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  • sunshineeeluke
    23.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    I love how 5SOS have been going to such cool places for inspiration. Joshua Tree, Invisible House, the cabin Cashton went to, and now The Establishment 1969. I cant wait to hear what they’ve come up with.

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  • calumhoodsbestie
    23.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    I smell 5sos5

    #calum 5sos#ashton 5sos#ashton irwin #calum thomas hood #michael 5sos#calum hood#5sos #ashton fletcher irwin #luke 5sos#calum#5sos5 #michael gordon clifford #ash irwin
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  • sunshineeeluke
    23.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    I love all the bright colors that have been in Ryan’s photography lately. It’s such a cool vibe and very 70’s to me.

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  • wtfismylifeanyways
    23.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Ashton’s Instagram // 23-06-21

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  • kindahoping4forever
    23.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    AshtonIrwin: @ryanfleming

    #lmao i had literally just roasted him to Cass for not posting during this sad girl day i am having and 3 seconds later this happened 👽 #5sos #5 seconds of summer #ashton#ashton irwin#Instagram#my post #why i no can kiss #the glasses tho #and an actual pic of that one new tatt how blessed #perhaps i love him #daddy but baby #hello operator i would like to report a baby #ok back to hiding bc I'm sad today lol bye guys
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  • calumhoodiwould
    23.06.2021 - 19 minutes ago
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  • michaelgiffords
    23.06.2021 - 39 minutes ago
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  • highwallflower
    23.06.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Less is more darling

    Warnings: Mature, Smut

    The heat had been unbearable in LA for the last few days. The outside felt like a sauna and being inside felt like a crime. Moaning you moved through the house looking for Ashton. When you found him he was busy with his phone, while talking to the person on the other end a smile spread on his beautiful features. You tried to ignore how beautiful he looked, distracting yourself you drank a large glass of water. Few minutes later Ashtons happy laughs filled your house "Guess what y/n. We are going to a pool party at Sierra and Luke's! Go get ready baby!" His voice was thick with excitement as you gulped down the water. Ashton lifted a brow at you, he had expected you to be bouncing off the walls or at least to match his own excitement. Before he had a chance to say anything you gave him a quick kiss before making your way to your closet.

    Arriving at the party you clutched Ashtons hand in your own. Before you made it inside he was pulled away from you, as always. Normally you wouldn't mind, but lately you had needed him whenever you were in social situations. You hadn't voiced it to him or anyone for that matter, but your anxiety had hid new levels and it was affecting you in numerous ways. Only a few moments late you found yourself talking to the girls. Sierra was a close friend of yours and the next best security blanket, when Ashton was busy. The other girls who were speaking with you and Sierra was beautiful, absolutely goddesses. It was like that in LA, looks meant everything and sometimes that was the most hurtful thing to think about. You couldn't help your eyes from wandering down to the chests of the girls around you. You had always been on the lean side, and your boobs were nearly invisible, most of the time you didn't mind but right now you felt like crawling into a hole and hide forever. The feeling of being less of a woman, even less of a human began to creep into your body. Trying your best to shake the feeling you searched for Ashton, but your heart dropped when you saw him deeply engaged in conversation with a beautiful busty woman. You trusted Ashton, he was surrounded by beautiful humans all the time and life would be very tough if you did not trust him. But right now you couldn't help the burning pit at the bottom of your stomach, tears began to pool at your inner corners. Quickly you excused yourself and found a corner to lick your wounds in. You tried to calm yourself as your breath was uneven but it felt hopeless, the people behind you were having the time of their life while you silently were falling apart, even Ashton were unaware of your current state of mind.

    But across the pool Ashton had noticed how you were covering yourself with you sundress even though everybody else were left in their bathing suites only. He also noticed how his beautiful bubbly girl was standing quite unfocused on the conversation she was a part of. As she turned her back to the rest of the party and her body only allowed shallow breaths Ashton was fast to leave the conversation he himself was engaged in. Crossing the distance with big steps he wrapped his arms around you from behind, relief filled your body as you turned in his grasp. Burring you face in his neck you allowed the sobs to escape your body, the loud music drowned the sounds at the moment was only shared between you and Ashton. Ashton stood silently just rubbing your back in an attempt to calm you down, when you finally felt yourself calming down you took a step back "Can we please go home?" your voice was small and almost pathetic but Ashton understood the panic in your voice "'course darling" his large thumb dried your tears away before he pulled you into his side.

