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    ^^^^ that's the link!

    If you wanna be able to message me or give me requests or even just make friends and chat here is where that would happen.

    I have a bunch of fandoms but not like all of them obviously cause I couldn't remember a lot. But if you want a channel added you can.


    -> 17-18+ I really don't feel comfy with children's in my chats, less likely I gotta worry about groomers if y'all are adults.

    -> please be respectful! I don't like bigots!

    -> you can request channels, even personal channels for your own brain rot, but please remember that this is MY server and if you make comments that make me uncomfortable I'll make you leave eventually.

    -> safe space for the girls, gays, and theys

    -> I will put sneak peaks in this discord!


    (this picture is from Tsuki's Odyssey the game)

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    Absolution: Chapter 4

    So excited to drop this chapter for you guys! I’m so stoked for everything ahead, and writing the Duke was a hell of a lot of fun. As for the next chapter, I’m currently still planning to upload on 08/06, but I will be in the middle of a move, so it may be delayed! I’ll post any updates if I need to push it back.

    Check out Chapter 4 here!

    And here’s the art!

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    I took some pictures of her in game. Ik most of them look crusty af but even my Laptop can't take her radiating beauty (there's only one good picture of her lol)

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    The Lady of the Castle

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    Lady Dimitrescu: Do you take constructive criticism?

    Heisenburg: No only cash or credit

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    help lol

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    Lady D: Daughters!!! What happened?! Are you hurt??

    Cassandra: I was trying to let go of my rage and dropped a sickle on my foot!!

    Lady D: Well. Okay... 

    Lady D, turning to Daniela: Then what happened to you?

    Daniela: I laughed so hard I burst a blood vessel in my nose. It’s cool

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    Comfort hug Lady Dimitrescu from behind

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    Alcina: *kick the ass of somene that was insulting her*

    Chris: damn, she sure can take care of herself.

    Ethan: *with heart eyes* yes, she can.

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    Quick Lady Dimitrescu Chibi 💕

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    I want to bite into lady dimitrescu's plush thighs. that is all.

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    The Killing Cure (Part 13)

    This chapter is going to be a short (but hopefully sweet) transition chapter. I typed it up on mobile during my lunch break so I'm not sure just how short it actually is lol. I'm. Also posting on mobile so I can't add the read more line at the moment. Ill also fix the title and be posting this to AO3 later.

    He isn't sure at which point in the night he begins doing so, but his hand absently strokes the woman's hair and back. Her skin is rather rough and somewhat dry. He wonders if it bothers her any. She takes a particularly deep breath before shifting in his arms and nuzzling her cheek against his chest. Her hair tickles his neck more than ever. Her hair, he notes, is actually rather silky. And when her fingers come to curl around his shirt he can't help but wonder what it might be like to tangle his fingers in those silky locks.

    To let his hands roam away from her back and slide over her generous hips as he pressed a kiss to her collarbone and then her chest. The woman may have lost her height but her curves are as alluringly supple as before and he isn't sure that she realizes how stunning she is.

    Privet as his thoughts are, his cheeks color. She had given him one kiss and now he is thinking of exploring.


    He jolts at the sound of his name. His heart plummets and his cheeks color further. For one but wrenching moment he wonders if she could some how read his thoughts. Maybe she can sense desire on him; she has probably be the subject of so much of it that she has a sixth sense for it, mutant or human.

    "Are you still awake?"

    "Yeah, why?"

    "I'm just wondering…" she trails off.

    "You have trouble sleeping sometimes, don't you?"

    She hesitates for a moment before confirmingvhis suspensions. "I have dreams sometimes…"

    He has a pretty good feeling that she means nightmares. "what happens in them."

    She is quite for a very long time, long enough for him to suspect that she had fallen back to sleep. "I sometimes dream about my first transformation, Mother Miranda is watching me but she's... different. She's horrifying."

    "More horrifying than she is in reality?" He grumbles before he can stop himself.

    She nods. "Other times I just dream about how she is going to react…" she pauses, "how all of them will react."

    "They're your siblings, they'll love you no matter…"

    "They already resent me. We all resent each other. Hisenberg will be delight at my predicament. He'll…" she trails off into an exausted sigh.

    "We'll worry about that when we have to. For now just rest up, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow." He knows that it is much easier said than done. And maybe it annoys her because she pulls out of his arms. And yet she doesn't demand that he sleep on his own bed or the couch. She turns again to face him once more.

