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    11.09.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #tiny!sapnap #sizeshifter!sapnap #g/t#mcyt gt#mcyt g/t #giant!dream #giant!george #sizeshifter#potionshifter#potionshifter sapnap#fearplay#accidental fearplay #hmmm i hope I'm not missing any other tags #my writing#my stuff#anon#answered asks
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    24.06.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Okay, what is happening is that Keith wants to protect his partner (my oc) but what he does not know is that she has claustrophobia ...

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    11.06.2021 - 5 monts ago
    #just imagine #this is not as cute as u think #or maybe... #u trying to to accidental fearplay anon???
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    17.05.2021 - 6 monts ago
    #gt#g/t#giant/tiny#giant tiny#g/t writing#g/t community#g/t fluff#g/t fearplay#g/t angst#the witcher#jaskier #geralt of rivera #geralt x jaskier #writing prompt#prompts #i rlly liked this #Jaskier had me in the first half ngl #accidental fearplay #geralt rlly said...can u not #dAmMiT
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    19.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    alright tinies, i’m in a fearplay mood but my favorite fearplay scenarios break down to: hurt/comfort, cocky/asshole tiny gets knocked down a few pegs, or an established relationship where the giant knows the tiny likes fearplay; tell me what your favorite fearplay scenarios are, i’m very interested in what appeals to tinies as the ones on the receiving end of the fearplay

    #basically i like the kind of fearplay where it’s accidental consentual or deserved #genuinely being cruel to someone innocent is. No #giant/tiny#gt#g/t#giant#giant tiny#tiny#unicornofgt
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    04.04.2021 - 8 monts ago


    A/N: Thanks sm for this! I don’t think anything I’ve written has gone this way before (like tone wise?) So I think this was good for me :) The only thing is that I feel so weird writing about teens now that I’m 20 for some reason, so I just went with the classic giant for description lololol 

    TW: Profanity, almost torture?



    Fuck. Holy shit. This was not how it was supposed to go.

    Virgil was trapped, the worst-case scenario for a borrower, and by a human. He pressed his hands nervously against the wall of the glass jar he was contained in, frantic to get out before the giant came back. How had he gotten this way? He’d like to think this was an inevitable fate, but really? It had been his own careless curiosity.

    Just one button dude. Easy. I think you can do that right?

    Yeah, sure Logan, it was easy. Except scavenging for this button, the first mission his brother had ever given him to do alone, would end up bringing about his own demise. Virgil shuddered, remembering the horror show that had played out not too long ago.

    It had been right there, a big, red, and shiny button Virgil knew Logan would praise him for collecting. He had done all the precautions as he hunched under the human’s bed. Wait, scan the area, make sure there is a clear plan of escape, etc. The coast had been clear, and he’d crept out–except wait, did he properly check for shadows?

    Idiot, idiot, you absolute fool.

    The teasing insults Logan liked to harass Virgil with filled the tiny’s mind, but this time with a much more sinister, eerie tone. Not too far off was a giant, eyes that had previously been on a miniature box now glued on him, deadly curiosity glinting in his eyes.

    Virgil swore his heart had jumped out of his chest then, running across the bedroom floor. Instantly he heard the sound of footfalls, heavy and daunting, making his breath catch in his throat let out a small scream. He skidded across the floor, avoiding the giant hands that swung at him, trying to remember the escape plan he had formed in his head.

    Then suddenly, like a flame snuffed out by the wind, darkness overcame him.

    “Woah. You’re faster than a mouse. But you’re mine now little guy.” The giant had dived forward and wrapped its hands around Virgil–in an action Virgil was lucky hadn’t resulted in broken bones. Its voice was booming, snarky and excited, making Virgil tremble with terror.



    “Are you really not going to say anything? This is so anti-climatic.” The giant was...whining, its arm was spiraled out on the table and its head rested upon it, staring at Virgil through the glass. The giant had been talking for thirty minutes, spewing out nonsense in the hope that Virgil would respond back. Of course, the borrower denied him of that privilege, instead simply staring with wary eyes.

    What the hell did it want? Logan had told Virgil that giants quote, “eat your flesh and use your bones as toothpicks,” but that didn’t seem to be happening, at least not yet. The giant was almost...in awe of Virgil, like he was a new toy. The feeling irked the tiny, and Virgil wished he could escape sooner rather than later.

    “Okay fine, new plan. This will be way more fun anyway.” Suddenly the giant grabbed the jar, carefully turning it over so that Virgil tumbled out safely. The tiny let out a yelp of surprise at the sudden movement, scrambling up once he was out to start running. A hand slammed down next to him then, making him scream again and topple backward. He looked up to see menacing eyes above him, dark with mischief.

    “You’re not going anywhere little dude. I tried being nice, but how would you like it if you found some mini-human hanging out in your bedroom? Fucking spooked I’d say.” Virgil could only stare, frozen as the giant practically snarled the words.

    “If you’re not gonna speak, I gotta do something to take care of you, Mom hates pests. Let’s see...there it is.” His words made Virgil flinch, was he gonna die?  The giant took out another little box, and a circular object. He took the circle and began ripping small pieces off of it, then he turned an icy gaze to Virgil.

    “Do me a favor and stand still.” Virgil did anything but comply, struggling against the giant digits with all his might. It was pointless, however, with the giant using the pieces to pin him against the table. It was on each of his limbs, with the sticky surface refusing to let him go.

    “Okay, tape worked, now for the real fun.” Virgil was shaking now, realizing how truly helpless he was. He could do nothing but watch as the giant pulled out….torches? Virgil recognized the sticks of flammable wood Logan would sometimes bring home, now knowing where exactly his brother got them from.

    Oh gods, he was going to burn him alive.

    Virgil wrestled against the “tape” with everything he had left in him, whimpering when the giant held up the unlit torch. It was useless with his struggles doing nothing more than tiring the tiny out. This was much worse than what Logan described, he’d much rather be eaten than be burned to death. Slowly the giant crept forward, and Virgil squeezed his eyes shut, resilience finally breaking as he cried out.

    “Okay, okay I’ll talk! Please don’t kill–!” He screamed out the words right when the torch touched his side… and started to gently tickle him. In confusion Virgil’s eyes snapped open, blinking away tears in confusion.

    Oh yea... you have to actually light it first.

    “Wait, what–mph! Stop...pfft. Oh my god it tickles!” Virgil was laughing, aggressively moving his body to get away from the unlit torch the giant was using to tickle his side. The giant grinned, refusing to stop as he moved to rub the tiny’s stomach mercilessly.

    “Nu-uh, you’ve left me with no choice little dude. Now suffer!” Virgil did suffer, he laughed until his stomach ached and sides tingled, tears in his eyes. Each time the giant asked a question Virgil almost immediately answered, even if some of them where lies, anything to have this “torture” end. When the giant finally felt satisfied he undid the tape binding Virgil, smiling once again.

