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  • adamreaper
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    He was in an odd position.

    Not just because he hadn’t moved in the last hour since Irvin rested his head against Adam’s shoulder as they watched the movie, and the reaper refused to move in case the demon had fallen asleep, but also because he found he didn’t know where were their boundaries now he was back. 

    They hadn’t really talked since that day in the carnival. They had coffee a couple of times, walked around town, Adam visited his flower shop even, but the conversation always seemed shallow, as if neither of them knew how to navigate heavier topics. Navigate each other. Still, there he was, watching- what was the movie called again?

    He almost had it when the demon moved, pulling away “Oh, I- For a second there you’ve got me wondering if you were asleep, love” he chuckled, turning slightly on the couch to look at the demon with a soft smile. It was hard now, to access human emotions, almost a conscious effort, but Sal’s face still managed to make his warm. For a second there he could pretend he was still alive. “You’re supposed to be staring at the screen, you know” he teased after a long moment of eye contact, smile still in place “Not at me.”


    #spaceofmuses #sorry this is so long adam talks a lot #in his head #also i assumed some things lemme know if you want anything changed?
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  • traitormithos
    20.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    All my complaining that my workplace, which is a huge hospital, didn't make the vaccine accessible to all shifts paid off and I was able to get my first dose today. (Sooner than I was hoping, like I was hoping to get it before I left but my boss called me at 9pm and told me that I needed to go get it before 2am since they had a vial open)

    Anyway, no bad symptoms really except that the more i use my arm, the worst it hurts, and the pain radiates through my shoulder and up my neck. So I haven't been using that arm much. Which has kinda been working out...

    Except for the osmometer. I can use one arm, but it isn't easy or fast, and it's a lot of reaching and clicking things into place, and I feel awful. And of course, they've been ordering lots of serum osmo's lately...

    #once my boss found out why a bunch of us on third shift werent vaccinated he called a meeting to discuss it #(the only ones who were got vaccinated outside the facility)which i could have done but... #1) thats not fair since they made it accessible for everyone else but us #2) that was more paperwork i would have to fill out anyway #3) id have to use my personal time to do it when im pretty adamant that its the facilities job to make sure preventive care is readily #accessible to all employees IN A HOSPITAL #to add to that for example. the flu vaccine and all our titers are super easy to get ON ALL SHIFTS #and 4) i wanted to see how everyone else was doing post vaccine and its been long enough and no one i know has had any adverse reactions #the only thing i am worried about is endocarditis and pericarditis since those are reported side effects #and my family has big history of heart problems/disease
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  • fruti2flutie
    20.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    hot take: breaking off adam/eric in s3 was inevitable. like, i get that their love story was so compelling thus far by being the "bully who actually has a crush & is afraid of Feelings" trope, but their breakup was actually perfect for developing their characters. anyway, here's a mini analysis(?) of Them.

    first off, adam & eric's relationship was founded on a grand confession by adam that eric needed to hear to be with him. the reason he had chosen rahim in s2 was because adam wasn't ready to be out, whereas eric wanted someone to proudly be His Boyfriend(TM). when adam got up in front of the whole school to basically declare his love for eric, it was enough for eric to accept adam who wanted to change & be open for him. that was adam going the distance; that was eric at the finish line. but the reality is that they're both running a marathon, and eric was dissatisfied with lagging behind for adam when he wanted so desperately to push ahead. fundamentally, they're different people, and regularly meeting in the middle was an idealist scenario.

    eric has been openly gay for a long time while adam only recently discovered he was bisexual. each of their negative experiences with their sexuality was unique to themselves with very little overlap. eric never wanted to hide his queerness, but society (e.g. traditional family values, the assault) forced him into silence; adam has had a history of homophobia (internal & external) as well as shame regarding his emotions. both, however, know very little abt being in the lgbtqia+ community. there's nothing in the school that even resembles a club that unites queer kids, and their (sex) education undoubtedly only highlights cishet relationships. adam & eric were a good beginning, but they weren't meant to last.

    when eric went to nigeria, he learned a lot. he learned that his mom lies about his dad being successful, how his mom had an old flame she'd been engaged to he'd never even heard about, that laws can't erase queerness. in a country where it's a crime for him to exist, he found a safe space & got swept away not just in the moment but in the idea of being out & proud. there was community here that he could relate to. unlike his mom, he could seize all kinds of opportunities. eric's boyfriend hadn't even told his mother that they were more than friends; how long would eric have to wait to be himself again?

