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  • just-breathe-027
    08.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    No poder olvidarte me frustra, te lo juro que me frustraaa!!

    #cosas de la vida #amor #cosas que me pasan #tristeza#dolor#admv
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  • brendamoralesrdz
    08.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Cómo no perderme en esos ojitos que me encantan.

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  • floooo04
    03.07.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • farawaytatmybeloved
    21.06.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #admv is the next petaloso #does the crusca accept acronyms? 🧐🧐 #ddeerr#inbox
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  • glrosario
    16.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    #ADMV #MALUMA 🎵: DJ Khalid Mr. Don ADMV • I absolutely LOVE the MALUMA version. • Great song to dance to, listen to, and cover. • @maluma @djkhalidbachata • Catch the MALUMA video on YouTube. It has almost 105 MILLION views as of right now. Excellent song about growing old with the right person. • When it’s right, it’s right! I prayed for a woman that loves God more than she loves herself and me. I got so much more. I pray that you are so blessed that you find that person in your own life. God first and the rest will follow. • #love #Jesus #lovelife #loveyou #loveher #KingdomWife #ChristianWife #Christianity #Christian #Lovestory #KingdomCouple #JesusFirst #lovethissong #lovewins #loveofmylife #JesusChrist #loves #lovethis #sparkle #BibleBased • @calvaryboca @calvaryftl (at Delray Beach, Florida) https://www.instagram.com/p/CQL-lZgjB3I/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    06.05.2021 - 4 monts ago


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  • temarihime
    22.03.2021 - 6 monts ago

    let's be lame dorks,

    in love. trap in our little world.

    swimming in our happiness.

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  • c0raz0n-sin-cara
    18.02.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Cuando nos falle la memoria y solo queden las fotografías

    Que se me olvide todo menos que tú eres mía

    Cuando los años nos pesen

    Y las piernas no caminen

    Los ojos se nos cierren

    Y la piel ya no se estire

    Cuando lo único que pese

    Sea lo que hicimos en vida

    Y aunque nada de esto pase, woh-oh

    Eres el amor de mi vida

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  • c0raz0n-sin-cara
    18.02.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Siempre me he soñado una vida contigo

    Más valen los hechos que lo prometido

    Sin saber a donde vayas te persigo

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  • ay-g17
    05.02.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Aún sigue vivo el recuerdo de tu sonrisa, la calidez de tu voz, la suavidad de tus manos en mi piel, la tranquilidad que me daban tus brazos. Se nos acabo el tiempo, se nos salio este amor de las manos, nos mató el amarnos tanto. Pero, cada día que pasa, me cuesta más recordar el sonido de tu voz, el sabor de tus labios, el olor de tu cabello, tu olor. Hay noches en las que me haces falta, otras en las que me sobras. Te tengo tan cerca y tan lejos. Te amo y te odio, te espero mientras te olvido.

    -El peúltimo verso de este amor.

    #amor#separados#soulmate#admv #uno para el otro #y #ambos para Dios
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  • chicapoetica
    03.02.2021 - 7 monts ago
    Eres arte, eres el arte que me inspira a plasmar mis sentimientos en unas letras para haci más fácilmente darte a entender lo que siento por ti...

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  • geceyegidenkadin
    15.12.2020 - 9 monts ago

    “Cuando nos falle la memoria y solo queden las fotografías,que se me olvide todo menos que tú eres mía”’🦋

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  • sweetdarksidesoftheworld
    04.11.2020 - 10 monts ago

    "Me encanta verte desnudita, eres la pintura más bonita. Tanta belleza quién la explica, en la ducha moja'íta. Si salimos fino exquisita y en los parches under no se quita to' los planes cambiaron, era perro y me amarraron, el corazón me robaron, justo y necesario. Me haces sentir millonario."

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  • ll27-01
    05.10.2020 - 11 monts ago

    Tu que sabes que este amor me mata, te voy esperar, te voy encontrar, que mi amor es verdad.

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  • ll27-01
    04.10.2020 - 11 monts ago

    Y ahora necesito tu respiración, y el beso de tu piel para mi soledad, no encuentro como volverte a tener, te pediría deja mostrarte que soy tu aliada, amiga, siempre amante, mírame aquí estoy sin ti, sola extrañándote tanto...