    “You see? That wasn’t so hard, and I knew you could talk! It doesn’t seem like you’re a bad person, so I'll let this be our little secret. You came out from under my bed… so should I return you back there?” Virgil couldn’t believe what the giant was saying, had he really just wanted to hear Virgil speak?

    “You’re not going to...keep me as a pet or something? Eat me? Use my bones as a tooth–never mind.” The giant seemed rather amused by Virgil’s words, suddenly leaning down so that his face was looming over Virgil.

    “Why? Do you want me to? I mean I wouldn’t mind–the pet thing I mean–you’re kinda cute when you’re scared.” Alarm shot through the borrower and Virgil vigorously shook his head, earning a laugh from the giant.

    “I figured, you don’t seem the type anyway. Well c’mon, you’ve probably got things to do, yea?” The giant placed an open palm down for Virgil to step on, acting as if it was the most ordinary thing to do. It was more odd, however, when Virgil willingly stepped on, letting the giant take him back to his bedroom.

    “Well...I guess this is goodbye.” The giant seemed almost...sad to let Virgil go, face pouting with disappointment. Before Virgil knew it he reached out, gripping one of the giant’s massive fingers, sucking in a breath when he laid his eyes on Virgil’s little form.

    “I’ll… be back, so um, don’t be sad.” He didn’t know why he said those words, because the rules dictated he do the exact opposite, but he said them anyway, earning an ecstatic grin from the larger creature.

    “Okay, I’ll be waiting lil’ dude.” With a final nod and an awkward wave, Virgil left, dipping under the bed and back into the walls.

    #gt#g/t#giant/tiny#g/t writing#g/t fluff#accidental fearplay#prompts#writing prompt#sanders sides #sanders sides virgil #sanders sides logan #borrower!au #borrower!virgil #borrower!logan #tiny!virgil #tiny!logan #i think this is the first time i did real accidental fp? #giant has no name but is giving me roman ngl #perhaps remus 2
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  • lunar5tar
    03.04.2021 - 8 monts ago

    So I'm listening to "Untraveled Road" by Thousand Foot Krutch

    And it has a line "And one voice is enough to make sleeping Giants wake up"

    And it just makes me think of all the g/t potential-

    #g/t#sfw g/t#giant/tiny#gianttiny#g/t community#potential fearplay#potential fluff #there are two very different directions you can go #the first that comes to mind #a tiny accidentally waking a sleeping giant and fearing for their life #or a tiny purposefully waking a giant theyre close to #for a surprise or smth #idk i just think a vague prompt like that is neat
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  • maudenfreude
    30.01.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Couple’s Therapy

    TW: Contains fatal vore and graphic descriptions of digestion

    Harry and Brian are a couple in need of counseling and advice, so they decide to make an appointment and visit Dr. Dolion, since he was the cheapest option around. However, the two didn’t expect he’d want something extra as payment, and a helpful session becomes a living nightmare.

    - - -

    “Harry, seriously, would you please drive the speed limit?”

    A car drove down the road, near a residential area, the passengers inside bickering somewhat. It was early in the morning, and the two were driving to see a therapist. One that was considerably cheap and offered couples therapy. Things had been tense between them for a while, they’d been under a lot of stress, so they agreed they needed this. The driver, Harry, sighed and glanced at his partner.

    “Really? Really? We’re already late as it is, Brian, what do you want me to do?? Make the building magically appear?” He huffed.

    “Obviously not, but I also don’t want to get a ticket.” The other held his hands up and sighed, leaning back in the seat. “Jesus.”

    The car pulled up to a small building, the two men stepping out and looking at it. There was only one other car parked, and the place had an eerie empty feeling, which both of them felt.

    “Oh yeah, this place definitely looks great.” Brian stated sarcastically, gesturing to it. Harry rolled his eyes at him, walking for the door and opening it. The inside was decent, but bland, with a dozen or so dull blue chairs, white walls, and a few boat and beach paintings. A tv on the wall was playing some cheesy sitcom, and it was the only noise in the building. In fact, no one else was there but them.

    “..You might’ve had a point.” Harry muttered, taking a seat.

    “I’ve never seen a place that looks more like a pediatrician’s waiting room. Surprised there isn’t a fish tank or something.” Brian chuckled, walking to the counter window. He furrowed his brow as it was shut, and there was a piece of paper taped to it. It read ‘Please wait until called, appointments only’.

    “Huh, apparently we just have to wait? Weird there isn’t a person to talk to.” He turned and shrugged, walking and sitting beside Harry, who was scrolling through his phone with a frown.

    After a long several minutes of silence, Brian cleared his throat, glancing at him.

    “Hey, uh...sorry for giving you a hard time in the car.” He sighed, rubbing his arm and picking at the button on his sleeve. “I was just worried.”

    Harry looked up from his phone and turned to him, setting it down. He didn’t want to stay mad, he was right. He shouldn’t have been driving so fast. Even with the therapy being relatively cheap, they wouldn’t be able to afford a ticket. “It’s alright, forget about it.” He waved his hand, resting his head against the other’s shoulder.

    Brian smiled a bit, wrapping an arm around him. “Wake me up when it’s time, alright?” Harry asked him, resting his eyes. “Yeah, yeah-“ His partner chuckled.

    After almost an hour, the door next to the counter creaked open, and the voice that spoke with Harry on the phone while making the appointment called out. “Mr. Giles?”

    Brian shook Harry’s shoulder, who snorted and sat up. “Wha? Yeah-“ He stood up, gesturing for the other to follow, both walking through the door. As the two walked across the short hall and stepped through the open office door though, they were met with a sort of shock that froze the both in the doorway.

    The room was like almost what you’d expect from a therapist’s office, and had a similar theme to the waiting room, but was larger and had a higher ceiling. What stood out the most though was a giant chair, sat upon by an even larger man. He wore a blue suit, his slicked-back black hair was tied in a ponytail, and he smiled as he saw the two.

    “Ah, hello there. I’m Dr. Dolion. Please, take a seat.” He gestured to the couch to the right, though the two were too startled to move. The doctor chuckled, waving his hand. “I know, I know, my appearance must be jarring, but it’ll quite normal for me.” The couple glanced at each other, managing to walk further into the room and sit onto the couch.

    “Alright, now, I hope you two don’t mind if I record our session? I would take notes, but as you can imagine, it’s not the easiest.” He chuckled, taking a recorder from his pocket. Harry elbowed Brian, who cleared his throat and nodded.

    “Oh, yeah, sure, of course.” He told him, finding his voice.

    “Good.” The doctor smiled, turning it on and setting it on the table beside his chair. “Now, what seems to be you two’s problems?”