    so eric broke adam's heart. he kissed another guy & didn't even regret it. it was a shitty thing to do, and it absolutely demolishes eric's likability. as the audience, we feel more for adam because we got to see the steps he was trying to take to reach eric, the effort he was putting in to change. (oh God the POEM.) but eric's actions aren't out of character. eric wanted even more from adam because adam was the one who took so much away from him before they got together; adam was the main reason eric held back on expressing himself. for that to still be true while they're in a relationship, eric was bound to break it off and/or make a mistake eventually.

    by no means am i excusing eric's cheating, but i'm just rationalizing his motivations because he's always been on this path of heartbreak. eric is a terrific friend but a self-serving love interest. he left rahim for adam, and he left adam for himself. he's unapologetically selfish & that's who he is. adam & eric had love, but sometimes that's not enough. but eric taught adam that he had a beating heart in his chest, and maybe that could be enough.

    i liked s3 a lot because it put more focus on the queer relationships & struggles, on the intersectionality & disconnect between the cishet experience. it put dimension onto the cast of characters; a well-written character shouldn't have to equate to an agreeable one.

    i honestly can't wait to see where their stories take them in future seasons 🥺 plz give me more dog trainer adam & ola interactions & new queer characters I'M BEGGING!! also MANIFESTING TIMESKIP S4 😩🙏🏼

    #sex education #sex education spoilers #adam groff#eric effiong #sex education s3 #to think i binged this entire series this last month & now it's one of my favs..... Pretty Wild #my rambles#long post
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  • cm-top-10
    20.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    C.M. Top 10: Most Dark & Gore Scenes &/or Characters in Cartoon Series

    Warning: The following top ten may contain possible spoilers for those who haven't seen newer series. This post may also contain forms of graphic violence & some gore scenes that maybe too much for you to witness. So for your safety & others do not look unless it's at your own risk.

    You've been warned...

    We all discover at some point in time that not everything you know is allover the rainbow. Most times we see things we can't unsee or learn dark secrets of someone you thought you knew your whole life. & sometimes we learn things the hard way. Or the messed up dark way...

    So for this 1st dark Top 10 features the most characters with a dark histories, secrets or just straight up dark/gore scenes. Which character did you not expect to have a dark side? Sadly you be the judge...

    1. Invincible - Omni Man beating his son to a pulp.

    After learning the dark truth that was revealed to Mark about his father's true intentions. Nolan tells his son the truth about why he was sent to Earth & why he killed the Guardians.

    Telling him the reasons why he's here was so he could eliminate any potential threat to the Viltrum Empire. & that he was raising his son not out of responsibility or heroics, but to have him as a bred soldier of the Empire to kill anyone who stood in their way.

    & he wanted Mark to join their cause with him.

    After Mark angrily refused to help him conquer the planet. Nolan nearly beats the life out of his own son & yells to the top of his lungs saying how pointless it is to protect his home world. While killing millions of innocent people in the process of their brutal fight.

    However before he could finish him off, Nolan suddenly realized what he did to his own child & fled the Earth in machspeed, shedding a tear.

    They say fatherhood is complicated, but not like this...

    2. Castlevania Lords of Shadow - Gabriel's dark fate

    While on his journey to slay all three of the Lords of Shadow. Gabriel slowly learned they were the founders of the Order & told him the truth of his order's true intention from each Shadow Lord who too were being used by the Brotherhood of Light. Then when he final reached the final Lord of Shadow, he learned about his wife's death & fell into dark despair.

    Over time his heart grew darkened. & knew nothing but bitterness & sorrow...

    But after defeating the three Lords, Laura appears to tell Gabriel that he awakened another ancient evil known as the Forgotten One. Who had plans to destroy all creation & they had to venture to the Brotherhood's fortress to find the entrance to where he was imprisoned.

    However only dark begins can enter the realm. & the only way he can bypass it's effects & to defeat this ancient evil, was to become one himself...

    So Laura asked him to drink her blood & free her of her torment. Hesitant at first he did what was asked of her & dranked every last drop of her blood, until she died.

    He then defeated the Forgotten One & saved mankind. But at a cost of his soul & happiness.

    Thus becoming a vampire.

    A vampire the world would soon know & fear as Dracul the Dragon.

    But that is another story...