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  • mitzyc
    02.10.2020 - 11 monts ago
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  • yovibeispretty
    22.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    Ok Latin king ! Go off ! 😍

    Tu eres el amor de MI vida 😅 hahaha i love this man & I can't believe he covered my boys song 👏

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  • darkchocolateenthusiast
    15.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    Chapter 42

    A/N: Wow well 41 chapters later here we are. I hope Nina has resonated with you as much as she has with me...because she honestly saved me. Not a lot of people know this but she was never supposed to be part of a fanfic, just a creative outlet during a dark period of my life and then during quarantine when I got sucked into the CNCO fandom, it just felt natural to write her into a story with them. Regardless of how she came to be, for me, she represents all of the fearless, strong WOC who are pushing medicine forward and all of their struggles/tears/laughter/love/heartbreak that never get talked about. I hope she reminds you that you can do whatever you put your heart and mind towards but that’s its also okay to define yourself outside of your productivity in life. Anyway, I’ll quit rambling. Here’s the ending of ADMV, thanks for letting me share this with ya’ll. 


    Two months later, Zabdiel returned home after a long day at the studio. He unlocked the door to his apartment and was instantly hit with the smell of alfredo. His stomach grumbled in appreciation and he smiled. He walked in and shut the door behind him. Gently dropping his bag and guitar in the entryway, he ventured into the apartment and his breath hitched as he hit the doorway to his kitchen. Nina was standing in front of the stove top, stirring sauce in a pot. She was clad in one of his hoodies and not much else, her tanned legs on display. Her hair was up in a messy bun. Her bare feet moved her deftly around his kitchen as she drained the boiling water from another pot containing the pasta into the sink.

    “It’s not nice to stare you know.”

    His smiled widened. “Sorry I was distracted,” he explained. “Hay una chica hermosa cocinando en mi cocina.”

    She turned around, her cheeks containing a tint of a blush as she rolled her eyes. She set the pot of pasta down and walked over to him. Zab opened his arms and pulled her body against his, his eyes sliding shut as he rested his chin on her head. She let out a sigh. His hands ghosted up her back, frowning at the tight knots in her muscles.

    “Long day?”

    “Like you wouldn’t believe,” Nina replied. But she didn’t elaborate. Instead, she leaned up to press a quick kiss to his lips and then pulled herself out of his embrace, walking back over to the stove top to finish the pasta. She added the broccoli she had roasted to the pasta and then mixed in the sauce, throwing the concoction into a Pyrex dish and topping it with cheese from the bag open on the counter. He walked over to her, sticking his own hand into the bag. She swatted at his hand, but it was too late as he cheekily brought a fistful of cheese up to his mouth. She rolled her eyes at him and he grinned back, leaning forward to press his lips against hers in a languid kiss. Nina smiled into the kiss. Ever since they had called things official between them, Nina noticed that he preferred slow and deep kisses over quick and fiery ones and she couldn’t deny that his lips always caused a tingle to spread through her body, even with the most innocent of kisses.

    Nina pulled away, laughing at the pout on his face. She turned to put the dish into the pre-heated oven, shutting the door and wiping her hands on the kitchen towel.

    “I’m all yours,” she teased, holding her arms open. Zabdiel beamed, leaning down to scoop her up and reconnected their lips. He set her down on the kitchen island, keeping their bodies close as he kissed her. Nina sighed against him, deciding she could never get tired of this. A twinge went up her back as she leaned into him and she winced, her hand reaching behind her to rub the spot. He frowned, breaking their kiss.

    “¿Que pasó?” he asked, his voice dripping with concern. Nina smiled, noting how careful and attentive Zab had been towards her since the accident, knowing that he worried about her more than usual lately.

    “Ugh sorry, nothing. You’re dating a grandma,” she replied with a chuckle. He didn’t laugh.

    “Nena, what happened?” he pressed, his own hands meeting hers on her back as he took over massaging the spot. Her eyes fluttered shut at the sensation and a breathy sigh escaped her lips.

