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    13.06.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #queen + adam lambert
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    12.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    I listened to Adam Lamberts whataya want from me but instead of just being the anthem of an edgy pre teen it turned me gay

    #anything that i say turned me gay also transed my gender #it wasn't enough to just be gay i had to be a gay man specifically #adam lambert#trans#gay
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    12.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Happy 6th anniversary The Original High!

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    12.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Watch "This marks the 5th anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub tragic shooting." on YouTube

    #pulse nightclub #stop the hate #love is love #unityisstrength#adam lambert #who wants to live forever #Youtube
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  • bohemiansweede
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago



    Today it is 5 years ago since the shooting in Orlando

    Remember them always


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  • mirkwoodshewolf
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    A dedicated performance; Queen+ Adam Lambert x reader

    *Author’s note*

    Okay so this chapter serves as a dedication piece because 5 years ago a tragic event happened. The Orlando, FL Pulse club night shooting.  This event should NEVER have happened, esp. on PRIDE MONTH!!! So my heart goes out to the surviving victims and families who were directly affected by this event, as well as anyone out there (like Adam says in his dedicated performance) who is victim to senseless violence or hatred or homo/transphobia attacks. ALSO THE DRESS BELONGS TO LINDA FRIESEN, I DO NOT OWN THE DRESS, I'M JUST USING HER DRESS AS A VISUAL REFERENCE FOR THE DRESS THE ROCK ANGEL IS WEARING DURING HER PERFORMANCE.

    And in other sad news, the next update of the Rock Angel will be the LAST chapter of the Rock Angel series, which I will post up in 2 parts tomorrow. So until tomorrow my readers, enjoy this short little dedication chapter and HAPPY PRIDE MONTH to all my LGBTQ readers out there.






















    *June 12th, 2016*

    It was all over the news, even our local BBC was covering this horrific event.  In Orlando, Florida at the gay club known as Pulse, a horrible, horrible monster open fired and shot dead 49 people and wounded 53 more.  After a full 3hr standoff, the gunman was shot and killed by the Orlando police force.

    I knew that there would be people who would never understand that the world is changing, hell I grew up with it when it was the norm.  Back then law enforcement never took hate crimes seriously whether it was based off of race or sexuality.  At least now they give a damn and label these crimes as serious offenses instead of just throwing it under the rug (much like LAPD handled my stalking case).

    However it breaks my heart that people must resort to such drastic measures in order to ‘protect their world from sin’ or out for revenge or whatever bullshit excuse they wanna come up with.  It should justify killing hundreds of innocent people and wounding million others.  I was currently talking with my youngest son Freddie, who sadly had an ex-boyfriend down at the club at the time of the shooting.

    ‘Thankfully, he’s gonna be okay though.’ He told me.

    “That’s great news Freddie. I know Jessie meant a lot to you, and still does.”

    ‘Yeah. Even though we broke up because of the distance, I still wanted him in my life. Even though not romantic, he was my best friend.’

    “Just like how your father and I started off. Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.” He chuckled.

    ‘Well I better get some rest mum. Got that final paper I need to finish up before class on Tuesday. Good luck with the rest of the tour mum. Miss yah.’

    “I miss you too my love. Give your dad a kiss for me, and give my regards to Jessie and his family. May he have a speedy recovery.”

    ‘Me too. Night mum.’ I bid him a final goodnight before hanging up on him.  I sighed heavily before hearing more about the shooter and who he was till I just had to shut it off.  They should really be talking about the victims.

    See it’s always the thing with these cases, and I would know cause I went through it too, they always want to shine the spotlight on the killers, rapists, murderers, etc. but by doing that, it only gives them more power (especially if their reason for killing is to become famous). Because all people will know is the name of the monster who did this, but they’ll either forget or never know the names of the lives that he took away, or the people he traumatized.

    I got out of my dressing room and walked towards Adam’s.  I knew better than anyone that he must’ve been affected the most by this devastating event.  Sure he didn’t have anyone he knew personally down there, but those were his people. His fellow LGBTQ people, being apart of that family, and an event such as hate crimes effects them all no matter if they were there or not.  I knocked on his door.

    “Adam? Adam sweetie it’s me. May I come in?” there was silence for awhile before he finally said.

    “Yeah, yeah come in.” I opened his trailer and he was sitting there right on his white couch.  He had a warm smile on his face but his eyes spoke a different story. They were red and puffy and though he may try to disguise it with a smile, I could see the tearstains on his cheeks.  “Hey (Y/n). Did you—did you wanna run through some vocals together? I know we’ve got a few more duets for tomorrow’s show and—” I placed my hand on his shoulder to stop him and I said.

