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  • hildy-stan
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    [First gif: Ravi in bloody white inmate scrubs, walking through the corridor of the prison to turn the HVAC system back on. Episode 5x06.

    Second gif: Ravi in turnout kit saying "I was supposed to save him. Not the other way around." Episode 5x08.]

    #ravi panikkar#ravi#5x06#5x08 #911 on fox #flashing gif #ravi + saving people #rewatching some episodes and the first scene hits differently now that they've given us that sliver of backstory #also i still resent that the ghost roommate stuff got left on the cutting room floor #my thoughts
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  • foxes-and-ravenkings
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Do I know this a continuity error? Yes.

    Am I still losing my mind over 911 going yes this is absolutely the back of Eddie's jacket we see nothing wrong here? Absolutely.

    #911#911 buddie#eddie díaz#buck buckley #or should i say #eddie buckley#asdfghjkl #look all im saying is if they dont want us to ship them #they should stop playing up every single fanfic trope in existence #911 5x06 #911 on fox #talking shit about 911
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  • deluweil
    24.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Thinking about how Buck was obviously terrified for Eddie, but at the same time thinking that all this time in the ambulance Eddie didn't know what happened to Buck, he couldn't possibly know the police would ambush them in the E.R entrance, or if Buck was caught in the crossfire during that takedown.

    I mean:

    That first, "oh thank God he's OK" and "damn you're a sight for sore eyes" look:

    And then he's not quite capable of looking away, even as Buck disappeared into the hospital there's this haunted look in his eyes that say so many things, the first he may have filed away for later was Buck's screaming for him when he first came out of the hospital, the second is "I know I sent you away but I don't really want you out of my sight yet" and also somewhere between "Buck is the only one I can count on to understand what I need and back my play immediately." And him keeping Mitchell's heart pumping is really on auto-pilot because his mind and eyes are definitely still with Buck, probably waiting for him to return quickly.

    At that moment in my opinion Buck was Eddie's anchor in this whole mad situation and I bet Eddie relaxed again when Buck made his way out with the necessary equipment and personnel.

    #this scene lives in my head rent free #buddie#buddie thoughts #i can't sleep #eddie diaz#evan buckley #this is love #and you can’t tell me otherwise #9 1 1 5x06 #911 season 5 #my edits #deluweil is having a lot of thoughts #i have a tag fic for this episode on the way #buddie fandom#911 fox #give me buddie or give me hell
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  • indigo2831
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    '911' Fan Fic: Fates Be Damned

    Genre: Gen, Angst, Friendship, Found Family

    Characters: Evan Buckley, Eddie Diaz

    Summary: Missing scene from 5.06 "Brawl In Cellblock 9-1-1." In the aftermath of the just another crisis, Buck spirals. Eddie helps.

    Author's Note: This took me forever to write, even though it's pretty short. I was so frustrated that Eddie and Buck didn't even talk after the hostage situation. So I fixed it.

    Word Count: 1,120

    Buck had a nearly irrepressible urge to lie on the floor. A spread-eagled and horizontal surrender to the world or karma or whatever deity kept throwing those he loved into the gaping maw of danger.

    He’d been held hostage by murderers.

    And that was after the prison riot, though extinguishing a fire in one of cinder block dungeons California called prisons, barely left an imprint on Buck’s psyche, because all he could focus on now was Eddie in the vicinity of a gun five months after getting shot.

    Eddie, who was on a first-name basis with cardiologists, and was white-knuckling through a break-up and the mental recovery of said shooting.

    It was a nightmare in agonizingly slow motion—that had paralyzed Buck into a near-mute haze of terror.

    That culminated in a gunshot echoing through LA streets—a sickening reverberation that caused physical pain. How had he failed Eddie again? He was even wearing his uniform this time.

    Relief bordered on a macabre joy when he realized the bullet was buried in Mitchell’s brain, and not anywhere near Eddie. And Mitchell’s son would hopefully live a long life, hopefully oblivious to what powered it. And yet the righting of generational wrongs and Eddie being physically unscathed still didn’t smooth over the grating damage of yet another traumatic situation that no one should ever have to endure.

    Buck had bribed access to one of the quiet rooms from a nurse he’d befriended, seeking refuge from the vivid noise and blurring bustle of the ER. He hid from the doctor who kept insisting on checking out his head and detectives and FBI agents who kept asking for his statement.