    For two long hours, Harry and Brian explained the issues they were having, Dr. Dolion listening and giving honest input when needed. The two had been arguing a lot recently, to the point of really hurting each other’s feelings at times. Brian makes snappy remarks, Harry makes rash decisions and loses his temper. Neither want to be doing that, but they don’t know how to fix it. Both were stressed, and they assumed The worry that they might break up from this was what drove them to seek therapy, as they both loved each other too much to want that to happen. After listening intently until the very end, the doctor gave them a last piece of solid advice.

    “I can see you two are struggling with a lot, and this is causing a lot of tension. I understand your worries, I really do. It’s hard when people who love each other to fight. But it would help if you two talked out your worries instead of bottling them in, because that can lead you to the stress you two have been experiencing. Not only that, but it would help you to support each other, instead of trying to hide your problems from the other instead.” Dr. Dolion told them. “I strongly suggest you both start to work on this, so less arguments like the ones you told me about would happen.”

    The two listened intently, glancing at each other briefly. “Okay.” Harry nodded, Brian nodding as well and taking his hand. “Thank you, we will.” He told him.

    “Of course.” The doctor smiled. “I’m glad I was able to help.” The couple smiled back at him, both standing up and starting to step to the door.

    “Oh...there’s something I think I forgot to mention.” Dr. Dolion spoke up, the two pausing and looking back at him. “A secondary in-person payment. Must’ve slipped my mind, my apologies.” The doctor told them, pushing himself to his feet with considerable effort. Somehow he was even taller standing.

    “A second payment?” Harry questioned, furrowing his brow. This wasn’t part of the agreement. “We really can’t afford to pay anything more.” Brian groaned anxiously. “How much is it?” He asked.

    The doctor chuckled, waving a hand. “Oh, don’t worry, it’s not money.” He told them, which only confused them further.

    “The heck do you want then?” Brian asked, to which Harry gave him a look for his attitude.

    “Not much, really...” The doctor grinned in a strange manner, leaning closer to the two, who backed up slightly as this grew unsettling. “I just want..

    ..you two.”

    He suddenly then grabbed Brian by the scruff of his shirt, who shrieked and kicked his legs, lifting up him and slamming him against the door.

    “Agh-! Wh-what the fuck?!” Harry jumped in alarm, looking at the doctor in bewilderment, as well as nervousness at the fact he was able to pick him up that easily. “D-Doctor what are you doing?? Put him down!” He shouted at him, alarmed. What was he doing?? He’d just helped them! Was this some kind of trick?

    The doctor chuckled, ignoring his shouts and grabbing his arm with his other hand. Then he did something strange, leaning much too close to Brian’s face. An unusually long green tongue snaked out from the doctor’s mouth, dragging across his face and leaving a trail of slimy drool.

    “EUGH—wh-what the FUCK-!” Brian made a face in confusion and disgust, squirming. What was he doing, why was it green??

    “I-I said put him down you creep!!” Harry demanded in anger, pulling against his arm. He was disgusted by his actions, and nervous for his partner. He was right to be worried.

    Dr. Dolion ignored him, licking his lips as a hungry growl emitted from his throat. His jaws then opened wide, a dark and slimy cavern that loomed much too close to him, his hot breath wafting over his face. Brian could only bewilderedly stare into it, before the doctor shoved him head-first inside. He let out a short scream, before it was muffled as his slimy tongue slathered his face and hair in slick saliva.

    “Wh-wha-WHAT-?! What are you doing?!” Harry cried out in shock. “S-stop that, stop that right now, damn it!!”

    Dr. Dolion chuckled and glanced a him, turning toward him slightly as he pushed the struggling Brian further in. Then he yanked Harry closer to him, grabbing his wrist and pressing his hand to his neck. A thick swallow pulled Brian’s head and the start of his shoulders into the tight tunnel of his throat, a large lump sliding under his hand. Harry’s eyes widened and he shuddered in horror.

    “Wh-what the fuck—n-no- are you—y-you can’t-“ He stuttered, realizing what he was trying to do. The large man was trying to eat Brian. That-that was impossible, but it seemed like that was just what was happening. Brian still continued to make muffled noises, kicking his legs in terror. He could hardly breathe, and he was panicking as he was being eaten alive. The doctor pushed him in further and swallowed again, more of his body sinking down his throat. Harry trembled and tried to yank his hand away, mortified the doctor was making him feel his partner going down. A frantic fervor ran through him, and he kicked and hit at the doctor himself.

    “S-STOP! STOP IT Y-YOU BASTARD!!” He screamed at him, tearing up from his terror for Brian.

    His emotions only fueled Dr. Dolion, who grinned at him. The raw emotions from him were delicious. But not as delicious as the human he was devouring. He pushed him in even deeper and tossing his head back, his form sinking further in with yet another swallow. Only his legs hung out of his maw by now, and he roughly yanked off and threw aside his shoes. By now, Brian started to push through a tight ring of muscle and into a more open space, hot and humid and reeking with rancid air. He gasped and coughed as he slid into it, panting and tearing up in terror. He could only assume this was the doctor’s stomach.

    “G-god no- no- s-STOOOP-!!” He cried out, his voice muffled within the man’s gut.

    Harry could just barely hear it, shaking. Before he could shout anything else at him, Dr. Dolion grabbed him by the waist and lifted him up, firm enough to resist his struggles, and pressed his head to his neck. Then he loudly gulped, sucking the rest of Brian down his throat and making him listen to him slide down. The doctor’s stomach stretched as his body was squeezed down into it, groaning as it was filled.

    “L-LET ME OUT!” Brian cried, kicking and pushing against the slimy stomach walls, awkwardly curled in a somewhat upside-down position and soaking in a small pool of fluids. He made a noticeable bulge in the doctor’s middle, stretching his suit tight. Harry gasped and pushed away from him, this time being let go, and he collapsed to the floor as he stared at his writhing gut.

    “Y-you..you ate him..” He whimpered, trembling and feeling sick. “What-what the fuck is WRONG with you?!” He cried.

    Dr. Dolion grinned at him coldly, licking his lips and rubbing his stomach. “I did tell you that you two were the secondary payment. Brian, was it? Well, I hope it reassures you to know that he was very tasty..~” He teased.

    Tears ran down Harry’s cheeks as he glared at the doctor furiously, scrambling to his feet and attempting to tackle him in desperation. “Y-you MONSTER!!” He shouted at him.

    The doctor just laughed, grabbing him before he could even lift a fist. “Oh, you wanna be closer~?” He cooed, before sitting back down in his chair and pushing him against his belly. Harry yelped in alarm, pressed against the churning form of his partner within, shivering as he could feel him writhe and cry.

    “S-stop it-! Goddamn it you’re sick-“

    Dr. Dolion chuckled, enjoying his horror. “Mmm, feels good, doesn’t it? Face it, he’s where he belongs. Just in time for lunch~” He taunted him with a growl. “You might as well make yourself useful and give me a massage..might help me digest him.” He grinned, before burping.