    “Adam. You know you can open up to me about this.” Slowly his walls started to break down and soon enough his tears resumed as he leaned his body towards me.  I hugged him as tight as I could and he did the same vice versa as he softly wept into my shoulder.

    “Why must it always be us?” he sobbed.

    “I wish I had a straight answer but I don’t. But you listen to me Adam Mitchel Lambert and you better listen good.” We separated from each other as I lifted his chin up so that he and I locked eyes with each other.  “Be thankful that in this generation, law enforcement and people care about hate crimes. Back when I was growing up, when Brian and Roger were growing up, hell since the human race even fucking began! When it came to hate crimes, no one gave a shit. Even law enforcement turned a blind eye and swept it under the rug. Now as the world is starting to open up to change, there are people who are willing to side with you now whether they themselves are part of the LGBTQ community, or have friends and family who are part of that community. Even now law enforcement is finally starting to see that this is just as serious if it had been your normal Average Joe murder or assault. Because we are all people.”

    I wiped the hidden tears from his eyes.

    “And yes unfortunately there are those arseholes who are not willing to accept that change. Particularly those that grew up in my generation. And they teach their children to hate. And that’s not what parents are supposed to do, they’re supposed to guide their children and raise them to be equal with one another. Not raise them to believe they are better because of their skin color.”

    “Roger told me about how your aunt and uncle raised you. How did you find the strength to not become what they wanted you to be?”

    “Because I remember the one thing my mom would always say to me before I’d go to sleep. And she said this the night before their gig that took their life. She’d take my hand.” I took Adam’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Brush a strand of hair out of my face.” I slicked my fingers through Adam’s hair gingerly before saying my mom’s final words. “‘Though we are all different. Different bodies, different minds, and different spirits. We are One. And all should be one.’ And that’s the very thing I taught my own kids, and I hope they’ll teach to their children. Because even with such cruelty in the world, we need people who can bring out the light and give us hope. Whether through acting, writing books or movies, filmmaking, and even singing.” I gingerly rested my forehead over Adam’s as the two of us softly smiled at each other.

    “Freddie was right about one thing. You truly are an Angel (Y/n).” he told me.  I huffed warmly.

    “I just want to give people a better world. Not because of my fame, but because of what I can actually do with my actions. Back then I couldn’t because I didn’t have the courage to do it, but now I do. And I hope I’ve inspired young artists like you to make it that way.”

    “You have. Pink and Christina always say so.”

    “Oh those girls of mine.” I hugged Adam once again, patting and rubbing his back comfortingly as I told him. “You okay now?”

    “I will be. Thanks (Y/n). I know that sometimes I can talk to Brian and Roger about this stuff but—” I nodded in understandment.

    “Yeah, yeah I know. Sometimes they don’t know quite what to say. Sometimes you need to talk to someone whose actually experiencing the gay life. God I remember when Freddie first tried to come out to me and Jack. Poor lad was stiff scared. He actually thought we’d disown him like a friend of his did.”

    “That is always the fear. I remember going through that too when my parents. But they had their suspicions.” I brought Adam in a one armed hug as I said.

    “It even hurts me to realize that a mother, who spent 9 full months carrying such life within her, could so much as disown their child just because of something so simple as their child’s sexuality. Being a murderer or any type of criminal I can understand that. But just because your child likes either guys or girls or both. Or believes they are a different gender, it—how could anyone be that hateful towards their own child?” I gave Adam a kiss on top of his head and the two of us just sat there in a comfortable silence.


    The next night at the Isle of Wight Festival the show was a success so far but now it was time for a special performance that Adam really wanted to do.  The lights went dark as the opening chords for ‘Who wants to live forever’ played out over the speakers.  The laser lights slowly came on as Adam spoke into the mic.

    “This song is dedicated……to those that lost their life last night.” The crowd all applause, some cheered in remembrance of those that were lost.  “In Orlando, Florida. And anybody that’s been a victim of senseless violence or hatred.”

    Already hearing him sing the first verse, this was unlike anything I heard from him before whenever we did this song.  When the brief chorus came up, I could hear the crowd singing along.

    I then came from the side of the stage in a beautiful white gown.  And normally I don’t do this but this outfit really called for it.  I had my team call up a brilliant fashionista and she designed for me some cuff shoulder angel wings.  They rested along the shoulders of the dress before the lower part of the wings came down and hugged the side of the dress.  I also wore on my head a halo crown of gold and silver to match the silver wings that were on my dress.

    I slowly walked up towards Adam before standing right behind him a few feet (but the illusion would make it seem like I’m right over him. The Guardian Angel standing behind him) as we now both sung in unison.

    As we kept singing the song, I could feel Adam really putting his very soul into the performance.  For this wasn’t just for the victims of Orlando but himself. What if it had been him there that night? Or any other time there was a mass shooting against the LGBTQ community, what if he had been hurt? Or even worse killed or had someone he knew get killed in the crossfire.