    The quiet rooms were small slips of space where patient families could huddle for long, tense waits or have difficult conversations with doctors about their loved ones’ care. They’d attempted to make it comfortable and somewhat homey with a coat of pleasant sky blue paint and throw pillows, but with its garishly patterned armchairs and manufactured wood tables, its ambiance was coldly corporate.

    He avoided the chairs and the harsh fluorescent lights and opted to sit on the floor in the dark, chin resting on his knees. A smaller target for the fates, he supposed.

    He wondered how many lives had been shattered in this space. How many people were told that their friend, brother, lover, parent were irrevocably injured or worse, no longer living?

    The specter of grief haunted the room and the halls beyond, a grim film clinging to every manicured crevice, and Buck couldn’t help but be poisoned by it. There was one common thread in all the mayhem that had been wrought in his life in the last five years. Him.

    Buck’s quickly dashed plan to leave the 118 had been one of morose desperation at Maddie and Chimney’s departure. He’d finally had a family he’d searched the world for—becoming an uncle had been a heartrending blessing he hadn’t foreseen—and somehow he’d endangered that, too. Every day without Facetiming Jee Yun was a day Buck lived with an incomplete heart and a disrupted spirit.

    He realized that maybe leaving the 118 wasn’t enough. Maybe to protect his family he needed to leave LA altogether.

    The door opened with a glide of air and a fleeting rush of raised voices and creaking gurneys that reminded Buck he’d been pistol-whipped just a few hours ago, a raw spike of pain behind his eyes. A jagged glitch in his vision. A set of boots identical to his own clumped towards him, disturbing the silence and dissipating the ghosts and Buck’s own mounting demons.

    “What’d you settle on? A tropical island or a giant city with lots of juicy rescues?” Eddie asked with an exhausted sigh.

    Buck cracked his knuckles. “A fjord in Iceland, actually.”

    “I don’t think firefighters there are allowed to tackle the volcanoes,” Eddie said.

    Buck wanted to chuckle but found he either didn’t have the energy or forgot how. “I could work on a fishing boat. I throw a mean net.”

    Eddie leaned against the wall to the left of him and sank down in a poorly controlled slide. “I forgot how many previous lives you’ve had. As open as you are, there are a lot of closed doors, huh?”

    He’d had adventures—surviving a mudslide in Columbia; herded cattle in Montana; tended to a small rose farm in Florida—but all that flare was dulled by the rudderless solitude, the lack of someone to come home to and listen to the day’s events. A different and the brightest chapter of his life started when he was accepted to the firefighter’s academy and put down roots in Los Angeles.

    And he’d burn them to ashes if it meant keeping them safe. Loneliness would be a small price to pay.

    “How’s the insurance situation in Iceland? They probably have national insurance, right, since it’s Europe? Chris’ physical therapy is insanely expensive, but it probably wouldn’t be there. That’s good…” Eddie babbled.

    Buck blamed the head injury for letting Eddie get as far to Googling Iceland’s national language before he interrupted the baffling stream of consciousness. “What the hell are you talking about?”

    “Iceland. If you’re going, we’re going. We can get neighboring fjords. Is that a thing? I don’t even know what a fjord is.”

    “I’m the one that got whacked in the head, but you’re the one speaking nonsense.”

    “I’m saying—Shit happens, Buck....”

    “Then I’m a...shit magnet,” Buck blurted out.

    Eddie popped into his frame of vision without telegraphing his intent to move. But suddenly he was there, cupping his cheek and stealing his attention. “Did you get your head checked out yet? You definitely talk like your brains got scrambled.”

    Buck shrugged out of his grip. “I don’t have a concussion. I’m just...decompressing.”

    “No, you’re thinkin’ crazy if you think me or Chris would let you leave. And I don’t think you get what this whole family truly is, Evan.” Eddie said, brown eyes flashing with conviction. “We’ve both been blindsided by a lot of shit, but I was shot before I met you. My kid was hurt probably before he was born. So I’m saying you’re stuck with us. And I know the Buckleys have you all twisted up in knots, and life has taught you that loving something is leaving them, but that’s not how it works.”

    “You’re taking me hostage?” This joke and the smile came easily.

    “Something like that.”

    His words and their intention had permeated the shellshocked shroud, and a rush of warmth and love and family rushed in. Buck’s mouth lifted in the barest hint of a smile.