    3. Baki the Grappler - Yujiro Hanma

    As most know Yujiro is the world's most unstoppable & cruelest warrior in the history of fighters. Not even the U.S. Military dares to go near him. Yes Yujiro the Orge has struck fear into many people, even military personnel of different countries. & he did it with no weapons & has turned the U.S. into his personal playground for death & battles.

    But the most cruelest thing he's done was ripping the face of one of China's most respected Kaioh masters while facing him in battle, testing his worthiness. The reason Yujiro did this challenge was not to prove his worth but to show all of China & their leaders that they are worthless to him. & showed them all that he doesn't care about their hatred towards Japan noir their worthiness.

    & he struck that fear into all who witnessed Ryu Kaioh getting defaced & brutally defeated. Yes this is one man who's definitely going to hell & is going to smile about it.

    Because Satan himself would be pissing his buttflap in his sights in fear. While Yujiro fucks his succubus wife in front of his face knowing how little fucks he gives about his "sins."

    4. Primal - Sauropod Massacre

    After being infected by the Zombie Virus. The infected sauropod becomes a mad rouge & slaughters it's own herd in a bloody rage & massacre.

    It left no survivors, ripped them apart & destroyed many of the herds' eggs leaving nothing remaining...

    Truly whatever zombie virus this was it drove this poor creature mad & didn't stop until everything wasn't breathing.

    Luckily Spear & Fang were able to run it into a dormant volcano. Where the infected dinosaur burnt to ash.

    Hopefully now the poor beast is as peace...

    5. Star Wars Rebels - Master Luminara's remains

    In the search for Luminara to replace Kanan to be Ezra's new master. They soon learned too late that her remains were being used to lure any surviving Jedi out of hiding. So that any Sith Hunters like the Grand Inquisitor would slay them on the spot.

    Sadly no one knows whatever happened to her corpse after they escaped. Or if the Empire even still has her.

    Rest in peace Luminara wherever you are...

    6. Legend of Tarzan - Death of Clayton

    While battling in the trees, Tarzan defeated Clayton by tangling him into the jungle vines. But during his blind rage he angrily swiped vine after vine, until one wrapped his neck. Tarzan tried his best to warn him, but in his rage Claton cuts the vine that he was holding on to.

    Then after it broke they both plummet to the ground. Tarzan landed safely, Clayton however was hung from above by one of the vines wrapped around his neck after it snapped it straight out from the fall.

    There truly are things worse than fate...

    7. RWBY - the Death of Adam Taurus

    After weeks of stalking Blake & her group. Blake had no choice but to confront Adam for the last time with the help of Yang. The battle was harsh, but in the end they managed to out-think him by stabbing him from different sides. One in his chest & one in the back.

    He then fell to his death over a huge waterfall after hitting his head over a ledge before plummeting into the water. Hopefully they've finally seen the last of Adam Taurus.

    But let's also hope he doesn't pull a Cinder...

    8. TFP Beast Hunters - Predaking beats the scrap out of Ratchet

    After using Ratchet to wipe out mankind. The Decepticons threw him into the frails of a vengeful Predaking. Predaking then beats & claws Ratchet, throwing him around like a rag-doll. Until he was ready to finish him off, luckily Ratchet convinced him to hear him out. & told Predaking the truth about what had happened to his Predacon army.

    After he told Predaking that it was Megatron who ordered his race's extermination. He asks why he did so & Ratchet replys--

    Ratchet: Being on the receiving end of your might. One theory springs to mind, Megatron fears you & any like you.

    In his blind rage Predaking stormed his way to Megatron, wiping out anyone who stood in his way.

    Which led to his own demise, but that is a story for another time...

    9. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stealy Joe gets his ass beat by Jotaro

    Now this slimy bastard got what he deserves. Not only did he try to humiliate & blackmail Jotaro into doing his bidding. This cocky motherfucker goes & threatens a random little girl out of the blue. If Jotaro didn't face him like a man & does what he says.

    With him up to here with the man's assholeness, our boi Jotaro decided enough is enough & beats the ever loving shit out of this guy. & after punching him multiple times, he literally sends him flying into a wall & throws him his receipt.

    Rest in Hell, Joe you worthless bastard!

    10. The Falcon Captain America & The Winter Soldier - Captain America U.S. Agent gets his arm broken.

    John Walker the former Captain America was given a mantle he wasn't worthy of. Don't get me wrong as much as I had my doubts of him, I was willing to give him a benefit of a doubt. That is until he soiled Steve's good name by using his shield to kill a man in cold blood.

