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  • I just realized that SST has been in progress for four years and Alice and Jasper haven’t even met yet.

    #How lame is that?! #Ugh #I really do want to focus more on this story once 2003 is done #Fanfiction#Alice/Jasper#SST#Jasper#Volturi #I'm constantly dreaming up stuff that will happen when they do meet but my muse keeps forgetting that we haven't gotten there yet??? #Focus muse! #I have the most patient readers ever #Like seriously I appreciate it so much
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  • And I’m done! Thank you SO MUCH to @tragicallywicked for hosting this event, I had so much fun. Can’t wait for the next round <3 I’m super happy with 90% of what I’ve managed to write. I’ll be uploading all eight fics to AO3 over the next few days, and catching up on all the lovely messages I’ve been sent tomorrow. 

    • Day One (Human/Vampire): Against a Wall Part 1 Part 2 (Alice/Jasper, Human/Vampire AU, Romance, Angst, PG) If you asked anyone with the surname ‘Whitlock’, they’d tell you that the family was cursed. It was the Whitlock Curse to blame the day the bank took the ranch away from Jasper’s own father.      
    • Day Two (Soulmate AU): And Found (Alice/Jasper, Soulmark AU, Romance, PG) The soul mark appears when Alice is six. It is a twisted ribbon of a mark, from the inside of her left elbow, up her arm, over her shoulder, along her clavicle, over her right shoulder and down to her right wrist. What ugly, soulless individual could inspire such a mark?
    • Day Three (Canon Gap-fillers): What You Say (Alice/Jessamine, Canon, Angst, M)  Edward might have thought Aro was their reckoning, but Alice knows for her, it is Jessamine’s hurt.
    • Day Four (Domestic Bliss): Hand in Hand (Alice/Jasper, AU, Fluff, G)  “Never,” he swears, pressing a kiss to her cheek that makes her beam -  “There’s not a single moment I can think of that cannot be improved by your presence, darlin’.”
    • Day Five (Angel/Demon): Afterglow (Alice/Jasper, AU, Romance, G)  There were three things of which she was certain. The first was that her name was Alice. The second was that she was born an angel. And three, she was getting ready to die.
    • Day Six (Reincarnation): The Way of Things (Alice/Jasper, AU, Drama, M)  She truly doesn’t know what comes next. He truly doesn’t know if it will be good or bad. They will live this life for as long as it lasts, long may it last, surrounded by the people they love and trust.
    • Day Seven (Western): Love & Duty (Alice/Jasper, AU, Romance, G)  A trainee witch is sent to treat a wounded cowboy from her brother coven.
    • Bonus Day (Quarantine)Never a Question (Alice/Jasper, AU, Angst, G)  Carlisle is quite sure that he’s watching his son’s heart break into a million pieces as he stares at his human mate, slowly dying alone, not a single person allowed to hold her hand.
    #my fic#alice cullen#jasper hale#jessamine hale#jalice#alice/jasper#fic#twilight fic#twilight renaissance #i have to do my taxes tomorrow #which is going to be a disaster #so i'll cushion that blow with fic comments #definitely going to be some kind of continuation of afterglow and love and duty #just disappointed i never got something written for halloween
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  • JaliceWeek2020 Bonus Day: Quarantine

    Also Untitled We’ll Worry About That Later

    Notes: Under 3k, woohoo! This barely fits the prompt, but I’ve decided to go rogue. The real question now is… can I get another one posted today?

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    #jaliceweek20#alice cullen#jasper hale#Alice/Jasper#jalice #guess which twit posted this to the wrong blog #my fic: untitled quarantine
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  • … at some point Alice and Jasper are going to babysit Renesmee and they’re just going to lose her

    #Worst babysitters ever #Alice/Jasper#Renesmee
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  • This is just an old snippet from a one-shot, the conversation Peter and Jasper have on the day Peter and Charlotte first meet all the Cullens. Peter has just watched curiously as Jasper hunted a grizzly and they’re talking about why each of the Cullens sticks to the animal diet. (This snippet can stand alone or you can read the full one-shot here.)

    was curious. I reached out and dipped a finger into the bloodied throat of the bear. I had a careful taste. And spat it out. “That’s disgusting! How can you possibly… ugh!”

    Jasper opened his eyes, but didn’t get up. “Well of course it’s disgusting now,” he chuckled. “It’s been dead what, two minutes? Carlisle has this theory about oxygenation, that it’s not really about the temperature… well, if you ever do try it, don’t try it like that.“ He sat up and had a good laugh at my expense as I cleaned my tongue with the sleeve of the shirt his mate had given me.