    Maybe he could keep fighting for a little while longer, fates be damned.


    #911 fan fic #911 fic#evan buckley#eddie diaz #buck x eddie #buddie #fix it fic #911 5x06#911 spoilers#angst#found family #fates be damned
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  • stypidwthluv
    17.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    In the latest episode of 9-1-1, I noticed a thing.

    Well… okay so I didn’t notice until I was scrolling through gifs of it just now but I noticed a thing nonetheless.

    Now, in 5x08 (Defend in Place), the general theme is telling the people you care about how you feel while you can (Rupert and the nurse whose name escapes me, Micheal and David, and the brain surgery patient and his fiancé).

    But the part I’ve seen a lot of people focusing on is the conversation between Eddie and Buck near the truck, which is fair we haven’t really seen them talk in couple of episodes (5x06 doesn’t count they never actually talked about ANY of it) and every time they’ve been on screen other than work they’ve been distant from each other.

    Exhibit A:

    Based on the framing of this shot I would say that Eddie is the one maintaining the distance as of right now because he is the ONLY one shrouded in shadows. And he is the only one sitting somewhere without an empty seat next to him. Meaning he sat there purposefully and chose to separate himself.

    Anyway, what I noticed is that in that conversation between Eddie and Buck in 5x08 I saw this:

    Buck looks down.

    When Buck ran to Eddie after the whole situation in 5x06 he full on sprinted never looking at his feet.

    Only at Eddie. But in 5x08 he doesn't. When Buck talks to someone about something serious he looks them in the eye unless it's something either he doesn't want to talk about or doesn't feel like it's okay for him to talk about.

    I think that him looking down is him sort if asking for permission to broach a serious topic with Eddie (something they've never had to do before). Demonstrating that despite the clearly established distance between the two he still wants to be there for Eddie.


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  • littlespooneven
    16.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #i've decided to switch them back in my head #ghost stories was 5x06 actually and the hostage situation only happened last week :) #911 spoilers#anon#asks#5x08
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  • zelo-never-dies
    15.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    two of the prettiest (also super soft) badass boyfriends ever

    #buddie#eddie diaz#evan buckley#911 fox#911 spoilers #brawl in cell block 9-1-1 #911 5x06#own #they're just so beautiful #i could look at this forever
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  • eg515
    14.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    thoughts about 911 5x06:

    it showed more of soldier!Eddie and how his past affected and changed him than Eddie Begins did

    the hostage part of the episode couldn't have worked with any other pairing, it relied heavily on the silent communication and dynamics Eddie and Buck have

    love the unsaid part of Athena and Bobby's conversation about Ravi

    the distance between Buck and Eddie outside of work is getting bigger and more obvious, as is the distance between Taylor and Buck. I'm excited to see where these relationships will go. I don't even mean romantically, just as important relationships Buck has

    it's nice to see Chim is not forgotten while he's not here

    the direct line between dispatch and the prison is interesting, I hope we will get to see more of it, and more of dispatch in general

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  • wanderingwomanwondering
    14.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Can we please just revisit the fact that one evan “buck” buckley - a highly skilled, highly trained firefighter daredevil hero - has a tendency to forget his personal copy of the Arms & Legs User Manual (30th Edition) when dashing to save the life of one edmundo “eddie” diaz?

    #otp: you can have my back any day #in conclusion: they’re in love your honor #911 fox#911 3x15#911 5x06#buddie#eddie diaz#evan buckley
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  • promosbrasil
    13.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    THE BEST TV SHOWS THIS WEEK 11-08/11-12 (2021) PROMO

    #NewAmsterdam#GreysxStation19#greys#Station19#series#TVShows#TVseries#Youtube #station 19 5x06 #new amsterdam 4x09 #chucky#chucky 1x06#chicago fire#chicago med#chicago pd#legacies#legacies 4x06 #911 lone star #911 lone star on fox #911 lone star season 3 #one chicago #one chicago fall finales
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  • jessicawhitlysimp
    12.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    after 5x06 ppl are like “buck must be so traumatised 🥺🥺” as if eddie didn’t have a guy shot himself right behind him and the perform cpr on his dead body

    #eddie diaz#evan buckley#911 #911 on fox #911 season 5 #911 5x06
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  • wanderingwomanwondering
    12.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Buddie 506 - More Hostage Situation Ramblings

    Mostly fear, focus, the noble sacrifice, and the casualty of war plus a few other random thoughts on my brain from that ep

    Buck’s eyes were trained on mitchell’s gun the whole time they were in the ambulance with him. So much so that buck really wasn’t paying any attention to the wounded guard, and when he was at least sort of thinking about the guard he seemed to be at a loss on how to be a paramedic. That’s a big deal since I’m pretty sure buck is in fact a trained and certified paramedic. That’s not his primary role on the team for sure but he pinch hits on some cases. That said, buck’s need for eddie’s steady stream of specific direction on what tools were needed for a basic intubation is kinda blowing my mind.

