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    16.01.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Viktor from Arcane Moodboard for Me!

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    16.01.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    On my roommate’s first watch through of Arcane when we got to this scene and Caitlyn said “She’s too far gone” about Jinx my roommate hated it and hated Caitlyn. She took the line at face value. I guess I just read the line differently because I think Caitlyn didn’t fully believe the line herself. She could have easily pulled the trigger and shot Jinx if she truly believed it but she instead holds her fire and when she did fire the one time she aimed at the ground. I don’t think Vi begging her was the only thing stopping Caitlyn. 

    We’ve seen throughout the season that Caitlyn, like Vi, has a good heart. But right here she’s been pushed to the edge and is given a choice. The line is said towards Vi but she seems to be trying to convince herself of it as well. I think in a way she’s questioning herself on why she’s hesitating. This is the woman who just kidnapped her and threatened to kill her. This is the woman that blew up all those enforcers on the bridge and almost killed Caitlyn as well more than once that same night. This is the woman who Caitlyn was almost killed by in an explosion that killed six of her colleagues before she’d even met Vi. Caitlyn hasn’t seen the other side of Jinx that the audience, Vi, and Ekko have, all she’s seen is who she’s become. But here she is hesitating. Even when faced with the fact that not shooting may end up with her dead for all she knows. She’s asking herself “She’s too far gone so why can’t I pull the trigger?”

    I don’t know if that made sense because my thoughts don’t always come out the way I want them to when writing. But I hope other people get what I’m trying to say. Maybe someone has already explained this in a less convoluted way. Anyways. I love this fandom and hope everyone is doing better than last year :)

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    16.01.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    If you like jilco you are a self admitted pedo and need to be locked up.

    #anti jilco #any defense I have herd for this weird ass ship is just pedophilic #arcane #jinx and ekko are right fucking there
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    16.01.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Silco, to Jinx: Don’t let people tell you your attraction to fire is “abnormal” or “hazardous”. Prometheus doesn’t have his liver eaten every day for you to ignore the allure of arson.

    Silco: You need at least two incidents of arson to diagnose pyromania so everyone gets one free sample. Use it wisely.

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    16.01.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    I missed my favorite lesbians and now I had some of time to draw them 🥰🥰 

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    16.01.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    me: :)

    *young Viktor chasing his lil boat and falling on the ground scene*


    #i cant even watch that scene because im physically unable to cry so its just PAIN like PHYSICAL PAIN that i feel #deadass#kill me#viktor#arcane#viktor arcane#jayvik#caitvi#vi arcane#jinx arcane #viktor and jayce #jayce#vi#jinx #vi and jinx #vi and cait #arcane show #arcane league of legends
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    16.01.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    My Name and Arcane handshake meme:

    Crime boss kills his friend who betrayed him then takes friend's daughter under his wing

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    16.01.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    Jinx: Your honor you must understand, I’m just a silly little girl, just a fun little girl, just a harmless little fun-time girl. You wouldn’t sentence  a silly harmless little fun-time girl? It’s my Birthday!

    (source: Tumblr)

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    16.01.2022 - 20 minutes ago
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    16.01.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    I’m finally watching Arcane and omg the scene where Jinx overhears Vi say there’s a lot of things Jinx can’t do only to not hear the rest aaaaaahhh

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  • rowynri
    16.01.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    When you can’t sleep so you stay up when you wake up at three then use your new iPad to draw stuff that spirals out of control. Ah yes. Have a Jinx.

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    16.01.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    I'm so close to buying one of the silco prints signed by Jason spisak himself but like wtf is a special instruction ;-;

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    16.01.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    Posted by Jinx, probably

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  • kittyt-hexxed
    16.01.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    Hexed (Vi/POC!Reader) - Ch.9

    *Spoilers: Act 1 of “Arcane” on Netflix! League of Legends lore!

    *Cross-posted from Ao3 under the user “KittyT”  

    Next Upload Date: January 23rd

    Chapter Nine - The Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea

    | Summary: You ran after Vi and the crew with the intention of helping them, only to arrive a few seconds too late. Powder’s monkey bomb explodes and now you’re dead... right?

