• oracalico
    09.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Its fr always gotta bw something on the days I work the early shift doesnt it? Wtf agdjfjf

    #ive never been woken up by emergencies at 4am so much in my life #you know what it is this morning???? #a young man come to our door and frantically rings the doorbell #its 4am #he asks my mom to call 911 bc someone has been chasing him on a motorcycle and shooting at him #so we call 911 for him but we cant let him in obvs #we let him go hide around the hoise from the street while we wait for the cops to come #and when they do come we have to worry that they're gonna shot the poor man since he's black #theyre gone now but now we have to worry about a man somewhere near our house riding around with a gun #and I have to worry that this man is white and going around attacking black people cause i live in AL #HDHDJDHDHFF WTF I FR JUST WANTED TO SLEEP #not a good way to start the morning of a holiday shift at the bakery #im gonna be so tired and we're going to be slammed #AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGG #i need yall to stop being so fucking hrgherggrg acitve on the weekends PLEASE #can we not all just let me sleep :'( #anyways rant over im gonna try to sleep I guess #idk how I'll be able to but i gotta try i guess #ca.txt 💫 #CAN THE NEXT CRISIS BE AT A REASONABLE TIME OF DAY PLEASE DEAR LORD
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  • woeworld
    08.05.2020 - 1 year ago


    I make bad decisions

    I never learn

    I never think it through

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