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    19.06.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Coach Koutaro


    Title: Coach Koutaro Author: The_Busy_Beee  (No Tumblr Located) Rating: Explicit Fandom: Haikyuu 

    Completed- 1 Chapter Published- January 26, 2021

    Additional Tags:                                             

    Rough Sex

    Nipple Piercings



    Threesome - M/M/M


    Anal Sex

    Anal Fingering          


    Akaashi wants a taste of what all the other families have been getting when Hinata babysits, and Bokuto is more than happy to teach Shoyo how to fuck Akaashi just like he likes.

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    19.06.2021 - 33 minutes ago
    A K A A S H I   K E I J I , 赤 葦  京 治 happy birthday daisy @violet-evergardenz ♡
    #hq!!edit #haikyuu!! #dailyhaikyuu#sportsanimedaily#fysportsanime#dailyanime#anisource#haikyuu #hq!! #hq#akaashi keiji#m#m: edit#m: colouring #m: haikyuu!! #m: prt #daisy happy birthday !! i hope you like this! #ily and im so glad i got to meet you on here! ♡ #youve always been so supportive and kind and i cant thank you enough #have an amazing day and year!
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    19.06.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    A Little Push. | 3rd Gym

    A/N: hi anon !!! so i hope you don't mind i didn't put too much tickling in this fic bc 1) it was getting real long and 2) i hc that tsuki hates being tickled and i wouldn't want to put anyone through something they hate even if they're fictional LOL but i hope you enjoy it anyway !

    Warnings: none, tickling

    Summary: Tsukishima just needs a little push in the right direction.


    The boy in question looked up at the sound of his name. He had been taking a water break to himself now that the day was over and was planning to head straight back to the dorms to go to bed. But he had a feeling that the two bonehead third years wouldn’t let him. He stared at the captains as they made their way over to him with the quiet setter trailing behind them.

    “Yes?” He asked, once they stopped in front of him.

    “Are you ready for your training session?!” Bokuto asked, completely excited to steal away the Karasuno middle blocker to the third gym they usually practiced in.

    “There’s a lot you improved on since we started and you could totally do more!” Kuroo added, his hands crossed over his chest like the confident bastard he was.

    Tsukishima inwardly groaned, seeing as he probably won’t get out of this… Although part of him was kind of glad he won’t get out of it. He really did learn some things from the trio. Catching Akaashi’s eye, who nodded with a small smile, Tsukishima opened his mouth to let out a disgruntled “fine” before he was interrupted by his teammate who had run over.

    “Whoa! You’re Fukurodani’s ace!” Hinata yelled with excitement and round eyes.

    “I am!” Bokuto puffed out his chest with a grin.

    “You’re so cool! The way you whoosh!- and pow!-” Hinata mimicked Bokuto’s spiking with his own enthusiasm which caused Bokuto to laugh and his excitement. “I wanna be an ace one day too! Could you teach me?!”

    Tsukishima rolled his eyes at the exchange happening between the two excited puppies. Hinata had way too much energy for playing and running drills nearly all day and he was only feeding into Bokuto’s energy which would make their practice session extra tiring. He almost wanted to change his mind.

    “You wanna learn from me?” Bokuto asked, as Hinata nodded. “Well, I can’t say no to a young disciple like you! We usually train with Tsukishima in the third gym so you can come too!”

    As if it were possible, Hinata became even more excited before his face dropped and he turned towards Tsukishima. “Wait- You were training with these guys and you didn’t even tell me?! What gives?!”

    “It never came up.” Tsukishima simply replied and Hinata huffed out a breath before Akaashi’s hand on his shoulder stopped him.

    “It’s okay, you can start now.” Akaashi said and once again Hinata’s bright eyes returned.

    Yeah, this was going to be an exhausting session…

    And he was correct. With Hinata joining the group, his and Bokuto’s energy were bouncing off of each other which caused everyone else to work harder. Tsukishima has honestly never sweated this much all day even when they were doing their punishment drills. Even Akaashi had to try catching his breath and from what Tsukishima learned, he had the stamina of a god.

    They had gathered together by the bleachers and were taking a water break when Kuroo had started giving out his pointers and advice to Hinata with Bokuto joining in.

    “You’re actually doing really well, short stuff.” Kuroo said, nudging Hinata’s shoulder. “You’ve got the drive and the determination, we just gotta work on your technique. And honestly, if you get those down you’d be a terrifying player.”

    “Yeah! It’s really just your dig and technique! You jump really high too, and I know you’re going to eventually get that feeling when you spike that ball.”

    Bokuto’s comment made absolutely no sense to Tsukishima and he just gave the older ace a blank stare. However, it seemed that Hinata had understood because he nodded with enthusiasm and asked more questions to the duo. Tsukishima shook his head and took a sip of his water, he did not have the energy for this.


    Oh, great. Tsukishima inwardly sighed when he heard the duo calling to him. He already knew what they were going to say and he just didn’t want to hear it. Who cares that he wasn’t as into volleyball as the rest of them. He was good and he was playing. That’s all there is to it. Nothing more.

    “You’re doing great.” Kuroo started off.

    “But you’re still missing one thing and I think you know what that is!” Bokuto grinned, and Tsukishima couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

    “I really don’t see the point in all of that. I’m doing what I need to be doing.”

    “Yeah, but are you doing this if you don’t enjoy it?” Kuroo asked, and Tsukishima stayed quiet. That was a loaded question…

    “That’s true!” Bokuto chimed in. “You must be doing this sport for some reason even if it wasn’t for fun. Otherwise, if you have no attachments, you could just walk out right now.”

    “You know…” Kuroo started when Tsukishima didn’t answer. “One of my teammates always mentions one thing when he’s talking to Kenma. And that’s guts; you have to have guts to be doing the best you can and it seems like we need to find yours.”

    Kuroo ended his mini spiel with a poke towards Tsukishima’s stomach and a smirk. But when Tsukishima didn’t react tha smirk turned into a look of confusion and then mild disappointment.

    “Oh, are you not ticklish?”

    Oh. Tsukishima fought the urge to grin victoriously when Kuroo’s supposed plan ended up failing. Thank goodness he wasn’t that ticklish, especially in more commonly targeted areas.

    “No, I’m not. Sorry to burst your bubble.” He replied with a smug smile.

    “Yes, you are! Why are you lying?”

    Tsukishima’s eyes widened. He forgot Hinata was here and that Hinata definitely knew about this particular characteristic of his. Panic surged through his veins when he suddenly felt a squeeze to his side, the ticklish sensation spreading across his middle as he jumped away.

    “Oh, so we just have to get the right spots?” Bokuto grinned, now squeezing more at his sides and causing Tsukishima to twist and turn away from the fingers, huffing out ragged breaths as he willed himself not to laugh.

    “Yeah!” Hinata confirmed and Tsukishima so desperately wanted to slap him across the face. “He’s just not ticklish on his stomach, knees, and his armpits but everywhere else is good.”

    He felt another set of hands appear at his other side and Tsukishima now had a harder time keeping in his laughter, a few giggles escaping as he tried to fend off both Kuroo and Bokuto now. Oh, he was so going to get Hinata for this.

    “Just don’t tickle him too long, he hates it.”

    Okay… Maybe he won’t get Hinata back so bad. But still, this was so uncalled for! The squeezing of his sides were starting to get to him and giggles began pouring out of his mouth more freely.

