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    brad pitt in a river runs through it, 1992

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    “There is no bathroom!”

    I haven’t watched this movie in decades… yet I found myself remembering and reciting all of the quotes.

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    Behind the scenes of ‘Spiceworld’ The Movie, July 1997 🇬🇧 🌍

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    Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy & Stacey Dash on the set of ‘Clueless’, 1995

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  • leonardo dicaprio in romeo + juliet (1996)

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  • Meeting and Dating Randall “Pink” Floyd


    (Excuse the shit gif)(Requested by anonymous)

    (Fun fact: I had no idea Jason London had a twin and literally just found that out)

    - You and Pink met for the first time after you missed your bus. He’d just finished talking with his friends and was heading out to his car when he noticed you stressing over the payphone, trying to fish quarters out of your bag so that you could possibly get a friend to pick you up.

    - You were just about ready to walk home when he tapped you on the shoulder and asked if you were alright. Sighing, you gave him a quick rundown and he immediately offered to give you a ride. You were a tad hesitant, mostly because you didn’t want to be a bother to someone you barely knew but he insisted, telling you that it was no problem.

    - A wave of relief washed over you and you gratefully thanked him, following him as he led you to his car. To be clear, you did know of him. You vaguely recalled your friends telling you about him and how nice he was, and of course you’d seen a few of his football games so it wasn’t like you were just hopping into a total strangers car.

    - The thing about Pink is that he’s pretty much friends with everybody. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what clique you’re in; he’s down to chat and he’s pretty damn good at it. You’d expected at least a little discomfort and awkwardness during your car ride but there really wasn’t any. He was as sweet as could be and you found yourself actually really enjoying the conversation he’d started.

    - Once you arrived at your house, you thanked him profusely to which he only laughed and assured you that it was no trouble at all. Before he left, he gave you a smile and said he’d see you around school. As he pulled away, you realized that you might have unwillingly developed a crush on the boy. …Little did you know he felt the same.

    - When you went to school the next day you hadn’t really expected anything to happen. You figured that he’d given you a ride and that would be that but as you were putting your things in your locker you felt a familiar tap on your shoulder. You turned a bit and there he was, standing behind you with a smile that made you melt.

    - He greeted you and asked if he could walk you to class to which you obviously agreed. This sort of thing continued on for nearly a week before he stopped you outside of your classroom and asked if you’d like to come hang out with him and his friends after school. You weren’t about to pass up an offer made by a boy you were really starting to crush on so you said yes. He smiled and told you he’d meet you by your locker after the final bell.

    - You spent the entire day anticipating the moment school let out. The instant the bell rang it took everything you had in you not to shoot out of your seat and run down the halls. You took a second to relax, checking yourself over before you started the short trip to your locker.

    - By the time you made it there, Pink was already leaned against the lockers beside yours waiting for you. You got your things and the two of you headed out to his car, driving over to where his friends were meeting.

    - Once you got there, he introduced you to everyone and excused himself to talk with the guys for a few minutes. You spoke to some of the girls in your grade before he came over and stole you away, leading you to a more secluded area where the two of you could chat in private.

    - Prior to this, you only ever really had short conversations so you were more than happy to finally start getting to know each other better. As the two of you sat down, he jokingly proposed that you play twenty questions. You responded “ask me anything” and so the game began.

    - For a while, you were both just asking whatever came to mind: what’s your favorite color, favorite food, favorite subject, favorite band, etc. Then you got to the good stuff, the questions that prompted jokes and stories which had you laughing till you nearly cried. It was after one of these stories that he got to ask the question he’d been saving all week.

    “When’s the last time someone took you out for dinner?”

    “Hmmm,” you laughed, tapping your chin as you pretended to think. “I don’t know. I can’t remember.”

    “How about tonight?” You nearly choked on your drink.

    “Tonight?” You questioned, wanting to make sure he was saying what you thought he was saying.

    “Or now or whenever….” he added, shrugging his shoulders as he attempted to appear nonchalant.

    “Yeah, sure. I’d really like that.”

    A smile spread across his face as you agreed. “Great,” he told you. “So I’ll pick you up at six?”

    - Later that day, he took you to the drive-in and bought you that dinner he’d promised. The two of you went bowling afterwards and you ended the night with a long kiss in the parking lot.

