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  • tylerhunklin
    18.05.2021 - 59 seconds ago

    He looks for Buck first.

    He probably shouldn’t — he’s surrounded by EMTs and not alone in the desert this time, help isn’t coming, it’s already here — but seeing Buck and making sure lead isn’t ripping through him too is the only thing that makes sense to him at the moment.

    The first thing he processes is blood — a Rorschach test of red on white and blonde. It takes a second of scanning Buck up and down and over and over before he realizes that it’s his blood, not Buck’s, and for a minute, all he feels is sweet relief. He’s safe. Unharmed at least. Shaken and dirty but whole in front of Eddie, just like he should be, just like Eddie promised him he would always make sure of. That’s all that matters.

    When he hits the ground, he looks for Buck.

    Panics for a minute when he sees him down there too, through the truck, eyes blank and unblinking. But there’s still no holes in him, and he sees Captain Mehta’s hand on his head and arm on his back, so he’s pretty sure he’s still safe. It’s a little harder to remember now — there’s a pool of sticky warmth beneath him and he’s tired, so tired. The rational part of his brain that’s still working is screaming don’t close your eyes stay awake keep your eyes on Buck stay awake but it’s hard, nearing impossible the longer he’s down. 

    He feels himself getting pulled deeper and deeper, and despite it all, despite the screaming and the shots he still hears, despite the strength literally leaking out of his body, he tries to reach forward. He knows with every broken fiber of his being that if he can just get to Buck, close those last feet between them, he’ll be safe. Buck won’t let anything happen to him, he’ll make everything better. And right now, things really couldn’t be worse.

    But in an instant, his body stops listening to him, heavy and uncooperative, and he sees Buck’s eyes shift from blank to panicked. He feels his own eyes start to close, feels the darkness that had been creeping in the corners of his vision come front and center, and the last things he thinks of are blue eyes and blonde curls and following your heart.


    He wakes to beeping and whispers and an aching in his whole body, and the only person he wants is Buck.

    There’s a hand in his, squeezing, but it’s too small and soft and he knows it’s not who he wants. Sure enough, when he can finally crack his eyes open, he’s greeted with long dark curls instead of short blonde ones, and in his drugged up, wounded state, he almost loses it. But he must have said something or done something or who knows, because the hand is being pulled out of his and she’s whispering, “He’s with Chris, I’ll go get him,” before she goes. The silence she leaves behind is almost deafening but welcoming, wrapping around Eddie, comforting him while he waits for the only thing that’s going to make everything close to okay.

    Buck skids to a stop in the doorway — like he’d just run across the hospital or across town or across the world to get here — and Eddie’s ripped open all over again.

    He’s a mess, wearing an LAFD shirt now but face still stained with blood, with Eddie's blood. The circles around his eyes are so dark they look fake, and he looks just as broken as Eddie feels. He pauses, like he thinks this isn’t exactly where he should be, exactly where Eddie needs him to be, before he’s rushing to Eddie’s side and sinking into the now empty chair. He takes Eddie’s hand in both of his and brings it up to his mouth, a gentle press of lips and a shaky exhale fanning over the back of it. 

    “Eddie, I—” he starts, choking on a gasp. Knowing Buck, he’s probably trying to apologize for something, which is stupid, because he’s not the one who shot Eddie. He might be foggy, but he knows that much. And he remembers what he actually did — crawling under the fire truck, crawling to Eddie, yanking him to safety and using his hands and nothing else to try and stop the bleeding. There’s nothing he could possibly be apologizing for because he’s the reason Eddie’s awake.

    “You—” he swallows thickly, throat dry and raw and filled with too many emotions, “you had my back.”

    Buck laughs, laughs, wet and broken but still one of the best sounds Eddie’s ever heard. He nods, squeezing Eddie’s hand again, and Eddie pours all of his strength into squeezing back.

    “I did,” Buck says. “I promised I would.”

    He knows this is just the beginning of a long, grueling, painful process. He knows he’s going to hit road bumps and get set back and be so frustrated with himself and the world that none of it will seem like it’s worth it.

    But right now, Buck is holding his hand, and he thinks that might just be enough.

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  • tksyellowhoodie
    18.05.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    In the promo for the finale Buck says to Christopher "Your dad isn't coming home tonight."

    That's not how you tell a kid their dad is dead, that's like "there's been an accident and someone has to stay in hospital."

    #911 on fox #evan buck buckely #evan buckley#Eddie Diaz#christopher diaz#911 spoilers #Yes I'm grasping at straws #Clinging on to every inch of hope #buddie
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  • yelenabelous
    18.05.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    me after watching 4x13

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  • xxfiction-is-my-realityxx
    18.05.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Quick question: Has it been a week already? I've waites long enough now after the last episode.

