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  • addysedits
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "The House of El | Stronger Together"

    On the Left: Kara Danvers, Lena Luthor, Abigail Luthor-Danvers, and Sage Luthor-Danvers

    On the Right: Clarke Kent, Lois Lane, Jordan Kent, Jonathan Kent

    #Abigail and Sage are MINE #But everyone else #rights go to their owners #Kara Danvers#superman#Lena Luthor #Abigail Alex Luthor-Danvers #Abigail Luthor-Danvers #Sage Allura Luthor-Danvers #Sage Luthor-Danvers#Superman#Jordan Kent#Jonathan Kent #Superman and Lois #Lois Lane#Clarke Kent
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  • motorcyclegirlfriends
    29.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Farewell to Supergirl Week - Inspirational Moments: Alex + Hope

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  • putonmyfavoriteshow
    29.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I’m watching my favorite Lena episodes of Supergirl and inadvertently watched the Sanvers breakup episode (s3.05 Damage) and it’s such a sad episode for Alex but knowing now she has Kelly and Esme and gets to be the mother she always knew she was meant to be got me crying on Sunday evening 😭

    #supergirl#alex danvers#dansen#kelly olsen #also Sam Arias i miss you
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  • introverted-author
    29.11.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Alex's journey with sexuality is something I've longed to see for ages. When I was coming to terms with things, even before I started realising - I needed this. To see myself. To understand, to see my life reflected in the life of my favourite character.

    And when Alex kissed Maggie? I legit screamed the house down (sorry neighbours). S2 of Supergirl rocks!!

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  • budgebuttons
    29.11.2021 - 21 hours ago

    You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next

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  • aliensoulxftm
    28.11.2021 - 23 hours ago

    I hereby present the reason I've enjoyed watching TV and some of my favourites: "Siblings"

    And we start with: Waverly and Wynonna (Wynonna Earp 2016-2021). I love these two, the way they are there for each other and Wynonna's "Baby Girl" 😭

    And second (with a lot of fondness) comes: Alex and Kara Danvers (Supergirl 2015-2021). They are each other home/safe place 😩❤️ . The way they would die and kill for each other.

    Third we have: Meredith and Lexie Grey (Grey's anatomy 2005-Present). Even tho they started of wrong, they soon became a great pair, and Lexie made Meredith become more welcoming of family something she never had.

    In fourth we have: Diane and Jack Johnson (Black-Ish 2014-Present). I just love those two, there's really no further explanation.

    Fifth: Mandy and Eve (Last Man Standing 2011-2021). The way they bicker with each other is something I do with my sib's and I liked having that on TV 😂. (Hated the actress change tho)

    In sixth we have: Maddie and Buck (9-1-1; 2018-Present). These two are ones that I don't have further explanation to as well, I just love them.

    Seventh are a new, delightful, addition: Jinx (Powder) and VI (2021-Present). I am a little too invested in Jinx's psychotic outbreaks and VI's badassery (is that a word? I feel like it is)

    And last but not least (I hardly remember the show but I loved them): Piper, Phoebe and Page (Charmed, 1998-2006). Since I don't remember much from this show I'll just be honest and say that I had crushes on ALL OF THEM.

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  • lesbianteenn
    28.11.2021 - 23 hours ago

    I might post this on AO3 but thought I’d ask for some criticism here first to start of strong.

    Avalance - Supercorp

    High school AU

    It’s part of a MUCH bigger story but this is a little intro to what life looks like for the characters. Hope you enjoy :)

    Sara was having a horrible day, she had woken up late, forgot to pack her bag the night before and her first class went horribly. There was a speck of hope when she entered AP history, she didn’t mind history and her teacher was very passionate about the subject.

    The hope left her body when she saw someone standing at the desk of Mr. Druce. Ava Sharpe turned in the direction of the door, her pissed expression seeming to turn impossibly worse. She turned to face Mr. Duce again “What is she doing here?!”.

    The anger finally catched up with Sara when she heard that and she stormed towards the desk. “I could ask you the same thing, Sharpe”. Mr. Duce sighed and said “Like I was saying to Ms. Sharpe, she got transferred to this class to trade with a student”.

    Sara looked around and asked “What student?”

    “Ms. Alex Danvers requested it for Ms. Kara Danvers”

    “That girl with the big eyes and glasses?”

