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  • friendlyneighborhoodmothman
    03.12.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    im fully prepared to put on my clown shoes if the entire fire fam isn’t back together for a family gathering in this upcoming christmas episode 🤡

    #how can 9-1-1 continue to be my comfort show if my favorite found family isn’t together for the holidays #911 fox #911 s5 speculation #fire fam
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  • shh-im-fangirling
    03.12.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    All it took was a photo of Eddie Diaz and I decided to keep watching S5b live at 2am (Italy) because he is worthy 😍

    #I'll keep ignoring t*ylor during her scenes #if she's still in the show #911 on fox #911 fox#eddie diaz
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  • tarlosandbuddieshipper
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Chim: I just hope they don’t take the coffee

    Buck: I’d quit

    Chim: Oh yeah. That’ll save’em 50 bucks a week

    #911 fox #911 incorrect quotes #911onfox#chim han#evan buckley#911 show#911 chimney #911 evan buckley #inspired incorrect quote by criminal mind quotes
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  • theseventeenstairs
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #santabuckley#bobby nash#athena grant#bathena #911 on fox #my skin gets clean every time the show reminds us that #ask#answered #i love them so much your honor #oh the delight of getting an ask from you ☺
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  • rhomaa2
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Really need someone to write a Buddie single all the way au with Eddie as Peter and Buck as Nick

    Maybe just tweaked a bit so that Christopher is still in it because we can't not have Chris

    #911 on fox #buddie#fic request #single all the way #idec that it would be ooc i just want them as besties and in love #like in the show
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  • biohczard
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    while i was leaving work the two banks across the street from us had like smoke coming from them and there were explody sounds and idk whats going on i cant find any articles abt it or anything i lit called my store like hey i know i just clocked out and im going to my car but like theres explody sounds across the street thats probably hard to hear in store but very loud out here and i wanna make sure yall are aware because it could be nothing but on the off chance its something i want to make sure youre all okay and now im just at home v v concerned ahahahah

    #out. #i may get on lappy i dont think i can nap now im too worried for my coworkers #lITERALLY AFTWR WE ALL GOT YELLED AT THIS MORNING #technically not me bc ive never been tardi but yknow #yell at one u have to yell at all for fairness #im concerned ima distract myswlf for a bit and respond to ims and things when i get on lappy after ive chilled ahahahaha #im concerned i hope everyones okay #no iw asnt staying i wasnt even leaving in the direction of the bank i took the long way home im dumb but not that dumb #if it was just one bank w explody sounds and smoke id assume its an atm exploding #two banks across the street from each other? a little fishy #and of course in this county a fucking serial killer wont even get reported so im probably wasting my time by trying to see if anyone says #anything about what it is #i wanted to call 911 but honestly our cops started charging if they show up and it doesnt involve guns #and i dont have the momey to pay for trying to keep eople alive lol
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  • an-kerrigan
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    took a nap and got trapped in a nightmare I literally could not wake up from despite being semiconscious because my body was paralyzed so I had to endure the "wake-realize I can't move and panic-pass back out and have the same nightmare of stroking out alone in my apartment and being unable to call for help-pass out in the dream and wake up irl again" cycle no fewer than 5 times.

    #welcome to the dumbass show #every iteration was a little bit different too #once I woke up and there were people I didn't know in my apartment #once I woke up to someone actively moving in and with my brain dying I had to figure out where all the mystery furniture was coming from #once I managed to call 911 but couldn't talk so I just wheezed and moaned into the receiver and scared the dispatcher #another time I made it outside where a bunch of people were and everyone just thought I was some weirdo #and ignored me while I was literally dying on the lawn #oh yeah and I time traveled once
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  • trans-evanbuckley
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Well, I broke 100 notes on that Buddie meme.... In like 5 hours, which is insane for me. So, thank you 911 fandom, for making me feel hella welcome.