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  • all--and--more
    18.05.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    as much as I think that scene ™ can be a feelings realization moment for both Eddie AND Buck, in my mind it's more a feelings realization for Buck and some kind of "I could die at any moment so why am I not living for myself?" moment of Eddie

    You see, this whole season we've been catching Eddie's heart eyes towards Buck. I think he already realized that he feels something else for him, but he just doesn't wanna admit it yet. Maybe he thought it was just loneliness? He doesn't think about himself, only about what he thinks would be better for Christopher. But this scene proves that they can die at literally any moment, not only at calls, so why is he not thinking about what he wants and needs?

    And Buck, we know he wants a "meaningful relationship". And Taylor told him his life is nothing but meaningful relationships, but I guess he only realized he already had a meaningful relationship, the way he wanted it to be, that very moment when Eddie is shot.

    #911 spoilers #i cant stop thinking about this shit #buddie#evan buckley#eddie diaz #911 on fox
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  • lonestar126
    18.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    not me just now catching up on last weeks 911...what is this treasure hunt storyline 🙃

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  • bvckactually
    18.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    okay but tim kept on teasing that in the finale, it won’t be like 2x18 where we knew buck survived. and there was a scene in the teaser about bobby maybe being trapped with the sniper? so, i think they won’t leave us hanging about eddie’s condition and the cliffhanger if they would either survive or not could be pertaining to bobby?

    #just let eddie live and have him be ready to finally confront his feelings for buck ty #buddie#911 fox
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  • daily911
    18.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    He barely acknowledged we were in the room, Chim. And when I asked questions, he acted as if I offended him. Like, ‘How dare you?’

    Image ID: gifset of a scene from 911, season 4, episode 13 Suspicion. Hen and Chim are in the lounge area of the firehouse.

    gif 1: Hen looks over to Chim and says, “I mean, I hate to think it, but maybe our experience would have been different if he had looked more like us.“

    gif 2: Chim nods his head silently. He then responds, “I was a 12-year-old Korean boy translating to the doctor on behalf of my sick mother. Makes you wonder how bad it is for a patient who doesn't have anyone, no one to advocate for them.“

    gif 3: Hen says, “That's why people like you and me can't put all our trust in doctors. Because they don't trust us.“

    gif 4: Hen continues, “Because they don't trust us. To know how we're feeling, to-to know when something's wrong.” Chim again silently nods in agreement.

    gif 5: Hen forcefully says, “I know something’s wrong, Chim.”

    gif 6: Chim leans forward in his chair and turns to Hen and responds, “What you need are some brilliant medical minds to bounce ideas off of.“

    gif 7: Hen shrugs her shoulders and asks, “You know any of those?”

    gif 8: Chim holds up one of Hen’s medical textbooks and says, “I’m pretty sure you do.” Hen stares at the book.

    #911#911 fox#911edit#911onfoxedit#hen wilson#chimney han#hen#chimney#medical racism#911 spoilers#s4 #4.13 #myedit #i drive an extra half hour to see a specific pcp because of this #switched gyns because of this #and i esp love the mention of advocacy #because even if you know shit you still have to know how to advocate for yourself/family #also FURIOIUS we did not get to see Chim with Hen's study group #I need to see Chim and Sidney interact
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  • cirrius-akiyo
    18.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    Send various gifs to my cousin who is a doctor to ask her opinion about Eddie's prognosis.

    She was like: is this the closeted gay firefighter you've been telling me about?

    I was like: yeah.

    And then she went: HE GOT BANGED ALRIGHT.

    And later she said: Eh, you got one firefighter who is still on the job after getting crushed by a firetruck and another after getting a rebar through his head.

    This is flesh wound.

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  • deans-buckley
    18.05.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    when we get buck crawling to eddie under the fire truck next week i can already see the edits to hozier’s work song coming in give me it

    #i feed off pain #this is exactly what we wanted..... right? #911 fox #911 fox spoilers #buddie
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  • dicapitoe
    18.05.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Great Maddie has PPD. So I’m sure there will be a bunch of CoC catering to her ...again.