    “What a specific description, Lance” Ava sneered. Sara was about to give Ava a piece of her mind but Mr. Duce decided he had enough “Both of you sit down and if I hear one more remark you both have to write 8 pages about stuff you love about the other person”. Sara closed her mouth REAL quick and Ava grimaced at the thought of having to write about her ‘love’ for Lance.

    The class went by normally, except now Mr. Duce’s stories were disturbed by annoying questions from a certain Ms. Sharpe. Why couldn’t Ava just shut up and listen to the teacher go on and on about his interest in communism or something.

    Sara immediately stood up when the bell ran and walked to the cafeteria. “Guess, fucking, what” She said, setting her food down on the table and placing herself between Nate and Zari. “Kara switched classes with AVA SHARPE”. Zari let an “oof” and Amaya said “I’m sorry, I know you guys get along like Zari and Constantine”. Zari grimaced “Really? In front of my food?”. Amaya snorted and threw a napkin at Zari who avoided it, smile clear on her usually stoic face.

    Sara looked at her friends, it was kind of funny how neither of them has noticed the flirting. It was obvious to everyone around them but they were painfully oblivious. Sara had watched them grow closer when chaos had entered Zari’s life. Finding out you have a brother you didn’t know about was not something that can be taken lightly.

    Zari stuck out her tongue at Amaya who turned to Sara a second later, ignoring Zari’s challenge to continue. “Is there anyway to change this?” Amaya asked Sara. Sara shook her head and swallowed her pizza bagel “It was requested by Alex, she is way too stubborn to change her mind”


    “Yeah you know her?”

    “A Little. She doesn’t even have AP history tho, why would she do that?”

    Nate, who had apparently been listening, chimed in “Kara transferred to my class, Lena is there too. I actually had class with them this morning, it was almost painful to look at the oblivious longing looks they give each other”.

    “Ohh” Amaya said, she smiled “Those two are very cute together”. Zari nodded and the irony didn’t slip past Sara, apparently it hadn’t slipped past Nate either because he looked at Sara with a smirk.

    They talked a bit about Kara and Lena and some other stuff, like picking out a college. Sara had never thought this far into the future. She had been a big trouble maker in the past years so her hopes of going to a college had dimmed. But last school year she and her friends had started less trouble, well maybe that’s a big statement. They still pulled pranks but the pranks were at least 50% less extreme.

    Sara looked around the table at her friends, Zari, Amaya and Nate were talking excitedly about colleges. Mick had set a piece of paper on fire and was now staring at it, mesmerized. Ray and Jax were talking about some engineering project they were working on. Sara felt a small smile creep up onto her face, these idiots had helped her. They had been there when her mom left, Sara’s world had collapsed and she had taken it horribly. Zari and Amaya were at Sara’s almost everyday for weeks, Nate sometimes joined and brought some games they could play to distract Sara.

    She got woken up from her thoughts by a bump on her shoulder, Zari looked at her “You okay?” the girl whispered. Sara nodded and gave her a reassuring smile because, maybe for the first in a long time she was genuinely okay.


    In further chapters the super friends play a bigger part and get just as big of a part as the Legends.

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  • little-voice13
    28.11.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Amazing as always seeing this human today🥰

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  • clearlythepineappleistheslut
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago
    #supercorp#supergirl#fanfiction#supercorp fanfic#kara danvers#lena luthor#alex danvers #this is basically 8 pages of fluff #featuring game night #this is SOFT #and vaguely unedited but it's fine #this was supposed to be a drabble #my bad
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  • dispositionn-for-waakeme-up
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    So, is Kara taking her girlfriend on a off world vacation? 🤭

    #what else am i supposed to think? #they were inseparable #you all really think kara would just be off world alone? #i don't buy it #🤡🤡 #let me be a clown #supergirl#supercorp#katie mcgrath#lena luthor#kara danvers#melissa benoist#alex danvers#chyler leigh
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  • douxreviews
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Flash - 'Armageddon, Part 2' Review

    Despero: “Tragedy is coming for you, Flash.”

    No one mentioned Savitar, but the idea Barry could go off the deep end was front and center this week. And yet, I’ve watched and re-watched this episode and I’m still pondering what it all means. So forgive me in advance if this review is more of a ramble than usual.

