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    “it smells like peaches.”

    the face mask is slippery in iseul’s hands, but thankfully his hair’s already pushed back off his face by his favourite fluffy pink headband, so that he’s able to pull the thin, slimey sheet, designed to have a panda face on it, over his own face. he pats it down and smooths it out, then turns to look at king, trying not to laugh at how it feels on his skin.

    no matter how many times he does these masks, he always finds them just a little funny.

    ever since they’d roomed together a couple years prior, iseul and king had been putting evening’s aside every now and then to have a face-mask, pampering session. it wasn’t so much a secret, but it was very much their thing. so, no one else was invited. it gave them a chance to hang out outside of training.

    despite seeing each other every day it was hard sometimes to really feel as though you’d spent time with someone, unless you were spending the time doing something that was just for you two. which was why iseul loved their pampering evenings so much. he sort of missed rooming with king, even if he had always done most of king’s cleaning chores for him at the time. which meant these evenings were important to him.

    “you look great with a face mask on.” he says with a little snort, watching king for a moment. “so, how’s future dreams going?”

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    iseul’s legs burn. he likes running most of the time, and the aching in his muscles doesn’t bother him too much, but sometimes, when he’s more tired, or distracted than usual, it can feel a bit boring and tedious. 

    today’s one of those days. 

    he’d set out for a run before training that morning with viggo, as the weather was pretty nice and he felt he needed that extra bit of cardio before he started his day, but he was slowly losing focus the longer they ran. at first, they’d chatted a bit as they jogged along, but after a while iseul had gone quiet, trying to push himself to finish. 

    they’re passing a park when they stop for a very short break, sitting down on a bench at the edge of the sidewalk. it’s then that iseul’s attention wanders over to the trees lining the outside of the park. they’re tall, with lots of strong branches coming off them - iseul wants to climb one. of course, when iseul wants something, it’s pretty hard to stop him attempting to get it, or do it, so within seconds he’s sliding off his seat, not bothering to let viggo know his plans, and heading over to the best looking tree. 

    it doesn’t take him long to work his way up to pretty far up the tree, but just when iseul’s decided he’s gone high enough, he glances down and his head spins

    oh right. he’s afraid of heights - he’d forgotten that important detail. 

    with his head spinning and his hands clutching tightly to the trunk of the tree, sitting astride a thick branch, he weakly calls out to viggo. 

    “help! i- … i can’t get down!” there’s a note of shame in his voice, and the tips of his ears are burning red, perfectly showing just how embarrassed he is. 

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    pew! pew-pew! BOOM!

    “dammit!” iseul drops his controller into his lap with a heavy sigh. that’s the second time in a row lilith’s beaten him, now! “how are you so good at this?!” he practically wails, leaning back against the pillows piled up behind them in their little blanket fort in the dorm living room. this is usual for them, building a nice little fort in iseul’s dorm and playing video games with boxes of take-out surrounding them - it’s what iseul likes to call ‘best-friend bonding time’. 

    “i could’ve sworn i’d gotten better since last time we played.” he huffs, reaching into a nearby box for a piece of fried chicken. if an entire week passes without them having their usual gaming hang-out it almost feels like it wasn’t even a real week, like it was a complete write-off. what’s the point, he thinks, of a week without a couple hours spent with his best friend. it’s hard to find the time during the days when they’re both busy training, but the weekend evenings are all theirs, and he likes to make the most of the time he has. 

    “so, winner, how’s your week been?” his, as usual, has been pleasantly busy. iseul likes keeping busy, so he doesn’t have to stop and think about all the things he could, if given the chance, worry about. there’s a lot that would bother him if he gave it time to wriggle into his brain - but when he’s not training he’s always doing something, that way he can avoid his problems while being productive! that’s how smart people live. “not too tiring i hope? any fun gossip to tell me? anyone got a new boyfriend or girlfriend they won’t shut up about? anyone done anything crazy recently? i want to know everything.”

