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    18.09.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    I dont like this one very much but you guys can have it anyways

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  • animefeminist
    17.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Introduction to Copaganda in Anime and Manga

    Content Warning: Discussion of police brutality, racial discrimination, sexual assault, and sexual harassment.

    Spoilers for Persona 4

    There’s a lot of media that glorifies cops. In fact, there’s so much pro-police propaganda that it’s reached ubiquity, meaning it is largely unnoticed by viewers and accepted as a part of the entertainment landscape. This kind of law enforcement propaganda is dubbed copaganda and, while writing for Level, Prof. Mark Anthony Neal describes how it works with the lines, “copaganda actively counters attempts to hold police malfeasance accountable by reinforcing the ideas that the police are generally fair and hard-working and that Black criminals deserve the brutal treatment they receive.” Prof. Neal’s piece specifically cites western shows and movies ranging from The F.B.I. to Bad Boys as prominent examples of copaganda

    This isn’t just an issue found in content produced in the United States, though, and media from all over the globe contains an abundance of pro-law enforcement storylines and themes. Anime and manga are not exempt from this, with some of the most successful franchises in both mediums espousing dangerous, pro-cop social politics. That’s why this piece aims to introduce new and old anime fans to the concept of copaganda, highlight some of the most popular ways the practice appears so that it can be regularly identified, and offer some direction on how fans can still enjoy the mediums in spite of these prevalent themes.

    Read it at Anime Feminist!

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  • fuckyeahanimebirthdays
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    Hoodlum (Akudama Drive)  » September 17
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  • sn0wychan
    15.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    💉 doctor icons !!

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  • contaminateddragon
    14.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    White haired/clothed serial killer character: *exists*

    Me: simpsimpsimpsimpsimpsi-

    [ sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 ]

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  • fairyhotline
    14.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    i need to fucking finish akudama drive dude

    #it’s been so long #akudama drive #ngl brawler and courier kinda fuck 😮‍💨 #{☕️} — tea time with vlynn
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  • meadows-of-light
    14.09.2021 - 4 days ago


    I’m currently writing Imagines for The Originals but I do plan on writing character x reader soon.

    All characters are aged up to 18+

    I'll write imagines for:

    The Originals

    Teen Wolf

    The Avengers

    Once Upon A Time

    Twilight Saga

    Harry Potter

    Anime shows

    Akudama Drive

    Assassination Classroom

    Attack on Titan


    Jujutsu Kaisen

    My Hero Academia


    Tokyo Ghoul

    The Ones Within

    comfort characters

    #about the blogger #masterlist #the originals x reader #teen wolf x reader #the avengers x reader #once upon a time x reader #harry potter x reader #haikyuu x reader #tokyo ghoul x reader #attack on titan x reader #mha x reader #jjk x reader #blog navigation #assassination classroom x reader #akudama drive x reader #psycho pass x reader
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  • knivesrey
    13.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Akudama Drive is one of the very few anime that was created with what feels like the full understanding that it's a visual medium and that it can use that to its advantage when it comes to storytelling. Episodes 11 and 12 seem to take advantage of this the most, first with the way the false reality is revealed and then later when Swindler helps Courier and the kids escape. I think about this a lot because honestly most anime I've seen tell you the story but they almost never show it to you in such a way that takes full advantage of the fact that youre watching the story unfold instead of reading or listening. Swindler's parallels with herself (im an ordinary citizen / i am swindler) wouldn't have worked the same way if it was presented to the audience through any other medium. I love Akudama Drive so much it's literally such a genius show i think about it all the time.

    #rey talks#akudama drive #i know other anime have done similar in which theyre very good at understanding how to use the medium to their advantage #but i think akudama drive is definitely one of the best ive seen especially in recent years #but i think utena is definitely another anime that does wonderfully with using the animation as a part of the storytelling medium #instead of just a tool to present the story
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  • ops-on-loop
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    OP Review #3: Akudama Drive

    LINK TO OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ8iRrphkQo (version 1)

    The first real Friday review...! I felt kind of stuck, at first, on what OP to bring, but I knew I wanted something short and simple, with just 12 eps and 1 OP--

    Akudama Drive. Original story from Danganronpa creator, Kazutaka Kosaka, Studio Pierrot, and Too Kyo Games, Akudama Drive was a recent-ish --Summer 2020-- seasonal anime, that I actually watched week-by-week :0 (!!).

    Opening theme STEAL!! by SPARK!!SOUND!!SHOW!! is fun, and the visuals colourful, but do they work ? I’ll try to be vague in Category 3: Relevancy, but you might want to just skip it if you haven’t finished Akudama Drive... Or not.

