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  • I’m still trapped in my past. You just got free. You gonna tell me about this.

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  • Oof. Talk about left out in the cold. You’d think they’d just broken up given how Eddie is treating Buck.

    #catching up on season three and damn #the tension eith beddie #beddie#buddie#911
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  • Hen is a witch confirmed.

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  • Jesus fuck Eddie, just kiss him already.

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  • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

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  • Having ADHD, being bisexual and falling for their coworkers.

    Jake Peralta 🤝 Evan Buckley

    #9-1-1#buddie#9-1-1 fox#911 #brooklyn nine nine #bi jake peralta #jake peralta
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    • Chimney: Why is Buck crying in the bathroom?
    • Hen: He’s drunk.
    • Chimney: And?
    • Hen: He heard Eddie is married.
    • Chimney: ...
    • Hen: ...
    • Chimney: But he’s Eddie's husband.
    • Hen: I know.
    #hen#henrietta wilson#chimney#howie han#howard han#evan buckley#eddie diaz#buddie #buck x eddie #eddie x buck #buck and eddie #eddie and buck #buck#eddie#911 #911 on fox #incorrect quotes #incorrect buddie quotes #incorrect 911 quotes
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  • What if Eddie and Buck met while Eddie’s visiting his abuela in LA for the holidays with Christopher, before he even considered joining the LAFD?

    Written for the prompts “ice skating” from this list, and “meet cute at the ice rink” from this post. I usually don’t do AUs for this show, so let’s see how it goes!

    You can read it on AO3 here :)


    The Christmas fair is not too crowded and Eddie’s glad he let Christopher convince him to come, just the two of them. They’re staying at Eddie’s abuela in LA for the holidays and her house is never completely quiet this time of year.

    Christopher insists on carrying his own drink and Eddie stands by his side as he does, hiding his fear of something bad happening every step his son takes, so when some adult passes them a little too fast and Chris spills the cup all over another guy who’s kneeling to lace his shoes, Eddie just prepares for the worse. 

    Usually it goes like this. Christopher tries his best. Sometimes he fails. Someone gets angry about it and takes it out on the 7yo kid with crutches. Christopher hides his tears. Eddie apologizes to the adult jerk wishing he could just punch the rude out of the guy.

    This time is different.

    “Are you okay buddy?” the guy asks with the sweetest voice as he helps Christopher to stand still and keep his cup straight so he doesn’t spill more of his drink.

    “I’m sorry I spilled,” Chris says, concern and shame in his voice.

    “Hey that’s okay, I needed a shower anyway,” the guy says wrinkling his nose, “after all the ice skating I don’t smell very good,” he winks at Chris, making him laugh, and Eddie starts to breathe again, a little taken aback by the kindness radiating from that stranger.

    “You went ice skating?” Chris asks turning towards his dad. “Dad can we go too, please?” 

    Eddie sees the smile and the pleading eyes, replacing the shame on his son’s face, and he knows he’s fucked. Every day Eddie tries his best to find the balance between making Chris happy and learning to say no, but some times are harder than others.

    The stranger stands up and holds out his hand for Eddie to shake. “Hi, I’m Evan.”

    “Eddie, and this is Christopher.”

    “Hello Christopher,” Evan says kneeling again to shake Christopher’s hand in a very serious manner. “Have you ever tried ice skating before?” he asks and Chris shakes his head no.

    “I’m not sure he, uh-” Eddie starts, not knowing how to explain that he has no idea if Chris could even stand on skates long enough. 

    Evan seems to understand Eddie’s concerns and he stands up to face him. “Well if you wanna try, maybe a second pair of hands and arms can help?” Eddie frowns but Evan shrugs. “I have time, today’s my day off.”

    Eddie turns to see Christopher watching him, waiting for an answer. “Please, daddy?” 

    “Okay, why not,” Eddie finally says, shaking his head as Evan holds out his hand low enough for the kid to give him a high five.