    “That’s fine, we don’t need long. Just a little push.” Kuroo said, before moving his hands to squeeze at Tsukishima’s hips.

    The ticklish sensations increased and Tsukishima let out a loud cackle before his knees gave out and he went crashing down to the floor. Unfortunately, Kuroo and Bokuto followed him down and they were now sitting on either side of him poking, prodding, and squeezing at his hips and sides. He squirmed heavily and tried to catch someone’s hands to reduce the amount of tickling he was receiving but to no avail. Bokuto and Kuroo continued scribbling at his ticklish spots as he twisted from side to side on the floor.

    “Guhuhuys! Guhuys, dohohon’t! Stohohop!”

    “Don’t stop? I thought you didn’t like being tickled.” Bokuto asked, testing out the sensitivity of his thighs and earning an undignified squawk. “Oh, good spot?”

    “Nohohohohoho! Thahat’s nohot what I- Dohohon’t tohouch mehe thehere!”

    “Okay, but only if you promise to put more heart into the game.” Bokuto said, squeezing at the tops of his thighs and causing Tsukishima to jolt.

    “Yeah, I don’t know what reason you’re playing for but it must be a good one because you haven’t quit yet. So whatever that reason is, do it for that.” Kuroo started lecturing but at the same time he had moved his hands up towards Tsukishima’s ribs and the blond let out a loud cackle once fingers made contact with his most sensitive spot.

    “Oh, yeah. His ribs are his worst spot!” He heard Hinata say somewhere off to the side but he couldn’t focus on that.

    All Tsukishima could focus on was the unbearable sensations against his ribs that made him want to crawl out of his skin. He could hear Bokuto’s and Kuroo’s voices above him but couldn’t make out what they were saying over his own wild laughter. And when he felt hands wrap around his wrists to pull his arms away from his sides he had to give up.


    The tickling stopped immediately and Tsukishima curled into himself, rubbing at his ribs to get rid of the ghostly tickles. He could feel someone patting at his back and he coughed. His glasses were askew and he could feel that his cheeks had warmed up.

    “Good talk.” Kuroo laughed once Tsukishima had gathered himself together and sat up. Tsukishima sent him a glare before accepting the hand that helped pull him to his feet.

    “Let’s go again!” Bokuto exclaimed, and he and Hinata both ran back out onto the court with Kuroo not far behind.

    Tsukishima sighed as he thought about what they said. Yes, he was doing this for more than just fun. It used to be fun for him but after the events of the past it stopped being fun… And the only reason why he continued was because he was hoping that one day the fun would come back… His thought process was interrupted when he felt Akaashi’s presence at his side and he looked up at the setter.

    “You know they’re just looking out for you.” Akaashi reassured him. “They did the same thing when I started to lose my way.”

    Tsukishima nodded. Akaashi’s words were short but sometimes the short speeches were exactly what Tsukshima needed to hear. But to be honest, whether they were short or not Tsukishima had to admit that he appreciated them even though he didn’t show it. This group was starting to grow on him and he felt himself opening up just a bit more thinking maybe they could be friends. Tsukishima nodded but now there was a new thought on his mind.

    “So, are you ticklish, Akaashi-san?”

    “I didn’t say that.”

    Akaashi walked away a little too quickly and Tsukishima let himself smile a little bit as he planned out how he was going to figure out everyone’s own weaknesses. He couldn’t be the only one getting tickled.

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    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    𝐒 𝐓 𝐀 𝐑 𝐒 || 𝐀. 𝐊𝐄𝐈𝐉𝐈

    Genre : fluff

    AU : none

    Reader : female


    Some people believe that stars will always watch over you and will guide you to your faithful destination or to your soulmate..

    The first day of summer vacation finally, no homework, no school and all about enjoying the summer vacation.

    " hey keiji, do you think we'll ever meet our soulmates?" y/n asked curiously to a boy name keiji who's eating a watermelon piece while sitting by the sidewalk.

    " hm, I guess but I'm pretty sure I won't be meeting them any soon" keiji said taking another bite of his watermelon.

    " I guess you're right" y/n said smiling, " tonight is the meteor shower , do you want to go stargazing with me again " y/n asked keiji.

    " sure, besides we always stargaze even with or without any shooting stars"

    But that was a year ago...

    Another summer vacation has started but it wasn't the same as it was like last year, this year a moving truck was spotted infront of the l/n's house.

    " hey keiji... promise me you won't forget me and we'll see each other again" y/n said laying next to keiji on the floor spread out like a star fish.

    " you know I will never forget you besides if we ever feel missing each other the stars are there for us and they will guide us to see each other again" keiji said sitting up and looking at y/n with a sad smile.

    " I promise I will never forget you"

    " you're right the stars will be there" y/n said sitting up as well, she then took keiji's hand to hers and hooked their pinkies.

    " we'll meet soon again and I'll find you" y/n said smiling softly, " and I will find you" keiji said.

    " y/n, we have to go now" y/n's mother said with a sad smile printed on her face seeing the two who's pinkies are hooked to each other.

    " wait before you go, here's your birthday gift" keiji said handing out a small baby blue box wrapped around with a neatly tied shite silky ribbon.

    " thank you akaashi, I'm sorry I didn't gave you anything" y/n said, keiji shake his head in response, " don't worry about me as long as you keep the gift I'm happy"

    Y/n then hugged keiji, keiji then hugged her back for the very last time until they'll meet each other again soon.

    Once y/n's family is a few miles away from their old hometown she then opened the gift she received from keiji.

    Inside the box she saw a rose gold star necklace.

    8 years later...

    " oh, tonight is the meteor shower and it will be showing near the park of my house " y/n told herself while fidgeting with her necklace that she gotten from her childhood best friend keiji.

    " I wonder how keiji is.. I hope he hasn't forgotten me" y/n told herself , spreading her arms and legs on her bed.

    A few minutes she sighed and stood up, and began packing her telescope for the meteor shower show later.

    Meanwhile on keiji's side he was reading an article about the meteor shower show tonight that will be showing a few miles away.

    " I wonder how y/n is, its been 8 full years since we had seen each other" keiji asked himself while looking at the picture on his night stand that contain him and y/n when they were younger holding a giant telescope by their hands.

    Since he grown he began to mature so he decided he will go to the show.

    " akaashi akaashi hey hey hey" suddenly a certain owl had barged on his dorm, " what is it, bokuto san" akaashi asked the male who's name is bokuto koutarou.

    Keiji was a 2nd year student at fukuradani Academy, while y/n was a 2nd year student at Nekoma High.

    " do you wanna come tomorrow on the hang out with kuroo, hinata and kenma??" bokuto asked keiji.

    " I'll past" keiji said blankly.

    " oh ok then"

    After a few hours

    It was time for keiji to go in the park, he then went outside holding a bag that contained his telescope and had went to the park by now.

    Upon arriving keiji had then look for a spot to stargaze, he decided to be quite afar from the other people, to get a better chance to stargaze.

    When it was time, the meteor shower had begun, but there was no sight of y/n any near the park.

    On y/n's side she was running as fast she can to get in the park before the meteor shower will end.

    Finally arriving, she putted her hands on her knees from exhaustion, but there was someone looking at her shocked.

    By someone, it was keiji her long time best friend.