    “Honestly, nothing. I was hunched over my lab bench at work all day and my back is protesting,” she replied. Wordlessly, he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her off the counter, gently lowering her to the ground. When she was standing on her own two feet, he enclosed her small hand in his large one and led her into the living room.

    “What are you doing?” she asked confused. He ushered her onto the couch, nudging her to sit and then turned and disappeared into his bedroom. He returned a few seconds later with a bottle of lotion and sank down onto the couch behind her. Putting some lotion into his hands, he snuck them up under the hoodie and gently dug his thumbs into her back. Nina’s eyes fluttered shut once again and she sighed as he worked out the knots in her back.

    “Don’t let me forget about the pasta,” she murmured. He snickered in response. The feeling of his warm hands on her bare skin was intoxicating, and Nina felt herself relax into his touch. Suddenly, he hit a particularly sore spot and she let out a hiss.


    “Un poco si,” she admitted. His fingers moved back to the spot, gently massaging it. Nina felt like putty in his hands. “You’re an artist,” she said dreamily. He let out another chuckle.

    “Bueno, sí,” he agreed. And then his voice dropped an octave. “Soy muy bueno con mis dedos.”

    “Hmm can confirm,” she agreed, and he chuckled lowly into her ear. His lips lowered an inch and he reached out to capture her ear lobe with his teeth. Nina’s lips parted. His hands creeped around her body, still inside her hoodie, coming to settle against her stomach. Her back was suddenly pressed against his chest. Then, the oven timer went off.

    Nina opened one eye. “You hungry?”

    “Starving,” he replied, one hand coming up to cup her face, turning it towards his. His lips crashed into hers and she let out an involuntary moan. She turned hastily in his arms, moving to straddle him, her lips still attached to his. She kissed him feverishly, and his arms tightened around her. Suddenly, his stomach grumbled, and he broke the kiss to let out a laugh. She giggled, throwing her head back as his came to rest against her chest, his cheeks coloring in embarrassment.

    “How about we eat and then we can think about dessert later,” she suggested winking. He bit his lip and then reached out to press a chaste kiss against her cheek. His lips moved to her ear.

    “Te estaré esperando,” he whispered, and Nina shivered at his husky tone. Zab released her and she pulled him up off the couch, basking in how much better her back felt. They wandered back into the kitchen and Nina carefully pulled the pasta out of the oven. Zab pulled out his phone and connected it to his speaker system, throwing on some light music. Then he grabbed plates out of one of his cabinets and they settled at the kitchen island, chatting about their days as they ate. Zab let out a moan as the rich, creamy, garlicky sauce hit his taste buds. She rolled her eyes at his dramatics.

    “De verdad, esta en la madre,” he complimented. She blushed.

    After dinner, they cleaned up together. Zab reveled in how easily they moved around each other. He didn’t think it would be possible to feel this comfortable around someone and he swallowed at the unfamiliar feelings tugging at his heart. Months ago, when Zab had told her he loved her, he was pretty sure of it. But now looking at her, dressed down with no makeup on, standing barefoot in his kitchen, he suddenly understood what love truly felt like, as corny as that sounded.

    “Zab, you’re staring again,” she teased.

    “Te amo,” he replied, unable to formulate any other words. Her gaze softened, her own heart clenching at the way he was looking at her. His warm brown eyes were wide and filled with wonder, his lips parted. She set down the kitchen towel, crossing the room to wrap her arms around his torso. She rested her chin against his chest, looking up at him and his arms instinctively wound around her. For a moment they stood there, swaying to the music. He leaned down to press his lips against her forehead, his eyes sliding shut. Then she shifted slightly, and his eyes opened to gaze down at her.

    “Make love to me,” she murmured shyly. Since the accident and their conversation, their physical relationship had progressed slowly a result of his busy schedule and her recovery. A smile flickered across his features at her request and he happily obliged, leaning down to capture her lips in a tender kiss. She melted into the kiss, heart thudding at the softness of the touch. Her eyes prickled lightly. She had never been treated this way by any person in her life and knowing that he loved her completely and truly, inexplicably tightened her chest.

    “¿Estás bien?” he asked gently, noticing her tense up.