    Christopher laughs the entire time they’re on the ice, enjoying both the skating and the conversation with Evan, whom Eddie knows is now considered his son’s new best friend. 

    “So, what’s this job you’re off from today?” Eddie asks. They’re helping Christopher take off the skates, as the afternoon is coming to an end.

    “I’m a firefighter with the LAFD,” Evan says with a smile.

    “You’re a firefighter?” Chris looks at him with wide eyes. “That’s so cool.”

    “Yeah it is buddy, I love it very much.”

    “I thought about doing that,” Eddie says, thinking about the list of possible careers he started writing, once he decided his military time was over for good.

    “Yeah?” Evan smiles, and Eddie thinks he may be developing an addiction to that smile. “We have a great training program, I can help you meet the right person to get in. I mean if you want.”

    Eddie shrugs. “I was an army medic, do you think you need one of those?”

    “I think we might, yeah,” Buck smiles even more widely, if that’s even possible.


    “So do you just go around looking for every stranger in need,” Eddie asks, typing Evan’s contact info into his phone, “or did I just get lucky?” he jokes.

    “Serendipity,” Evan says. “If you believe in that.”

    “I’m starting to, yeah,” Eddie admits. 


    “You haven’t stopped smiling since you two got back from the fair,” Abuela tells Eddie, handing him the onions for him to prepare, “what’s that for?” she asks.

    “You know how you always wish you could see Christopher more often?” he says, and she nods. “Might have found a reason to stay.”


    “It’s the best program in the country,” he tells everyone when asked why he moved to LA. They don’t need to know Evan Buckley’s kind smile is all it took for Eddie to shake up his entire life.

    #fluff#meet cute#buddie au#buddie#eddie diaz#evan buckley#911#buddie fic #a very buddie christmas #buddie + christmas #my writing #the title is ridiculous because the fic is cheesy af so it fits #buck buckley
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  • i’m gonna start highlighting romantic tropes used in other tv shows with characters that ended up together and that were used with buddie bc I want to and bc I can

    And i’m gonna start with the office, s1e2, ryan and jim are on pam’s desk watching a video on her computer, ryan asks “i hope she doesn’t mind” talking about pam, and jim says “no she won’t mind” then ryan looks at the girl in the video they’re watching and says “she’s cute” and jim answers “yeah, she’s engaged tho” thinking about pam, and ryan’s like “oh i was talking about the girl in the video” and jim’s like “….oh” and we all know pam and jim end up together so…


    #MMMMM HOW INTERESTING #i know we all know romantic tropes have been used with buck and eddie #i just like pointing it out lmao #911#911 fox #911 on fox #eddie diaz#evan buckley#buddie#male says
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  • Someth at I didn’t notice until now is that from what we’ve seen Buck kind of lives like a messy boy but in the dinner scene with Eddie and Christopher his place is actually clean

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  • Written for my Countdown to Christmas series.

    Word Count: 2622

    Summary:  Seeing the sadness and frustration on Eddie’s face almost made Buck break his silence. Though it was physically paining him, Buck held on to the secret, more determined than ever to make this work. For them.

    Also can be read here


    “Hey, can we talk?” Buck asked as soon as Athena’s face appeared on the screen of his phone. He felt she was the best person to talk with about this, she may know more than he does.

    He could see the question in her eyes as she sat down something she was holding out of frame, “I got a minute or two, what’s up?”

    “I just wanted to ask you,” Buck paused trying to find the right words, “has Bobby shown any odd symptoms at home or anything?”

    He noticed the flash of worry before her expression settled into a look of determination. “What happened?” Before buck could even begin to formulate a response, Athena continued, “and before you try to lie to me and tell that me you were just curious or some bullshit, I know you called me for a reason, so what is it?”

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    #buddie#evan buckley#eddie diaz#christopher diaz#athena grant#bobby nash#911 #countdown to christmas #this was a joy to write #hope you enjoy #fanfic writing hell
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