    And I knew that Freddie would be proud of tonight’s rendition of this song and be there to support Adam.


    There's no time for us There's no place for us What is this thing that builds our dreams,

    Yet slips away from us

    Who wants to live forever Who wants to live forever Oh ooo oh *Me*

    There's no chance for us It's all decided for us This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us


    Who wants to live forever Who wants to live forever Ooh yeah! Who dares to love forever *Adam*

    Oh whoa, when love must die!


    So touch my tears with your lips *Adam*

    Touch my world with your fingertips And we can have forever And we can love forever Forever is our today


    Who wants to live forever Who wants to live forever Forever is our today *Adam*

    Who waits forever anyway?

    I stood behind Adam and wrapped my arms around him, resting his head on my shoulder as up on the screen I had my team give a special “Rock Angel” dedication.  It showed the LGBTQ flag with Orlando written on the flag, large white angel wings wrapped around the flag, and in large bold print above the flag wrapped with angel wings, it read:


    JUNE 12TH, 2016.


    The crowd cheered and applauded as the lights slowly dimmed down and I embraced Adam as he was starting to have a mild breakdown after that performance.  I patted his back and whispered assuringly to him.

    “You did good. That’ll do Adam. That’ll do.” He took a deep breath in and calmed himself down before we went on with the rest of the concert.

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    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Throwback: Adam Lambert leaving the Brits in London

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    Day 11: Favorite LGBTQIA+ Historical (or just famous here) Figure

    Again, I don’t do favorites so here’s a fun collection.

    Freddie Mercury

    Adam Lambert

    Boy George

    Lady Gaga

    Jamie Clayton

    Sappho (debatable but still)

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    Finding the right plug

    Finding the right plug

    This past year has been intense, aside from the whole global pandemic. I taught the class I had been teaching during the previous school year as a 6-week online summer version. I took that time to really change how I taught the class, as well as learn how to teach an online class for the fall. In the fall, I had the same class, but online. Then, this spring, I taught it remotely, twice a…

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    I don’t need to feel love

    I just want to feel something

    If it’s never enough

    At least it’s better than nothing

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    #sleazecore#adam lambert #i take credit for NONE of these I am literally just posting them bc they make me feel insane
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    adam lambert's closet of expensive designer shoes watching him pick out one of his 300 pairs of Stack Demonias to DIY

    #adam lambert #back to the 2000s he goes <3 bedazzled sheer shirts; stack demonias; and skirts <3
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    Not gonna lie, only Adam Lambert can make a mullet look fucking good.

    #if you ever wanna see someone make a mullet look sexy just look at his #he makes it possible somehow #anyway stan my handsome perfect boy adam if you don't already #never talked about him here and frankly that's just not fair #since he's been my everything and has had a special place in my heart since I was literally a child #and he always will be my everything and have a special place in my heart #adam lambert
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    yesterday i was watching that video that’s just a chart showing how the most popular fandoms on ao3 changed/grew over time and i’m still thinking about how nsync was on there and stayed on there for like... awhile. ao3 didn’t even exist until six years after they broke up. jt had already released justified AND future sex/love sounds by the time ao3 was up and running. amazing! 

    #other interesting tidbits: adam lambert rpf was it's own separate category from american idol rpf #and lotr rpf was significantly more popular than regular lotr for awhile #also if you paid attention to the dates and youve been around long enough you could tell which fandoms #were gonna pop up out of no-fucking-where #like.. oh yes here comes merlin bbc and yep theres teen wolf oh and of course avengers! #also i learned that haikyu and yuri on ice are different things. idk why i thought they were both the ice skating one #anyway none of this is important and that video isnt new #mp
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    Openly LGBTQIA+ Celebrities

    These are celebrities who have recently come out as LGBTQIA+ or whom I’ve recently learned about or whom I hadn’t mentioned in previous posts of this type (that is, on my old blog). Needless to say, this list is highly arbitrary and incomplete.

    Steve Lacy (musician)

    Adam Lambert (musician)

    Heloise Latissier (musician)

    Chyler Leigh (actress)

    Javicia Leslie (actress)

    Chris Lewis a.k.a. Mr. Grim (wrestler)

    Danell Leyva (athlete)

    Kyle Dean Massey (actor, musician)

    Taylor Frey (actor)

    Continuing the tradition from my old blog (which has been unceremoniously deleted by tumblr without much of an explanation why) I’m doing daily posts during June to celebrate LGBTQIA+ pride by showcasing openly LGBTQIA+ celebrities and various content about or created by LGBTQIA+ people such as music videos, characters on TV shows, movie trailers, ...

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  • lambertupdates
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