    “Te amo,” she said equally gently, her eyes not meeting his. Zab reached out to tip her chin up, his breath fanning over her face.

    “Eres mi todo,” he stated, his eyes piercing hers. She noticed the small crack in his voice and her own throat tightened.

    “Y tú eres mío,” she replied simply, her bottom lip trapped between her teeth. He leaned down to capture it between his own lips, and she released her grip, getting lost in his kiss. She pushed herself up onto her tippy toes as her arms moved to wrap around his shoulders. His arms tightened around her waist as he leaned over her. He broke the kiss to bend down and scoop her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist, clinging to him tightly. Finding her lips with his own again, he walked them to his bedroom. Ignoring the world around them, they made love in the darkness. Zabdiel took his time, rediscovering her body with his mouth and hands, making sure to leave no inch of her skin untouched. Nina felt overwhelmed by the passion in his every touch. They had had sex plenty of times in the past, but this was completely different. She felt vulnerable and shy but was quickly comforted by the wonder and awe in his eyes, realizing that this was just as emotional for him as it was for her.

    Afterwards, they lay wrapped up in each other, chests heaving. He slowly untangled himself from her and she felt a quick pang of ache in her heart at the loss of contact.

    “Zab?” she said, her voice sounding surprisingly forlorn.

    “Shhh, I’ll be right back amor,” he assured her, fingers ghosting over her jaw. He disappeared into the bathroom and returned moments later with a damp towel. He softly cleaned her up, recognizing how sensitive she must be. Nina’s eyes fluttered shut at his touch. When he finished, he cleaned himself up too, then threw the towel towards his hamper and climbed back into bed next to her, pulling her back into his embrace. Zab tugged the covers over them, and there, wrapped in his arms and the comforter, Nina felt a sense of peace and wholeness settle over her. Her eyes felt heavy as his lips brushed soft kisses against her forehead.

    The song changed then and ‘Amor De Mi Vida’ by Maluma softly played through the apartment. Looking down at the woman in his arms, Zabdiel took a shaky breath as he pulled her naked body impossibly closer to his own. She fit perfectly against him and his own eyes slid shut. Ever so softly, he began to sing the lyrics of the song to her. His perfect, deep timber sounded through the room and he felt her lips stretch into a smile against his bare chest.

    “Cuando los años nos pesen, y las piernas no caminen. Los ojos se nos cierren, y la piel ya no se estire, Cuando lo único que pese sea lo que hicimos en vida. Y aunque nada de esto pase, eres el amor de mi vida…”


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  • darkchocolateenthusiast
    13.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    Chapter 41

    A/N: I can’t believe we’re here already but second to last chapter ya’ll! Enjoy. 


    When the alarm on his phone went off the next morning, Zabdiel’s eyes fluttered open. His hands came up to rub the sleep out of his eyes tiredly. Suddenly, he turned his head, remember the events of last night, his eyes searching for Nina. She was lying next to him on her back, already awake and staring at the ceiling. Her hands fiddled with the hem of his t-shirt that she was wearing. Zabdiel rolled onto his side, reaching out to take one of her hands with his own, threading their fingers together. Nina swallowed thickly, looking down at their interlaced hands.

    “Zab, I’m so-”

    “Don’t apologize,” he cut her off, his tone firm.

    “Will you let me thank you at least?” His face turned up in a smile at her teasing tone, relief flooding his body at her steady voice.

    “Nunca tienes que agradecerme por cuidarte,” he said, his eyes boring into hers as she turned her head to meet them. She reached out with her free hand to trace his features with her fingers. His eyes slid shut in response to her touch.

    “I…I love you,” she whispered, and his eyes opened, his heart clenching at the words. He took a breath, willing himself not to cry.

    “I love you too nena. Siempre,” he replied softly. His fingers tightened around hers. For a while they lay in silence, hand in hand. Then finally, he gently brought their interconnected hands up to his face, pressing a kiss against the back of her hand. “Necesitamos hablar sobre lo que pasó anoche.”

    “Mmhmm,” she agreed hesitantly, unsure how to start the conversation.