    You pushed the door open and saw your father kneeling on the ground. In front of him was a little wooden bluebird surrounded by candles. He was mumbling to himself, praying he would say, and paused when the floorboards creaked. He turned and gave you a soft smile, “Hey there, sweetheart. I’m guessing you couldn’t sleep?” You nodded your head and clutched your stuffed animal to your chest.

    “Why don’t you come sit with me then?” He called you over and you went to sit with him. You knelt down on the carpet with him and watched the fire dance on the candles.

    “Do you know what this is? Do you remember what I told you it was for?” He pointed to the carving.

    “A little bird?” You questioned.

    “Mhm, a little bird. It’s Janna’s symbol. A little bluebird. She was the one who made Zaun possible.” He picked up the carving and showed it to you.

    “Doesn’t that make her a bad person? People say Zaun is a bad place.”

    “Well… she isn’t a person. She’s a wind spirit. When Zaun collapsed, she used her magic to protect our people and save us. That’s how our family survived.”

    “So she’s good, then?”

    “Yup, and she’s always looking out for us, even when we think she isn’t. Would you like to hear the story?” Your father grinned at you. You squealed excitedly and nodded your head. He picked up a very small journal and opened it, “This is a notebook from one of our ancestors who were alive when it happened.” Your eyes widened and you shuffled closer to your father.

    March 4th of 772 - The construction of the canal through the land is almost complete. Today will be the last day that excavations will be necessary. The citizens are excited to be able to unite the two sides of the isthmus. This project will make trade easier and bring more fortune to our people. I am grateful for the opportunity to witness this life-changing moment of the Sun Gates.

    Update: Excavations have been completed, but the earth below our feet has begun to tremble once again. This feels different from the quakes that have happened before. I am worried that the excavations may have caused an issue with our home.

    March 8th - I fear that my worries may be true. The quakes have only increased in intensity and it has been a few days since excavations have ended. I am noticing cracks in the earth beneath my feet, yet no one else seems to care. They all believe that it will cease soon.

    Update: The quakes have stopped. Maybe I was being paranoid for no reason. Still, I have stored my prized possessions and will be adding this to it too.

    March 9th - I was right. Shortly after sealing up my journal, the quakes had returned, except for this time it was stronger than ever. The ground collapsed by the riverside, crumbling under our feet as we ran, but my husband and I were not fast enough. As we plummeted into the depths of the fissure along with the roaring waves, I prayed to Janna. She had protected us from the waves during our seafaring, and I desperately wished for her to do so now. Thousands of people fell with us and I was separated from my Tristian within the currents. As I screamed out to Janna, others around me joined in, while we fought to stay above water. Then, the water was pushed away by the intense gusts of wind and I couldn’t help but watch in awestruck wonder as a gigantic wall of water was held back. I collected what was left of my things and ran. My sweet Tristian found me by some miracle and we fled the depths. Eventually, the wind dispersed and everything flooded. Our home was no more but we were alive. Many of our neighbors were not as lucky and lost their lives. My ability to swim kept me above water long enough, but I would have joined them eventually. My life is indebted to Janna. I write this so that my family may never forget who kept us alive. I am forever faithful to her and her powerful winds regardless of god-warriors.

    “I want to be like her.” You said in awe. Your father closed the book and placed it back into the bookshelf.

    “A spirit?” Your father gave you an amused grin. You shook your head and held your stuffed animal tighter, “A protector. I want to protect my family too.” You said with determination. Your father gazed at you with searching eyes before he opened a wooden box. He reached inside and pulled out two amulets on a leather cord. You leaned in closer as he held them up in the light.

    “I made these for you and your brother. My mother made one for me as her mother did for her. They’re all personalized but have the imagery of Janna and her bluebird on it.” He flipped it over. On the back was the phrase: ‘The winds will guide you to your destiny.' Your father flipped the other one and it said ‘Become one with the wind and soar to change.'

