a little bit wiser, baby- put it on, put it on), cuddling in front of the fireplace, gross over use of pet-names.

    Find my Masterlist here


    The honk of a car horn sounded from outside. You smiled, pulled on your coat, grasped the handle of your suitcase and headed out of the door. It was the beginning of December and for the last three years, you, your brother and some of your friends had gathered on the second weekend of the month to have a pre-Christmas party at a small cabin up north. This year it was the turn of your brother’s best friend, Thor, to organise it. You’d had some extra holiday to take, so you’d offered to head up with him a day ahead, to get everything set up. You got along well, he was only 3 years older than you, and had never seemed to resent his friend’s little sister hanging around.

    And, to be honest, you’d always had a bit of a crush on him. Well, a big crush in your early teenage years. Seeing him walk around shirtless in the Summer, wet swim shorts clinging to his groin and thighs, had definitely contributed to your sexual awakening and your intimate knowledge of your own body. He was tall, confident, blond haired, blue-eyed and always been broadly built, which had turned into toned muscle as he had got older. Nevertheless, as most teenage crushes do, the yearning brought on by proximity and raging hormones died down, and you liked to think he was your friend as well, not just your brother’s.

    As you skipped down the front steps, Thor got down from the driver’s door of his shiny pick-up and, after stowing your case securely, he wrapped his arms around you in a big bear hug, practically raising you off the ground.

    “And how’s my little Mariposa?”

    As a small girl you had been obsessed with everything butterfly and the childhood teasing had turned into an affectionate nickname between the two of you, but you still huffed at him.

    “I’m not little, Thor, not anymore .”

    “Aah, but when you are my size, everyone is little.”

    He smiled at you and let you down slowly, your body sliding against his. You tried not to let your thoughts run away with you as your breasts rubbed against his chest and you had to tilt your head all the way back to look into his ocean-blue eyes. Playfully pushing you away from him, he chuckled at you before you climbed into the passenger side of the pick-up and strapped yourself in.

    “Mind if I have a little snooze on the way up?”

    “Go ahead and sleep, Papillon. It will be a few hours. I will wake you up when we get there.”

    He passed you a blanket from under his seat and you wrapped yourself in it. You smiled as you realised you had cocooned yourself, feeding into the silly butterfly joke between you both,but it had been a hard week and the cab of the pick-up was warm so it didn’t take you long to drift off.

    The squeal of brakes woke you up when you arrived. You blinked sleepily, as you took in the cabin. The sun had almost set, but there was enough light left to make it easy to drag your luggage inside and help Thor with the boxes of decorations and the food. Or rather you tried to help but he brushed you off with a deep chuckle, lifting the boxes with ease and depositing them in the lounge area.

    You flopped onto one of the familiar sofas as Thor pulled a torch from his pocket and went back outside to start up the generator. You heard it roar to life and walked over to the light switch, breathing a sigh of relief as the room brightened up.

    On his return you put the food away and then, selecting the Christmas playlist on your phone, you opened up the decorations.

    The pair of you laughed as you strung streamers and tinsel across the room, singing and dancing through your playlist. There was one moment, a slight awkwardness, as the pair of you bumped into each other and realised that you had stopped under the mistletoe that Thor had hung up. You tried to avoid it every year, aware that another twelve months had passed and you didn’t have a new partner to show for it. But as you stood under those small white berries and looked up at Thor, for a moment, you could swear you saw his eyes darken, saw some kind of intent there, but it passed quickly before he pressed a kiss to your cheek and mumbled about the jobs left to do.

    You weren’t sure if you were disappointed or relieved. You had felt your heart fluttering, but Thor was your friend, and you weren’t going to jeopardise that by embarrassing yourself. The decorating done, you moved to the kitchenette and placed a couple of pizzas in the oven.

    You were just pulling them out of the oven when the light’s flickered.

    “Erm, Thor… What’s up with the ligh-”

    You didn’t even finish your sentence before the lights flickered again and went out. It was eerily quiet in the cabin and you realised that not only had the lights gone off, the fridge and freezer weren’t making any noise either. In fact, you couldn’t hear the generator.


    You could just make out Thor’s large form across the room.

    “I’ll go and check the generator, Perhonen, you get the candles out.”

    He lumbered outside, a sharp draft of cold air sneaking in around him. The heating had only been off for a few minutes, but the cold wind outside of the wooden structure was making itself known.

    You rooted around until you located and lit three candles. Using their dim light you sliced and plated the pizzas, and took them and two of the candles over to the coffee table. You could hear the generator trying to splutter back into life, but it wasn’t sounding good. Thor came back in about 10 mins later, to find you halfway through your pizza.