    And to his shock, she nestles against him and drapes an arm over him. Her head rests against the crook of his neck. "Good night, Alcina."

    She is already asleep.


    Bidding her daughters a farewell when she isn't sure if she'll return is a hell of its own kind. More so when Bela inquires, "when will you be back, mother?" And even more so when Cassandra adds, "how long will we be with The Duke?"

    She can only say, "I don't know, darlings. Make sure The Duke behaved himself."

    "The Duke is always great!" Daniela declares.

    And perhaps she would be more inclined to agree had she not overheard him gleefully sing-song, “Ethan…” he had added a wiggle of his brows. “I did predict that the two of you might elope one day.”

    Ever the charming sort, the entirety of Ethan's face had gone red and he gave his head a quick rub. " W-we aren't eloping Duke! We're rescuing my daughter together."

    Alcina sighs, "let the man think what he will." They haven't time to fuss over it and, resentfully, she can't promise herself that his statement won't become true in the future.

    More resentfully, she can't even promise herself that she truly does resent it; despite it all, despite the attempts on his life, and the initial destruction he dealt to her life as it once was, the man has been good to her. Better than anyone has been in a while. Better than any of the men she ever knew.

    The last thing she sees of her girls is The Duke putting one large hand on Bela's shoulder and the other on Cassandra's. Daniela is much too jittery and lively for the man to catch her at all. They stand at the window and watch her depart.

    "It's harder when you look back, you know that right?" Ethan asks

    The world outside is merciless cold and even under layers and layers of clothes, she feels it's frigid bite. The wind carries snow upon it as it whistles by. The only sound, until she cares to make noise of her own, is the sound of ice and snow crunching beneath their feet.

    "It's hard no matter what, Winters."

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    Vampiric Love Pt. 5

    Here is the next part!  I’m glad you all like it!  

    A bit shorter.  I’m sorry about that.

    BIG warning for abuse in this one.  Please be cautious when reading it

    Warnings: Abuse, language, injuries, angst

    The weekend trips slowly turned into longer trips where Y/N would be gone for three to four days.  She never spent an entire week away, but Alcina still worried.  The woman had yet to return with bruises, but Alcina could see the way she winced and held herself differently.  Her normally vibrant and curious Y/E/C eyes were dim and filled with unease.  She even shied away from Alcina when she approached, receding into herself in a way that the regal woman had never seen.  Y/N didn’t even spend time with Bela, Cassandra, or Daniela.  Her daughters were starting to become just as worried as she was about Y/N.  

    Alcina glanced over at the clock, seeing that it was nearing lunchtime.  She would need to rally her daughters and find Y/N.  The handywoman had been avoiding her all week, which was impressive, yet worrying.  Alcina wasn’t sure how she kept missing her, but Y/N was good at avoiding any interactions between them.  Her daughters had seen Y/N in passing here and there, but even they were avoided.  Y/N had even missed all their shared meals for the past week.  They didn’t see her anymore and Alcina was going to figure out what was going on.  This had gone on long enough.  She placed her pen down before standing from her desk.  Y/N should be in the Hall of Joy where she was fixing the trap door.  It was the girls’ idea to make trap doors from the masks of the larger statues they had.  They asked Y/N to make it work and of course the handywoman agreed.  

    Alcina quickly made her way to the Hall of Joy, pushing the door open before ducking under the doorframe.  When she stood to her full height, she noticed that the room was empty.  Strange.  Y/N should be here.  Glancing around, Alcina noticed that the door on the left was ajar.  That door led to the mechanical parts of the castle along with the large portrait of herself.  It was a room that she didn’t spend much time in.  It was more of a storage room than anything else.  Alcina pushed the door open and ducked under the doorframe, seeing that Y/N was staring up at the large portrait.  

    “This isn’t the Hall of Joy dear,” Alcina spoke.  She watched as Y/N jumped and the woman quickly turned, bowing her head in greeting.

    “S-sorry Lady Dimitrescu.  I heard one of the gears get stuck and was going to fix it, but I got distracted,” Y/N apologized.  Alcina rose to her full height, watching with a pain in her chest as Y/N shrunk away from her.  

    “Those gears are far too large for you to fix on your own.  I would prefer it if you allowed Heisenberg to fix them.”

    “Oh…as you wish Lady Dimitrescu.”

    “I’ve told you dear, call me Alcina.”