    “Can I have mine now? Which one is mine?” You said eagerly as you reached for one. Your father gently grabbed your hand and shook his head, “You’ll get yours for your fourteenth birthday, just like your brother.” Your father placed them back in the box and you sighed.


    You opened your eyes and yawned. The sound of someone hitting something caught your attention and you looked around to orient yourself. Your eyes found Vi punching away at the boxing game and mumbling under her breath.

    You giggled causing her to pause and get nailed by one of the boxing gloves. You gasped as she fell over with a thump. Vi groaned and glanced over to you letting you see the bright red mark on her cheek. You snorted, trying to hold in your laughter until she glared at you. You broke and started laughing really hard, “Y-Y-You’ve got a little something on your-” You indicated to your cheek, laughing too hard to continue your sentence.

    A shadow fell over you and you looked up from your position on the floor to see Vi standing over you. She leaned down and got close to your face, “Think that’s funny, do you?” You grinned at her and nodded your head, “You gotta admit, it was hilarious.” Vi extended her hand and pulled you up. You dusted your clothes off as she grabbed a water bottle. You watched her drink half of the bottle and wipe her face.

    “For you, maybe. For me?” Vi pointed to her cheek, “That hurt like a bitch.”

    “Awe, babe.” You cooed and wrapped your arms around her, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to distract you.” You kissed her on her cheek and stepped back. Vi placed her water back down and lent up against the railing. “You didn’t mean to, but your giggle was so cute I didn’t think I actually heard it.” Vi grinned at you, “You should do it again.”

    “Do it again-?” You squealed as Vi started tickling you. You backed away from her and she kept advancing forward, “Oh, come on! It’s only fair!” Vi teased and lunged towards you. You yelped as you fell to the ground before it morphed into giggles. Vi’s fingers raced up and down your sides as you tried to stop her. She grabbed your wrists and held them down so you couldn’t push her away.

    “Vi-! Vi-! S-Stoop!” You laughed, “I can’t take it!”

    The door to the arcade opened causing Vi to pause and you both turned to the door. Powder was standing there with her wide eyes and a deep blush on her face. She squeaked out an “I didn’t mean to interrupt!” and slammed the door shut behind her.

    Vi got up and ran to the door shouting, “Powder, wait! It’s not what you think it is! Powder!”


    “Powder!” You called out while looking around the backroom. She became upset when Mylo told her that she couldn’t join them because she was too young. She ran away from the group in tears and you followed her back to The Last Drop.

    “Powder, please come out! What Mylo said was dumb. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” You sighed and sat on the couch. Mylo was always causing issues for you and Powder. He was mean and always so negative when you two were around. You noticed that when it was just him, Claggor and Vi, he wasn’t as horrible to be around. Those were the days you’d sneak behind them on heists.

    The couch dipped next to you as Powder leaned against you. You wrapped your arms around her shoulders and pulled her closer to you. You hummed softly while listening to her sniffle. “Mylo’s right. I’m too young to hang out with Vi.” Powder whimpered, “But, I don’t like being left behind. It’s so scary being on my own back here.”

    “You don’t have to be on your own. You have me and Ekko too, you know? We’re always here for you.”

    “You don’t have to be. I’m not worth it. Ouch!” Powder winced as you pinched her arm.

    “Don’t say that.” You turned to look at her, “Don’t you ever say that. You are worth it, Powder. I think you are. What would Vi say if she heard you say that?”

    Powder sighed, “She’d say she doesn’t agree.”

    “Exactly, because you are worth it. You always will be to me.” You kissed her forehead.


    “Sissy!” You froze. Your mom’s eyes widened as your father walked into the room. You were down in the kitchen helping your mom watch Ekko while she cooked. You had been playing with him so he wouldn’t try to go around the stove.

    “Sissy!” Ekko whined again. He pulled on your shirt as you stared at him in shock. Ekko was four now but he had never called you anything. He would tug on your shirt or nudge you to get your attention but he had never said your name or anything. Your parents thought that your name might be too hard for him at first, but as he got older he was saying more difficult words. They had even tried to get him to call you “sister” but he would just giggle and ignore them.