    “Sorry, little one. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it, and with it being so dark, I just can’t see it all properly. I’m sure I’ll be able to sort it in the morning, but I think we’re going to be in for a cold night.”

    He slumped down next to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and pulling you in tight to his side. You turned and smiled at him.

    “I’m sure we’ll be alright. You eat your pizza and I’ll see if I can light this fireplace. Got to put those skills I learned at Girl Scouts to good use!”

    It took you a few minutes, but you couldn’t contain your glee as you coaxed the fire into life, and it began pumping heat out into the room. You turned back to Thor with a self-satisfied grin.

    “Ta-da! Fire!”

    The flames reflected in his eyes and he grinned back at you.

    “You’re very resourceful, Fluturi. That will warm up this room, but not upstairs, so I think we’ll have to make ourselves a little camp down here tonight.”

    “Well, I’m sure we’ll manage.”

    You both made your way upstairs, pulling the blankets and comforters off all the beds, before dragging them back down.

    “You have the sofa, Mariposa – I won’t fit on it. I’ll just take the floor down here, and then I can add more logs during the night.”

    “Ever the gentleman. I’ll erm… just uh, get changed into something more comfortable for sleeping. I’m sure I have some sweats in my suitcase.”

    “In that case, I will let you change and I will see if there are any more pillows upstairs.”

    Both changed, you snuggled into your cocoons, but the temperature had dropped even further and you hated to think what it would’ve been like without the fire. Despite all the layers you still felt cold, especially your hands. You tossed and turned, shoving them under the opposite arm pit in an attempt to warm up.

    You heard Thor moving under his own covers and then his voice was right by your ear…

    “What’s wrong, my little Schmetterling?”

    You rolled to face him, blinking as you realised how close he actually was to you, his breath hot on your face and that heat flowed through your body, right to your core. Your eyes were drawn to look at his plump lips, framed by dirty blonde facial hair. Your own breath hitched as you wondered how his lips would feel against your own, how his moustache and beard would rub against your skin. One of his calloused hands came up cupping your cheek, rubbing across the bone with his thumb.

    “Tell me, little one…”

    His voice was low and syrupy, drawing you in.

    “My hands are cold…”

    His hand lowered from your face, and joined his other in enclosing both of yours.

    “Then you should let me hold them.”

    A small tug and your hands were held tight against his chest and his lips brushed yours, like a whisper, a promise.

    “Thor…” his name fell quietly from your lips.

    Keeping both your hands trapped in one of his, his free arm snaked around your waist, digging under the layers of blankets. He pulled you closer, then dragged you off the sofa and down onto the floor, into his ‘nest’. His lips pressed to yours again, but now passionate and hot, his tongue demanding almost immediate entry. His large body crowded you, your head spinning at this seismic shift in your relationship.

    His lips felt just as you had imagined, both soft and strong. His facial hair tickled and rubbed at your skin, and you knew you would feel the burn in the morning. But you didn’t care, it was all you’d ever wanted, no matter how much you’d tried to deny it.

    You whimpered and your hips jerked up, grinding against him as he took you apart with his kisses. You felt the warmth from the fireplace, but it was nothing compared to the heat Thor was creating inside you.

    His hands let go of your waist and slid up under your sweater and vest, so his thumbs could rub gently across your nipples. Your fingers tangled in his long blonde hair trying to hold him to you, but he pulled his lips back from yours and you cried out at the loss.

    “Shhhhhhh, my little one, my little butterfly. Let me make you warm.”

    His lips moved to your jaw, your neck. He nipped at your collar bone before moving past the obstruction of your rucked up top to take one of your breasts in his mouth. Another breathy cry passed your lips. It was too much and not enough all at the same time. His hand moved to the waistband of your sweats, pushing the soft fabric down.

    You kicked them off, heedless of the cold as his fingers found your slippery folds and you arched up into his touch, whining as a calloused digit rubbed over your clit, smearing your arousal over the sensitive bud. But when he moved so he could press one inside you, you cried out louder.


    You heard him chuckle against your chest as he started a gentle thrusting, his thumb moving back to your clit.

    “So tight sweetheart. Need to get you ready…relax, Papillon.”

    He added a second finger and the stretch made you see stars. Your hands clamped onto his arms, his sweatshirt the only thing that stopped you leaving nail marks. He spread his fingers, twisting and turning them, making a space for himself as his thumb continued to circle your clit and his mouth and tongue tortured your breasts in turn.