    Harry made a face at him, groaning in disgust. “You f-fucking freak—you’re disgusting-“ He choked out.

    Brian whimpered as the tight space grew more cramped as his partner was pressed against him, the clenching walls squeezing him tightly. “S-stop-pleaseIcan’tbreathe-“ He gasped, panting heavily as his burp stole some of his air. The liquids that coated him were making his skin numb and tingly, and it unnerved him. “D-digest me-? N-no no no no-god please no-“ He whimpered, kicking more.

    The doctor smirked as he watched Harry squirm against his gut, licking his lips and figuring after a few minutes that it was about time he should join Brian inside. “Y’know what, I think it’s time for seconds~” He pulled him closer, yanking off his shoes and throwing them across the room. Then he lifted him up and opened wide, lowering his legs into his slimy jaws. Harry’s eyes went wide, grabbing onto his suit and trying to pull himself away from him.

    “N-no, NO- STOP-!!” He cried as a gulp pulled his legs into the doctor’s throat. It was no use, the larger man was much stronger than him, pushing him backward into his gaping maw. His long slimy tongue lapped at him to make him easier to get down, swallowing to pull him down to his middle. Harry shouted in terror, trying to kick his legs but hardly able to in the tight tube of his throat. The doctor grinned and tilted his head back, pushing him even deeper and swallowing him up to his chest. He panicked and wrapped his arms around his lower jaw, a fruitless but desperate attempt to not get himself eaten. And fruitless it was, as Dr. Dolion grabbed his arms from his jaw, pushing him up to his neck down his throat.

    The doctor opened his mouth wider as his head slid into his mouth, his chin resting on his slick tongue, which quickly got to work in slathering his face and hair with a thick coat of drool. He sputtered and coughed, whimpering as it pushed him right to the entrance of his throat. Though he tried desperately to grab something, it was too late. The doctor left his mouth open as he gulped, the light from his office disappearing from view as Harry was pulled down his throat, his arms being slurped down after him. Dr. Dolion held his hand to his neck as he felt his form slid down it, huffing once his airway was clear and groaning in satisfaction as his weight sank into his belly, unbuttoning his jacket as it grew too tight. Harry was squeezed down the narrow tunnel and pushed into his cramped stomach, squished against Brian who yelped as he was pressed against him.

    “H-Harry-! Oh god-“ He whimpered, sniffling. The two awkwardly tried to hold each other, but was interrupted by aggressive rubbing from the doctor, which managed to squish them more.

    “Aahhh~ I couldn’t have asked for a more filling meal~” He teased, chuckling. “Get comfortable, you two are gonna be there a while~ Well, maybe not a while, but for the rest of your lives.” He snickered. The two both squirmed and kicked at the walls, shouting obscenities at him, though were smothered by the clenching walls that soaked them in fluids that made their skin numb and soft. With his stomach already having been at work, the acids were already starting to kick in, a tingling and stinging sensation meeting them.

    “Agh—d-do you feel that?” Brian asked, gasping in a way he was almost hyperventilating.

    “I-I do—this isn’t good—Brian w-we’re gonna die-“ Harry whimpered, losing any composure he had left.

    “Aren’t you a smart one?” The doctor chuckled as he heard him, kneading his stomach and belching. “Ah, pardon me.” The two coughed and gasped as it stole more air from them. They were squished tight within the therapist’s gut, and his kneading only made it tighter. They could hardly move, and both of them were running out of air.

    “N-no- we can’t- we can’t die-“ Brian choked out, trembling and kicking in desperation.

    Harry held him, sniffling. “I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry-“

    The doctor heard them, chuckling coldly and patting his belly. “Aw, poor you. Get over yourselves, your whining won’t do you any good. You’re food, that’s all you are. The only difference you two will ever make in life is to my waistline.” He taunted them in a bitter tone. “Now be quiet, lunch shouldn’t talk.” He huffed, pushing against his stomach. It growled around its occupants, clenching tightly and pushing the acids into their skin. The acids had risen to fill a third of the chamber, starting to submerge Brian who was crushed under Harry. They started to sting and burn, and the two winced.

    “O-ow- oh god-“ Brian whimpered, panting. Harry could feel the acids starting to rise to submerge the other, trying to move off of him, but the space was too tight to. “I c—I-c-can’t-“ He gasped as more air was taken from them with the doctor burping again, hyperventilating as he couldn’t catch his breath. He got lightheaded from the lack of air, even the pain from the acids burning him felt fuzzy.

    “Calm-calm down, just try to breathe-“ Harry tried to help him, but didn’t know what to do. A louder groan from around them only seemed to be a sign things would get worse. Each clench made the now-searing acids rise higher, a sizzling starting to be heard around them as their skin started to burn and blister, both crying out in pain.

    “H-Harry-y-!” Brian cried out, choking and sobbing in agony as almost his whole body was submerged in it. Harry tried to pull him out of it, gripping him tightly in fear.

    “Agh- no- s-stop this already you goddamn monster-!” He shouted at the doctor. He would’ve shouted more, but as he tried pulling his partner higher out of the acid by his arms, to his horror his skin was soft enough to tear off from him doing this. Brian shrieked in both pain and just by feeling it, splashing back into the acid as the other lost his grip. “O-OH FUCK—FUCK!” Harry cried, even the skin on his own hands rubbing off a little with that effort.

    “H-help me pl-plEA-“ Brian begged, before the acids rose high enough to cover him completely, his voice drowning out into gurgling.

    “B-Brian-?” Harry whimpered, feeling for him and alarmed at the height of the caustic fluids. In panic he tried pulling him above it, but only tore more skin from him, which was already melting and flaking off from the acids eating through him. Brain struggled as he tried to push himself up as well, his lungs screaming for air. In an act of desperation, he gasped for air, but acids filled his lungs instead, burning through the soft tissue of his insides and killing him. Harry felt his form beneath him go limp, fear hitting his heart.

    “N-no- Brian- BRIAN!” He shouted, shaking him. With no response, he started to sob, punching the stomach walls in anger. “Y-YOU FUCKING BASTARD-!” He screamed at the doctor with all his might.

    Dr. Dolion heard this and laughed, roughly rubbing his gut with a smug smile. “Aw, pity, you really do care about him. Well, did. Not sure how much care you can give to some dead digesting meat.” He taunted uncaringly. Harry was pushed somewhat into the acid and against Brian’s body, to which he whimpered in disgust and horror.

    “S-STOP-“ He cried, coughing as he nearly choked on acid, the air quality only getting worse. The liquids he stewed in only got thicker and soupier with his partners melting flesh, which sickened him further. His own skin was burning and melting off, exposing muscle and flesh to the stinging fluids.