    “Y-Yes, Ekko?” You stuttered out.

    “Is mom done cooking?” He questioned you with curious eyes.

    “Not yet, okay?” You gave him a small smile, too shocked to do more.

    “Okay.” Ekko went back to playing with his toys. You looked at your parents and saw the huge grins on their faces.


    You gazed up at the ceiling and whimpered. Where did Ekko go? Why is the ceiling cracking? Your body wasn’t responding to you. Why wasn’t your body responding to you? Everything hurts. It tingled and burned and when you tried to move it got worse. You were panicking. ’What happened to me?! Why can’t I move?!’ Your vision blurred as tears formed and you couldn’t stop yourself from crying. ‘Move! Please, move!’ You pleaded with yourself. You watched in shock as the ceiling started to fracture more. Your heart was racing. You could see a blue light peaking through the cracks.

    The cracks kept on growing and showed no signs of stopping. You watched it crawl to cover the whole ceiling before it stopped. You held your breath. ‘Is it going to break? I don’t remember this memory. Wait, why am I going through my memories?’

    Then, the ceiling shattered causing you to scream as the room fell away. You felt your body fall as everything shook around you. The room disappeared and all you saw was blue.

    “H-Hello?!” You called out with a shaky voice. You were terrified. ‘What’s going on?’

    There was music playing. Two beautiful, yet different melodies that complimented each other. Suddenly, there was silence. For a second, you thought you imagined the music. Then, you heard a soft tinkling noise, almost like the wind chimes you’d hear up in Piltover. A bright light flits across your vision and you raised your hand to shield your eyes. ‘I can move again.’ Another bright light followed behind that and another until you watched in shock as dozens of little blue lights spun around you. They flickered like a flame and the biggest one rocketed forward and hit your chest. You screamed in pain as the others followed. They hit your arms, your neck, your chest, and your stomach. It burned like crazy forcing you into your knees when your legs couldn’t support themselves anymore.

    “Can you understand us, human child?” A gentle voice said. You froze in fear, desperately trying to catch your breath as the burning slowly calmed down, “W-Who are you?!” You shouted into the void, “What’d you do to me?!” The voice didn’t answer. The pain in your stomach got worse, causing you to hunch over and clutch at it. Your hands felt wet and you pulled them away to see blood covering them. Panic flooded your system and you looked down and screamed. You saw a rod sticking through your stomach, but when you went to grab it, it fractured and disappeared.

    “ANSWER ME!” You screamed. You started hyperventilating. The blood wasn’t on your hands anymore but that didn’t settle the fear. ‘What the hell is going on?’ You whimpered.

    “We didn’t do anything to you. You did that to yourself. Calm your fear.” The voice responded.

    “No. No. That’s impossible. That’s- Where am I? Where’s my brother?” Your hands shook as you thought about how you got here ‘… wherever here is. The last thing I remember is talking to Ekko and then- and then what? What happened after that?’

    “You died, child.”

    “I- WHAT?!”

    “I will show you.” The area around you rippled as if you had stepped into a puddle. The ripples slowly edged their way across your vision as the world around you changed. You tensed and gasped as an image of yourself ran past you. You looked around and found yourself in a familiar alleyway.

    “Powder!” You snapped your head forward and saw Powder again, but this time you saw yourself sitting there too.

    “What are you doing here?” Powder hissed to the other you.

    “I came here after hearing that my girlfriend, her friends, and her little sister ran to trouble!” The other you hissed right back at her.

    You flinched and held your head. It started to ache and you whimpered. You felt a cool hand touch your forehead and you jolted back. Looking up, you made eye contact with golden irises. Your eyes widened and the woman raised a finger to her lips before motioning back to the images in front of you. You had missed a large part of the conversation because the next thing you witnessed made your heart stop.

    “Explosion?!” The other you shouted. There was the high-pitched sound and then the crystal blew up. Your breath caught in your throat as you watched the other you get launched into the air. You flinched hearing the cracking of bone. You could finally place the familiar blue color as the smokey glow from the explosion.