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  • evaneds
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Buddie first kiss in turnout gear or in their uniforms

    #Pretty please? #It'd it epic #It'd be so recognizable #Like #Everyone would know what show it is #I've been thinking about this for like a year now #Buddie#911#random ramblings
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  • howtosingit
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I’m gonna throat-punch the person running the Lone Star socials and I won’t even try to make it look like an accident

    “the agony of waiting for season 3″ 


    #911 lone star #I was looking through my archive today and apparently we got 2 new promos for season 2 within two days #so their marketing has always been a mess #I'm guessing once the fall shows are wrapped up they'll switch focus to january #not sure how much we'll get but I'm sure it will be... something #it might be a loaded few weeks #we'll see 🤷🏻‍♂️
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  • nilefreemans
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ya'll need to support gif/edit makers outside the hour after an episode airs

    its discouraging to creators who make fandom fun from making more content

    #this is the 911 fandoms #some edits need more time #reblog after the show ends #same with every tv fandom
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  • babydagger28
    02.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Just started watching the latest 911 episode, and all i can say is that i love how much firefam content we're getting, also spoilers in the tags

    #okay but i actually forgot how much i love this show #after like a week and a half and im over here acting like i went a whole year #it felt like it lol #also buck not knowing how to cook threw me for a loop #cuz all the fics ive read hes this amazing cook because bobby has been teaching him #and ima be jonest the whole taylor arc? lowkey digging it #i still dont like them as a couple but i see them bwing good friends #Buck is an amazing boyfriend tho #not bobby calling Buck out on his communication issues tho #bobby got a point tho👀 #911 spoilers #911 season 5
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  • bloodqueendean
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    i want to her more about the gay girls at the beginning of the new 911 episode

    #scrap everything and make a show about them #911#911 show
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  • ailelie
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    tree shopping

    "You know, when you asked me to go tree shopping, this isn't what I had in mind," Buck said, gesturing down the aisle of boxed trees. Nearby a small forest of fake trees twinkled.

    "Real trees are nothing but fallen pine needles and fire hazards," Eddie said, examining the pictures on several boxes. "What do you think of this one. It has snow frosted needles."

    "So a fake tree wasn't enough. You need fake snow, too?"

    Eddie rolled his eyes, but pushed the box back into the shelf. "Well, which ones do you like? You're not exactly helping here, Buck."

    Buck hummed and pointed to a box. "What about this one? I like the long needles."

    Eddie moved across the space between Buck and the trees to examine the box. "It isn't too tall, either."

    "I know how high your ceilings are."

    Eddie gave Buck a strange look, but only said, "I know you do." He pulled out the long box and, with Buck's help, settled it in the cart.

    "Do you need to get ornaments, too?"

    "Nah, we've got those. It was just the old tree that decided to break last night." He pushed the cart down the aisle toward the registers. "Do you want to help decorate after Chris gets out of school?"

    Buck's grin was both immediate and immediately shadowed. "Are you sure you don't mind?"

    "Wouldn't offer if I did."

    "Then I'm there."

    As they passed the ornaments, Eddie slowed.

    Buck frowned. "I thought you didn't need anymore?"

    "I don't, but why don't you pick some out so that you have some of your own to add to the tree? Unless you have some at home you can bring?"

    "You want me to add my own ornaments to your and Chris' tree?"

    Eddie flushed. "You don't have to."

    "No, I want to. Just, let me pick some out. I didn't exactly carry ornaments around with me during my travels. And the ones I have at home are nothing special." He patted Eddie on the shoulder as he moved past him and into the ornaments aisle.

    Eddie watched as Buck carefully scanned the aisle looking for the perfect ornaments. This his face widened with a smile and he plucked a box off the shelf. He showed Eddie the box as he walked back to the end of the aisle. It was a set of three dog ornaments.

    "This one looks just like you," Buck said, pointing to the middle dog.

    "I don't look like that," Eddie said, squinting at the dog.

    "You totally do," Buck answered, slipping the box into the cart. "Chris will back me up."

    "Of course he will," Eddie said in a huff, but his smile belied his annoyance.

    They walked to the front of the store and checked out.

    "Are we picking up Chris on the way home?" Buck asked.

    Eddie glanced at the clock. "We're early still. Finding a tree didn't take as long as I thought it would."

    "Because of my keen eye."

    "Right. Do you want to come with me or should I drop you off at home first?" Eddie asked.

    "I haven't seen Chris in a while," Buck said, "But--"

    "No 'buts.' Let's go get Christopher. And, by the way, no matter how cutely he asks, we are not getting ice cream on the way home."

    "But Eddie, kids need after school snacks," Buck said as Eddie pulled out of the parking space.

    "Then you can make him something healthy when we get home. No sugar."

    "Fine. You said we're early, right?"

    "Yeah, why?"