    “Why did you take the pain meds?” His question surprised her, and she turned her head sharply to take in his expression. She averted her eyes when she found his face looking somewhat stern. The she sighed, deciding to be honest with him.

    “I…I was having an anxiety attack and I just wanted my mind to stop racing,” she admitted, biting her lip. She suddenly felt incredibly vulnerable under his gaze. His fingers squeezed hers again, trying to comfort her.

    “I wish you had called me instead of taking the drugs,” he replied, his own eyes dropping.

    “I’m not…good at letting other people help me. I’ve dealt with my anxiety alone for so long. I don’t…I don’t know how to ask for help,” she confessed, her voice wavering. He nodded gently, understanding how she felt. He was no better at dealing with stress in a healthy way.

    “Nena, te entiendo. Yo tampoco soy bueno en dejar entrar a la gente,” he said, hesitating then. “Pero…pero no puedes volver a ser tan imprudente,” he continued, his voice containing a more desperate edge than he intended. Her eyes flickered up to meet his, her eyes wide at the admonishment. “Mira, yo sé que no soy un santo, pero tienes que ser más cuidadosa porque…porque no podría sobrevivir si te pasa algo,” he finished, his voice heavy. Suddenly, he couldn’t control himself and tears gathered under his lashes, spilling over onto his cheeks, his features crumpling in anguish. Her mouth fell open and she pulled her fingers from his, gingerly moving her body closer to his. Her trembling hands came up to cradle his face.

    “It won’t happen again,” she vowed, frantically wiping away his tears. “I promise.” He sniffled and nodded, his eyes sliding shut as her fingers moved across his cheeks. They were both silent again.

    “¿Cómo te sientes?” he asked after a while. She took a breath.

    “Pain meds are definitely wearing off,” she admitted, wincing at the pain in her side.

    “How can I help?” he asked, gently moving his hand up and down her arm and she smiled at the contact, her fingers still caressing his jaw line.

    “Distract me,” she replied. He chuckled in response, inching his head forward until they were sharing a pillow. His lips captured hers with feathery lightness and she sighed into the kiss, her eyes sliding shut.

    They spent the rest of the morning curled up in bed together, stealing kisses and talking about anything and everything. They talked about how they would deal with fans and publicity, deciding to keep their relationship on the down low for now. They discussed how to handle the distance that would inadvertently find them as a result of his job. They told each other about their career paths and plans for the future. Nina was pleasantly surprised at the maturity of their conversation, never pegging Zabdiel for the kind of person that would voluntarily engage in serious conversation. Their friendship had always been light and casual, rarely taking a serious tone, but now, lying in bed with him as they talked intimately, Nina felt an intensely strong connection to him. Zabdiel trailed off his sentence catching her gaze.

    “¿Qué?” She shook her head, embarrassed to be caught staring.

    “Te amo,” she replied, and his face broke out into a million-watt smile. Her breath hitched at how gorgeous he looked.

    “Y yo te. Con todo mi corazon,” he replied softly, reaching out to pull her into a kiss. He broke the kiss before it got too heated, not wanting to jostle her injuries. “Tengo una pregunta para ti,” he said then, meeting her eyes with his own.

    She smiled gently. “¿Sí?”

    “¿Quieres ser mi novia?” She giggled at his silliness, pushing his face away with her fingers. He turned his head to kiss them, chuckling with her.

    “Solo si quieres ser mi novio,” she retorted amidst her laughter.

    “Seria un honor,” he replied, his voice suddenly sincere. Her heart fluttered at his expression, her face coloring. Her fingers tightened on his cheeks, dragging his face towards her for a firm kiss. His arms wrapped around her. She knew he was trying to be careful but couldn’t suppress the wince as his elbow grazed her broken ribs. He pulled away quickly.

    “Ay nena, lo siento.” She let out a slow breath, trying to keep her eyes from watering in response to the sharp pain.

    “Can you get me some ice?” she asked, her voice tight. Zabdiel felt his stomach sink at the pained expression on her face, guilt tugging at his core. He nodded, lowering his head to drop a kiss to her forehead before slipping out of bed. When he returned, she was still clutching her side, her eyes scrunched close. He climbed back into bed, gently setting the ice against her injured side. She took it from him, her eyes fluttering open.