    During his blind rage of vengeance, he chased down one of the Flag Smashers & constantly beats him over-&-over with the shield. & then kills him with a fatal blow to the chest area in front of tons of people.

    After he murdered one of the perps, Falcon & Bucky tried to ask him to hand over the shield peacefully...

    You can take a wild guess what Walker's answer was. He then attacked them with rage & ego, losing his shit. However that ego died as soon as Falcon & Buck breaks his arm to get the shield back. He was then discharged by the U.S. government & was relieved of his duties as Captain America.

    Not only that but he then found his way into a dark path he may not be able to uncross.

    But that part is another story for another time.

    Either way he got dealt some shitty karma.

    #C.M. Top 10 #Top 10 #My Top 10 #Most Dark & Gore Scenes #Invincible#Omni Man #Castlevania Lords of Shadow #Gabriel Belmont #Baki the Grappler #Yujiro Hanma#Primal#Infected Saurapod #Star Wars Rebels #Master Luminara #Legend of Tarzan #Tarzan#RWBY#Adam Taurus#Blake Belladonna #Yang Xiao Long #Transformers Prime#Predaking #JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #Jotaro#Stealy Joe #The Falcon & The Winter Soldier #U.S. Agent #my screenshots#cameraman screenshots
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  • stareyeddistinguishment
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Chapter 11 is up!


    After his attempt to execute his Father's Divine Plan and kickstart the Apocalypse encounters a setback, the Archangel Michael finds himself locked in the Cage with his brother Lucifer. While awaiting his Father's Divine Intervention and rescue, Michael protects his vessel and the vessel's host, Adam Milligan. Engaging, empathetic, and insatiably curious, Adam Milligan is not what Michael expected, and the Archangel soon feels his entire being inexplicably drawn to the human. As the centuries pass in Adam's company, Michael begins to reevaluate his views on humanity, faith, and ultimately the Archangel's underlying Purpose within his Father's Creation.

    Featuring an aloof and analytical Michael, a memoryscape set in the Appalachian mountains during the Paleozoic era, an exploration into Michael's eternal existence, and a deep dive into angelic history and lore. Written from Michael's perspective. Slow burn.
    #adam milligan#midam#supernatural#Michael spn #atoning for archangels #sins of the father series #very happy with this #it is long #lots of feels #Michael is awkward #but always trying his best
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  • unofficialadamtaurus
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #anon #unofficial adam answers #my brain just does not stay in the lighthearted space for long #but y'know we hide it in the tags and make it optional bonus content for the curious #is this about the dimensions thing? #or the knife thing? #there's too many to list actually nvm
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  • yyoati-cas
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    do y’all think adam and rahim will pull a korrasami

    #HELP #why is that genuinely something I can see happening #I like them being friends but this would be funny to me so I’m undecided #I’ll see in s4 #btw. i did predict a lot of things right in sex ed before they happened. so 🤔😐 #anyway eric is on thin ice #he was great with comforting otis tho and I do think it’s better for him to not be with adam #like he got upset with him so fast every time #I think it’s better for him to not be in a committed relationship and just be more free #It really sucks for Adam tho and I love him #but that one kiss in nigeria was not it #i still like him tho. but on thin ice #also rahim rights #adam saying it was his poo was so funny #again I love him #I need to stop talking these tags are way too long #sex education spoilers #sex education s3 #sex education#adam groff #rahim sex education #I don’t know his last name aksjjdjd #eric effiong#jade talks
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  • everstride
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    `    ♡   .        STARTER CALL          ⅋      @unbelong​ .

    “i’m not good at the whole...   talking thing.”     what is it that otis had said to him?   it sticks in his head,   causing adam’s sight to drift from eric as he slowly turns round to stare at the wall.   the tightness through his body begins to dissipate,   the lump bopping in his throat as he thinks through each word while staring at cream coloured walls.   it’s never been easy,   deciphering what to say,   how to get out of his head with what he was thinking and for it to make proper sense,   for those in front of him to not look at him in such a way that makes him feel shame and stupidity.     “i don’t know...   how to tell my mum,   about us.”   dropping his head to look at his shoes,   stretching out his fingers as his arms hand by his sides.   being himself at school was now starting to become easier, the looks and the talking becoming less and less.   but he was still afraid to be his complete self.   he’d already lost his father,   what if he lost his mother now too?     “do you think she...   might already know?”