    Buck gestured to a nearby supermarket. "I want to grab some celery and raisins. I'll make him ants on a log. You have peanut butter?"

    Eddie turned for the supermarket. "Probably better to grab that, too."

    #tree shopping#drabble#pre-buddie#911#evan buckley#eddie diaz #i have this thing that one way to show a family coming together is mixing old ornaments together
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  • enbyeddiediaz
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    ok so. buck stayed with eddie during the recovery right. and it had to have been at least a month probably more. and he was sleeping on the couch. so do you think maybe one day while he was at work, eddie felt bad abt buck having to bring his own blankets and pillows from home and just,,,,bought buck some for when he stays there. like. specifically These Are Buck's Blankets and not just extra bedding. bc I do. I think he got an Uber to a store and spent like four hours trying to pick out the stuff he thought buck would like the most. and then once he had the blankets and pillows picked out he just HAD to get buck his own set of towels too. and then he spent another hour touching all the towels and considering their color and which one buck would like the most. and maybe one of the employees comes up to him and goes "do you need help with anything sir?" and eddie goes "no, no, I'm just trying to figure out what he would like" and the employee goes "oh, picking out new things for your husband?" and eddie doesn't correct them, doesn't WANT to correct them and just goes "I uh. yeah" and they wish him luck and leave him be and then when he gets home, he washes them all and sets them on the couch for buck to see when he gets home and waits in his room freaking out over whether this is too much

    #lowkey inspired by interior designer!eddie #idk i just feel like he'd use it as a way to show buck that hes not overstaying his welcome and that hes part of their family #buddie#evan buckley#eddie diaz#911#911 fox #911 on fox
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  • scottishaccentsareawesome
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Bobby: WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?!...Were you dropped on your head as a baby?!

    Buck: Yes I was! And up until now, everyone's had the good grace not to mention it!

    #incorrect quotes #bobby & buck #118 fam #original: that 70's show #bobby nash#evan buckley#911
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  • i-have-zero-chill
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Like, no it doesn’t make sense for 911 to constantly show how weird and off Buck seems with Taylor vs with everyone else if it’s not for a reason. And no, it wouldn’t make sense for Eddie and Buck to just never talk about the shooting or the will ever again. BUT in my personal experience shows do things that don’t make sense all the time. Honestly most of the time. So… I don’t know. And this isn’t even just about buddie/queer rep. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been like, “surely the writers can’t ignore this important plot point that they themselves introduced into the story” and then it literally never gets brought up again. It happens.

    Anyway all this to say I’m definitely not watching the midseason finale live lmao

    #buddie#evan buckley#911#text post #like i'm sorry but 911 isn't special #it's a great show but it's no different than any other show
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  • lilyemrys
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    gonna try to convince my roommate to watch 911 with me so i can get the perspective of someone without buddie goggles

    #i knew i’d be a buddie goner the second i started the show #already in love with buck #i’m not gonna mention buddie at ALL to her #just to gauge her opinion #will report#911 fox#lily speaks
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  • original-cypher
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    911 5x09 Taylor

    Fair is fair. I botched about the way they wrote Taylor in previous episodes. I stand by the shoehorn analogy for the Lou/Taylor arc.

    But this episode? Was a great one. All around. And it includes Taylor's storyline. (in my opinion, because for once, they made it about her.) It felt, you know, real. Human. Believable.

    Too bad they spoiled it in a previous episode (??? Why would you chose that?? Why would you show us what was on the tablet? I need to look up whether those two eps had different writers because I have words.).

    Too bad they were so strangely heavy handed in bringing it in.

    5x09 is a good episode. And Taylor fits in perfectly well.

    Okay. So. For the rest?

    The driving test ladies. Adorable. And I'm glad it's left open ended.

    Buck is... Aw. It's like. You can see the insecurities and the flaws they create but he's growing around them and. Well. You know. He's Buck.

    1987 Toni is a babe.

    Also I guess that means I'm a tad older than Hen.

    I loved Buck teasing Eddie about Telenovelas. The man is pretty when he blushes.

    I miss Chim. (and Maddie.) and I hope we get to catch up to them soon.

    #tv: 911#911 spoilers #I am definitely still a Buddie shipper #And my opinions on the direction of the show hasn't changed #But this is good #And I like Taylor #And this makes me hope she won't vanish out of the show like other romantic entanglements
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