    " y/n..?"

    Upon looking up y/n then saw keiji who's mouth open a bit and surprised.

    Y/n felt time has stopped, she felt that she was just hallucinating from exhaustion. She felt like crying right now.

    She finally saw him, her long lost best friend, her stargazing partner, the person who gave her the necklace and the person she had fallen in love with.

    " keiji..."

    Y/n then ran up to him, and hugged him like they will never meet each other again, she then started to cry. She was so glad she finally saw keiji again, and kept his promise.

    Keiji then hugged her back but due from y/n running up to him, they both fell on grassy field.

    " you kept, you kept our promise" y/n said still hugging keiji, " and you wore the necklace" keiji smiled seeing the rose gold star necklace he gift to y/n on her neck.

    " of course I did, it always remind me of you" y/n said letting go of him and sat up, " hm I guess so" keiji then sat up he then kissed her forehead and putted his forehead on her, holding her hands.

    " as long, the stars are there, they will always find a way to let us meet each other again"

    I finally had found you

    And you had finally found me....

    #akaashi keiji #akaashi x y/n #hq akaashi#akaashi oneshot #haikyuu keiji akaashi #haikyuu!! #akaashi x female reader
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    Bokuto: Roses are red, violets are blue, sunflowers are yellow, tulips come in all kinds of colors, daffodils are also yellow.

    Akaashi: was that...supposed to be a poem?

    Bokuto: no, I like flowers :)

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    Bokuto: How is the most beautiful man in the world doing~?

    Akaashi, without looking up from his desk: I don’t know, Bokuto, how are you doing?

    Bokuto, choking up: I-I’m fine.

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    #osamu headcanons#osamu hcs#osamu fluff#osamu scenarios#osamu imagine#osamu fic #osamu x y/n #osamu x you #osamu comfort #osamu x reader #osamu x gender neutral reader #osamu x gn!reader #akaashi x gn!reader #akaashi x reader #akaashi x gender neutral reader #akaashi x you #akaashi x y/n #akaashi headcanons#akaashi hcs#akaashi fluff#akaashi fic#akaashi scenarios#akaashi imagine#akaashi comfort #haikyuu miya osamu #miya osamu x reader #miya osamu x you #miya osamu x y/n #akaashi keiji hcs #akaashi keiji headcanons
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    some thirsty thoughts ahead. mdni. 

    i'm in the midst of finals week and i can only think about college bf!akaashi keiji and cockwarming.

    like sitting on his lap, working on whatever notes need revising, back flush against his chest. you think that he’d be able to keep his cool, and he does for the first few minutes. but he’ll start to break. his breathing becomes heavier, more tense. quiet grunts escape his parted mouth whenever you clench around him, biting back a moan. you’ll think you hear your name mumbled as his hands grip your thighs. warm breath tickling the skin beneath your ears, gentle praises leaving his lips.

    and when you squirm even the slightest bit, he’ll let out a lil tch and a “you sure you want to do that, darling?” in a dangerously low, yet strained, voice. 

    he peppers kisses on your cheeks. his fingertips will dance along your bare arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake. anything to distract himself from the thought of fucking you into the couch. 

    and when you finish whatever you need to get done, all he says is a shaky “fuck...finally.”

    #💧 — glass of water #yk that youtube video of akaashi just breathing #saw that in the recommended while looking for a playlist to study to #and it uh.... #did things to me lmao... #I should really go to sleep it's like 10 pm #akaashi imagine #akaashi x reader #akaashi smut#haikyuu smut #haikyuu x reader
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    DRUNK HAIKYUU BOYS  -» scenarios -» ft. kuroo, oikawa, akaashi, kenma

    🧁 I’m writing for hq everyweek 😊 Be a part of my taglist for contents and event privileges DETAILS | FORM 


    Having an arm snaked around you, he nuzzled his face on your cheek and pressed two kisses. Then, he whispered against your ear. “D’you know...that there are five states of matter?” You sighed and answered back, “There are only four. Geez, you’re super drunk.” Kuroo laughed and ticked his tongue, tsk tsk tsk. “There are five, Y/N. Let me educate you.” You pinched your eyebrows together. You didn’t really like the ring of it, not at all. It’s stupid but you’re so fired up to debate with your drunk boyfriend. “There’s four Kuroo Tetsurou. It’s solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Four.” He shook his head in disagreement. “You’re forgetting what matters the most...” he leaned his head against yours, “...you.” He laughed at his own pick up while you were left with a flat expression 😑 


    “Y/N-chan!!!” He jumped on you as soon as he saw you. He’s flushed and clingy. He’s drunk and you feared for the worst, honestly. He rubbed his face on the crook of your neck. “Mhmmmm~” He cooed. “Don’t sleep here, baby.” You assisted his arm around your shoulder and helped him balance himself as you walked back home. Much to your dismay, you heard him humming. Oh my god. You braced yourself, because you’d sure die of second-hand embarrassment any moment. Here we go again. Twirling his index finger like it’s a musical baton, he began belting, “Don’t cry for me, Argentina~ la la la I never left you~” Noooo! Tooru, nooo! “Stahp. Just stahp it, Tooru! People are looking at us.” You whispered in frustration. He awfully made the song sound like a hymn in a funeral service! “I never expected it tooo~ Don’t cry for me, Argentina! La la la~ Sing with me, my love. C’mon! Let’s make Madonna proud.” Nooo, just nooo. You’re already putting her to shame including the whole Argentina! You kept bowing your head to the passersby mildly showing your apologies. Just... goodness. You gotta get home quick. 


    “Your eyes glisten like galaxy filled with stars, do you know that?” He mumbled looking up at you as he rested his head on your chest. He’s totally drunk. The poetic kind of drunk. “I can’t even compare thee to a summer’s day. You are springtime blossoming right after the cold of winter.” You bit your lip stifling your chuckle as you twiddled your fingers on his hair. He hugged you tighter and curled up next to you. “There’s just no words nor poetry that could describe how much dear you are to me, princess. Everytime I try to convey my feelings for you they fall off like puzzle pieces from my lips that I ended up tongue-tied and unable speak.” You paused for a while. Did you just hear him right? Unexpectedly, it felt like your heart stopped beating. Hearing this from him made your chest feeling like exploding. “You don’t have to say anything, love.” Just stay right here beside me; it’s more than enough. You thought as you hugged him tighter and treasure this very moment he’s within your reach and so close to you. 


    "Kyan kyan, get up!” You demanded as you dragged him across your bedroom. There he was, curled into a ball all laid on the floor. He didn’t even move an inch and just kept on murmuring complaints about Kuroo and his other previous teammates. You slumped your shoulders. “You should sleep on the bed. It’s cold here.” He just let out a defiant whimper in response. “Kenma, let’s go to bed. You’re just drunk.” And, he protested, “No, I’m not!” You sat beside him and poked his cheek. “Yes, you are!” Hmph! “’M not!” You sighed and kept on poking his cheek. “You are, you are, you are,” until, he surprisingly got and held your finger in between his teeth. “Ow! What are you-what are you doing? Kenma?” You wiggled your finger out. He grunted and just stared at you with knitted brows. You surrendered, at least for now. “Fine, at least just stay with me instead of the cold floor.” You opened your arms and invited him in. Without a word, he moved and rested inside your arms while you cradled him to sleep. He murmured non-sensical stuff in his sleep which made you chuckle, while you sighed at the sight of him so peaceful and comfortable in your arms. 