    I always like to start with what I believe The Powers That Be are trying to tell us. What information do they share? What do they conveniently leave out? And what do they show us and how? In those terms alone, there’s a lot to unpack.


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  • avalanceliker
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Alex: Hey Lena, do you have a crush on anyone?

    Lena: the only crush I have us my crushing depression ahaha!!!


    Lena: Its kara… obviously.

    #supercorp#lena luthor#kara danvers#alex danvers #incorrect supercorp quotes #supergirl#arrowverse #incorrect supergirl quotes
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  • theg4ycousin
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lena is a quick learner. And she also has an extraordinary memory. Once she learns something, it just stays there... safe in the darkest place until it’s necessary again. Sometimes people forget that. That what she learned, she will never forget. And that is their biggest mistake. Forgetting, that’s it. The first time she had a dagger, it was a stolen one from her father’s chest. They were traveling and she was bored, so she investigated and she found it. Buried under some robes. She held it in her hand, just observing and analyzing. The weight. The feeling of the cold metal in her hand, getting warmed as times passed. The shape and the sharpness of the blade. The second dagger, it was Lex’s. He thought it was a good time to teach her how to use one. Just in case, he said. She was 8. He, he was 18. Almost a king, he said. He taught her how to wield it, how to move it quickly and quietly so the enemy wouldn’t notice. He taught her that she should always, always, go for the neck. Or the abdomen, tilting it upward when you go in and downward when you go up, he said. The third time a dagger was in her hand, well, the third time she really hope is her last. She took it from Kara’s belt, before one of the soldiers took her away from their embrace. She has it stashed in the pocket of her dress, the ones her mother said were useless. She can see Kara and Alex from the corner of her eye. They are gaged and their hands are tied. She can see the hatred in Alex’s eyes, her sight unwavering from Lex’s head. She can feel Kara’s eyes on her back, the worry penetrating her bones and chilling them. Lex is standing before her, talking and talking and talking. She is not really listening to him. She knew that if she listens, the words will be in her head forever. Because she doesn’t forget. But people does. Lex did. Lena takes a step forward, Lex keeps talking. “Do you know, brother, what is the problem most people have?” She interrupts, Lex glares. She doesn’t bulge. She takes two steps. “They forget. And they think the other person will also forget.” Two steps. She is almost nose to nose with him. She can feel his breath on her cheeks. She can feel the rage. “But...” one more step and they are face to face, his chest heaving with anger. In one quick move, too fast for him to react, the dagger is in his chest. His eyes and mouth open in a silent scream. Tilt upwards, deep. “But I don’t” Downwards and out. Lena takes one step back, watching as her brother, the King, tries desperately to stop the blood from leaving his body. “I remember every single thing, and that was always you downfall” She hears his body hit the floor, the gurgled noises of blood coming out of his mouth. But she doesn’t look. She turns her back and makes her way to Kara. Because she never forgets. And some things are better not knowing at all.

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  • picslegends
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sara and Alex one night stand. So hot 🥵🥵🥵🥵

    #Sara Lance and Alex Danvers
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  • ao3feed-dctvfemslash
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Bar debacle

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3l9MNFl

    by Jace Montague (Sockers)

    Maggie is in the bar when the redhead she’s been crushing on for months comes in and buys her a drink. One thing leads to the other and they fuck on the dance floor.

     Will be continued!

    Words: 1924, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Supergirl (TV 2015)

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: F/F

    Characters: Alex Danvers, Maggie Sawyer

    Relationships: Alex Danvers/Maggie Sawyer

    Additional Tags: Smut, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Porn, Porn with Feelings, Public Sex

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3l9MNFl

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  • ao3feed-kalex
    27.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Was it really an accident?

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/317oXmD

    by Anonymous

    A self indulgent fic. Alex needs the bathroom… will she make it? Romantic Kalex to come later if I continue with the idea.

    Words: 1905, Chapters: 2/2, Language: English

    Fandoms: Supergirl (TV 2015)

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/F

    Characters: Kara Danvers, Alex Danvers

    Relationships: Alex Danvers/Kara Danvers, Alex Danvers & Kara Danvers

    Additional Tags: Omorashi, Wetting, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Desperation, Embarrassment, Humiliation

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/317oXmD

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