    “Just accept this already. You’ll be dead soon, just like him. Nothing but a forgettable addition of fat. It’s almost sad really, you two had promise. I even gave you some real advice. Not that it matters anymore.” Dr. Dolion sighed, continuing to rub his distended gut. It groaned and gurgled loudly, the walls threatening to smother Harry, and his rubbing didn’t help. There was barely any air left, and he panted heavily. The acids were up to his neck now, and he fought to stay above them, pushing against the muscles that clenched him tight.

    “G-go to hell-” He hoarsely spat at him with as much vile as he could muster, gasping.

    “Who’s the one burning here~?” The doctor sneered, poking him. Another loud gurgle elicited a decent belch from him, pulling the rest of the air in his stomach. Harry whimpered as a tight clench forced him under the acids, not letting up. It burned his face harshly, and he tried to reach for air, but there wasn’t any left. His chest hurt as he needed air, and he couldn’t fight the urge to breathe for long. Like Brian, he forced a breath and acids filled his windpipe, searing through his flesh and lungs and suffocating him quickly. Dr. Dolion grinned to himself as all the movement within ceased, the only noises from his gut being the groans and gurgles as it digested the forms inside.

    “I hope your experience was satisfactory~” He hummed, giving his stomach a pat and clicking off the recording. “You two will do me nicely.” He yawned, resting his head in his chair as he closed his eyes, soon enough drifting to sleep. Brian and Harry’s bodies slowly churned into an unrecognizable stew as his stomach broke down their flesh and bones, until there wasn’t a trace of the couple left. Just as he’d stated, the only difference they made was a forgettable addition to the doctor’s waistline.

    #~the doctor’s tapes~ #dr. carl dolion #vore writing#fatal vore#soft vore#sfw vore #half size vore #fearplay#unwilling prey#multiple prey#graphic digestion #((y’all really get to see how cruel the doctor is with this..)) #((I don’t write too too much but I like how this came out)) #((also Harry and Brian are just random characters not ocs—they likely won’t be making a return)) #((unless I accidentally make them characters who knows lol)) #((also I couldn’t decide if they were dating or married so I left that up to interpretation))
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  • showrunnerihardlyknowher
    21.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #ask#anon #jacob is about to 127hr himself to get that fucking tracker off #something something now i know why the caged bird sings or whatever
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    #ask#anon #fiery skipper anon #ask game#puzzle's qna
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  • candieshound
    28.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Houndtober Day 5


    18+ only content

    Contains: Guns, NEO being a psychopath, Fearplay, Implied Murder.

    (Fem reader) Characters: NEO {Norah}

    "Mmm, sweetie pie. You look so good like that!"

    Neo holds the gun against my temple, their fingers slipping in and out of my cunt. They told me not to move, or they'd kill me. I'm trying my hardest not to squirm, move, make any noise either.

    But they're scaring me, pleasing me. I'm filled with so many emotions.

    I hear something click..

    The safety.

    They laugh, planting a kiss to my forehead next to the barrel.


    I whine, whimpering out a yes.

    Another laugh.

    They move the gun slowly down my face. Dragging it over my chest, down my stomach.

    To my cunt.

    "This shouldn't hurt.. as long as I don't accidentally.. pull the trigger"

    I swallow, choking back tears.. Their fingers retract to make room for the gun.

    It slips into me painfully. The barrel cold and stiff. I whimper, hot tears trailing down my face.

    "Thick, hmm?"

    It's quickly fucked into me. I let out a semi-loud cry, trying to close my legs.

    Neo laughs as I watch them in horror as their finger caresses the trigger.


    The gun is still thrusting into me, rubbing against the soft spot of pleasure in me. I moan involuntarily, squirming lightly.

    I wait for the pull of the trigger, knowing it's going to happen.

    But it feels so good, I can't focus on anything else.

    "Mmm, gonna cum soon, sweetie?"

    I chase that high, nodding my head.

    The smile at me before I close my eyes. Allowing myself to let go.

    It's a blissful feeling.




    though it's short lived.

    "Bang! Hahah!"

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    #vore tw#mcyt g/t #tiny!tommy #giant!wilbur #three word prompts #aslitheryanswers
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  • x-pair-o-dice-x
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    YOOOO i have been working on this for the past week or so dksmksmsksmsks. but uhh!!! who here likes dragons? who here likes techno and ranboo? cuz if you like those two things,, you’re sure to love this,, dkdmkdkd. ppl on the discord know what ‘m talking ‘bout,,,

    also this is unrelated to my other dragon au,, this is a separate one bc i could not help myself dkmdkdmdkdm.

    warnings: safe and (undescribed) healing vore,, accidental fearplay, mentioned digestion and death, but none happen! also accidental dehumanization(calling a sentient creature an “it”).


    well. this is certainly…. inconvenient.

    no, inconvenient is an understatement. ranboo thinks being lost deep inside of a forest in the middle of the night is a bit more than an inconvenience.

    regardless of what it was, though, it does not change that we was.. well. lost deep inside of a forest in the middle of the night.

    what started as a little adventure with him and tommy out in the woods close to sunset, led to him getting separated, which led to now. middle of the night. lost in the forest. which is, arguably, the worst place to be in the middle of the night, and the worst time to be lost in a forest.

    he feels like he’s going around in circles — and honestly, he might very well be, considering all of these god damn trees look the same, it’s not like he’d know.

    maybe if he could actually see more than just the outline of trees, he’d be able to actually find his way out, or at the very least know if he’s crossing the same paths. but nope! there was barely any moonlight coming from beyond the trees, and even then, moonlight isn’t all that great.

    prime, he was gonna be stuck in here all night, wasn’t he.

    ..was there anything dangerous in these woods? tommy seemed confident that they would be safe, but.. as great of a guy he is, his judgement isn’t always the best — got them out a few pickles, sure, but usually tommy was the one to get them in trouble in the first place. and even if it was safe during the day, it’s.. well, it’s certainly not day anymore, he thinks, glancing up to where he can faintly see the moon shining through.

    why couldn’t tommy be here with him? he may be just as terrible with directions as ranboo is(maybe even worse in all honesty), but at least then he’d have company, something to keep his mind off the fact that he was out practically in the middle of nowhere.

    ..does tommy even know he’s out here? did he think ranboo just went home? does he still think he’s at home? surely, surely he would have tried to check up on him?