    🧁 HQ SWTHRTS: @taurus852​  @shrimpy109  @kaorusworld​ @triskoof​ @avaisdelusional​ 

    A/N: Apparently, there's a 5th state of matter! Thanks to one of my anons who informed me.  It's Bose-Einstein condensate. Guess, Kuroo was right after all.  Here's the link!

    REBLOGS ARE DEEPLY APPRECIATED ♡ Please help me reach other viewers. Thank you so so much! 


    #scheduled・゚✧ #🏐.haikyuu #TOOORU 😭 noooo #oikawa x reader #oikawa x y/n #kuroo x reader #kuroo x y/n #kenma x reader #kenma x y/n #akaashi x reader #akaashi x y/n #hq x reader #hq x y/n #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x you #quirrrky keiji#quirrrky kenma#quirrrky oikawa#quirrrky kuroo
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    19.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    🏫 Haikyuu x things they did in elementary/primary school 🏫

    Daichi- taught himself magic tricks and performed them at lunch for his entire class

    Suga- sold pokemon cards in the playground and swindled every one of his classmates

    Asahi- screamed when the teacher turned the lights off

    Noya - hid in clothing racks to scare his parents

    Tanaka - beat kids up with foam swords and got put on time-out every single day

    Ennoshita - did weekly swimming lessons

    Kageyama- rode to school on a bike

    Hinata - got lost everywhere he went so his mom had to keep him on a leash

    Tsukki- would spend hours lining his toy dinosaurs up around his house and moving them one step at a time

    Yamaguchi- collected stamps 🥺

    Yachi- sang in her bedroom with her hairbrush every night to her crush

    Kuroo- brought a water gun everywhere and squirted it as his friends when they werent looking

    Kenma- hid in the slide in the playground so he could sneakily play his gameboy his when his mom/teacher wasnt looking

    Yaku- sharpened his pencils excessively so he could have the smallest ones in the class

    Lev- poured glue over his hands so he could peel it all off again

    Oikawa- “ran away from home” at every minor inconvenience

    Makki- spelled bad words on his calculator and got sent to the principles office

    Iwa- had the messiest schoolbag you had ever seen. Its a wonder he knew where anything was

    Kunimi - “you know if the teacher doesnt come in 15 minutes we’re legally allowed to leave”

    Bokuto- went “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” into fans to hear his voice go all electrical, until someone shouted at him to stfu

    Akaashi- helped out at his school library when he was like 8

    Konoha- spent all his money on colourful stationary and lost all of it in the first week of school

    Ushijima- collected worms and freely let stray cats into his house

    Tendou- made up an extremely detailed fictional world with characters he still thinks about to this day

    Semi- pretended to die in public pools for attention

    Goshiki - drew pictures for his mom every single day at school

    Shirabu- would drink lemonade from a wine glass and pretend to get drunk

    Atsumu - cheated in every board game and threw tantrums when he lost

    Osamu- told all his friends scary stories at lunch and convinced them their school was haunted

    Kita- wrote an entire novel at the age of 8

    Suna- would hang out with his friends ontop of electrical boxes in his neighbourhood

    Terushima- spent hours in arcades trying to save up enough tickets for the things he wanted

    Sakusa- could flip his eyeballs inside out

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    19.06.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #i just think he's neat #akaashi keiji#hq akaashi#haikyuu#fukurodani#akaashi fanart#haikyuu fanart#hq fanart #haikyuu keiji akaashi #my art #artists on tumblr #digital artist #haikyuu!!
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    #🏷.akaashis notebook #✉️.mailbox
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    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago


    hiiiiii everyone!! I hope you all are doing well 😌 this idea was given to me by the lovely @rintah0e <33 I hope you enjoy this hun (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃❤ I used feminine and more masculine scents for a variety of people cause like, why not?

    ->these people would wear something something sweeter. decadent and sweet. common scents would include lychee, rose, and sweet cakes. some good options would include: Parfums de Marly Delina Exclusif and Victor & Rolf Dancing Roses// ASAHI, Sugawara, Yamaguchi, YACHI

    ->on the other hand these people would wear a stronger scent. these would command attention and draw people to you. scents like these would include common notes such as Italian bergamot, rose, wood and chamomile. good scents to fit these would include: Oud Silk Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdijan or Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot eau de parfum// IWAIZUMI, ushijima, kageyama, ARAN,

    ->softer scents focused on calming elements. you will be at ease around these scents. common aspects would be figs, tea, cardamom, and more spicy, green scents. a good option for these scents would be: Cardamom by ZARA and Indigo Nest// kita, suna, AKAASHI, tsukishima, MATTSUN

    ->here we have our more beachy and fresh fragrances, these are more feminine but can be worn gender neutrally imo. notes would include things like sea salt, sage, grapefruit, and oddly caramel. if you are interested, good scents that include these would be: Hermès Elixir des Merveilles and Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt// KIYOKO, semi, lev, OIKAWA, aone

    I literally went so overboard with the scents but I love perfumes and cologne so 🤚😭 @hxpe-ur-okay @risjime

    #angelicstrwbrry 🍓 #asahi x reader #sugawara x reader #yamaguchi x reader #yachi x reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu imagines #iwaizumi x reader #ushijima x reader #kageyama x reader #aran x reader #kita x reader #suna x reader #akaashi x reader #tsukishima x reader #mattsukawa x reader #kiyoko x reader #semi x reader #lev x reader #oikawa x reader #aone x reader #summer.loving 🌺 #angelics.haikyuu.txt
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  • haikyuu-bb
    19.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    [Daichi] "Attention everyone!"

    [Noya] "WE NEED YOUR HELP!!"

    [Suga] "Noya, don't interrupt Daichi, he'll get mad"


    [Hinata] "guys! The senpais are making an announcement!!"

    [Kageyama] "BOKE HINATA, Don't be annoying!"

    [Hinata] "YOU'RE annoying Bakageyama!!"

    [Asahi] "g-guys- Daichi will be mad-!"

    [Kuroo] "we need your help chibi-chan ;)"

    [Kenma] "Kuro, do I have to say it... I don't want to..."

    [Kuroo] "you can't back down now Kenma, I already got you that new controller you wanted"

    [Kenma] "..."

    [Kenma] "you guys need to help us..."

    [Kuroo] "you gotta be more enthusiastic about it Kenma!"

    [Kenma] "......"

    [Bokuto] "HEY HEY HEY!! What's everybody talking about??!!"

    [Akaashi] "Bokuto-san, it's the announcement we talked about a while ago"

    [Bokuto] "OHHH!! You mean with the server????"

    [Akaashi] "yes"


    [Asahi] "w-wasnt this supposed to be a Karasuno thing-?"

    [Daichi] "it was supposed to be"

    [Suga] "then what are th-"

    [Oikawa] "to all the cuties out there! We need your help!!~♡"

    [Iwaizumi] "stop being an attention hog, crappykawa! You're not even supposed to be here💢"

    [Oikawa] "Iwa-chan~! So mean~ :c"

    [Iwaizumi] "this isn't your announcement, it's Karasuno's!"

    [Oikawa] "but Tobio-chan's here and I was just- ow!"