    “I-I’d prefer to call you Lady Dimitrescu,” Y/N softly spoke.  Alcina frowned and Y/N nervously scratched at her wrist.  “Um, only if that is okay with you.”

    Alcina schooled her emotions and nodded her head.  “If that is what you wish dear.”

    Y/N nodded in return before looking back at the picture.  “May I ask a question?”

    “You can always ask me questions.  You don’t need to ask.”

    “Why do you keep all these things in here?  They would look nice in the rest of the castle?”

    “Hmm, a valid point.  Though,I’m not sure where we would put some of these,” Alcina hummed.  She watched as Y/N mulled over her words, wondering what was going on in her head.  She looked tired and she truly looked like she was going to collapse at any moment.  “May I suggest something?”


    “Perhaps you could skip seeing your father this weekend.  You look like you’re barely holding yourself up,” Alcina spoke.  Y/N tensed at that.

    “I-I appreciate your concern, but I need to check on him.”

    “How unwell is he that you must spend so much time with him?” Alcina questioned.  Y/N shook her head and clenched her fists.  

    “He’s unwell enough that I need to check on him,” Y/N answered.  Alcina frowned and moved to Y/N’s side.  She could see the way Y/N was glaring at the floor.

    “Y/N, be honest with me…is he hurting you?” Alcina softly asked.  Y/N’s eyes widened, and she shook her head.

    “No!  He-he isn’t hurting me.”

    “Are you certain?  I’ve seen the way you’ve been holding yourself.  Something is going on.”

    “My home is just messy, and I keep falling.  No one is hurting me,” Y/N argued.  Alcina could tell that Y/N was holding back the full truth and she sighed.

    “Y/N, I just want to make sure you’re alright,” Alcina spoke.  She reached out and Y/N moved away from her.  Alcina tried to keep her hurt from showing on her face.  “Y/N—”

    “Please don’t.  I promise I’m okay,” Y/N stated.  Alcina clenched her fists, trying to keep herself from reaching out to the woman again.  

    “Okay.  I’m sorry I pried.”

    Y/N nodded and bowed her head.  “I need to fix that squeaky door in the dining room before I leave.  I will speak with you later Lady Dimitrescu.”

    “Farewell,” Alcina spoke.  Y/N quickly left the room, leaving Alcina alone.  Alcina felt her claws sharpen and lengthen with her rising frustration.  She wanted to pry more but she didn’t want to hurt Y/N more.  She had a feeling she knew who was hurting Y/N, but the woman wasn’t going to just let her help her.  The sound of buzzing filled her ears and her daughters materialized before her.  

    “Mother?  Is Y/N alright?” Bela asked.  

    “Yeah!  She won’t talk to us!” Cassandra exclaimed.

    “We’re worried about her,” Daniela added.  Alcina took a steadying breath, feeling her claws retract.  

    “I am too girls.  I have a job for your three.  I need you to follow Y/N back to her home when she leaves,” Alcina ordered.  

    “We’ll keep an eye on her,” Bela affirmed.  

    Cassandra cracked her knuckles with a growl. “Whoever is hurting her better be ready.”

    “Should we stay hidden?” Daniela asked.

    “I believe that would be best.  We don’t know who is hurting her and I don’t want her to startle if she sees you,” Alcina stated.  Her daughters nodded before disappearing in a wave of flies.  She felt a sense of calm fill her with the knowledge that her daughters would be keeping an eye on Y/N.  

    Point of View Change, Daniela

    It was easy following the human to the village.  With their flies, they were able to quietly follow Y/N the entire way down to the village.  They moved through the shadows, staying out of Y/N’s line of sight.  Mother didn’t want Y/N to see them.  They followed her to a small cottage on the far side of the village, far away from the other homes.  Daniela moved to lie beside her sisters, staring into the window.  Y/N greeted who she assumed was her father with a small nod before going about cleaning the cottage.  It was boring watching her work and Cassandra picked at the grass below them.

    “Who do you think is hurting Y/N?” Cassandra asked.  Bela shifted beside them, hunkering down and keeping a watchful eye on Y/N.

    “I’m not saying who until we know for certain,” Bela answered.  Daniela nodded and watched as Y/N moved around the home.  Her movements were careful, like prey scared of alerting a predator.  Very unlike the human that roamed the castle.  Daniela wondered what would happen while they watched.  They would only be able to stay until the Sun began to set due to the cold.  If something was going to happen, it needed to happen before then.  

    They watched until the Sun began to set, and they still saw nothing.  Y/N wasn’t in any danger from what they could see.  