    “Thanks babe,” she mumbled and Zab couldn’t help but smile at the term of endearment. His phone rang then, and Chris’s name flashed onto the screen. He snatched it up from his nightstand, his eyes still trained on Nina.


    “Yo, ¿quieres que te lleve? I’m leaving in 10 minutes,” Chris asked. Zab’s brow furrowed in confusion.


    “The interview?” Chris reminded him. “¿Estás bien? Suenas distraído.” Zab’s eyes widened.

    “Ah fuck, yo olvidé,” he replied, slipping back out of bed, and crossing his room. He pulled open his closet digging around for appropriate clothes.

    “¿Te olvidaste?” Chris asked incredulously. “Okay, well they’re going to dress us, so just throw something on and meet me downstairs. Rich already headed out with Joel and Erick.” Zabdiel breathed out a sigh of relief at the reminder and then grunted out an affirmative to Chris before hanging up. His fingers curled around the first hoodie he saw, throwing it over his t-shirt and then replaced his pajamas with a pair of black joggers. He quickly combed his fingers through his blonde curls.

    “You have to go?” Nina asked from the bed. His chest tightened at the sadness in her voice.

    “Yes nena, I’m so sorry. I forgot that we have an interview today,” he explained, crouching down next to the bed. He reached out to smooth his fingers against her hair. She smiled back weakly.

    “Okay, I’ll get up,” she said, moving to pull her body from the bed, wincing at the movement. He quickly but gently pushed her back down, shaking his head.

    “Stay,” he stated firmly, and her mouth opened to protest. “You need to rest,” he continued cutting her off. “Volveré en unas horas.”

    She nodded, her eyes flickering shut as his fingers continued to stroke her scalp. “I love you.”

    “I love you too, mi amor,” he replied. Her lips curled into a smile and he couldn’t resist leaning down to press a quick kiss against them. He pulled away to pepper kisses against the rest of her face, brushing his lips against her cheeks and forehead. She giggled at the affection, swatting his face away.

    “Go, you’re going to be late,” she mused. He stood up, lingering as he watched her adjust the ice pack. One of her eyes opened and she smirked. “Babe.”

    “Me voy, me voy,” he said chuckling and then walked into his kitchen to find his wallet and keys, shoving them into his pocket along with his phone. Then he headed out the door, unable to contain the grin on his face.


    A few minutes later he slid into the passenger seat of Chris’s car. Chris was parked in front of the main lobby of their apartment complex, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram while waiting for his friend. He looked up when Zab opened the door, his eyes examining the bleach blonde boy carefully. Zab cleared his throat.

    “Gracias por esperar,” he said fiddling with the drawstring of his pants.

    “¿Estás bien?”

    “Sí,” he answered simply. Chris’s eyes narrowed, immediately knowing that something was up. But he decided not to push. Instead he put his phone away and pulled the cark out of park, driving them towards the address Ali had given him. The ride was silent save for the radio in the background. Chris glanced over at his friend every now and then, surprised to find that Zabdiel was staring out the window distractedly, a small smile on his face. They arrived at the studio and were immediately ushered inside by Clara and Ali. The two women led them to a dressing area where Chris and Zab were met with the sight of their other bandmates being styled by their team. Zabdiel mindlessly let them dress him too, sitting down into a chair when instructed as they plastered makeup onto his face. His mind wandered to Nina, wishing more than anything he could be curled up next to her in bed. He snuck a peak at his watch, wondering when this would be over. Across the room, Richard, Chris, Joel, and Erick eyed him suspiciously.

    “What the hell is going on with him?” Richard asked quietly.

    “I don’t know, he was so distracted the entire ride here,” Chris offered. “Maybe he talked to Nina?”

    “Has anyone heard anything new about her?” Joel asked.  

    “Selena didn’t know anything about when she was going to get released, the last time I talked to her. But she said Nina was in good spirits,” Chris answered.

    “Deberíamos visitarla después de esto,” Erick suggested. The other boys nodded.

    “Maybe that’ll help Zab too,” Joel mused.