    [Iwaizumi] "and what does that have to do with you? we're leaving"

    [Oikawa] "but Iwa-chan I-"

    [Ushijima] "you should have come to Shiratori- I mean, you should come check out the server..."

    [Oikawa] "Iwa-chan wait for me!!"

    [Suga] "this is turning out to be a disaster..."

    [Asahi] "and it's going on for too long..."

    [Tendō] "Wakatoshi-kun, we're not supposed to be here~"

    [Daichi] "alright that's enough💢"

    [Hinata] "aww! But I didn't get to say my whole speech yet!"

    [Kageyama] "we needed to make a whole speech..?"

    [Hinata] "you didn't know? HAHAHAHA"

    [Kageyama] "shut up, boke! At least we aren't doing it anymore!"

    [Tsukishima] "the king is too arrogant to make a whole speech, what did you expect?"

    [Kageyama] "what did you say, four eyes?!"

    [Tsukishima] "nothing, your highness"

    [Yamaguchi] "Tsukki, Daichi-san will be mad!"

    [Tsukishima] "Yamaguchi urasai"

    [Yamaguchi] "gomen Tsukki ^^;"


    [Suga] "that's one way to end it-?"

    [Hinata] "We're counting on you all!!"

    [Kageyama] "join the server-!"

    [Hinata] "hey, I want the last say! That's how we rehearsed it!"

    [Kageyama] "but we didn't do what we rehearsed anyway so it was for nothing boke! And I didn't attend the rehearsals!"

    [Hinata] "well that's your problem Bakageyama!"

    [Kageyama] "what did you call me, boke?!"

    [Tsukishima] "idiots...."

    [Yamaguchi] "that's a bit too mean Tsukki ^^;"

    📣‼️Is anyone interested in joining my discord server?? It's a Haikyuu rp server and I am looking for staff who can help me manage the server and role players who can fill the Canon character roles! As of now there are no members yet because all the previous members left me (╥﹏╥), but I am hoping that it will grow to be a safe haven for everyone! If interested, let me know in the comments! Thank you for all the support Haikyuu bbs! Love you all so much!!💕 ‼️📣

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  • mheer-mizuki
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    "Akaashi, please...smh"

    where boku tries to gel his hair back and impress the ladies

    #bokuto#haikyuu#akaashi#mheerdraws #sunshine bois is trying #do not mess with the smolder
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  • hq-girl-next-door
    19.06.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #raes.dwyr #raes.thots #moon.ask #haikyuu!! #iwaizumi hajime#akaashi keiji
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  • violetsoju
    19.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    whispers in the dark

    akaashi keiji · fluff · 2.6k

    summary: they say late night conversations bring out the raw and honest side of people. there's always new discoveries in these deep and intimate conversations, when the heart takes over the mind. what will you discover today?

    a/n: i apologise in advance for the terrible wordplays made :'))) here's my piece for the the collab w my fellow lovely sea writers! do check them out for your daily doze of sweetness ♡

    You wonder how long you’ve been staring at the microwave on the kitchen countertop.

    It’s in the middle of the night, where the living should be asleep and the dead alive.

    Well, technically speaking, you’re pretty much alive physically, but pretty much dead mentally. So it pretty much makes sense to why you’re awake at this hour.

    The kitchen is dark, faint moonlight glow seeping into the dimly lit space. Your eyes have adjusted to the silhouette of the 10x10 kitchen, scanning the surroundings like a night vision camera, alas an out of focus one.

    Clean and dry dishes stack against each other like jenga, astonishingly keeping its balance in place. Stacks of unopened letters flood the side of the dining table. Fresh laundry on the hanging rack has now turned into the breeding ground of bacteria and mould, calling for a re-wash.

    They all scream to be attended to, but gravity has a stronger grip on you, and you give in to it spinelessly. The mess before your eyes are much more entertaining than the blinding laptop screen back in the mess of your room.

    Something flickers in the corner of your eyes. You blink, and it’s gone. The usual weak hearted you would scare the shit out of yourself, scurrying back to the safe harbour of your blankets. Guess it’s one of those days where you just can’t give a damn about anything.

    But your ears prick up at the shuffling noises that becomes more distinct with each passing second. You blink again, and this time, a black figure looms right before your eyes. It doesn’t disappear after a couple more blinks, and after what seems like a decade, your brain finally connects the dots and sends a signal to your motor systems.

    A high-pitched scream screeches in the four walls of your small apartment.

    “Fuck, you scared the shit out of me, Keiji.”

    The black figure, aka Akaashi turns his head sideways slightly, showing his side profile that’s symmetrically perfect on both sides.

    “I thought you were aware of me walking in. You were staring straight ahead.” He fumbles to find a mug amidst the pile of dishes on the dishrack in the dark.

    You massage your temple with your thumb, heaving out a long sigh. “I was blanking out. Don’t have the energy to fixate on anything.”

    “Not even me?”

    “You’re an exception.”

    The gentle smiles tugging two lips make the small space a tad little warmer.

    A mug finally in hand, Akaashi stumbles onto the array of glass containers arranged neatly in the metal-rimmed organiser next. It’s as if his hands are his eyes, because he pops open the lid of the coffee container instantly, rich aromatic coffee beans swept in the air.

    “Keiji, no.”

    This time he turns fully to face you. “What?”

    “No coffee.”

    A spoonful of coffee beans finds its way into his mug. “Why not?”

    “It’s bloody 3 in the morning. You’re not supposed to be drinking coffee at this hour.” You reason, nodding towards the time displayed on the microwave.

    He peers towards your mug. “What are you drinking then?”

    “Hot chocolate. With some marshmallows in it.” You scoop a now soaked marshmallow up to show him.

    “Have your coffee in the morning. At a normal time.”

    “It’s already morning. Just a few hours earlier than usual.” His eyes are on yours, but you don’t miss the way his hands sneakily reach out to the coffee grinder.


    Akaashi chuckles at your drop in tone, knowing better than to push your buttons further, especially with your rationality and sanity tipping over the line at any time. “Fine,” he surrenders, hands up in the air, “Hot chocolate it is.”

    He finds it cute how your sleep lidded eyes turn into sharp laser beams with a snap of fingers, and back into one that struggles to keep them open in the next.

    With a few clinks here and there, a hot mug of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows sit in front of you, along with a boy who has, and owns your heart.

    Akaashi’s dishevelled hair that sticks in all the wrong places reminds you of a certain friend of his. A fleece blanket drapes over his shoulders, making his frame smaller than usual. His black rimmed glasses sit securely on his nose bridge, thick lenses casting a shadow over his eyes, accentuating his outrageous eyebags even more. Fine facial hair worth several days of scruff peeps out under the absence of the sharp razors. You were about to ask if he lost the lip balm you gave him because of his slightly chapped lips, but maybe it was the shadows in the dark that were playing with your field of vision, creased lines seem to gradually etch into his forehead from hours of intense focus, his usual glow obscured by the heavy dark clouds drowning him a whole.

    But the gentle warmth in his eyes that shimmered since day one still radiates like a cosy fireplace, as comforting as ever.

    “What are you staring at?” You ask.

    “You.” A short and concise answer.

    The chilly air of late Autumn sinking its teeth into your skin is expelled by the human radiator across you. “What are you thinking about?”

    “I’m thinking about when was the last time I’ve actually sat down like this together with you. Or when was the last time I’ve looked at you properly with no distractions.”