    #911 Fox #well at least they moved past the DV #but not by much
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  • abow123456
    18.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    me, after watching last nights episode

    #911 fox #911 on fox #eddie diaz#911 #if they kill Eddie off #I’ll never forgive them #evan buckley#christopher diaz#bobby nash#athena grant#hen wilson #howie chimney han #maddie buckley
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  • lonestar126
    18.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    okay besties, when i hit the new episodes i'll be live blogging :)

    #911 on fox #911 lone star #911 ls #911 ls 2x13 #episode chat 2x13
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  • mrsblueyedbabe
    18.05.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    I’ve been waiting for Louis Tomlinson’s first album for years. I can survive one week of waiting, can’t I?

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  • bvckactually
    18.05.2021 - 16 minutes ago
    EDDIE reaching out for BUCK twice in Suspicion / 4x13.
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  • princessfbi
    18.05.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Out of Reach

    They were back where they swore they would never be again. Buck beneath the truck and Eddie just out of reach.

    Read on Ao3

    Rated: T | Oneshot Coda | Words: 1,516

    #Evan 'Buck' Buckley #Eddie Diaz#Hen Wilson #911 on fox #4x13 coda#911 fanfic #It's the way that it hurt to just write Eddie's name #I feel like I've been hit by a truck #my sweet Eddie #Evan Buckley #my fic writing
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  • nhlfthallsy
    18.05.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    you’re laughing. eddie was bleeding out in the street and the last thing he did before he closed his eyes was reach out for buck and you’re laughing.

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  • dicapitoe
    18.05.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    How is a sick kid that useless? He didn’t even attempt to get on the balcony to help her?

    #911 Fox #weird shit bro
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  • remi-briggs
    18.05.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    ok yall we were so busy worrying over them killing eddie that we didn’t even think about maddie? what if she leaves the show? cause now they showed her depression and she’s doubting herself and believes she’s a bad mother + there was that phone call with chimney “[charlie] is gonna be better off without [his mom]” and maddie’s face after that?? like maybe she wondered if jee wouldn’t be better off without her? i don’t want her running away but what if that’s supposed to be some big plot twist?? (get her into therapy right fcking now please) cause also there’s may now in the dispatch center to ‘replace’ maddie on our screens if there was a need for that. i hope the decision she makes isn’t that though, maybe just taking time off work to deal

    #chim please notice that something is not okay with ur baby mommy #911 fox
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  • rhomaa2
    18.05.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Not to be a Buddie clown on main but my face is painted and i am ready 🤡

    So like that prolonged eye contact and Eddie reaching out for Buck as he's lying there bleeding out was pretty gay and totally leading up to Buddie canon. Apparently even casual fans thought there was something inherently romantic about how they framed the scene (which they are not wrong, it practically reads fanfiction)

    But that got me to thinking about the Carla scene and her telling Eddie to follow his heart and not Christopher's, which yes! Boy needs to find the person he wants and not just someone who he thinks is "easy" - gotta love his description of that relationship. So thank you Carla for hopefully helping in the leadup to the EddieAna breakup!

    We already knew that the dinner wasn't gonna be all sunshines and rainbows though because Cocoa Brown kind of hinted at the fact multiple times on insta, saying that things are not what they seem (which hopefully this means that the big Diaz family dinner in the next episode actually is a dream sequence, that would make the picture not what it seems) and that Carla would have something to say and she did!

    But then Cocoa went off on the whole attacking Buddie shippers when people rightfully pointed out that GW shouldn't be playing a Latina character as a non-Latina. Except i'm wondering if that whole thing was actually a misdirect. Like Cocoa shared a pretty big clue that the EddieAna nonsense wasn't going to last, which lead all us clowns to the Buddie endgame route even more aggressively, so what if she actually got in trouble for sharing that info.

    Like maybe they wanted the Buddie endgame (and you can't change my mind about them being slowburn endgame) to be more of a secret and to make us, and even the casual viewers to think that the EddieAna relationship was here to stay, the pictures without the Cocoa comments do kind of lead you to that assumption, but she did sort of spoil that theory if you take what she said at face value. It was after those original comments that she started to get more shady with the Buddie stans attacks and also the cryptic emojis when asked about Taylor Kelly.... almost as if she was told to be vaguer if she was going to post, and to mislead the conversation a bit. Because let’s face it, her credibility as a source for info was kind of ruined after she went on the attack. I at least saw multiple people no longer deciding to trust anything she says in regards to Buddie or any other ships.

    tldr: Cocoa was silenced for letting slip that the EddieAna nonsense wasn’t gonna last and Buddie endgame is happening 🤡

    #I needed to rant about these fictional characters #this ep killed me #like it almost killed eddie #cocoa was silenced you can't change my mind #Buddie#buddie endgame#anti eddieana #anti ana flores #eddie diaz#carla price#evan buckley#911 #911 on fox
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