    …is tommy even home himself?

    he so deep in thoughts, with his legs working on autopilot, that he doesn’t even realize what in front of him — or rather, what wasn’t in front of him — until his foot was met with open air, and swiftly began tumbling down with only a quick yelp.

    in hindsight, it wasn’t too long of a fall as it could have been, only lasting a solid seven-ish seconds, but it certainly didn’t feel like it in the moment, as he got tossed and thrown and scrapped everywhere, and- his ankle landed somewhere in a way that certainly wasn’t right, making him yell out a quick swear, before finally landing on the ground.

    ranboo laid there for a minute or two, trying to capture his breath. god, okay, that hurt. while he can’t quite see the scratches and scars his descent had caused, he sure as hell can feel them. and not to mention-

    tentatively, he sat up, resting his back against the small cliff he had just fallen off of, and carefully put pressure on his foot— only to immediately hiss out a “fuck-” and pull his knee up to his chest. okay. okay, okay! ankle is,, definitely sprained. or.. broken. god he hopes it isn’t broken, he doesn’t think he has the money to fix that.

    alright. his situation isn’t exactly…. the best, now.

    he has no idea where he is, no idea how to get home, and even if he did, it wasn’t like he could actually walk right now. his entire body hurts, it’s the middle of the night, and he’s.. somewhere in a forest. where anything could happen.

    it’s.. it’s not the best, yeah.

    but it could be worse.

    and as if he had summoned some sort of god of misfortune or whatever, he heard the rustling of trees from far away.

    it was then he realized that the rest of the forest was quiet. deadly quiet.

    ranboo, you fool, you fucking fool, you uttered the forbidden words.

    and he couldn’t even try and run away, not when he doesn’t know what it is, not when he doesn’t know where it is, not with him backed into a corner, not with his sprained ankle, not when his body feels like it’s on fire.

    all he could do was stay still and hope that whatever it was didn’t notice him.

    the rustling grew louder, and soon they were accompanied by another sound — footsteps. he didn’t dare let hope spread through him, though, not when they were far too loud to be human. and that, that scared him. the only threat he could think of that would be in a forest would be a wolf, or a bear — but if the footsteps weren’t from a human, there’s no way it could be from one of those, either. which meant he didn’t know what was coming for him, which terrified him.

    ranboo bit his tongue to keep the whimper threatening to escape his throat as the thumps grew louder and louder, closer and closer.

    and soon, too soon, something passed through the trees, stepping into the clearing he had found himself in, and his heart skipped a beat.

    a dragon.

    an honest-to-god dragon is right there in front of him. it hadn’t seen him yet, thank prime, but that didn’t change the fact that there was a dragon, here, right in front of him.

    it was big, that was the first thing he noticed. from what he could see, ranboo was barely bigger than one of it’s claws. it was a light red, almost pink in color, with a gold plating on it’s belly and snout. it had not just one, but two sets of tusks protruding out of it’s mouth, and almost looked as if it had a snout, like a pig.

    that didn’t make this situation any less terrifying.

    his breath shuddered as the dragon walked further into the clearing, it’s head turning this and that way, seemingly looking for something — shit, did it hear his yells when he fell??

    he pushed himself further against the cliff, careful not to use his bad leg, but the movement seemed to catch the sight of the dragon, making it turn in his direction, golden eyes zeroing in on him. he felt like his heart stopped.

    and slowly, like a predator who knows it’s prey can’t escape it’s fate, it steps closer. immediately he tried to scramble back, only to yell in pain when he moved his hurt ankle in a way that flared with pain. the dragon’s ear flicked — and in the back of his mind, he noticed that it’s right ear seemed to have been torn by something — and he could almost swear that it’s eyes flashed with something, no doubt joyous about what an easy snack he was.

    and that was the thing, wasn’t it? he couldn’t run, not with his ankle messed up. and there was no way he’d be able to fight it.

    ranboo was trapped. he was a goner.

    it stepped forward again, and again, and as it got closer, his heartbeat got louder and his breath grew shallow.

    and then it was right in front of him.

    and he had never felt so small.

    it’s head was a couple yards away from him, but it might as well have been right against his face, with how it’s heavy breathing blew his hair back. it stared at him, almost as if surveying him. probably to see how filling he would be, ranboo thought morbidly.

    suddenly, it leaned in further, causing him to yelp, and close his eyes, bracing himself for— something, he didn’t know what, and he was afraid to find out.

    there was a moment where nothing happened, before he felt something press up against him, making him gasp in surprise — and in brief pain, from all the bruises and scraps from the fall. but… beyond the brief rubbing back and forth, nothing else really… happened…

    slowly, ranboo opened one of his eyes, to see that it was the dragon’s snout that was rubbing against him.

    was…. was it… nuzzling him…..?

    he opened both of his eyes now, simply opting to watch as the dragon tried to nuzzle him. it was a bit awkward, seeing as it’s snout was almost double the size of his whole body, but… it was nice, he had to admit. and now that he was paying attention, he could even feel it vibrating silently — was it purring? could dragons even do that?

    suddenly the dragon pulled away, opting to stare at him from a couple feet away now. this time, he met its eyes, and they simply watched each other for a bit. he found himself calming down slightly, his heart no longer feeling like it wants to explode.

    they stared at each other for a moment longer, before it seemed to turn its attention to his ankle. carefully, it nudged it with its snout, causing him to hiss in pain. immediately, it recoiled, staring at his leg in… was that worry? ..huh….

    “uhm,” he started. “it’s fine? or- no, not, fine, fine. it hurts, but i don’t think it’s.. broken?” he trailed off, realizing that we was attempting to talk to a dragon, which he wasn’t quite sure could understand him.

    ….but……. judging by the stare it was giving him…… could it….?

    before he could ponder any further, its snout was back to nuzzling him, causing him to laugh softly, petting the snout. this dragon was really just a huge cat, wasn’t it?

    ..maybe he would get to go home, after all. maybe everything will be okay.

    and then it opened it’s mouth, and scooped him inside with ease.

    and then ranboo was back to panicking.

    immediately he flailed around, his whole body flaring with pain as he did so. he tried to make his way back to the entrance of the mouth, but the teeth quickly blocked his exit, snapping shut before he could even get near them. it’s tongue moved around him, pushing him every which way, coating him with saliva as he squirmed, trying to find some way out of this. every time the tongue pushed him too close to the sharp teeth that pretty much surrounded the whole area, he froze, afraid that was the end, before slipping back into the middle. every so often the tongue would brush against his ankle, or he would land on it harshly, causing him to cry out in pain. and all the while, tears streamed down his face as he pleaded, saying “no, no no, please no, please don’t, no please-,” as if that would help his situation any.

    it felt like forever as he waited for something to happen, as he was covered head to toe in saliva. it was then that he noticed that the dragon was purring, probably enjoying the flavor he had. he wondered briefly if it could taste his fear, if it enjoyed it.

    and soon, soon he felt the head rising up, up, and up. and soon, he found himself slowly sliding downwards. and soon, he saw exactly where he heading.

    the throat.

    his struggles returned tenfold now, but by the time he realized, it was already too late to stop anything — as if he could have stopped it earlier. as his feet entered the hole, he heard a loud gulp, before he was suddenly dragged into a warm, tight passageway. it felt like it was crushing him. if his ankle hurt before, it felt like it was on fire with how much it was stretched.

    and finally, finally ranboo found himself dropped into a small, fleshy chamber.

    he was in the stomach.

    he was practically as good as dead, now.

    it was warm, almost uncomfortably so, and he was submerged in a half-foot deep liquid — he could only assume it was acid, he couldn’t think of anything else that would be in a stomach.