    The both of you live under the same roof, just a door apart from each other, a call away from each other. But the never-ending workload and hectic week lined up with deadlines after deadlines has robbed away the basic and simple pleasures in life.

    Simple pleasures like sharing a hot pot of coffee together before work every morning. Simple pleasures like snuggling against each other covered in warm blankets, looking out at the night sky that never seems to sleep, heads resting against each other. Simple pleasures like saying “good morning” or “good night” to each other, with a soft peck on the lips.

    Working from home should mean more time spent together, at each other’s side. Using the time saved from ironing wrinkled work clothes and making oneself presentable in the early wee hours on turning the video filter on in video meeting software, slapping a blazer over comfy house clothes, making fresh home-cooked meals that warm the stomach. Maybe even slacking a little without guilt. It all sounds like the perfect plan.

    But fairy tales aren’t real for a reason.

    Work isn’t a spectacular ball where you dance the night away dressed in sequins and silk with ease. Bosses aren’t fairy godmothers who pick you up with grace and kindness when you fall, guiding you towards the right path.

    In this world called reality, work is a bloodshed battlefield. Bosses are commanders that shove you into the crossfire without a second thought, where only their interests’ matter. Especially if circumstances were in their favour, only fools would let such opportunity go to waste.

    The opportunity to benefit from the situation by exerting more demands and workload, where the concept of time is not in the equation. Where the concept of labour exploitation is foreign and unknown.

    What is work-life balance?

    “Now that you’re looking at me, how do I look?” You look at him in the eye.

    He doesn’t hesitate. “You look as beautiful as ever.”

    A huff sounds in the air. “You need a new eye prescription, Keiji. Because I know I look like shit.”

    He shakes his head in retaliation, narrowing his eyes. “What about you? How do I look?”

    “You look as charming as ever.” You don’t hesitate either.

    “That calls for a date to the optometrist. Because I’m sure I look like a wreck now too.”

    Your deadpan look earns a raised eyebrow in return, an invite to refute the statement made.

    “And we’ll get matching frames?”

    “If there’s suitable ones, why not.”

    “And if I get those Hello Kitty ones with whiskers on the side?” You tease.

    “If only you’ll wear them yourself.” He quips.

    “I call for bright pink ones.”

    “I call for leopard print ones.”

    “The ribbon has to be sparkly, with bling studs on it.”


    The silent staredown of nerves ends with grins that break into soft chuckles, fits of hiccupped laughter, fingers wiping away tears of laughter streaming down cheekbones that hurt.

    It takes a moment for the both of you to calm down and have your breathings back to normal. And during that moment the cold reality unwelcomingly hits again, fatigue hanging in the air.

    Akaashi drums his fingers on the warm mug. “How much longer till the end of this hell of a week?”

    “A couple more extra posttests to go over, add them into the analysis, hope they’ll blend in well and pray that there’ll be no more last-minute additions thrown my way.” You sigh, swirling your spoon to fish up the soaked marshmallows that have sunken below.

    His eyes widen in surprise. “Protests? What protest are you attending?”

    “Posttests, Keiji. Posttests for this never-ending research I’m tied down with.” His eyes soften knowingly with understanding, offering a sad smile in condolence. “I’ll show my support for a protest if there is any mentally and in spirit, not physically at this state.”

    “What about you? How much longer till you see the light at the end of the tunnel?” You roll your neck back, cracking it louder than you expected.

    Akaashi runs his calculation with his fingers. “A couple more sketches to go through, around 10 chapters more, I think. And pray that there’s no last-minute changes thrown my way too.”

    “Skechers? I didn’t know you guys were collaborating with the brand.”

    “Drawing sketches, dear. Not the shoe brand.”

    He smiles at your mumbled ‘oh’, sipping on your hot chocolate sheepishly in attempt to escape the embarrassment creeping up your neck.

    “How many hours of sleep have you been getting recently?” It’s a question that’s genuine and a shot to avert focus somewhere else.

    “I’m not sure either. Three? Or maybe two.” He rubs his sleep-lidded eyes, stifling a yawn.

    “What the fuck, Keiji. I’m gonna appear at your workplace with a big wok in hand and smack your boss in the head. Hard.” You ball your fist threateningly.

    He pushes his falling glasses up with a finger gracefully, the uncanny resemblance to a certain detective manga is scary yet amusing. “You can’t, there’s no one in the office now. I don’t know where my boss lives too.”

    “This isn’t the time for rationality, Keiji.” You groan, rubbing your face with your palms in distraught.

    He chuckles, stirring his mug of hot chocolate. “Someone has to be the rational one here. Plus, you’re not getting any more sleep than me either.”

    “How do you know?” You peep through the gap of your fingers.

    “Well, in case you haven’t noticed, there’s two pandas living in this apartment, instead of two humans.” He states matter-of-factly.

    “Not zombified humans?”

    “No, pandas it is.”

    “Fine.” You give in, knowing it won’t go anywhere. “But before we plan on assassinating our bosses, we have to get our months’ worth of salary and bonus first.”

    “Celery? There’s vegetables in your lab pantry as well? Don’t you hate celery?” He asks.

    “Salary, like money that goes ka-ching ka-ching.” You rub your thumb and the tip of your index finger together, making a money gesture. “Not the awful vegetable.”

    Akaashi rubs his neck bashfully, taking a small sip of hot chocolate.

    “You need sleep, Keiji.” You sigh.

    “I do, and so do you.” He sighs too.

    The mini clouds formed by the steam evaporating from the hot mug of chocolate start to dissipate into the air, leaving a faint trail of vapor behind.

    “How have you been staying up for the past few nights? Coffee aside.” You rest your chin on your palm.

    He mirrors your action. “Those peach candy Tenma-san gave me are surprisingly good in keeping me awake. It tastes great too. Want some?”

    “There’s bitch flavoured candies? How do they taste like?” Your eyes widen in curiosity, while his eyes widen in alarm.

    “And who’s Tenma-san? You mean Udai-san?”

    “Peach flavoured candies, like your favourite peach fruit.” He takes off his glasses to wipe off the steam fogging his lenses, a soft smile dotting his lips. “And yes, it’s Udai-san.”

    “We both really need sleep.”


    Your marshmallows have expanded twice its size now, soaking up more than half of the chocolatey goodness. “Speaking about sleep, how does sleeping in this Saturday sound like?”

    “Amazing. Wonderful. Excellent.” You clasp your hands together, nodding happily.

    “It’s a sleepover date then.”

    A light laughter erupts in the kitchen. “Is it considered a date whenever it involves just the both of us?”

    “As long as I have you by my side, it’s a date no matter what we do.” His fingers find its way to yours, grazing your knuckles tenderly.

    Your fingers capture his, running your thumb against his soft skin. “I guess this sleepy state of you isn’t that bad either.”

    “You mean this state of mine where I’m gradually losing my sanity?” His eyebrows arch up, unamused.

    You hum in thought, a glint of mischief gleaming in your eyes. “Well, if it brings out the sappiness in you even more, I don’t see why not.”

    “You know I’m a natural sap for you.”

    “And I’m as huge as a sap for you too.”