    You watched in horror as the other you fell, and landed directly on a metal rod. You gagged as the other you let out a blood-curdling scream and your body hit the ground with a sickening thud. You wanted to turn away from the gruesome scene but found that you couldn’t. So you were forced to watch your own death.

    A soft blue glow appeared and you narrowed your eyes. You walked towards the other you as your curiosity outweighed the disgust you felt. Surrounded by a small pool of blood was one of the blue glittering crystals you had watched Powder drop into her jolly monkey. Confusion settled in as it glowed, the blood collecting around it disappeared before the glow got brighter and flickered out.

    “So, you see… it was not our fault.” The woman appeared next to you. You couldn’t answer her. A torrent of emotions rushed through you as you stared down at your dead body. ‘I really died? That… actually happened.’ The weight of the situation set in and the blood drained from your face.

    “I… died.” You breathed out in shock. You turned to the woman and she gave you a sad smile. You dropped to your knees as the image rippled and faded back into the blue surroundings. You closed your eyes and felt a hand on your shoulder.

    “But… that doesn’t explain where I am.” You sighed and opened your eyes.

    “You are here.” She tapped your head and you gasped feeling a spark in your chest. You placed your hand over the area and you felt the rough edges of the crystal. You looked up to her, “Let’s say I believe you-”

    “-You do.”

    “...Does this mean I’m alive? You said that I died, past tense. Not that I am dead.”

    “Correct. We healed you.”

    “We? Who’s we?”

    “All of us. Those of us for generations who have died. These crystals carry our souls and connect us all. You sacrificed yourself to save a young one and it opened a pathway for us when you died.”

    “It- wait… You called me a human child… What are you?” You questioned. She gave you a chilling smile that made the hair on the back of your neck raise. Her pale skin darkened to a deep purple that was not normal for the human species.

    “A creature you have yet to learn of. One that isn’t very fond of humans. But, you do not need to fear us. We respect your sacrifice and admire all that you have done for your sibling. Your spirit has moved us.”

    “Wait- You’ve seen Ekko?” You said hopefully all of your anxiety melted away.

    “We’ve seen your memories and the world around you. Yes. Your Ekko is a sweet child. I can see why you’d do everything to protect him.”

    “If you’ve seen my memories and have been here this whole time… Why am I still here?”

    “We have healed you and brought you back to life, but you are still recovering. I showed you your memories so you wouldn’t wake up. You are almost recovered, so I pulled you from the memory loop to speak with you.”

    “This is a lot to process… I-I need some time.”

    “Of course, you have plenty of time.”

    “Um… What do I call you?”

    She chuckled and gave you an amused smile, “My people once called me Umbra.”

    “Umbra… I-It’s nice to meet you?”

    “It’s pleasant to meet you, human child.” You blinked and Umbra disappeared. Alone once again, you curled in on yourself and started to cry. ‘Why did this happen to me? This is so much to process. How long have I been here?’ You whimpered and started to sob. ‘All I want is to see Ekko again. I just want to know if he’s okay.’


    Ekko’s knuckles were bloody and burning from the broken skin. He panted and pushed his exhausted body off of the ground. It had been eight months since the explosion down at the docks. Shimmer has flooded the lanes and destroyed the lives of so many people and their families. It was highly addictive, made weak people feel powerful, and made powerful people feel invincible. A lot of people had been slaughtered by their own family members or friends for a fix. It was horrifying and Ekko watched his own parents succumb to the addiction.

    It started off with the miners taking a small dose before their shifts. It wasn’t bad until they started taking more and more each time until they got to a full dose. At first, shimmer only seemed like a good thing. That was until people started throwing up their own organs or bleeding from their noses until they died. Those who didn’t immediately die after their first dose kept taking it. Taking a full dose of shimmer every day deteriorated their bodies faster than the fumes from the fissures did. It turned them into walking skeletons and caused grotesque growths to appear on their bodies.