    Category 1, Artstyle/Animation: The OP looks great, but the actual video might be a littleeee boring if I separate the song and video ? It’s still really good, but I don’t caaare about the wanted posters segments, ‘the low points of the OP’, lol. I love the colours, the colour-highlighting they do in several parts, like the beginning, the kanji over the Executioners, or at the end, which are all the GIFs I put in this review. I’m also not a DR mega-fan, so idk if the OP has a DR under-current, but nonetheless, the animation/overall artstyle is also standard/above average. 1/2.

    Category 2, Song: STEAL!! by SPARK!!SOUND!!SHOW!!, their debut anime OP song. Bopping, recognizable. The English probably helps with remembering the song, but 10/10 I get this song on Anime Music Quiz anyway. And so do a lot of people. Basically, I’m just saying, this anime is either really popular, or the song is just that recognizable to non-watchers. Also, I think the simple lyrics go with the show... 2/2.

    Category 3, Relevancy: It’s kinda... A lot ? The cat turning into the kids, episode titles given in the OP based on movies, then things from the movies happening, visuals of the Akudamas’ wanted posters, Swindler/Courier’s ‘500 yen coin that changed everything’, the Executioners and Boss getting an appearance, the inverted shot of the kids, the kids going into the light, Swindler turning over her hand so it reads “sagi-shi”, and, in the OP’s second version, Swindler’s change in appearance being reflected, Pupil’s kanji becoming clear, the shots in the Akudamas’ heads becoming clear... 2/2, basically described the whole OP.

    Category 4, Originality: I’m reminded of Psycho-Pass’ second OP, but just for also being colourful, and the overall show plots, kinda. I haven’t reallyyyy watched any other cyberpunk shows, so now I’ll go over tropes quickly... The Akudamas and Executioners being shown off, then getting group shots ? That one’s kind of whatever... We also go through Cutthroat’s head/eye, and --of course-- there’s the sequence of the seven Akudamas looking off and being moved very quickly (with the lights). 1.5/2. 🤷‍♂️

    Category 5, Bias: Miscellaneous things about the opening... ? I like when the robots dance to the singer, or other small reactive things, like at the start of the OP, when the singer goes “RA!” and a credit? appears over the title logo for like 2 seconds. Or the credit next to Hacker appearing a little glitchy... Nice touches. 1/2.

    I've no outro for this one... Akudama Drive and STEAL!! get a 7.5/10 from me, it’s a cool little OP. I like all the parts together. 🤔 Most of the GIFs I included here are also slowed down. 🤔 The cuts are SO fast in this OP. 😭

    Score- 7.5/10

    "I am Swindler !/I’m an Ordinary Person !”

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  • jadyjads
    07.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    New cover for Akudama Drive Comicalize by Rokurou Ogaki starting from Chapter 28

    (It looks like this’ll make for one complete first volume, which Renta! has announced they will publish as such on Hoodlum’s birthday, September 17th. I’m not 100% sure what the information about the “volume publication” is, so if someone out there speaks Japanese, I’d be interested in their insight!)

    #akudama drive #akudama drive comicalize #アクダマドライブ
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  • midnightlee25
    07.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Random Yandere Headcanons: Who is most likely to mark their darling

    (Marking can be anything from tattoos to actually carving into skin)

    Dose it (to show off /show that you are theirs or just to do it):



    Execution Division Master  

    Pushed into it (feeling that they have to do it for one reason or another.):

    Swindler (hates hearing the cries but seems it as necessary takes good care of it after.)

    Execution Division Apprentice

    Thinks about it but doesn't actually do it:


    Does not see a need:




    #yandere headcanons #yandere akudama drive #akudama drive #akudama drive headcanons #yandere doctor#yandere cutthroat#yandere swindler#yandere hoodlum#yandere courier#yandere hacker#yandere brawler #yandere doctor headcanons #yandere execution division master #yandere execution division apprentice #yandere cutthroat headcanons #yandere swindler headcanons #yandere hoodlum headcanons #yandere courier headcanons #yandere hacker headcanons #yandere brawler headcanons
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  • toranekooo
    06.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    ──────────── ●✰● ────────────

    Assorted Akudama Drive Icons!

    ──────────── ●✰● ────────────

    - please like and reblog + credit if using/saving! I put Doctor in here for the sake of consistency, but I still continue not to accept requests for them.