    I get following eddie’s lead on a medical call, that makes total sense, but it felt more like buck’s mind was just not all there with the guard so the best he could do in the moment was pass tools to eddie and even then only if eddie told him specifically which tool and exactly where to find them. It all just underscores how scared buck was that mitchell might shoot eddie. Buck just couldn’t focus enough in that situation to fully take care of the guard and also possibly have to throw himself in front of a bullet to protect eddie at a moment’s notice.

    Buck managed his fear pretty well all things considered but his fear for eddie and chris was still louder than his own survival instinct. He tried to defend chris, couldn’t focus on the guard because he needed all his brain power for a possible quick dive in front of a bullet, and he tried to resist leaving eddie alone in the ambulance with mitchell at all when mitchell told him to go. Buck was in active noble sacrifice mode (actively refusing to be “just the guy standing there when it happened who couldn’t do anything to protect him”).

    Eddie was different. By comparison, buck’s more obvious fear/appropriate concern for his loved ones underscores how cool and collected eddie was during the hostage situation. Eddie didn’t even start to drop his chill exterior until buck was out of immediate danger. Any fear eddie might have felt he played it close to the vest and used it to sharpen his focus and leverage whatever power he did have in the hostage situation. He was strategizing and sizing mitchell up from the jump.

    That makes total sense given who eddie is as a person (mr. control aka mr. bury your shit and carry on) and his military training too (mr. “i’m familiar with the ordinance”). Still, once buck - and chris by extension - were safe i really think eddie became more lax about his own life. Not completely uncaring, just lax.

    Eddie was in casualty mode (“war zones are my thing”). If he had to be a cost of war, so be it. Honestly for a dude at gunpoint, he was surprisingly adversarial with mitchell early on once they were alone. Of course eddie doesn’t want to die but he also wasn’t putting on kid-gloves with mitchell, which you’d expect some amount of kid-gloving when confronting a dude with a gun. He didn’t want things to go south but he was prepared to be a casualty if they did.

    Also all of that really solidified my sense that mitchell really was a stand-in for an aspect of eddie’s psyche. He was arguing with himself. It makes him being in casualty mode all the more interesting, and the “he’s dead but his heart isn’t” part super meaningful. He doesn’t think much of his own heart but buck’s he knows, appreciates, loves, and respects. I’ve said it before and I’ll say again: buck is eddie’s heart/bypass. The symbolism there (assuming I’m not just unhinged and making shit up) is wild!

    So, back to my point. Buck and eddie’s hero energy throughout the hostage situation was so similar but still so distinct: noble sacrifice versus casualty of war. Noble sacrifice is an explicit intentional act by a brave person, putting one’s self - body, heart, and soul - directly between another person and harm with full knowledge that death is not just possible but probable or even flatly guaranteed. Casualties of war are brave fighters whose untimely death is generally more a function of war itself through unintentional wounds sustained in battle or being lost long enough/ in a way that they’re presumed dead. The distinction isn’t unequivocal irl but bear with me for 911 meta purposes 👀

    In the buddie case, buck is all noble sacrifice and eddie is, at least in his own head, a casualty of war. Buck knows what he’s doing and why, and those “reckless choices” come “from his heart because he cares”, as bobby said in 414. With the ep’s themes of heart-centered sacrifice and necessary death for a worthy cause throughout the ep, it’s fascinating that buck’s approach to the hostage situation most echoes those themes, though the ep and the mitchell conversations were parallel to eddie’s situation.

    It kinda reinforces the sense that eddie has given up on himself, given up on being able to live his own heart/truth because he’s at war with himself. He’s sustained wounds. He’s gotten lost in his inner darkness which he has yet to talk about but has been symbolized a bit like at the hospital toward the end of 506 when he’s sitting alone in the dark. He’s starting to feel like the walking dead, he wasn’t even in 507. He/his own buried heart is a casualty of his war with himself.