    Ekko had pleaded with his parents to not take it. They agreed at first until they realized how much money their friends were making with it. Then they started lying about it, but Ekko could tell. The years that Ekko’s parents did have left were drastically cut down to a few mere months. Every day his parents came home they were looking worse and worse and it hurt. There was a part of him that hoped his parents cared enough not to do that to their bodies, but he had been wrong. He found himself avoiding them like his sister did.

    Ekko was scared. His parents didn’t have long left and you have been in a coma since the explosion. He knew that he was incredibly lucky to be able to say that. Mylo and Claggor had been found dead in the ruins of the explosion. Their death was gruesome and no one under eighteen was allowed to help get their bodies out of the rubble. Vi and Vander had gone missing. There was no sign of their bodies or a trail to where they could have disappeared to. Out of everyone, Powder was the luckiest. Physically, she was perfectly fine except for a few cuts and bruises. Mentally, Ekko had no idea how she was doing. He didn’t like thinking of where Powder was now. It brought too much pain.

    Ekko was working hard with a large group of people to build a new home. He had taken the words you left him seriously. The undercity was quickly becoming unsafe and they needed a new place. He had stumbled upon a tree growing in a large patch of grass in the undercity by some miracle. It was past the crevasse and perfectly hidden unless someone was looking for it. The group had decided that it was the best place and started working on it.

    With a sigh, Ekko rebandaged his knuckles and headed upstairs. He walked into the medical ward and stopped by your bed. Your natural hair was growing back in, showing off the black roots in vivid contrast to the dyed white curls. Your complexion was looking a lot healthier and your wound was healing very well. The doctors were amazed that you managed to survive with so much blood loss, but couldn’t figure out what the foreign objects were in your body. Every time they tried to remove a shard you would seize, so they gave up on trying to remove any. Whatever it was, Ekko had a strong suspicion it might be the reason that you’re still alive. He just hoped that it wouldn’t turn you against him as the shimmer had done to your parents.

    Ekko ran his fingers against your cheek, “Please, please wake up soon… I need you, sis. Our parents aren’t doing great and you promised I wouldn’t be alone.” Just like every afternoon, Ekko cried himself to sleep at your bedside. He was only ten years old and his world was crashing down.

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    Loving is Easy

    by pearliegloom

    "Basically, we have a choice. We either have to tell my sister next- the same sister that has tried to kill both of us, namely you, multiple times,” Vi spoke, “-or your non-homicidal, but admittedly quite classist parents.” 

    Caitlyn frowned, remaining silent for long enough that Vi was unsure if she had even heard her. 


    “...Hold on. I’m still thinking about it.” 

    Words: 1881, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Arcane: League of Legends (Cartoon 2021)

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/F

    Characters: Vi (League of Legends), Caitlyn (League of Legends), Jinx (League of Legends)

    Relationships: Caitlyn/Vi (League of Legends)

    Additional Tags: I finished Arcane in a day and now everyone has to deal with the consequences, Marriage Proposal, Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Don't ask when in canon this is, Marriage, Fluff, Romantic Comedy, Comedy, An AU in which everyone is slightly more mentally stable, can i get a hoo yah to like the only ao3 fanbase ive seen with a wlw as the top pairing holy fuck

    from AO3 works tagged 'Caitlyn/Vi (League of Legends)'

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    [ JINX vs. EKKO ]

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    listening to sad arcane sountrack on loop

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    Best Laid Plans - Chapter 1

    Fandom: Arcane Pairing: Vander / Reader, Silco / Reader Rating: T (Rating May Change) Tags: Pre-Uprising, Young Vander. Young Silco, Love Triangle (kinda)

    Work Summary: Nothing about living in the undercity was easy - the work was back breaking, and the thick air of the mines coated your lung. You struggled just to survive another day, scrounging for food, money, freedom.
    You didn't need to add further complications to your list of troubles, occupied as you were with freeing Zaun. But your old friends Vander and Silco had different ideas.

    Chapter Summary: You, Silco, and Vander return from a hard day's work. 