    Your orgasm hit you hard and fast. You screamed. Your muscles clenched around his fingers and your hips jerked upwards. Thor moved his mouth from your breast to swallow your cries and held his hand still so you could take from him what you needed. You felt boneless, heavy, finally letting yourself sink into the pile of comforters and blankets.

    He was still kissing you, an arm under your head, the other fumbling between you.

    “Ah, little one, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted you. Can’t believe it…”

    He hitched one of your thighs over his hip and the blunt head of his cock probed your entrance. The tip caught and sunk in and thank fuck you’d already had an orgasm and were all relaxed, because he felt so thick. You wrapped your other leg around him and pressed your heels into the small of his back, urging him into you.

    “Patience, we’ll get there.”

    He rocked his hips against yours, ever so surely making his way inside you. Each small thrust pushed a whimper out of your mouth, every nerve still sensitive, and you both moaned in unison as his hips pressed up against the backs of your thighs, and you felt him, thick and throbbing, inside you. He rested his forehead against yours, eyes closed, and through your hooded gaze you could see him trying to control himself. You ran your fingers through his hair, and placed small, soft kisses to his lips and jaw.

    When he let out a growl you shivered and your pussy clenched.


    He shouted as you squeezed him, pulling back so far you could feel his flared head stretching you wide, before he sank back in, in one deep thrust. Your cry of pleasure spurred him to repeat the action, faster, and then again and again. He pounded into you and all you could do was hold on.

    “My Mariposa, my delicate angel, fuck, I’m sorry, I can’t, fuck, I can’t stop, you feel so good…”

    His pelvis rubbed against yours, your clit still throbbing from your earlier release, making you crest again. It was overwhelming and tears ran down your face.

    “Gonna cum, Thor, fuck, gonna cum, goddddd, feels…fuuuuuck.”

    You were rambling, but you didn’t care.

    The movement of his hips faltered, becoming jerky.

    “Cum for me angel, please!”

    You dropped a hand from his neck and, pushing it between your bodies, rubbed circles over your clit. You came hard again, your release soaking your thighs and his balls, his head buried into your neck, his hips jerking a few more times, before he let out several deep grunts as his cum flooded you.

    You laid there, dazed and sated, part of you still unwilling to accept that one of your deepest fantasies had been realised. Your eyes began to close as exhaustion took over, the warmth from the fireplace and Thor’s body lulling you to sleep. You were vaguely aware of him pulling back from you, the loss of heat causing you to squirm, but he was back swiftly, cleaning the mess between your thighs, before he laid down and pulled you half across him, tucking your head under his chin.

    “Let me warm you by the fireplace, my little Perhonen.”

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    #had 5001 this morning and was kind of pissed that i missed 5k #but luckily i lost one again lol
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    FIC: What Does A Snow Monster Sound Like?

    Title: What Does A Snow Monster Sound Like? Pairing(s): merthur. Merlin/Arthur Prompt: Prompt #20: Family fic: building a snowman or playing in the snow with nieces/nephews and talking about adoption. Word Count/Art Medium: 1961 Rating: T Contains (Highlight to view): * Slight anxiety expressed by character. * Disclaimer: Merlin characters are the property of Shine and BBC. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended. Notes: Thank you to ratsbys on discord for the beta.

    Summary Arthur & Merlin watch their friends' kids for the day. Link to AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/35470144

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    Number 4298= angka C19M+Baru di Dis/5/2021, Allahumma solli a'ala Muhammad wa'ala a'li Muhammad

    Number 4298= angka C19M+Baru di Dis/5/2021, Allahumma solli a’ala Muhammad wa’ala a’li Muhammad

    Bismillah Laa illa haillallah Muhammadur Rasulullah Alhamdulillah Allahumma solli a’ala Muhammad wa’ala a’li Muhammad Saat hujan turun renyai-renyai membasahi alam Admin mengatur gerak langkah keyboard di hujung jari berlari mengejar masa di malam langit yang kelam Ketika Disember berjalan mendekati 2022, tanpa tari Allahumma solli a’ala Muhammad wa’ala a’li Muhammad Langsung melihat angka covid…

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    Pivoting and Your Power

    We have all been in situations where we felt stuck. You feel helpless, like you have to stay in that situation forever for X, Y and Z reasons. You’re miserable. Unhappy. You blame others and you blame yourself. You may even feel that you deserve the crappy situation. Except you have the power to change most things. Granted there are things outside of our power but we have more ability to make our…

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    #anon#answered ask #lets all practice some good old unfollowing and blocking #just add to your personal block list you'll all be happier #my twitter block list is over 5k now lmaoooooooo #its a little less on Tumblr but i think i have maybe 200 ish?
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    hii please fill in this form if you’d like <3