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    seoul always looks the best at night, iseul thinks as he holds onto shinha’s hand tightly, unsteady footsteps carrying them down the small, quiet side street towards the convenience store where iseul plans to buy more soju. gazing up at the sky he frowns - he can’t see the stars from here, with all the air pollution and bright city lights. it makes him recall the time he went on holiday with his parents to iceland where the sky shone with little pin pricks of light. 

    “hyung…” he starts, slowly looking over to shinha, noting his red cheeks, flushed from the alcohol they’ve both consumed a considerable amount of. “do you like stars? i wish i was a star sometimes.” he hiccups, swaying as he walks, swinging their arms between them. “not the idol kind of star, the type in the sky.” it’d be nice to be up there, surrounded by all the other stars, glittering together for the little humans below to gape up at and comment on how beautiful you and all your star friends are. 

    stumbling into the convenience store iseul lets go of shinha’s hand to head for the drinks display at the back of the store. he picks out a couple bottles of various flavoured soju, then moves along to browse over the snacks, picking out some honey butter chips and candy, before peering around for shinha. “hyung!” he starts, rearranging the packets and bottles in his arms. “do you wanna get ramen? i’m kinda hungry, and they have my favourite, look!” he holds up a packet of rabokki noodles with a grin. 

    what’s better than a night of drinking and very unhealthy food, huh? nothing. at least in iseul’s opinion.

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    it’s lunch time, and seonghwa knows jeongguk’s not about to take his break - not by the way he’s got his head down working on whatever smart thing it is he’s doing. this, however, doesn’t sit well with seonghwa, who’s sat with a box of freshly baked cookies just waiting to be eaten. if jeongguk doesn’t take his break in the next five minutes seonghwa’s going to step in on this nonsense. even if jeongguk’s bound to complain, he can’t sit by and watch the man starve himself all for a job

    five minutes tick by, seonghwa’s frown deepening with every minute that passes, until he’s practically glaring at jeongguk’s back. right, that’s it. he stands up, cookie box in hand, and makes his way over to jeongguk’s desk. leaning his hip against it he sighs. “jeongguk, it’s lunchtime, aren’t you taking your break?” he doesn’t wait for a response though, before he’s opening his cookie box. 

    “here, have a cookie?” he moves to grab the empty chair from the next desk and pulls it over, sitting backwards on it, hand still holding out the cookies to jeongguk. he knows he’s acting like jeongguk’s mother or something, but even if jeongguk doesn’t much care about him, he cares about jeongguk, even considers him a friend, even if only because he’s the only other person on the force his age. it’s nice not to have to hang out with middle aged men if he can help it, but jeongguk doesn’t seem as enthusiastic about the friendship. 

    it doesn’t stop seonghwa trying though - surely one day he’ll crack jeongguk and they’ll be proper friends. 

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  • starter for @circemi​ !

    it’s a sunny afternoon and seonghwa’s got the day off work, which means it’s the perfect time to take thumper to the park for little run through the daisies. he’s packed up thumper’s little carry case with some treats and a jumper in case it gets chilly, and readied him in his harness and leash. it’s always a tiny bit stressful taking thumper to the park - there’s always the risk of him escaping, or a large dog thinking he’s a tasty snack, or someone trying to steal him. but seonghwa knows he likes it, and it’s good for him to get outside sometimes, so he puts aside his own worries for the betterment of his floppy pal. 

    heading out he keeps checking on thumper during the short walk, peeking through the little net window of his carrier at him, all snuggled up with his blanket looking perfectly content. seonghwa sometimes feels like a nervous mother when he’s out with thumper, scared of anything happening to him, while thumper enjoys himself, oblivious to seonghwa’s worries. he supposes it’s good practise for the future when he might have actual children to look after. 

    he’s biting back his nervous desire to keep thumper held safely in his arms when he opens the door of his carrier and takes ahold of his leash, letting thumper hop out onto the grass. he can’t help but smile as he watches him, breaking into a grin when he starts dashing about in circles, jumping off the ground and twisting in mid-air, doing his ‘i’m super-duper happy’ dance. he lets the leash have a lot of slack so that thumper has the freedom to binky to his hearts delight, watching him with a bright smile. 

    this is the best part of walking thumper - seeing just how happy it makes him. 