    ….there was no way out of this.. was there…..

    he wonders what tommy would think. would he think he was still out in the forest somewhere? would he go after him? ..would he meet the same fate as him? god, he hopes not.

    all at once, he felt any fight he had left slip out of him, leaving him to slump against the wall of flesh surrounding him. his breath shuddered. he could feel his entire body tingling, especially around his ankle. he could still feel the dragon purring around him.

    maybe… maybe he should try and rest… at least then, he wouldn’t have to experience…….

    ..yeah. yeah, he’s just going to sleep, now.

    and so, he closed his eyes, and willed himself into passing out.


    ranboo had laid there for a long while, resting in some place between dreams and the waking world, before realizing he was awake. and even then, he simply opted to rest a while longer, nestling his head further into the soft pillow he laid on, soaking in the warmth of the sunlight shining through his window.

    and then he awoke further, and.. began to realize that wasn’t quite right. he can’t quite place it, but.. something about that description wasn’t quite right.

    i’m awake, some small part of him, not as tired as the rest of him, thinks. why am i awake?

    and that got him thinking, well.. why wouldn’t he be awake? why is that such a surprise?

    god, it was too early for this, he just wanted to settle further into his blankets and go back to sleep. and as he searched for his blankets, eyes still shut, he found that.. there wasn’t any blanket covering him.

    he never made it back home, he realized.

    and everything came rushing back to him.

    ranboo sat up with a sharp gasp, before quickly shielding himself from the bright light that attacked his eyes — well, he wasn’t imagining the sunlight, he supposes.

    as his eyes adjusted, he began to survey his surroundings — he seemed to be situated right by an extremely gigantic tree, laying in some nest next to it, one far, far too big for him. the nest itself was made up of a variety of things: sticks, mud, vines, leaves. he in particular seemed to have been laying in a bit made with moss.

    and right next to him was a dragon that he swears wasn’t there before.

    immediately he yelped, pushing himself further against the nest. he didn’t know how he managed to live through that first encounter, but he doubts he’ll be able to survive a second attempt.

    ..or…. was he let out on purpose? but why? to feed its hatchlings? for a snack to have later? prime, he didn’t want to find out.

    it was staring at him. he stared back with wide eyes.

    it was the same dragon — of course it was the same dragon, he’d be even more surprised if it wasn’t — and it was looking at him with a look he couldn’t decipher. it suddenly leaned closer, making shift further away, moving to use his bad leg, before realizing, wait, that’s his bad leg-

    but as he put pressure on it, he realized — it… didn’t hurt…? that caused him to pause. it was then that he noticed that… none of the other injuries he had gotten hurt, either. it felt like the fire that burned throughout his body had long since gotten extinguished. but… how?

    “did…” ranboo surprised even himself as he spoke up, and he almost stopped, before seeing how the dragon had given him it’s attention. odd.. “did you… heal me?”

    it stared at him for a second, before nodding.


    he was… not actually expecting an answer! that’s neat.

    but, uh…


    there’s no way they could have done first aid for him, not when their — ..foot? paw?— was bigger than him. and that’s not even mentioning his ankle — sprains like that would have lasted at least a couple days.

    the dragon’s eyes trailed away from him, and he followed their line of sight.

    it’s… chest? why would….



    “your st.. stomach..?”

    the dragon nodded, once.

    “ah..” ranboo said, trailing off into silence. it was.. unnerving, a bit, to think about the fact that he was… eaten. but, it seems like.. they never wanted to harm him? it did the opposite, even — they helped him.

    in all honesty, it really could have been worse. at least he actually had somewhere to stay at night, rather than sleeping out in the forest for (other) predators to find him. ....even if the solution was a stomach.

    “th.. ank you?” ranboo tried, staring back up at them. the dragon glanced back at them, before nodding once again. a silence passed, as they simply opted to sit in quiet for a moment.

    “uh..” ranboo spoke up, “i should.. probably go home now.” he looked away, messing with his fingers nervously. “i have a friend, and he.. he’s probably worried about what happened to me by now?”

    the dragon regarded him for a moment, and for a minute he thought that they wouldn’t let him leave, before they stuck out one of their paws to him, laying it almost flat on the ground. he stared at it for a second, before carefully pulling himself onto it. as soon as they were secured, he found himself lifted up into the air, closer to their head. he panicked instinctively, thinking he was headed towards their mouth, until he was lifted higher than that, and gently slid on top of their head.

    he quickly got himself situated, and soon enough, they were off. he didn’t know where exactly they were going, but all he could really do now was hope it was home.

    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#my writing #tiny!ranboo #giant!techno #vore tw #there was gonna be another section w/ tommy but i am Tired of writing this i want to be done /j /lh #this is either a one shot or will become another au #‘m already thinking of other potential parts to this help me dkmdkdmdkmdkdk /lh
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  • deepestfancloud
    20.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The Dare - 18

    Author’s note: This is a series.

    Warnings: This series contains intense fantasy scenes of hard kinks/ edgeplay, graphic sex, and harsh language. Beware: this is dark, weird, kinky read. The activities depicted therein are dangerous and are not meant to be an example of realistic BDSM.

    Kinks/Fetishes within the series: Erotic humiliation, fearplay, painplay, knifeplay, consensual non- concent (CNC), orgasm denial, boot worship, spanking, crying, blowjobs, clowns, group sexual activities, spit, bondage, public play, bloodplay.

    * My work is not to be transferred, copied, translated or reposted to any other sites without my permission. Thank you! Xoxo

    PART 18 – The clowns

    “Easy, angel,” Barry said, and his hands slid over my hips and down...down between my legs. “Kelce isn't very nice, is he?”

    “Klece needs to be more careful.” Rafe’s voice was a command, as was the grip he briefly had on Kelce’s arm as he circled him. Kelce growled furiously, but he eased up on his pressure at the back of my throat, moving more slowly, allowing me the time to get used to his size and the curiosity of his barbell.

    I tried to keep my eyes on Rafe, my lingering fear calming as he stood back to watch, a stern face in the dark. But the clowns soon claimed my attention again; Barry’s hand slipped beneath my skirt, caressing over my clit, and I nearly convulsed from the stimulation. I whimpered, dutifully flicking my tongue over Kelce's head, savoring the taste of flesh and metal. Barry’s fingers slid lower - and pressed inside me.

