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    DBH General AU Thoughts: Daalana AU (Hindi word for 'Cast off')

    Setting: Desert. Fantasy. Inspiration of location is the Great Indian Desert.

    Confession: This AU came about because of this post of the cat wiggles. How? Don't know. Just happened

    Basically, the androids from DBH are a people called Daalana. They do not age, and they don't have a home, so they wander the desert. They were from a city or civilization lost in time and history, who were attuned to nature and the gods.

    They travel aimlessly serving as performers entertaining different kinds of people. From kings to bandits, any of whom who would help provide water and such.

    One would think that the Daalana would avoid such dangerous people as mercs and bandits, but no. Throughout time, through stories passed through mouth, the mercs and bandits learned not to mess with the Daalana or they risk getting themselves killed.

    So they pay the utmost respect when they are visited or given the pleasure of being entertained in the barren landscape of the Khoya desert

    The Daalana are performers, singers, and dancers. But they do have their own merchants as well. Most of their people have left the desert or have been killed after the devastation and wars that hit their empire.

    They were the only group left that they know of that uphold their forgotten country's beliefs. They are connected to nature and magic through their performances, it is ritualistic in a way.

    The modern people find it entertaining. Thus they decided to use this as a means to continue to earn living while they search for a place to belong until they are called once again to travel or when people notice that they do not age.

    The story starts in Sona, the kingdom of gold. A prosperous oasis in the middle of the Khoya desert.

    Characters and their powers under the cut. The humans don't have powers tho:


    Chloe, is their singer. She is in a way the 'high priestess' of their group. As to why she is considered as such. She has the power of healing, through song and dance. Non combatant, wears a veil over her face.

    Connor, Sixty and Nines are the male belly dancers. Their powers are illusion. They are assassins for hire, at times. With their profession as entertainers they get to be more involved in evening rituals if you know what I mean, which makes the assassinations easier. For those who know, of the triplets' expertise, mostly leaders of nations know of these and would request for them.

    The blade dancers are the Jericrew with Markus being the leader of the Daalana.

    They serve as the bodyguard when they are out in the desert. Because of their prowess with their blades, the guards are more lenient with them.

    Some even befriending them and trying to learn their techniques. The familiarity of the security people with them gives them the opportunity to pilfer some goods that wouldn't necessarily be missed. For survival of course, nothing too extreme, unless the people they performed for deserve it.

    They have elemental attributes. Markus: Wind. North: Fire. Simon: Water and Josh: Earth.

    Their real weapons are actually tattooed on their bodies that they summon when its a real fight. The one they're using for performances are just regular.

    Markus has dual swords and a spear tattooed on his back. Blows his opponents away literally with his spear to gain some room to move before he pulls out his blades before he slices and dices.

    North has a bow on her back, she manifests arrows using fire which explodes or just sets her target aflame. But if she wants to get more up close and personal she has daggers on her thighs.

    Simon has a chain whip tattooed on his hips wrapping up towards his chest. Whenever he whips it around him, water slices through his enemies. He can even turn water into ice. He also has a crossbow tattooed on his back when the enemies are few, he only pulls out his chain whip if outnumbered.

    Josh has a sword and shield on his back. Serves as their vanguard and shields them for any onslaught of attacks. Thumps the earth with his shield to create shelter from a hail of arrows, a dust storm, etc. Josh is very calm most of the time since his power when he is angered makes the earth shake.

    Ralph and Jerry, are the merchant and their liaisons. Their powers aren't really ritualistic but, its Charm. The power of their words that can enchant and hypnotize people. They speak in behalf of the group but if they don't convince their...audience, the performers take care of the rest.

    Rupert, is their messenger. His falcons and eagles send messages to different areas inquiring if they can perform and such. Rupert can speak to animals and his birds are used to distract before he can come in to attack if needed. But its rare that he needs to fight, well...except when they kill his birds. "Don't kill the messenger"

    Kara and Luther, are more off the parent figures in the group.

    Kara is not a combatant but when she sings depending on a song, the weather is affected. She makes sure that the rest of the people are comfortable.

    Luther is a body guard but not a blade dancer, though his powers are similar to Josh. His whole body is tattooed, as he is the one who wears the armor, he wields a battle hammer that disrupts the terrain.

    Alice was actually from another group who was being kept captive by some bandits. They soon found she is a newly born Daalana, her parents were killed by the bandits. She is an oracle who helps lead them where they're supposed to go. She can foretell the future, but since she is still young. So when she uses her power, she faints. Her constitution isn't so well. So they do not tell the people of her existence, its dangerous for her anyway.

    Non Daalana, Yay!:

    Elijah, crown prince of Sona. His uncle, the sultan's brother invited them to perform for his birthday. He found himself enchanted by Chloe's songs. He wants her to be a part of his harem once he becomes king, which made her people angry but Chloe just laughed at it.

    Actually, Elijah only offered because he wanted to protect her, he's seen the way his uncle looked at her. Law dictates that no one is allowed to touch any of the king's concubines or face death. It was an excellent excuse to get rid of his scheming uncle.