    #💮; finished edit #🌸; icons#akudama drive#sagishi#ishi#satsujinki#hakobiya#hacker#imouto#ani#kenkaya#chinpira#swindler#doctor#cutthroat#courier#sister#brother#brawler#hoodlum #akudama drive icons #🌺; a little self indulgence never hurt anyone. cheers! — self indulgent
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  • beauty-marked-beauties
    05.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Today's Beauty-Marked Beauty is: Cutthroat from Akudama Drive

    #beauty mark #beauty mark of the day #mod kaori#otd#boy#left eye#akudama drive #akudama drive cutthroat #cutthroat#144
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  • dearestones
    05.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Late Nights, Late Apologies (Courier x F! Reader)

    Warnings: Sort of angsty, lack of communication, apologies etc.

    @Hiitogata Request: congrats for 250 followers! your akudama drive fics has been really good so can I request another courier × reader fanfic of where the reader (female prefered) becomes jealous of courier who spent more time on his work and he gotta comfort the reader as the payback👀 I hope that's good for you, thanks in advance!




    You weren’t angry, but you were definitely getting close to it.

    These past few couple of months haven’t been bad, per se, but they definitely could have been better. Living in Kansai was always rife with mystery and disasters just waiting to happen. One of those disasters just so happened to be your dearest significant other, the ill famed Akudama Courier.

    He was a stoic and silent man, but one who was loyal and determined to do what must be done. Furthermore, he was pragmatic, quick thinking, and the one closest to your heart. You had long since had an established relationship with the Courier, but there were times when you thought…

    When you thought that Courier didn’t care for you as much as you did for him.

    It was a stupid feeling, yes, but al the evidence was made clear once you thought about it. Over the past few months, Courier had been working later and later, often pushing back romantic dates or completely forgetting about them in lieu of working. At first, you had chalked it up to Courier’s tendency to overwork, but eventually, you just became frustrated with yourself.

    Why were you defending him?

    With all of the elicit deliveries and the insane amount of money that came with said deliveries, you knew that Courier could afford to take a day or two off.

    Or more.

    Preferably more to make up for all of the missed dates.

    You tried talking to him about your issue, but he had merely nodded his head and murmured that he would definitely do better. He tried going home on time and more often, but Courier was too popular for an Akudama. If you wanted something done, it was wise to turn to him for help.

    And well, Courier was also partly to blame as well. Money was always a good incentive.

    After repeated attempts to reach out, you ultimately gave up.

    You gave up trying to communicate, to reach out, and ultimately, you were at your wit’s end.

    If Courier wanted to spend more of his time at work (illegal work, mind you), then fine. You would just leave him be.

    So, one night, you huddled deep into the covers of your bed, not even staying up late for your dear one. If Courier didn’t care about the relationship, then why should you? You slept soundly for a few blissful hours until you could hear the telltale sound of a powerful motorcycle purr to a graceful stop outside of the apartment. It was an instinctual reaction for you to move, to sleepily make sure that Courier was safe and in one piece.

    But, tonight of all nights, you disregarded instinct and ingrained habit. You merely turned your head away from Courier’s side of the bed and snuggled deeper into comfort. Why should you care if he came back?

    On most days, it seemed that he never cared for you.

    For a few moments, you drifted in and out of sleep. Courier must have been situating himself in the kitchen, preparing himself a drink before heading to bed. It was routine at this point, you knew. If you were not ignoring him, you would have been there to greet him at the door, a glass of liquor ready to whet his appetite. But you weren’t, so you were subjected to the sound of Courier’s muttered curses and footsteps.

    For some odd reason, he sounded… hurried? Urgent? Not as relaxed or as stoic as he made himself seem during normal, everyday life.

    Hmph… He probably either had a terrible night or someone scratched his motorcycle.

    Served him right for working such late nights.

    Eventually, however, Courier finally entered the bedroom. You could feel his presence as he slowly entered, his footsteps lighter now, his movements just as stealthy and quiet as it should be while on missions.

    Slowly, ever so slowly, you could feel him peel back the covers, settle in right next to you, and—

    Was he feeling your forehead?

    “What are you doing,” you muttered. You didn’t turn around, too annoyed and much too tired to deal with whatever antics he was trying to pull. “Can’t it wait until morning?”

    Ha, that was a joke. Come morning, Courier would be long gone with new deliveries.

    Courier gently rubbed his thumb down your cheek before answering. “You’re not sick.”

    He sounded so matter of fact, so nonchalant, you felt like smacking him. But you weren’t that mad yet, just annoyed.

    “Of course not. I actually take care of myself.”