    As soon as you arrived at home you hurried inside desperate to cover your flat chest. Ashton knew you, and he respected that you weren't  as communicative a person as he himself was. However, he was a bit frustrated when hours had rolled by and you stilled hadn't offered an explanation for the sudden breakdown. "Baby" his voice rang through the house, and though you had been hiding in the sunroom you knew you had to offer him something "yeah I'm in here Ash" you voice were tired as you prepared yourself for the confrontation. His large frame entered the room and as if he was dealing with a wild beast he slowly approached you before he spoke calmly "Are you ready to tell me what that was all about?" he nudged your knee with his own as he took a seat next to you. Playing with the pages of your book you looked up at him "not really" it was clearly written across his face that he wasn't satisfied with you answer. Before he had a change to say anything you spoke again "I know I owe you an explanation, but I can't give you one right now, I'm just not ready. Please don't push me with this one." You were never really one to set boundaries so while Ashton was incredible proud of you he was also frustrated. Tucking lightly at his hair, he slowly turned to look at you a gentle smile spread across his lips before he leaned in to place a soft kiss on your forehead. He stood up and left you alone again.

    Hours passed, those turned into days and still you and Ashton wasn't really talking, neither of you were mad at the other but you both got lost in your heads. Ashton went around thinking about you falling apart in his arms before you sheltered yourself from him, he felt like a terrible partner who had missed the cues. You, on the other hand, went around with a crippling self-esteem, you wanted to open up to him but you couldn't. It would just bring more attention to the fact that you were less of a woman, that he deserved someone who had a larger breast area. Along those days the temperature had risen and you had struggled with finding clothes to wear, everything showcased you flat chest. Loos closing were your only friend.

    "Honey, I'm home" his voice brought you from your thoughts, wearing his loos sweater you walked to the center of the house where he just had announced his return. "Hi ashy" he smiled as his nickname left your lips, it felt like an eternity ago since you last greeted him like this. His arms open up for you to snuggle against him and you happily agreed. His lips found yours and for the first time in days you felt as if you might had a change to make it through this. "Whats going on in that pretty head of yours?" his question was intrusive and you took a small step away not ready to open up yet. "Y/n, baby please" he was desperate, knowing you brought this pain on to him brought tears to your eyes "No no, don't cry. I promise what ever it is we will figure it out. Together, you remember?" his arms were still around you as he played with the hem of your baggy shirt "Why are you wearing this baggy clothes lately love?" his voice was more careful this time but you still winched as he rubbed salt in your open wound. Getting the memo he grabbed your hand before dragging you behind him "what are you doing?" he didn't answer you as he continued to move towards your bedroom. He turned towards the big mirror in the corner of the room, without hurting you he sternly brought you in front of him so that you were facing the mirror. You avoided looking at yourself as you made eye contact with Ashton. "Look at yourself darling" his voice was soft yet decisive. You took a quick glance before meeting his eyes again. He gripped the hem of your sweater and brought the fabric over your head. Quickly you clasped your hands across your chest, protecting your nude form from both his and your stare. His large hands rubbed your arms as he gently worked your arms down to your side again "Look at how beautiful you are baby" his chest was warm against you back, offering a small comfort as you began to fall apart in front of him. "You can't say that. Im more flat that a skinny teenage boy"you spitted at him, your words made him furrow his brows as he let out a sigh "Thats not true baby, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes upon" his ran his large hands from you shoulder across your collarbone "You are so dainty" he smiled as his hands continued exploring your skin, "Your breast sits as two perfect cherries, so perfect" his hand came down to massage your breasts. "I love how firm your boobs feels in my hands" he gave them a squeeze, a smile still tucking at his lips and it was beginning to rub off on you "I love how you look so damn elegant in anything you wear" "I love how you can ditch the bra, so I can look at your nipples all day" As the words left his mouth he tugged at your nipples, your head rolled back onto his shoulder as a soft moan left your lips.