    Their conversation came to an abrupt halt when Clara and Ali called them over to take their seats as the interviewer introduced herself to them. The four boys carried the interview while Zabdiel zoned out. The boys took turns ‘accidentally’ brushing against him to try and keep his focus on the interview. Zabdiel blinked, trying his best to follow the conversation. When they were done, they shook hands with the interviewer, thanking her for her time and then started the process of changing back into their regular clothes. Someone handed Zabdiel a makeup wipe and he gratefully scrubbed his face, a smile wandering onto his features at the thought of how much Nina would tease him if she were here right now.


    On the other side of Miami, Nina woke from her nap, feeling much better. A smile blossomed on her face as she took in her surroundings. Everything around her smelled like Zabdiel and her heart ached, longing for his warmth next to her.

    Ugh get a hold of yourself Nina. It’s barely been like three hours.

    She gingerly pulled herself out of bed, testing her mobility. She walked out into the living room, finding her purse on the coffee table where Zabdiel had left it last night. She fished out her phone and saw multiple missed calls and texts from Selena. Taking a deep breath, she called her partner back.

    “Nina, where the fuck are you?” Selena answered on the first ring.

    “Relax, I’m fine, I’m at Zab’s place,” Nina replied quickly. She could almost feel Selena’s shoulders dip in relief.

    “Oh thank god. Kevin called me freaking out. He told me you were released from the hospital and called him for a ride and that you were acting all off. So, I went to your place this morning and you weren’t answering your door,” Selena explained.

    “I uh,” Nina hesitated, and then decided to keep her oxycodone fiasco private. “I couldn’t sleep so I dramatically showed up at Zab’s door unannounced last night and…and told him I love him.”


    Nina giggled lightly at her partner’s reaction. “Um, yeah. We’re uh, we’re kind of together now,” she explained, a smile involuntarily making its way across her face.

    “Don’t move,” Selena replied, her voice eerily calm in contrast to her outburst seconds ago. The line went dead, and Nina chuckled. She wandered into the kitchen to make some tea as she waited for the storm heading her way.


    As the boys made their way out to the parking lot towards Chris and Richard’s cars, they exchanged glances behind Zabdiel’s back. Then Chris cleared his throat.

    “Zab, we were thinking about paying Nina a visit,” he said gently.

    “Yeah it’s been a couple of days. Ella probablemente está mas aburrida que el carajo,” Richard agreed.

    Zabdiel swallowed and then decided he couldn’t keep his brothers in the dark anymore. He turned toward them, leaning back to rest his body against the side of Chris’s car. His arms folded over his chest.

    “Ella no está en el hospital. Fue liberada anoche,” he reveled. The other four boys exchanged a glance.

    “You talked to her?” Joel asked, unable to mask the excitement in his voice.

    Zab looked up to meet his eyes, a smile erupting on his face. He nodded slowly. He desperately tried to contain his joy, but looking around at the faces of his brothers, he couldn’t help but let the grin on his face widen. “Sí hablamos. Nosotros uh…estamos…”

    “Holy shit, she finally figured it out, didn’t she?” Richard exclaimed. Zab bit his lip and then nodded slowly in response. Chris’s mouth popped open and Joel let out a loud whoop, letting his fist pump through the air as he jumped up. Erick looked between his four best friends, lost. Chris let out a loud laugh, slinging an arm around the youngest boy’s shoulders.

    “Y entonces quedaron cuatro,” he said with mock sadness. The boys cracked up and Zabdiel shook his head in amusement. Suddenly Erick gasped, realization flooding his features. Chris doubled over in laughter at his expression.

    “E’perate, e‘perate, cuéntanos qué pasó,” Erick insisted excitedly. They had formed a circle around Zab who was still leaning against the car. Zab chuckled awkwardly, feeling a little uncomfortable under their gazes. Finally, he took a breath.

    “Ella apareció en mi puerta en el medio de la noche,” he started. Then he swallowed and made the impromptu decision to keep her struggle with the oxycodone to himself. “Ella no podía dormir y estaba dolorido, así que, hablamos. Mucho,” he continued and then he bit his lip again, the smile returning to his face. “Ella me dijo que también me ama y…pues estamos juntos ahora,” he finished with a short laugh as he took in all the beaming faces around him.