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  • starter for @sijunxx !

    okay, so maybe xiaoyu has yet to get used to the rules in cloud recesses. it’s not that he thinks their rules are stupid (although maybe a little part of him wonders why there has to be 5,000 of them, and such pointless little ones too). it’s just that it feels a little suffocating going from a place where he could pretty much do as he wanted as long as he wasn’t hurting anyone, to somewhere where he’s not even allowed to slouch. 

    which is why he’s snuck out only a few days into being there. at first he’d though it was going fine, but then his back began to ache from all the sitting up straight, and his face felt uncomfortable from not laughing enough, and he was fed up with not being able to play rough whenever he wanted. did the lan disciples even know what fun was? it was just too much for poor xiaoyu, so he’d decided to take the night off and find something fun to do. 

    that’s how he finds himself wandering along a path that leads him to a building sitting adjacent to the road, decorated with lanterns and flowers. despite the late hour it seemed to be bustling with activity - it was almost as if some sort of magic was pulling him towards it. it was just so pretty that xiaoyu could see no other choice than to slowly approach the gate. 

    as he slips inside he’s almost knocked off his feet by scent of flowers and fruit, pretty colours catching his eyes in all directions. he wonders what sort of place this is, and whether he’ll get in trouble for just walking in, as he begins to take a few steps inside. he’s not paying attention to where he’s walking, so it’s no surprise when he bumps right into someone. “oh- sorry!” he hurriedly apologises, bowing quickly. “i’m sorry i just walked in, but this place is just too pretty!”

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  • @rift-between-worlds continued from: here

    Malzahar let out a small scoff in return, shaking his head and giving off a half-hearted shrug before glancing at them once more. 

    Oh, I am not so sure about that. I would assume you would enjoy it as much as I would. Do you wish to put it to the test? Would you even want to get so close to me? Kassy?” Emphasis was put on the nickname, as they were words filled with venom. Obviously aimed to trigger the other. 

    #icathia beckons (ic) #rift-between-worlds #he's gotta prove himself to get the pleasantries #;p
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  • @saevuus​ asked; Evergreen crawling into bed with Bicsklow. 

    It’s been a LONG and SLEEPLESS night, there is only ONE thing; rather ONE person that she wants needs at this moment. He had been spending the nights at her place in her spare room, he’s home was being renovated or something of the case rather and Evergreen would be LYING if she hadn’t admitted that she enjoyed having him around as a constant. 

    It was one of those nights, seemingly she wasn’t able to fall back to sleep. She had awoken in a pull of her sweat, the nightmares never falter, with each night the grow worse and worse. She finds comfort in the silence as it is, she’s screaming in her dreams but when she is awake she is greeted by the DEAD of SILENCE that engulfs her room.  


    Heartbeat quickens as she grows weary, feet meet the COLD, HARD floor and a creek echoes within her home. Making her way down the hall she can’t help but get lost in her thoughts as her delicate digits wrap around the handle of the door to his room. She would be lying if she didn’t admit to her feelings, with each moment that passed they only grew deeper for him, she really had to stop these feelings. But God. She didn’t want to. 

    She opens the door and is greeted by the darkness of his room, yet somehow it feels comforting to know that he is there, that he would protect her. She pulls she sheets off just a bit enough for her to climb in. She rests her head against her chest as she pulls the cover over them. The warmth of his body radiates through at last she feels at peace, like everything is complete. That is until the next morning. 


    God, her heart aches just to be with him, but this will do for now. It’s crazy, she’s never felt so STRONGLY for anyone, yet she’d never allow her true feelings to be revealed. Even if she places a small kiss upon his cheek before attempting to fall asleep. 

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  •                                           Gloria’s Instagram. 

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  • Happy Valentines DAY!