    “Oh, so wet, little angel,” he murmured. He pumped his fingers into me, and when he withdrew them they were slick with my arousal. He watched the glistening strings spread between his fingers as he scissored them before he licked them clean. Then he was touching me again, rubbing my clit at a slow, firm pace, until my folded legs began to shake.

    “Make him cum, [Y/N],” Rafe said, slipping out of my sight again, circling the scene. Eager to obey, I bobbed my head to take Kelce deeper, forcing myself to accept the press of the barbell against the back of my throat. Kelce’s body grew tense, his movements harsh, my renewed enthusiasm making him moan.

    “Such a good little whore,” he growled. His palm made contact with my face, a gentle sting, and I smiled as eagerly as I could with my mouth so full. He slapped me again, slapped me harder, his strength still curbed to make sure I didn’t accidentally get him with my teeth. Barry’s stimulation over my clit had me shaking, my muscles tensing, bringing me to the edge of orgasm.

    “She’s not allowed to cum,” Rafe ordered, and Barry slowed his touches until it was nothing more than a tease, and I nearly screamed in frustration. I would have screamed - if Kelce hadn’t suddenly sucked in his breath, shaking as he came, filling my mouth.

    I swallowed him down, gasping, my head light as I finally had a moment to breath normally. Every nerve in my body felt as if it were on fire, sensitive to the slightest touch, and the high of my flooding hormones made everything feel surreal. My whole world was that dark room, those three laughing clowns, the taste of their sex in my mouth...and Rafe, watching over it all like a demonic god.

    I pulled on my cuffs for a brief moment, just to feel the metal dig into my skin, brutally unbreakable. Barry was the only one who remained now to be pleased, and slowly, he withdrew his fingers from me and brought them to my lips.

      “Be a good girl,” he urged, and I sucked his fingers obediently, savoring my own taste, salty and smooth. I sucked on his fingers like I wanted to suck his dick, and he chuckled as I did it. “Well shit. How can I resist that?”

    I looked up at him with a dazed smile as he stood and leaned over me. The others watched, wordless, the sound of their panting breath harsh. There were footsteps behind me, and Rafe gently kissed the top of my head.

    “Am I doing good?” I said, my words stumbling and slow as I looked back him. He smiled at me, and my heart seemed to swell. There were so many small details I noticed about him now, even in the dim light - his blue eyes, his gold ring, that there were tiny scars around his lips and cheekbones. He was handsome...almost pretty. His eyes were blue and dark but his features were soft, hardened only by the tension in his jaw.

    “Very good, angel. So good that I have a little surprise for you.”

    Excitement bloomed in me. Then there was a click, and something glinted in the firelight. Something metallic, gripped in Rafe’s hand.

    “You asked about this earlier,” he said, turning the knife in his hand so that every movement caught the light and glowed like the sun. “You asked if I still carried it. I do. It’s the same one, the one I scared your ex off with. It goes everywhere with me, and it’s always kept sharp.”

    My breath felt cold in my chest as I watched the knife. The thrill of that danger, so close, made me want to both laugh and cry. The candle flames were reflected back in Rafe’s eyes, a burning hellfire in his gaze. I realized he’d taken out his white contact, but I found him no less intimidating. I couldn’t look away, even as my heart started up a drum’s beat against my ribcage.

    “This is a butterfly knife.” There was another click, a flash, and the blade disappeared - folded back into the curved handle grasped in his hand. Then just as quickly - click, flash - it was out again, spun through his fingers like magic. “They take a lot of practice to handle correctly...and a lot of cut fingers.”

    The sight of the blade was mesmerizing. I felt hypnotized, unable to look away, as if I were gazing at a holy relic. His tone sobering, Rafe lightly touched my face, drawing my attention back to his eyes.

    "Do you want to play, angel?" he asked softly, and gave the knife a little shake. "With this?"

    For a moment, I forgot to breath. I nodded eagerly. "Yes...yes please…"

    "Do you trust me?" The knife flashed. My heart pounded.

    "Yes," I gulped. "I trust you, Master."

    The blade came closer...it kissed against my cheek and I gasped at the cold touch. It traced down, light against my skin, to nestle against the soft, tender flush just under my ear.

    “I won’t hurt you, angel,” he said. “I only want to remind you who’s in charge. I only want to remind you to keep being such a good girl. So when Barry’s finished, you can finally earn your reward. Understand?”

    “Yes,” I answered quickly, resisting the urge to nod in my enthusiasm. That knife should have terrified me, it should have made me scream. But I hadn't lied: I trusted Rafe, I trusted him not to hurt me - not in ways I wouldn't like.

    I’d never thought I could experience so much pleasure just from words, so much ecstasy from fear. I looked up at Barry, the knife pressed against my throat, and whimpered softly. “Please...please use me...”

    Barry entered my mouth, moving slowly, sliding his length teasingly over my tongue. When I looked up at him, and saw that clown face smiling back, I felt terror twist my gut. But the fear only increased my pleasure, and made my insides tighten with desire. Rafe stood behind me, holding the knife tenderly against my skin as Barry thrust into me.

    “You’re doing so well, angel, I’m so proud." He spoke gently, his voice soothing. "You look so pretty with your mouth filled up with a cock.”

    His words made me squirm excitedly. Pleasing him felt so good, knowing that he was enjoying what he saw. I had to keep almost entirely still - I didn’t want to risk a cut by moving too suddenly. Instead I did my best to stroke Barry’s cock with my tongue as he moved in and out of my throat.

    Barry changed his pace as he wished, using my mouth like a toy, gripping my hair to steady himself. He pressed himself, deep and slow, into the back of my throat, moaning as I squeezed around him. He began to move faster, harder, gripping me tighter. Rafe’s lips brushed against my neck, sending chills up my spine. He left feather-soft kisses beside the blade, praising me for my endurance, my obedience.

    #rafe cameron #rafe outer banks #rafe cameron x reader #outerbanks rafe #rafe cameron x you #rafe x y/n #rafe x you #rafe smut#rafe#drew starkey#drew
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  • outword
    18.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    G/t tropes I love

    injured tiny and helpful Giant
    Giants and kids are the cutest thing ever-
    Scared tiny
    Honestly just fluff
    Tiny and Giant sleeping together is my favorite scenario, bonus point if one of them has a nightmare and the other one comforts the giant/tiny
    Accidental fearplay is nice
    All types of giants, but especially ones that are either super careful or the complete opposite but both very overprotective over the tiny
    Highkey love God/deities as giants-
    Tinies who are absolutely insane and think they can handle everything and giant who is super overprotective is so funny to me-
    #G/t#Giant tiny #uhh G/t tropes
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  • corysmiles
    12.10.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #melissas writing#mcyt g/t#mcyt gt #runaway experiment au #g!tommy #t!wilbur #mel my beloved #!!!! #THIS IS SO GOOD
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