    #unbelong #unbelong: eric. #`    ♡   .        CH            ⅋            adam groff . #this got a little long ripp
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  • thundercatlola
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    DbD Wing AU - Survivors

    A little extra treat for yall since my dumb self won’t be able to post again for a while. School & work have been tying my hands lately. ☹

    But on a more important note, THIS IS NOT MY AU!!! It belongs to the incredible @yourdeepestfathoms​ and it’s best to read here before continuing!


    Dwight Fairfield - Vesper - Bumblebee Bat

    - He has the ability of telepathy.

    Meg Thomas - Avem - Peregrine Falcon

    Claudette Morel - Cimex - Luna Moth

    - Can spin silk from her wrists.

    - Can inject itching acid from her mandibles.

    Jake Park - Avem - Raven

    Nea Karlsson - Hydra

    - Her wings are a dark navy blue, very plain and unassuming from the exterior. The insides are much brighter, speckled with countless flecks of neonish green, blue and pink.

    - She has sturdy, curled, pale ram-like horns.

    - A Frostbreather.

    Feng Min - Cimex - Blue-eyed Darner

    - Can extend stingers from her wrists.

    David King - Avem - Hen Harrier

    Ace Visconti - Hydra

    - His wings are a pale, tropical green, with three emerald studs evenly decorating it’s bend.

    - He has short, grayish, bearded goat-like horns that arch back over his head.

    - A Firebreather.

    Kate Denson - Avem - Nightingale

    Adam Francis - Cimex - Globemallow Leaf Beetle

    - Can release bursts of stinging spores from slits in his wrists.

    Jeff Johansen - Vesper - Northern Long-eared Bat

    - He has the ability of empathy.

    Jane Romero - Cimex - Monarch Butterfly

    - Can spin silk from her wrists.

    - Has venomous barbs in her claws.

    Zarina Kassir - Avem - Fox Kestrel

    Yui Kimura - Hydra

    - Her wings are a vivid pink on both sides, with whirling black splotches on the outside and darker membrane on the interior.

    - She has deep black, antelope-like horns.

    - A Firebreather.

    Felix Richter - Avem - Rock Ptarmigan

    Élodie Rakoto - Hydra

    - On the outside of her wings, bright splashes of tiger orange blend into a ring of white and then jet-black scales at the arches. 

    - She has long, white zebu-like horns tipped with black.

    - A Dualwielder (Dominant frostbreath).

    Yun-Jin Lee - Cimex - Silkworm Moth

    - Can spin silk from her wrists.

    - Has a dormant layer of venomous hairs coating her wing fuzz.


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  • ibtp
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Tadamatchblossom au where Adam dies and established matchablossom help him get on his feet since he has no real-world experience (ie. giving him references to get a job, helping him find a place to stay that eventually ends up being Cherry’s apartment that he never stays in, etc...) until they eventually all  fall in love with each other and get together. This is set some time (maybe years?) after the last episode probably, so matchablossom no longer feel about Adam as they used to, so their messy history doesn’t have as much of an impact as it might have. 

    A few months into their relationship, they have a fight and Tadashi runs. He thinks that his two boyfriends are definitely super angry with him but not at each other (which is untrue, but since they have better conflict resolution skills neither of them are as mad at each other as Tadashi thinks they are). He goes to an apartment he secretly bought using the portion of Adam’s inheritance that was left to him; I mean, Adam’s relationship with Tadashi is super complicated but frankly, it’s probably the most positive relationship in his life (which really just goes to show how messed up all of his relationships are). Tadashi holes himself, avoids his boyfriends like the plague, etc... until he accidentally ends up at the skate park somehow and sees Reki, Langa, and Miya(?) skating (if this is set a few years after, then Reki and Langa are back in Okinawa for a bit from university, or go to an university in Okinawa that’s close enough that they can still skate there). Tadashi either re-contextualizes his own relationship with Adam through skating by observing/talking to Reki and Langa, or he re-contextualizes his relationship with skating through seeing all three of them skate. Maybe he has a moment about the parallels between Miya the prodigy and Adam when he was young, but also about how different Miya is thanks to Cherry and Joe (the entire sk8 gang too, but obv Tadashi is thinking more about them at that point). Something something, Tadashi ends up talking to Cherry and Joe again, they resolve their conflict, and they get back together again. Tadashi goes to therapy, things are looking up, etc... yay, everyone is happy, the end. On a more serious note though, Tadashi does eventually end up recuperating and moving on, and the three of them live on being completely, disgustingly in love with each other. 