    Age: 24

    She’s Rubr’s life mate and is an absolute sweetheart. She’s quite calm and really supportive of him and others. The two of them work really well together, and she acts as a support and life line for Rubr when he has panic attacks and knows how to calm him down. 

    But her calm demeanor is not to be trusted. Like Rubr, she trained herself to fight, and somehow became better than him.

    I hope you all like her, since she’s the first of the B-list characters coming over the next week.

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  • crowetesque replied to your post “quantim replied to your post “2, 52, 74, 83” Peanut butter…. with…”

    So… you have tried it.

    Ye. I’m a little hurt you doubted me.

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  • {X}

    “Hey, there, Asher!..” Seeing the demon his face lightens up and with a small laugh, he bounds up to gently hug the other mindfull of the gifts he was holding. He gives him a small squeeze soon releasing him then stepping back a little bashful. “Ah, well. I got ya’ a little something..“ Finally holding out both the chocolates and bouquet of flowers, one stem had a little red ribbon tied to it.


    “Happy Valintine’s day…”


    #code-of-creation#ic #Never seen anything like you before! :Asher #Wearing his heart on his sleeve: Red #Day of love: Valentine's day #;p
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  •                                                                                                             ⊰ ◝ @yuzurk​ ⊱

    daniel has mixed feelings on this evaluation. one one hand, he’s overjoyed: finally, he doesn’t have to dance. well, he didn’t have to dance for december’s evaluation either, but that wasn’t perform. now, he gets to perform– daniel’s version of performing. it’s a creative evaluation, and for once, daniel feels like he can show one of his talents. he’s going to play bass for a band remix of a song, and do exactly what sphere picked him up for. (they really did; it was a video of him playing bass that earned him his sphere audition.)

    as much as performing as a band for evaluations is exciting, it’s also heartbreaking. mere months ago, kenta and woojin would’ve been with him to be able to do this. they missed it by two months. he wishes, if them terminating their contracts was god’s will, that they could’ve had this one performance together, but you can’t get everything you want. lately, it feels like daniel hasn’t gotten much of what he wants at all, so he tries to cling to this bittersweet month and make it something.

    he sits on the floor beside yuzu in one of seocho’s practice rooms, notebook in hand. there were several members of their group that could rap, and while daniel wanted to rap too, he knew the others were better than him and more deserving of the parts. he snagged a minor part for himself later in the song despite wanting to write his own rap verse. instead of doing so, they struck a happy medium, because yuzu couldn’t write her own raps while daniel could. they could work together, and he could write her rap for her, like a true songwriter.

    “okay,” he declares with a smile, looking over at his writing partner. “hip is a song that’s…empowering, really. it’s about sticking it to the haters and also kind of bragging about being a trendsetter while encouraging others. are there things in your life you think that would apply to?”

    #yuzurk#rkfeb20eval#;p#;kickit #( * fun fact #this title is from hip #but it's also from hard times that they covered together after mgas #even tho i didn't write the solo i consider it canon asdfsdg )
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  • 16 personalità folli allo Zoo

    Isfp *click* *click* *click*

    Esfj selfieeeeeeeeeeeees!!! *:D*

    Infj *osserva tutt’intorno* “gli animali sono strani”

    Intj *osserva tutt’intorno* “le persone sono strane”

    Entj “quel bradipo è più produttivo di te”

    Enfj “sono un bradipo”

    Istj *sviluppa un giro perfetto per evitare di incontrare troppa gente*

    Isfj *perde il percorso mettendosi a guardare i bambini*

    Infp “hey piccolo uccellino ingabbiato”

    Estj *discorso politico sul perché non dovrebbero mettere gli animali in gabbia*

    Estp *non prende la mappa e senza dire niente viene seguito dalla sua banda*

    Entp *pretende di tenere la mappa per poi andare comunque a caso*

    Intp “sai che le giraffe dormono in piedi?”

    Istp *tira con una fionda del cibo alla giraffa*

    Esfp “guarda su!” “andiamo di qui!” “seguiamo quello là!”

    Enfp *si perde* *contempla l’universo* *rincorre le galline*

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