    #jade’s 5k smutmas celebration #im at 4.9k now dont judge me were getting there #also pls fill in this form
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    I don't know which resident evil fan needs to hear this but if you went to go see wtrc expecting perfect pacing, outstanding writing, and spot on characterization/character development.... then that's on you

    #resident evil#wtrc #does the movie have flaws? absolutely. #but you are either in denial or ignorant of the franchise if you think everything i listed above is always 10/10 in every re game #leon s kennedy is one of my favorite fucking characters ever and that man has about as much depth in canon as a mob bucket #u saw the movie and absolutely despised it? great #but idk if youll get much out of writing 5k+ words as to why it was a terrible re movie adaptations #anyway yea wtrc was fun thats it it was fun #just like re has always been... never a beautifully written shakespearean masterpiece... just fun #rant over lmao sorry i had to put this passive aggressive shit in my tags congrats if u read all of them
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    dislike that my most popular writings are ones i put so little time into

    #and then it’s the opposite for fics upwards of 5k worfs #california dusk i’m not talking to you
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    i read a really really good fic the other week and i need to find it again to reread and it was like. sam fucking died and he exploded but it was a bunch from inside him and the armour made it worse and it was inside the prison? like. it was really graphic but in a super satisfying way and i NEED to find it again

    #it was like at least 5k words of sam dying from creeper explosions #something about the wardens armour sealing his fate and reflecting the pain back at him #anyways if you see it #send it to me!
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    List lepasi 4k = 4896 =C19M+Baru di Dis/4/2021,Astagfirullah Robbal Baroya Astagfirullah Minal Khotoya

    List lepasi 4k = 4896 =C19M+Baru di Dis/4/2021,Astagfirullah Robbal Baroya Astagfirullah Minal Khotoya

    Bismillah Laa illa haillallah Muhammadur Rasulullah Alhamdulillah Allahumma solli a’ala Muhammad wa’ala a’li muhammad List lepasi 4k,= 4896 = angka covid 19 Malaysia kes positif baru Petunjuk naik turun ujian covid Malaysia punya angka angka Aduh,,nauzubillah kakak ipar kata ramai kawan dia telah maut dengan covid positif baru Inna lilla hi wainna ilai hirojiuun,Subhanallah Kelu lidah mendengar…

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    Warmness on the Soul by @tabbytabbytabby​​ Complete | Teen Rating | 4.8k

    Eddie is seven years old when he first notices the name behind his ear. The name that will follow him for years, through heartbreak and misunderstandings, love and loss, before finally leading him to where he's supposed to be.

    Recommend a Fic Masterlist of Recommended Fics
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    the way i have a 25k word unfinished loki fic from like two years ago just sitting in my drive is astonishing

    #wtf was i on #25K WORDS??? #i can barely write 5k without getting winded #thinking about posting it for shits and giggles 🤨🤨
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    #Fic update: #the first draft is done 🎉 #I honestly dont know how fic writers do it #its just over 5k and im fighting for my life #how does someone crank out 100k??? For fun?????? #i told my mom the plot (minus the weirdcest obv) and she liked it alot #said it was well structured creative and engaging #so The Reviews™️ are in XD
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    #i’m more nervous then i should be to post this #nessian#nessian fanfiction#nessian fic#cassian#nesta archeron#Confusedfandomslut#my prompts#dsfbjkdbfkal #i hope you like it #i wrote half of it in Cassian’s pov #because i couldn’t do it in Nesta’s #over 5k#under 10k
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    #just 5K of Ted being WILDLY JEALOUS and assuming it's because he's worried Beard has a new best friend #until he finally figures it out #eventually #it takes a WHILE #ficcage of interest #believe mothereffers#wip memeage
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    The feminine urge to keep quiet and only like/reblog posts vs the feminine urge to talk and engage in community

    #mine #tbf things happen irl and sometimes I need the balance #idk... i like writing for people and right now my fav thing is lil snapshot fics #mostly because I like atmosphere so much lol even the 2k-5k fics were sometimes about mood+setting more than plot #I'm letting my disney plus account go to waste these days #apples rambles on yet again
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    did i just start the concrete couple winter drabble? yes. i did. send ur thots and prayers pls & thx

    #itll be a short one #will it actually tho??? #we’ll see #ALSO I KNOW I STILL HAVENT POSTED TYA OK IM SKRRY #STILL WRITING IT TOO #edit: this shit is already 5k LMAO WHY THE FUCK AM I LIKE THIS
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