    A/N: Set Pre-Uprising. Reader is a childhood friend of both Silco and Vander - she a cis woman and is referred to as “Gold” or “Goldie.” There is no use of y/n in this work, but it is in second person POV. Read author’s note on AO3 for more info. 

    read it on ao3 | or read more below

    “I can’t believe you,” you scoffed, elbowing your way in front of your companion as you approached the dingy house on the corner of the street. You were fuming, covered in soot and grime, and you were absolutely done with his bullshit.


    “No, you are a fucking dumba-“

    A string of horrible, hacking coughs cut off your string of insults. You fumbled with the handle, barely making it inside in time to sprint to the cluttered kitchen sick, hacking out a disturbing glob of black phlegm. You grimaced at the look of it before turning on the sink and wiping your mouth with the back of your hand as your companion crossed his arms and glared at you.

    “I’m a dumbass?” He raised an eyebrow, gesturing to your stiff frame hunched over the sink as you tried to fight off another coughing fit. “You shouldn’t even be working in the mines! Your lungs can’t handle it.”

    You spat another loogie into the still running sink, and pierced him with your gaze, gritting your teeth to keep from actively strangling him.

    “Apparently you can’t handle it either, with the stunt you pulled! Have you even seen yourself? Your eye looks like shit,” you snapped at him.

    Silco just rolls his eyes – even the one that was currently blackening and bruise, even as the two of you spoke. He crossed his arms, his already small frame shrinking further even as he tried to stare you down.

    “My eye is fine.”

    “It is most certainly the fuck not,” you shook your head as you shut off the water and opened one of the nearby cabinets to root around for the first aid kit. You all used it so much that no one ever left it in the same place, which caused far more problems than it should.

    You sighed, looking over your shoulder at the lanky man who was currently glaring at the wall in favor of meeting your gaze. He may be a man now, but you still saw the scrappy boy you, Vander, and Benzo all grew up with. The boy who thought that if he just fought hard enough he would be able to claw his way out of the trenches.

    “You can’t keep testing them. Those enforcers are there to keep us working. If we don’t work…” you trailed off, restraining yourself as you finally closed your fingers around the bloodstained bag that held your meagre supply of medical paraphernalia.

    “If they’re here to keep us working, why do they keep fucking with us, then?” Silco exploded, waving his arms wildly. “If they were here to maintain profits, why consistently target one of their highest producing workers with abuse!”

    Silco was panting heavily, his nostrils flared, lips curled over his teeth in a snarl. You felt your shoulders fall as you sighed, dapping disinfectant on the cleanest piece of cloth available in the kit. You nodded towards a threadbare chair and Silco threw himself into it, every bit the petulant child.

    “They’re intimidated by Vander. You know that. If he wanted to, with those gauntlets on? He could kill any one of them in just a couple hits. They’re scared of him.”

    “So why poke the beast?” Silco groaned, leaning on the arm of the chair, pillowing the good side of his face in his hand.

    “I could ask you the same thing, dumbass,” you countered, dabbing at the pressure lacerations around his eye. He hissed in pain, flinching away until you grabbed his chin with your free hand, forcing him still. “But you know why. They can’t let the other workers see that they’re scared of Vander. Can’t let him gain a reputation. If they let him look strong, they risk him inspiring others. They’re playing the long con. But they know they need Vander to keep profits up – that’s why they haven’t killed him, at least. If you keep testing them, though, I can’t say they’ll always show you that same mercy.”

    Silco scoffed as you finished wiping away the blood. You moved on, applying a bit of salve to your thumb and gently brushing it over the wound to encourage healing. Silco’s eyes fell on you, and he sighed too.

    “What if next time it isn’t Vander? What if next time it’s someone who can’t defend themselves?”

    “What, like you?” you teased, and Silco glared at you.

    “I’m serious! Do you really want to stand for this, for the rest of your life? Living in squalor, breathing in filth until it coats your lungs and chokes you from the inside out? Lining the pockets of topsider politicians that conveniently turn a blind eye to our struggles?”