    Ashton kept your firmly against his chest as he told you how amazing your smaller boobs were to him. You felt him hardening against your back and you felt yourself grow wetter with each words that left his lips "Darling, do me a favor and get rid of your pants and underwear?" he gave you a questioning look in the mirror, checking if you were still okay with the situation. You undressed yourself as he did the same. His hard cock was released from its confine space and you couldn't help but moan at the sight, his eyes meet yours as you made your way towards him. Just as you reached for his cock his stopped your hand "It is all about you today baby" you mind was clouded and before you noticed he had you back in front of his chest as you faced the mirror. "look at yourself while please you baby"  his voice was warm and husky against your spine, sending a shudder through your body. You fixed your eyes upon your own body, following his hands as they followed every curve of your body. He finally reached your slit and his fingers lazily played with your lips, you whined as he once again pulled a finger through your wet folders without caressing your clit. "Patiences baby" he chuckled into your ear. You began to grind onto Ashtons hand, as you grew more and more desperate for a relief "no, no, no baby, you gotta wait" the mischievousness was obvious in his voice as he enjoyed teasing you while being able to watch your whole body in the mirror. After teasing you for multiple minutes Ashton decided that he had had enough of teasing you "pleas baby" you wimped and just like that he burrowed one of his long fingers inside of you "fuck Ash" your moan was loud but your whine was even louder when he stopped moving his finger "Keep your eyes open baby, I want you to watch yourself or else I'm gonna stop" you struggled to keep your eyes open but you wanted him to continue. He added another finger as he pumped viciously inside of you, his lips worked on your neck and in-between kisses he whispered sweet nothings about how hot he found you. "Please Ashy, I want your cock" that was enough for Ashton to rip his fingers from you slit, he spread your juices on his cock as he pumped it a few times. Position himself behind you he pushed into you, the air was filled with both of your moans and skin slapping against each other. "such as good girl, taking my cock while looking so beautiful"  he words made you clench around him and moan out loud, without you noticing you had been playing with your left boob for a long period of time. Ashton felt proud as he saw you enjoying your body "Fuck y/n, you looks to good playing with you tits as I'm fucking you in front of a mirror" you gasped as he snapped his hips into yours "I I'm gonna cum fuuck. " He helped you chasing you high by brining a thump to your ball of nerves and just like that you felt firework blossom at the pit of your stomach, he kept you against his chest at his chased his own high. "Fuck y/n" he moaned into your ear as he came into you. Ashton kept your close for a moment as you both came down, he slowly dragged out and pulled you into the bathroom with him. He turned on the shower and turned to you, his large hand caught your cheek and he caressed while looking into your eyes "I love you so muck baby, you are really so so beautiful " you smiled at him "I love you baby, thank you" a sweet kiss was shared between the two of you. The shower was filled with sweet touched and a comfortable silence.

    The next night as you laid in bed Ashton looked at you for a second "what?" you laughed at him as he moved to hold you closer "I was just thinking... I love you, and I think your body is amazing. I would never want you to change, I prefer you just the way you are. But if the size of you chest is such a big problem for you, you could change it? please don't hear this as me wanting you to change love" You smiled knowingly at him "Its ok ash. I thought about it but you made me realize that I should embrace myself as I am" He smiled bigly at you "Is that so love?" He moved to hoover over you "You know, words are just words till you bring the to life" you laughed at him "one direction really?" he laughed back at you before attacking your side with his long fingers, tickling you until you were gasping for air. The room was filled with loud laughed from the both of you, Ashton kissed your lips before drawing back slightly "and another time love, I will always be here to lift you up, so please involve me?" You nodded be pulling him back in, feeling grateful for the loving goofball who was trapping your body against the mattress.

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  • wonderland-irwin
    23.06.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    5sos packing up some friends to go to a place to write music together is so much fun

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  • angiefangirlworld-2
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Traitor | Michael Clifford

    Summary: Based on traitor by Olivia Rodrigo. Part 2 of this thing

    Warnings: Angsty and not happy ending 

    Requested: Yes by this anon

    Word Count: 977

    A/N: So as I read and listened to the song (bc I only listen to good 4 u by olivia rodrigo and haven’t listened to sour) I thought that this song could work for a part 2 to this fic I wrote ages ago and promised a part 2 I never wrote so 2 in 1 and I think it’s really good so here you go.


    Your relationship with Michael was now not clear at all since you walked out on your birthday not really saying if you broke up with him or not, having your relationship on a limbo became comforting for both you and Michael though you hadn’t talked not really knowing what to say to each other.

    Michael on one hand felt guilty and stupid to let you go over a phony fake thing that clearly was not worth he could see it now. You, however, felt hurt and betrayed beyond words since Michael was your best friend,he had been for years before he was your boyfriend.

    Seeing Michael in the tabloids wasn’t helping you either. You saw him still in the stunt that caused this problem, you had hoped that walking out would feel like a wake-up and call it quits and realize how much he had hurt you. But of course it didn’t happen.

    Your phone lit up with Luke’s name, while you had cut communication with Michael the other 3 guys in the band still visited and talked to you.

    “Luke hi!” you said before he could say a word.

    “It’s me actually” Michael’s voice filled your ears, oh how you had missed it “I figured you wouldn’t pick up the phone if it was me calling so I asked for Luke’s phone.”