    He hummed, a deep sound that reverberated through his chest and made you shiver as he pressed tight against you.

    “You’re always up at this time.” He paused. “With a drink. And a smile.”

    “Wow. You noticed. Can we sleep now?”

    Courier must have caught onto your ire because he held still for a second before he gently turned you over so that you were facing him. Despite the darkness, you could see his eyes were filled with thinly veiled concern. While not out of place, you were confused.

    Courier had been ignoring you for so long, why should he care now?

    “You haven’t been smiling at me for quite some time now… And now you were ignoring me tonight…” His hand rested upon your cheek, his eyes seeking answer within your own. “Is something the matter?”

    “No.” You were stubborn. If he truly wanted an answer, he only had to look back on his past actions and how you tried to tell him in the past.

    “Is it because…” You really hoped Courier knew what was wrong. It would only break your spirit if you had to be the one to break down and actually tell him the truth. “Is it because you forgot to stock up for my favorite beer? It’s not that bad, you know. Beer isn’t everything.”

    What the—? That is not what you had in mind!

    Was he stupid?

    You happened to glance up at him, only to find that there was a slight curve to his lips. An upright curve.

    You sighed. If that was how he was going to play, then you weren’t going to have any of it.

    After all this time, you were going to be straight with him. If he wasn’t going to address this with the right amount of seriousness, then you were going back to sleep and possibly leave him for good. One could only struggle with a dying relationship for so long.

    So, you told him.

    You told him about the missed dates, the late nights without him. Every word was laced with feelings that you had been trying to pour out for so long, but never had the chance to. You had thought that Courier could read between the lines, that he would be able to know, to realize that you were human.

    You needed him to stay by your side—not all the time, but at the right time.

    Before long, your voice shuddered into staggered breaths and your eyes were stinging with tears. Your cheeks were flushed and you could feel the heat of sorrow, bitterness, and anger slowly drain out of you. Finally, after all this time, you almost felt at peace.

    Not exactly content, but you didn’t feel the biting urge to lash out against him.

    “I…” You trembled softly as Courier brushed his fingers over your wet cheeks before cupping your jaw with a tenderness that you hadn’t or felt from him for so long. Despite yourself, you leaned into his touch, nearly stunned by the warmth that emanated from his hand. “I hadn’t realized that you felt this way. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

    You trembled and nearly wailed.

    “I tried! I really tried, but you never made up for lost time and you kept staying out longer and longer and just…” You tried to turn away, but ended up only closing your eyes so that you couldn’t face him. “I felt… I felt like I no longer mattered to you—that I only came second to your job.”

    “That’s not true.” You felt him sitting up, the covers around you twisting and moving around you, almost forcing you to open your eyes. Once you did, Courier spoke—a gentle murmur against the primal beating of your heart. “You’re important to me. You have always been important to me. I know I haven’t been there for you… and I should have tried harder to come home on time, to actually arrive on time for dates, but… now I know.”

    He leaned down, a question in his eyes.

    And, well, it had been a while.

    So, despite your reservations, you leaned up, your lips meeting his.

    It wasn’t exactly an apology—he had the rest of the night for that—but it was definitely a start.




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  • beauty-marked-beauties
    05.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Today's Beauty-Marked Beauty is: The Swindler from Akudama Drive

    #beauty mark #beauty mark of the day #mod kaori#otd#girl#left lip#akudama drive#the swindler #akudama drive swindler #142
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  • animereverie
    04.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Akudama Drive- Foggy Skies

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  • filmsbydarcy
    03.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #drive in movies #mega drive#akudama drive#adam driver #drive to survive
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  • dullahandame
    01.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    All you people in the akudrive tag are so fucking weird. 'Cutthroat x swindler omg otp' motherfucker. She stabs him repeatedly because he is consistently creepy to her and then tries to stalk and kill her after injuring her two friends. It's not even the sexy kind of hatred

    #'ep 9 ruined my ship uwu' good. i hope it stays dead #(i speak as if i am not discussing an anime from 2020 in 2021) #akudama drive#swearing#yelling emernally
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  • jadyjads
    01.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    The original soundtrack of Akudama Drive is now available through multiple audio streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and much more.

    Official link provided by @akudamadrive on Twitter: https://lnk.to/GuUlaO

    I can personally confirm that the Spotify link works just fine from outside Japan.

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  • jadyjads
    29.08.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #wec #world's end club #i'm the akudama drive & danganronpa wiki lady smh not the wec wiki one #ask#wec spoilers #world's end club spoilers
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