    “Let’s go.  Mother didn’t want us out late and the Sun is going down,” Bela stated.  

    “We should get some sweets on the way back.  It would be a yummy snack,” Cassandra added.  Bela shook her head while Daniela kept staring into the window.  She didn’t feel right about leaving.  Something felt wrong.  Cassandra ruffled her auburn hair, making her grumble.  “Come on Dani.  We need to go before it gets cold.”

    “I don’t want to leave.  Something doesn’t feel right,” Daniela argued.  

    “I’m sorry, but we can’t stay here while it’s cold.  You know the rules about us being outside when the temperature drops,” Bela warned.  Daniela silently cursed.  Stupid bodies.  They were powerful but couldn’t be in the damn cold.  “Hey, we can come check when the Sun rises tomorrow.  That’ll be the first thing we do.”

    “Okay,” Daniela reluctantly responded.  She watched her sisters disappear before she stole one more glance towards Y/N.   This didn’t feel right but they couldn’t stay here.  It would quite literally kill them.  With a sigh, Daniela followed her sisters.

    A Day and a Half Later

    The Dimitrescu sisters returned to watch Y/N yesterday and nothing had seemed amiss.  Today was the last day Y/N would be at her childhood home until the next weekend.  Two days wasn’t long, but they were still worried about Y/N.  Especially when they couldn’t stay at night.  

    “This is the last day,” Bela stated.  

    “Good.  It seems like Y/N wasn’t hurt this time,” Cassandra spoke.  Daniela listened to her sisters as they made their way into the village.  It was still early, and few people were out.  For whatever reason, Daniela felt uneasy.  It was like something was telling her things weren’t what they seemed.  

    “I hope it stays that way,” Bela sighed.  Daniela nodded and they came around a corner when a metallic smell almost drowned her senses.  There was a hint of sweetness to it and Daniela’s eyes widened.  She morphed into flies, ignoring her sisters calling out to her to wait.  She knew they had smelt the same thing, but she wasn’t going to wait for them.  If she waited, things could get worse.  Her fly body helped her get to Y/N’s home in record time and she materialized to drop kick the door in.  Brown eyes turned yellow with rage when she saw Y/N lying on the ground.  

    “Who the fuck are you?!” Y/N’s father yelled.  He raised his hand and Daniela saw the belt that was in his hands with blood splattered along the leather.  With a roar, she surged forward with her sickle, slicing his hand from his body.  His yell of agony filled the air and Daniela stood protectively above Y/N.  “You bitch!”

    “You won’t hurt her!” Daniela roared.  Y/N’s father charged, and Cassandra intercepted him with a kick to the groin.  He dropped to the ground with a yelp and Bela slammed his head against the ground, knocking him out.  

    “We told you to wait,” Bela huffed.  

    “But good job slicing his hand off,” Cassandra seethed.  She glared down at the man while Bela tightly tied the discarded belt along his bleeding arm.  “Why are you saving him?”

    “Mother will want to personally deal with him,” Bela growled.  She easily hoisted the man over her shoulder before turning to Daniela.  “I’ll take him to the castle.”

    “I have Y/N,” Daniela assured.  She dropped to her knees and stared at the shaking woman.  Her arms were shielding her face and Daniela could see the blood that dripped from her lashes.  There was more blood along her back, slowly seeping into the wood floor below her.  “Y/N?  It’s alright.  We took care of your father.”

    Y/N merely whimpered in response and Daniela didn’t know what to do.  She didn’t want to pick Y/N up without asking her, nor did she want to leave her here.  She didn’t know what to do.  A steadying hand gripped her shoulder and she looked up to see Cassandra’s concerned gaze.

    “I grabbed a blanket.  We can wrap her up in it and take her to the castle.”

    “But we can’t just pick her up without asking.  Not after what she just went through.”

    “I know you’re worried, but we can’t leave her on the ground.  We need to get her home so we can help her,” Cassandra argued.  She looked down at Y/N with sadness in her eyes.  “I don’t think she’s going to be in shock and won’t react anyways.”

    Daniela thickly swallowed and nodded her head.  Cassandra was right.  Her sister carefully wrapped Y/N in the blanket before gently picking Y/N up.  The human weakly whimpered in her arms and Daniela rose to her feet to gently cup Y/N’s cheek.  