    Chris was the first person that reached out, slinging an arm around Zab’s neck, and pulling him into a tight hug. “Fucking finally,” he remarked. Zabdiel chuckled in response against him. When Chris released him, Zab looked up to find Richard’s hand extended towards it. He slapped his own hand down against it, curling his fingers around the Dominican’s and laughing when Richard pulled him in for a hug. Joel and Erick also teasingly offered their congratulations.

    “I thought it would be a cold day in hell before Zabdiel De Jesús decided to be in a committed relationship,” Richard taunted.

    “Yeah with someone we actually like,” Joel muttered, and the boys erupted in laughter at his words.

    The grin didn’t leave his face as they continued to rib him, feeling nothing but happiness. It took him by surprise how much he really didn’t care about his previously prized and carefully curated reputation. The old him would have been scared shitless by the idea that he might have real feelings for someone. And now, he wanted nothing more than to shout it from the rooftops of Miami.

    “Ella está descansando en mi departamento si quieres visitar,” he said when they were done teasing him.

    “¡Vamonos!” Chris exclaimed. Zab climbed back into the passenger seat of the car while Joel and Erick got into Richard’s. The five of them headed back to their apartment complex. Chris found himself glancing at his friend yet again. Just like in the morning, Zabdiel was staring out the window, except this time, an openly dreamy expression was settled on his face.

    Chris rolled his eyes. “Okay, pero si este enfermo de amor dura más de una semana, terminé contigo.”

    Zabdiel’s head whipped over to look at Chris, his brow furrowing. “No estoy enfermo de amor,” he protested. “Estoy enamorado,” he clarified, a smile replacing his previously indignance. Chris glanced over and then turned back to the road, pretending to dry heave. They both burst into laughter.


    When the boys walked into Zabdiel’s apartment, they were careful to keep their voices down in the case that Nina was asleep. However, they were surprised to find two voices drifting through the apartment. They walked into the living room excitedly and were greeted with the sight of Nina and Selena curled up on the couch, mugs in both their hands. Nina’s face lit up as she saw the boys.

    “Hi you guys!” she greeted enthusiastically. She set the mug down and opened her arms. Chris dropped down in front of her, gently letting her pull him into a light hug. Zab had warned them, as they made their way up to his apartment, that she had been in pain when he left her and to be extra careful. He beamed at her as he pulled away, moving over so Joel could lean down to hug her. Richard and Erick also gave her hugs, carefully pressing kisses against the uninjured side of her head. She grinned happily as they all settled down in Zab’s living room around her. She answered the onslaught of questions about her health and asked about the interview this morning, listening intently as they filled her in on what she had missed over the last few days.

    Zab hung back for a second, watching his best friends interact with his new girlfriend, his heart suddenly feeling very full. Nina looked over to catch his eye, a grin on her face, and he smiled back at her. Her hand reached out toward him and he crossed the room, sinking down onto the couch beside her. He slid one arm gingerly around her shoulders and hooked his fingers through hers with the other. Then he leaned over to gently press a kiss against the side of her head, just under the surgical wound. Her eyes fluttered shut as she leaned into his familiar touch. The boys and Selena watched their interaction with quiet smiles.

    They chatted for a while longer before finally caving to their protesting stomachs and ordered food, throwing on a movie. Zabdiel eyed Nina carefully, ensuring that she ate something of substance knowing the damage she had done to her body the night before. He watched her as she sat securely tucked under his arm, smiling as she giggled at Selena and Erick who were dramatically acting out a scene from the movie on the screen. Zab’s head turned instinctively when he felt someone’s eyes on him. His eyes met Chris’s across the room.

    ‘Una semana,’ Christopher mouthed, mock warning on his face. Zab chuckled in response, flipping him off, as happiness settled in every crevice of his being. Nina looked up at him suddenly, noticing his interaction with Chris, a matching smile adorning her face. He leaned down, gently meeting her lips with his.

    “Te amo,” he said, his voice barely audible.

    “Love you,” she mumbled quietly in response, her own heart feeling very full. Surrounded by her chosen family and her boyfriend, Nina let the contentment wash over her.


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