    If this were any normal day, the both of you would be a blushing mess at such honey coated words. Akaashi would be burning up furiously from his neck to the tip of his ears, coughing as he endures the loving punches thrown his way with a meek smile. Sometimes he would bury his flushed face in the crook of your neck, the best alternative he can find instead of digging a hole in the ground.

    For Akaashi and you, the love language shared between the both of you aren’t words of affirmation centric. It was more of acts of service and quality time. Like going grocery shopping together, preparing a toothbrush with toothpaste ready on top of the sink, leaving little notes in each other’s doors, replacing new hand sanitisers and face masks in each other’s bags.

    You know he’s there for you, and he knows you’re there for him. It’s a mutual understanding that lingers in the air, its quiet presence carrying the weight of more than thousands of unspoken words.

    “You’re such a dork, Keiji.” You smile, shaking your head lightly.

    “I’m not.” He pouts, tilting his head.

    “You are.”

    “I’m a pig, not a dog.”

    It takes a few seconds for you to register Akaashi’s words, followed by a snort that earns a look of confusion from the boy across you.

    “You’re the dorkiest pig out of all from your year then.”

    It takes a few seconds for Akaashi to register your words, followed by a snort from him that earns more snorts from you.

    “So, see you this Saturday?” He brings your knuckles to his lips, planting soft kisses on each one.

    You can’t help but giggle at his actions. “Yeah, don’t be late. The dress code for the date is pjs.”

    “Sounds good to me. Can’t wait.” He raises his mug up towards you, a toast to the upcoming date.

    “Can’t wait.” You clink your mug with his, honouring the toast.

    The now lukewarm chocolate tastes sweeter than usual.

    “We seriously need to catch up after this.”

    “Ketchup on omurice sounds good.”

    “Catching up with omurice topped with a heart shape ketchup dressing?”

    “Yeah, and a kiss on the lips as dessert.”

    a/n: akaashi is a 95liner, which makes him born in the year of the pig! hope this makes sense and clears any confusions :>

    #akaashi keiji x you #akaashi keiji x reader #akaashi keiji x y/n #akaashi keiji #akaashi x reader #akaashi x you #akaashi x y/n #akaashi keiji fluff #akaashi fluff#haikyuu imagines#haikyuu oneshot#haikyuu scenarios#haikyuu fluff#akaashi imagine#akaashi fics#haikyuu writings #—love found in ordinary days
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    Birds of Prey: The Rufous-Legged Owl

    A quiet contender makes a move

    Note: Entirely written

    It had been a few days since the Interhigh Preliminaries. Fukurōdani had once again made it to finals. He was rather happy about it but he's not exactly the type to go jumping around and announcing it to the world nonstop like their hyperactive captain.

    Akaashi had heard from Bokuto who had heard from Kuroo that Nekoma lost in the quarterfinals. It was bad luck that cats had to face Itachiyama so early on but what bothered him more is what he saw before their own match.

    He didn't know whether to address or ignore it. Akaashi wasn’t even sure how strong your friendship was to know if he can ask. One wrong word and he could come out patronizing or belittling.

    The setter didn't want you to feel like he's pitying you, after all. He just wanted to know you're okay.

    Which is why, when he saw you standing a few steps away from him at a bookstore he frequented, Akaashi panicked.

    Time froze as his mind processed the several possible approach he could use and all the possible reactions you could give.

    He approaches you and immediately ask if you're okay. You would either feel defensive, put your walls up and be angry or pretend you're okay, smile and steer the subject away from any issues you have.

    He doesn't move and wait for you to notice him. You would greet him, smile, and lead the conversation and he wouldn’t even get to ask what was wrong.

    He approaches and begins the conversation on a happy note. You might respond better to this, but it would be difficult for him to actually change the subject on a more serious one midway.

    Pretend he didn’t see anything, turn away and go home then just ask you through text if you're okay. No. that's a coward's way.

    Number 3 seemed to be the best option. He would just have to make sure to lead the conversation for you to open up to him.

    "Y/n-san" He called out with the most cheerful tone he could muster. He just hoped it sounded natural.

    As you turned towards him, Akaashi noted the book you were eyeing. It was a tankōbon of One Piece. That's great. It was a conversation starter.

    "One Piece?" he smiled.

    You were probably embarrassed by it because you suddenly blushed. Chuckling, you scratched your cheek lightly and mumbled how you started watching it again.

    "I wanted to watch it too, but I think I'm too far behind" Akaashi admitted, mentioning the last thing he remembered from the series.

    "Whoa, that's too far back" You laughed, "A lot of things has happened since then, lots of new crew members too"

    He was at least successful at getting you in a good enough mood. It was probably why he let you go on and on about One Piece, even allowing you to tell him so many spoilers. Not that he minded. It wasn’t as if he was an avid fan. Akaashi wouldn’t even pretend that he'd want to start watching Once Piece again. He was just way too far behind to try to catch up.

    "You mean, after hundreds of episodes later, no one still has a clue what One Piece actually is?"

    "Well, Oda-sensei said it's definitely a material sort of treasure and so far, it seems like it's some kind of key to a lost history or something" you shrugged, "definitely sounds like there's one big conspiracy"

    "I don't think I have the patience or enough curiosity to find out" He admitted.

    But they were getting too far into a topic that Akaashi didn’t want to go to.

    "Y/n-san, are you hungry?" he casually asked, "I just got off practice and I'm starving."

    Without waiting for a reply, Akaashi went ahead to the bookstore's exit leaving you no choice but to follow him.

    You both ended up at a park after buying some snacks at a convenience store nearby.

    Akaashi had never been pushy or assertive before. Though he didn't particularly force you to go with him, this was the first time he had ever done something without asking his company for approval.

    He was just that type of guy; nice, sweet, and extremely considerate.

    You had no idea what to make of his change in behavior. You weren't even certain if you should think of it as a big deal.

    It was definitely new, but it didn't really seem problematic.

    Maybe he was just really hungry?

    Considering the amount of food he bought, you guessed it was probably the case.

    With that mystery somewhat solved, your mind chose to wander around the park then back to what had been worrying you since Nekoma lost.

    "Y/n-san" Akaashi brought your thoughts back to the present. "I'm quite certain you won't be getting any more out of that drink."

    You blushed realizing that you must be making so much unpleasant noise drinking through an empty cup of soda.

    "S-sorry, I was…" you trailed off. You're sure that Akaashi has his own problems. He wouldn’t want to hear some stupid fear you have over the senpais leaving.

    "Y/n-san, I've been wondering about this for a while now" Akaashi sat beside you, laying a plastic bag full of trash on his other side as there were no trash bins nearby. "Why is it Akaashi?"

    You blinked. "Huh?"

    "The name you call me" he explained, "you told me to call you by your first name the day we met. I do. But why is it that you call me Akaashi and not Keiji? I was just wondering."

    Yukie-san asked that before. Practically everyone calls her by her first name yet there were only a select few whom she returns the favor. Yukie-san, being one of those select few.

    "You never told me to" You pointed out. "I didn't want to presume it's okay to call you by your first name."

    "Ah" He chuckled as if he realized this for the first time, "If I gave you permission, would you?"

    Shrugging, you answered, "I don't see why not. Is that your permission?"


    "Then Keiji-san it is from now on"

    "Keiji…san?" He raised an eyebrow.

    "It's only fair. You use the honorific for me", you grinned. "Drop the -san and I'll do the same”.