    Gavin, is mercenary gang leader with a secret past, (i think everyone knows where I'm going with this) they came across the Daalana when they arrived at their camp and they offered the gang some of their water and goods.

    They also performed for them as entertainment while they dined during the night. Embarrassed to admit it despite the teasing, Gavin was...enchanted by the triplets specifically the blue eyed one, but he denies it. His people had made the arrangements tho, bastards. Now the dancer was waiting for him on his tent, looking at him seductively.

    Hank is actually a Royal Guard tasked to accompany the Crown Prince's brother who decided to become a merc leader. He was with Gavin ever since he was young so, he will not stop now specially since this boy suddenly didn't want to be part of the royal family.

    Hank found himself innocently pining for Connor who treated him kindly and helped with his wounds after a bandit raid happened in their joined camp. Who secretly saw the triplets finding the rest of the bandits of and uh...torturing them.

    Allen is a Royal Guard Commander who was being seduced by Sixty who was buying the Jericrew time since they couldn't get that friendly with him, being how strict he was compared to his men. Sixty used his wiles on him...super effective but found themselves mutually pining for each other.

    Perkins is the Uncle. He invited the Daalana to hire the triplets to kill his nephew but they refused. So, he has to find other means of doing so. Maybe....brainwashing the Daalana to serve him instead.

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    Raquel Welch photographed on set while filming Myra Breckenridge (1970)

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    did my nails with the gel lamp and its so fucking pog

    #im so impatient so its rly nice to have my polish be 100% dry in 60 seconds #very cool very nice #my nails became short bc of work :( but once they get longer itll be even easier!!! #im excited to collect gel polishes tooooo
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    Eva Darren - Brides of Blood (1968)

    #eva darren gif #brides of blood gif #eva darren #brides of blood #60s movies#60s horror#b-movies#filipino movies #blood island movies #danger on tiki island #hula girl#sixties#1968#gif#gif set#chronoscaph gif
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    environmental storytelling

    #img#dsmp #50/60 rts compared to 200...
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    holy shit ni no kuni 2 is on sale for NİNE DOLLARS?

    #like. instead of 60 #İ remember playing and really liking one of the nnk games as a kid so im really surprised ive NEVER seen anyone talk about it on tumblr? #am İ missing something? why does no one here play it #personal
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    LSD: Insight or Insanity (1967)

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    She protecc

    She attac

    But most importantly...

    She has her daddy's bac

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    Sharon Tate on the shooting of “Eye of the Devil” (France,1965)

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    found a few more pages of The Raven comic book ..... oouggh i want it soooo badly

    #wizard.txt #i read somewhere it took out the ''horror'' elements of it #as in. the talking corpse n the box of eyeballs #and nothing can compare to how funny the effects are but ... #MAN i would love to hae a physical copy of the comic book #too bad its. out of stock everywhere! #i mean its literally a comic abt a b rated sci-fi movie from the 60s #even if i DID find a copy itd probably be SUUUUPER expensive #so for now i can look at the same 3 pages over and over again <3
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    I'm always surprised you wouldn't want to be listed on GrubHub without your permission

    far as I know you can't pay fees to GrubHub if you're not technically partnered with them, so why not take the extra orders

    I get all the reasons but it just seems like the extra orders would benefit you big time since some apps restaurant fees are 20 percent or more I think

    #i rarely take those orders tho #not because they dont pay well or the merchants hate you but that you have to order and pay then stay there #and wait.. or at least i think you do now #they added a little warning how youre not headed to the restaurant. b4 that if an order was gonna take an hour you could leave to so other #orders and come back sometime setting you up for a 60 buck hour or something
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    LE TRÉSOR DES TEMPLIERS FÉLIX LABISSE // 1963 [oil on canvas | 36.4 x 28.7″]

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    Today in crime film / chase movie history: on July 31, 1970 Bonnie and Clyde was re-released in Gent, Belgium.

    Here's some Faye Dunaay fan art!

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    Thomas Ian Griffith as Rock Hudson in Rock Hudson: Life Shrouded in Mystery
    #listening to 50s-60s rock and roll while doing this is just...aces #this darling please I just I am so stupidly in love; #thomas ian griffith #rock hudson; life shrouded in mystery
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    ohuhuhuooohghh my legs hurt...

    #first convention check #we were walking around for the first 7 hours #someone had to be escorted out bc he jumped on stage during the mha cast panel #he said some shit like i am the batman of *the city we were in* #oh yeah i got to see jodie benson perform part of your world live #the main panel room was only ab half full for that #but as soon as the mha cast panel was ab to start it was fuckin PACKED #like 60% of the cosplay was just mha #and now my dad wants
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    i am doing so much thinking about keeg and larry

    #imagine loving someone so much you give up your freedom - the ONE THING you THOUGHT you wanted for 60 years - #to save his life #you can never go home again #he gives you the chance to return to the life HE stole from you #bc like larry did ruin their life too #they were torn from the space by the rift #and keeg was so eager to get back at first #but now they can't even grasp the concept of not #being with him... experiencing with him... #good lord im insane
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    Little ol’me

    #I’m really happy with this makeup look #super cute #and this dress #very 60s#me#selfie#my face#makeup#60s beauty#60s fashion#60s
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