    Eddie can still be saved though. I don’t think he sees that quite yet. That’s what buck will help him see. Eddie can (re)claim his heart. He has to because any other scenario isn’t good for him or for chris either!

    All of this has to be building to something and I really need to know what exactly. The unresolved/unrealized buddie of it all is destroying me. Tbh at this point I’m not even sure if I’m making any sense anymore, I just need traction on this buddie business. *exasperated sigh*

    If you got to the end of this, thanks for humoring me. It all seems so meaningful but I get doubtful sometimes. Putting my hamster wheel of thought out there helps me cope with whatever the hell is going on with these two beautiful idiots.

    #i just want them to be canon queer and happy together #let them be happy together already damn it!!! #911 fox#911 meta#long meta#911 5x06#buddie#eddie diaz#evan buckley
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  • megslovesbooks
    12.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I am never going to finish this fic… 😩💀

    They’ve just started the next movie, Lego Batman in full batmode, when Eddie gets up and starts clearing the dishes off the coffee table. Its another break in tradition. Usually Buck clears the dishes and sets the kitchen to rights while Eddie is getting Chris in bed before they both join in for the bedtime story. Buck moves to stand, reaching for one of the empty plates, but Eddie waves him off.

    “I got it.” He says, and vanishes into the kitchen before Buck can formulate a protest. A few minutes pass before there is the sound of breaking glass.

    “Fuck!” Eddie says, loud enough to make both Buck and Chris jump. They look at each other, startled, then Buck forces a grin.

    “Oops.” He says lightly, reaching over to squeeze Chris’ arm in what he hopes is a reassuring way. “Five bucks in the swear jar for dad!” Chris smiles at the joke but there is still worry etched all over his face. The Diaz household doesn't have a swear jar. Eddie never uses language like that in front of Christopher. Buck used to tease him about it until one night when it was late and Eddie had told him that his dad used to swear at him and his sisters when he was angry at them, and how even though it was only words, they made Eddie feel so small and afraid. Something’s wrong.

    “It's OK buddy.” Buck says gently, tucking Chris’ blanket a little more snugly around his legs then pushing himself to his feet. “I’m going to help in the kitchen for a minute, we’ll be right back.” He glances back at the couch as he passes the dining room table. Chris has turned his attention back to the movie but he’s clearly still on alert, half listening to whatever it is that’s happening behind him. With a sigh Buck eases into the kitchen and closes the door softly behind him, unsure what he’s walking into.

    At first glance nothing is amiss, Eddie is bent over the sink, water running full blast, he seems fine. But then Buck sees the shards of the broken plate that litter the counter and floor and the way Eddie’s body seems to be trying to push as far away from the water as it can while keeping his hands under the stream, every line of his back a rigid, silent scream.


    #911 fic#eddie diaz#evan buckley #set post 5x06 #I’ve been trying to write this for nearly two weeks #rip me #911 on fox
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  • fiona-fififi
    12.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I swear to god there is a moment in 5x06 when Eddie is leaving that hospital, right after he says I'm gonna go see mine, where he hesitates for a split second and glances back toward Buck, is there not? Like, am I imagining that? Because if not, do you know how huge that feels?

    #i truly do not think it's eddie maintaining this distance #he's reaching for buck—however subtle it may be—and he's just waiting for buck to reach back #buddie#eddie diaz#evan buckley#911#911 s5#911 5x06 #random buddie thoughts
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  • cowboy-eddie
    11.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Instead of going back to his apartment, Buck goes home with Eddie in the aftermath of the hospital. There, Eddie snuggles with Christopher, and the two adults do some much needed talking. They hug, of course, because what kind of cruel asshole would I be if I didn't let them hug?

    #Buck#9-1-1#911 #Evan Buckley #Evan Buckley#Eddie Diaz #9-1-1 on fox #911 on fox #fanfiction #9-1-1 season 5 episode 6 #911 5x06
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  • ghostly-writer
    09.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Supernatural fans watching 911 Fox

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  • ghostly-writer
    09.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Buck’s face when he hears the gunshot and thinks it’s Eddie

    #sorry for the quality #9 1 1 fox #9 1 1 5x06 #evan buck buckley #911 5x06#evan buckley#911 fox#Oliver stark
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