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  • “Plastic isn’t food.”

     “…I’m not eating it.” 
    Gabriel pushed aside the empty glass and the straw he’d been chewing on. “Mind your own business.” 

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  • Which PP are you today?


    (whichever u r,i hope u may have a nice day;)

    A:everything solved PP

    B:bouncing happily PP

    C:still a baby PP

    D:too excited dashing PP

    E: …

    F:crying cat PP

    G:angry PP decided to commit a crime(oh no

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  • I made a twitter, let’s play how long until I give up on figuring it out.

    #yall can follow if uwant #@solarispoisoned #;P #i probably wont post anything interesting tho
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  • ;p, :p

    #;p#:p #stuck out tongue #wink#my emoji
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  • lookin for stuff in the mili tag, instead finding lenghty lore posts about someone’s dnd character

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  • #listen just don't ever betray me and I won't have to hurt you it's not that hard #;P #oh... there it is #that's it#Anonymous #I'm a sweet shallow sparkly lil gemini I tell you!
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  • “You see, you used to be [Villain,] a major criminal in this city, but recently you became part of our new rehabilitation project,” [Hero] explained to the woozy villain laying in a hospital bed before them.

    “Which means what exactly?” they asked, their tone wary but not hostile.

    “You gave us permission to erase your memories of villainy and retrain you as a hero,” [Hero] said bluntly.

    “I did what?” A small spark of panic flashed across [Villain’s] face, and [Hero] had to bite back a grin.

    “I know you’re probably worried about having someone poking around in your head, but trust me, it’s for the best.” [Villain] looked down, fiddling with the sheets of their bed as their expression clouded with uncertainty. “I’d tell you more, but the specifics are on a strict need-to-know basis.” And [Villain] certainly didn’t need to know that [Hero] had ripped their memories from their skull bit by bit, until there was nothing left of their old self.

    “I… I guess that makes sense,” [Villain] said softly, and [Hero] pulled them into a comradely embrace, hiding their smirk against their shoulder. If all the other villains caved this easily, they would have no trouble at all wiping the rest of these scum from their streets.

    #flying-cat-with-magic#prompt#submitted prompt #heroes and villains #mindwipe#telepathy#evil hero#brainwashed villain #oh no this poor beeeeeeaaaaan #I would love to see how they do as a hero! #;P#submission
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  • Cas is gonna get disney lil mermaid’d into a human and he and dean are gonna get married you can’t change my mind until the last episode

    #destiel#;p #im just being silly #UNLESS 👀 #destiel is canon
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  • 🗣️

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  • feelin a lil flirty and a lil slutty….who wants to make out a lot

    #long and slow #;p
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  • starter for @msuyeonjun !

    the night’s drawing to a close and haneul’s managed to restrain himself from drinking too much, although he’d indulged in a few fruity drinks with fake eyeballs in throughout the night. for the most part, though, he’s remained sober. this, however, can’t be said for a familiar figure he sees stumbling around the outskirts of the dungeon room he’s stood in. there’s aza, who he’d spotted a few times throughout the night, in his long black skirt and black jumper, still looking as beautiful as he ever does. 

    aza’s clearly drunk, han thinks to himself, instinctively edging over to him through the throngs of people between them. he looks as though he wouldn’t be able to get back to his dorm without some help, so han, wanting to help aza and knowing he likely won’t even remember this tomorrow, stops in front of him and lays a gentle hand on his arm. 

    “you okay, aza?” slowly, he slides his arm around his waist and pulls him to his side, making aza lean his weight on han so he can help him back upstairs. “looks like you’ve had a little too much to drink. why don’t i help you back to your dorm?”

    #;p #p;clock strikes twelve #msuyeonjun#msu:mausoleum #( 10 . 20 )
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  • daddyyyyyyy

    #your fox is hornyyyy #;p
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  • de-2012-ifying my dash as much as possible. y'all keep having fun I’m just having flashbacks and wish y'all’d stop manifesting shit

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