    “You’ll be alright now.  We won’t let him hurt you anymore,” Daniela promised.  She wasn’t sure if Y/N could hear her, but she wasn’t lying.  She wouldn’t let anyone hurt her again.  Not if she could help it.  

    Hours Later, Point of View Change, Alcina

    Alcina paced the hallway as she waited for Salvatore to finish working with Y/N.  He was the best doctor in the area and Alcina trusted him with her life.  If anyone would be able to work with Y/N, it would be him.  She had been furious when Bela brought Y/N’s father here, wishing that she could rip him to shreds right then and there.  But Daniela and Cassandra had arrived with an injured Y/N.  Alcina had ordered the man-thing to be put in the dungeon and for Cassandra to fetch Salvatore.  The half fish, half man was eager to help and Alcina was grateful for her brother.  He didn’t ask questions and merely went to work.  Alcina wasn’t sure what to do about the situation.  The logical thing to do would be to give Y/N’s father to the village and have them deal with him.  Though Alcina hated that idea.  She wanted to personally deal with Y/N’s father.  Slowly rip him apart, letting him suffer for as long as she could keep him alive.  With Salvatore’s experience in medicine, she would likely be able to keep Y/N’s father alive for a while.  She would need to talk with Y/N about what she wanted to do.  

    Salvatore exited the room and Alcina quickly moved to his side.  “How is she?”

    “She will be alright.  I used my medicines, and they will help her heal within a few days.  I left the bottles on the dresser, and you need to apply them three times a day to help her heal.”

    “Your medicines will never cease to amaze me.”

    “It heals all physical wounds, but not the mental ones,” Salvatore stated.  He looked up at Alcina with a defeated gaze.  “I can’t heal the old wounds or the mental wounds that she has likely suffered.”

    Alcina nodded and looked at the door.  “How many old wounds did you see?”

    “Far too many…what will you do with the human you hold prisoner?”

    “I am…uncertain.  I will allow Y/N to choose what happens to him,” Alcina answered.  She reached down, patting Salvatore’s shoulder.  “Thank you for your help.”

    “Of course.  I will take my leave.  Send for me if you need anything.”

    “I will.  Please, take my carriage so you don’t walk all the way home.”

    “You’re too kind,” Salvatore smiled.  He bowed his head and waddled away, leaving Alcina alone.  She took a steadying breath before pushing the door open and ducking under the doorframe.  Her eyes immediately found Y/N, seeing that the woman was peacefully lying on the bed.  Alcina had told Cassandra to move her to one of the nicer rooms next to hers, allowing her to care for the injured woman.  Y/N was covered in bandages, with some wrapped around her forehead.  There had been a nasty gash along the side of her head, but it wouldn’t leave a large scar because of Salvatore’s medicine.  Alcina wanted to see the other wounds that the bandages covered, but she didn’t want to disturb her.  

    “Oh, darling,” Alcina sadly spoke.  She reached out and ran gentle fingers through Y/N’s Y/H/L Y/H/C.  The woman unconsciously leaned into her touch and Y/E/C eyes blinked open.  They were clouded over in confusion and Alcina could tell that she wasn’t entirely there.

    “A-Alcina?” Y/N stammered.

    “Sshh, it’s alright darling.  You’re alright.”

    “D-don’t let him hurt me,” Y/N whimpered.  “Please don’t let him hurt me.”

    Alcina leaned forward, pressing a kiss to her forehead.  “He won’t hurt you.  I won’t let him.  Just close your eyes and rest.”

    Y/N’s eyes fluttered closed and Alcina gently pulled the covers over the woman.  She kept her hand on Y/N’s face, wanting to convey her strength to the woman.  There wasn’t anything else that she could do but be here beside her.  There was a knock on the door and Alcina could smell her daughters.

    “Enter,” Alcina spoke.  The door opened and her daughters hesitantly entered.

    “Is she alright?” Bela asked.  

    “As alright as she can be,” Alcina answered.  Daniela moved closer and sat on the edge of the bed.

    “Can we stay here?  I don’t want to leave her alone,” Daniela asked.  

    Alcina smiled and moved to sit on the chest beside the bed.  “I think she would like that.”

    Her daughters crowded around the bed, keeping a watchful eye on the human.  They would have to help Y/N through this.  Like Salvatore said, her physical wounds would heal.  The mental wounds and trauma would haunt Y/N for a long time.  But they would help her.  She wouldn’t have to do this alone.  Not if Alcina could help it.  She would do everything in her power to protect this human that had ensnared her heart.

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