    “Makes sense,” you said. He tried to reach for you through texts you never responded though, didn’t even open them. You didn’t have the heart to block, forgetting him or even trying to was even more hurtful and you couldn’t understand why.

    “Now that you know it’s me please don’t hang up” Michael pleaded “I really needed to hear your voice and to talk to you.”

    “Michael” you sighed “our situation is not something that can be discussed over the phone.”

    “I know I know” he sighed “just- can we see each other? Did you go back to your old apartment?”

    “Yeah” you answered.

    “Then I can go visit you” he offered “whenever you want I just really need to sort this out with you.”

    “Fine. Tomorrow” you agreed “at 6 when I get off work.”

    “Great. So uhm see you:”

    You didn’t know if seeing Michael again would make your heart hurt less or more, you also weren’t sure if you’d be able to reconnect and fix what you had but you also knew that if you didn’t take this chance then maybe you wouldn’t be able to even close this chapter and you needed to move on.

    Michael knocked on your door at 6 just like he said, anxiety and nervousness eating him. Was he doing the right thing? After all he had hurt you and your trust really bad and maybe doing this wasn’t the right choice.

    “Michael” you said, opening the door  “come in.”

    “Thank you” he replied “you look pretty.”


    The situation was awkward, neither of you knowing how to start the conversation.

    “I’m sorry for everything I did” Michael stated after a quite long moment of silence “you were there seeing me living a lie and I never-I never really stopped to ask you how you felt not once.”

    “Yeah it was really hard” you told him “made me wonder sometimes if i was enough for you”.

    “Of course you were,” Michael assured you, “you are, you are more than enough. I was stupid not fighting for you. For us”

    You felt his words were truthful, he made you feel safe for the first time in weeks but it didn’t stop you from feeling cautious with him.

    “Look I’m not sure we can go back to what we had” you told him “but at least we could try and go out and be public and…”

    “Actually I-” Michael cut in “I haven’t gotten out of the stunt.”

    “Then why are you here?” you scoffed, why were you even surprised.

    “Because I had to see you” he answered “I miss you in my life I thought I could fix this.”

    “If you really thought you could fix this, you would’ve fought harder for us” you told him “I know I’m not famous I don’t have a career in the ‘industry’, I’m only known as your best friend but we were-we had something real.”

    “And we still could have something if you just wait a little longer.”

    “Michael I can’t do this anymore” you cried “we are running in circles here and you only prove that you’ll never feel guilty about hurting me.”

    “It’s not-look I” he sighed “I am hurting too.”

    “I wish you could’ve thought this through before I went and fell in love with you.”

    “What do you mean?” At this point Michael was in tears too.

    “I stood behind the scenes with you for so long” you explained “I play dumb but I always kenw you would fall into a lie so deep you wouldn’t be able to pull out of it and I kept quiet because I thought I could keep you but I just can’t anymore.”

    “Y/N, please don’t do this.”

    “Go back to her. She’s your new trophy after all” you scoffed “you clearly don’t need me anymore. I guess you never did.”

    “I just-”

    “Please don’t do this anymore” you interrupted as you opened the door “please don’t hurt me anymore.”

    Michael felt defeated, of course he wanted to fix things but you didn’t want to listen to him but how could you after all he had let you down countless of times, how could you when he wasn’t there when you needed him the most.

    In the end he left like a traitor in your eyes and you didn’t know if you’d be able to see him again as what you once saw him but even though you were hurting you knew that you could finally move on.

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  • moodscreens
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    luke hemmings (5sos) ; simple lockscreens

    like/reblog | @spearbinsung

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  • sunshineeeluke
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    lukes bleach and his flat hair from 2016 are his worst hairstyles I’m not even sorry.

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  • michaelgiffords
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • justalilbithot
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    *carpool karabloke voice*


    #fuck lmao#hey yall #ignore the chaotic mess I am today #blame ykw#5sos
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  • calumhoodiwould
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • the-hurricane-gurl
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    my brain has just been saying "hey man, go fuck yourself" in Ashton Irwin's voice for the last 2 or 3 days @ anyone for no reason and idk why

    #like #why do i get angry all of the sudden when 5 min ago i was literally dancing and signing #is it bc of cancer season #? #i need answers #has everyone been feeling like this? #5sos#5sos memes#Ashton Irwin
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  • folkloremgc
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    luke hemmings icons

    like or reblog if you save
    #luke hemmings #luke hemmings headers #luke hemmings icons #5sos icons#5sos headers #luke hemmings layouts #5sos layouts#twitter icons#twitter layouts
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  • michaelgiffords
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
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