    #this is mainly inspired by that fantastically heart-wrenching long tadamatchablossom fic on ao3 #man now I sort of want to write an actual fic for this #thinking of adding a tadamatchablossom scene in my Miya & Tadashi fic now #tadamatchablossom #sk8 the infinity #kikuchi tadashi#sakurayashiki kaoru#nanjo kojiro#shindo ainosuke #now that I'm thinking about it there are a lot of Adam goes to jail fics but not a lot of Adam dies fics #I wonder why #kyan reki#hasagawa langa#chinen miya
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  • saw5
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #i think about this a lot actually because like #i know trans man adam is a really popular hc and *i* know that interpreting him another way doesn't detract from anyone else interpreting h #im in a way that's meaningful to them #but i do wonder how long its gonna be before i step on some toes #ask#anonymous
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  • wicked-sugar
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    "So long and thanks for all the fish". Opening to Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.

    #so long and thanks for all the fish #dolphins#cute #opening to hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy #douglas adams #love love love #Youtube
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  • of-stars-and-moon
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #thank you so much for this anon! #it was so fun to think of all these scenes again! #and this all isnt even mentioning that actually there was a scene idea that was too self indulgent 😂 #i had thought of having a scene where ronan draws on adams arm and it would just be endless pining #but my sister said that would be too self indulgent #and there wasnt much place for it #oh god sorry this is so long! #asks#anonymous#my writing#my fics#hiaap#pynch#trc #400 kudos celebration
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  • quotesfrombooksandstuff
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul - Zen Navigation

    Perhaps it would save time if he went back to get his car, but then again it was only a short distance, and he had a tremendous propensity for getting lost when driving. This was largely because of his "Zen" method of navigation, which was simply to find any car that looked as if it knew where it was going and follow it. The results were more often surprising than successful, but he felt it was worth it for the sake of the few occasions when it was both.



    Douglas Adams; The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

    #dirk gently#douglas adams #the long dark tea-time of the soul #books#book#quotes#quote
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  • idk-ilike5sos
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    (Sex education s3 spoilers)

    Idk how many Adam and Eric breaking up gifset's I can take. I swear. They showed them so happy in the trailer just to do them so dirty (and make Eric unlikeable 80% of this season).

    #adam and aimee were my favourites this season by a long shot #sex education spoilers #sex education
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  • thunderlouis
    17.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    IF we get a s4, i want maureen and michael to finally start giving a shit about adam. they need to sort things out and apologise to their kid. he deserves to know his parents support him or at least make an effort to fix the relationship with him. with mr. groff maybe starting going to therapy and talking about his mistakes and how he was raised, hopefully he will realise he wasn’t being shitty only to his wife, but to adam as well. maureen too. she needs to show adam she’s here for him. when she and michael separated, it just felt like she and adam were just two people living in the same house, that’s it. the writers had the opportunity to make her a better parent to her kid and they didn’t do it. i’m still expecting more. i want to see adam being appreciated and loved and have a healthy life at home. sure, his abuser is not longer living with him, but things are still not good. if we get a s4, i want to see some growth from michael AND maureen’s side. adam deserves better.

    #adam deserves so much better #he deserves a healthy life #he deserves a supportive parent DAMN IT #let the kid be happy please #i love him and i think he's come a long way and i'm so proud of him and he deserves to be happy finally #i'm so disappointed about maureen and adam's relationship #if we get a s4 they better fix this mess #adam groff#maureen groff #sex education netflix #netflix sex education #sex education season 3 #sex ed netflix
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  • burgesskims
    17.09.2021 - 3 days ago


    Day 2: Favorite Domestic Moment ~ 8x5 the beard scene
    #chicagopd#chicago pd#kim burgess#adam ruzek#burzek#dailyburzek#burzekaw21#8x5 #user.sky #user.ciara #usersole#tuserkristen#mine #i also really like the entire scene after this but it's too long #honestly just this entire episode
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  • wizard-self-ships
    17.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Ready Set Not Yet is finally playing on my main Spotify playlist (only took 18 days since I readded it 🙄) and just

    #👻 till death did us part {adam and barbara} #this my fave song of theirs #i could've played it myself i know but i wanted to see how long it would take for it to show up with shuffle on #we're pining tonight
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  • hatoriji
    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    𝖒𝖊𝖉𝖎𝖊𝖛𝖆𝖑 † ᴀᴜ

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