    - After a few more dates the two of you became official and you were both as happy as could be.

    - There’s not a ton of pda in your relationship but he makes sure everyone knows you’re together. 

    - Hanging out on the moon tower. 

    - He’s always ready to defend you when things suddenly go south. 

    - He’s constantly subtly looking out for you. He always has you walk in front of him so he knows where you are, asks a bunch of people if they’ve seen you when you disappear somewhere, walks on the side of the sidewalk closest to the street, etc.

    - It’s the little things that show you he cares. 

    - He can cuddle any which way you want but he’s a pretty big fan of laying his head on your chest while you thread your fingers through his hair. He’s a big baby but you’re the only one allowed to know that.

    - When you want to be cuddled he pulls you into his side and traces patterns down your hips and thighs. 

    - Goodbye kisses. 

    - Handholding.

    - Handshakes. 

    - Sitting on the back of his car with him.

    - Getting him to think more rationally and stop overreacting about the sign up sheet or whatever else is bothering him. 

    - Inside jokes.

    - Playing with his necklace.

    - Constantly swapping cars throughout the night. 

    - It was the 70′s, everybody smoked weed, and he has a pretty good dealer so if you want to try a little bit of the devils grass then he’s down to supply you with it. 

    - Concert dates.

    - Late night cruising.

    - Sometimes he’ll stumble through your window late at night or really early in the morning, a little drunk and wanting to cuddle… or fuck. 

    - Early, early morning drives where the two of you are still a little buzzed but also tired. 

    - Cheering him on at his games even though he isn’t fond of playing. 

    - Hanging out on the football field. 

    - Ruffling his hair.

    - Doing a lot of stupid, reckless shit together. 

    - Making out a lot. 

    - He’s a horny boy, especially when drunk, so be prepared to be felt up every once and a while, or at least for him to attempt to. 

    - Let’s not forget that Pink cheated in his girlfriend, alright? Scummy move, obviously, but I feel like their relationship wasn’t the greatest to begin with? Like he really did not seem into her at all 90% of the time and she seemed like she knew exactly what was up whenever he was doing something. So I feel like under different circumstances he wouldn’t cheat on his girlfriend. 

    - He flirts and teases you a lot. He loves getting you all shy and flustered. 

    - Hearing about all the crazy shit him and his friends get up to, he just scratches the back of his neck and shoots you shy smiles when you look over at him.

    - Laying your head in his lap. 

    - Sitting on his lap, he sits really far back in his seat in general so you’re always able to gently plop yourself down without any fuss. 

    - Since Pink is a bit of an overreacter I can imagine he gets quite jealous. When he does, he doesn’t say anything but he noticeably watches you and the guy until you come over to him. 

    - When you’re fighting, he gets super passive aggressive and annoying so you tend to just sigh and give up after a while. Give him some time  to himself and hope for the best, that’s all I can say. 

    - He really can’t stand seeing you cry. He hates when you’re upset, he always gets super uncomfortable and just tries his best to cheer you up as quickly as possible. 

    - Whenever you have a test, he always tells you not to worry and that you’ll do great. He likes being able to calm you down and be the reason you feel better. 

    - Constantly being introduced to new people since he makes friends every other minute. 

    - Hanging out at the emporium.

    - Going to parties with him. 

    - Double dates with Michelle and Pickford. 

    - He has a habit of holding/pulling you by the belt/belt loops. 

    - Watching him and Dons little comedy routines. 

    - Being gently rough with each other, like he’ll “tackle” you down and start making out with you or you’ll slap each others hands away to keep each other from something. 

    - Letting him rant when he needs to, even if you think what he’s getting upset over is a little silly. 

    - Spending entire nights together. 

    - Jamming out to rock albums and going to the record store together. 

    - Playing pool and Foosball together. 

    - He’s really good at charming your parents and other relatives. Leave it to him, he’ll make them fall in love with him in the span of a barbecue. 

    - He loves when you gently touch him. Brushing something off his cheek, pulling something from his hair, things like that. He has and will always melt when you do. 

    - Letting him copy off your homework and notes when he ditches class. 

    - He says “I love you” sparingly so it always means a lot when he does say it. 

    - You don’t really talk about the future but he’s convinced it’s going to be much better than high school… maybe because you’ll be married?

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