    “Disgusting,” I insisted. “Seriously, why?”

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  • Where are my Jasper/Alice adopt Bree Tanner fics

    The cover story can be like they are college students or just young adults like Carlisle and Esme pulled and Bree can be Alice’s little sister or niece that Alice is raising/responsible for

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  • Chapter Five on FF.Net

    Chapter Five on AO3

    #fic: shadow to light #Alice/Jasper#jasper#alice cullen#jasper hale#twilight#twilight fic#my fanfiction #twilight fan fiction #oh look an update #WIP
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  • the twilight renaissance just reminds me that I have chosen an otp that is under appreciated and not talked about enough

    #alice cullen#jasper hale#alice/jasper #alice cullen/jasper hale #alice cullen and jasper hale #also this is an invitation for an rp about these two #but I still love the twilight renaissance #jalice
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  • #my fic #fic: memento mori #alice/jasper#jalice#twilight#alice cullen#jasper hale#fan fiction#twilight fic #it's finally uploaded hooray! #next stop: chapter 5 of shadow to light
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  • I would love to see Bella’s pregnancy through Jasper’s POV. It had to be a really hard time for him - worrying over Alice and how troubled she is by the dilemma and by her gift being affected, the stuff with human blood being *in the house this whole time????*.

    But most of all I think it was a huge burden for him, knowing that he’s the one who’s going to have to kill the monster once it’s born, if that’s the way it turns out. He knows he’ll be the only one who can stomach it, and he’s afraid who he’s going to have to fight to get it done, and he’s worried about the fallout within the family. He’s also the only one who’s giving much thought to how things are falling apart with the wolves, and what might have to be done about that.

    It could end there or it could go on to have a happy ending once Renesmee is born and everything looks okay (besides her possible mortality). It would be neat to see how his fears are blown out of the water and his unique perspective on how the rifts in the family are being healed.

    Anyone want to adopt this oneshot/fic? Also has anyone already done/seen a well-written fic about any of this?

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  • I am the only one who like these two together more than that fucking Endward/Bella ship?

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  • with the help of @allicekitty13

    Jasper: I’m sad …
    * sad cowboy look *
    Edwars: * sigh *
    Jasper: life is too long
    Edward: I hate eternity.
    * Emmett comes into the living room *
    Emmett: Come on guys it’s not ALL bad
    * Edward and Jasper glare*
    Emmett: I got mood boosting cables and a battery
    *Jasper raises an eyebrow *
    * Edward sighs *
    * Emmett puts his arms around them
    * Edward: It’s just a hug.
    Emmett: Alice!
    * Arrive from Alice in the hug *
    Emmett: now !?
    * Jasper smiles and tries to snuggle up to Alice *
    Edward: It works for someone …
    *Sad emo Edward but a happy cowboy*

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  • #Inbox #Tried to find a flower emoji to match the flower he gave her in the field trip scene #Alice/Jasper #Gifts and... Gifts? #How to surprise Alice #Unfortunately I don't think distracting himself would work unless it was a way of delaying the decision until the last minute or something #Like maybe he has ten things and hasn't decided which to keep and which 9 to return? #Anniversary#Diner Day
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  • I love how Alice not only tells Jasper what to wear but also when to eat😂 And you know he loves every second of it.

    #Midnight sun live read #Midnight sun spoilers #Alice/Jasper #Honestly he just needs someone to run his life and that's OK #He Wouldn't have it any other way
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  • I just really need to know what Carlisle said to Jasper at the end of chapter 12. Like

    *long-suffering gentle sigh* I see I must explain again that we do not kill people, nor do we throw our wives over our shoulders and run away

    #Jasper tries so hard to be overprotective and it never EVER works lol #Midnight sun spoilers #Jasper#Carlisle#Alice/Jasper #Toast aborted ma'am
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  • Still want to know how Alice nicknamed Jasper “Jazz” like is it really just “Jas” for short or were they slow-dancing to jazz one night and she was like *gasp*

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  • Who would be the big spoon? Jasper, because Alice is so small. And he loves holding her A. because he is secretly a cuddle whore and B. if he’s holding her, she’s safe.

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    #jalice#alice/jasper#twilight#meme#headcanons #will most likely do rose/emmett at some point
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