    It was adorable how he blushed at something that was not really a big deal for you. Whether you were Y/n-san, Y/n-chan, Y/n, or some sort of other nickname, you didn't mind.

    "Y-y-y/n" Keiji stammered.

    "Yes, Keiji?” you definitely saw why Yukie-san said he was very popular to girls. You had always thought Keiji was extremely good looking but the fact that he was always so polite, and gentle made him seem prince-like.

    A sudden image of Keiji as a prince sitting atop a white horse crossed your mind and you can't even laugh at how much it suited him.

    "Y/n, since we're now both on a first name basis, I'm assuming it means we can be considered as close friends?"

    What was going on with Keiji?

    "Uh, yeah?"

    "Good, then does that mean we're close enough friends for us to confide in each other with whatever is bothering us?"


    You realized that Keiji wanted to make sure it's okay for him to confide in you. The thought that he was so nervous about it made you smile.

    What he said next surprised you, however.

    "I know something's bothering you", he rubbed his nape. "I don't want to guess or assume anything. I want to hear it from you so maybe I could help?"

    Gaping at him, you realized that had it the wrong way. Perhaps you weren't subtle when it came to your worries. Kenma knew, of course, but he was a different matter. He can read you like an open book even when he can't see you.

    But for Keiji, someone you don't see often, to see it in an instant…

    Should you lie? Would he see right through it?

    Looking down and away from Keiji, you let out a deep sigh. Why would you even lie? Clearly, keeping it in wasn’t helping you in the least.

    It shouldn’t even be a big enough deal for you to want to hide it.

    "It's stupid" you mumbled.

    "I'd like to think we're close enough friends for you not to think I'd think your problems are stupid. After all, I don't want to think you'd think the same of mine."

    He has a point there.

    "How did you even know? I mean, I'm not a master at hiding my emotions but, I thought I was being subtle."

    A wry smile crossed his face, "From what I've seen, there are only a few reasons why people stare out at nothing; they're tired, hungry, in physical pain or something is bothering them. Believe it or not, Bokuto-san experienced all four at once during a game. He just stopped moving in front of the net."

    You could see that happening.

    "Awwww" Poor Bokuto-san, to have experienced all that at once.

    Keiji rolled his eyes. "I should've known not to mention Bokuto-san. You always get distracted by him."

    Well, that can't be helped. He's a precious unicorn that must be protected, admired, and always cooed upon.

    "You are also unknowingly moving on to a topic that makes you feel comfort to avoid what is bothering you."

    Keiji must either be a shrink in his past life, or he will be in this one.

    "If it's too personal or if I'm overstepping, I won't push. But if I could help, I want you to know that I would."

    You let out another sigh. Honestly, he wasn’t pushing but his thoughtfulness and consideration is making you feel bad for still not telling him.

    "It's really stupid and I shouldn't even be bothered by it."

    "If it bothers you, it's important to you. It's not stupid", Keiji said it so strongly that you had to look away.

    It could be Keiji's considerate nature, the fact that he seems to be able to read you so easily or your own desire to just get rid of this horrible feeling in your chest. Whatever it was, you started telling him about how Nekoma lost against Itachiyama.

    Keiji must have already known but this was from your point of view.

    And then you began to tell him about what it was about losing that had really made it so painful.

    It was the thought of losing the third years.

    None of them said anything about it but with Interhigh now over for the team, it was very possible for them not to continue playing with the team and focusing on their studies instead.

    Kuroo-senpai had told once before that he had been contemplating whether to continue volleyball in college or not. Kai-san had flat-out stated that he would be quitting after he graduated. Yaku-san was a bit vaguer, but he never outright told anyone he'd continue on to be a pro either.

    Far more than the loss, though that was painful in itself, you were more terrified of not being able to see your senpais during practice anymore.

    The team was given a day off by Coach Nekomata on Monday and thus did not meet after school. Today, your fears were causing you to zone out so much, you got scolded by the teachers for not paying attention.

    Your worst fears came true when volleyball practice came and no third years were present.

    Kenma tried to assure you, saying that Kuroo hasn't said anything about it yet, but that did not give you comfort at all. The fact that the captain hadn't said a thing yet meant he's debating with himself whether to continue to the spring tournament or not.

    To make matters worse, you had seen Kai-san at the faculty earlier while you were being scolded by your homeroom teacher. He seemed to be having a rather serious conversation with his homeroom advisor and you did not doubt that it's about volleyball.

    "It's stupid and selfish of me but I don't want anything to change" You didn’t even realize when you began crying but the wetness on your face is definitely not sweat.

    You were scared because you didn’t know if you could even do anything without Kuroo-senpai. How would you handle Lev and Tora without Yaku-san? What are you going to do when everyone is getting pressured? You didn’t know how Kai-san calms everyone done when they're getting too rowdy or excited.

    You hadn't even thought about all of it until they lost against Itachiyama but when the thought came to her, it was overwhelming, and she feels horrible for being so down when the boys in the team must be feeling worse right now.

    You nearly jumped when you felt warm hands-on top of yours. Looking up, you see Keiji with a soft smile on his face.

    "Just because the team is feeling bad doesn't mean you're not allowed to feel bad too." He began, "Last year, when we lost, I thought the same thing. I thought I'm not allowed feel bad because it was Bokuto-san who worked the hardest and must have felt the worst. But that wasn’t the case. Bokuto-san told me that suppressing my disappointment and sadness would only hinder progress."

    Bokuto is known, at least to you, to say impressively wise things from time to time. The thought of the ace of Fukurōdani comforting the new team's setter made you all warm fuzzy.

    It eased a little bit of the pain you felt thinking about a court that didn’t have Kuroo-senpai, Yaku-san and Kai-san.

    Oh great, now my eyes are watering again.

    Keiji shifted to sit in front of you, still holding on to your hand. He was now looking up at you with a very serious expression.

    "Have you told any of this to your senpai-tachi?"

    You only shook your head as a response and sniffed feeling your nose begin to clog up.

    Ever the considerate gentleman, Keiji pulled out his handkerchief and handed it to you. You didn’t want to put snot on it, so you just dabbed it over your cheeks.

    "I understand where you’re coming from" He begin to say. "We're going to nationals but after that, I don't know what will happen"

    All the regulars in Fukurōdani are third years and though he's sure that Bokuto-san wouldn’t be quitting, he also thought about what would happen after graduation.

    Keiji knew that all the third years and the other second years were going to make him captain and he didn’t know if he could do it. He didn’t know if he knew how to win without Bokuto-san, how to be a captain.

    You suddenly felt horrible.

    You were whining about all this when Keiji would be getting a much bigger responsibility while losing a lot more.

    "Keiji, I'm so sor-"

    "I didn't say any of it to make you feel bad" He actually pouted, and you felt bad for thinking he's so adorable. "I understand where you're coming from. It doesn’t matter if you're the manager and I might be the captain, it's scary. The people we used to rely on wouldn't be there one day. And realizing that that day is getting closer, and it would be our turn to be relied on, it's terrifying.

    "You really shouldn’t keep these things to yourself but that might be a bit hypocritical of me since I had been keeping all these worries to myself too."

    A sudden mischievous grin from Keiji caught you off-guard.

    He can make that face?!

    "You know, in a way, it's nice to have a confidante."

    You couldn't help it; you lunged forward and hugged the living daylights out of this adorable person.

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