    “Of course not,” you spat, frowning as you shot him a look. “I want change just like everyone else. But I want to be alive to see it. No change is going to come by you getting yourself killed for no reason down in some filthy mine. Save your fight, for fuck’s sake, Silco.”

    You stood to put the kit back and get him some ice for his eye, but Silco grabbed your hand as you stood, eyes fierce.

    “If I have to save my fight, so do you. Stop going to the mines.”

    You groaned and pulled your wrist out of his grasp, stomping over to the kitchen. You knew there was no escaping him, and by the time you rounded the corner to put the kit away, you saw he was hot on your tail. He never stopped, when it came to this argument.

    “I’m fine,” you said, words clipped and final as you slammed the cabinet with more force than absolutely necessary. When it closed, Silco’s glare was there for you on the other side.

    “You’re not at all fine. You’ve never had good lungs, and the air down there is only making it worse.”

    He was right. He knew he was right, you knew he was right. But still, you never let him win this argument.

    “We need the money. I’m fine.”

    “What was that whole speech about, then? Was it just to get me to shut up?”

    “Drop it, Silco,” you hissed, opening the icebox and nearly smacking him in the face with the door as you scraped ice off the back wall and gathered it into a cloth.

    “I won’t drop it until you stop hacking up pitch into our kitchen sink, Goldie,” he snapped.

    “Drop it before I make those eyes a matching set!” you growled, slamming the door closed and chucking the towel full of ice at him. His eyes widened and fear flashed across his features for a split second. He fumbled with the towel before he pressed the cold cloth to his injured eyed, the other never ceasing its glare.

    “Vander and I make enough to pay for this place. You could just-“

    “I could what?” you gestured angrily, body exuding exasperation. “Sit here all day with my thumb off my ass? Take up knitting? You and Vander make enough to pay for the house, but what about food, huh? Medical supplies? I know it’s tough for your to understand, but we have to make sacrifices until we make change! Topsiders get to be housewives! I get blacklung! That’s how it is!”

    “It doesn’t have to be, you insufferable bitch!” Silco all but screamed back, throwing the ice on the table as he stepped into your personal space. He had to hunch – while the two of you used to stand at the same height when you were younger, Silco had a few inches on you now, soot-singed strands of his hair hanging limply in his face, never obscuring the pure frustration seared into his eyes.

    “Am I… interrupting?”

    The two of you both whipped around, and you immediately relaxed.

    “Vander. Finally. Where the fuck were you?” you asked, as Silco shot you a venom-filled look, snatching the ice from the counter once again with a bit more attitude than was necessary.

    “I was just giving the two of you your privacy,” Vander teased. He was in a good mood, color high in his cheeks as he threw the bag containing his gauntlets to the ground. He sported a fresh bruise to his jaw from the day’s altercation, but he didn’t look any worse for the wear.

    Silco rolled his eyes at him. “Really, now.”

    Vander chuckled a little. “Alright. Quartermaster called me in. As the single most profitable producer in my squad, I’m legally obligated to a bonus.”

    Vander’s eyes were twinkling, and your whole face lit up as you gasped.

    “A bonus? How much, how much?” you grinned, shoving him like you used to when you were kids. It used to at least push his shoulder back, but now Vander was so stocky that it was as if you pat him lightly.

    “Enough for this month’s rent, at least. If I keep this up – maybe we can finally focus on what’s important,” Vander’s hand curled into a fist, and he grinned at Silco, who had been pouting up until this point. Silco blinked up at Vander, hopeful.

    “Zaun?” Silco asked, his voice lilting upward as Vander nodded, grin only growing.

    “I told you it would pay off, Silco. Just a little longer. With the extra cash, think of everything we could do-“

    “Weapons, rations-“

    “Everything!” you breathed, smirking up at Vander.

    “Soon. Soon we won’t have to live in Piltover’s shadow. Not anymore.” Silco commanded the future with his words, standing from his chair to share a grin with Vander. You chuckled with them. The dream you had all shared as kids… it was that much closer.

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